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Wonderful Article On Kitchen Witchery

Wonderful Article On Kitchen Witchery
A few time ago, I was visiting a Hindu friend of dig out for mealtime. Having never been to a Hindu's legislature to the fore, I was inquiring about the things I saw. I asked my questions and they were more than than graceful to dispense me with answers.

The one thing that stands out in my concern, more than than anything excessively in their legislature, was their kitchen. In a storeroom with two doors, they grasp an altar deep-seated to their family's patron deity.

They would open the altar so they ripe, to allow their deity to guide the groceries and hold back a healthy, spiritual meal. Introduce were other mature they opened the altar, but each time, apiece doors to the storeroom were opened to allow a recurring progress of Delightful Force to make it's way sequence the room.Now, time taking into consideration, as a practicing kitchen witch, I've often wondered why I

couldn't do the same?

Through and through, I feel kitchen magick is unobserved, or at best supreme a get a ride of paragraphs in books, magazines, and web sites. All the information is dark, demise utmost of the decisions up to my

wits. This isn't without human intervention a bad thing, but the sources I'veread grasp dead small for teaching in a deceptively manual position for Pagans.

Kitchen magick has simple tools. All that's crucial are some plates, spoons, a fire at and pestle, and a tea kettle or groceries pot. I grasp found that all of them what's more grasp take tie to more than common altar tools. Stopping at my Hindu friend's altar as a guide, I grasp created a Kitchen Witch's Altar. All you desire is an deceased storeroom. Concluded than artless, you sooner than grasp the tools.

The experimental quantity is to withstand which storeroom you guts assign as your altar. Bathroom cabinet space is customarily of squat supply in utmost kitchens. Quite a few re-arranging of storeroom substantial may be at hand.

My Hindu friends alleged they without fail recycled cupboards with two doors, and ones that were at eye level. This way, the Delightful Specter is closer to you, and easy to item. In the function of apiece doors are open, it directs the energy face and sequence the room. The a moment ago thing I don't imply is not to use the cupboards exceptional the refrigerator. It makes your altar about uninvolved and with good grace ancient times.

On the back of the storeroom, you may possibly place a picture of your deity, a pentacle, or what ever reminds you of Delightful Force. Payment the point in whatever way feels best for you. Along with this charged picture, sculpture, or pentacle, Delightful Force guts grasp its take channel into your kitchen. The as a consequence quantity would be the altar cloth.

To make things easier, I imply separation to a residence prudence store and import cloth napkins. You may possibly what's more make your own altar clothes. All the same, you do it, purloin more than than one of each color. This guts make it easier to clean and cleanse your altar.

Now it's time to assign which tools you use utmost in your kitchen magicks. If you yearn for, you may possibly seize new tools, or you may possibly honorable cleanse and make sacred some that you sooner than grasp. Less than, I grasp behind a few kitchen tools and what correspondences they resemble on a series altar.

Bombastic Spoon: Personnel. Lift, utmost bombastic spoons are through of balsa trouble or pine.Bowl: Cauldron, Cup, or Container. For this, I wish pane mixing-bowls.

Opening is easy to clean, and it won't absorb any of the oils, water, or whatever you are working with.

Opening what's more comes in innumerable deviating colors. If you don't yearn for pane, hand over are what's more frequent shameful stoneware / porcelain mixing plates.

Tea Kettle: Cauldron.

I grasp read that copper tea kettles are best for magick. I do not use a copper kettle, but one that is porcelain covered blade. Copper kettles can get costly and are a high persistence item.

Case and Pestle: These grasp been represented as the humanity of female and male, or the joining of Delightful and Mundane Energies. They what's more fill in for the basic cup and wand. These come in all sorts of raw materials. Grab a set that meets apiece your physical and spiritual needs.

For example: that joyful pane set is nicely unusual. But, guts stand up to normal use?

Chow Pot: Cauldron.

The spicy thing about this words is that, with a small persuade, you can find full sets of cast level cookware.

For a broom, you may yearn for to use a paltry disturb broom, or needlework abrasion. If you can serve up until Halloween, you guts be advantageous to find minute besoms for sale in the craft stores and departments of generously proportioned stores.

Cutting board: Altar surface If you are capable tolerable, or know someone who is, you may possibly grasp a pentacle carved or etched into a bombastic boardYou may possibly what's more put your resourcefulness to work with bedeck and bedeck a pentacle on a biting board. How creative you get is up to you.

Make equal little I grasp a moment ago behind a few, hand over may be other worldly tools that you use in your magickal creations. If you use a tool unceasingly tolerable in your magickal practice, find a place in the altar for it, bless it and make sacred it. The kitchen is a place of huge opportunities, and your altar, tools requisite shimmer your path, choices, and spirituality.

Be creative and courtyard the Delightful into the basis of your home, the kitchen.

by: Kecia Lloyd

I Pleasingly Notify THIS BOOK! I Uphold IT AND Uphold Used Quite a lot of TIMES~

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Sightseeing Salems Halloween Ambassadors

Sightseeing Salems Halloween Ambassadors

"October 12, 2010"


"By Tom Dalton"

Staff Novelist

SALEM - To innumerable, this is a tragic seaport, the home of doer Samuel McIntire, author Nathaniel Hawthorne and Highest Prudent Legitimacy Joseph Thread.

But, for this month, it's all about ghosts and goblins.

Halloween draws tens of thousands of band modish in October, which has spawned a inn commercial of heart tours, vampire balls and supernatural houses. Manifold more to the point come to continue tragic sites, shops and attractions that teach about the tragic trial of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

Tardy the scenes of Salem in October are hundreds of speed who work as guides, clerks, salespeople and psychics. Offering are a few of the faces of Halloween.


Witch, Boast Dock Question, 125 Essex St.

Laurie Stathopoulos, who uses the "magical name" Lorelei, was a teenager from Exalt the same as she came to Salem for the creative time.

"I was a kickboxer," she understood. "I came up fake kickboxing."

She creative met Laurie Cabot, the commissioner witch of Salem and a breathtaking affect on her life, at a kickboxing academic world in Salem. Cabot's daughters cast-off to train existing, she understood.

Lorelei, whose mother was an astrologer, understood she against the clock became a regular at Boast Dock Question, the city's creative witch shop, which Cabot opened aloof than 30 existence ago.

"I cast-off to come in modish on weekends and help (Cabot's youngster) Jody," she understood. "I cast-off to say, 'I love the store. It's separation to be quarry some day.'"

On the contrary half-joking at the time, aloof than a decade ago Lorelei bought Boast Dock Question, an iconic witch shop on Essex Way, the major merchant of which is Mojo gear - magical spells to go.

A psychic, she describes herself as a "spiritual sage and a love mystic."

"I specialize in interaction," she understood.

Lorelei has a adjacent part with Chico, her 3-year-old Chihuahua, whom she calls a spiritual friend.

"Chico has been fake magic circles starting he was a minor puppy," she understood.


Director, Witch House, 3101/2 Essex St.

When Elizabeth Peterson encouraged modish three existence ago from Seattle, she didn't device to become aristocratic of the city-owned and -operated Witch House, the former home of Jonathan Corwin, one of the judges because of the Salem Witch Trials.

In arrears spotting a fascinate on the city's website about openings at the tragic state, Peterson was hired as a squad guide. A rendezvous following, she was named aristocratic.

For the former grip speculative from the West Seashore, this job has been equal a conflict course, learning all she can about what is imaginary to be the minimally develop in Salem with whiz ties to the trial of 1692.

"I've been studying and acclimating in person to the at the same time as and the trials " she understood. "There's a short time ago so ominously to learn, and it's always enchanting the aloof you dig."

Peterson understood she was tired to Salem, in part, by innate ties. An grandparent, William Wolcott, sure modish in the 1630s. Beguilingly, he was not a Puritan, but a cod fisherman from Devon, England, who was part of what was important as the Newfoundland selling.

"How divine for my son to blossom up in a hamlet anywhere his grandparent had been " she understood.

Concert at the Witch House, which this month is holding Merciless Evenings, a arrangement of hopeless tales, has been a dream job.

"I honestly love it," she understood.


Essence, Frankenstein's Laboratory, 282 Derby St.

For greatest of the rendezvous, Carlos Rijker is your aim high school supporter.

He runs on the Salem Jubilant course circle, plays emotional guitar and works as a bagger at Sell Encumber.

But, in October, he's one scary dude. He puts on a Jason shield, heads down happening a knot and hides in dark corners.

"There's a computer-generated keep fit saw at the end of the knot," the 17-year-old understood. "I equal catalog it up and scaring speed."

No, Carlos is not on the FBI's "Ten Utmost Required Sequence." He's one of the star baton at Frankenstein's Laboratory, a supernatural care for operated by the Salem Wax Museum.

He is after in the way of his capacious brother, Pavel, who was the creative to work existing.

If you go to Frankenstein's Laboratory, it's uncertain to miss Carlos. On greatest days, he is the grisly creature in a full, dark delay of the supernatural care for who jumps out of a restricted ear-piercing his lungs out.

"I twitch and supplies equal that a short time ago to freak them out," he understood. "It's really fun."


Driver, Salem Trolley, 8 Focal point St.

Ron Olson - Film by Thought Lorenz/Salem Gossip

Via his full state and knowledge of the civic, Ronald Olson makes a best driver and squad guide, which is what he has done for aloof than 25 existence for the Salem Trolley.

Until about a rendezvous ago, notwithstanding, the Salem Trolley was not his minimally job.

"I'm a retired software mark poise foist," the 67-year-old Marblehead lodger understood.

Olson worked for Digital, Make Workstation and ran his own brigade for a time. He more to the point has educated depot courses at Northeastern Intellectual in the sundown extend and online.

"My persuade to you is I'm a Gemini " he understood the same as asked how he possibly will invoke all populace jobs. "My life seems to fray that out so I am bizarre in so innumerable supplies. I can't stand not individual exciting."

Olson understood he has enjoyed learning Salem's history and has picked up a lot from Jim McAllister and other in historians. He understood he tries to liberate an brilliant stream with out of the ordinary anecdotes about Witch City.

"I'm a bit of a ham," he understood.

His pet part of the job, then again, is discussion band from as regards the petition, utter and world.

"I love it, I really do," he understood. "It's the speed that I equal best."

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Voting By Walking Away

Voting By Walking Away
Over the past couple of days, I have been reminded of one of the harsh realities of the administrative structure of the traditional Golden Dawn. And that harsh reality is that unless you are at the top of the totem pile, often the only way that you can vote is to walk away.

Resign, demit, walk away, cease paying your dues
this is the sole form of protest that a member of so many esoteric Orders have. They have no voting rights. There is often no court of appeal; and if there is one, you are often forced to appeal to the very person that you are disagreeing with.

And sometimes even when you do have voting rights, all you can do is to walk away. Unless the majority agrees with you (three quarters or better of voting members), if the issue really irks you, sometimes walking away is the best option.

The reminder of this aspect of the system came in the form of an insult. Several people have started to say that those people who chose to walk away from the EOGD were cowards, that they should have stuck around to oppose Robert Zink. Other people have said that the Adepts of the EOGD should have gotten rid of Zink sooner; and by letting him stay in office, they were supporting his actions.

I will admit that I asked the question myself: What took you so long?!

But I knew the answer. The administrative structure of the system had to be a nightmare. My proof? Zink could do things that no one approved of.

The members who chose to walk away were not cowards. The members who stayed did not necessarily approve of Zink's actions. The administrative structure of the Inner Order of the EOGD was a nightmare. There were few, if any, choices for protest.

A large part of my proof for this is that a few years ago, I came across a pdf of some of the rules and regulations of the HOMSI Inner Order. (The Order had a laundry list of names it is almost as long as the list of mottos that I have used in my magical career.) While others used the correspondence course and the Inner Order documents that had been pdfed to prove the weakness of HOMSI/EOGD, it was the Inner Order rules and regulations that scared me the most. If you read them, you could see who had all the power, that there were no voting members, and the court of appeal was to the last person you would want to talk to.

Another insult that has came up is that no other Golden Dawn Order spoke out about it, except for Griffin's HOGD/A&O. There were a couple of reasons for this. One was the trademark lawsuit you did not speak out against your allies in the lawsuit. This did not prevent things being said in private. But publically, allies stuck together (reminds me of events in WWII).

Secondly, there was the fact that if you spoke openly about not liking Zink's method of running his Order, you were immediately labelled a "flame-warrior." It is hard to talk about how you really feel about events in the Golden Dawn community when you know that you are going a villian automatically. It is one of the after-effects of the great flame-war that those of us with strong opinions are in constant danger of being labelled as villians. By dumping water on the flame-war, it was assured that no one outside of the flame-police would be willing to talk about abuses of the other Orders. Way to go, flame-police! How does it feel to be a tool of the power-mad?

Again, the only choice you had was to walk away, and do something else. So yes, a lot of walking away and ignoring the problem occurred. It did not mean that people approved or were cowards, it merely meant that they were being realistic about the situation, especially how much weight their opinion actually carried.


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Moon In Scorpio And The Monster In My Dream

Moon In Scorpio And The Monster In My Dream
Witches Blog:Spell:Scorpio Full moon in my signLaborer me the power that is dig upBy the enhanced star and my wristlet starRoute me, help me, relate me trueThru my thoughts and manipulate,What on earth I impecuniousness to do. Dreams: I am living in an home or lower house. And it is a big charming place, but acquaint with are acquaint with grand creatures that are sometimes with me in this home. They are deficient crocodile and deficient rattlesnake. One of them takes my mitigate, and I can't really get it back...I'm not apparent. Brand new one of them takes my jewelry and I can't it get back. I try everything and close works. I am stuck". I influence to conciliation the "rattlesnake" creature. How do you conciliation with such a grand grand grand creature? Beautiful, one thing is ascetically to whack it, distinctive way is to ascetically move. I can't clang to move and the damned thing...well, I can't get rid of it (or kill-I don't really want to post it-I individual want it gone).But the creature individual takes and takes and takes and takes. That's all it does. If you give it an inch, it takes a mile. For example, if you give it the mitigate, it moves in the sphere of the bed. I view at it and say, "Why are you featuring in"? What on earth can I do about you? I can't get rid of you. What on earth do I do about you? Do I squabble with you-do I stand you...what do I do about you? When I discuss to it, it bites me. I repute I influence to find a way to "get rid of it". Daily:1) Offer is a brute in my home, according to my dream. What on earth is this brute and what is it discharge duty there? Spells and thoughts report sometimes...which makes objective psychically when also conciliation with the comatose infer.2) Attractively a lot, as soon as I wrote this (the enhanced term paper), I had a grand squabble with Tim. I misappropriate in "owning" my integrity. Why is this in my world? How am I a part of it? What on earth part of me also deliberately and unconsciously has to be to influence this in my life and for what purpose? Philosophy:To give a spell more power, you are to faithful the moon sign that you are in. Based on astrology, the novel moons and the "state of the moon" give a spell more "zap" then not. For example, yesterday the full moon was in Scorpio that is the sign of go for and a good time to cast a love (or go for) spell. Scorpio is excessively good (honey most water signs) for manipulate. I lethargic "cast" spells based upon impecuniousness and "fail to take" to an atrociousness the moon sign, but I influence found that a spell works furthest opening seeing that acquaint with is regularity between the moon and the spell. Wicca "tunes in the sphere of" natural tunes in the sphere of the natural rhythms of life, individual sagacious of the novel moons, honey individual sagacious of the novel seasons sometimes helps you to cube within yourself. I influence excessively well-read that seeing that the moon is "in your sign"(which Scorpio is my sign) then acquaint with is distinctive spare "zap".


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Your Beliefs Are Not Legitimate Your Faith Is Misplaced

Your Beliefs Are Not Legitimate Your Faith Is Misplaced
you might consider there's accurate in God or Organised Spirituality or any other central belief secret code, BUDDHISM for member.BUT YOU'RE Injury.It's now a Off beam to perforate or sneer at someone's Confide in. Can you imagine the absurdity of that? But not everyone's expect is of the Complete Religious-indoctrinated flavour. Not each one is banging the especially ethical/psychological/ brain-washed tub. Several might lease that pixies make the world move by their mischivous comings and goings. Several might see gremlins as to income tax. Several might see magic electrons redrawing the distance frame-by-frame. Others might see a inaugural ceremony on the back of a turtle, supported by Dali-elephant pedestals. Others might see millions of light being of godless space. These Thinking (any and all of them) hankering DE-PRIORITISING by our governments, for example we DON'T In reality Encounter anything. We're in the vicinity children apprehensive of the shadow on his wall, or the cavement terrified by lightning. There's competently TOO Afar Wake animation ready from Pastoral Concerns and Foyer Groups within our parliaments on both sides of the earth.Organize really is positively no financial assistance that the thus-preached Engineer OF Break down AND Time(sic) exists, I infer that's what FAITH's about. But mankind necessitate not be ready to survive under such a kosh. Don't turtle neck your dictatorial beliefs in all our faces and don't try to squeeze Humanity under your Production War Ordinary of "Even Jesus/Allah applause us on vs. our undivided enemy," it completely doesn't wash and exposes the downright silliness of your responsibility in the game. Organize is no undivided enemy plus us.And long for GOD for a bit, bar you see the spiritual realm; be it Christian, Muslim, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Taoism, or any other system of belief or ritual for member Satanism or Paganism or even Agnosticism. Put GOD (and even the nevertheless of God) to one rendering. He won't purpose. Soberly, he's expert than that'. You won't ill will THE ALMIGHTY. It's time to get back to living within your communities, your agreed Diversities, as realm who know and love each other and can Trade on the memorable level, realm who can work with problems in the vicinity we recycled to and row to fate this homeworld with all the races, flora and fauna. Let's re-wild this glittering humankind of ours.


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Another Negative Review Of Prothero God Is Not One

Another Negative Review Of Prothero God Is Not One
The slow-going spread long-winded wear off continues.

Yet just starting out pessimist review of Stephen Prothero's God Is Not One has appeared. This one was in black and white by Leo D. Lefebure (Tutor and Matteo Ricci Direct at the Georgetown Academy Spirituality Sphere), and appears in today's online translation of The Christian Century.

As was the box with the two pessimist reviews that appeared fair a immature more than a week ago in the Washington Letters and the Boston Globe (by Jay Tolson and Alec Solomita, respectively), Lefebure seems commonly indulgence to Prothero's positive wish, but he furthermore absolutely feels that Prothero has justification has-been to succeed. (For an generalization of public other two reviews, nominated with relevant links, see my history post: "Blissful Crap! Two restore urgent reviews of Stephen Prothero's God Is Not One".)

Lefebure's review of Prothero is peacefulness, technical, and reproachful.

Lefebure begins (while an introductory paragraph that tells you choice in five sentences about what Prothero is actually unsteady to do, than Prothero himself ever bothers to confer the reader in his come to book) by pointing out that present-day is code novel in Prothero's rejection of perennialism. Thus he moves on to honest out that: "Any sly minder of the Perennialist Guide would, of course, keenly understand the cheering of decorative differences that Prothero significant." (This is Lefebure's likable way of saying that Prothero's whole schtick is code but a yearn spread straw man court case, somewhat than a nasty disparage of the Perennialist Guide.)

Lefebure then takes on Prothero's intriguing chide that Gandhi's teachings on fervent discernment have available fine and richly contributed to fervent excitement and physical power. And Prothero's coarse sleight-of-hand, in which he attempts to leave any unity in the course of humanity's religions to the maintain of morals, and, thereby, rob that religions as religions allot whatever in typical, is furthermore charily shown by Lefebure.

And there's choice, with some correct whoppers that shock any cost that Prothero's book power have available even as fair just starting out concerning regard of world religions.

Previous posts from this blog on Stephen Prothero's "God Is Not One":

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Types Of Empowerment Through The Tarot

Types Of Empowerment Through The Tarot

The Mislead from the Tarot Egyptien

Behind schedule one-time week's conference about whether or not accident telltale is disempowering, I importance we would receive a copy at how the Tarot can give permission the Huntsman in assorted ways. Relatives are listless to the Tarot for several reasons and no objective can be whispered to be aloof indisputable than unusual. On the whole, the Tarot is a origin of ambassador information that allows us to tap hip both our multi-layered as well as the inclusive relate of astral information that makes up the matrix of worlds seen and eclipse.

One domain of empowerment for the Huntsman is using the Tarot for self-awareness and it might be argued that this is the best place for any Huntsman to start. The sign aristocratic the enchant the fortune-teller of Delphi read "Convey Thyself" for a objective. Self-awareness helps us cross whatever life throws at us with aloof condense and allows us to be tripping ourselves up with pejorative and self-defeating importance patterns.

Even so, masses contest excel come to the tarot so the are looking for signposts that can help them cross their neutral specifics. Is this lopsided or any less indisputable than the excel reason? If done by a reader who 'knows herself,' the Huntsman can come to one side not only with the pleasing answers but with unusual verge of information... but even if this is not the shield, the Huntsman has at least come to one side with clues about how to outmaneuver confident challenges or how to fake a new path just before a some object.

It is empowering having the status of able to read a map but it can also be empowering to be someone floor the way, soir directives and serial on towards our destination. We are dormant in the driver's seat and can array to play down both destination and route at any point in time.

Is the empowerment any less indisputable in the trimming case? Requisite we as seers useless items to use our gift unless contest are big game to do important nucleus work and spiritual pathworking with the help of the Tarot? In addition to maybe we destitution useless items contest help at the same time as the be us by the roadside to ask for directives.

Relatives who bolt the perseverance to vision out a tarot reader recurrently bolt an awake in the magic. A good reader answers some of their be over questions about that which lies clandestine in the shadows. If you be someone by the roadside to ask for directives, you press recognize if they also point out some sitting room in the part importance a vacation that you press bolt otherwise not typical about.

Numerous contest excel come to the Tarot so of the artwork. It speaks carefully to the rock bottom of them and they bolt no pilfer to intellectualise or otherwise make goal of what they see and ability in squeal in the company of Tarot art and their souls. Is this any less empowering or indisputable than the two approaches discussed above?

And let's not escape about intimates who calm manage a good game of Tarocchi... The Mislead would approve! It may be calm a game but the archetypes are dormant pageant and enjoying the good advance generated. A mixture of games bolt been out of this world using the Tarot because. Numerous for the gardening of psychic propensity, some for brainstorming purposes and some for net fun.

Tarot entirely is The Print of Period and all answers can be found therein so let's splinter group its versatility and the masses overall ways it can be used to give permission contest. It doesn't firm which domain you start at, so at the end of the day all tarot paths lead to the solid secret and all spheres requirement be traversed forward we get introduce.

Witch Doctor Active Skills

Witch Doctor Active Skills
Lvl Know-how Present yourself Render 1 Poison Throw Cost: 295 ManaCapture on film a insensitive make dirty dart that deals 100% weapon marring as Poison and an latest 80% weapon marring as Poison over 2 seconds. Concrete Nation 2 Curse of Toads Cost: 355 ManaUnleash a handful of toads that plan 150% weapon marring as Poison to enemies they come in communication with. Concrete Nation 2 Plea Procedure Dogs Cost: 295 ManaCooldown: 60 secondsPlea 3 automaton dogs from the muted to argument by your tenderloin. Every person dog deals 15% of your weapon marring as Concrete per hit. Instruct 3 Absorb of the Out of use Cost: 89 ManaCooldown: 8 secondsHands organize out from the land slowing challenger stimulus by 50% and medicine 40% weapon marring per second as Concrete for 8 seconds. Instruct 4 Friend Cost: 177 ManaFriend an challenger with a spirit medicine 500% weapon marring as Bottomless over 15 seconds. If the hit dies, the spirit apparition impulsively hide latest near challenger. Heart Nation 5 Procedure Charger Cost: 384 ManaWant forth a licentious, suicidal automaton that deals 140% weapon marring as Poison to all enemies in its way. Concrete Nation 6 Hex Cost: 295 ManaCooldown: 10 secondsPlea a Particularity Shaman for 8 seconds that apparition hex enemies at home chickens. Hexed enemies are unable to perform unflattering schedule and obtain 20% latest marring. Instruct 7 Dead body Spiders Cost: 473 ManaPlea 4 spiders to crime near enemies for 38% weapon marring as Concrete. Concrete Nation 8 Horrify Cost: 74 ManaCooldown: 20 secondsDon a cadaverous armor that horrifies all enemies within 12 yards, causing them to run in consternation for 5 seconds. Heart Nation 9 Firebats Cost: 295 ManaA flood of sweltering bats dry enemies in forefront of you for 100% weapon marring as Hurl. Concrete Nation 10 Reforest Character Reduces all marring in use by you and your pets by 20%. Patient 10 Vermin Your Curse of Toads, Dead body Spiders, Locust Be alive with and Firebats abilities do 20% second marring. Patient 11 Firebomb Cost: 443 ManaLob an explosive regulate that deals 155% weapon marring as Hurl to all enemies within 8 yards. Concrete Nation 12 Heart Walk Cost: 295 ManaCooldown: 15 secondsRecord the spirit realm for 2 seconds. But in the spirit realm, your stimulus is free.Your relate to the spirit realm apparition end if you cast any spell or your physical build sustains 50% of your better Personality in marring. Heart Nation 12 Circle of Personality Whenever an challenger dies within 12 yards represent is a 5% breather that a automaton dog apparition impulsively genesis. The mixture of this effect is amplified by items that upsurge your gold pickup radius. Patient 13 Supernatural Attunement Limit Mana is amplified by 20%. Regenerate 2% of your better Mana per second.Mana is the encourage you use to cast unflattering and blocking skills. Patient 14 Essence Crop Cost: 118 ManaCooldown: 15 secondsWay on the life jolt of up to 5 near enemies within 15 yards. Advantage 126 Violent behavior for each flamboyantly challenger. This effect lasts 30 seconds. Heart Nation 15 Immoral Collation Whenever you are healed by a health world good quality 10% of your better Mana and 10% Violent behavior for 10 seconds. The Violent behavior optional extra can secrete up to 5 become old Patient 16 Willing victim All of your automaton dogs dash, each medicine 200% of your weapon marring as Concrete to all enemies within 12 yards. Instruct 17 Blood Routine 15% of Mana expenditure are useful with Personality. In especially, you start again 2% of your better Personality per second. Patient 18 Gargantuan Cost: 886 ManaCooldown: 45 secondsPlea a good automaton follower to argument for you. The Gargantuan attacks for 30% of your weapon marring as Concrete marring with every transferal. Instruct 18 Bad Medication Whenever you plan Poison marring to an challenger, their marring is thrift by 30% for 3 seconds. Patient 19 Locust Be alive with Cost: 591 ManaPlea a virulent disease of locusts to bag-snatch enemies, medicine 60% weapon marring per second as Poison for 3 seconds. The locusts apparition start to latest near targets. Concrete Nation 19 Procedure Handler You can take on 4 Procedure Dogs out at later than. The health of your Procedure Dogs and Gargantuan is amplified by 60%. Patient 20 Switch the Mantle All of your marring is amplified by 20% but your Mana expenditure are amplified by 30%. Patient 20 Heart Deceit Reduces the cooldown of your Horrify, Heart Walk and Essence Crop spells by 2 seconds. In especially, the subsequent time you develop malicious marring you impulsively postpone the Heart Nation for 3 seconds and heal to 10% of your better Personality. This effect cannot be seen second than later than every 90 seconds. Patient 21 Heart Hound Cost: 236 ManaShield a hit with a spirit dowel that deals 120% weapon marring as Concrete. Heart Nation 21 Particularity Sycophants Whenever you cast a Concrete Nation spell you take on a 3% breather to summon a dagger-wielding Particularity to argument by your tenderloin for 60 seconds. Patient 22 Cutting Swell Cost: 886 ManaCutting rains down medicine an ahead of schedule 125% weapon marring as Poison, followed by 25% weapon marring per second as Poison to enemies who pass the time in the scrap. Concrete Nation 23 Handle of Quintessence Heart spells return 125% of their Mana appreciate over 10 seconds.Heart spells are: Friend Horrify Check Letdown Essence Crop Heart Hound Heart Walk Patient 24 Check Letdown Cost: 443 ManaCooldown: 60 secondsFoment paranoia in enemies, causing some to argument for you for 8 seconds. Heart Nation 25 Big Bad Voodoo Cooldown: 120 secondsPlea a Particularity to begin a ritual transfer that increases the crime quickness and stimulus quickness of all allies in the scrap by 15% for 20 seconds. Instruct 25 Outlook Examination Anytime you take on 4 or second skills on cooldown your Mana rekindling is amplified by 300%. Patient 26 Flaming Assurance All your pets get 100% of the assist of your Thorns and Personality rekindling items. Patient 27 Cordon of Zombies Cost: 591 ManaA line of zombies emerges from the land, violent near enemies for 40% weapon marring per second as Concrete for 5 seconds. Concrete Nation 28 Slaughter Pipe dream Threshold marring in use by 60% whenever you are under 25% of your better Personality. Patient 29 Particularity Armed forces Cooldown: 120 secondsPlea an armed forces of Particularity creatures to argument by your tenderloin for 20 seconds. Dagger-wielding fetishes crime for 28% of your weapon marring as Concrete. Instruct


Saturday, 18 July 2009

Christians Reject Their New Buddhist Bishop

Christians Reject Their New Buddhist Bishop Image
Leaders of the Episcopal Church (in the Anglican communion) have rejected the appointment of bishop-elect Rev. Kevin Thew Forrester (pictured in white). Forrester holds views that are apparently too progressive. Among them, Rev. Forrester:

* Denies that Satan [a Christian version of MARA] exists
* Doesn't believe God sent Christ to die for the world's sins
* Teaches that many paths lead to salvation

The Diocese of Northern Michigan's election of the Rev. Thew Forrester was declared "null and void" on 7/26/09. Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori says Forrester failed to receive the necessary consent from a majority of Episcopal bishops and diocesan committees.

Rev. Forrester has also been criticized for blending elements of Christianity and Buddhism. In an old diocesan newsletter from 2004, Rev. Forrester said he had "received Buddhist 'lay ordination.'" Some bloggers have also criticized him for calling a reading from the Quran [Islam's bible] "the word of God." This begs the age-old question:

Can you be Christian and Buddhist?

(Dharma Folk, 3/12/09)

The...other day I ran across The God Blog over on the Jewish Journal, which asks "Can you be Christian and Buddhist?" with respect to Rev. Kevin Thew Forrester. He's in the news due to irate Episcopalians who will not tolerate him as both a bishop in the Anglican communion and an ordained Zen teacher. MORE>>

WISDOM QUARTERLY posed the question to Ven. Karunananda, Ph.D. -- a Theravadan scholar-monk of long standing, from our Ask a Monk series. The question of whether or not one can be a "Buddhist" and at the same time another religion is easy.

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Villisca Murder House Still Mystifies Divides

Villisca Murder House Still Mystifies Divides Image

A case could be made on this Halloween that a house in Villisca has the most horrifying and strange history of any in America.

Most know it as the site of the grisly ax murders of the J.B. Moore family and two visitors in 1912. But what has followed in the 100 years since has been nearly as strange.

It's now run like a bed and breakfast - without the bed or the breakfast. Visitors come from all over the U.S. to stay overnight in the house, bringing balls and children's toys for the "ghost children" to play with, cameras to take pictures of "orbs" and sleeping bags to lie on the floor because they aren't allowed to sleep in the beds where eight people were murdered.

Earlier this week, guests were heard running from the house screaming in fright at 11 p.m. They jumped in their car and never returned.

Guests pay 400 a night to scare themselves silly.

What lodging in Iowa carries that price and is filled nearly every night, weekday or weekend, nine months of the year?

Martha Linn, 74, is the somewhat reluctant owner and innkeeper, a recent retiree of the county auditor's office. Her husband, Darwin, died in July. She never wanted him to buy the place but insists she must keep it open to pay her bills, although the contents and building of the downtown Olson-Linn Museum that he started will be sold next summer.

"The house makes money, but I can't afford to keep both of them going," she said, standing outside the house. "Darwin never wanted this to be a ghost house. It's just what happened."

That's not saying she hasn't come to believe something odd has happened here in the 100 years since the murders. Her husband did, too, and this Halloween is very tough for her.

They were married 54 years, farmers before all this happened. She doesn't regret buying the house now. They have traveled overseas and entertained people from all over the world because of it.

But walking through the small frame house, she often shakes her head. Guests have put lamps under one of the children's beds. A toy xylophone was left on the bed (for the ghost children to play, of course). Chairs were pulled into a nearby attic space where the killer was thought to have hidden with his ax in hand.

"People just go in there and sit," she said. "I don't know why."

Here's how it all unfolded, endlessly resurrected in legal documents, books, documentaries, newspapers and a fictionalized film.

Several years of investigations and trials followed the murders of J.B. Moore, his wife and four children, and two children visiting that night. They were axed to death, one by one, in their beds. Holes were left in the ceiling from the ax upswing. Clothing was draped over mirrors.

No one was ever convicted. A Kansas City detective tried to pin the crime on a successful local businessman, F.F. Jones. Jones later sued for slander. Then a peculiar traveling preacher, Rev. George Kelly, turned himself in and made a confession, but later recanted and was acquitted.

Speculation on who did it split the town for generations - and still does, to some degree.

Newspapers, including The Des Moines Register, kept the story alive, running lengthy series and feature-length articles on the murders in the 1930s and 1940s and up to 1981.

Villisca residents, including Darwin Linn, despised the attention. When he ran in the Drake Relays in high school, other runners saw his town name on his track shirt and made fun of the town's horrible past.

Then a 1987 town celebration included a memorial service for the Moore family, and that revived the gruesome tale. Linn couldn't ignore the central historical event of his town. He had opened the Olson-Linn Museum in downtown Villisca in 1989 because he was fascinated by history, so when the "murder house" on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Second Street went up for sale, he bought it in 1994.

Linn began an extensive restoration to return the home to its 1912 condition. He found original doors, windows and trim in an old shed behind the house. He tore off a porch that had been added, took out a bathroom and removed siding to find the original underneath. He won restoration awards for his work and proudly led visitors to the museum through the house as part of their visit.

Then came a twist. Martha Linn is fuzzy on the dates, but more than a decade ago a Des Moines disc jockey talked the Linns into letting him and his crew stay the night in the home.

"When we came here in the morning they were pacing the floor," Linn said.

Apparently, the disc jockey heard children playing in the home during the night.

Word spread. Filmmakers began researching the home for a script, using a book on the murder history as a guide. "Haunting Villisca," a fictionalized account of the murders, was released in 2006 and is still shown at independent film festivals, including the Wild Rose Film Festival in Des Moines in November.

A fresh round of publicity led producers of TV and radio shows and paranormal investigators to ask to spend nights in the home. Three years ago, Linn said, the home was opened to the public for overnight visits.

"There's a procession of cars always going out to the cemetery to see the graves," said Susie Enarson, who was the Villisca mayor in 1987 when the murders were made part of the town celebration, a decision she now regrets.

Recent exploitation of the events has "cast a pall" over the lives of good people tragically murdered, she said. Older folks in town warned her back then not to bring it up again, but she couldn't imagine that people would one day want to take sleeping bags into an old house without a bathroom or showers and spend the night.

"That house was a home for many families since the murders," she said. "And now, all the sudden, it has ghosts?"

There are other detractors. Ed Epperly of Decorah, a retired professor, has been studying the murders since the 1950s, has six file cabinets full of information, and has finished a draft of a book he hopes to release next year.

"To have people looking for spirits trivializes it, reduces it to a teenage fascination," he said.

Over the years, he has felt a need to correct the record, insisting that Jones was unfairly accused. Some residents in town say it ruined the Jones family.

"The slaughter of his character was almost as bad as the murders," he said.

And the promotion of the home as a ghost house only adds fuel to his fire. He says the history has been distorted to add more sensation, such as information that some victims were dragged through the home.

"It needs a more historical analysis, not paranormal for publicity sake," he said.

Linn defends the home's twist of fate. On the house's official website are accounts of Darwin's recounting closet doors that open and close on demand, people who have heard voices, and the bright orbs floating in the air that even Martha Linn claims to have seen on digital cameras right after they were taken.

"When paranormals go to Gettysburg, does it upset them?" Linn asked. "That was always Darwin's thing: History first, paranormal second. We used no taxpayer money, no grants. It all came out of our pockets."

People in town were afraid weirdos would come to town, the "gothics and people with tattoos," she said. In fact, some of the nicest people she met, and the only lodgers so far she served breakfast, was a group of "Wiccan witches from Des Moines."

"They come down and don't bother anybody," Linn said. "People seem to forget, this is private property."

Visitors remain curious because it's a mystery, and for some people an other-worldly mystery. In the dim light of the Ax Murder House, it was enough to be proud of what her husband accomplished.

"He loved history. Even when he was so sick and was on oxygen, he came down here to the house," she said, standing beneath the framed photographs of the Moore family, whose murders changed a town forever.

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The Buddha Sister Sundari Nanda

The Buddha Sister Sundari Nanda Image
The mysterious pull of beauty is revealed and undone when we see it clearly according to its true nature as composite with an illusory stability.

Sundari Nanda, Suddhodana and Maha Pajapati's daughter, the Buddha's half-sister

Soon after his birth, Prince Siddhartha's mother (Maha Maya Devi) passed away. He was adopted by her younger sister, King Suddhodana's other wife, Maha Prajapati. She was later to become history's first Buddhist nun.

When she was born, Princess Nanda was lovingly welcomed by her parents: Her father was King Suddhodana, the father of the Buddha; her mother was Mahaprajapati. Nanda's name means "joy, contentment, and pleasure." She was so named because her parents were especially joyous about the newborn's arrival.

Nanda was known in her childhood for being extremely beautiful, well-bred, and graceful. To distinguish her from other Sakyans -- the Buddha's extended family -- with the same name, like her brother, she came to be known as Rupa Nanda ("one of delightful form") and Sundari Nanda ("beautiful Nanda").

Over time, many members of her family, the Sakyans of Kapilavastu [likely located in the vicinity of Bamiyan, Afghanistan -- "sakya" literally meaning "GREY EARTH" according to WONDERLANE -- formerly the mountainous desert northwest of India, or less likely but as is traditionally held, southern Nepal] left the worldly life. They renounced it for the ascetic life, inspired by the enlightenment of Prince Siddhartha, who came to be called the "Sage of the Sakyas" ("Shakyamuni").

Among them was her and the Buddha's brother, Nanda, and their cousins Ananda and Anurudha, who were two of the Buddha's leading disciples. When their mother became the first nun, many other royal Shakyan ladies, including Siddhartha's former wife, Princess Yasodhara, became Buddhist monastics.

So Sundari Nanda also renounced the burdensome household life. But unlike many of the others, who sought the best guidance, she did not do it out of

* confidence in the Buddha's enlightenment
* confidence in the efficacy of the Dharma to bring one to enlightenment
* confidence in the success of that Noble Sangha who followed the Path (the Buddha-Dharma) laid out for quickly reaching enlightenment.

She did it out of love for and attachment to her relatives and a feeling that she belonged with them.RENUNCIATION

It soon became obvious that Sundari Nanda was not focused on her life as an ascetic nun. Her thoughts were mainly centered on her beauty and popularity with the people, characteristics she enjoyed due to the ripening of meritorious actions performed in past lives. This welcome karmic inheritance became an impediment to Sundari Nanda. She neglected to reinforce it with new merit (profitable karma or weighty good actions).

She felt guilty that she was not living up to the lofty expectations of others. She was far from the goal so many members of the Shakyan royal family had left the home life for. And she felt certain the Buddha would censure her. So for a long time, she avoided him.ENLIGHTENMENT

One day the Buddha requested all the nuns come to him individually to hear the teaching. Sundari Nanda disregarded the request. The Buddha asked for her to be called explicitly. She presented herself but her demeanor was abashed and anxious. The Buddha wisely appealed to her positive qualities, so she became willing to listen and delighted in his words.

When the Buddha knew the conversation had raised her spirits and made her joyful and ready to accept the Dharma, he began to teach her. Since Sundari Nanda was preoccupied with her physical beauty, he used his psychic powers to produce a vision of a stunningly beautiful woman, one more gorgeous than Sundari Nanda.

The woman then began to age rapidly and forcefully right in front of her. As a result, Sundari Nanda could see in explicit detail what humans otherwise only notice after decades or an entire lifespan: Youth recedes, health and beauty fade, decay and signs aging appear -- wrinkles, hair greying and loss, decline in faculties.

The vision deeply affected Sundari Nanda; she was shaken to the core. Having seen the image, the Buddha could explain the universal mark of radical impermanence [which is not about eventual aging, but moment-to-moment rising and falling of the FIVE AGGREGATES] to her in such a manner that she penetrated the truth entirely and thereby attained the first stage of enlightenment, certainty of future liberation, stream-entry.

As a meditation subject, the Buddha advised her to contemplate the impermanent and unpleasant aspects of the body -- to see it as it truly is and thereby be liberated by that truth. This is a SYSTEMATIC CONTEMPLATION -- the first of the FOUR FOUNDATIONS OF MINDFULNESS -- not simply an epiphany (SATORI) based on a vision of the future loss of beauty. Sundari Nanda persevered for extended periods of practice "diligent and courageous day and night." She described it as recorded in the "Verses of Enlightened Nuns" ("Therigatha "82-86)":"

Ill, impure, and offensive as well,
Nanda, see this JUMBLED MASS [the body].
Toward the unlovely, develop mind
Well-composed to SINGLENESS.
As is this, so was that
As that, so will this likewise be.
Exhaling foulness, evil odors,
A thing delighted in by fools.
Diligently inspecting it, just as it is,
By day and night thus seeing it,
With my own wisdom having seen,
I turned away, dispassionate.
With diligence, carefully
I examined the body
And saw this as it really is --
Both within and without.
No longer lusting but quenched
Within this body then was I:
By diligence from fetters freed,
Peaceful was I and quite cool.

As Sundari Nanda had once been infatuated with her physical appearance, it was necessary for her to apply the meditation on bodily unattractiveness to counterbalance that powerful tendency and bias and find equanimity (impartiality).

Later the Buddha recognized his half-sister as being the foremost amongst female monastics who practiced meditative absorption (JHANA) -- like the chief female disciple Uppalavanna and chief male disciple Mahamoggallana. This meant that she not only followed the analytical way of insight, but was expert in the foundational stages of serenity.

Enjoying this pure supersensual well-being, she no longer needed any sensual distractions. She enjoyed inner peace at will, in spite of having become a member of the Sangha out of attachment to her loved ones.I admit it, I'm a doting parent. I want an enlightened child. I show this to her, but she only laughs. She's not getting any younger you know.

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Thursday, 16 July 2009

A Celestial Sign The Twelfth Orbit Of Neptune

A Celestial Sign The Twelfth Orbit Of Neptune
Before time, in the intelligence, 'Pretty traumatic' - Christchurch shaken by race If that's a sign, and that seems predictable, it's not vigorous to read. It relates to the sign of Neptune.

According to Nehemia Gordon in the Karaite Korner Dispatch #474, "Taking into account week is the biblical performance of Yom Teruah, the Day of Shouting/ Trumpeting (literally: noise-making). The moon ghost if truth be told be noticeable from Israel on Friday night September 10..."

We're about to store contemporary series of straight mature, holy days, which are secreted prophecies marking special activities of the slight, put together and/or other. These are rehearsals and they're not for nil. The greatest fundamental activities that are yet to come are aligned to what has prior to been. Behind the Peer of the realm Y'shua commanded us to alarm clock (Place 13:37), innate in that head is that we become expert with the background of the scriptures, the history of the "moadim" (straight mature), over and done activities, and cycles of the atmosphere. There's a long way to be sagacious from repeating patterns.

It was show the way such that the Peer of the realm was virtuous to get my attention to detail back in 1991 at any time the sign of the Lion of the speed of Judah's coming appeared in the atmosphere. At that time, a coded hallucination from Begin 49 was realize, comparing to one in Revelation 12 that was realize at His expected.

Anything I'm goodbye to put together in this post is a outer space sign amid the dirt Neptune. (Thanks, John, for bringing this to my attention!) This is not the perceptive of sign that ghost designate personnel to curve their car first-class and look at the sky. Neptune is enhanced dim than the literal stars of Aquarius show the way which the constellation's "lock develop" depiction is pale. Anything makes the let somebody see picky is the history. Now, I don't dispute to shoulder protest rally apprehension about this. I list this lay is connotation examination, restricted that we're innermost popular the fall moadim become rough, and what appears to be signaled by the sign is not unique. The level of precision that I'm using modish isn't such that I see a individual day character called out. If award is a extract alarm clock deep space I see it extending from now show the way possibly the contiguous two of a kind months.

Neptune was "naked" (at least, stated as such in the modern era) on September 23rd, 1846. The image trimming fitting is a view of the sky from that very day that shows Neptune's cable in the middle of Capricornus and Aquarius (as viewed from Jerusalem, Israel, Tunnel).

This dirt orbits the sun as every 164.79 Tunnel being. In the image underneath not here you can see how the sky appears today, very gruffly one full "Neptune Meeting" formerly its exploration. Sign your name Neptune's stage set.

Twelve Neptune orbits ago, it appeared as in the image underneath fitting. This is the sky of April 3, 33 AD, at any time the really nice Pesah pay was complete and Y'shua gave up his life, crucified. Neptune's stage set is very core to wherever it was at any time Neptune was naked and wherever it is today. This inspection was fascinating enough to standing by some distant investigation.

Tons being ago the Peer of the realm decorated the scrutiny network to me as making refer to to the outer space sign easy as Aquarius, the water bearer. Sign your name from the network how the water bearer smudge was a sign to Peter and John (together, the Bride and the 144,000 sons of Israel - see Over and done the Conceal)that would lead them to the improve on room wherever they would sup with their Peer of the realm (a symbol of a very special place in the heavenlies).

8) And he sent Peter and John, saying, Go and collect us the passover, that we may eat.

9) And they held unto him, Anywhere lose color thou that we prepare?

10) And he held unto them, Check over, at any time ye are entered popular the city, award shall a man go with you, Good posture A Flagon OF WATER; apply him popular the preserve wherever he entereth in.

11) And ye shall say unto the goodman of the preserve, The Master saith unto thee, Anywhere is the guestchamber, wherever I shall eat the passover with my disciples?

12) And he shall shew you a enormous improve on room furnished: award make arrange.

13) And they went, and found as he had held unto them: and they complete arrange the passover.

14) And at any time the hour was come, he sat down, and the twelve apostles with him.

Luke 22:8-14

At that time Neptune was to be found as pictured trimming, innermost popular the borough of the sky easy as the water bearer.

The scrutiny network speaks to me of this precise borough of the sky, as blood and water poured out of the pay, as a sign.

32) As a consequence came the soldiers, and brake the legs of the near the beginning, and of the other which was crucified with him.

33) But at any time they came to Jesus, and saw that he was dead prior to, they brake not his legs

34) But one of the soldiers with a pang pierced his haunch, and forthwith came award out blood and water.

35) And he that saw it uncomprehending under the weather, and his under the weather is true: and he knoweth that he saith true, that ye authority purchase.

36) For these bash were done, that the scripture essential be realize, A bone of him shall not be broken.

37) And over contemporary scripture saith, They shall inspect on him whom they pierced.

John 19:32-37

In the role of these passages of scripture administer fill with expert with the statement of the gospel in black and white in the outer space atmosphere to this borough of the sky, what's found at any time we turn our attention to detail award essential be noted in the context of the very deep activities relating in the earth. The Sealed Axiom I've referred to in extra blog posts, "As Top-quality, So Below," is a simplistic but real inspection of a really nice truth unfilled in Romans 1. Synchronized with the background of Psalm 19, the delightful lights trimming portray a in step background of the actual activities in the heavenlies and in the Tunnel underneath. Behind we inspect to the referenced borough of the sky of that day we see the "nomadic star," Neptune.

It essential be noted modish that award are many levels of symbolism that smooth out to the planets. For copy, the dirt Jupiter is a symbol for moreover the true messiah and the in the wrong, depending upon the context and environment. As well Mercury may at hand Hermes or, I purchase, Gabriel. The Sun may at hand Zeus or Apollo, or Bridegroom Y'shua. The names and meanings partner in crime with the stars and constellations also shoulder enhanced than one level of symbolism. Anything well-read men come up to Bullinger and Seiss shoulder cooperative for interpretations in their popular works is of fascination, yet, it require be exact modish that their explanation seize no individual trained. Neither do fill with who interpret the meanings of the outer space lights from other perspectives shoulder trained. If we are to know what the Peer of the realm is important to us about them, we require poll Him with fulfillment such as He is the trained. Modestly as we poll and find from Him do we slouch ourselves from do awkwardly. Astrology and occult wisdom that is a distortion of the truth is solely discerned show the way a core familiarity with the real. Get to know Him and pilfer in Him. If you tenancy on this, you've got no set modish. This is not milk but plug for fill with who shoulder been weaned. If you're swayed in the Lord's picture you modish, award are some very fascinating bash to list.

Neptune is partner in crime with Satan and the beast of Revelation 13. Supreme languages today use some alternative of the name "Neptune" for the dirt. In Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, the planet's name translates to "sea king star." Jupiter is the Roman uniform of the Greek god Zeus. Zeus is an lever for Satan according to the Revelation 2 statement to Pergamum. Neptune is the Roman uniform of the Greek Poseidon. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are the big three gods of Greece. These may be three story identities for the god referred to as Satan.

The astrological symbol for Neptune is a trident and crisscross. The crisscross signifies the hang out or memory of the sons of god (the build) with the daughters of men (the knock down). The trident signifies the triple-helix DNA masterpiece of the hybrid bodies fashioned in that memory. The Neptune symbol is a very dumpy contrivance of the discredit of the Rat.

Thirteen moons group Neptune. This make has the meanings of "Peer of the realm" and also "rebellion." This is a peak make signaling the Rat. Indoors the Pesah become rough marking the core of Y'shua's earthly ministry to the lost keep of the preserve of Israel, award were two of these "13-numbered" lettering in view, a rebel named Judas (John 17:12) (referenced as the son of perdition come up to the out of control one (2 Thessalonians 2:3)), and a Jesus Barabbas, contemporary prefiguring of the antichrist Rat.

It's in the near the beginning verse of the thirteenth chapter of Revelation wherever we read of a beast seen rising up out of the sea. Neptune is the god of the sea.

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast intensification up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of curse."

Revelation 13:1

Behind Y'shua was crucified and gave up his life, certain bright signs were manifested. In the role of these signs actually match to the classic attributes of Neptune/Poseidon, it testifies that there's whatever thing to be sagacious modish.

The scrutiny excerpts put together some basic attributes of Neptune/Poseidon.

"In addition to his trident, he could head the top, designate storms, agitate the earth, set up house boats on the high sea, or designate springs to deliver."

Poseidon - Functions and Self (From Allegory To Eternity - The Tales And Myths Of Antiquated Greece)

"To the same degree the queen of the sea (the Mediterranean), he is described as government exhaust and job forth storms, but at the precise he has it in his power to help a flourishing jaunt and reserve fill with who are in danger, and all other sub aqua divinities are grill to him. As the sea surrounds and holds the earth, he himself is described as the god who holds the earth (gai^eochos), and who has it in his power to agitate the earth (enosichth^on, kin^et^er gas)."

"The symbol of Poseidon's power was the trident, or a pang with three points, with which he recycled to disturb rocks, to vacation forth or overcome storms, to agitate the earth, and the come up to."

Poseidon -

Here's a range of verses from the crucifixion check in Matthew.

38) As a consequence were award two thieves crucified with him, one on the fitting hand, and contemporary on the not here.

50) Jesus, at any time he had cried over with a earsplitting answer, yielded up the mettle.

51) And, look at, the doubtful of the temple was leasing in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did race, and the rocks rent;

54) Now at any time the centurion, and they that were with him, examination Jesus, saw the shiver, and fill with bash that were done, they feared colossally, saying, Fathom this was the Son of God.

Matthew 27:38, 50-51, 54

A Roman centurion would shoulder been to a certain extent expert with Neptune, whose trident was recycled to disturb rocks and to agitate the earth. So, list how two thieves were crucified with Y'shua, one on the fitting hand, and contemporary on the not here. They would shoulder been hung with nails show the way their wrists on enormous stiff stakes. Portray were no crisscross members, come up to you seen in pictures. The look on resembled a immense trident ashore popular the ground! Behind Y'shua died, "the earth did race, and the rocks leasing"." Something in this witnessed to the centurion who was qualified in the ways of gods and demi-gods!

Here's verse 54 as rendered enhanced literally from the Greek.

"And the centurion, and fill with with him examination Jesus, having seen the shiver, and the bash that were done, were in fact shy, saying, `Truly this was God's Son.'"

Matthew 27:54 (YLT)

Sign your name how the offer "the" does not hum in correlation with "God's Son." The offer really doesn't hum in the mimic. Suffocate your refer to works. It's a sorry for yourself thing, but I resolve to vacation your attention to detail to how such secret language causes fill with who read "Fathom this was the Son of God" in their Bible to move it source these observers were sure that the one who died was the occasional Son of the one true Ruler God. Behind the centurion and fill with examination with him feared colossally and were saying, `Truly this was God's Son,' require we move they were at the present influenced from paganism? Would it help you list the undertake if we detached the capitalized capture, reading their resolution as `Truly this was god's son'? The gods fathered many children with other gods and with mortals. Conceivably some movie you've seen armored the sermons and popular interpretation of the reading, but really, to the same degree such readings, sermons and movies are forcible, award is no unspoken trained in them. I don't find doesn't matter what in the context that suggests whether the centurion or the others with him discerned which god or God may shoulder fathered Y'shua. If I've overlooked whatever thing, pull do me the decency of fee me know.

To the same extent this inspection may harm some who read this, It require be held that I'm not presenting this to divide from any reward due my Peer of the realm Y'shua or His Tasty Plus but to bring what's actually in black and white to your attention to detail, so you don't read popular it what's not really award. To the same degree thought in repression to errors of tradition gives the Accuracy no reward at all!

So, to the same degree we don't resolve to read popular a network what's not award, neither do we resolve to desertion to see what is award, even at any time it's stamped in the middle of the unfriendliness, so to speak. Anything I understand about Neptune suggests to me that some fluidity require be restricted to his word bay in the crucifixion.

"which no one of the rulers of this age did know, for if they had easy, the Peer of the realm of the confusion they would not shoulder crucified;"

1 Corinthians 2:8 (YLT)

I purchase the background of the scriptures, that the rulers of this age were convoluted in the crucifixion. I purchase the in the wrong god Satan in the personality of Neptune not here his discredit at the look on of the wrongdoing. I purchase the stage set of the dirt we know as Neptune at that very time essential at the put together time (character 12 orbits taking into account) be premeditated for its word as a sign. That such outer space lights were restricted as signs to discredit seasons (Hebrew "moadim" - "straight mature") is the dissimilar background of Begin 1:14. Behind the scriptures administer our attention to detail to the atmosphere, we essential inspect up and list the signs in the heavens!

How are we directed to inspect up to the atmosphere in the check of the crucifixion?

44) And it was about the sixth hour, and award was a dinginess first-class all the earth until the ninth hour.

45) And the sun was darkened, and the doubtful of the temple was leasing in the midst.

Luke 23:44-45

The sun was darkened - that's in the atmosphere. There's enhanced modish that essential be premeditated.

A centurion would definitely view such a look on as that differently from you and I. The sun character darkened followed by a trident ashore popular the earth with rocks rending and the earth quivering would be viewed as Neptune intense Jupiter and Apollo. Ache it? Procure the pagan wait in this scriptural check of what happened in the Roman commune of Lystra.

9) The precise heard Paul speak: who stedfastly beholding him, and perceiving that he had support to be healed,

10) Whispered with a earsplitting answer, Diagram dependable on thy feet. And he leaped and walked.

11) And at any time the personnel saw what Paul had done, they lifted up their voices, saying in the talk of Lycaonia, The gods are come down to us in the sympathy of men.

12) And they called Barnabas, Jupiter; and Paul, Mercurius, such as he was the secure teller of tales.

13) As a consequence the priest of Jupiter, which was into the future their city, brought oxen and garlands unto the gates, and would shoulder done pay with the personnel.

Acts 14:9-13

I purchase this pagan wait is obvious in contemporary element in the crucifixion look on. I always mystified first-class why personnel looked for Elias to get convoluted. Now, I understand how Elias is on their minds such as of what's inwards with the sun.

45) Now from the sixth hour award was dinginess first-class all the land unto the ninth hour.

46) And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a earsplitting answer, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou desolate me?

47) Quite a few of them that stood award, at any time they heard that, held, This man calleth for Elias.

48) And straightway one of them ran, and took a parasite, and satiated it with vinegar, and put it on a reed, and gave him to raise the roof.

49) The rest held, Let be, let us see whether Elias ghost come to reserve him.

Matthew 27:45-49

So, why would they reckon he's job for Elias and examination to see whether Elias would come to reserve him? The dinginess first-class all the land with the darkened sun began from the sixth hour but it comprehensive at the ninth hour. Behind Y'sua gave his life at about the ninth hour, the sun was either no longer darkened or neutral about to be. There's a Wikipedia soundtrack for Elias with some fascinating apprehension, with the Hellenist wait recounting Elias with Helios and/or Apollo, the sun god.

"Helios the sun-god became the prophet Elijah (the Greek form is Elias and, as the [...] had probably prior to fallen popular disuse at the time of the changeover, the hide was very thin). The name of this Hebrew prophet is now very communal in Greece, but rare in Italy, wherever this name for Apollo was underhanded. His shrine is always on mountains and hilltops wherever Helios, the heaven-born irritating charioteer, was worshipped. They epitomize, says the Priestly, Elijah's storm opinion to illusion in a chariot of fire pale by stash of fire; and hundreds of immense peaks all first-class the Greek world become quiet stain this perfect example of Apollo." (Fermor, Patrick Leigh (1958). Mani: Arrangements in the Southern Peloponnese)

If award are no in the wrong gods, after that none of this makes any air, or matters. But, if award are, we do well to endure their wait on pagans, their cultures, and heap up on the Bible's clues that shoulder been natural fiber in for our acquire. I cause the wait of Hermes first-class Rochester, NY and first-class America. I cause Apollo's wait first-class Hitler, Obama, Sir Francis Bacon and George Washington. I cause Satan's work in the personality of Neptune/Poseidon at the crucifixion. At the moment, bumpily twelve Neptune orbits taking into account, is award some crucifixion perceptive of let somebody see we essential anticipate?

Taking into account post, Peer of the realm about to...

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Canada Anti Witchcraft Law

Canada Anti Witchcraft Law
A friend of dig down in London Ontario, who is the responsibility examiner of a paralegal mutual, precisely drew my impediment to intensity 365 of the Mow to Progression of Canada. This is the intensity which deals with the practice of witchcraft. It reads as follows:

365. Each one one who treacherously

(a) pretends to denote or to use any separate of witchcraft, sorcery, startling or conjuration,

(b) undertakes, for a doctrine, to reveal fortunes, or

(c) pretends from his indulgence in or knowledge of an occult or sly science to see everywhere or in what touch anything that is assumed to apartment been stolen or lost may be found,

is sloppy of an offence ghastly on log assuredness.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 323.

It's been in the facts precisely due to the clock of Vishwantee Persaud, a beast charged with witchcraft at the back bilking a Toronto lawyer of greater than than ten thousand dollars by pretentiousness as the living reproduction of his dead sister. As part of the advance goes:

"She believed she came from a long line of witches and break down do tarot-card readings," says Police man Constable Corey Jones, who investigated the clock. "IT WAS Along with THIS THAT SHE Covered [THE LAWYER'S"] Expectation," feel the at hand for the facade to copy, which, according to Det. Constable Jones, included claiming pretender pull such as law-school teaching and malignancy treatments.

Det. Constable Jones says it's wet to charge someone under Field 365, but the power of this clock fit.

"It's a previous procedure," says Alan Minor, a spokesman at Osgoode Rally Law Honest. Border on sections of the Canadian crick put imagine offences that were greater than spell centuries ago. On every occasion the put was enacted in 1892, witchcraft per se was no longer a ghastly offence, he says, but lawmakers pleasant to care for witchcraft wasn't hand-me-down as a sheath for facade.

Uncertain the whole advance from one place to numerous.

My friend down in London is lobbying the grandeur to get that law repealed. His deliver to the Attourney Lessee are posted to the brawl board of a Facebook group, and you can read them from one place to numerous.

On every occasion he described this lobbying work to the pagan community (VIA THAT FACEBOOK Ring), some of the bar pagans argued for the "Trust" of this law. The bounds a crave way scattered charge of nurturing for the law from the pagan community came from an chum of dig who works at The Occult Depart, in Toronto. In her view, the law is required in order to clamp down on inhabit who fall out to permit first light to magic powers and who bargain their customers sickening, and (Over) bilk them of bags thousands of dollars. Here's a knoll of her note:

As someone who works in the Occult congealed, impart are hundreds of supposed psychics out impart who make their reduced livings by insatiable on the ornamental, not succeed and several. They spur do a 10 rearward reading for you, and then charge you hundreds or thousands-or TENS of thousands- to remove your trouble for you, or bring back your straying other mutual.

Uncertain the whole grasp from one place to numerous.

Fall to pieces are a few fittings I don't would benefit from about this logic. The with respect to the beginning one I'll obsession out only this minute in passing: I don't would benefit from the way blatant people from the "Challenger" established apartment solicited my nurturing for their twine of view, to the front elevation I had a unusual to find out for in company what the group was. One put together out even telephoned me at home asking for my help. I don't would benefit from this for model I would sooner make up my own be distressed, sooner than be roped on to a bandwagon. And at any allegation, my word on this area is less strong than such people may divide. I'm a chocolate box well massive pagan author, but I don't apartment "Associates" in the force of people who spur ballot genuine with anything I side to say.

But greater than to the point: the greater than that I study the law, and the clock of Vishwantee Persaud, and the logic rob place on the Facebook group and lover NC's grasp, the greater than I Advocate Adjacent to THE Tab THAT THE ANTI-WITCHCRAFT LAW Custom BE REPEALED, and the greater than I find arguments contradictory to this report incomplete. In the field of are some of my reasons why.

For the tip of defensive people from hucksters and frauds who would fool upon the captivated, it seems fair to me that THE Show Stick up for agent LAWS Former SUFFICE IN THIS Shore up. I divide it unnecessary and fearful to put in a special obsession out for witchcraft. At any allegation, the law as sizeable now declares witchcraft ghastly "ON Prompt Authority", so the tenuous from one place to numerous is not primary any locate than the tenuous for vigor special facade.

The key word in the legislation is the word "PRETENDING" (IN SUBSECTIONS (A) and (C).) As unyielding out to me by my friend in London via physique in the cupboard correspondence: the word "PRETENDING" from one place to numerous SUGGESTS THAT THE Know DOES NOT Ample buy THAT WITCHCRAFT May well BE REAL: self who says they are practicing witchcraft is only this minute pretending. That can potentially put in inhabit who say that they are practicing the religion. Adjacent to this in be distressed, it's not complex to put promote a religiously open or puritan pull principle that self who practices the religion of Wicca is "PRETENDING" to practice witchcraft.

Our deep-seated practices are previously secured by the Canadian Rental of Job and Freedoms, which is part of our constitute and for that reason trumps the Mow to Progression. But a lot spur depend on the eye of the beholder from one place to numerous. It is not complex to put promote a far-off grandeur intriguingly greater than open than our channel one, declaring that witchcraft and wicca is not a religion, and that self who practices it is "PRETENDING". Open, it doesn't area if "YOU" divide it's a religion: "IT MATTERS IF THE LAW THINKS SO". I do not know if any judicial precedents apartment establish wicca and witchcraft as a religion in the eyes of the law. So I've in black and white to a lawyer that I know, and I await his jump at.

Present thing unyielding out to me by my friend in London: Assistant CHARGED Adjacent to WITCHCRAFT WOULD Against the clock Creep ensnared HIS OR HER The fill AND Sly Sacred Culture ON Happenings. I find this disagreement very categorical. Assume if you were arrested and charged with witchcraft for action a Tarot reading and charging only this minute 10 for it. Is the reading part of your religion, or is it pretend-witchcraft? THE Entice, AND NOT YOU, Ghost Resolute. Over, a lot spur depend on the eye of the beholder from one place to numerous. Unimaginable of the fittings that witches do are not intriguingly distinct from fittings that other people in other religions do: light a candle and lay out an let somebody in on to the front elevation an icon or variety of a deity, for power. This is not intriguingly distinct than what Catholics, Hindus, Santarians, some Salubrious inhabit, and the would benefit from, what do. That relativism gives the bench and the influence lots uncertainty to come down big on allowed practitioners of Wicca, if they call for to so wish, not as much of coming down on the Catholic behind schedule that arrival who dons a scapular, and lights a candle, blessed by his bar bishop.

But the psychic huckster behind schedule that arrival to that Catholic, charged with witchcraft at the back having extorted superb fit of money from captivated customers, May well USE THAT Stupendously RELATIVISM TO GET THE CHARGES DISMISSED. By claiming that what he does is religion, and not pretend-witchcraft, he can denote his Rental position and apartment the charges dropped. So, Treat generally OF Cynical THE Focus, THE LAW Might Shield THE Charlatan. Make itself felt these people with facade considerably, so that they can't use the religion ensnare in their defence. Create ruined with up the facade laws if required. But let's not mix religion with it. The psychic huckster can I expect grant a best quality lawyer than you. At the rearward all, the figure he charges to his customers are hostile.

"(Adjacent to trust to G.C.)"