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Jaya Vijaya Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

Jaya Vijaya Yakshini Mantra Sadhana
These are the Yakshini Chant Sadhanas for Jaya Yakshini and Vijaya Yakshini. These are two of the Ashtanayikas or the Eight leading Yakshinis. Indian Tantra has complete a summarize article of their amount as guardians of accurate energies and everyday jobs. Now a day they are head seen as idols in guess of the main swagger of the temples and Shrines of Vishnu as guardians.

The Chant Sadhana of Vijaya and Jaya are assumed to be of zealous reputation and are deliberate as amid the greatest powerful Yakshini Sadhanas. I generate complete in this post the array to able Siddhi untouchable these two Sadhanas. Successful person gained is assumed to bring these two mystical beings under the spell of attraction of the Sadhak and continue him to carry on his requirements and envisage.

It is not essential to practice every these Chant Sadhana; if one requirements one can do every or one of them.

Jaya - Vijaya Yakshini Chant Sadhana

JAYA YAKSHINI SADHANAThis Sadhana has to be commenced from one Amavasya [No or New Moon] to the subsequently Amavasya. This Sadhana has to be done in a Shivalaya; by chanting the recite 5000 times regular. On attainment of the illustrious interlude it is assumed that Jaya Yakshini confer on gang at midnight past the Sadhak and carry on his requirements.

VIJAYA YAKSHINI SADHANAThis Sadhanahas to be done on the banks of a spill or in a necropolis. The Sadhak has to climb on any tree to be found impart and start chanting a accurate size of mantras regular and handhold plow up he completes a mass of 300,000 chants. It is assumed that on attainment Vijaya Yakshini appears past the Sadhak and fulfils his requirements.

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