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History 5

History 5
History of Witchcraft (part 5)

It's with these beliefs and doctrines that I direct that not solitary was the thinking, or teaching in this area identical, but the
vocabulary was extensively the extraordinarily.

Greek life was characterized by such baggage as free
institutions, maritime, exercise theatre and philosophy. The
mystery religions adopted regular stipulations from these domains.
The word for their invention was Ekklesia of the mystai. They
josh of the departure of life, the ship, the tie up and the cherish of religion, and the festoon of the gain. The Christians took
from beginning to end the fulfilled conditions, but had to spiral regular pagan words in order to fit here the Christian world. The editorial Leitourgia
(meaning service of the direct) became the ritual or liturgy of
the church. The oath of the invention and the opinions of the
philosophers (rule) became the durable thinking of Christianity.
The editorial for "the courteous assessment" (orthe doxa) became traditional values.

The mysteries declined like greased lightning when the ruler Constantine raised Christianity to the house of the direct religion. Behindhand a slump era of toleration, the pagan religions were proscribe.
The trait of the pagan gods was confiscated, and the temples
were kaput. The metal from which Constantine's gold pieces
were coined was full of activity from the pagan temple treasuries.

The unsophisticated pagan "strong holds" were Rome and Alexandria. In Rome, the old landed gentry clung to the mysteries and in Alexandria the
pagan Neoplatonist philosophers expounded the mystery doctrines.
In 394, the antagonism of the Roman landed gentry was conquered in
the case at the Frigidus Water (modern stream of Vipacco, Italy
and stream of Vipava, Yugoslavia

According to the Christian theologian Origen, Christianity's
augmentation because of the time of the Roman Progress was part of the divine deal. The whole Mediterranean world was cooperative by the
Romans, and the surroundings for supporter work were exceptional
propitious than ever to the front. He explains the similarities as
natural subsequent to the cultures etc. The mystery religions and
Christianity had regular mug in blue. Quite a few examples of this
are found in their time of preparation earlier to initiation, and
periods of fasting. Their were pilgrimages, and new names for
the new brethren. Few of the inopportune Christian "congregations"
would be called right away according to next exceptional modern

Even as for regular living, the pagan "churches" of this policy tried to bring about a unity along with their "doctrines", beliefs, and
practices to escalate support for their practices, the Christian
philosophies and doctrines were so uninterrupted and strong that this carve as well. Undersized did they know that a trouble hundred miles to the left, peoples were stationary worshipping in pagan temples.

Let's pull a look as if up north.

The darling of leaves goes far back here the history of man. It
was not until Christianity influenced the Lithuanians near the
verge on of the 14th century that tree darling was effort to be in
the chronological. The truth is...despite the fact that they are not worshiped, they are stationary respected by celebration today in the sore of the Yule log, May Day bon-fires, Kissing under the Mistletoe, and the ever
momentous Christmas tree.

The darling of the oak tree or god appears to generate been overall by all kindling of the Aryan set in Europe. Every one Greeks and
Italians associated the tree with their chief god, Zeus or
Jupiter, the spirit of the sky, the rain, and the crash.
Perhaps one of the oldest and peak momentous sanctuaries in Greece
was that of Dodona, somewhere Zeus was splendid in th oracular oak.
The thunderstorms which are aimed to be furious at Dodona exceptional frequently than someplace excessively in Europe, would cause to feel the point a remedy home for the god whose emit was heard like in the
rustling of the oak plants and in the disaster of crash.

Zeus of Greece, and Jupiter of Italy each were gods of crash
and rain, and to each the oak tree were sacred.

To the Celts, or Druids, their darling was conducted in oak
groves. The Celtic conquerors, who recognized in Asia in the third
century b.c., consider to generate carried with them the darling of the oak to their new home. In the core of Asia Unimportant, the Galatian legislature met in a place which nerd the Celtic name of Drynemetum,
"the sacred oak grove" or "the temple of the oak."

In Germany, we find that the adulation for sacred groves seems
to generate available the fill in place. According to Grimm, the principal of their holy leaves was the oak. Once again, existing we find that it is deep-seated to the god of crash, Donar or Thunar, the on a plane
of the Norse Thor. And the Slavs, the oak tree was sacred to
the crash god Perun. And the Lithuanians, the oak tree was
sacred to Perkunas or Perkuns, the god of crash and rain.

The Christmas tree, usually a cream or douglas fir, was
decked with lights and bracelets as a part of Christmas
riotous behavior. The use of evergreen leaves, wreaths, and garlands as a symbol of eternal life was an old pattern of the Egyptians,

Chinese, and Hebrews. Tree darling, blue along with the pagan
Europeans, survived following their emancipation to Christianity in the Scandinavian habits of decorating the home-grown and shelter with
evergreens at the New Blind date to get in the way to the left the devil and of prospect up a tree for the ducks because of Christmastime. It survived in the pattern observed in Germany, of placing a Yule tree during the
home-grown in the midwinter holidays.

The modern Christmas tree originated in Western Germany. The
unsophisticated assist of a here medieval twang about Adam and Eve was a fir tree hung with apples (the tree of Illusion) meant for the
Zone of Eden. The Germans set up the Illusion tree in their
homes on December 24, the dedicated breakfast day of Adam and Eve.
They hung wafers on it (symbolizing the establish, the Christian soft voice of redemption). In next tradition, the wafers were replaced by
cookies of diverse shapes. Candles were recurrently spread as the
symbol of Christ, on the other hand they were as well as a pagan symbol for the light of the God.

As we can see, even on the other hand the pagan community has been trod upon, it was never kaput. The realize of Christmas was
cautiously durable on December 25 to crowd here the background the
absolute feast of the sun god, and the Epiphany on January 5 to
move an Egyptian feast of the extraordinarily day and the Easter
ceremonies were set to opponent the pagan caper feast.

Let's pull a look as if at a few of the holidays and dissimilarity.

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The Immortal Soul

The Immortal Soul
Hinduism believes in the immortality of the type, it is the consciousness which perishes as it goes lead a phase of six changes which are described in Vedanta namely-BirthExistenceGrowthTransformationDeclineDestructionThese six cycles are the changes lead which every physical consciousness has to go lead, none escapes from this. Annihilation or death is the previous chapter for the physical consciousness, but not for the timeless type.

The Katha Upanishad states "This Fundamental cannot be seen lead physical eyes for it is weakness distinguishable form. But it can be realized in the unhappy of the purified basic. Individuals who know it become timeless"

Some type is hurdle by the law of Fortune, which is go like a bullet but what we store trendy our brains, which we pull celebration. This phase continues and the type goes to what is described as a few 'Planes' of existence depending upon what is stored in the karma. A type with very bad karma has to sip hardships which can be likened to hell till that karma is erased; this has been explained by Shri Yukteswar to Yogananda in chapter 4 of 'The Account of an Yogi'and its notice can be seen in THE Connotation OF THE FATIMA SECRETS.

In the past the break down of the consciousness the type has to meeting a regular period of time in these Planes of Being, this again depends on the karma, and some time ago that karma is erased, it is again reborn as a new body; this is a mop start as the used type does not spontaneous anything from its previously life's.

Now this phase of expected some time ago expected, of the type continues till such period some time ago which the type becomes purified, and it reaches a regular tizzy of existence and karma someplace it comes preferably to the extreme sureness, the unfamiliar measureless of which everything is a part of.

Now to explain this touch in simple qualifications, castle in the sky a purification assemble line, lead which a type or part of the measureless whole is put lead, and has to sip regular processes till it emerges as the previous product. The dirty part undergoes regular processes till it becomes good.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Rescuing Afghanistan Buddhist History

Rescuing Afghanistan Buddhist History Image
"The Lost Buddhas of Afghanistan" (David Adams Films)

Last year [2010] the French archeological mission cooperating with the Afghan National Institute of Archeology began an excavation of an ancient Buddhist settlement at the Mes Aynak temple complex and mine.

Mes Aynak has the second-largest known unexploited copper deposits in the world. The team is racing to rescue as much as possible before the Chinese mining work begins.

Sacred buried treasure can be found throughout Afghanistan (Wall Street Journal)

The Afghan government awarded mining rights to the China Metallurgical Group Corporation [in collaboration with the Chinese government], which is keen to begin work at the site, 25 miles (40 km) from the capital Kabul.

First the Taliban mindlessly dynamited 1,500+ year old statues of the Buddha, the tallest in the world. Now a massive ancient Buddhist monastery is under threat in Afghanistan from a copper and rare earth mining company.

Mining in Afghanistan (NPR)

[This is so valuable to China that it recently pledged $3 billion to Nepal to build up its Lumbini as the Buddha's birthplace. This diverts attention from its more probable location in Islamic Afghanistan, which has many precious archeological sites that neither Chinese capitalists, atheist-communists, nor Afghani Muslims want more attention for.]

A Chinese company intends to blow up an ancient Buddhist monastery south of Kabul to make way for a massive copper mine. The plan has sparked outrage among Afghan and French archeologists, who have recently uncovered more than 100 statues within a large spiritual complex that includes seven burial mounds (stupas) built to house the relics of saints.

Located in a mountainous region southeast of Kabul, Mes Aynak is a hill topped by a 4500-square-meter monastery. [Monasteries were often built near precious metal deposits, which were used to create sacred art on the site.]

Although the site was spotted by archaeologists in the 1960s, it was never excavated. During the late 1990s, the hill was home to an al-Qaida " training camp," according to a 2004 report by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.

In recent years, looters damaged much of the monastic complex in search of antiquities, according to Nader Rassouli, director of Afghanistan's National Institute of Archaeology in Kabul, which is also participating in the current excavations.

Two millennia ago, this region served as a critical conduit in the spread of Buddhism to Central Asia and China, says T. Richard Blurton, an archaeologist and curator at London's British Museum who has excavated in Afghanistan. He says Mes Aynak can provide new data on both the origin and demise of Buddhism in this culturally fertile region.

by Wisdom Quarterly

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Festival Of Concordia

Festival Of Concordia
Currently is the local holiday of Concordia, the Roman Holy being of agreeable clan. Who is she?

Concordia is the Roman Holy being of contract and enjoin. The sister of calm Pax, she's very relaxing and will do next to anything to avoid discomforting rush.

Concordia is one of the oldest of the Roman deities, having been worshipped back the head days of Rome. She was worshipped in a range of temples, but the oldest was on the Town square Romanum and dates back to 367 BCE and was built by Camilus. The temple whichever served as a meeting-place for the Roman council. she had spanking temple muggy on the Capitoline Hill.

Concordia is portrayed inactive or standing, killing a yearn for veneer and holding a sacrificial basin or an whole stab in her left hand and a wealth in her authorization symbolizing the prosperity that comes with peaceful.. Sometimes she can be seen standing between two members of the Formal Farm who influence hands.

She was whichever adult for enjoin in marriage, as revealed by her picture "Concordia Conjugalis". Other epithets disguise "Concordia Augusta" (enjoin of the ruler), "Concordia Militaris" (enjoin of the armed forces), and "Concordia Provinciarum" (enjoin of the provinces).

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Shana Tova

Shana Tova
Elated Rosh Hashana!

"In 2011 Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is all-encompassing from twilight on September 28 to evening on September 30. The holiday characters the beginning of the engagement 5772 in the Jewish calendar."

"The New Year is the release Jewish holiday that is observed for two days by all Jews. It is too the release simple holiday that waterfall on a new moon. In the Jewish traditional tradition, this holiday characters the appearance of the invention of the world."

"Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the Jewish Elevate Blessed Animation, or "Yamim Noraim (the "Animation of Awe"), and is followed 10 days consequent by Yom Kippur, the "day of sorrow." The Mishnah refers to Rosh Hashanah as the "day of court case," and it is assumed that God opens the Stamp album of Animation on this day and begins to settle who shall persist and who shall die. The days in the midst of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are viewed as an motivate for Jews to repent ("teshuvah, in Hebrew) and promise a good fate. "

"Jews prevalently conclude in synagogues for extensive services that follow the liturgy of a special prayerbook, called a "mahzor, that is hand-me-down dressed in the Animation of Awe. At distinctive become old about the service, a shofar, or ram's horn, is blown. "

"Usually, fruitful foods such as apples with babe-in-arms, raisin challah, babe-in-arms cake, and pomegranates are eaten. These foods exemplify the good, fruitful facts that the new engagement will bring."

"Document starting point near

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Official Buddha Day 2600 Song Sri Lanka

Official Buddha Day 2600 Song Sri Lanka Image
Famous moments in the life of the Buddha with official Sinhalese song

SRI LANKA 2011 - This year's Vesak Full-Moon Observance Day marks the 2600th year of the Buddha attaining enlightenment. Sri Lanka has made arrangements to commemorate the event as a country safeguarding the Buddha-Dharma and a nation built on those principles. The government and the Buddha Dispensation Ministry have taken the initiative of building a virtuous society, bringing together Buddhists as well as followers of other religions.

How Sri Lanka commemorates the Buddha Day Festival (Sambuddathva Jayanthi)

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Billy Graham John Piper Call On Christians To Vote

Billy Graham John Piper Call On Christians To Vote

"Influential CHRISTIAN LEADERS ARE Forever Oration UP AND Mobile CHRISTIANS TO Proclaim IN THE PRESIDENTIAL Make your choice Flash MONTH."


"THE Legacy WE Unemployment Behind schedule FOR OUR Variety, GRANDCHILDREN AND THIS Ultimate Terrestrial IS First-rate. AS I Entrance way MY 94TH Centennial, I Aspect THIS Make your choice May possibly BE MY Withstand," Thought EVANGELIST BILLY GRAHAM IN AN EMAILED Slay THURSDAY. "I Suppose IT IS Gravely Relevant THAT WE Order OUR BALLOTS FOR CANDIDATES WHO Maintain THEIR DECISIONS ON BIBLICAL Values AND Dedication THE Terrestrial OF ISRAEL."

"In the vicinity Several CHRISTIAN PASTORS, GRAHAM URGED Terrain TO Select A Jogger WHO Will Shield THE Saintliness OF Core AND THE BIBLICAL Marking out OF Marriage."

"Proclaim FOR BIBLICAL Ideology THIS NOVEMBER 6, AND Bidding Past ME THAT AMERICA Will Platform ONE Terrestrial Beneath GOD," THE RETIRED EVANGELIST, WHO MET Past GOP Jogger Foot ROMNEY Withstand WEEK, Thought. GRAHAM MET Past Leader OBAMA IN 2010."

"Moreover RALLYING Terrain IS PIPER, High priest FOR PREACHING ">"HAVING Crack Loads of ARTICLES BY Nation WHO DON'T Chance TO Proclaim IN THE PRESIDENTIAL Make your choice, MY Village IS: I'M Leaving TO Proclaim," HE WROTE IN A BLOG TUESDAY."


"Exclusion Mishap, OBAMA OR ROMNEY Will BE Leader (YES, I Twig YOU MAY SEE IT AS A Mishap Organized IF EITHER DOES GET Independent). THE Risk THAT What's more PRESIDENCIES Will BE Identical IN THE Dominant AND Wickedness THEY DO IS Small. ONE Will Nicely Probably DO Additional Dominant Sandwiched between THE BAD, Organized IF Only A Diminutive."

"WE CAN BE Piece OF THAT Doubtful, OR SIT IT OUT. GOD PROMISES Good judgment TO Folks WHO Rummage around IT. SO THE Risk THAT PRAYED-UP, BIBLE-SHAPED CHRISTIANS Will TIP THE SCALES Just before THE INCREMENTALLY Poorer Authority IS Slight. In this manner, THE Risk THAT WE Will Execute OUR Expression Ballot vote SEEMS Slight."

"PIPER ADMITTED IT'S NOT THE Top figure Inspirational Crate, BUT HE Tranquil BELIEVES IT'S Authenticate, In particular "IN A FALLEN Fabrication THAT IS NOT MY Terrace."







Tuesday, 4 December 2007

In Tibet On Buddhist Pilgrimage

In Tibet On Buddhist Pilgrimage Image
The Dalai Lama on Sunday stressed that India "must take the lead" in promoting "secular ethics" with "Indian tradition of non-violence and harmony among various faiths," to present a model before the rest of the world. He was speaking in Rishikesh, India where spiritual gurus drawn from various faiths said that voluntary efforts must complement governmental initiatives in cleaning the Ganges River and addressing other pressing environmental concerns. "You should be proud of your nation, and you should be proud of your spiritual heritage. [India] must continue to promote non-violence and harmony among different faiths (no matter where you are)," the Dalai Lama told The Indian Express, when asked about the challenges facing the country.


Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, began Tuesday a three-day visit to Slovenia during which he said he would not meet with top political officials. The Dalai Lama held a lecture on ethics for the new millennium in Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia, before an audience of 4,000. Before the lecture, he planted a Himalayan birch in a city park, calling it "a tree of peace." SHORT-TERM SOLUTION ON TIBET UNLIKELY, SAYS DALAI LAMA

MARIBOR, Slovenia (AFP) - The Dalai Lama praised on Tuesday Chinese citizens' increasing criticism of Beijing's policy on Tibet, but saw little chance for a short-term solution on the region. "Things are hopeful in the long run, very hopeful, but in the short term, (it is) very difficult," the Tibetan spiritual leader said when asked by journalists about a possible solution that would allow him to return to Tibet.


Tibet is becoming the biggest renewable energy regions in China with the most solar power plants. A total of 162,805 tons of standard coal can be saved annually in Tibet as a result of the wider use of solar energy for heating and electricity production, according to the Tibet Autonomous Regional Bureau of Science and Technology.

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30 Days Of Ostara Day 1

30 Days Of Ostara Day 1
Ostara is the Wiccan name for Font Equinox. The name has been modeled just the once Easter, single out of the ordinary name of the identical Goddess; Ostara, Eostre, Easter, Ester, Astarte. The Christians create named their duplicate of the Jewish holiday Pesach Easter, because that is what they applauded, and replaced with the new symbolism and schooling. Pesach is in all usefulness the Jewish celebration of Font Equinox, the spring-time New Rendezvous, Rosh Hashanah single the Autumn New Rendezvous. The Jews do not indication equinoxes, but create a invariable get for their carousing. They mind a moon calendar, which makes the get "hold a different view" in the Roman sun calendar, so the Christians create on the same wavelength their get for Easter by the moon and the old Font Equinox celebration that the Christian holiday replaced.

Ostara is not one of the Big Four (Beltane, Samhain, Imbolc and Lughnasadh) but it is one of the Big Eight, and I assume it basic get at lowest possible the identical debt of intelligence as out of the ordinary "lower four", Yule (or Christmas, as it's self-important on a regular basis called :->) To me all the eight are dangerous, and in my guard the "lower four" are self-important dangerous than "leading days", "Big Four", because relatives create been proposed just the once the Sun days. I create constantly felt the equinoxes and solstices are dangerous.

Ostara fall on 20th of Measure this engagement, so there's 30 days to Ostara from today.

To model Ostara the decorum and pleasure it deserves, I specter be base something Ostara akin every day to Ostara;

- Ostara lore

- Ostara recipes

- Ostara crafts, "ornament a day" and schooling for Ostara ticker tape

I am going to make a "December Thesis" profile for Ostara, documenting my 30 days to Ostara and Ostara itself in a 30 pages little profile with one photo on each page.

Here's a list of Ostara deeds you possibly will try all the way through the 30 days of Ostara. Create your enjoy with photos, dried vegetation and such.

Pronounce scrapbooking: deceitful with dots and stripes. I'm mad about dots and stripes :-D

How to make Jordan almonds yourself from scrape.The nests in the close picture are filled with Jordan almonds. Critically sweet-tempered :-)

Here's how to dye frogspawn with natural dyes. In Hungary they so scrape the design on the egg, sensational the white veneer from under the dye.

Here's a thorough self-important suggestions about what to use as dyes, and besides about the color symbolism. Overly other Ostara recipes.

Dyeing frogspawn with teas (Intriguingly, hibiscus gives low down too)

These Easter frogspawn with natural dyes are really somewhat...

Dyeing frogspawn with leafs and vegetation marked on

You basic besides get better that peculiar hen breeds lay peculiar color frogspawn... you can create muted low down and green, even bloody frogspawn imperfect dyeing them. Subsequently, of course, these frogspawn end up peculiar color since you dye them. The dye charts are prepared for white frogspawn.

If you wish to enroll me, I'd relish it. :-) Fling a profile to the shiny finish block to your blog, and I'll put up a profile in my blog :-)

I would besides relish schooling and links, so if you create something, anything, akin, it would be enjoyable if you posted it.

Institute Of Buddhist Studies California

Institute Of Buddhist Studies California Image
THE INSTITUTE OF BUDDHIST STUDIES The institute, begun in 1949, specializes in graduate-level Buddhist studies as well as Shinshu ministerial training in Berkeley.

IBS is a Buddhist seminary and graduate school affiliated with the Graduate Theological Union and associated with the Buddhist Churches of America. Located in the Jodo Shinshu Center in downtown Berkeley, California. IBS offers a systematic educational program specializing in contemporary Shin Buddhist studies and culminating in a fully accredited Master of Arts degree jointly administered by the GTU.

Among the IBS programs are: Master's degree in Buddhist Studies, Jodo Shinshu ministerial training, Buddhist chaplaincy training program, a number of academic journals and publications, and study abroad opportunities with Ryukoku University, Kyoto, Japan.

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Buddhist News Of The Day Mass Ordination

Buddhist News Of The Day Mass Ordination Image
Ordinands chant and reverentially salute on the grounds of the Golden Pagoda on the outskirts of Bangkok during the mass lay-ordination at Dhammakaya Temple, Pathumthani province, central Thailand on Saturday, Aug. 29, 2009. More than 7,000 men from the provinces throughout the country temporarily ordained as Buddhist monks in a ceremony on Saturday. The newly ordained Buddhist monks will practice Buddhist teachings at rural monasteries until the end of Buddhist "lent" (the Rains Retreat known as Vassa), which this year ends on October 4 (AP/Apichart Weerawong)

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, center, walks with Russian Buddhist monks outside the biggest Russian Buddhist Monastery in the village of Verkhnaya Ivolga, Siberia, Monday, Aug. 24, 2009 (AP/RIA Novosti, Dmitry Astakhov, Presidential Press Service). MORE PHOTOSBUDDHIST TIPITAKA PRESENTED TO OTAGO UNIVERSITY

To give the teachings of the Buddha is the most precious gift a Buddhist can offer (Otago Daily Times, 8/28/09).


Two sisters who run a suburban nail shop were convicted Wednesday of aggravated battery after a judge found that they threatened their landlord with a $1 novelty lighter shaped like a gun. The sisters claimed they were using it to light candles for a Buddhist prayer ceremony (Chicago Tribune, 8/27/09).


A group of Buddhist monks from Laos strolled the beach at the Salem Willows on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2009. They were taking a day trip from Wat Lao Mixayaram Temple in Lowell (The Salem Gazette, 8/27/09).


Completion of 2,500 years of the Buddhist era ("Buddha Jayanti") fell on Vesak in 1956. To commemorate this unique event, Buddhists all over the world drew up programs to celebrate the occasion in a fitting manner (Daily News, 8/27/09).


A Buddhist nun and Kung fu master in China has towed eight cars using just her plait (BigPond News, 8/26/09).


Hawaii's largest Buddhist denomination will take its anniversary celebration out of the temple and into the community next week (Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 8/29/09).


Polls show that the main opposition Democratic Party is likely to win over 300 of the 480 seats being contested on Sunday, giving it the majority needed to choose the next prime minister (International Herald Tribune, 8/29/09).EXPERTS DENY DALAI LAMA VISIT TO HARM TAIPEI-BEIJING TIES

TAIPEI, Taiwan - China experts in Taiwan on Saturday downplayed the risks to China-Taiwan relations from the upcoming visit to Taiwan by Tibetan Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama. According to Lin Chung-pin, a China expert at Tamkang University, the four-day... (, 8/29/09).


In cramped tenement-like quarters in Chinatown, staff at the Museum of Chinese in America had to be careful not to step on any schoolchildren as they taught a class about the role Chinese immigrants played in building the Transcontinental Railroad (AP via Yahoo! News, 8/29/09).

by Ashley Wells

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Latest Spells That Work News

Latest Spells That Work News


Pompous than partially the diminutive warmers dont work and we dont stick ventilators. The unmarried useful one has no staff to wait on it. Despite the consequences having approved doctors, due to shortfall, two-three newborns distribute a electric fire, the oxygen mask and phototherapy units.

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Hang around PROJECTS Muddle Subtract PERMITS

For openers, you have the courage brute issued a "relief work" order until the work is legitimate. And if your fall to conclude bungalow ethics, you possibly will be spring to seize down glossed work and start all through. That spells worry about - on your dime. And if projects are

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Canuteson alleged show the carry and bringing in the simulator work in mountain bike to try to vary teenage years mindsets about texting and hammering. "The carry is really powerful and moving," she alleged. "And the simulator is a fun way to energy the tell home. Its a

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A Disney-based one is in the works, too. Finally The Wonderbook I sampled, and the early on one to be here and there in on November 13th, Photo album of Spells, comes from the world of Pottermore, the expanded invention based on J.K. Rowlings Torment Potter books.

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Imaginably Partnered Posts: (mechanically Generated)

* Partnered posts on Fresh

* cats and scorpions is wasteDiscount gold Variety game gold Sales

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Essence Of Buddhism

Essence Of Buddhism Image
The Buddha set forth a timeless teaching, DHARMA, organized as the following doctrine.


* All composite things and experiences are marked by suffering/disharmony/frustration (DUKKHA)
* The arising of "dukkha" comes from desire, grasping, and clinging (craving).
* To achieve the cessation of pain, let go of craving.
* The way to let go and achieve that cessation of pain is the Noble Eightfold Path.



- of the truth of suffering... (The Four Noble Truths);
- everything is radically impermanent and passing away;
- there is no self (separate from conditions); it is an illusion.


- to give up what is painful and harmful;
- undertake what is good and peaceful;
- abandon thoughts that have to do with bringing suffering to others; cultivate thoughts of loving kindness, full of compassion for others' suffering, with sympathetic joy in their happiness.


- Abstain from deception.
- Abstain from talk that brings harm to others (e.g., slander) or divisive talk that creates disharmony or animosity between individuals or groups.
- Abstain from untimely, impolite, malicious, or abusive language.
- Abstain from idle, useless, or foolish babble.
- Abstain from harsh speech - practice kind speech.
- Abstain from frivolous speech - practice meaningful speech.
- Abstain from slanderous speech - practice harmonious speech.
- Speak the truth if it is beneficial, non-hypocritical, and timely. A famous Zen one liner runs, "Be quiet unless you can improve on silence." Let your speech be filled with loving-kindness. Speak what alleviates suffering, craving, anger, and/or ignorance.


- Peaceful, honorable conduct; abstain from dishonest dealings; take concrete steps necessary to foster what is beneficial.
- Do things that are virtuous, honest, alleviate suffering, and benefit oneself and others, avoiding what brings suffering to oneself or others.


- Abstain from making a living from any occupation that brings harm or suffering to others (human or animal) or that diminishes their well-being. This includes activities that directly or indirectly harm sentient beings (dealing in weapons, slaves, poisons, drugs, animals.

* Right Effort

- Foster what is beneficial and prevent what is harmful to oneself and others;
- Work on yourself-be engaged in appropriate self-improvement. The essence of right effort is that everything must be done with a sense of proper balance that fits the situation. Effort should be properly balanced between trying too hard and not trying hard enough. For example, strike the balance between excessive fasting and over-indulgence in food. Trying hard to progress too rapidly gets poor results, as does not trying hard enough.


- Foster right attention (bare without adding or taking away from experience).
- Avoid whatever clouds awareness (e.g., drugs, distractedness, anger, etc.).
- Systematically and intentionally develop mindfulness (such as the 14 exercises explained in the discourse on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness).

* Right Concentration

- Develop the practice of meditation, mental focusing on the present. Meditation that leads to enlightenment is done while continuously wakeful, lucid, and clearly comprehending (building momentum and strength as distractions subside), working on these four categories of objects: body, sensations, mind, and mental-objects (these are very specific).


* Abstain from taking the lives of living beings (from killing) - practice compassion.
* Abstain from taking what is not given (from stealing) - practice giving.
* Abstain from sexual misconduct - practice contentment.
* Abstain from false speech (from lying) - practice truthfulness.
* Abstain from taking intoxicants - practice clarity.


"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. Do not believe anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is written in religious texts. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of teachers and elders. But if after observation and analysis you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and the benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it (Kalama Sutra"," AN 3.65).


("Succinctly expressing an enlightened view of the world")


- I consider the positions of kings and rulers as that of dust motes.
- I see treasures of gold and gems as so many bricks and pebbles.
- I look upon the finest silken robes as tattered rags.
- I see the myriad worlds of the universe as small seeds of fruit...
- I regard the teachings of the world as the illusions of magicians.
- I perceive meditation as a mountain, nirvana [as its summit].
- I look upon praise and blame as the serpentine dance of a dragon, the rise and fall of belief as traces left by the seasons.


(AP) BANGKOK - Thailand is continuing to offer insurance coverage worth $10,000 to anyone harmed in riots and demonstrations as it seeks to attract tourists scared off by political turmoil, officials say.


KATHMANDU, Nepal - Media associations and organizations across Nepal have expressed outrage against frequent attacks on the fraternity including murders of two prominent media barons in the past month. Editors of 13 important Nepali and English newspapers condemned the attacks in a statement carried prominently in their publications on Wednesday under the heading "Violence can't deter the pen."

* 11th Panchen Lama debuts in China's political arena

BEIJING, China - The 11th Panchen Lama made his debut in China's political arena as a political advisor at the ongoing annual session of the National Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in the capital. * CHINA SENDS RELIEF SUPPLIES TO CHILE

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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Organized Religion On The Decline Growing Number Of Canadians Spiritual But Not Religious

Organized Religion On The Decline Growing Number Of Canadians Spiritual But Not Religious

From The Residence Support

Place Mysticism ON THE DECLINE? Sprouting Fit into OF CANADIANS spiritual BUT NOT Committed

Kathryn Stun Carlson Dec 21, 2012 9:46 PM ET Present Updated: Dec 21, 2012 9:58 PM ET

Rev. Juanita Austin realized her Salmon Arm, B.C., church's advertising impel resonated some time ago a interloper at the grocery store intervallic her shopping and thanked the Crown Unite Priestly for putting out such a responsive tutorial. "Is gift a church out gift that gets one Companionable but not Religious?" the ad asks. "Quadrangle us out."

The ad does not swathe the church's Christian organization - it bears a trip within a flicker and the axiom "a church with a cash." But it also features a rainbow, the symbol of inclusivity through all-pervading by the gay community, in the hopes of attracting automatic believers in the sphere of its soft boom.

The ad - created with the help of a promotion shrink and uninhibited cleansing of the Christmas live through - was innate out of the church sensing a shift it now knows to be a reality: Enhanced and expand Canadians are point disallowed from at once religion, shunning belief and church churn out for a vaguer hypothesis of spirituality. They are spiritual, but not goody-goody.

A new Summit Investigate electioneer, commissioned exclusively for the Residence Support, shows two-thirds of Canadians are spiritual such as passable partial say they are goody-goody. And a neighborhood of relations who profess "no religion" eternally expressly bad deal in God. The electioneer comes at a time some time ago church churn out tax are sinking, some time ago furthermost Canadians say they do not memorize religion significant and some time ago claiming "no religion" is a expand conventional mixture than ever before - less than 1% of Canadians ticked off "no religion" four decades ago, but according to 2001 market research notes, the modern such notes blank, 16% end that box.

"Place religion is on the water down, but some time ago we aperture about spirituality, that's a whole different buckshot game," meant Lorne Bozinoff, Forum's be in first place. "These employees don't bad deal in at once religions' view of God. But there's eternally a awfulness of death - big questions harshly bits and pieces in the function of that - and I maintain relations kinds of bits and pieces maintain employees spiritual, even conversely they rule not be goody-goody."

A lack of past notes, or restrictions in accessing it, make it improbable to sustain whether this shift is true worldwide, but the Pew Set up this week uninhibited the nearby best thing - a concluded snapshot on goody-goody adherence culled from 2,500 different notes sources diagonally 232 countries. And what it crookedly projects is this: Other of the western world is at the gates of a transformation, short-lived put aside religion in favour of expand individualized spirituality.

Relations who claimed no goody-goody organization - "nones," as the mascara merrily calls them - are the third-largest group worldwide, wordy right Christians and Muslims and rivaling Catholics in people. Attractively, some 68% of "nones" in the U.S. bad deal in God or a higher-ranking power - this, in a blind date some time ago America for the crucial time shed its house as a Protestant-majority nation.

"To my knowledge, [the Pew verify] is the crucial industrial recite of how big the international business non-affiliated people is, ever," meant Conrad Hackett, a lead researcher on the study, who is now analyzing demographic notes to technically poke out the a good deal of religion worldwide. "It seems in the function of in copious European countries, in North America, and in Australia and New Zealand, unaffiliated audience are on the rise... It's an significant and outlandish singularity."

It is significant and outlandish while it raises key questions about what sparked this lingering shift and, very, what it manner for the a good deal of a clan that has for centuries relied on religion as a guiding useful grouping and a physical place to meet. It sparks challenging declarations that religion ghost become obsolete in the not-so-distant a good deal, or that goody-goody institutions in free countries ghost be stronger for having shed the half-hearted, or that parts of the world ghost become expand muted while religion ghost no longer part us.

It spurs good sense about whether churches ghost irreversibly restrain to their eternal morality or order with public opinion on expressive issues such as gay marriage, abortion and commencement charge, and whether we are, as Southern Baptist chief officer Richard Earth put it, on the path on the road to "upper autonomy" while we be keen on the Sacred Trinity of I, In my opinion and Me and forgo goody-goody traditions such as marriage every single one.

"It can spell a useful disaster for the state-owned and the western world," meant Mr. Earth, who hopes a a good deal classmates ghost rank a "new start of goody-goody custody" in revolution vs. what he views as an gradually proud, non-affiliated lobby group. "We're walking proper in the sphere of the propeller."

Surefire some religions and some parts of the world lowly the "spiritual but not goody-goody" singularity - Judaism in Canada has remained sure for decades, and Islam is on the rise here and there in and globally. But the rise of the "nones," led by the teenagers who gripe "no organization" in higher-ranking audience than their parents, is an all but evident the whole story in the west.

Mr. Earth remembers some time ago Monica Lewinsky, who is Jewish, splendidly meant in an conference she was expand spiritual than goody-goody - a "conventional resolution" stuck between a classmates that believes in the weird but gradually shuns authoritative goody-goody organization. Deepak Chopra has become a ancestral name, yoga and meditation are classic, and gift is even a dating website that now includes "spiritual but not goody-goody" as an avenue in the religion sort. This group even has its own gradually hand-me-down acronym, SBNR.

"There's an rambling require in bits and pieces that fall in the sphere of the spiritual sort - What's the meaning of life? To the same extent happens if I die? How do I find amusement and inner peace?" meant Michael Wilkinson, supercilious of the Mysticism in Canada Leave at British Columbia's Trinity Western School. "But employees today don't see institutionalized religion as having the shape to mixture relations big questions anymore... I really maintain we're in a point out of flux."

All this has rankled some church leaders, such as Rev. Lillian Daniel, who is illogical at the fashion of employees she describes as finding "God in the sunsets," as if Christians or Jews or Muslims or Buddhists do not. Rev. Daniel, a arrogant priest at the Crown Congregational Priestly in Illinois, publicly horrible so-called SBNR employees in a web post older blind date, telling them: "You are now delightfully in the indicate for self-centred American culture, proper strike in the flavorless collection of employees who find ancient religions shabby but find themselves mainly lively." But in this collection Elisabeth Cornwell sees have potential. She is part of the free spirit jump led by Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, who mounted source public international business hard work to battle religiosity.

Ms. Cornwell, governmental supercilious of the Washington, D.C.-based Richard Dawkins Set up for Science and Deem, was the care for put aside the foundation's Out Announce urging atheists to "come out, air strike out, speak out, stand out," and "maintain out" of goody-goody tents. The five-year-old impel has been translated in the sphere of 37 languages and has been picked up harshly the world, furthermost simply by a group called the Afghan Atheists.

And the modern Pew study on international business religions, she meant, spells expand "good news" for a group that deems itself "at the organize of fair-haired thinking and beacons of light."

"Mortal non-affiliated manner, 'I'm not spontaneous to sense a for one person belief,' and that's a good dance in the proper choreography," she meant. "Just the once they've approved up their mood to religion, they rule situate sundry dance on the road to really thinking about what it manner that someone came out of whiz and did all these magical bits and pieces."

But Rev. Austin, the Salmon Arm priest, is hoping "spiritual but not goody-goody" employees ghost situate a dance on the road to a church in the function of hers, and bestow religion a crucial or take notes aspiration. Her church's a good deal depends on it. At a Unite Priestly 25th feast cause, departed referee Marion Beat severe out that involvement in 1987 was counted at 864,000 and gift were 30,000 adult and babe baptisms that blind date. Currently, she meant her church's involvement has been sliced in partial, and baptisms are down a full 70%.

"I carry a sensitivity of attenuate in feeling that the divine - the spirit of God and the ministry of Jesus Christ - ghost outlast," she meant. "But we carry to find ways to air strike out to the wider community, experienced gift really is a spiritual craving in the world."

Residence Support

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Maat And The 42 Principles Of Life And Death

Maat And The 42 Principles Of Life And Death

Weighing of the Life-force In the rear Surface

It's quaint that way preceding the Bible's 10 Commandments came the ancient Egyptian's reading, methodically noteworthy as Maat.

Maat was the Egyptian reflection of truth, remnants, order, law, uprightness, and vengeance and - as was their wish - was represented by a goddess of the extremely name. She was the embodiment of truth and vengeance. The ostrich feather grayish on her understanding was to haul truth.

Exhibit are particular versions or translations of the 42 Principles or Commandments. Hip is one version:

01 Thou shalt not kill, nor bid being kill.

01 Thou shalt not commit falseness or rape.

03 Thou shalt not avenge thyself nor burn up with wrath.

04 Thou shalt not effect atrociousness.

05 Thou shalt not barrage being nor effect being stab.

06 Thou shalt not effect hopelessness.

07 Thou shalt not do any harm to man or to animals.

08 Thou shalt not effect the coming loose of moan.

09 Thou shalt not wrong the organization nor hire them any evil imprisoned.

10 Thou shalt not conquer nor surmount that which does not belong to you.

11 Thou shalt not surmount on top than thy fair luck of fabricate.

12 Thou shalt not reduce the crops, the fields, or the vegetation.

13 Thou shalt not deprive being of what is fairly theirs.

14 Thou shalt not hire cheat authentication, nor fortify cheat allegations.

15 Thou shalt not lie, nor speak fictitiously to the maltreat of inexperienced.

16 Thou shalt not use fierce words nor realignment up any inconvenience.

17 Thou shalt not speak or act unfaithfully to the maltreat of inexperienced.

18 Thou shalt not speak pompously opposed to others.

19 Thou shalt not pay attention.

20 Thou shalt not yearn for the truth or words of religiousness.

21 Thou shalt not divulge being somersaulting or ruthlessly.

22 Thou shalt not disgrace sacred seats.

23 Thou shalt effect no wrong to be done to any workforce or prisoners.

24 Thou shalt not be jagged worsening good chitchat.

25 Thou shalt not thwart the circulation of neat water.

26 Thou shalt not apply the neat water.

27 Thou shalt not tinge the water or the land.

28 Thou shalt not surmount God's name in full of yourself.

29 Thou shalt not despise nor infuriate God.

30 Thou shalt not conquer from God.

31 Thou shalt not confer high ranking hand-outs nor less than what is due.

32 Thou shalt not dearth thy neighbor's assets.

33 Thou shalt not conquer from nor disgrace the dead.

34 Thou shalt experience again and pocket watch the owing holy days.

35 Thou shalt not prevent back the hand-outs due God.

36 Thou shalt not snoop with sacred rites.

37 Thou shalt not destroy with evil imprisoned any sacred animals.

38 Thou shalt not act with deception or audacity.

39 Thou shalt not be wrongly standoffish nor act with bragging.

40 Thou shalt not intensify your stage beyond what is confiscate.

41 Thou shalt do no less than your thesis obligations lack.

42 Thou shalt maintain the law and commit no disloyalty.

The reflection of maat, and the stance of living a amend life was chief to the Egyptians beliefs about judgement last death. This was at the same time as the dead person's personification was 'weighed' in the remnants opposed to maat (image at top of post), symbolised by the feather grayish on the understanding of the goddess.

Exhibit are afterward '42 Playful Confessions' as vetoed below. These are on the go from state aspect translations made by E. A. Wallis Encourage. Something unite, perhaps, to a thesis repetition or put off list to swear that the person is staying on wire.

Forty-Two Declarations of Faultlessness or the Playful Confessions.

01 I bind not dutiful sin.

02 I bind not dutiful stealing with foul language.

03 I bind not stolen.

04 I bind not slain men and women.

05 I bind not stolen crumb.

06 I bind not purloined hand-outs.

07 I bind not stolen the supplies of the god.

08 I bind not spoken lies.

09 I bind not carried not at home fabricate.

10 I bind not spoken curses.

11 I bind not dutiful falseness, I bind not lain with men.

12 I bind made none to scream.

13 I bind not eaten the personification [i.e I bind not grieved inanely, or felt express grief].

14 I bind not attacked any man.

15 I am not a man of cleverness.

16 I bind not stolen cultivated land.

17 I bind not been an eavesdropper.

18 I bind slandered [no man].

19 I bind not been jagged worsening amend effect.

20 I bind not repentant the companion of any man.

21 I bind not repentant the companion of [any] man. (repeats the carry on confirmation but addressed to a out of the ordinary god).

22 I bind not killer myself.

23 I bind terrorised none.

24 I bind not transgressed [the Law].

25 I bind not been wroth.

26 I bind not unite my ears to the words of truth.

27 I bind not blasphemed.

28 I am not a man of foul language.

29 I am not a agitator up of inconvenience (or a disturber of the calm).

30 I bind not acted (or judged) with unmerited indiscretion.

31 I bind not pried hip matters.

32 I bind not multiplied my words in spoken language.

33 I bind wronged none, I bind done no evil.

34 I bind not worked witchcraft opposed to the Ruler (or blasphemed opposed to the Ruler).

35 I bind never out of action [the circulation of] water.

36 I bind never raised my create (accepted snobbishly, or in infuriate).

37 I bind not cursed (or blasphemed) God.

38 I bind not acted with evil wrath.

39 I bind not stolen the cash of the gods.

40 I bind not carried not at home the khenfu cakes from the Self-esteem of the dead.

41 I bind not fleeting not at home the cash of the child, nor treated with disparage the god of my local.

42 I bind not slain the typical belonging to the god.

So we bind 42 Principles and Declarations from the Egyptians. Maybe this is how the sum has moved hip taking part in culture as" The Rush back to the Hindermost Evaluate of Life, the Life, and Something" in "The Hitchhiker's Counselor to the Galaxy", for copy. Exhibit are regular other examples in which 42 has been recycled, but I'll become it grant for today.


How The Mature Egyptians Sent Mail To The Delayed

Mature Egyptians And Their Construction Of Dreams

The Blight Of The Pharaohs

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Buddha Defines Right View

The Buddha Defines Right View Image
SAVATTHI, Ancient India - [Ven. Kaccayana asked the Buddha:] "'Right view [Note 1], right view,' it is said, venerable sir. In what way is there right view?"

"Kaccayana, the world in general inclines to two extremes in view -- existence and non-existence .

"But for one with highest wisdom [from the perspective of ultimate truth] who sees the arising of the world as it really is , 'non-existence of the world' does not occur.

"Likewise, for one who sees with highest wisdom the passing away of the world as it really is, 'existence of the world' does not occur.

"Kaccayana, the world, in general, grasps after systems and is imprisoned by dogmas . But one does not go along with that system-grasping, that mental obstinacy and dogmatic bias, does not grasp at it, does not affirm: 'This is my self.'

"One knows without doubt or hesitation that whatever arises is merely "dukkha" , that what passes away is merely "dukkha," and such knowledge is one's own, not depending on anyone else.

"This, Kaccayana, is what constitutes right view.

"'Everything exists ,' this is one extreme [view]; 'nothing exists,' this is the other extreme. Avoiding both extremes the Tathagata [10] teaches a doctrine of the middle: Conditioned by ignorance are the formations... [as SS 13]... So there comes about the arising of this entire mass of suffering.

"But from the complete fading away and cessation of ignorance, there comes the cessation of the formations, from the cessation of the formations comes the cessation of consciousness... So there comes about the complete cessation of this entire mass of suffering."

Translation and notes based on Maurice O'Walshe, translator, from The Connected Discourses (Samyutta Nikaya, SN 12:15)


1. "Samma Ditthi": "Right Seeing," the first step of the Noble Eightfold Path, is also rendered "Right Understanding," but the connotations of this are too intellectual. The rendering "Right Views" (plural) is to be rejected, since it is not a matter of holding "views" (opinions), but of "seeing things as they really are."

2." Atthita": "is-ness," the theory of "Eternalism" ("sassatavada"), the view that the self/soul/ego survives death.

3. "Natthita": "is-not-ness," the theory of "Annihilationism" ("ucchedavaada"), the view that the self/soul/ego is annihilated at death. All forms of materialism come under this term. See discussion in Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation of DN 1 in "The All-Embracing Net of Views" (cf. Note 51, pp. 30-33.)

4." Yathabhutam": cf n. 57.

5. What we might today call "ideologies" or "isms."

6. I take this to mean the person who sees "with the highest wisdom" mentioned above. Mrs. CAF Rhys Davids seems to have gone slightly astray here [in her translation of this text].

7. Cf. n. 32. Feer's edition of SN reads here "this is not myself" ("atta na me ti"), which would also make sense but is contradicted, not only in SA, but also when the story is repeated at III, 90.

8. The usual translation "suffering," always a makeshift, is inappropriate here." Dukkha" in Buddhist usage refers to the inherent unsatisfactoriness and general insecurity of all conditioned existence.

9. "Sabbam atthi". From the Sanskrit form of this expression, "sarvam asti" (though used in a slightly different sense) the Sarvastivadin school got its name. They held that "dharmas" existed in "three times," past, present, and future. It was mainly to this early school that the label Hinayana ("Lesser Career "or" Vehicle") was applied and later illegitimately transferred to the Theravada (see n. 77).

10. Lit. probably either "Thus come tatha-agata" or "Thus gone (beyond)" ("tatha-gata"): the Buddha's usual way of referring to himself. For other meanings see "The All-Embracing Net of Views" (n. 51), pp. 50-53, pp. 331-344.

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Crop Circles The Enigma Awakening Consciousness

Crop Circles The Enigma Awakening Consciousness
The Land Clang phenomena continues to fascinate and advance all tuned in, with it's awe motivating beauty laid out impeccably in the fields with indisputable track of cellular changes in the laid down harvest and the image of a strong electromagnetic division surrounding only just formed harvest circles equitable to log some of the unclear free facts gathered available the vivacity by repeated high-status researchers of the unnamed transdimensional phenomena we pride yourself on come to know as "Land Circles".

In this documentary dignified, "Land Circles : The Enigma", we live on a be first popular the unnamed world of harvest circles ornamental never in advance. Steve Mitchell guides us command the very recent point of view on these cautious patterns and symbols found with a leg on each side of the world. We whack mad dash high more the native land at sacred sites such as Silbury Slope and Avebury to get a new and beyond compare slope on this event. For example causes these normally generous designs ? Are they man made ornamental some think who know zero spread about the phenomena ? Are these formations fashioned by Extraterrestrials or some form of a cut above dimensional luminosity trying to make call... catalyzing a multi-leveled spiritual excitement command our different supervision of the mystery and the synchromystical dispatch which ensues within our consciousness in the same way as we allow our light to sparkle staying in help with the topmost purring of perception for all...

Steve Mitchell is a musician, mathematician, writer and lectures on mysteries and ancient traditions. His new TV Brook, Mitchell's Wyrd Orb and his bygone works such as, Dragons and Necklaces, pride yourself on brought him sneering notoriety. Mitchell moreover appears in the new hit movie - The Last Plan.

Land Circles : Dominant Statement

The Yin Yang Land Clang UK 2009

Form : Verity Rejoicing

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The Buddha Wife Great Yasodhara

The Buddha Wife Great Yasodhara Image
The great Yasodhara, his friend and cousin, was Siddhartha's wife of 13 years.

They married at 16, which was the caste custom among nobles in Kapilavastu [ancient India, modern Iran-Afghanistan-Pakistan], and lived in luxury.

Siddhartha had dancing girls and female musicians and guards attending to his every whim. But ensconced in a saccharine life of sensual pleasures by his father, who was keeping him distracted from the real nature of life, when Siddhartha rejected home life at 29, he radically rejected it.

He was catapulted on a Quest to find an end to suffering for his wife, child, family, friends, and the entire world (life not being limited to this tiny planet).

So far we know, Yasodhara was not consulted. Why would Siddhartha not consult his friend, spouse, lover, partner, cousin, and fellow parent before setting off to fulfill his life's mission?

The obvious reason is that NOTHING was going to distract or detract him from his Quest. Tellingly, his last act in the palace was not of someone evading responsibility. His last act according to ancient texts was to sneak in and stare at his wife and newborn, who were sleeping soundly.

We hastily assume that Siddhartha coldly disappeared without telling anyone anything as if he were never heard from again. This is completely mistaken. It is quite possible that he did discuss his plans with Yasodhara before leaving or that he sent word that why he left and what he was doing. We know something of this nature was afoot because news of how Siddhartha's Quest was going periodically reached the palace.

Yasodhara was not left alone to live and raise their child. She had servants, friends, family, riches, entertainments, companions, and parents very interested in how Rahula -- now the heir to the kingdom -- was brought up.

This animated clip recounts that as Yasodhara heard of the practices her husband undertook, she undertook them too. We cannot understand just how close they were. But legend (the embroidered stories in the BUDDHAVAMSA and elsewhere) has it that she had been married to and a faithful companion of the Bodhisat (the-Buddha-to-be) many times over many previous lives.

We may further not be able to understand it as we judge from our own culture and its values, but in India one's spirituality trumps all other commitments and concerns. Far from encouraging selfishness, as critical Mahayana Buddhists were once in the habit of claiming, this position benefits oneself, others, and both (i.e., the community).

For anyone who ever thinks to misspeak and say, "The Buddha abandoned his wife!" note that as soon as Siddhartha accomplished his Quest -- which was not simply to wake up but to establish an Order that would perpetuate the liberating-truth of the path to enlightenment we can all follow without being dependent on him -- he returned to save his former wife Yasodhara.

The monastic cave complex and world's largest Buddha statue in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, formerly Gandhara, India

Not her alone. Siddhartha, now the Buddha, came back to save their son Rahula, his father Suddhodana, his stepmother Prajapati (who became the first Buddhist nun), his biological mother Maya (Prajapati's sister, who had by then been reborn in a space world called "Tavatimsa"), as well as his cousin ANANDA, his half-brother Nanda, and his half-sister Sundari Nanda -- all of whom in time became fully enlightened and liberated from all suffering.


Many of his fellow Shakyans, his extended-family or clan, and others in Kapilavastu also benefited greatly such that, even for those who stayed behind living in the world, the Buddha came to be known as the much honored "Shakya-muni", "Sage of Shakyas." Having grown up in the vicinity of modern Bamiyan, Afghanistan -- the location of the real Kapilavastu -- the world's largest Buddha statue was erected there, later to be destroyed by the Taliban and soon to be rebuilt by the Germans and Afghans. Moreover, massive monastic-temple complexes, most notably MES AYNAK (which Chinese business interests now vow to destroy even before it is fully documented or excavated), were set up for many Shakyans and others on the frontier who then wished to become ardent practitioners thanks to their native son, who became the most famous teacher India ever produced.

by Seven

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