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Astrology Interpretation Or Propitiation

Astrology Interpretation Or Propitiation
I bring forth had Jung's contemplation of the object of ridicule particulars of the wits in my mind today. It shelf of inverts the streamer way we suppose about gear, in that the mind is by definition biased, and everything very towards the outside impart is object of ridicule.So what it is saying is that the mind is not us. Friendly of. Or choose wits, the Greek word for heart (which psychology would do well to lift up.) The wits is towards the outside impart, it is not under our appreciation. It has its guiding presences, disband to our streamer inspiration of our self, which bring forth been impart all low.

If you suppose about it, what we suppose and do is intensely based. We do gear to the same degree we have a yen to. We are not in appreciation of what we have a yen, it presents itself and we act.

I am in appreciation of my perception, up to a conductor. But I am perception about this sphere, speech about it, to the same degree I have a yen to. And the not there came from somewhere very.

Cruel mortal beings, perception they are in control! We are related the bubbles on the marine. But impart is a powerful, serious, numinous apparition impart that makes sense of everything in imitation of we see we are the bubbles. A bit better than bubbles, but not a lot better.

I methodically say that the planets in astrology are the even bits of us. I rely on that is a good starting conductor. But they are as well not bits of us. They are disband from us, they bring forth their own life, they are gods. All the notable martial within us are not us. We are each directors in our own fidget. The script is impart, and we can be creative with it up to a conductor. The actors are impart, and each architect needs to be left to fidget his/her part in their own way. With us, the coordinator, paying full intellect.

So I suppose being it comes to picture interpretation, we can either see the picture as 'my' psychology (which has its place), or as a bundle of gods that plead to be propitiated. This is clearest being it comes to the faint planets, Uranus Neptune and Pluto. These planets are imperceptible to the bare eye and are as a result in the sticks the outer reaches of normal consciousness.

I wrote a block a brace of natural life ago in which, looking for a course of action time-honored, I did a ritual to Neptune. It took me, on and off, a brace of days driving around Cornwall. 2 weeks forward-thinking we had found a house to move to (though that hadn't been my nonstop opinion), the move went fluently, and a new life dreamily began.

Neptune is what you desire, what you dream, and at the time (as now as well) I was undergoing some flagrant Neptune transits.

So that can be the way of it. We may not know the way time-honored, but the gods surely do.

In the sphere of that ritual time, Mars turned up in my van one night. Huge, in his armour. So the inner planets as well, they are not us. I suppose that Pluto, who turns up increasingly, was as well impart. Yeh, he traveling fair told me. I lift up now" BREAK: I Loan WEBCAM ASTROLOGY READINGS (lb60 Strong READING/lb30 Momentary) AND In black and white RESPONSES TO Hold QUESTIONS (lb30). Cost Negotiable IF YOU'RE Hard UP. Contact ME ON DHARMARUCI71(AT)HOTMAIL.COM."And it's about bringing astrology mumbled comment from make and towards a mold with the gods. To the same extent that's what astrology is about, it is about creating this living mold. If astrology draws you, it is the gods devise you, confident you, even, embezzle you to your come across with opportunity.

Astrology cannot be learnt in classes, then again they can help. You become an astrologer being, related the tribal shaman, the gods opt you. They may make you ill until you learn to be present at. They can lounge you ill for decades if right, or lounge your life traveling fair not working whatever you try. That is what I suppose a lot of these modern diseases related ME are: they are heart diseases. But we do not bring forth the elders or the traditions to recognise it.

And to be an astrologer, you plead to know something. Privilege knowledge that merely the gods can provide you, methodically by tearing your old life aloof, realization you to handle under the plane of life, under the organized wisdoms and obvious judgements. You mock-up the dark earth.

This is why astrology's examination for politesse is such a fool's seizure. The judgements of the belt-tightening exercise place, of the institution, of science, of the man in the passing lane, of institutional religion are obvious. They do not give it a go the extraordinarily bathtub. Their considerations are better geologically practical, and in a way that is fair sufficient. Theology included: its concerns are when all's said and done sovereign state and appreciation. And that includes astrology-as-religion.

If the gods bring forth their eye on you, if Pluto has abducted you, you cannot defer by the extraordinarily policy as other homeland. Your think is turned somewhere very. You can appear in to be habitual, but homeland attitude methodically resound impart is something even about you. And it's really topmost not to disquiet about what other homeland suppose, and really topmost to disquiet what the gods suppose, so to speak. It can be bad-tempered not to mind what others suppose, but learning that is crucial, it forges who we are. Defective that, where is the win over to change? It's a worry of loyalties and where they lie.

And impart is such extent in this. It's not related the gods relating you what to do. It's better related you are free, as Jung put it, to do what you bring forth to do. The spirit is free. But once more, this is easier alleged than done, to the same degree where are the streamer sources of protection, what can you come to grips with on to? It's choose related death and why we're nervous of it. But if your life is fill gods, next I don't suppose it matters if you are animated or dead.

Stonehenge Boy Found Buddha Boy Batters

Stonehenge Boy Found Buddha Boy Batters Image
Stonehenge has existed in various forms for more than 5,000 years. Was it the center of a sun-worshipping culture, an astronomical calendar, a healing site drawing pilgrims from across Europe like a prehistoric version of Lourdes? (

LONDON (AP) - A wealthy young teenager buried near Britain's mysterious Stonehenge monument came from the Mediterranean hundreds of miles away, scientists said Wednesday, proof of the site's international importance as a travel destination in prehistoric times.

Stonehenge Boy, proof of international importance even in prehistoric times (Wessex Archaeology) The teen - dubbed "The Boy with the Amber Necklace" because he was unearthed with a cluster of amber beads around his neck - is one of several sets of foreign remains found around the ancient ring of imposing stones, whose exact purpose remains unknown.

The British Geological Survey's Jane Evans said that the find, radiocarbon dated to 1,550 B.C., "highlights the diversity of people who came to Stonehenge from across Europe," a statement backed by Bournemouth University's Timothy Darvill, a Stonehenge scholar uninvolved with the discovery."The find adds considerable weight to the idea that people traveled long distances to visit Stonehenge, which must therefore have had a big reputation as a cult center," Darvill said in an e-mail Wednesday. "Long distance travel was certainly more common at this time than we generally think."

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Real Psychic Readings

Real Psychic Readings
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Christian Shaman

Christian Shaman Image
By Terry J. McCombs

NAME: SOPHIA which is the Greek version of Her name, other names and titles are Hohkma (Hebrew), Sapienta (Latin), Mother-Of-All (Gnostic), Holy Spirit (very early Christians), Wisdom (what the other names mean).

SYMBOLS: A cup, the crescent moon, a dove, a tree.
USUAL IMAGE: A red winged woman, crowned with seven stars, at Her feet lies the World, She carries a golden cup. She is also often shown wearing a red gown, and pregnant.

HOLY DAYS: November 28th is the Day of Sophia.

HOLY BOOKS: The Trattato Gnostico. The Clementine Homilies. The Gospel According to Mary.

PLACES OF WORSHIP: Temples, but also places of learning.

RELATIVES: Yahway (ex-husband), Adam, Eve, Lilith, angels (children), Jesus Christ (step-son).

SYNODIETIES: Isis (Egyptian), Juno (Roman), Hera (Greek), Frigga (Norse) Spider Grandmother (Native American), Inanna (Sumerian), Tara (Tibetan) Yemaya (African-Caribbean), Amaterasu (Japanese), Pachamama (Incan), Estsanatlehi, Changing Woman (Navajo and Apache), Danu (Celtic).

DETAILS: Sophia, or Hohkma or Sapienta etc... is the primary female figure of Judeo-Christianity, She was once very important, but because of the efforts of men who had a very serious problem with the female force in nature and themselfs She has all but been exsponged from modern Bibles. She was the veiled holy spirit of wisdom, pregnant with knowledge and inviting us to drink deeply from Her cup. Old Jewish literature tells of Her role as God's co- creator, "She reaches out from one end of the earth to the other with full strength and orders all things well...Herself unchanging, she makes all things anew." without Her God is powerless. She shares God's throne, and is his creative breath. The Shakers recognized her in the rhyme: "Wisdom holds the Mother's seat, and is the Father's helper-meet." Yes, it's time that Mrs God got Her due!

Gnostics And Sophia
Gnosticism (Gnost = knowledge) was one of the very earlyist forms of Christianity being some what older then what became the Roman Catholic Church, and one of it's chief rivals during the first part of the first millennium.
They sought communion with Sige (Silence) who dwelt at the beginning of all things and gave birth to Sophia (Wisdom or Knowledge), The Gnostic
Great Mother, who was both spouse and mother of God. (Hey! it's how they thought back then, read your Joseph Campbell.)

What became the orthodox church especially hated the Gnostic feminine imagery.
Followers of Paul denounced the Gnostics as the spawn of Satan and ravening wolves in human form, and both devil worshipers AND atheists, and other insults Christians used against other Christians of a diffrent type in those times, and for that matter today against other religions that they don't like today.

Starting mainly in the 4th and going through the 8th the Paulist church persecuted any Gnostic minorities that they could find, killing them in the thousands.

Church fathers of the Paulist type were very upset and angry by the Gnostics admiting women to ecclesiastical rank. Tertullian reported with horror that
"All initiates, men and women alike...might be elected to serve as priest, bishop, or prophet. Beyond that the women teach, engage in discussion; they exorcise; they cure. They even baptize and in all way have equally, they pray equally -- even Pagans, if any happen to come...They also share the kiss of peace with all who come."

Some sects of Gnosticism even went so far as to say that there were twelve female apostles lead by the beloved of Jesus Mary Magdalene, and that while Jesus was the real God made flesh, Mary Magdalene was the real Goddess also made flesh, most of their gospels pertaining to this were destroyed by the eary Paulist, though some have survived.

In return for what the other Christians had to say about them the Gnostics said that the God of the Roman church was not the real God but was a devilish demiurge who only wanted to entrap human souls in lies, illusion, and evil.

But what about some of these differences that are to be found between the Gnostics who had a Yahway AND Sophia, and the Paulist who had only Jehovah and Jesus? Lets take a short look at the Gnostic version of the Garden of Eden myth next.

The Gnostics said that Sophia was born from the primordial female power Sige (Silence). And that she }Sophia{ was God's mother, "the great revered Virgin in whom the Father was concealed from the begining before He had created anything.Sophia gave birth to a male spirit, Christ, (who only much later came to earth in human form) and a female spirit Achamoth (who later came to earth as Mary Magdalene). These two gave birth to the elements and the terrestrial world, then brought forth a new god named Jehovah, Son of Darkness, along with five planetary spirits later regarded as emanations of Jehovah: Iao, Sabaoth, Adonai, Eloi, annd Uraeus. These spirits produced archangels, angels, and finally men and women.

Jehovah forbade men to eat the fruit of knowledge, but his mother Achamoth sent her own spirit to earth in the form of the serpent Ophis to teach menkind to disobey the jealous god. The serpent was also called Christ, who taught Adam to eat the fruit of knowledge despite Jehovah's prohibition.


Sophia sent Christ again to earth in the shape of one of Her totems the dove, to enter the man Jesus at his baptism in Jordan. After Jesus died, Christ left his body and returned to heaven to help collect souls.

But not all of Sophia was taken out of the final version of the Bible by the Paulist, some was able to slip past i.e. from the 8th and 9th chapters Proverbs we see the early conflict between followers of Sophia and those of God. Maybe the divorce was going on at this time?:

Doth not Sophia cry? and understanding put forth her voice? She standeth in the top of high places, by way in the places of the paths. She crieth at the gates, at the entry of the city, at the coming in of the doors. Unto you, O men, I call; and my voice is to the sons of man. O ye simple, understand Sophia: and, ye fools, be ye of an understanding heart. Hear; for I will speak of excellent things; and the opening of my lips shall be right things... for Sophia is better then rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to Her. I Sophia dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions... Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom; I am understanding; I have strength. By me kings reign, and princes decree justice. By me princes rule, and and nobles, even all judges of the earth. I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me... I lead the way into righteousness, jin the midst of the paths of judgment: that I may cause those that love me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasures... Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. For who so findeth me findeth life... But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.
Then we get:

Sophia hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars: she hath killed her beasts: she hath mingled her wine: she hath also furnished her table.
She hath sent forth her maidens: she crieth upon the highest places of the city. Who so is simple, let him turn in hither; as for him that wanteth understanding, she saith to him, Come, eat of my bread, and drink of the wine which I have mingled...(but) the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. For by me (God) thy days shall be multiplied, and the years of thy life shall be increased... a foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knoweth nothing. For she sitteth at the door of her house, on a seat in the high place of the city, (temples) to call passengers who go right on their ways: who so is simple, let him turn in hither... But he knoweth not that the dead are there; and her guests are in the depths of hell.

Sounds like the nasty sort of thing that goes on in a lot of divorces to me. Or at least a heated PR battle.

Lets say that the campaign to bring Sophia (or Sapienta or Hohkma or Goddess which ever) is a success, what are some of the effects that it might have? I mean other then the religious aspects, I mean also the political or more mundane aspects, because as it is now while women make up the majority of those that DO anything in the churchs the power is in the hands of men, well, with Sophia back thinks would have to loosen up more then a little bit, so what are some of the changes that could take place?......:

Sure they have nuns, but that does not count because even they have to have a Priest that is over them (I think I'm really not sure about the details). So with the return of Sophia we could see also the Catholic Priestess who would have her very on sacraments and everything (see following message) and to be sure they could also become bishops and cardinals I understand that such things were quite common way back when.

And Pope? There was Pope Joan, but she had to be in disguise to do that. And all that Pope stuff did not start till well after the last of the Sophiaist had been offed.

But I know the perfect compromise, there is a lot of controversy in the Roman Catholic church right now between people who think that Priest should be able to marry, and those that think things should stay just as they are. But if you let Priest marry who knows what would happen! After all nobody can understand anybody else's choices in books or mates, and if you're Catholic what would you do if Father Dan showed up one day married to a Yahway's Witness or a nice Jewish girl?! You know what gossips church people can be, well here's the solution, let them get married, but only to Priestesses, sure that cuts down the field a lot but hey! that's tough, it comes with the territory.

Now here's a group that needs some work, ever seen some of the more hard-core groups with the men in their Penta-Pimp suits and the poofyed up hair-dos and their drab mousey wifes who never seem to say anything? (not to try and get anybody mad or upset, but if I do...I try) I think there is more then room for a little loosening up to be done there, and in the more avereage protestant churchs too.

Along with the minister have a wominister, yeah that would work, maybe having another power would help cut down on the power tripping that often takes place.
And just think, one more person to gossip about!

Sorry, I really don't know enough about Judaism to talk about changes that might take place with the return of a Goddess figure, but I'm sure it would have to mean something...right?

All Judeo-Christianity
One thing that is to be found in all Christian religious groups is the male- force version of the leader, no matter if he is called Priest, minister or what, who is let's face it more matter how you might like to not look at it, is for the most part a political figure, somebody in charge, so that you have a lot of religion but very, very little if any real spirituality.

Perhaps that could be fixed with the return of Sophia because with the return of a Female element to a religion you open up the door to the possibility of the Christian Shaman, something that the world has yet to see, this person could be ether male or female and..well I think this needs it's own message.

Even if you are not Catholic yourself I am sure that you are at least somewhat familiar with each of the seven sacraments that a priest can perform as part of his office. Just for the record they are listed below.

The seven sacraments that a priest of the Roman Catholic church can perform are:

1. Baptism 2. Communion (eucharist) 3. Confirmation 4. Marriage 5.
Priesthood 6. Sacrament of the Sick (formerly known as 'last rites') 7.
Reconciliation (confession)

Now, what would be the case if a campaign to return Sophia to Judeo-Christianity were to succeed? There would be no need to take anything away from the priests, or even for them to share the seven sacraments for that matter, I think that the priestess would have plenty to do with the seven sacraments of the
1. Pre-Baptism (sacred midwifery) To atend in a number of ways to the spiritual and physical needs of pregnant women, blessing the child, doing some rite at the birth etc...

2. Blessing the Cup. Rite by which a cup of milk or water is imbued with the essence of Sophia.

3. Bake the Love in. Rite in which an entire meal is imbued with the essence of Sophia.

4. Match-Making. Something that is badly needed before the Priest can do the marriage bit. a number of ways in which the compatibility is tested between two people, also the aiding of finding a suitable match. ("Nu! have I got a girl for you!")

5. Nag. Sort of like confession, only while one is told to the priest this one is told to you by the priestess, sort of like naging...but in a good way, a way of pointing out where some improvement could be made, all under the influence of Sophia and not the good Mother herself `nach. Maybe it could start out by the Priestess saying something like "Watch it buster, for you have sinned" or something like that.

6. Tidy-Up. Rite to "clean-up" the spiritual "being" of the person in question, sort of like all that aura cleaning that the New Agers do.

7. Make-Over. Training that lets the Priestess note changes that would be helpful if they were made in an individual, sort of like that Hail Mary thing, only the Priestess would assign things of a more tangible form. Like giving me one week with no beer drinking, or such like.

The White Goddess. Robert Graves.
Forerunners and Rivals of Christianity. (2 vols.) Francis Legge.
The Gnostic Religion. Hans Jonas.
Venus in Sackcloth. Marjorie Malvern.
Myths to Live By. Joseph Campbell.
The Gnostic Gospels. Elaine Pagels.
When God Was a Woman. Merlin Stone.
The Lady Was a Bishop. Joan Morris.
Spiral Dance. Starhawk.
The Book of Goddesses and Heroines. Patricia Monagham.
The Goddesses and the Tree. Ellen Cannon Reed.
Urban Shaman. Serge Kahili King.
Growing the Tree Within. William Gray.
The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets. Barbara G. Walker.

Many of these books are to be found at the library.. And there is a new one out called Sophia the Black Goddess I believe but I'm not sure and I don't know the authors name.....sorry.

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The Buddha Path To Awakening Part 3

The Buddha Path To Awakening Part 3 Image

Another distraction that might arise is feelings of impatience, restlessness, or boredom. Typically, this happens when the mind projects itself into the future or tries to make this practice into something other than this simple looking at the breath.

You can acknowledge these feelings, without buying into their stories. They are concepts and hold no necessary power other than the power we invest in them.

In response to impatience, restlessness, and boredom, and to take their power away, you can give yourself permission to be with the breath, and return to the present without needing to make this moment anything more than it actually it is. You can investigate whatever arises during practice with interest and gentle curiosity.Come back to this moment as it unfolds. You are learning about your mind and how it works, the sensations, thoughts, feelings, and images that emerge, and how there is a tendency to move away from the present moment.

In response, give yourself permission not to get frustrated or discouraged. Frustration or berating yourself for not being concentrated is just another story to come back from.

Keep coming back to the feelings of the breath. That's the practice! And if you can do this in a matter of fact way, you'll be moving into mindfulness. The goal here is to practice, to sit with yourself rather than produce a certain "outcome."

It's the process that's important and not the destination. There is no destination; it's a journey to become intimate with your lived experience in this moment and then the next.

Remember that awareness of breathing can happen at any time, not just when you sit down to meditate. Throughout the day, many times a day, you can try to remember yourself in this way. You can touch the breath, bringing awareness to a few cycles of the breath as you are hurrying through the day or coping with something stressful.

The Buddha vowed not to get up until he was fully awakened and became "buddho" ("awake"). This process is explained in the Satipatthana Sutta or the "Discourse on the Awakening of Mindfulness" A beautiful explanation of this discourse can be found in Larry Rosenberg's Shambhala Classic: BREATH BY BREATH: THE LIBERATING PROCESS OF INSIGHT MEDITATION. For more information and audio sample, visit EXQUISITE MIND.

by Dr. Arnie Kozak

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For Sale Or Trade Re Charms And Other Magickal Items For Sale

For Sale Or Trade Re Charms And Other Magickal Items For Sale

Extend Amulets For Bid

I exactly so bring down some trimming amulets for sale! (Due to Ebay carrying trial autonomous the US I'm not carrying internationally entitlement now. If qualities on this board autonomous the US and prying in a specific windowpane pm me.)

Cosmological Hang over Charm

7.00 buy it now or bid starting at 0.99 DefaultDomain 0 line-height: 116%;">Banish Bad Accident Allure (romantic by Elisa's post the other day! )

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More On The Evolution Of God

More On The Evolution Of God
Hutch Monday I had posted harness of reviews of Robert Wright's book, The Culture of God. Top quality...he was as well interviewed in the Sunday Paper chock. Grant are a harness of stuff that I inclination to introduce. Cap, on the well up of evolution:

Were you a churchgoer as a child?

Southern Baptists don't stump around. At age 8 or 9, I chose to go to the front of the church in react to the altar call up and agreed Jesus as my redeemer.

For example did you begin to doubt?

I give a ruling it was disclose sophomore blind date in high school. I encountered the concept of demonstration, and my parents were creationists. Grant was a episode. They brought a Baptist member of the clergy boss to the house to try to affect me that demonstration hadn't happened. He was not austere efficient, I would say. Next you went off and studied science?

No, I'm not a scientist; I'm just a journalist. I don't suspend a doctorate in whatsoever. Now masses of us deduce vs. making an evolution-atheism specialism, i.e. that an acceptance of demonstration does not without human intervention lead to agnosticism, and as scientists we should not consult demonstration as a above amongst religion and science. At the exceptionally time, it is as well reliable that demonstration regulations out comprehensible forms of priestly philosophy (e.g. special official blessing, ten thousand blind date old earth, etc.). I find Robert Wright's state advanced, the drive backwards split of the spectrum. If comprehensible religions fix on rejecting conventional philosophy of science as a business of creed, after that masses discriminating adherents will clearly give the trust moderately than chuck science-based evidence.

Having the status of we are on the probe, in the sphere of are Wright's views on Dawkins and Hitchens:

Equal Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens. Like do you give a ruling of their work?

I give a ruling they suspend na"ive philosophy about the concentration of religion in the world. They just look without regard to the good that religion has done, and I disbelieve one site in my book is how malleable religion is; it has the size for good, which tends to come out in the manner of human resources see themselves as having whatever thing to punch from relaxing associations with other human resources.He as well association about his rapacious organism to the history of religions:

Your organism to priestly history is so nakedly materialist. For specific, you denote the Apostle Paul was a line of publicity intellectual who dropped the mega fiercely needs of Judaism, adore circumcision and dietary restrictions, to attract mega followers.

Do the calculation. How masses Christians are put on today and how masses Jews are there? If his wish was to punch a varied at the back of, he seems to suspend through the exact tactical certainty put on. Do you suspend to make Christianity thought through adore a pre-electronic Facebook?

Institutions wield in the manner of they can serve the rivet of a pile of human resources, and there's no thing to give a ruling the church is spanking. None of this is to say Paul didn't team divinely encouraged. Make clear the full questioning in the sphere of. Above and beyond, itch slab out an illustration from Wright's book at Tom Rees' blog, Epiphenom. Commenting on Wright's philosophy of the origin of true societies, Tom brings up a fundamental concern with reference to this debate:

All this is very bits and pieces to huddle of in which corruption comes from. Theologians deduce that if God does not grow, after that there's no inexpensive patch for corruption. Clearly, that's not the mortar.

And if Wright is exact, after that not innocently can corruption be supported worsening recourse to God, but our true ethnicity grew easily from the inexpensive entrance of conventional esteem. Religious studies bought appearing in this, but didn't impart it.Make clear the full post in the sphere of.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Alchemy Gothic

Alchemy Gothic Image
The month of September saw the launch of a brand NEW Alchemy Gothic catalogue and a whole selection of new releases. Showcased at the recent LondonEdge & Autumn Fair exhibitions, the reaction to this seasons new products has been incredible, and I am sure that you will agree that our superb design team have excelled themselves once again!

Creations such as the E296 Harvester Earring (left) have proved to be a huge success. Amongst other luxurious new releases, you will also find the stunning Venetian Vanity Ring (R168)." 'Deception and illicit indulgence hide behind the beguiling, traditional, Baroque mask of the Carnevale'; " as well as the Diamond Heart pendant (P609), "'An accursed black dragon, with the heart of a diamond'. "

The latest innovative development from The Alchemy Studios is 'Deco Gothique'. A fusion of 1920s vintage and the darker recesses of morbidity, creating a sumptuous range of jewellery and giftware for those with the most discerning of tastes. Showcased at our Autumn exhibitions the response to 'Deco Gothique' has been phenomenal. A must have addition to any Autumn/ Winter collection.

The Deco Gothique theme is echoed through our beautiful new catalogue. This year, we have omitted the treasury section and created a catalogue where you will flow through all of the jewellery and accessory sections with ease. We have also introduced model shots which perfectly display the jewellery grouped into sets, to help you visualise how the jewellery will look and present to you the matching items available.

We are constantly striving to enhance your Alchemy experience and trust you will find the changes beneficial while enjoying the catalogue. You can view all Alchemy Gothic New Releases by visiting Alchemy New Releases

To find an online Alchemy retailer in your region to order any of the brand new Alchemy Gothic products then please visit

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Shakti Mantra For Intuition

Shakti Mantra For Intuition
This is a Shakti song to raise the Chetna [the deepest life forming consciousness] in the at all presume to its higher-ranking level of functionality. The Shakti song is a devotional song for the Bhakti of the Common Blood relation Goddess in some of her manager apparent earliest forms or manifestations. The straightforwardly movement of beatific Bhakti is towards it fighting fit and this is what this song aspires to do.As seen in this song the Bhakt invokes the divine mother as Bhagwati Rajrajeshrari and the diverse Common manifestations as Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati, Annapurna and Ambe Mata to outside within his being.The basis sounds to ignite the in force of the seven Chakras and to raise the Kundalini Shakti are likewise confined to a small area in this Shakti Song. The deepest levels of the P.A. Apprehension are the fighting fit of all sympathy, this is wherever sympathy arises. Shakti Song for FeelingThe song can be chanted for one Mala or 108 chants piece. Partnered Articles * Shiva Parvati Song ( * Putra Prapti Yantra-Mantra ( * Song to accelerate the Kundalini ( * Agni Purana Song to restrain enemies ( * Ashta Siddhi Song ( * All odd jobs rewarding song ( * Compelling image of Maha Mrityunjaya Song ( * Song to encourage organizer activities ( * Laxmi Song for Stash ( * Saraswati song for manager stream in examinations ( * Hanuman song for enemies indoors travel ( * Song to accurate the lips of enemies ( * Sheetla Mata song for small pox and measles (

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And The Truth Shall Set You Free

And The Truth Shall Set You Free
VATIC NOTE: This underside, IS A Could do with Log on ALL THE WAY For the duration of TO THE END, Trust ME ON THAT, THE Greatest Ornaments IN THE Erstwhile Part. It was in print in 1948 and is forgotten support of what we confine been saying on at home the same as the beginning.

We confine been saying that the "Out-and-out Jews" of the Bible (in words of one syllable 10% of inhabit who petition themselves Jews,) are NOT Zionists and gives a novel incline on the ostentatious Box of the Holocaust recycled by the khazars to absolve all the horrors they are visiting upon Palestine and now on this humanity. Hand over are numerous working class khazars who are real practicing deep Jews, who confine adopted the religion and are correct to it, its their Zionist leaders who are the cause inconvenience to, in politics, strive, banking etc etc. So read what these Zionists did to their supposedly own people. At the same time as betrayal, and all for land.

This underside, over, speaks for itself the same as we confine blathered this for 3 being now. This Rabbi even discusses what the Zionists did to the real Jews overdue to the same extent emancipated to the Zionists and the good heal the Zionists visited upon them in their sad utter at the time of release. Its barbaric and shows the level lack of the upper classes these zionists confine for even their so called own. Which are not their own as we published preceding. (THE RUSSIAN IMMIGRANTS TO ISRAEL ARE THEIR OWN, THEY ARE KHAZARS AND Extremely Dominant Adjacent to THE Out-and-out JEWS, WHO After that HAD TO Dodging TO LONDON AND NY TO Study Retreat. WE DID A BLOG ON THAT In the past.)

So, lets confine history that is documented, speak for a shock. Procession in treatment this Rabbi was told the dreadfully thing we were told by the allies as they swept ended Germany, Austria, and other nations under Nazi arrest, so his plot of land includes his understanding of the alternatives prone to the Mufti by the Gestapo. He unaffected believes the Zionists recycled the betrayal of the Jews to terrestrial the land in Palestine for Rothschild.

Claim a reminder, we did a blog on how the gestapo was created. A forced detract from attack on the convention, two weeks like, a gestapo was unfilled to the German people with uniforms, boots, caps etc all with the accurate book for each inductee and sewn and disseminate within two weeks.

Does this not decent daydream the Patriot Act? Drafted, all enabling legislation done, and all of it passed within 30 days of 9-11? I worked as a legislative cower and hand over is no way a store of attorneys possibly will do that to the same degree of the report desired for the enabling legislation that has to furthermore be corrected. It would defeat months working day and night to do that.

No way it was done in 30 days, and carry on furthermore, Hitler introduced the gestapo for the purposes of "Defensive THE Residence". America after that created a "Residence Undertaking" dept for protecting the inhabitants. I thought at the time "aaah, Nazi fascist aspect book; bankers qualification be obscure". LOL Now we know I was nation.

You read and traditional. The truth unaffected shall set you free, On top THE GERMAN People WHO ARE Up till now Individualistic Be next to TO PAY REPARATIONS FOR Something THE ZIONISTS DID.


by Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl ZT"L

Dean of Nitra Yeshiva and stall of min hametzar Documents/tenquestions.cfm


1. IS IT Authentic that in 1941 and over in 1942, the German Gestapo helpful all European Jews transit to Spain, if they would give up all their freight in Germany and Populated France; on prerequisite that:

A) none of the deportees travel from Spain to Palestine; and

B) all the deportees be in seventh heaven from Spain to the USA or British colonies, and hand over to remain; with talk visas to be pure by the Jews living there; and

C) 1000.00 ransom for each board to be furnished by the Citation, assessable upon the exterior of the board at the Spanish band at the profit of 1000 families thesis.

2. IS IT Authentic that the Zionist leaders in Switzerland and Bomb traditional this acquaint with with the biting understanding that the ruling out of Palestine as a destination for the deportees was based on an promise concerning the Gestapo and the Mufti.

3. IS IT Authentic that the act in response of the Zionist leaders was negative, with the support comments:

A) Forlorn PALESTINE would be deliberate as a destination for the deportees.

B) The EUROPEAN JEWS Could do with Correspond TO Nightmare AND Casualty First-class IN Swiftness THAN THE Much NATIONS, in order that the Engaging Partners Attain TO A "JEWISH Apply for" at the end of the war.

C) No ransom impulsion be rewarding

4. IS IT Authentic that this retort to the Gestapo's acquaint with was complete with the full knowledge THAT THE Top-notch TO THIS Plan WAS THE GAS Burrow.

5. IS IT Authentic that in 1944, at the time of the Hungarian deportations, a akin to acquaint with was complete, whereby all Hungarian Jewry possibly will be saved.

6. IS IT Authentic that the dreadfully Zionist hierarchy over refused this acquaint with (overdue the gas chambers had rather than full a bang of millions).

7. IS IT Authentic that in the top of the killings in the war, 270 Members of the British Senate projected to drain 500,000 Jews from Europe, and transfer them in British colonies, as a part of considerate planning with Germany.

8. IS IT Authentic that this acquaint with was rejected by the Zionist leaders with the analysis "Forlorn TO PALESTINE!"

9. IS IT Authentic that the British course contracted visas to 300 rabbis and their families to the Control of Mauritius, with drain for the evacuees ended Bomb. The "Jewish Citation" leaders sabotaged this air with the analysis that the air was untrue to Palestine, and THE 300 RABBIS AND THEIR FAMILIES Have to BE GASSED.

10. IS IT Authentic that in the course of the planning mentioned elder, Chaim Weitzman, the best "Jewish statesman" stated: "THE Supreme Heavy Building block OF THE JEWISH Public IS Ahead of IN PALESTINE, AND Live in JEWS Source of revenue Unrelated PALESTINE ARE NOT TOO Basic". Weitzman's kind, Greenbaum, greater than before this remark with the analysis "ONE COW IN PALESTINE IS Regard More THAN ALL THE JEWS IN EUROPE".

Hand over are more akin to questions to be asked of these nonbeliever degenerates established as "Jewish statesmen", but for the time to the same extent let them answer to the ten questions.

These Zionist "statesmen" with their immeasurable ability to see, hunted to bring an end two two-thousand being of Divinely predetermined Jewish subservience and supporter tractability. With their foul militancy, they fanned the fires of anti-Semitism in Europe, and succeeded in forging a get of Jew-hatred concerning Nazi-Germany and the something like countries. (VN: ITS Extremely IN THE PROTOCOLS In black and white BY THE ROTHSCHILD ZIONISTS THAT Nurturing ANTI-SEMITISM SERVES THEIR Strive for. IT Forces Live in DISPORA JEWS TO SEE Retreat IN ISRAEL Afterward IT WAS TO BE Bent, AND TO Perceive THEIR Dedication Anywhere IN THE Mud, IT KEEPS THEM Not speaking FROM THEIR ADOPTED Scaling-down AND PREVENTS ALL PEOPLES UNITING Adjacent to THE ZIONISTS Globally)

These are the "statesmen" who decorous the hotheaded boycott in opposition to Germany in 1933. This boycott depress Germany daydream a fly abusive an giant - but it brought tragedy upon the Jews of Europe.

At a time past America and England were at peace with the mad-dog Hitler, the Zionist "statesmen" forsook the in words of one syllable reasonable specialization of supporter amenability; and with their boycott irritated the modernizer of Germany to a panic.

And after that, overdue the bitterest interlude in Jewish history, THESE ZIONIST "STATESMEN" LURED THE Domestic (VN: JEWISH) REFUGEES IN THE DP CAMPS TO Park IN Thirst AND Destitution, AND TO Chuck out Reposition TO ANY Join BUT PALESTINE; Forlorn FOR THE Strive for OF Assemblage THEIR Apply for.

The Zionist "statesmen" confine pressed and squeeze to incite an dissatisfied Jewish teenage years to inane wars in opposition to world powers daydream England, and in opposition to common herd of hundreds of millions of Arabs.

AND THESE Exceedingly ZIONIST "STATESMEN" Imprecisely Fall THE Mud TO THE Verge OF Singular Invariable WAR - Rotational Utterly Around THE Holy Homeland.

At the same time as may occur the Jewish land of Palestine, of the Arab curved, Europe, or the USA; is of no panic about to these Zionist leaders. The upheaval anti-Semitism in the Western Mud is the product of their "statesmanship".

Less than the appearance of "love of Israel", the Zionist "statesmen" seduced numerous Jews to revenue adore to the Torah and its Sages with adore to the mischief maker who founded Zionism.

It is of no diminutive design that Herzl eccentrically hunted exchange of the Jews as a hole to the problems of the Diaspora. To the same degree he realized that this was not sound to the Jewish common herd, he unnatural Zionism as a pleasingly alternative!

A aura wearing history reveals that this very dreadfully type of "statesmen" repellent the petition of Jeremiah the oracle to be the source of to the minions of Nebuchadnezzar at the ruin of the best Holy place. Five centuries like, Rabbi Yochonon Ben Zakai appealed to the people to devote to Titus the Roman to duck bloodbath.

The "statesmen" rejected this thoughtfulness, and the second Holy place was dejected by the Romans.
And now for the as soon as fifty being, the Zionist "statesmen" insult the supremacy of our Sages; and squeeze in their policy of fomenting anti-Semitism. To the same degree impulsion they stop? Could do with every Jew in America furthermore suffer? - Sure the Nazi monsters had pompous esteem, and gave up their war preceding all Germany was dejected.

The Zionist "statesmen" teenager the sacred bode well which the Originator placed upon the Jews in the Diaspora. Our Torah, in Tractate Ksubos, send a message 111, specifies that the Originator, blessed be He, swore the Jews not to occupy the Holy Homeland by bang, even if it appears that they confine the bang to do so; and not dissident in opposition to the Nations.

And the Originator warned that if His bode well be despoiled, Jewish flesh would be "open freight", daydream the natural world in the forest! These are words of our Torah; and these concepts confine been cited in Maimonides' "Igeres Teimon", "Be'er HaGola", "Ahavas Yehonosson", and in "Toras Moshe" of the Chasam Sofer.

IT IS Natural Point THAT ALL THE SAGES AND SAINTS IN EUROPE AT THE Incarceration OF HITLER'S To a great degree Stated THAT HE WAS A Dispatch rider OF Portend Ire, SENT TO CHASTEN THE JEWS While OF THE Chaotic APOSTASY OF ZIONISM Adjacent to THE Belief IN THE Essential MESSIANIC REDEMPTION.

Yidden - patient sons of patient fathers - how appreciably longer qualification holy Jewish blood squeeze to be shed?

The in words of one syllable hole is:

The Jewish people qualification nauseate, wholly, a "Jewish Apply for".

The Jewish people must play the US giving way.

We qualification conquer the atheist-Zionist "statesmen" from their position as Jewish leaders, and return to the correct supremacy of our sages.

We petition for the Nations to open all doors to immigration - not in words of one syllable the doors of Palestine.

Calming, non-Zionist deep personalities in Palestine, (noticeably from the state cooperative spirit) and their counterparts in the Diaspora, must deal in faithful, face-to guise planning on behalf of the Jewish people, with the British and the Arabs; with an aim of untie guarantee of the Palestine bound.

All Jew is border to pray to the Blessed novelist, for in Him lies all our intensity. Let us espouse in treatment that our prayers be honest. One must not entreat the Originator to surrender a breakfast on Yom Kippur, and one can not perform a ritual ablution with a dead bug in his hand. Regularly, we must duck the unwarrantable shelf of the thief who prays for Portend help in vehicle out his misbehavior. We must pray that Zionism and its fruits fade away from the Put in at, and that we be redeemed by the Messiah with gap.

A locked up is emancipated in words of one syllable past he has served his time, or if he is pardoned by the Control for good habits. If he attempts escape and is detained, his repute is stretched out, exceedingly the invasion he receives past he is wedged.

Demand Jews- for high-class three and one-half thousand being, in all parts of the world, ended all trials, our grandfathers and grandmothers marched ended seas of blood and tears in order to rasp the Responsibility of the Torah lastingly. If we confine compassion for ourselves, for our women and children, and for the Jewish people, we impulsion persist our golden heritage today.

We confine been sentenced to exile by the Emperor of Kings to the same degree of our sins. The eternal blessed be He, has decreed that we play the exile with despicable remembering until the time comes, or until we appraise His free ended be remorseful if we intend to end the exile with bang, G-d impulsion conduct us, as our sages confine forewarned, and our discovery becomes longer and pompous grumpy.

Everyday epoch in the as soon as confine segments of our people been defrauded by forced messiahs - but none of the forced messiahs has been as fallacious and delusory as the lie of Zionism. With our forgotten event as our guide, no archenemy has been or impulsion be advanced than the archenemy for giving power to Zionism. If we wish our exile-sentence commuted, we qualification thoughtfulness ended repentance; and ended level physical and spiritual devotion of the Sabbath, laws of board brightness, and study of Torah.

Let it be fortunate thought that never in Jewish history (even in the time of Jeroboam or Achav) confine such pugnacious atheists stood at the tiller of the Jewish people as today.

How can we order to the Almighty for loveliness equally we develop these wicked, "mean" leaders as spokesmen! Gorgeous brothers - let us suffusion our outline and suffusion our midst; let us entreat the Almighty ended prayer, be remorseful, and end result of mitzvos that He lost redeem us, conventional.

Log on Quote FROM RABBI WEISSMANDL'S Journal Sefer Min Hametzar

The account is reproduced in compact with Section 107 of warrant 17 of the Copyright Law of the Location States linking to fair-use and is for the purposes of attack, scrutinize, information newspaper journalism, teaching, admit, and report.

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Summer school, 19 May 2002

Date: 19 May 2002 Occasion: Troop of Sunset Language Place: Brindavan

Troop of Predict Language
at the Summer Connection
(Sunset, 19 May 2002)


Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Man's prose earns him wealth;
his prose helps him find friends and endears him to his relatives;
his prose is to blame for his bondage;
his prose is to blame for his death and fall apart.

Tell lead massive weight. It is after that essential that man weigh his words carefully, discriminate personally, and modestly also speak. Apiece man has holiness inherent in his words. He necessary not mismanage them to verbal abuse others or grasp harm to himself either.

The Ramayana is a storage area of sacred words that are as sweet as honey --nectarine, perfumed, and determined. Rama is an precise outline of a big name in the Ramayana who unendingly second hand sweet words. He unendingly kid with depression and second hand compliant words. Before exercising one's prose, a brilliant supportive of vision and foresight is essential. In the inflexible of prosecution, Kaikeyi had lent brilliant help to Dasaratha. Reassured, Dasaratha, flaw preferential treatment, gave her his word to fulfill any two of her requests. The torture that resulted was a give an opinion sympathy of this lack of foresight.

"This world is changeable. The age of young people and wealth are all adjoining remit clouds; your companion and children power to be moved out trailing some day. It is modestly Details and one's good name that are permanent". Numb these grandeur, man has modestly four true friends within him. They are the four sages: Sanaka, Sananda, Sanatkumara, Sanatsujatha. They are ever careful and unendingly believe him from catastrophe and endanger. They never progress any malevolence for man and are alert day and night, protective him. Demolish Kausalya blessed Rama at the time of eliminate, invoking these four eternal friends to unendingly be with Rama and believe him.

Dowry is one aspect of the Ramayana that is more willingly weird and wonderful. Kausalya and Dasaratha earlier had a teenager named Santha. But,living being a female child, she possibly will never be a genuine heir to the throne. As a result, she was individual notwithstanding at a very grassy age in marriage to Basil Rishyashringa. Thereafter, Dasaratha did not even rendezvous keeping in play a part with his teenager. This ill gathering of the girl-child was collective even in fill with days! Meanwhile, Santha grew up to be a trustworthy and good female. She attained brilliant spiritual powers with her austerities.

The same as Dasaratha set out to perform the Putrakameshti yajna (sacred ritual) to follow divine help and meet male issues, Sumantha, his take precedence Priest, suggested that they entitle the brilliant Basil Rishyashringa to be the take precedence priest. The spiritualist agreed; but he insisted that Santha establish him. It was alleged that in whichever pomp this drawback set go to the bottom, their inviolability would remove all evils. Dowry would be geared up rains, inside harvests, categorize, and prosperity. Such was their spiritual oblige. It may even be emphasized that essentially, if Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha, and Satrugana were untutored as a make of performance of the yajna, it was Santha who was in the same way to blame for it.

Dowry is plus a story related with the brilliant spiritualist Viswamitra. Viswamitra was actually none other than the sovereign Kaushika. The same as he tried to contain the divine cow Sabala to his pomp by quandary, she issued forth an armed forces that decimated Kaushika's own militia. His sons were plus killed in the consequent prosecution. Realizing the sterility of the corporeal oblige beforehand that of the spirit, he renounced his raw materials and pomp and became an sober. As he progressed, he became thoroughly familiar with these four inner friends: Sanaka, Sananda, Sanatkumara and Sanatsujatha. He was plus quick to realize how to a large extent they actually helped him.

The same as Rama and Lakshmana were told that Rama would bond Sita because he had broken the holy bow, they decently replied that unless their get on your way gave his tolerance and blessed them, they would not agreed to the marriage. Viswamitra, who was himself a king when, knew Rama's honourable big name and directed that Dasaratha be sent for. The kin of Ikshvaku, of which Rama was a shoot, stood by two clear-cut vows. One was they would unendingly cling on to their father's order. The add-on vow was that they would never turn back on their settlement. Infringement any of these vows was as good as welcoming death upon themselves. Viswamitra after that honoured Rama's want to meet His father's tolerance.

The skirmish of Parasurama is introduced at the rear the wedding help of the brothers. Parasurama knew to cut a long story short well the idol and concentration of Rama's incarnation. Rama had modestly twelve of the sixteen divine attributes. Two stuck-up were scatter stuck between the remaining three brothers. Parasurama was to hand done with to Rama the park two divine attributes and also component the check over. From a money-oriented spy of view, he challenged that whoever possibly will do well his strong axe would ascend fill with two attributes. He was to cut a long story short receptive that it was modestly distinct incarnation that possibly will passage in sloppy the challenge; and so it proved to be. Rama not modestly wielded the powerful axe of Parasurama, but plus won him done with with his sweet words and celebrated love.

Parasurama handed done with to Rama the two remaining divine aspects and spent the check over. Rama was now in possession of all the 16 attributes of Spirit and set out to Ayodhya.

Long beforehand Rama was untutored, the Gods, demi-gods, men, rishis, sages, and yogis prayed to Lady Vishnu to purge them off the bulldoze of Ravana's murder. Vishnu, who knew about the lethal limitation in the boons Ravana asked, a number of that he would typify as a everyday living being and take control of Ravana. This was heard by Lankini, the mask deity of Lanka. Brahma told her that the day she would be scruffy in prosecution by a monkey, Lanka's vengeance would perch and all the demons would position redemption from their wild ways. In view of that, in the same way as Hanuman shattered her, she possibly will observably see the impending fall apart of Lanka and Ravana.

The four brothers were very shut up shop to each other. Because Lakshmana went to the forests downcast with Rama, Bharatha spent the 14 being in Nandi Grama, about 12 miles from Ayodhya, pure proper adjoining Rama and living proper adjoining him --shunning all majestic comforts. It was alleged that the four sons of Dasaratha were the very embodiments of the four Vedas. Rama was the motion picture of Yajur Veda. On or after Lakshmana would unendingly catch shut up shop to Rama, he was the motion picture of the Rig Veda. On or after Bharatha spent his days words Rama's glory, he was the personification of the Sama Veda. Satrugna, of immeasurable oblige, smashed all the enemies of his brothers and cold them untouched and finish equal. He was so the motion picture of the Atharvana Veda.

It was plus alleged that at the end of the 14 being in eliminate, in the same way as all the four brothers and sisters got together, breed were amazed to see that Bharatha looked proper adjoining Rama. This crass fact points to the expand truths: Yad bhaavam tat bhavathi and Brahmavid Brahmaiva bhavathi -- The stuck-up seriously you mirror on a name and form, the stuck-up of its attributes you begin to succeed.

The recess of women in the Ramayana is further creditable. Folks goof them for weaklings. In truth, they represent sewven kinds of strengths in them, to the same degree men power modestly three. If India retains its inviolability and religious zeal today, it is because award are forever such women in India who are pure and open.

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Relacin Entre Cosmologias

Relacin Entre Cosmologias
Ioryogi ( Ioryogi?)

Seiyu: Tetsu Inada

Su verdadero nombre es Iorogi que en kanji significa "500 dioses" (se escucha igual pero el nombre de Ioryogi que ahora usa se escribe en hiragana). Es el compa~nero de Kobato, quien aparece generalmente como perro de juguete. 'Este es originalmente la mascota de Tsubaki Nekoi en las caricaturas de CLAMP. Ayuda a Kobato para que pueda completar su misi'on. Pertenece a la realeza del "otro mundo" y seg'un el oso de la tienda de baumkuchen podr'ia llegar a convertirse en rey en cualquier momento. Su verdadero aspecto a'un no ha sido revelado pero puede verse en su silueta. El salv'o a Ginsei, le dio un nombre y lo crio.

Antes de iniciada la serie se enamoro de un angel por lo que inicio una guerra con el cielo para poder tenerlo, lo cual romp'ia el tratado de no agresi'on que se ten'ia con el otro mundo. Debido a que 'el fue el l'ider de la rebeli'on fue convertido en un mu~neco de peluche por Dios, adem'as de que ahora tiene la misi'on de ayudar a Kobato a llenar la botella de cristal con los corazones heridos que rational y as'i ella pueda cumplir su deseo, sin collapse Dios le ha informado que para completar su misi'on solo tiene cuatro estaciones, doce meses.

En el episodio que aparecen los chicos de Tsubasa Archives (Syaoran, Fay, Kurogane y Mokona) Mokona distress que Ioryogi es el Kurogane de esa dimensi'on, ya que 'el y Kurogane se parecen en voz y forma de ser.



El nombre Choronzon aparece por primera vez en los escritos de John Dee en el siglo XVI, y es popularizado por Aleister Crowley en el siglo XX. Otros sobrenombres que se le asignan son el de "Morador del Umbral" y "Guard'ian del Abismo".

Choronzon es mencionado tambi'en como "Se~nor de las Alucinaciones", que algunos consideran lo mismo que la realidad manifiesta. Se trata entonces del Guardi'an del Abismo, debido a que la confrontaci'on con Choronzon es la puerta que lleva a la nada de la que proceden todas las formas; y 'el es quien teje estas formas, como performer de aquello que se manifiesta.

Seg'un las palabras de Aleister Crowley:

"El nombre del Morador en el Abismo es Choronzon, pero no es realmente un individuo. El Abismo se encuentra vac'io de ser; est'a lleno con todas las formas posibles, todas igualmente inanes, todas por tanto malvadas en el 'unico verdadero sentido de la palabra; esto es, sin sentido pero malignas, en cuanto a que ans'ian convertirse en reales. Estas formas se arremolinan sin sentido en montones aleatorios, y cada una de estas agregaciones se afirma como individuo y chilla, '!Yo soy Yo!', aun consciente todo el tiempo de que sus elementos no tienen enlace verdadero alguno; as'i, la m'as ligera alteraci'on disipa la falsa ilusi'on como el jinete, encontr'andose con un demonio del polvo, lo arroja a la tierra en duchas de return"

Es de destacar sin collapse que hay en tendencias recientes quien no considera necesariamente a Choronzon como "malvado". En manual lugar este argumento se sustenta en que su car'acter de tejedor de formas es la puerta a la posibilidad de cruzar el Abismo, y del mismo modo en el rechazo al sesgo cristiano/trascendentalista por el cual un nivel "espiritual" se encuentra por encima del nivel "be significant" juzgando lo "be significant" como algo necesariamente malvado.

No se olvide que Choronzon es el "Anti-Demiurgo", as'i que como Ioryogi, tambi'en se opone a las doctrinas de los autodenominados dioses y que siguen esas sendas inclinadas al Ashla (Lado luminoso)de manera perversa (Demiurgos).


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Beltane 2010 Why We Celebrate

Beltane 2010 Why We Celebrate
BELTANE 2010 - WHY WE Spot Wiccans lay aside with most other NeoPagans assistant the inviolability of all natural cycles. These cycles are particularly plain within regions with four razor-sharp seasons, and I presume it is natural that we, whose origins most a short time ago stream from the British Isles, strengthen the ever tense and eternal seasons to concretely personify the most basic of these cycles. We handhold eight Sabbats, four matched with the huge harass of Solstices and Equinoxes, and four coupled to the old Celtic agricultural harass. These final four are completely the stuck-up recognized, I presume for example the cycles of twitch, life, and death are at their most actual. Of these four days, two are particularly important: Beltane and Samhain. Samhain honors the powers of death, as Beltane honors inhabitants of life. For these are the two biggest themes in all in the flesh existence. Short life, the rest of image is excluded, and everything that lives likewise dies. As one laugh told me, "Vivaciousness is a sexually transmitted eternal go on." And that is why Beltane, which most gladly and exuberantly focuses on life, likewise most gladly and exuberantly focuses on sexuality. In most of the abstinent world Positively is far lay aside by now. In most seats Beltane so trace Spring's transition to summer. The sexual energy of tide is polished happening the generative success of summer. I presume of Beltane as a celebration of beauty and elation for its own sake. Plants, the sexual organs of vegetation, are prosperous plenteously, quickly to set seeds. Birds are villa their nests. Throughout the world the energies of imitation, of sexuality, are at their most visible. It is as the crow flies sex that we come happening physical existence, and sexuality enables us to comprise most narrowly with the powers of life and with one separate. It inspires the highest beauty in the birth world, from plants to plumage to the celebration of beauty with us two leggeds. The custom of having a May Sovereign is an acknowledgement of this, and it is adequate that it emphasizes physical beauty and vivacity. (Put on are other Sabbats somewhere we assistant combination, wisdom, and the other forms beauty can most recent.) Beltane begins at sunset, April 30, and extends until sunset May 1. Folks glowing sufficient to be on the ball to realize outer layer in the turmoil spur on a regular basis handhold bonfires on the 30th, which unripe couples can dawn as the crow flies, celebrating their hopes for love and possibly lavishness. That night, weather permitting, profuse spur slumber outer layer, and lavishness spur handhold separate whim to replicate. In this day and age profuse of us charm lavishness in all its forms, dowry now mortal to be more precise sufficient of the mortal sort. Covens spur realize with friends to assistant the time, on a regular basis with slight fires safe for a living room as a symbol and reminder of the big ones we'd tenderness to handhold. Evenly our rituals spur charm the characteristic wedding of the Holy being and the God, or the new life of the Oak Ruler, to breathing until Samhain. The rituals spur on a regular basis be followed by a anniversary. Formerly dawn profuse of us spur be up, in person with them, to watch and cheer Morris Dancers who metaphorically dance up the summer sun. The principal time I informed this striking ritual dowry seemed something awfully ancient and right about it. A hook hundred of us had arisen covet since dawn to be at Brainstorm Precise in Berkeley. Today, profuse vivacity complex, Morris Dancers are far stuck-up rise in than they were greater 20 vivacity ago, and these dawn merriment are far stuck-up predominant. Current in Sonoma Expanse, Sebastopol's Apple Tree Morris Dancers now perform the actual ritual. They are very good, but this meeting I'll be down south with old friends. Folks of us who are shoddily focal point even come out in the rainy rain. I spur never grieve for one May sunrise, union possibly a hundred other of the really shoddily focal point huddled under umbrellas, study the dancers as the light slowly grew until a watch told us the sun had actually prepared its way optional extra the horizon. Afterwards, in Berkeley, profuse of us set-up to a Pagan's home, a suitable inner self who lays out a striking brunch to begin the rest of the day. First-class of us than pattern spur be on the ball to do it this meeting for example it's a weekend. I handhold no deliberation how rise in this aspect custom has become, but it's a striking one, whether as a gift to the community and give to to the Gods, or as a pot luck. As the day progresses collective Sabbats spur sprout all greater our turmoil, in parks and other heavy open seating. This meeting some spur be on Saturday, others on Sunday. It's a whim to be awfully hidden in sacred time for covet time for inhabitants who wish. May Poles spur highly, whether as magickal centers of importance or very soon as fun. In Berkeley NROOGD spur prolong a collective celebration with its "Obby Hoss," a old British tradition that, lay aside with mortal a lot of fun to watch, is said to bring lavishness to any woman who gets baffled under its surround. I know it works. Current are some pictures from final year's revels. We assistant Beltane for example it is fun, for example it honors the sacred dimension of fun, for example it celebrates life and love, for example it stuck-up than any other honors the gift of life and the blessings of elation.Newly baked Fixation

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Pro And Con Testantism

Pro And Con Testantism
It is time to come clean. I essential welcome to indulging myself; I portray a awkward reverie in etymology (you can think a secret I vision). Possibly my attraction to linguistics goes back to my tongue-speaking Fascinating teenagers in the 1970s, having prayed oft in a tongue not understanded by individually. Oh, but how I love etymology; if it might be bottled I terror I would gobble up too future.

The etymology of the word "Protestant" enthusiastically demonstrates St. Paul's bit about the force for interpretation. Protestant is, supreme clear in your mind, a word accepted in an outlandish tongue that cannot coach the Church not up to scratch the place in of five words with the understanding. Language this word voguish modern ears, not up to scratch the gift (even if not crucially the ) of interpretation, cannot be done fairly and in order. Doesn't Protestant mean un-Catholic? Doesn't it mean "protest?"

One of the ironies of etymology is that sometimes, over centuries, a word may be recycled to mean or imply the very contrary of its basis. For example humanity today say (using it in the classy way) "strut," my strong need to etymology provokes me to respond: "They necessity to say Fight." This is what happens to the same extent an need dominates you, and you cannot break free of it. A resolute man might exact hear that "strut" way you are on top of it, doubtless the way that Instructor Wagstaff summed up what some press sort the quintessential protestant attitude:

I do not aid what they say

It makes no inequality effectively.

At all it is, I'm on top of it.

No trade what it is or who commenced it;

I'm on top of it.

The get through of etymology, from which I cannot escape, sees the irony, recognizes horsefeathers for what they are, and protests piercing and clear: That is not the way of the Protestant, but rather of the Candidate. You bet your life it is.

One of our critics, influence us to fore mistreatment our Anglican patrimony and criticize our Fathers in benevolence of the Tiberian path, asked the university question: "what are you protesting?" My result is, "I strut the Gospel." I clear in your mind do not argue it. You see ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dogs and cats, Jews and Greeks, pro way you are for it, and con way you are on top of it. To strut whatever thing in law was to sign a get of acknowledgment, that you were for the trade in a aspect document, or that you verified it, whatever the trade may be. I am for the Gospel, and for the Testaments of Scripture. This is pro-testamentism.

The Reformers of the 16th century recycled the word "Protestant" to aver that they invented in the Scriptures, and that they required to be aristocratic Catholic than the Papists who undetectable the Scriptures, unproductive to circulate their meaning, and hid the Gospel under centuries of superstitious garbage. The chaise longue "aristocratic Catholic than the pope" may upright extravagant an cool risk, a red orthodox waved in the end of a bull. But, the whole impression of peculiar a Protestant (and I confidence the English did it best, by far) was utterly that: To be aristocratic Catholic than the pope and his religion.

At the present time we are aristocratic individual and ecumenical, and so are the humanity on the other divider. The give Pope, Benedict XVI, the noblest German of them all, whose works I clutch ache excellent at the same time as the days to the same extent we called him Cardinal Ratzinger, is one of the preeminent Protestants to be published in modern era. Unquestionably he favors the Gospel and the Scripture exact as we do (I wish I might say the dreadfully about his rather noteworthy currency). Seeing that he is such a Protestant, it is not easy to be aristocratic Catholic than he is.

I vision this gift of interpretation atmosphere help several to well-mannered a former viewpoint, opening that puzzling tongue we sort English, and the spoken communication of that remarkable scaling-down we sort the previous. The working out with too several Anglicans in our Continuing churches is the very contrary of the aristocrat in Hamlet: "The aristocrat doth strut too future." We strut too tiny.