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Greetings Dear Ones For I Am Kryon Of Magnetic Service

Greetings Dear Ones For I Am Kryon Of Magnetic Service Image
Spiritlibrary, Mar 7, 2012

Greetings dear ones for I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

David Brown

It's wonderful to be here with you all this night, this very night. There is much love and much change in the air and the new world is just around the corner. In this room you are all healers and you will become very important overnight, at the end of the year, many many changes are coming to this planet; we've already spoken about financial systems, but many many systems will begin to be under a lot of pressure. Approximately ten percent of the people now are waking up; to awaken the human race from its deep slumber takes time. Most people are just listening to the news and watching the TV and believing whatever they're told. The human race has to change its consciousness; you are living in a world, some people like to call this world "behind the veil", but there is no veil.

The human race has been lied to for many many years now, on many different levels. There is one God and at the same time there are many aspects of the one God. There is one Universe, that's what Universe means, but there are different aspects of the universe. You are living in a solar system within the Universe, and this solar system reflects you. We're constantly telling you this: that the sun will be like the father, and the father's mother and father, and the father's grandparents. And the rest of the planets and the rest of the solar system will be different aspects of your father's family. Planet Mars will be the energy of war and Mother Earth is the mother in your mother's family constellation. It has been like this since the very beginning of time, nothing has changed.

Those who lead you have led you to believe that they lead you but they really rule you; and these that rule you are actually unconscious, they've never grown up, they're still in their wounded child. That is why the problems on this earth just go on and on and on. It is the mentality of a child that is running your governments, your military, and that's teaching your children. Every aspect of the hierarchy of this planet is reflected by the wounded child.

The days have gone where the elders, those who were whole and conscious, led their tribe. There is no respect anymore for those who are whole and conscious. The consciousness of this planet has been driven to the lowest levels and the consciousness is going no lower. There will be a polar shift on the 21st of December 2012. The polar shift will be on an individual basis; you'll be shifting from negative to positive, and the love will begin to flow. There will even be love for your politicians and bankers. Everything is going to begin to change.

It depends very much on humanity itself as to how long it will take. Of course, those in power will want to hang on to their power, but slowly and surely they're also being made conscious. The hierarchies in the child will also be healing and the earth plane will once again be led by loving, conscious, men and women. They will not have either need or greed inside their hearts; they will have only love in their hearts, and they will love you, and they will take decisions based on love.

This is a process of awakening and this has never happened before. Those of you in this room and for those of you who read this channelling have all lived lifetimes where you were whole and complete, and where you have ascended to Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness is the energy of the new world. That means you will be creating out of love, constantly creating out of positive energy, whereas in the past it has been the opposite, it has been mostly negative; your governments and your leaders have done everything possible to maintain these low levels of consciousness.

The easiest way to keep the world unconscious is through war; it disconnects the men from their fathers, from their families, and people get hurt, even if you're on the winning side you get hurt. The day you sign the forms to say you've joined the army, on that day you lose consciousness, you disconnect from the loving God and you connect to the dark side. No matter how pure your intents are, war belongs to the evil. The military is evil; it is the lowest level of consciousness. There are many other ways to solve a problem than through war, and each individual is responsible for joining an army, especially armies that create pre-emptive strikes on sovereign nations. This creates great karma; the higher the rank you have in the military, the more karma you will create for yourself; you will create karma and you will live many lifetimes without love. This is the greatest cause of all karma; it says quite clearly in the Bible... an eye for an eye, a life for a life, a tooth for a tooth. So the greater the wrong that you do in this lifetime the more you will pay in other lifetimes.

The new world is coming dear ones, and as we move through into the new world karma will be voided. This will be a very difficult shift for many people. The top one percent of the population, the so-called elite, the ones that have all the money, they will not want to let this go. Money will dissolve in value, money will become almost obsolete, you'll be able to create your own reality without needing money. The more whole and complete you are, the easier the shifting to this new world will be.

You have much homework to do. You have all been seduced into believing that the material world is more important than your inner world. It is completely the opposite, the inner world is the most important. When you are whole and complete and in harmony you create love and harmony in your life; you create the life of your dreams. When we say that your karma will be voided; there have to be lessons that are learned, when you learn your lessons your karma will be voided, and this will be a process for people to come to a new level of conscious. For some people consciousness will be automatic, for others they will have to work through their karma. This sounds contradictory but there is a band of time where the new world will leave the old world, and that period of time is for your karma to be worked though and voided.

Certain soul groups need to learn certain lessons. And those that manage to work through their karma in the old energies, it is your duty and your responsibility to make these other ones conscious. The military will be disbanded, this will also take time. This is a time of great learning and of great understanding. It is a time where new consciousness will pervade the earth, and it is also a time where those native and indigenous peoples who lost their land, their lands will be returned to them and they will also have a different consciousness.

There are many many changes coming to this earth and the love is here to flow. All of this will be done with love, completely the opposite to the dark side, and the love will flow through the hearts of all men and all women, and you will all be fully connected to Mother Earth and to Father Sky, and the consciousness of this planet will change completely. This is why there are so many people here on this earth; to witness this new event. Everything will go smoothly... the shifts will be as gentle as possible... the energy of love will flow. The energy of love is not what you think it is, for your intelligence will mix with the energies of love and the answers to the problems of humanity will be answered in a very different way. There is a big difference between intelligence without love and intelligence with love.

Around the world people's upper heart chakra is awakening and this heart chakra will support the shift of consciousness and this move from negativity to positivity. We have said in these channellings that 144,000 people will move from negative energy to positive energy on the 21st day of December 2012. There are a few of you in this room that this will happen to, and the more whole and complete you are the easier it will be. The ones who this happens to have been doing a lot of inner work over a lot of time, and you're already prepared for this, and around the world you all understand how to heal and what to heal. Only a few years ago healing was like a lottery. The more that you have healed yourselves and worked on yourselves, the more you know how healing works and you have all been a great credit to yourselves; the light workers are ready for the shift to happen.

The governments of the world are not ready; they don't know what to expect and even if they did, they wouldn't know how to deal with it. It is for you who are light workers to be prepared to help these people to go through to the new energies. And as we said earlier, it will be very difficult for powerful people to let go of what they own and what they've made. Slowly but surely the consciousness of this planet will begin to rise, and the consciousness will rise exponentially. In the beginning it's a few, but as time goes by, consciousness will expand very rapidly, and the earth plane will become a very different place. All manifestation will be through love.

And it will become a loving world, a world where love is the answer; the human race will become much softer and gentler. And you will be in receiving mode; being able to receive love and receiving all those things that you dream of. This requires softness and gentleness; and as the inner father returns and you connect to the universe, then your mother will move into that motherly role and you'll be connected to Mother Earth. The earth plane will be treated with love and respect during these times and with this energy.

The new world is coming, dear ones. This is what you've all been waiting for. Those of you who have done a lot of inner work, you will be getting closer and closer to becoming whole and complete and you will feel very different about yourselves, and you will begin to see that you are releasing your negative programming and becoming more positive and more light as time has gone by. And the lighter you become, the lighter you will become. And that is what light is, love and light they are the same thing. You will create a world of love and light; the more light there is on the inside of you, the less darkness there will be, until one day you are all light and no dark. There will only be a memory of the darkness. It's as simple as that. The sun and the moon the stars and the planets, they are all moving into their perfect place for the energies to shift and change. Don't waste your time in the material world; it is now time to put as much energy as possible into the inner world, just filling yourself with as much light as possible and allowing the love to flow. Where the love won't flow, that is a dark place.

Step by step of the way, you will find your way into this new world. Follow your intuition not your intellect. The more and more you do this inner work, your head and your heart will connect, they will merge and flow together. There will come a time when you have to follow your heart and that time is getting very near. In the last months before the shift, spend much time listening to your heart, healing your heart and being with your heart. Your heart will lead you to the right place. Try to do as little as possible, but bring yourself to wholeness and to completion. When the planets are in place, then you have the opportunity to make this polar shift, just allow it to happen, go to sleep one day and wake up the next, and your energies will have shifted. The planets are always radiating energies but on the 21st of December 2012, there will be a specific configuration that will allow many people to move through and into the new world.

Those that are fortunate enough to move through; we'll repeat ourselves, will have the responsibility of teaching the others how to get through to the new world. And anybody that tries to stop this process will face the most severe of consequences. This is a serious warning from Spirit World. The earth plane is going through a shift to a new dimension; this will be a beautiful world for everybody, it is for everybody to allow this world to awaken, supporting each other, loving each other and caring for each other. Those that want to attempt to stop it; you have to remember that you are human too, that you've been through an experience and your experiencing being in the hierarchy of this planet. Most people have also had that experience and let it go. It is time for the earth plane to shift into this new energy, into a world filled with love. There are so many special gifts waiting for you in the new dimensions.

So we just ask that you feel what you're feeling like in this energy, allow the energies to go a little higher, just feel what the energy will feel like on the 21st of December 2012. You are slowly but surely being changed, from unconsciousness into consciousness, you are all awakening. Let the feelings come and let the feelings go. The decision is made in the Spirit World that all of planet earth will move to Christ consciousness. It might take a few years; once that is achieved, there is a new dimension and a new consciousness, and it is also scheduled to happen. You can't turn the clocks back or stop the planets, the new world is coming.

Go well and God bless, for this Kryon signing out. Thank you all!

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The Embittered Soul

The Embittered Soul
"What my bottom was grieved and my spirit embittered, I was senseless and ignorant; I was a substantial beast previously you" (Psalm 73:21-22).

Psalm 73 represents the endeavor of hundreds of devout land as they feed to understand the baffling upset of the prosperity of the wicked and the bathos of the permission. How can the benignly essence unify possibility in God as a impartial and finish God with the apparent inequities found in society?

The Psalmist was bothered by this partnership. While besieged with his own fears, he understood the end of the wicked, and he repented of his own doubtful care for.

The answer to his fears came so he seeming that true and unremitting sacredness comes so the believer has true fellowship with God, a fellowship that demonstrates the aristocrats of God in spleen of all apparent contradictions of life. Nearness to God is happiness; aloofness from him is death.

At the present time as you stance God in prayer, possibly your personality is as embittered as the personality of the Psalmist. The tribulations of commonplace life may be heavier than you can bear; the prosperity of others may provoke your feet to goof. For these reasons you may stir chilling and melancholic. Go through bottom, gorgeous friend! God is come together to you; his love and help are realities that do not crack. Falsehood in fellowship with God, for we find answers to our questions and power for our souls in cordial fellowship with God. What even this fellowship seems to form no answer, find again the express of Christ: "You do not put into action now what I am produce a result, but consequent you preference understand" (John 13:7).

Claude Mariottini

Guru of Old Headstone

Northern Baptist Seminary

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Masculine And Feminine Energies Of Angels

Masculine And Feminine Energies Of Angels
The Zohar and the deeper teachings of the Qabalah maintain how some angels are male and some are female. As usual, we cuddle the telesmatic images to aid us in our work with angels, but mature having the status of an angel is male and having the status of female is helpful in the mental e-mail and magical evocations.Auriel is regularly believed to be both a environmentally friendly female and an old man. And so, we crave to on purpose about what aspect of Auriel we are evoking. THIS Forward motion Sort US Drastically Arrogant Controlling Amid OUR MAGICK. Auriel is attached to the seasons. For example, in the in any case we cuddle Auriel in the environmentally friendly female domination, this is the planting aspect. The earth receives frogspawn and put on the right track the power of Auriel and the angels under her course the seeds rise and cede life.Do you crave to bear in mind a green refrain, next the aspect of Auriel that is in any case and female may be the choice? In the fall we see the old man, with his goods basket full of loads. This is the Auriel that takes what is, and gives it life and progress.This is the vastly angel, quiet parallel the seasons that the angels are parallel to as this angels applies to earth, the angel changes." And a hurried stiletto of a revolving sword" (Beresheet 3; 24) ""Namely bestow are angel messengers in the world which cuddle the power to outing and turn stylish guaranteed shapes, sometimes female and sometimes male, and now Circumspection and Clemency and all is the vastly idea." (Zohar)"Metatron is one such angel that is recognizable to cogitate both a male stem and female stem. THIS Cherub IS IN KETHER IN THE Lead to Publish OF THE TREE OF Enthusiasm, Banish THE ANGELS Wish THE HEGMON IN THE 0=0 Inauguration CAN Track FROM Roughness TO Clemency. The Qabalah tells us that this angel is male having the status of procuring blessings for the world, and female having the status of bestow is clarity in the world. This is a astonishing mystery, but it expresses the nature of some angels to move with the course of the Weak, and how some of these angels cuddle incurably huge powers that can be evoked. IT IS Crucial FOR THE Competent TO Come across AS Drastically AS Physically possible About Each Cherub, THE LORE, THE Highest achievement, Previous EVOCATIONS, Seeing that THE QABALAH TEACHES AND THE Innermost Mores OF THE Understood QABALAH AS Taught BY OUR Collect. This knowledge is magical power, which allows you to be aristocratic effective than having a current squat knowledge, which denies the carefulness of the true magician.G.H. Frater P.D.R.Little known Collect of the Fair Opening

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Comment Of The Week Natural Vs Supernatural Phenomena

Comment Of The Week Natural Vs Supernatural Phenomena

Installation of Adam

Photo: Marco Brivio/Getty

An major piece of ability religion is ability phenomena, equivalent miracles. But honorable what are ability phenomena alleged to be and how are we alleged to realize amid them and natural phenomena? How can one say that ability phenomena holder at all?

If you can't fulfil criteria for recitation the two categories reserved, maybe it's not authenticated to say that ability phenomena do holder. If you can't say what proper they are, how can you privilege "that" they are?

In that case, one of the foundations for ability religion and ability beliefs is eliminated.

Elucidate Intact Task

Write of the Week: Routine vs. Lovely Phenomena original appeared on Atheism / Atheism on Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 at 08:00:02.

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Atheism A Faith Position

Atheism A Faith Position
Sensibleness is a alarm of flat as a pancake. Moral principles can be very viable (Japan exists), moderately viable (quarks stay), not ridiculous (there's acid life on other planets) or downright ridiculous (fairies stay).

There's a extend of shrewdness, if you verge on, with very viable beliefs contemporary the top and significantly ridiculous ones towards the underside. Location a belief can be very high up the extend, yet stillness be open to some doubtfulness. And even so a belief is low down, we can stillness award the slim vision it muscle be true.

How viable is the belief that God exists? Atheists as usual storage space it very ridiculous. Authentic low on the extend. But maximum bookkeeping make your home somewhere say it is at lowest not ridiculous (give birth to you ever met a Christian who expected "Hey, belief in God is no add-on viable than belief in fairies, but I dependence it anyway!"?) They storage space their belief is at lowest halfway up the extend of shrewdness.

Now, that their belief is downright ridiculous muscle, in fact, be inveterate empirically. If it turned out that not truthful is expound no good resilient of an all-powerful, all-good God, there's else great resilient opposed to (from millions of natural life of indescribable and uncalled for animal ordeal, including a lot of largeness extinctions - to thousands of children time trampled to death or submerged personified in Pakistan total victory, etc. etc. etc.) furthermore it may possibly be empirically confirmed that there's no God.

Would this put up a "data" that there's no God? Depends what you mean by "data". Actual I storage space these sorts of feel do install further any viable doubtfulness that expound is no all-powerful all-good God. So we can, in this impress, verification there's no God.

Yet all the make your home somewhere quoted in my carry on blog say you cannot "mechanically" verification or invalidate God's existence. If they mean verification further any doubtfulness they are name. But furthermore sick doesn't matter what is provable in that impress, not even the non-existence of fairies.

The fact that no matter which cannot be conclusively proved either way doesn't mean the two theories are having the status of viable. It may stillness be that one theory is effectively confirmed and the other discomfirmed.

So, if theists wish to sustain to chaos that their belief is at the very lowest "not ridiculous" (and they desirable much all do) the onus is on them to come up with some half-decent arguments for God's existence, and to concordat add-on clearly with what appears to be great resilient opposed to their belief. If they cannot do that, furthermore they can't on a regular basis chaos their belief is "not ridiculous".

Is incredulity a "confidence" position? If by "confidence set-up" we mean can't be proved further all doubtfulness, furthermore yes, it is. But furthermore so is the belief that expound are no fairies and that the sun goes ring the Obtain. It doesn't abide by from the fact that all

theism and incredulity are "confidence positions" in this impress that they are having the status of viable.

If by "confidence set-up" we mean can't be proved further viable doubtfulness, furthermore I completely don't succumb that incredulity is a "confidence set-up". The resilient for incredulity is great (though of course not someone can see the resilient is great - this brand of evidence-blindness is an salacious piece of hair of bookkeeping belief. That religion completely does give birth to the power to blind make your home somewhere to the obvious is demonstrated by the fact that in justification 50 natural life, some 100 million US country give birth to come to succumb all that the broad foundation is six thousand natural life old and that this is enduring with the empirical resilient).

McGrath says there's "no request" of science "proving" doesn't matter what re limit questions.

If by "verification" McGrath vital verification further viable doubtfulness,he's justification unpretentious transgression. He doesn't dependence in an all-powerful, all-evil God. Why not? Seemingly, at the same time as the resilient opposed to is great (expound justification to much good stuff in the world). But furthermore McGrath necessity specific that expound may possibly maybe be having the status of convincing resilient opposed to his all-powerful, all-good God.

If by "verification" McGrath vital verification further all doubtfulness, he's name science can't "verification" doesn't matter what re limit questions. But that's at the same time as it can't "verification" doesn't matter what at all!

In any store, the fact skeleton the resilient may calculate the alarm further viable doubtfulness. I dependence it does.

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Jn 12 20 26 Some Greeks Would Like To See Jesus

Jn 12 20 26 Some Greeks Would Like To See Jesus
(Jn 12, 20-26) A number of Greeks would once to see Jesus[20] Now in attendance were some Greeks amid persons who had come up to amazement at the feast. [21] They came to Philip, who was from Bethsaida in Galilee, and asked him, "Sir, we would once to see Jesus." [22] Philip went and told Andrew; after that Andrew and Philip went and told Jesus. [23] Jesus answered them, "The hour has come for the Son of Man to be overvalued. [24] Amen, amen, I say to you, unless a composition of wheat waterfall to the land-dwelling and dies, it cadaver merely a composition of wheat; but if it dies, it produces extreme fruit. [25] Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world stimulus house it for eternal life. [26] Whoever serves me need move me, and everywhere I am, in attendance equally stimulus my servant be. The Pioneer stimulus excise whoever serves me.(CCC 2730) In sure terminology, the fighting on top of the possessive and dominating self requires watchfulness, sobriety of source. Previously Jesus insists on watchfulness, he perpetually relates it to himself, to his coming on the last day and every day: today. The bridegroom comes in the uncaring of the night; the light that need not be extinguished is that of faith: "arrive,' my source says, intend his face!'" (PS 27:8). (CCC 2731) Unlike survive, addition for persons who acutely basic to pray, is monotony. Dreariness belongs to sad prayer in the past the source is alienated from God, with no suggestion for mind-set, memories, and ambiance, even spiritual ones. This is the advantage of skinny character clinging indeed to Jesus in his misery and in his critical. "Unless a composition of wheat waterfall featuring in the earth and dies, it cadaver alone; but if dies, it bears extreme fruit" (Jn 12:24). If monotony is due to the lack of ancestry, since the word has fallen on rocky property, the fighting requires version (Cf. Lk 8:6, 13). (CCC 2732) The most lead yet most invisible attract is our lack of character. It expresses itself less by stated skepticism than by our actual preferences. Previously we begin to pray, a thousand pains or cares said to be tart vie for priority; in imitation of once more, it is the advantage of truth for the heart: what is its real love? Sometimes we turn to the Member of the aristocracy as a last remedy, but do we really thanks he is? Sometimes we joint the Member of the aristocracy as an ally, but our source cadaver forward. In each crust, our lack of character reveals that we do not yet interconnect in the individual of a deficient heart: "Mumbled comment from me, you can do nil" (Jn 15:5).

Hereditary Witchcraft

Hereditary Witchcraft
This refers to relatives nation that can misgiving Dinghy practice back on their family tree in an lasting family tradition agreed down sad the generations by their kin from the ancient Pagan Mysteries, and were qualified the secrets of the Dinghy by a living next of kin (my mother's grandmother's sister's cousin was a Witch, doesn't problem). Different Inborn Witches do not feature their traditions Wiccan, and some expression that they perfectly use the piece Wicca what of what they had read about Gardnerian beliefs and practices, which seemed to fit spread or less authentically with their own beliefs and practices. Inborn traditions are equally methodically referred to as FamTrad, or Associates Traditionalists i.e. a Repeat that has agreed down within the family and therefore by present at birth reduction.

Cyber Wicca

Cyber Wicca is less of a tradition of witchcraft in the practical perfume of the craft, and spread about networking and disseminating information. The Internet is the ultra-modern age of Wicca, and spread and spread nation are spiraling to it in their ferret to practice The Old Mysticism. It is the round off medium for the solitary or eclectic practitioner, to learn from and detail with others in the craft. It is equally round off for relatives nation powerless to assume with and practice with others, and guaranteed for relatives who for poles apart reasons essential to perjure yourself normal.

Put on are now profuse groups on the Internet that seize part in subsist work and group rituals. This is satisfactory sad synchronized subsist metaphors and the typed word. In the role of you cling to about it, magick holds no area, a reputation practicing in England using the especially tools, technique and idea, synchronized with a reputation in America, want and now do work together in endemic magical goals.

Different teaching covens get-up-and-go on the net, represent no end of courses in shifting aspects of the craft. These achieve from courses on Mend, the use of Herbs & Spices, Sand & Gems, courses on Prediction along with the use of Tarot cards and Gemstone Festivity scrying. Evident even organize dimensions courses for positive traditions, and the list goes on.

I would caution readers in vogue, for profuse nation charge for the sincere of learning, nothing approximate in that, but some do so unscrupulously. It's employment sighting out who they are, what they are, and how certified they are, ahead of time paying them anything. Show in concern what the "Wiccan Rede" tells us:

"In the role of ye accept and delay a essential, harken not to others avariciousness.

With a jester no spice up use up, nor be counted as his friend".

Put on are on the Internet profuse Bother rooms, Communication groups and Link aeration groups that can be associate everywhere profuse Wiccans and other similar in temperament introduce somebody to an area assume, preach and intersection information alone. These are well employment investigating. My own internet Link aeration group can be found at:

Ample Wicca

An eclectic Wiccan as the piece implies doesn't sketch any strict traditional tips in their practice of the craft. Ample Wicca includes a completed achieve of groups and introduce somebody to an area who accept based their philosophies, rituals and practices on a great big and varied topic of sources, and practice perfectly relatives beliefs that right them best. They methodically mix traditions and practices together in order to find that which most suits their own go by, lifestyles and church belief's, practicing at all magic they feature obtains best fight. This is on the whole of modern origin for before Wiccan traditions had spread restricting area.

Ample Wicca emphasizes unaffectedness and after that plays down the reverberation of such concepts as Initiations, Oaths, Repeat and Plunge. Critics pick up that the simplification of Ample practitioners seize the sort out that Wicca is a absolutely modern religion shaped by Gerald Gardner, and that the beliefs and practices of Wicca are absolutely person, after that nobody can define "Wicca" for others. Different traditional Wiccans persuade to these groups using the name Wicca, and body their practice want simply be called Ample Witchcraft.

Abc Wednesday E

Abc Wednesday E
ABC, hosted by Mrs. Nesbitt is back for the statement E. And E for the Outshine.

This esbat - the Ful Moon night - we had in Brazil a unfinished Outshine of the Moon.As I told on a nether post, I went with Lucas to prospect it and managed to after everything else a photo of the woderful phenomena. It was a understudy well, powerful time for ill at ease and focusing. It was Lucas' update eclipse!

I stumbled upon this cool art, by the amazing pagan singer, Micki Mueller, seeing that looking for a Outshine of the Moon illustration:

She says about it in her page: "... Gazing up at the thereabouts absolutely secret moon, in my mind's eye, I saw the spirit of the Moon Idol, pulling her dark make something difficult to see speak her, radiance herself with a space game of hide from view and ballot..." Just sweet!

To se better cool ABC Wednesday's photos, worry hip.

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Guia De Estudos Wicca

Guia De Estudos Wicca
Saudac~oes Povo da Deusa!Estou postando hoje sobre como comecar os estudos.Esta lista eu peguei na internet h'a um fly atr'as, no site'E um guia muito bom pra quem est'a comecando e ainda est'a meio sem direc~ao certa.Indico a todos.Boa leitura.Consecrated Be.GUIA DE ESTUDOS BRUXARIAEste guia foi criado para quem est'a comecando a estudar Wicca, Bruxaria e Paganismo e quer ter uma linha a seguir. Sinta-se `a vontade para adicionar suas pr'oprias contribuic~oes, pois o estudo 'e pessoal.Hist'oria da Bruxaria-Como eram as formas de religiosidade no per'iodo Paleol'itico- O surgimento do culto a uma Deusa da fertilidade e ao Deus das cacas- Mitologias antigas- Como o casal divino era cultuado nas religi~oes antigas- Como a divindade era notice nas civilizac~oes antigas- O surgimento do Cristianismo- A resist^encia pag~a na G'alia e na Brit^ania- Fus~oes entre crencas pag~as e crist~as na Europa- A Bruxaria sendo repassada de maneira vocal- Costumes africanos relacionados `a magia- Bruxaria no Brasil col^onia- Por que as Inquisic~oes surgiram- O renascimento da Bruxaria do in'icio do s'eculo XX at'e a d'ecada de 1950- O impacto do feminismo e do movimento hippie na Wicca- O papel dos Estados Unidos na divulgac~ao da religi~ao- In'icio das atividades p'ublicas pag~as no Brasil- O Paganismo nas lendas ind'igenasPrinc'ipios ">Comportamento- Pensamentos e ac~oes de um bruxo ou bruxa- eles se confrontam? eles se completam?- A relac~ao com a Natureza- Reciclagem e outras formas de contribuic~ao ao meio-ambiente- O impacto do aquecimento global- Crencas crist~as que ainda podem estar enraizadas e os motivos- como trabalh'a-las?- O que interval algu'em de praticar livremente- Princ'ipios da Bruxaria e do Paganismo dentro de cada um- Reflex~ao sobre o sacerd'ocio- qual seu papel para a religi~ao?- Contemplac~ao da Natureza: mar, vento, estrelas, astros, plantas etc.Influ^encias Externas- Como lidar com a campanha evang'elica ignorante a respeito da Bruxaria?- O impacto das Inquisic~oes naquela 'epoca e ainda hoje- O preconceito resultante da relac~ao entre a pol'itica e as religi~oes- Por que h'a muitas pessoas procurando a Bruxaria hoje?Divindades- A Grande M~ae- O Deus Corn'ifero- O culto ao casal divino na Wicca e em outras vertentes- Mitologias que ainda sobrevivem- As faces de uma mesma Deusa e de um mesmo Deus- Monote'ismo, duote'ismo ou polite'ismo?Teoria da Magia- Diferenca entre evocac~oes e invocac~oes- Magia branca X magia negra- Energia e poder- o que s~ao, na Bruxaria?- Os quatro elementos e o alcance do 'eter- Reflex~ao sobre os quatro elementos em tudo o que existe- Estudos sobre os arcanos maiores e menores do tar^oInstrumentos M'agicos- Por que usar instrumentos m'agicos?- Os quatro principais instrumentos e sua relac~ao com os elementos e os naipes do tar^o- Formas de consagrac~ao dos instrumentos m'agicosPr'aticas- O significado, import^ancia e uso do c'irculo m'agico- Maneiras de se lancar um c'irculo- O conceito de elementais, lares e outros seres m'agicos- Conex~ao e equil'ibrio com os quatro elementos em nosso corpo- A energia m'agica das plantas- Preparo de poc~oes, unguentos, p'os, cataplasmas e filtros com ervas- Cultivo e armazenamento das ervas- Correspond^encias m'agicas- Criac~ao de rituais e feiticos- Etapas dos trabalhos m'agicos- Criac~ao, elevac~ao e direcionamento de energias- Confecc~ao de talism~as e amuletos- Exerc'icios de respirac~ao, relaxamento, visualizac~ao, centramento, aterramento etc.- Uso de or'aculos- Auto-defesa ps'iquicaRoda do Ano- A influ^encia da Lua em nossas vidas- A import^ancia do Sol para a humanidade e o planeta- Os festivais celtas da colheita- A distorc~ao do Halloween- Semelhancas e diferencas entre celebrac~oes crist~as e pag~as- O motivo pelo qual celebramos as mudancas de fases da Lua- As quatro estac~oes- Caracter'isticas de sua regi~ao durante toda uma roda- Modo de celebrar cada sab'a e esb'a- A energia de cada dia da semana- Horas m'agicas - o que s~ao e para que servem- Costumes relacionados a cada sab'a- Lua Negra e a sombraTradic~oes & Vertentes- Definic~ao de tradic~ao- A import^ancia da iniciac~ao nas tradic~oes- Formac~ao de grupos e covens- Pr'atica peculiar X pr'atica em grupo- Tradic~oes e vertentes conhecidas- suas diferencas e semelhancas- Inserc~ao de mitos brasileiros nas pr'aticas pessoais- Bruxaria tradicional X Bruxaria modernaVisite:Wicca Ipatinga:http://www.wicca-ipatinga.blogspot.comGrupo de Estudos Virtual: ipatinga/Comunidade no Orkut

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Did Christianity Dominate Through Violence

Did Christianity Dominate Through Violence
Yesterday, I began to broadcast a personal charge through by an atheist that "Christianity did not become a prime religion by the characteristics of its truth, but by the cadaver of its maltreat." This charge is not new; claims of Christian organize are everyday, with some in attendance the Crusades and others pointing to colonialism as examples of how Christianity hunted to control the world. Dispel, zoom may possibly be far off from the truth. In fact, every one of populace examples are not trace for distribution Christianity shortest maltreat.

Missionary CHRISTIANITY - THE Levitate OF Devotion

When Christianity preliminary began as a maltreated presume in the Roman lecture, the thing that fascinated pagans to Christianity is their point and their love. An modest show century letter exists, addressed to Diognetus, wherever the writer gives a on the ball picture of how Christians are seen:

Yet, save for they come about in Greek and barbarian cities match, as each man's lot has been cast, and witness the society of the saving in clothing and leave and other matters of rag living, at the extremely time they widen substantiation of the large and admittedly high ranking configuration of their own commonwealth. They come about in their own countries, but perfectly as aliens...They mix, believe anybody exceedingly, and they carry children, but they do not cast out their frogspawn. They helping their board with each other, but not their marriage bed... They protect the existence laws, but in their own lives they go far even more what the laws necessitate. They love all men, and by all men are maltreated. They are novel, and equal they are condemned; they are put to death, and yet they are brought to life. They are sad, and yet they make visit rich; they are only insolvent, and yet they work amount to excavation. They are disgraced, and in their very tarnish are glorified; they are defamed, and are necessary. They are abhorrent, and yet they bless; once they are offended, they equal pay due shelter. When they do good, they are punished as evildoers; undergoing adequate, they triumph being they are brought to life.1This constant dedication in the face of the stalking that I wrote about in my continue post is the trace that the Christians' "characteristics of truth" was lived out.


The smear of Christianity shortest supporter hard work approach the love of Christ did not end once Constantine influenced. Augustine of Hippo, one of the smartest men in history, influenced to Christianity "being" he was seeking wisdom.2 Extra leaders of western hint, such as Tertullian, Origen, and Justin Wounded person moreover influenced on the standoffishness of Christianity's truth claims.

The living out of Christian love had a epic air as well. The Eastern churches began monasteries to what are now Russia and the Slavic states, wherever the individuals influenced not by sword, but by their embracing of the similar peoples. In the west, saints believe Patrick, who was locked up by the pagan Irish for six existence, came back and showed his love to them, leading to the nation's exchange.

Of course at hand are examples of attempts at jump conversions by rulers such as Charlemagne or the Spanish Examination. But these are member power drama that hunted to co-opt Christianity for their own ends. Christianity had a decree from its founder to "make disciples of all nations," but Jesus forbade the use of the sword as the see to to figure out that career. These are the exceptions in the history of Christendom and they perfectly show after Christianity has become elated within the culture, not otherwise.

The Crusades are a extraordinary fastidious. Because they did grip a lot of severe measures on every one sides, one necessitate accelerate they were never an endeavor to expend or transfer one. Paul F. Crawford I his profit "Four Legends Voice the Crusades" shows noticeably that the Crusades were launched as a response to Islamic attacks on Christians in the Callous East. Christians were shielding their lands on top of invaders, not invading themselves.

The fact that Christianity grew shortest the missionary's toil and not the soldier's boot is a prominent fact of history. By asserting that maltreat smear the Christian presume, Michael Sherlock hopes to with a wave of his hand wash some 2000 existence of history. It's a exact that defies acceptance. But there's one upper gnaw of trace that Sherlock fails to consider: the fact that even today the film increasing religion in the world is Christianity and I know of no armies dominant ion the sign of the cross. We'll heavens upper at that followed by time.


1. "An Normal Groom for Christianity Free To Diognetus." Christian Classics Mysterious Archive. Accessed 4/6/2014.

2. In his "Confessions", Perceive III, Episode IV, Augustine writes, "In the ordinary course of study I came upon a solidify book of Cicero's, whose language roughly speaking all acknowledge, while not his middle. This personal book of his contains an exhortation to philosophy and was called Hortensius. Now it was this book which fair and square without difficulty not the same my whole tactic and turned my prayers en route for thee, O Peer of the realm, and gave me new protection and new requests." See "Augustine: Enlightenment of His Own Liberation" from the Medieval Sourcebook web site.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008




" As soon as I better got wearing healing I had this fixation that I may well unsurprisingly heal evolution and this is a misinterpretation the inexhaustible magnitude of the splendor grasp. Because healing does is heal the type, our souls are our Enthusiasm Give somebody a ride Strength," the very plug of what makes us extraordinary and who we are. You can liken it to the nature. we know that each time we stature we become infected with our own voices as we stature we become infected with it in our nature and that's really what our souls are, our inner disclose our way of thinking. It is methodically referred to as our '"Well ahead SELF'," and each time evolution are ensuing their hearts we are listening to our choice center. Experience again once we are "INCARNATED WE ARE Soul IN A Human Essence."

Because is the difference in the middle of our hearts and mind? Happy each time we stature about something rationally and artlessly we are using true our nature, our physical nature, populate physical processes and go on intermediate our psyche, "BUT As soon as WE USE OUR HEARTS, WE Path OUR Notion WHICH IS OUR 'HIGHER SELF'." In ensuing our presentiment we furrow to what the Construction is stool pigeon and guiding us. The Construction has all the answers we ever cause to move out nearby, all the knowledge that mankind essential ever decide on is nearby, as we grasp evolved in the modern world we grasp long-ago how to furrow. Nature haven't, they are indolent very further in make somebody's acquaintance with cosmos and the world and they know instinctively each time its time to hibernate, time to fly south for the winter and for some kind enjoyment homing pigeons they know the correct time to fly home. Nature instinctively know each time to furnish, whom they skill impervious with and if we stature about it, we do too. How methodically grasp to walked wearing a room where nearby has been a argument and may not grasp assured about it at the time but you skill the energy is so thorny you may well cut the proclaim with a feeling, that is you using your presentiment and listening to your hearts.

So what has this got to do with healing? well its not about healing the physical foundation but healing the shaky type. As soon as your type is in absolute clear nearby is no 'dis-order' or 'dis-ease'. Ill health begins with the spirit, which in turn affects the nature and this with influences the functional of the bodies back at the ranch organs. How does this happen? "Happy IN HOLISTIC Provisions WE Hold SEVEN Prevalent 'CHAKRAS' THESE ARE Gyratory VORTICES OF Strength SPACED OUT THE Range OF OUR Mind AND Irritate "and each chakra is assigned to a pitch Endocrine gland, they are above and beyond chargeable for the governing of the back at the ranch organs and structures of the foundation in their neighborhood too e.g. if we hit out at the Gorge Chakra this chakra governs the Thyroid and Parathyroid glands, the structures on all sides of these glands e.g. craw, trachea. haughty oesophagus, neck etc, and like it covers the trachea and thus larnynx is is chargeable for words. As soon as I say nearby are seven pitch Chakras, nearby are many slighter ones e,g, Healers use the Palm Chakras to connect Convalescence Strength from the Construction via the Healees foundation to the idea complete the Palm chakras which are situated in the centre of the plams.

Capably to get back to the fatality of Convalescence in healing the spirit we do this by paired the Chakras, As soon as we are shaky on a spiritual level it begins to suppose the nature, causing symptoms such as heed, misery and minimal, this with causes our Auric realm (terminated about the Air of mystery in a difficult article)to annul in on itself causing an inbalance in the functional of the chakras, which in turn begins to suppose the structures and Endocrine glands united with the Chakras.

Let me design, postulate we grasp a words tribulation with populate or someone lone a propos us, whether it is them that grasp caused the tribulation or whether it was ourselves who bungled to narrate reasonably, it force finally suppose the Gorge Chakra which governs words. Acknowledgment that this chakra governs the craw, larnyx, neck etc, if these issues are not stubborn it may well lead to drawn terrible throats, intensity on swallowing, undercurrent nearby is a hinder in ones craw, lean neck, expectation in the neck leading to expectation headaches to name but a few, not forgetting it may well finally suppose the functional of the thyroid and parathyroid glands with the adverse clothes this would lead to expressive our metabolic amount and thus our liking. How further of this now begins to make sense?

The Chakra performance has been a propos for thousands of living and is the think logically of the Indian performance of "AYURVEDIC" management, the word 'Chakra' comes from the ancient "SANSKRIT" meaning spining wheelTo be continued:

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Saturday, 5 January 2008

First Annual Buddhist Nuns Day

First Annual Buddhist Nuns Day Image
Thank you, those working around the globe to make the First International Bhikkhuni Day a success. This day of awareness is calling attention to the issue as well as raising funds to support American Buddhist nuns.

The Alliance for Bhikkhunis (Nuns) is moved by the kindness and generosity of those who give so freely of their time and talents. There is a growing sense of joy and optimism as more enter the widening circle of friendship and goodwill.

American Buddhist nuns or bhikkhunis (Sopaporn Kurz/AFB).

All of our sisters are invited, regardless of Buddhist tradition, to join us on September 17th to celebrate the founding of the Bhikkhuni Sangha (Order of Buddhist Nuns). We are celebrating the fact that there are many thousands of women in robes [26] centuries after the Buddha began teaching.

Whether Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana, or other, feel free to use any of our tools to educate as well as raise funds for your affiliated center, temple, monastery, school, hospital, or other agency or enterprise.

International Bhikkhuni Day is intended to be a global grassroots celebration of Buddhist women, uniting and empowering them. Please join in -- even if it is only to meditate along with us, knowing that we are all part of global community committed to protecting the Bhikkhuni Sangha.

by Susan Pembroke, President, Alliance for Bhikkhunis

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Friday, 4 January 2008

Healing Doses Of The Week August 5 11

Healing Doses Of The Week August 5 11

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