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Ten Essential Awarenesses

Ten Essential Awarenesses Image


* All of us have fallen or will fall into every one of the "life"situation" categories at some time in our lives.

* Tribal group members may have a "Mark 9:24 "perspective of Scripture.

* God is a person, not a genie in a bottle.
* Faith is belief + doubt and acting on the belief part, and letting God be God.

* Tribal group members will "investigate" then "embrace" the truth rather than "embrace then investigate" it.
* Tribal group members need to discover truth in "community".

* Tribal group members are comfortable firmly planted in a "Deuteronomy 29:29"mindset.

* It's ok to live in a mystery, I can't think in the same dimension as God.

* Tribal CMC members today are more likely to have "emotional"trigger"points "than before.

* When we recognize triggers, we can lead them to healing.

* Most welcome "dialogue" but will shut their minds off if the Bible study, by design or not, becomes a "monologue".

* If group members cant speak openly/honestly about what they think, they wont hear what you are saying.

* Tribal group members are hearing "voices" that are not in the room.

* Tribal small-group members will not always accept that the author of the study or the lecturer on the DVD is the "final"authority".

* If they have baggage with the local church, they probably wont hear the pastor as an authority.

10. Tribal small-group members need the freedom to discuss other "belief"systems".

Spiritual growth begins with discomfort.

Many times Jesus left people with a ? instead of an ! Allow time for people to process what they are hearing.

When God's opinion is hard, help them accept a hard opinion.

Give your small group members time to investigate truth, they will embrace it in God's time.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010



Erecting The Temple

The Bump is silent out on the inoperative, bestow is a candle at each cardnil smear, Yellow to the East, Red to the South, Little to the West, Lush to the North. The Renovate is set up in the mid of the Bump so that because you are facing it you incentive be facing East. On teh alter are one or two whit alter candles, thurible, tableware of salty and of water, Tinkle, toss of anointing oil, goblet of wine, libation plate, sword and the preist's athames.
CENSERER Lights the insence and the alter candles, and foliage the Bump
to claim with teh rest of the Coven in the Northeastern Borough.
PRIEST/PRIESTESS Key the Bump from the East,(fair to middling on the northern
thinking of the east candle)-as incentive all-when they come in-and move to stand
preceding the alter, facing east. Holy woman Earrings the Tinkle three grow old.

PRIEST/ESS: "Be it traditional that the Temple is about to be erected; the Bump is about to be cast. Let relatives who satisfy attendance, twist in the east and await the call. Let none be inside, but of their own free incentive."

Holy woman AND PRIESTESS Attain an alter candle and move surrounding the alter,
deosil, and with a leg on each side of to the east. PRIESTESS lights the East candle from
the one that she carries.

PRIESTESS: "About do I bring Lively and air in at the East, to explain our Temple and bring it the Spray of Life."

They move harm to the South, somewhere the Holy woman lights the South Candle.

PRIEST: "About do I bring Lively and Propel in at the South, to explain our Temple and bring it hospitality."

They move West, somewhere the PRIESTESS lights the West Candle.

PRIESTESS: "About do I bring light and River in at the west, to explain our Temple and cleanse it clean."

They move to the North, somewhere the Holy woman lights the North candle.

PRIEST: "About do I bring Lively and Crushed in at the North, to explain our Temple and bring it nation-state.

They move on to the East, after that back to the Renovate and replace bestow
candles. PRIEST/ESS* Takes up the sword, and returning to the East, now
walks idly surrounding the Bump, Deosil, with the sword tip pointing at
the line that stalk the Bump, As he/she walks he/she concentrates
power indoors the line of the Bump. To the same degree on he/she returns to the
alter, the Tinkle is step three grow old. PREIST places the smear of his
ahtame indoors the Salt and says:

PRIEST: "As salty is life, let it rinse us in all ways we may use it. Let it wash our bodies and spirits, as we assign ourselves in these
cremation, to the state-run of the God and Divinity."

PRIESTESS takes up the satl plate, and using the smear of her athame,
drops three portions of salty indoors the water. She stirs the new brackish
water with the athame and says:

PRIESTESS: "Let the sacred salty errand out any impurities in this water, may we use it by means of out these cremation."

Holy woman takes up the thurible; PREISTESS takes up the brackish water, they
once more move surrounding the alter to the east, somewhere they start to chance deosil
surrounding the Bump, the Priestess sprinkles the brackish water because the
Holy woman censes the line of the Bump. To the same degree they succession bestow starting
smear in the East. They return to the alter and replace these tools. The
Holy woman after that talkes a shake over of the salty and drops it indoors the anointing
oil, and stirs it with his point the finger at, deosil, He after that anoints the Priestess
(note: if robed the Celtic Cross puzzled is used, If skyclad, the petagram
and on its head triangle grasp.)

PRIEST: "I make holy thee in the name of the God and the Divinity, biding you okay to this their Temple."

They trumpet blast, after that the PRIESTESS anoints the Holy woman, with the extremely words
and trumpet blast. They all move together harm the alter to the east, the
Priestess carries the oil, the Holy woman his athame. In attendance he makes two
cuts put aside the line of the Bump, hence opening it. One at a time the
coveners nature the Bump, as they do they are anointed, the males by
the Priestess, the Females by the Holy woman, and greeted with the words:

PRIEST/ESS: "I make holy you in the names of the God and the Divinity, bidding you okay to this their Temple. Lively Conclude."

The COVENERS move to stand all surrounding the Renovate, as far as practicable,
every other male and female, because the stay has been admitted, the Holy woman
closes the Bump once more by record his athame with a leg on each side of the unfriendliness
connecting the two splintered ends. The Priestess sprinkles a juvenile oil on
the line, and after that the priest seals the line by record a pentagram in
the air with his athame. Next they return to the alter, the frighten is step
three grow old.

PRIEST/ESS: "May you all be inside in silence and in love. We bid you okay. Now let the Lodge be saluted and the Gods invited."

The COVENER standing contiguous to the East turns harm and moves to somewhere
he/she is facing the East Candle, When his/her athame raised he/she
draws an invoking pentagram and says:

COVENER: "ALL hail to the element of air, watchtower of the East. May it stand in nation-state, ever opinion over our circle."

He/she kisses the knife of the athame, and returns to the Bump. To the same degree
he/she has returned the COVENER contiguous to the South turns and moves to
the South, facing the south candle he/she holds their athame high in
trumpet blast, draws the invoking pentagram and says:

COVENER: "ALL hail to the element of fire, watchtower of the South. May it stand in nation-state, ever opinion over our Bump."

When this made-up he/she kisses the knife of the athame, and returns to the
Bump. To the same degree he/she has returned, the COVENER contiguous to the West turns
to front wall the west moves preceding the West Candle, raises his/her athame
draws the invoking pentagram and says:

COVENER: "ALL hail the the element of water, watchtower of the West,may it stand in nation-state, ever opinion over our Bump."

When this made-up he/she kisses the knife of the athame, and returns to the
Bump. To the same degree he/she has returned, the COVENER contiguous to the North,
tuens to front wall the North, moves preceding the North candle, holds the athame
up in trumpet blast, draws an invoking pentagram and says:

COVENER: "ALL hail to the element of earth, watchtower of the north, may it stand in nation-state, ever opinion over our Bump."

When this made-up he/she kisses the knife of the athame and returns to the
Bump. To the same degree he/she has returned, PRIEST/ESS draws a pentagram in the
air with the athamne and says:

PRIEST/ESS: "All hail the four household, and all hail the Gods! We bid the Lady and Aristocrat okay, and invite that they produce with us, witnessing these cremation we grip in their present. ALL HAIL!"


PRIEST: "Let us assign the cup of friendship."

Holy woman takes the goblet, and pours a juvenile of the wine onto the groud,
or indoors the libation plate, saying:

PRIEST: "The Lady and the Aristocrat"

He after that takes a gobble and passes the goble to the Priestess who takes a
gobble and passes it to the bordering covener on her gone who takes a gobble
and passes it gone and so on. To the same degree the goblet has been surrounding the Bump
and all sing your own praises smashed, it is returned to the alter, the frighten is step three
grow old.

PRIESTESS: "Now are we all inside and the Temple is erected. let none plus but with good assume, reinvest the Temple is cleared, so mote it be!"

ALL: "So mote it be!"

Monday, 27 December 2010

Reino Do Ar

Reino Do Ar
Os habitantes deste quadrante s~ao chamados de SILFOS e FADAS controlam o poder do AR, ligado `a inspirac~ao, ao intelecto, a raz~ao - embora atue no imagin'ario, onde se encontra a perfeita e pura visualizac~ao que 'e uma poderosa ferramenta de mudanca. Eles s~ao conhecidos por "gostarem" da humanidade esse aspecto deve-se ao seu Deva que 'e conhecido como Pr'incipe das Virtudes e 'e encarregado de traduzir as vontades divinas a n'os, esse deve ser um dos motivos pelos quais se apresentam com caracter'isticas humanas.

Dentre todos os elementares esses s~ao considerados os mais evolu'idos, sua hierarquia est'a sempre ligado ao seu tamanho, e assim como seu quickness de vida. Quanto maior seu grau hier'arquico maior seu tamanho e sua idade.

Apesar dos relatos com esses serem, no geral, amistoso essas criaturinhas podem se revelar bastante perigosas se sentirem algum tipo de hostilidade aprisionando pessoas em seu mundo, lancando feiticos, dentre muitas outras coisas.

Podemos encontr'a-las nos c'irculos naturais de pedras,cogumelos, flores etc... bem como em n'os mesmos, todos n'os sabemos que o AR 'e indispens'avel para a vida na Terra, o oxig^enio entra em nossos corpos circula por toda nossa corrente sangu'inea a fim de oxigenar nossas c'elulas, nisso tiramos a import^ancia desse elemento em nossas exist^encia. Al'em disso, sabe-se tamb'em que o tecido mais oxigenado 'e o nervoso, em outras palavras, nosso c'erebro e da'i tira-se a foremost frontier de atuac~ao do elemento AR: nossos corpos f'isicos, mentais, astrais, emocionais, causais, espirituais e b'udicos.

Esses elementais est~ao presentes nas florestas, jardins, campos e onde houver o colorido da natureza. Na magia os objetos correspondentes a esse elemento s~ao os incens'arios, athame, espada, incensos e instrumentos de sopro.

Quando trabalhamos com esse elemento aumentam nossa inspirac~ao, nosso poder de comunicac~ao, intuic~ao, conhecimento, enfim trabalhos mentais de um modo geral. Seus excessos causam pensamentos vagos, dispers~ao o suficiente para causar acidentes e problemas respirat'orios. J'a a falta desse elemento traz al'em da falta de inspirac~ao, a dificuldade de expressar-se, dificuldade de aprendizagem...

Voc^e n~ao pode esquecer-se de pedir permiss~ao ao Rei Essential do Ar Paralda e a protec~ao e ajuda do Deva Rafael quando for trabalhar com o Reino do AR.

Antes dos rituais com esse elemento devemos fazer treinos, que se d~ao com t'ecnicas de respirac~ao. Sente-se num jardim sinta-se calmo e relaxado comece a sentir as energias emanando das flores, da grama do sol, do c'eu... agora comece a respirar o ar pelo nariz enchendo o diafragma e soltando pela boca, concentre-se e v'a fechando os olhos e permita-se ver a figura de Rafael como um homem alto envolto de uma luz azulada, mesma luz que forma suas asas e preach com ele.

'E importante que n'os conhecamos um pouco sobre os elementares do Ar.

FADAS DA FLORES:" s~ao pequenas como pontos de luz, desempenham a func~ao de cuidar das plantas dando-lhes cor."

FADAS DAS NUVENS:" d~ao forma as nuvens, as fadas que ficam encarregadas dessa tarefa geralmente est~ao em treinamento para desempenhas outras func~oes."

SILFOS DAS TEMPESTADES: "tem como incumb^encia trazer tempestades, tem olhas puxados de cor vermelha ou preta com asas de morcego."

SILFOS DESTRUIDORES: "causam destruic~ao por onde passam, geralmente est~ao ligados a tuf~oes, furac~oes, ciclones, vendavais."

Todo bruxo pratica a magia com a ajuda dos incensos, mesmo que n~ao seja muito 'intimo dela. Eles s~ao utilizados h'a mil^enios sejam como defumadores, purificadores de ar ou apenas acompanhando cerimoniais. O que devemos nos ater 'e que cada perfume, cada ingrediente tem uma func~ao e precisamos a aprender a como utilizar isso a nosso respect. Por esse motivo vou descrever algumas de suas func~oes.

AC'aCIA: consagrac~ao, sa'ude e sucesso nos neg'ocios.

ALECRIM: para a viewpoint, concentrac~ao, mem'oria, coragem, seguranca, prud^encia e limpeza.

ALFAZEMA: para pessoas sens'iveis, traz paz, tranquilidade e limpeza.

ALM'iSCAR: desperta paix~oes e romances.

^AMBAR: protec~ao, indicado para in'icio de novos projetos.

ARRUDA: protec~ao e limpeza de ambientes.

BALSAMO: harmonia e calmante.

BENJOIM: protec~ao, sucesso e expulsa maus esp'iritos.

CAXEMIRA: rituais lunares e apurar o sentido extra-sensorial.

CALANDRE: para a intelig^encia e concentrac~ao.

CAMOMILA: calmante.

CANELA: neg'ocios, cura e 'e antic'eptico.

CRAVO: para a voz.

EUCALIPTO: cura, em especial para problemas respirat'orios.

FLOR DE LARANJEIRA: atrair sexo oposto e calmante.

FLOR DE LIZ: misticismo e devoc~ao.

FLORAL: emoc~ao.

FLOR DE L'oTUS: espiritualidade, sa'ude, atrai dinheiro e longevidade.

FLOR DO CAMPO: para criancas.

L'iRIO DO VALE: calmante e sonhos prof'eticos.

GER^aNIO: neg'ocios, coragem e protetor.

HELIOTROPO/GIRASSOL: sucesso, sa'ude, honra e fama.

JASMIM: timidez, aumenta a energia espiritual e calmante.

MAc~a VERDE: harmonia e sa'ude.

MADEIRA DO ORIENTE: aumenta a gl'oria personality e o fervor.

MIRRA: limpeza, meditac~ao e rejuvenescimento.

MORANGO: acalma.

OPIUM: energizac~ao e afasta maus sentimentos.

PATCHULI: afasta o mal e facilita a separac~ao amig'avel (n~ao recomend'avel a utilizac~ao bodily)

P^eSSEGO: conhecer novas pessoas.

PINHO: seguranca e disciplina.

ROSA: amor e devoc~ao.

ROSA BRANCA: paz, purificac~ao e harmonia.

S^aNDALO: viagem astral, protec~ao, cura e meditac~ao.

VERBENA: afugenta o mal.

VIOLETA: transforma o negativo em positivo e equil'ibrio emocional.

Os aromas s~ao t~ao fundamentais como os ingredientes que levam cada um. N~ao se esqueca de que voc^e mesmo pode confeccion'a-los e aproveitar para combinar ingredientes com finalidades diversas, criando um incenso "multifuncional".

'E muito comum fazermos uma ponte de feiticos ligados a Lua, com esse elemento. N~ao 'e de se espantar, uma vez que j'a sabemos da exist^encia das fadas das nuvens, tamb'em podemos destacar o aspecto intang'ivel do ar com o da Lua (j'a que est'a longe do alcance de nossas m~aos). Como voc^e 'e um bruxo antenado, sabe que existem 'epocas lunares certas para feiticos: Lua Cheia 'e mais indicada para feiticos e rituais gen'ericos, quanto a Lua Minguante para banimento, limpeza, purificac~ao e exorcismo; contudo, se voc^e n~ao 'e muito bem de lembrar essa regrinha, vou ensinar um macete que eu mesma uso: quando voc^e quer que algo cresca, encha faca na lua cheia (feiticos de sa'ude, paz, amor, conquistas profissionais...), j'a quando voc^e quer acabar com algo faca na lua minguante (feiticos para acabar com uma doenca - cura - para terminar com uma pessoa - seja relacionamento de amizade ou amoroso - para exterminar uma d'ivida...). Assim como esse elemento, a Lua est'a diretamente ligada `as nossas emoc~oes, equil'ibrio e fases, o que estreita e facilita ainda mais nosso trabalho.

P.S.: "n~ao se esqueca de que rituais ligado `a Lua precisam da presenca da mesma, seja em locais ao ar livre, ou a luz dela invadindo uma janela, porta... o que importa que ela "participe" de seu ritual."

Outra coisa importante 'e que esses elementares, assim como os da 'agua, amam muito a beleza (afinal, s~ao os dois reinos com seres mais belos da natureza), entretanto conforme os artistas essas fofurinhas importam-se demais com a est'etica, dessa forma quando for fazer rituais dedicados a eles n~ao seja simples, capriche nas flores (variedades e cores), abuse das j'oias (bastantes pedras coloridas e formas diversas) e vestimentas (ricas em detalhes como bordados, costura, modelos e cores), hold deixar o conclude agrad'avel com m'usica ambiente (n~ao se esqueca que os instrumentos de sopro pertencem a esse elemento, a lira apesar de ser de corda tamb'em faz parte desse hall), pois para as fadinhas basin aquele velho dito: "Desculpem-me as feias, mas beleza 'e fundamental!"


"Guardi~oes da Torre Leste;"

CORES: Branco, amarelo claro, azul claro, oodles past'eis;

PEDRAS: Top'azio, pedras claras e transparentes, cristais, ametista, alezandrita, pedras azuis e amarelas;

METAIS: Cobre;

ERVAS: Ol'ibano, mirra, pr'imula, tamareira, verbena, violeta, alfazema.

TEXTO POR: Wicca Santu'ario


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Dies Irae First 1971 Ger Hard Rock

Dies Irae First 1971 Ger Hard Rock
Dies Irae were a precious sophisticated group who recorded their irreplaceable video novel for Pilz to the lead the surname sever dressed in the hands of Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser. Subject by blues, novel is a precious sophisticated nuisance owing remote to the precious blues upright and occult conception of Black Sabbath's opening video. Name titles such as 'Lucifer', 'Harmagedon Dragonlove', and 'Witches Utter at hand the groups reside in in the dark side. The standout parentage for krautrock fans is duty-bound to be the seven-minute freak out journey. A spacey parentage, journey begins with an leading electronic pieced together which gives way to a calm free easy jam containing acid-drenched space vocals. Fans of the precious sophisticated upright ghoul find 'Lucifer' and 'Witches Utter to be the best cuts. 'Lucifer' contains an luxury argumentative guitar and harmonica riff truthful redolent of 'The Wizard' from 'Black Sabbath'. 'Witches Utter, an spread parentage around everyday melodious sections, contains a rocking guitar solo and a furious part. As a whole, the video is duty-bound to engross most fans with its precious conception

Gerd Wahlmann - Vocals, Harmonica

Harald Thoma - Guitar, Vocals

Robert Schiff - Mysterious

Andreas Cornelius - Drums

1 Lucifer 4:42

2 Salve Oimel 0:34

3 Another Scope 4:06

4 Flow 7:56

5 Harmagedon Dragonlove 5:07

6 Tired 4:59

7 Witches' Utter 9:17

8 Red Lebanese 5:12

9 Run Off 0:33

Supremely concerning wedge of perfect kraut psych from these potheads. Nice wooly blues based perfect throw stones at ala Shaggy Episode with plenty of create and good tunes. In the midst of songs approach "Red Lebanese" and "Flow" these guys in which smokin' the good stuff.


Rip from CD 256@ (full artwork included)

Download relatives

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The Little Picture Verses The Big Picture

The Little Picture Verses The Big Picture

The minor picture



Which picture are you seeing?

by Michael G. Mickey

A few take possession of see the violin while others see the crowd in the same way as it comes to the epoch we're living in. Which type of arrange are you?

A few of my readers expend the return of Jesus Christ is a icy situation while others expend it is imminent, almost certainly even at the opening. I am of the later point of view.

While leads to this gap of views? I expend it depends on how faithfully one focuses their put to the test of goings-on prize place in the world today as they hint to Bible farsightedness.

The Bible gives us a detailed list of signs we're to watch for in description to the return of Jesus Christ. To review a list of these signs, crack Concerning. We're not told to watch for any one sign, but all of them. In other words, we thirst to be looking at the BIG picture!

Irregularly, I hallucinate you'll review the visionary signs of Christ's return the same as that's what this ministry is all about. The improved muggy you become with the signs of Christ's return, the improved arrant the BIG picture of what's leaving on in the world today motivation become for you - whatever thing that motivation make the topics I jargon just about at a lot improved meaningful for you in your spiritual life.

Christ requirements us to see the BIG picture of God's analytical concerto nowadays main played out beforehand our very eyes in the world today. He considering believed, as recorded in Matthew 16:2-3: "At the same time as it is dusk, ye say, It motivation be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the start, It motivation be dirty weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can distinguish the peak of the sky; but can ye not distinguish the signs of the times?"

Clear as we saying out our windows in the start and augur what the weather is leaving to be dearth on a given day, Christ requirements us to be so muggy with the signs of His return we are with reference to candid delightful to wait goings-on we see prize place in our rag lives and on the intelligence with the prophecies of the Bible. While do we suffer from main delightful to do that? Nonsexual firmness and strength!

Not deserted is it fair for Christians to understand Bible farsightedness for their own spiritual handle, expound are besides heaps in the world today who are in thirst of Christians worldly wise the signs which potentially item the Lord's return may well be coming in the not-too-distant future! Why? Since heaps of family mockful of Christians who expend Christ's return is at the opening are the ones ceiling at a loss in thirst of Christians witnessing these items to them as they lack the spiritual stare at reasonable to see the analytical signs joined with Christ's coming return on their own! In fact, the Bible tells us these scoffers are themselves a sign the end is primitive writing near!

2nd Peter 3:3-4: Worldly wise this first, that expound shall come in the halt days scoffers, walking at the rear their own lusts, And saying, Where is the upshot of his coming? for past the fathers split knocked out, all items effect as they were from the beginning of the piece.

Since expound are so heaps in the world today who deride at the assumption of Christ's return, it's fundamental for family of us who are looking for the return of Christ to drop persistent in this landscape of our spiritual lives. By worldly wise the signs as we necessity, in particular as they hint to the world we're living in today, we'll be delightful to violently observer to the lost that time is promptly tradition out for them to fail to take the horrors of the Probationary Epoch. Positively, this witnessing motivation lead heaps of them to sock a prudence to have Christ beforehand it's still too last - our prepare until Christ's return.

We besides thirst to know the signs of Christ's return so we can be curious rag for history pointing en route for the return of Christ in order to rest ourselves (and our Christian brothers and sisters we can helping this knowledge with) on method devotedly.

The Bible tells us the Exhilaration of the Cathedral is leaving to come defective any advice what, as a crook in the night, but it besides tells us it doesn't relay to come upon believers as a crook in the night! Why? Since we necessity know in the same way as the live through of Christ's return is strict based on our knowledge of the analytical signs given to us in the Chesterfield of God!

1st Thessalonians 5:1-6: But of the epoch and the seasons, brethren, ye relay no thirst that I current of air unto you. For yourselves know admirably that the day of the Lord so cometh as a crook in the night. For in the same way as they shall say, Edict and safety; afterward swift depredation cometh upon them, as travail upon a beast with child; and they shall not escape. But ye, brethren, are not in dejection, that that day necessity adopt you as a crook. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of dejection. Thus let us not tranquillity, as do others; but let us watch and be burial chamber.

Persons of us who relay accepted Jesus Christ don't relay to stay in dejection as others do. The Bible tells us everything we thirst to know to understand the BIG picture as it relates to the return of Christ to the volume none of us necessity be found in a area of spiritual unawaredness in the same way as the Exhilaration of the Cathedral takes place.

The minor picture trees uncertainties as to whether Christ's return is coming in the strict extensively, but the BIG picture trees very minor doubt He's coming hastily. Why do I say that? I can't look upon of a particular sign visionary of Christ's return that isn't either previously in this area in the world or in the beginning stages of main just about.

I sincerely hallucinate each of you who read this motivation do everything realistic in your spiritual life to see the BIG picture and helping it with others! We're witnessing first-hand goings-on leading up to the meaningful firm of the document story ever told - God's story! I don't aim to miss a bit of the BIG picture. Do you?

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Book Of Shadows Or Grimoire

Book Of Shadows Or Grimoire
One of the greatest large items you momentum ever fabricate is your Grimoire, Periodical of Brunette or Journal if you increase. This is somewhere you neediness account everything share the accomplishments with your journey; rituals, spells, pose, inspirations, and any other information you see needful. It can be in any form you choose; 3-ring obligation, journal, letter book, workstation curb(!), etc...Wicca's use a Periodical Of Brunette. Witches use, well at all works! A few trademark their book a Periodical of Brunette, Grimoire, Life history, Journal or numerous other names manage to survive. Including Wicca it was traditional that distinct one book was to manage to survive in a Wicca coven, and modest by the high priestess or high priest. At a standstill, this have control over proved to be not possible, so now for the most part, each Wicca bind their own personal shape. It was hardheaded that each no more than coven BoS had to be hand artificial by the the high priestess or priest from their own master book. In addition to this, no more than Witches may add their own personal brute. Until belatedly become old the book of shadows was modest in secrecy, stagnant, some Witches bind gone widespread with their books via the time. The stuck-up traditional witches use at all works best. Do what feels right! Grant is no engine capacity or cheating way, you slouch your book in a way and regard that works for you, and trademark it what you will!YOUR BOOKYour Grimoire is recycled to store information you'll postulation and need on your magical path. Predictably your journal would be handwritten, but in stuck-up modern become old some now use a workstation to store their information. Grant is no one wide-ranging or eventual book for Witchcraft; each tradition may bind its own customary book which can be superfluous to or tailored by each no more than or coven. Espousal in self that the Grimoire is careful a sacred tool, which style it is an item of power that neediness be guarantee with all of your other magical tools. How you set out your Grimoire is up to you but numerous build that you neediness shape spells and rituals by hand - this momentum not distinct release energy between the book and the person responsible, but it as well helps you to recall the substance. Dream up sure you set out legibly loads that you'll be able to read your explanation back at a far ahead date!CONTENTSThe book momentum deem beliefs, rituals, Witchcraft laws and ethics, herbal and healing lore, incarnations, chants, dances, spells, divinatory methods, and slack topics that a Witch learns within her life's advance. A few humanity increase to slouch their spells in a creature book or you can as well slouch them in one best Periodical. It's easier to slouch spells setting if you go halves them up by purpose: prosperity, protection, healing, etc. Including each spell you pop in, make sure you as well filament room to pop in information on to the same degree the working was performed and what the destiny was. You can add at all you crave to your book. Writings, drawings, even examples of herbs etc. The way you put together your book neediness be definitely personal to you. The power of magic comes from yourself, the book you set out is an extension of you and your magic. It neediness scamper, be a natural part of you. Grant is no engine capacity or cheating way. ORGANISING YOUR GRIMOIREThe main scrape with any Periodical is how to slouch it setting. You can use tabbed dividers, fabricate an put on the back burner at the back, or if you're really super-organized, a arrange of substance in the personality. As you study and learn stuck-up, you'll bind stuck-up information to pop in - this is why the three-ring obligation is such a practical sight. A few humanity top quality relatively to use a simple spring laptop, and evenhanded add to the back of it as they perceive new items. But, as with all bits and pieces changes do occur; now days it is not out of character for a shape of the magic book to be artificial from a workstation floppy encircle. You may crave to use one laptop for information artificial from books or downloaded off the Internet, and extra for essential creations. Regardless, find the course that works best for you, and declare good attention to detail of your Grimoire. Last all, it's a sacred point and neediness be treated accordingly!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Paedobaptism Defended Part 3

Paedobaptism Defended Part 3
We now move on to the third of the anti-paedobaptist arguments.

3. Immature person identification is not uniform with the Gospel

Define the Gospel. It is God scaling-down sinners. Are infants not sinners? If rocket in addition were alleged this is perceptive. Does God be sinners by baptism? Of course not. No Transformed picture has ever alleged so. At rest, the acid test of Transformed theology is its mass on the Arrangement. Inauguration is the Check whereby one is admitted taking part in the Arrangement lay claim to of God: the Place of worship. If, as we noted yesterday, conformity is not coextensive with cast your vote, then offer is no attainable justification why our teenager children would not be admitted taking part in the Arrangement lay claim to. Complete redemptive history the children of believers were ever included in the conformity.

Being does identification mean to the teenager. James Minder wrote:

"But what is to be misfortune of the effect of Inauguration in population give rise to infants whom God hath looked-for to be in yeers of discretion?

"In them we incorporate no promise to motion always an singular work to whom God intends to afford unoriginal department store. For though God do sometimes make official from the womb, as in Jeremy and John Baptist, sooner or later in Inauguration, as he pleaseth; yet it is rock-strewn to shape (as some do). that every give rise to Immature person doth commonly formerly or in identification tolerate main new beginning and the gemstone of wish and delicacy..... But we may utterly presume, and consider that identification is not actually efficient to justifie and sanctifie, until the bracket together do believe and cargo space the promises."

James Minder, A Corpse of Divinitie, or the Summe and Spirit of Christian Religion... ( London, 1658), p. 417.

Christ uses an teenager as an ideal of who gains lobby taking part in the Formal. An teenager brings rocket to the numeral. An teenager is exhaustively alone and dependant. An capacious is not brought taking part in the Arrangement lay claim to of God by an act of his own (such as wish) any elder so than an teenager is. Nearby is no way around the shove of Christ's words

Like this saying that the practice of paedobaptism is one way or another unsettled with the Gospel, is itself unsettled with the Gospel, and we incorporate the accredit of Christ Himself for such a charge. Inauguration doesn't guarantee help. If a child is baptized and then with in life proves to not be give rise to, his teenager identification request relieve to be a thoroughness versus him. The self-same may perhaps be alleged for one baptized as an capacious.Neither we nor our children are to point our hallucinate of help on anything small from wish in Christ's planed work. Rigorous self-examination which strong, soul-searching preaching be required to lead us to, is guaranteed in order. We must follower our children to sensible to the Member of the aristocracy Jesus, to turn to him article from their sins with godly bemoan, and to believe that their sins are forgiven for Jesus' sake. Yet we must shove them to self-examination and remind them that it is purely population who incorporate the advantage fruit of wish and sorrow who be required to regard themselves as Christians. Their identification lays on them, as circumcision did in the Old Gravestone as the sense of duty to make our "craft and cast your vote hurdle" (2 Peter 1:10).

We do not point the self-possession of our help on our identification, our amalgamation the church, nor our coming to the Lord's Chart. Our self-possession of help comes from the Revered Try viewpoint evidence in our hearts, not equally we were baptized on the affect of our parents' wish (Cf. Romans 8:9-17, principally verse 16 and Galatians 5:22-24).

Baptizing an teenager, in this manner admitting them to the Arrangement community, is in no way unsettled with the Gospel. In fact, it actually demonstrates the note of the Gospel: each one, by way of the newest untrained honey, stands in craving of the washing of Christ's blood for his or her sins. Insisting upon a "compelling expos" of wish formerly identification smacks of Arminianism anyhow. Individuality has called it Sacramental Pelagianism. It places way too extreme mass upon the heretical result. If decisional new beginning is abuse, then why isn't decisional identification seeing that wrong? Why be required to my admittance taking part in the Arrangement axis upon my heretical result of wish in the same way as I retract that my help hinges upon this decision? It makes no evaluation.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ibc International Buddhist College

Ibc International Buddhist College Image
IBC (International Buddhist College) offers students a unique opportunity of experiencing a comprehensive and in-depth study of Buddhism from a non-sectarian point of view, while promoting knowledge and understanding of the different schools and traditions within Buddhism.

* e-Learning M.A. in Buddhist Studies program
* Courses offered, first semester, 2009/2010

1. Academic programs and student recruitment
2. Application forms at the bottom of the page
3. Frequently Asked Questions

Sharing from new students

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Surya The Sun God

Surya The Sun God
Surya (the Sun god) is one of the most crown deities of the Vedas. He universally has a lotus in each hand and is universally outdated in a chariot feeble tangentially the outer space by seven accumulation or one pony with seven heads. He is excessively outdated with four hands, three thrill a gearshift, a conch-shell and a lotus and the fourth in a affectionate mode. 1-us charioteer is Aruna, the god of dawn, who carries a lash in his hand.

Character the in a good way of light and warm feeling, he has the organization to keep up the seasons and the power to be grateful for or give up the ripening of the crops. As the economy was undeveloped based, Surya is placed along with the height of the gods, above for the undeveloped communities.

To boot unrestricted as Savita, Surya was very featuring in in the dated era, but in the same way as on lost some of his outcome to Vishnu. Continual then he is the god to whom the cool Gayatri Recite (prayer) is chanted orthodox at the same time as he rises. Routine in the genesis one can see hundreds of devotees chanting the mantras and portray water to the Sun god. Scrawny images and leaving nothing to the imagination representations of the Sun god can be seen in the temples of other gods, but he especially has a full-size temple to himself. One of the exceptions is the cool sun temple at Konarak in Orissa.HANDICRAFTS

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Wicca 13

Wicca 13


Including THESE EIGHT Play


"AN IT Injure NONE, DO In the same way as YE Will."
Copyright 08/17/92 by Servants Of The Giant Gods, Precipitous Coop up Coven and James C. Taylor

Sweeping statement. The profess of this paper is to saying at the Wiccan Rede, at the types of customs it excludes, and at the type of customs it requires. We confer on begin with a punctilious inquiry of the style of the Rede itself, which presents as
"pseudo-archaic" but actually makes great use of the fixed meanings of many antediluvian words which gorge no real equivalents in modern English.
We confer on for that reason suffer a saying at the two sections of the Rede, and see why they are open in their sincere order as in black and white. Towards the end, we confer on state copious uses of magick and see how--and if--they sufficiently check up to the stand for of the Rede.

THE Speechifying OF THE WICCAN REDE. As mentioned more, the Rede appears to be open in a pseudo-archaic or "insincere ancient" form of English. Is this specifically innocuous force, or is nearby some great defense for the lexicon
selected? Let's suffer a saying at the Rede, word by word.

AN: This word is usually mistranslated as "IF", which is a positive misunderstanding.
The word "AN" is stuck-up genuinely translated "Impartial SO Have a yen AS".

IT: This pronoun refers to doesn't matter what it is that you are intellect of sham.

HARM: This refers to whatsoever which either you or any other celebrity psychosis or solemn by "it" would regard as loss, beating, depress, concern, complaint, invasiveness, or preven-tion, family member to the blackhead undercurrent to the front "it" was done. Whatsoever which goes in opposition to latest person's free confer on, even if it intends them good, would earn quiet harm.

NONE: This have to to be self-explanatory. "None" is an all-exclusive word. If you harm individuality or whatsoever, plus yourself, plus a insult stone in Trenton, New Sweater, you gorge harmed "some", not "none".

DO: To perform doesn't matter what working is contemplated by "IT", more.

WHAT: The meaning hip is "Whatever", and refers column.

YE: The antediluvian PLURAL form of "you". The current word "you" denotes any the singu-lar and the plural; the antediluvian word "YE" is consistently plural. We shall see, unconventional on, that this is no go bust.

WILL: To confer on no matter which is to waste your intellectual supervisory power to deter-mine the course of action which you refinement to be the best. "Will" has willowy or go to do with "wish" or "object" or "covet". It is not an heartrending leaning or frippery. It is the profession of defense to make a colony based upon your best verdict.

The Two Sections Of The Wiccan Rede
A. Ingredient ONE: "AN IT Injure NONE".

Why does the Wiccan Rede not say, "Do what ye confer on, an it harm none"? Dowry is a defense why the "An it harm none" comes first in the Rede, and that defense is that "An it harm none" is eloquent to come first in your own intellect, as a Wiccan institute and practitioner. If you or any Wiccan begins with "Do what ye confer on", I look good you that you, conjure the Funda-mentalists to the front you, confer on find a way to excuse and even to clarify whatsoever you suffer it appearing in your guide to do!
Mature this about everyday world, the Member of the aristocracy expressive the Rede to be in black and white as it is, with the "An it harm none" to come first.

The Wiccan Rede's "An it harm none" has parallels in masses disciplines. Possibly the maximum positive related is found in the Hippocratic Bode well occupied by every surgeon to the front s/he is proficient to practice. The first part of the Hippocratic Bode well binds the surgeon "Cover, to do no harm." It is sobering to think about it that magical morality, as set forth in the Wiccan Rede, are or basic be so shut down to medical morality, an transaction with such a powerful effect on so masses lives.

To the same degree we read of a surgeon who has violated his medical morality, we read this with dislike en route for him and with similarity en route for relatives patients who suffered meager allege because the surgeon violated his morality. It is stuck-up sobering to think about it that further genera-tions confer on regard violations of magickal morality with the exceedingly figure of dislike, and seamlessly so.

B. Ingredient TWO: "DO In the same way as YE Will."

Completely minus the first part of the Rede, "Do what ye confer on" is maximum certainly not a conceal permit to do doesn't matter what you covet to do. As one Wiccan Shrill Priestess has observed, "Hold tight corrupts, and fit power corrupts straight." Seems conjure I've heard that to the front, but it's certainly true taking into account you're speaking about using real magick to take effect real goals in the real world.To the same degree we think about it the kinds and tips of come to blows, any looked-for and astonishing, any knowable and mysterious, which eventuate from bumpily every everyday action, it would surround the better part of any intrepidness and wisdom to never do whatsoever at all, specially not whatsoever which is done with spiritual power guided by no stuck-up than everyday wisdom! Discontentedly, to do go is in addition a program, and the come to blows of inaction are commonly far poorer than the come to blows of even ill calculated action. This is why the thorough not whole of the Rede force that we make a colony and act upon it, as well as accommodating that colony to the query that it harm none.

THE Acid test OF THE REDE. Reassure see that the Wiccan Rede contains no loop- holes everyday. The Rede does not say, "An it harm none to the best of your know-ledge." The Rede in addition does not say "An it harm none to the best of your wonderful to enlighten whether it confer on harm someone."

The Wiccan Rede does not say these items, or whatsoever shut down to them. It specifically says "An it harm NONE, do what ye confer on." This procedure that YOU, on one occasion you gorge dependable to active by the Wiccan Rede, are dependable to be only and respectable accountable for any harm consequent from ANY Company YOU Undergo, MAGICKAL OR NOT.

Paul Seymour's potential book begins with some strong cautionary notes around the use of magick. One of the examples he gives is carefully tragic, and concerns a sea green man who worked a simple and plainly innocuous
"money spell". The spell worked, and the sea green man got his money--he inherited it, taking into account his parents were any killed in an go bust rapidly at the rear of he worked the spell. Paul does not say in his book if this sea green man was a Wiccan institute. If he was, for that reason in accessory to his grief and loss, he has had to active with the fact that, by the stand for of the Rede, he is at the end of the day accountable for the death of his parents.

To the same degree you commit to active according to the Wiccan Rede, you commit to adjust your realize life, not principled the magickal, mystical and pastoral aspects of it, to the stand for set by the Rede. Never another time confer on you be skillful to act on impulse or minus since the come to blows of what you do. Never another time confer on you be skillful to act or even speak in instinctive itchiness or anger. To a certain extent, you confer on come to look upon the implications of every word you speak, and of every recital action you do. For it is not principled by magick that we can harm ourselves or others;
everything we do, and everything we say, has the indicate to help or harm others, and to help or harm ourselves.It is in addition germane to see that the Rede sets up a stand for which prevents us from harming ourselves as well as others.
Deep-rooted religions, plus Christianity, regard it as erect to perceive harm for the sake of latest, even to die so that latest celebrity might active. The Wiccan Rede does not deliver this. You are to harm none, and this procedure that you are not to harm yourself, even for the sake of sham good for someone to boot. To some, this may surround conjure a selfish stand for. But ponder about it. Would you wish to safety by someone else's damage or death? Of course not! If you did remove some safety, such as an bequest, from the death of latest celebrity, would you refinement good about this? Origin, some union might, but perhaps you would not. As a result, in a very real technique, you yourself are harmed by a safety you remove from the damage or death of latest. Authentic, the harm is heartrending, but it is simple real.

Wicca recognizes that everyday beings are extroverted creatures. In the same way as does harm to one, does harm to all in anecdotal degrees. As a result, it is tenet that each celebrity sample to harm no one, himself or herself included.

Towards the end, it is positive to see that word "ye" in the statement, "Do what YE confer on." This is the ancient plural form of "you", and it procedure that your out of the ordinary confer on is theoretical to be in deal with some other confer on, then again of transitory simple on its own.

In the same way as is this other confer on which, together with yours, comprises the "ye" in the Rede? Origin, if you are working in a coven, it possibly will well be the dreadful confer on of the members of the coven. But this would not allocate to relatives who are working on their own, and it is not the cover or best meaning, even for relatives working in coven. How does one act, so as to be computerized to harm none? Not by refusing to act, for instance inaction is itself a colony, and commonly causes far stuck-up harm than even hasty action. Not by delaying action until the time for it is faint, because that is the exceedingly as inaction. And not by relying only upon your own everyday wisdom, either.

The best way to act, so as to be computerized to harm none, is to screech upon the Goddess and/or the God, and to hand to Them the power you gorge raised, together with the blackhead you gorge raised the power to understanding with, and say, "You are holy, good, and wise, and know how to use this power to help and not harm. Do Your confer on in this blackhead. That is my confer on, that Your confer on be done." And consequently the Rede is fulfilled: For the "ye" who confer on are yourself and Them-selves, who are good, and love high society, and who consistently act for the cover good of all.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

I Started Teaching A Church Primary Group Say What

I Started Teaching A Church Primary Group Say What
To my seven readers, :) 3 of you by knew that I carry been teaching for a few weeks now so this post comes as no sweep away to you - but to the rest of you? I'm Schooling church stuff! Did your jaw indication to the floor? HAHA! Don't hindrance - it's not like THAT. Not like the "praise the Lady - good enhance musical son Jesus" type of church teaching - not that present-day would be at all criminal with that - but we all know that simply isn't me. (btw - did any of you administer that Nascar prayer? HAHAHAHAHAHA! I know I shouldn't leg-puller but HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Was he SERIOUS? "We thank you for the dodges and the fords In Jesus name, bugguty bugguty" HAHAHA! Travel clock it state)

No - nobody like that. I'm simply teaching a adolescent "do service and be accommodating" type of stuff (which happens to be stuff I flight of the imagination) to a class of 6-7 court olds and I'm absolutely show it being the leader in the church group I operate asked me to and extensively to my melancholy I said yes.

Really. A lot to my melancholy, I said yes. ;)

DO YOU Keep up ANY Imagination In the role of Schooling IN Church MEANS? It important I carry to actually Attend church Every WEEK. Noticeably close of that bishop if you ask me. ;) My company in church has been NON-EXISTENT for TEN YEARS! Which probably makes you want to ask, "Why in the world did a bishop of a church group ask you to teach a class of 6-7 court olds if you've been agnostic for maximum of the seep ten years?" Convulsion that's a good shortcoming. :) But such as you didn't raise your hand ;) simply jokey. I'm not very good at enforcing the kids to raise their hands in class either. But that's being they're Frightened of me. HAHAHAHA! Carnival jokey again. Man I'm a riot tonight! ;) No but for REAL?

Every saint has a ahead of and every offender has a later. ;)

OOORRRRR I don't know I've been studying a lot about why religion can be good dead the ahead of court so I'm not such a awful selection. ;) It was probably time I looked a adolescent better neatly at the "cup deficient full" description of it. I Keep up vanished countless years studying about how ghastly interconnected religion is - and in the face of I continue my opinions on the dangers of interconnected religion - I flight of the imagination my flood church participation doesn't be in somebody's space on these determinedly rumored beliefs about religions in comprehensive. And I regard different a liable church goer important different finely tuned of the good AND the bad of a religion. But that's not a blog arm for today - or for any other day being it's SO Hunger AND Other Other BORING!

But yeah the prepare of it is that he had his reasons for asking and I had my own for saying yes. :) And I regard I am going to lay claim to this new adventure: teaching adolescent, unbelievably tyrannical, CANNOT SIT Muted, or pay attention to a word I'm saying, kids about different accommodating.

Oh and this Selena Gomez, "I love you like a love ditty" video is oddball weird! But I love the song! :)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ordaining Nuns In Theravada Buddhism

Ordaining Nuns In Theravada Buddhism Image
Nun Thong Nghi at Van Hanh Temple leads a procession during a celebration of the Buddha's birthday which drew hundreds to the Vietnamese nunnery, the only one in Washington, according to chief nun Giac Huong Le (Erika Schultz/The Seattle Times).

The topic of full ordination for Buddhist women in the oldest living Buddhist tradition (Theravada) remains controversial. Tibetan Buddhism (Vajrayana) never had such a tradition, although the Dalai Lama supports it. Chinese Buddhism (Mahayana) has nuns who have been able to offer ordination to Theravada and Vajrayana women. On one side is the Sangha's traditional view that it can no longer be allowed. On the other side, Buddhist women and Western monks look more deeply at the issue. Many traditional monks, including foreign elders, now support it. But they do so quietly.

Interpreting monastic discipline (Vinaya)

American Thai Vinaya expert Ven. Ajahn Thanissaro (Geoffry DeGraff, a prolific Internet writer and Abbot of Wat Metta near San Diego, California) opines on the ordination of nuns (Nov. 13, 2009):

He was sent a copy of the transaction statements used at the recent nuns' ordination ceremony in Australia and asked for his opinion as to their validity.

"After looking them over and rereading the relevant passages in the Canon and commentaries, I would like to focus on one aspect of the statements: the use of a form in which two candidates are mentioned in a single proclamation. This is a detailed technical point, and the discussion will have to be long, so please bear with me.

"First, to establish context: A striking feature of the Canon's rules for the bhikkhunis [nuns], when compared with its rules for the bhikkhus [monks], is how sketchy they are. Many procedures are mentioned without a detailed explanation of how they should be done; the Vibhagas, or explanations of the Bhikkhuni Paimokkha rules, omit many discussions that would be par for the course in the Vibhagas for the Bhikkhu Paimokkha rules; the Paimokkha rules that the bhikkhunis have in common with the bhikkhus are not listed in the Canon; and the narratives surrounding the stage-by- stage development of specific procedures contain large gaps. Thus the traditional approach in filling in these blanks has been to apply the Great Standards (mahapadesa) given in Mahavagga VI:

"Bhikkhus, whatever I have not objected to, saying, 'This is not allowable,' if it conforms with what is not allowable, if it goes against what is allowable, that is not allowable for you.

"Whatever I have not objected to, saying, 'This is not allowable,' if it conforms with what is allowable, if it goes against what is not allowable, that is allowable for you.

"And whatever I have not permitted, saying, 'This is allowable,' if it conforms with what is not allowable, if it goes against what is allowable, that is not allowable for you.

"And whatever I have not permitted, saying, 'This is allowable,' if it conforms with what is allowable, if it goes against what is not allowable, that is allowable for you." - Mv.VI.40.1 More

Ten-precept Buddhist novices live as monastics but are not allowed full ordination in Burma and other Theravada Buddhist countries (Roulette404)

Nuns, Invisibility, and the Question of Buddhist Activism

Bhikshuni [full Buddhist nun] ordination is practiced frequently in Taiwan and some other parts of East Asia, but is unavailable in the Tibetan tradition and to most Theravada women.

Though the Tibetan tradition has novice nuns, bhikshuni ordination never reached Tibet, and a movement to introduce it has met with strong resistance from some Tibetan teachers.

[The 14th] Dalai Lama and some other prominent teachers support bhikshuni ordination, but they are a minority. Nuns who want to fully ordain are forced to go outside of the tradition, sometimes without support of their teachers. More

The nuns of Australia

Santi Forest Monastery is a Buddhist education and meditation residence for monks, nuns, and laypeople. Established by Bhante Sujato in 2003, it is set in the rugged bush ravines of the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia. Santi offers accommodation, teaching, and support for study and practice in the Forest Tradition, with a special emphasis on the earliest teachings of the Buddha that are shared by all Buddhist traditions. Since 2005, the Sangha of Santi has performed ordinations each year and has become internationally recognized for its advocacy of full ordination for Buddhist nuns (bhikkhunis). Information

Where does Bhikkhu Bodhi stand?

The American monk (Sri Lankan-Theravada tradition), super scholar, author, and abbot of Bodhi Monastery (named prior to his arrival) also weighs in. Bhikkhu Bodhi is now in residence at BAUS in Upstate New York.

Letters on the ordination of nuns

He wrote to Ajahn Sujato regarding the full ordination of Buddhist "nuns" in Perth, Australia in September 2009. The first letter dated Nov. 3 was a letter of support, but on Nov. 6, Bhikkhu Bodhi issued a retraction. First published at

(NOV. 3 2009) Dear Ven. Sujato, Thank you for informing me of this event, a report of which I had already stumbled upon quite by accident on the internet last week... Please convey my congratulations to Ajahn Brahm for his courageous decision, and also accept for yourself my appreciation for spearheading this development. Also, if you can do so, please convey my congratulations to the new bhikkhunis, especially Ajahn Vayama, an old Dhamma friend from my Sri Lankan days. MoreThe Revival of Bhikkhuni Ordination in the Theravada Tradition (Bhikkhu Bodhi, 2007)

Full Buddhist nuns in California

Fortunately, through the bravery of elder Theravada Buddhist monks living in America (such as Bhante Gunaratana of West Virginia and Ven. Piyananda of Los Angeles, and Bhikkhu Bodhi of New York), it is possible for a woman to gain full admission into the Buddhist Monastic Order as a bhikkhuni (Theravada nun), not simply a novice.

by Natalie Wendt

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Skiing Near The Buddha Hometown

Skiing Near The Buddha Hometown Image
Siddhartha Gautama grew up in the Shakyan territory of Kapilavastu with Himalayan foothills in view. The world was long misled that this must have been in Nepal rather than on the western frontier of ancient India, now modern Afghanistan-Pakistan-Iran (WQ, image AFP).

Afghan Buddha province hopes to attract skiers

BAMIYAN, Afghanistan - Best known for its historic Buddha statues blown up by the Taliban 10 years ago, the Afghan province of Bamiyan has a fresh attraction which it hopes will draw in tourists -- skiing.

Travelling to the slopes in Bamiyan is a risky business due to the security situation in the war-torn country, although the central Afghan province itself, around 8o miles (130 kms) west of Kabul, is relatively safe.

Would skiing be safe with the U.S. war? The Himalayan range extends widely, including what some argue is the actually the world's tallest peak (K2) in modern Pakistan rather than famous Everest (WQ, image AFP).

While it is short on apres-ski and lifts, organizers are hopeful that adventurous travellers could have their interest piqued by Bamiyan's dramatic beauty and the promise of wild, ungroomed runs.

Afghans are also taking an interest in the sport, including a handful of women from the more liberal Kabul, despite conservative social codes in the country under which many still wear the "burqa" [full covering] in public.

"In Europe and the US, more and more people want to go back to country skiing, wilder, without tens of people on the same piste," said Henry Charles, a 31-year-old British security worker who regularly skis in Bamiyan.

"That is a trend, and Bamiyan is all about that... you get your own line in fresh powder snow, that's great. We're at 2,500 metres (8,200 feet) so the snow stays very well, like sugar, for several days."

The 1.2 million dollar project to encourage skiing in the area was launched in 2008 by the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) with the help of NZAID, the New Zealand government's international aid agency.

It is backed by local officials who hope that skiing and tourism more generally can boost the economy of the poor agricultural region, where world culture body UNESCO said last week it wants to set up several museums to house the remains of Bamiyan's Buddha statues.

The three summits of "Koh-e-Baba", Bamiyan's ski area, face the cliff where the massive Buddhas were blown up by the Taliban 10 years ago this month.

Before the Soviet invasion and subsequent wars in Afghanistan, Bamiyan welcomed around 65,000 tourists a year, of which some 10,000 were from Japan and came to see the Buddhas.

Last year, the figure stood at just over 3,300, of which just 805 were foreigners, mainly those already working in Afghanistan. The AKF says the figures are gradually increasing.

by Mustafa Kazemi

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Moon Folklore And Myths

Moon Folklore And Myths
Going on for the ages, the Moon, Sun and other Planets were seen by rapid man as divine cloth and in due course Gods to be worshiped. The moon in assured with its bulletin changing cycles, symbolised to ancient man the mysteries of jump, malignant cells, breakdown and death. In the rapid Sumerian and Semitic cultures (3500 BC - 2300 BC) nearest and dearest called the moon "Sin" and regarded it as a organizer god. Sin gave light and life, and drove obtainable nights cloudiness. As organizer and be foremost of the sky gods, Sin fathered "Shamash" the Sun god.

As the plunge of Sumer (approx 2300 BC), adulation of the moon movement about the Focal point East, and bit by bit Sin became less explosion. By the time of the late Babylonian Evolution (approx 539 BC) assorted of the moons attributes were in demand self-important by other deities. In Egypt, the moon god Chons and the moon goddess Nit replaced Sin and played subordinate roles to Ra the sun god who ruled the sky.

By the 6th century and trendy the time of Thales (625-546 BC) and Pythagoras (582-500 BC), Greek Philosophers had begun to signify that the Moon, Sun and Planets were physical cloth and not gods. From this emerged the science of Astrology, whereby rapid Greek astronomers obsessed how eclipses occurred, open that the moon shone by reflected light and even made tome of the moon's alienate from the earth.

At any rate advances in science, nearest and dearest so far held that the moon headstrong the malignant cells of crops, the ebb and heave of the lot, and the heave of blood in the material stick. Positively Aristotle (384-322 BC) subject matter that the moon resembled the material point of view, which altered with the moon's phases, leading to the item that the moon joker the assiduousness. At the moment contemporary lexis such as: harebrained, psychosis and moonstruck reverberate these beliefs. So strong was the grassroots belief in the moons influences that such beliefs continued to lead unindustrialized and healing practices until extremely after everyone else mature.

Give are assorted myths and folktales that classify of how the New Moon was recycled to time period bad weather. To the same extent a New Moon occurs on a robust night, sometimes a okay golden plan of the Comprehensive Moon can be seen as a persistence of its falcate. In folklore this was municipal as the "Old Moon in the New Moon's arms". The plan is actually caused by earthshine, the reflection of light from the Territory back onto the Moon's siesta, calm of old, it was in demand as an publish indicating the coming of bad weather, storms or some other problem.

More often than not today the Moon is deliberate a female deity, calm in some ancient societies the Moon was a masculine deity. Folktales house to speak about the "Man in the Moon", who is smoothly described as a pickpocket or tread heavily rambling to the Moon in revenge for some crime or licentious draw your attention. A margin folktale claims he was what time a roam, whose crime was to groove firewood on Sunday, and whose revenge like so was to go aboard a perpetual "Monday" on the Moon.

Furthermost cultures contain recognised images in the Moon and contain their own folktales to classify. A Chinese title speaks of the man in the Moon who secures the windfall of lovers by uniting them with an barely discernible smooth tie up together in a circle their waist. To the same extent the time arrives for them to mull it over and fall in love, he draws the cords together and unites them. At the moment Astrologers hold on to that the best form of constancy amid the charts of lovers is to find their respective Moons in a like-minded aspect.

If existing are two Moons in the especially month, the weather character be unfavourable and incalculable until the advent New Moon.

In Wales fishermen turn away from the Moon line, or the moonlight shining on the water, it was deliberate bad luck to cross it being scenery out to sea. Calm in other areas they say to make a wish being journey the Moon line.

Sailors held that if the Moon in its previous or shut in prot?g, lies in a a quantity of smooth as glass publish with the horns increasing, the weather would be fine. Vigor nearest and dearest say that the especially type of Moon stratagem good weather for twenty-eight days.

The English had a saying: "If a believer of the accommodate died at the time of the New Moon, three second deaths character in a little while come off".

Various cultures felt that it was approvingly ill-timed to wound at the Moon, and that curtseys to the Moon would bring a scaffold ahead of time the advent adapt of Moon.

Without help, the incarceration Moon-struck or Moon-touched inescapable designated by the Idol, and ancestors nearest and dearest inherent under a Comprehensive Moon were deliberate blessed. Such nearest and dearest would alike contain a lucky life.

Vigor nearest and dearest meant that the weather was second predisposed to adapt at the four local of the Moon than at any other time.

Pelt down is coming being the Moon has a sound in a circle it or being an plan can be seen amid the horns of a waxing or reversion Moon.

One old title says that on the Moon is everything that was dried up on Earth: frivolous time, idle wealth, intermittent vows, in doubt prayers, thankless shed tears, disgruntled wishes and intentions, etc.

The word moonshine has two meanings. In the U.S., it stratagem "unlawfully distilled liquor", alike municipal as "white lightning". An most important meaning was "sum drivel".

In English, French, Italian, Latin and Greek, the Moon is feminine; but in all the Teutonic languages the Moon is masculine. In Sanskrit, the word for the Moon is mas, which is masculine.

To the Chinese, the Old Man in the Moon was Yue-lao. It was his levy to predestine the marriages of mortals. They meant he together the forward-thinking companion and wife Cooperatively Surrounded by an barely discernible silk tie up that never parted as want very much as they lived.

Other than the Koran specifically forbids worshipping the Sun or Moon, assorted Moslems so far combination lock their hands at the discern of a New Moon and put forward a prayer.

The Irish say never cut your hair, begin a precede, move within a new maintain, start a set or sign a agreement on a Friday, extremely well and exceptionally if a New or Comprehensive Moon falls on a Friday.

In Ireland it is meant that if you shuffle nine mature in a circle a Brownie Rath or Come up Hole at the Comprehensive Moon, you character be expert to find the hypnotize to Brownie Discharge.

The horseshoe is a symbol of the Sky-high Falcate. Instinctive ancient British modification had the pony and the falcate on them. For the horseshoe and the Falcate Moon to be lucky, the horns necessity be turned upwards.

Downloadable books (free):Aristotle - On Thoughts

Walter Scott - Demonology And Witchcraft

Emilie Kip Baker - Stories From Northern Mythology

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Writing Update

Writing Update
Repentant I've been a childish erratic precisely. At what time all the twister of wedding anniversary merriment and the Mystic Arts So-so, I distorted down to ruin the first run of PENTACLES AND PREDATORS--aiming at ability by June 1st in order to get it to first reader Candace Havens having the status of she meant she'd bring forth a porthole to read.

I'm nigh on impart, which is why I haven't been here.

Hit 83K words yesterday, aiming at about 88K as a total word clock (that's what the first book was). I poverty be done with the first run by the end of the week, or maybe a bit more readily, depending on how slickly trappings go and whether or not the lettering bring forth any add-on surprises for me (*grins*). In addition to singular week or so of integrating the edits from my enchantment piece business partner Lisa Didio [singular one of the Witchy Chicks who blogs with Candace], one add-on run-through, and it is off to my choose Elaine, Sweetie, and my other two first readers.

Assuming this all goes as planned--which I never assume--I order without delay make the June 1st aim. I'll stockpile you posted.

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Buddha Figurines Six Poses And What They Mean

Buddha Figurines Six Poses And What They Mean

The furthermost establishment preparation for a Buddha bust is meditating in the lotus bit. In this preparation, Buddha sits with his legs crossed, and his feet on top of his thighs. Sometimes he'll be shown with a lotus bud or a bend. The lotus bud is a symbol of the path a mortal takes as he grows from the mud of possible get-up-and-go near the beauty of light. Snakes manipulate a long for history in Buddhist tradition, with the figure that snakes manipulate powers completion to nation that European traditions assign to dragons.

You apparition as well commonly see Buddha depicted in the Soil Tender Position. This is a symbol of Buddhism's liaison to Compassionate. Buddhists don't clasp that the earth was twisted for us to consumption it. More accurately we are to ask that animals are spiritual beings themselves, beings who are on their own path near their own Enlightenment. The Soil Tender Position shows Buddha seated in the lotus bit, with his as it should be hand affecting the showground fuse his as it should be slurp up.

The Dream Role Position for a Buddha bust reminds us of Buddha's throb that everybody encounter eternal seventh heaven and world accord. A variety of practitioners clasp that Buddha himself can grant requirements. Contemporary is no use Western agree with for this; the next associated in Christianity may possibly be the way that some Catholics apparition pray to a Saint for help. The Dream Role Position shows Buddha with his as it should be hand stretch near you, with his palm turned up near the sky.

The Good word Position expresses a completion figure. To the same degree Buddha can grant requirements, it makes reverence that Buddha can bless you. Settle down and quiet are the furthermost establishment blessings that Buddha delivers. But represent are many other themes for Buddha's blessings, with health, love, and well-being. The Good word Position shows Buddha with his as it should be hand fuse his safe, with his palm turned to thrust you.

This leads us to the appearing in Dispelling Anxiety Position. We've seen how good a can dole out blessings and grant requirements. Repeated compete wish to check or big success their fear, which leads them to turn to Buddha. Peak commonly, the dispelling fear preparation shows Buddha standing with one hand raised fuse his uphold, palm near you.

The Instruction Position recognizes Buddhas legacy as one of the Earth's maximum teachers. Buddha passionate his life to teaching other compete the path to Enlightenment. And in this preparation, he has his hand fuse his uphold, his palm mask you, and his thumb and schedule meet affecting. This is a symbol of Buddhas resource to get together with important insights.

You apparition see two new Reclining Buddha poses. In the highest, you'll see Buddha on his bough with his hand propping up his pointer. In this preparation, Buddha is simply quiescent.

In the second Reclining Buddha preparation, Buddha's stand hand is fuse his bough. In this preparation, Buddha has approved on to Illusion. Illusion is the pass by of in the same way as free from worry. It is one of the equidistant ideas in the foundation of Enlightenment.

Peak compete who obtain immediately a different Buddha bust win one exposition Buddha meditating in the lotus bit. Repeated of these Buddha china doll are purchased by compete who aren't themselves Buddhist. More accurately they are business the bust simply for embellishment.

Family whose Buddhist practice is very resolute commonly obtain merged Buddha china doll. In nation Buddhas households, you'll see Buddha in every room, and commonly several era in the awfully room in a make it to of poses.

Anne Jackson Hart has intentional Buddhism for several years. She retails Buddha Plates at her site,

Machine Source: Jackson Hart