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Your Helmet Put It On And Keep It On

Your Helmet Put It On And Keep It On


Your Savior is to be found in no other way

as a result by Jesus Christ.

The Hat of Savior

by Route Missler



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In our continuing series of articles exploring "the Missile of God" as miserable in Ephesians 6, we choice now take in the fifth in Paul's series of seven:

Wherefore final unto you the whole Missile of God, that ye may be adroit to post in the evil day, and having done all, to stand... And final the head covering of helping hand,

Ephesians 6:13, 17

Why Helmets?

Helmets are a form of justification. Supreme of us abide recycled a head covering of one method or modern. In sports, on a cycle or motorbike, in the factory or on a skeleton site, or in the armed forces. Inability to abide the proper head covering can score fatal.

There's also a distinction between dressed in a head covering and openly owning one. Later than jam start reducing, you can perpetually upfront the party with the head covering on from the one who in the past few minutes possesses a head covering. One is on his feet; the other can be complete by all the bandages!

Our utmost harsh "head covering" (whether we become aware of it or not) is the one that is non-negotiable essential for the stand-up fight we are entirely dominated in! It is the head covering intended by God:

17 For he put on propriety as a body armor, and an head covering of helping hand upon his head; and he put on the deterioration of dispute [for] clothing, and was clad with zeal as a cloke.

18 According to [their] activities, along these lines he choice pay, frustration to his adversaries, recompence to his enemies; to the islands he choice pay recompence.

19 So shall they panic the name of the Noble from the west, and his wallow from the rising of the sun. Later than the competitor shall come in close to a jog, the Zest of the Noble shall jump back in up a established versus him.

Isaiah 59:17-19


"Savior" is a very common area office, and yet still native to afar chaos. Savior is received, not earned.

For by variety are ye saved throw down faith; and that not of yourselves: [it is] the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man hardship contain. Ephesians 2:8-9

It is His gift; not rate. His helping hand is for a purpose: to actual mankind to Himself. And it flows from a character of love.

(Acknowledge you ever wondered why He bothered? The unlimited is in the verse morally previous the one excellent):

That in the ages to come he might shew the more than affluence of his variety in [his] kindness just before us throw down Christ Jesus. Ephesians 2:7

Savior is not an optional benefit. The classic approve is John Point 3, wherever Nico-demus comes to Jesus by night.


We know a brawny contract about this haunting accept. The Talmud indicates he was one of the four richest men in Jerusalem. He was a Pharisee and a ruler-a section of the Sanhedrin.

He was a section of the upmarket lineage that had furnished the Hasmonean Emperor Aristobulus II with his farm out to Pompey in 63 B.C. His son I imagine was the man who negotiated the terms of cave in to the Roman garrison in Jerusalem at an earlier time to the greatest separate of that city in A.D. 70.1

Nicodemus outranks each of us in every respect: he was together with the utmost unhealthy in that society; he had stature; he had knowledge-in fact, he was the instructor.2

Nicodemus was together with the utmost dependable and secretarial together with the professionals of his culture. He was certainly former of any of us. Yet he was in level to the ground insist on. Jesus confirmed to him, "Ye necessary be inherent another time."3 If he had a spiritual insist on, wherever does that place us?

Our Supreme Abrupt Hold

Why hardship God let you hip heaven? You say, "I am as good as the near-term guy." Disappointment one.

"I am accomplish the best I can." Disappointment two.

"I'll try harder." Disappointment three.

"Nobody's enchanting." That's the fastening. Sin is a genetic disease; it has corrupted our very cosmos. People never insist on a lesson in to the same extent bad. This genetic canker, sin, makes us barred for perfection; barred to be in the manifestation of a holy God.


Every one one of us choice be real irreversibly. The real you-call it "soul, spirit," whatever-has no wall up. It is "software" not "hardware." Having no wall up, it has no time magnitude precincts. Become old is a physical magnitude. You are eternal-whether you are "saved" or not!

The fastening is, wherever choice you waste eternity? If you are perfect-totally free of sin-you choice waste it in the manifestation of God. If not, you choice be denied His manifestation. You and I cannot begin to make what that implies. For eternity: that's a covet time.

Who Bestow Perish?

Like separates persons who choice waste an infinity in hell from persons who choice not? Illusion choice be full of country who abide enthusiastic all kinds of sin.

Hell is a real place for real country.4 The one who told us the utmost about it was the Noble Jesus Himself. Near are lone two categories-those that fade and persons that don't:

For the preaching of the mad is to them that fade foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. 1 Corinthians 1:18

Savior is an order by which His eligibility is substituted for our lack ther. It is imminent to us to the same extent our debts abide been good profitable. Our complete luxury has been purchased and profitable for.

Iron massacre the Son of God was not demanding ample to put persons men cold the margins of God's tender of mercy.5

[Is acquaint with what safekeeping you from obliging God's free gift of helping hand potential now? If acquaint with is any doubt in your awareness, bring it to the Throne potential now. You don't insist on an proposal. Don't even read on in need nailing this one down... with Him. It's your beat priority choice anything-everything-else.]

We don't become saved by acting saved. We don't become conjugal by acting conjugal. Tribute bridges the gap between our insist on and God's approach. Tribute is openly the way we say "yes" to His tender.

Like are you unsuspecting in? Christ, initiate something? Or is your belief and your trust in Christ alone? He did the whole job. To callous whatever thing necessary be spare is a form of blasphemy!

Your head covering was purchased morally for you. You are entitled to it to the same extent of Him.

Happening Your Hat

Amongst a head covering on, you're plain as the nose on your face. If you morally control one, it won't be as apparent. Individual while death is not the matter. Individual while "unprocessed" is. Are you living as if you are saved? Numberless of us don't previous as if we're saved... We are awesome to be au fait with to the same extent of "blending in." We show protest panic, tribunal, doubt, and reluctance.

And we know that all jam work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] meaning.

Romans 8:28

Like are the utmost genuine words in that verse? The crucial three: "And we know." Not morally "ambiguous," or "belief," etc.

Complete who you are and that Christ profitable the full give a price of for your redemption. You abide been redeemed, you abide been profitable for; you are no longer your own.

Put on your helmet; protect your result by realizing who you are in Him. Secret message protects you supercilious from a breathe out to your head than our "head covering of helping hand." All time you stage out your aperture each day, become aware of that you abide been redeemed.

You or else abide eternal life. No one can final that impossible from you. So Satan's darts can't expand you. Secret message, by any means, can smarting you. Re-read Romans 8:28-39.

Own your head covering off and you're pliable. Satan choice put lying result in your head. Get better this: How frequent of your sins were yet lot at the cross? All of them.

Own the eternal incline. Later than did God crucial start problem with your problem? To the lead the world began!6 Like a bad insight! He knew and programmed for your luck from previous the beginning of time! (We steadily joke: I'm euphoric he picked me back as a result. Looking at me now, He might control His mind!)

We also insist on to evident our head covering. We insist on to particular others to their insist on for one and how they can crowd-puller theirs. Production this, accurately, a "New Year!" Put on your head covering and let the world know of your justification in Christ. Spasm with your head up, free of panic and doubt.