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With Lifted Covered Eyes

With Lifted Covered Eyes
' "In this week's parashah "Balak", we learn that Bilaam experienced eyesight "stage fallen and with undressed eyes" ( ).Ramban believes that "fallen" finances that Bilaam experienced eyesight having the status of he was in a sleep-like high devoid of his conscious faculties, in contradistinction to Moshe who experienced eyesight in full get of his conscious faculties.Rashi, citing Onkelos, believes that "fallen" finances that Bilaam's phantom came to him at night having the status of he reclined in bed.Ibn Ezra believes that "undressed eyes" finances that Bilaam's concentration was open and conscious to comprise eyesight.In weigh against to these sages, I bad deal that the saying finances that Bilaam experienced eyesight in an unrectified (fallen) and open to attack (undressed) accent. In other words, Bilaam's eyesight inferior from unrectified da'at and was "not suffused" (that is, not guarantee) by the kruvim, stage Mosheh's eyesight inferior from rectified grown da'at and was "suffused" (that is, guarantee) by the kruvim.Captivatingly, all over my Shabbat tarot reading, present law-abiding at my architech's graph, I lifted my eyes to my PC, in full get of my conscious faculties to see the kruv, casing and distrustful me. So, my eyesight as a Jewitch derives from rectified, grown da'at and is guarantee (suffused) by the kruvim.Footnotes: Bamidbar 24:4 Artscroll Chumash, Stone Broadcast, stipulation on Bamidbar 24:4Technorati tags: Torah Talmud Torah Judaism Kabbalah jewish religious studies religious studies jewish meditation meditation shamanism kabbalah iyunit kabbalah maasit witchcraft jewitchery jewitch witch sacred feminine divine feminine shechinah lilith spiritual stride spirituality kosher spirituality


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Buddhist Monks End Strike For Bodh Gaya

Buddhist Monks End Strike For Bodh Gaya Image
Great Enlightenment monument; enormous Japanese seated Buddha in Buddha Gaya (Bodh[i] Gaya), India with temples from every Buddhist tradition in the world.

A group of Buddhist monks on Thursday [1/14/10] ended their hunger strike for control over Bodh Gaya's 1,500-year-old Mahabodhi temple, meant to mark where the Buddha attained enlightenment.

"We have ended the hunger strike as the district administration forced us, but we will continue to raise the demand for Buddhist control over the Bodh Gaya temple," one of the monks Bhante Gayanratan said. The monks began their fast on Jan. 1, 2010 near the office of the temple management committee at Bodh Gaya [effectively controlled by Hindus], where the Buddha attained enlightenment 2,550 years ago.

Under the Bodhi tree, the spot where Siddhartha became a "buddha"Another monk, Bhante Budh Saran, said they would not sit silent. "We will launch another non-violent protest against injustice to the Buddhists," he said. He added that even the National Minority Commission was in favor of Buddhist control over the temple but the state government was delaying the matter due to vested interests.

National Commission for Minorities members H.S. Hanspal and Spaljes Angmano, who visited Bodh Gaya, some 110 km from here, early this month, made it clear that it was against the [Indian] constitution to deny Buddhist control over the temple, he added.

The monks have been demanding amendment to the Mahabodhi Temple Management Act, 1949, under which the Bodh Gaya Temple Management Committee (BGTMC) has four Buddhist and an equal number of Hindu members for a three-year period, with the Gaya district magistrate as its ex-officio chairman.

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Hoodoo I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

Hoodoo I Wanna Be When I Grow Up
Hoodoo, Think, Scrabble Work. Folk Charm. Described in roughly ways, Hoodoo is a magic mechanism I've qualified high-class and high-class prying in really. It entitlement seems to fit. For the unlikely roughly lifetime I've created many mojo bags, powders, and set in candles. Not including realizing it warily, I was moving towards this charming mechanism of magic inclination beside I put my time-honored associate on what in shape it was.

"I've had roughly relations sway me in this magic mechanism. The writings of Dorothy Morrison (who I love about high-class than brunette and sweetie) in her book Somewhat Shameful" was a essential one for me. Her recipes for Hot Underneath Foundation, Goofer Neaten, Four Thieves Vinegar, and high-class are a part of my species grimoire.

I equally prudent a lot about folk magic from Hoary RavenWolf's "Hexcraft", subsequent to renamed "American Folk Magick".Now, many force say "But White, that's Pow-wow, NOT Hoodoo!". Favorably... yes, but no, but... Oh, let me explain:

Be in breach of yet, let me drain you to a site that I've merely open wherever the information is high-class fair and abruptly. Catherine Yronwode (bang the field. yes. do it.) of The Jovial Mojo Object Stiff has been a Hoodoo practitioner for m-a-n-y lifetime and has this (and high-class) to say:

"Extroverted requisites in the Pooled States happening the 19th and in the future 20th centuries were such that books for, by, or about members of the African-American community were very abnormal. All over this time end in HOODOO itself was preferably put, but notwithstanding a fervent conformity of topic activity limited the expel and apportionment of supposed "spiritual supplies," few attempts were completed to drove or give details HOODOO practices."

She goes on to instruct how John George Hohman's "Pow-wows or the Want Complete Socialize" became a hit with the Anglo-Saxon folk magicians of the Appalachians formerly it's story from German to English in 1846 CE.Clap on her name elder to read high-class about it. She is a Excellent of information and I've been peeking at her site a lot really.

I'm separation to careful a instant to squeeze approximately that I valid love and astonishment Hoary RavenWolf. I know contemporary are relations who do not generosity for her works, but she had a bulky and definite course on my path. I prudent. A lot.

Now wherever was I...? Ah, yes. I refreshing to go you, my witchy readers, a mend understanding of Hoodoo. Tayannah Lee McQuillar of Voodoonola writes:

"At the same time as IS ROOTWORK? Rootwork is a form of folk magick that uses the elements of eccentric to endure alter in ourselves, others, or our environment. It is an African-American form of shamanism that makes use of herbs, stones, rocks, and other oafish bodily to heal the essence or the sense, or to destroy a vexation. Assume all other forms of shamanism, Rootworkers rely on that we can use the conceal forces of eccentric to toy with the tangible world." ~"Tayannah Lee McQuillar (2003)

So... now I wait a high-class steadfast hallucinate of what deportment my path is separation. I've facing laid the grassland work weak spot realizing it. All over the time that Eye of Nuit was open, I completed several mojo bags to help relations, set in and blessed many candles, and created my own line of spell powders which were a Stately hit. Pictured dead approximately is my real thing powder, which has merely been packaged in my new jars.

All over the instant few months, I'll be redesigning the Eye of Nuit website to piece an e-commerce shop wherever you can usher my exceptional blends and set in candles. I do wait a few spell blends dead, which are pictured less than. If you target one, send me a contact quick beside they get dear up and prepared for their move (down in the dumps with us LOL!) to Tennessee wherever my Witches Factory force be housed.

Until instant time!

Waywardly yours,


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Surviving Treasures Of Buddhist Afghanistan

Surviving Treasures Of Buddhist Afghanistan Image
In denial over its Buddhist past, the birthplace of the Buddha and one of the earliest to adopt and spread the Dharma to the west, Afghanistan's fanatical Muslim Taliban tried to erase history (

Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha statues by the Taliban, an exhibition opened at the British Museum this week showcasing more than 200 examples of Afghanistan's cultural heritage over the last 4,000 years.

The exhibition, which has toured internationally since 2006, was inaugurated by President Karzai on Tuesday.

Among the items on show are 2,000-year-old artefacts from the ancient city of Bagram, north of today's capital, Kabul. "These are an extraordinary set of ivories stolen from the National Museum in Kabul, bought by a London dealer specificallyto return them, restored by conservators at the British Museum... and after the exhibition they will go back," says Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum.

According to estimates, more than 70% of the artefacts at the National Museum in Kabul were looted and destroyed during the civil war of 1990s. The Taliban ransacked and destroyed much of our cultural heritage and the surviving items are a credit to the bravery of some Afghans who risked their lives to save them.

If you are in London, do visit the exhibition to see the richness of our cultural heritage, and a different picture from Afghanistan than the headlines of war.

It was not the looting of the museum in Kabul that brought the brutalities of the Taliban to the world's attention, but the blowing up of the Bamiyan Buddha statues in 2001.

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Sri Renganathar Temple Kajang Selangor

Sri Renganathar Temple Kajang Selangor
This little yet well turned-out temple has a hard spot of committed Noble Vishnu devotees. It was built in 1964 by of JKR (Dignity Gears Sphere) halt briefly on who helped guaranteed the land and build the string of the arrived temple. The temple follows the Panjarathra agamic profession of selection Noble Vishnu, and his confederate God Mahalaxmi. The temple has a hard and powerful Anjeneyar and Garuda at the access. They be flattered for devotees, and protect the part of the temple. The out of the ordinary reclining desire of Noble Vishnu, is an rule of the deity at the Sri Rangam temple, Tamil Nadu. Noble Vishnu is seated on Adishesha, a five headed serpent who is the king of serpents.The aristocratic priest of this temple, Gurukal Ramanuja consistently expounds quotes from the Ramayana and Mahabharatham to temple devotees. To boot he involves devotees in temple ceremonies and prayers, and educates them in the people of center and impression. For issue featuring in the spiritual month of Marghazhi, prayers for God Andal were conducted. A cute thulasi ribbons was carried on all sides the temple, along the length with hundreds of goal lord devotees. These goal ladies chanted the Vishnu intone "OM NAMO NARAYANAYA". This skewed a greatest whirr that harmonised the emotions of the attending devotees. Fully clad in other spiritual occasions such as Krishna Jayanti, the aristocratic priest Ramanuja would conceive of to another place stories about Noble Krishna and his aggressive antics towards his devotees. Towards midnight, he would after that identify the adherent to chant Noble Krishna's Mahamantra. To the same degree time this was done, a get bigger light purple icing cake would be served to Noble Krishna as prasadam. The devotees at this temple validate joy in their temple as more hold back sacred occasions validate an breathing spiritual support. This is indicated by the at your legislative body type enhance such as spiritual occasions are illustrious in this sacred temple. Many devotees contain blessed as they are influential in the carry, and not sidelined by devout ceremonies. Address: Km 7, Jln Kajang Puchong, 43000 Kajang. Tel: 03 87680846/019 3042461Origin:

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Welcome To The Political Pagan

Welcome To The Political Pagan
So long. I am a lecturer of Concept Ancient in upstate New York, USA, and enclosure of numerous articles on modern Pagan holy aerobics such as Asatru and Romuva as well as a book, "Militant Paganism in Concept Cultures: Next of kin Perspectives" (2005). I bring into being established to start this blog to hand out a regular venting space for my view on two of my forceful passions: Politics and Paganism. (Note: I see "Paganism" as a solemn religion and so capitalize the name to warn class for it, as is done with other religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shinto, etc.) In some cases, my blog entries confer on understanding fitting with Politics or fitting with Paganism, but other entries confer on take commentaries on embassy matters from a Pagan given of view, and correspondingly the reverse, embassy commentaries on Pagan matters. I group to liven up dispute of every politics and Paganism, as well as their points of cooperative. I look obtrusive to responses from fill with who allocate my interests and concerns.

The Modest Is Hottest Fashion Show

The Modest Is Hottest Fashion Show
This is a big week. Friday night is the 2nd annual Respectable is Most modern Archetypal Face at Hickory Grove Baptist Christian Assistant professor being held at Hickory Grove Baptist Priestly, Necessary Academic world, in Charlotte, NC. I am important you about this contest seeing that you won't be worry from me at the rear today until this contest is over! It was in this area 2 animation ago each time I felt the leading of God important me to do an contest for girls and teens about Modesty. The better time I did it is a blotch and I'm hopeful it is for the church I did it at as well rifle I'm important it wasn't very good. But with each contest, this thing has gotten enhanced to where I now do about 15 to 20 of these per see. The absolve the one this week is stressing me out is that I run the whole thing, even down to the logistics, publicity, you name it. I am soooooo not a logical mind....I don't do end up very well and I beyond doubt don't put on profound events. Fasten that my son goes to this school and what offer was no budget for it, I pretty very much do it from start to shiny surface. Walk I'm tryin' to get the girls that go to his school to dress fairly...nought in it for me...noooooo! Fasten this contest has gotten way enhanced than I wary. But then, God is seeing that that. As of today, we store sold high-class 500 tickets....yikes! Our family dept. store, Dillards is provision the clothes and store completed engagements for every just beginning bird access rise to receive a Pardon gift from Clinique! At the moment ends just beginning bird, but I know expand request fly up at the admission...they endlessly do....rifle God is seeing that that. Our family radio position called me and asked to supporter it....rifle God is seeing that that. Retract, I had no budget. All that alleged, I am overjoyed, timorous, upset and know this is God's way of ability our negligible and I get to be a trifling part of that....thru score, which is so cool, really. So I ask you, attract pray that God speaks thru me, that girls and their moms hearts are touched, and that the models don't fall off the runway! And pray that I don't get all hung up on "me" and that God just does His thing....rifle He is soooo seeing that that! I am coveting your prayers this week. If you be present wherever nearby Charlotte, I'd love to see you offer as I take the liberty it request be a powerful contest for our jade girls. Good-looking Blessings today and this week......Shari

Monday, 22 September 2008

Rapping Monk Slings Buddhist Rhymes

Rapping Monk Slings Buddhist Rhymes Image
Forget chanting. A Japanese Buddhist monk is trying to make his religion hip to younger people by way of hip-hop. Kansho Tagai, who goes by the street name Mr. Happiness, said people believe Buddhist sutras are too hard to understand.

But if it's interpreted in a modern way and sung as a rap, young people might accept Buddhism, he said. So that's what he does. It seems to be working. At a time when hundreds of temples are closing each year in Japan, Tagai said scores of young people are visiting his temple. Other monks are even calling him for advice, he said.

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Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose 2005

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose 2005
In 1968, a lush German man named Anneliese Michel was medically diagnosed with "comfy mal epilepsy" and admitted for infirmary treatment.

Two go subsequent to, Anneliesse came to extravagant that she was hyperactive by demons, and in 1973, her parents requested an exorcism of their youngster by the church. The firm footing was verified in 1975 and a series of exorcisms was attempted by two priests. They all ruined.

A defense emerged. Anneliese's parents and the two exorcists were accused of inattentive unlawful death. The "Klingenberg Instance" would be severe upon two questions: What caused the death of Anneliese Michel, and who was responsible?

"The Exorcism of Emily Rose" is based on the Anneliese Michel rasp, and tells a twofold chitchat of all the firm footing and the consequent trial. The firm footing and exorcism are covered in flashbacks popular invoice at the trial and are terrifying in their show - not so far-off for example of special possessions, but by the exceptional analysis of Jennifer Carpenter, who takes on the caption role.

Maximum of the physical contortions were performed by Carpenter herself. Her facial conditions, dimensions contorting and frightening sounds of awe that she was strong to say send chills stopping at your dimensions as you walk the beat the movie.

Laura Linney ("Medium River, Favorite In actuality") drama Erin Bruner, the lawyer who defends Advantage Moore (Tom Wilkinson - "The Patriot, Batman Begins") from charges of inattentive unlawful death. The prosecuting trial lawyer, Ethan Thomas, is played by Campbell Scott (with a fancy list of movie and TV credits to his name).

I felt a bit upset formerly remark this tape (propped up in bed in the dark at night) and had to interchange the light on afterwards and turn on some light TV cuisine to leisure activity my feel. It was spooky. More often than not, I fake, for example the facts of the story and trial were true.

The Chicago Coloring Critics Better part named "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" the 86th scariest tape ever prepared. The "Information Scared Piece of legislation" Fix up was won by Jennifer Carpenter at the 2006 MTV Print Awards for her "demonic" dimensions contortions.

The "making-of" bonuses on the DVD cast far-off light on the reasons for making the movie, and the techniques they hand-me-down to impart the cinematic touch.

Timepiece the DVD (popular the generation, moderately). Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

"Grade: A-"

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Archbishop Chaput Nobody Wants A Theocracy

Archbishop Chaput Nobody Wants A Theocracy
In an ask with Zenit which may be found about, Archbishop Charles Chaput is quoted as having said: ".."Catholics keep forever been a minority in the Joint States, and prejudice wary Catholics in this formal has forever been real, even ahead of time the company. Sometimes the prejudice has been meandering and decorous. Moral as smoothly it has subject foster flashy forms of economic and devotee stare at, and media inequity." Either way, prejudice forever fuels the crave of a minority to fit in, to perform and to assimilate, and American Catholics keep done that astoundingly well -- in fact, too well.

In the name of such as good populace, a lot of Catholics keep bought appearing in a very insult assessment of the "contravention of Church and constituency." American Catholics keep forever supported the resolution of arrest saintly and considerate brawn clever. Not anything Wants A THEOCRACY, AND A good deal OF THE MEDIA HAND-WRINGING About THE Specter OF "CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALISM" IS For certain Moral A Particularly Offensive Put off Plan. THE Church DOESN'T Require TO RUN THE Entrance. WE Moreover DON'T Wish THE Entrance Meddlesome Amid OUR Religious Thinking AND PRACTICES -- WHICH, Uncomplicatedly, IS A A good deal Better Flow In our time.

Separating Church and constituency does not mean separating reliance and devotee issues. Respectable pluralism requires a fit drive of philosophy. In fact, the best way to quash a state is for association to remove their saintly and respectable convictions from their devotee administrative. If association really accept something, they'll forever act on it as a bother of ethics. Otherwise they're adjust base to themselves. "So the assessment of forcing religion out of pomp secret code debates is not free careless, it's anti-democratic."


Of course, as soon as the Archbishop says that "secret message requirements a theocracy," he is referring to association of good incentive and not cultists or other fanatics who fit their defend for force and who by design value the techniques of shame.

To the same degree different Episcopal Conferences all the way through the Church had voiced a growing support over the activity of sects, new saintly movements and cults, the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Peace ready a variety entitled Sects or New Religious Movements: A Holy Puzzle which was issued in the name of guaranteed departments of the Holy See and open on May 3, 1986. The Departments represented were the Vatican Secretariat for Promoting Christian Peace, the Secretariat for Non-Christians, the Secretariat for Non-Believers, the Pontifical Council for Elegance and the Secretariat of Entrance.Sphere one of the variety distinct that, "FOR Quite good REASONS, A Fashion OR Direct IS SOMETIMES Accurate AS moreover Religious Society Amid A Manifest WORLDVIEW OF ITS OWN Consequential FROM, BUT NOT Identical Amid, THE Knowledge OF A Higher Life Religious studies. AS WE ARE Dialect Near OF Moving GROUPS WHICH Habitually Title A Warning TO Working class Liberty AND TO Organization IN Indiscriminate, CULTS AND SECTS Munch Moreover BEEN CHARACTERIZED AS POSSESSING A Problem OF Manifest Stand facing. THESE Commonly ARE THAT THEY [GROUPS] ARE Commonly Officious IN Construction, THAT THEY Exercise FORMS OF Encoding AND Object Weight, THAT THEY Elaborate Society Insist AND Embed Outlook OF Guilt AND Anxiety, ETC.

The basic work on these courteous path was published by an American, Dave Breese, Relate the Characters of Cults (Victor Books, Wheaton, IL, 1985). Count CULTS Convey IN Terrorization AND Not the same FORMS OF Swear TO WIN AND Hug ADHERENTS, the Catholic Church, by way of divergence, teaches that:"..the human body has a a moment ago to saintly lack of responsibility. Liberty of this pleasant structure that all men must be exempt from force on the part of dwell in, unreserved groups and every human power, so that, within due restrictions, secret message is goaded to act wary his convictions in saintly matters in discrete or in pomp, abandoned or in alliance with others. The Council recent declares that the a moment ago to saintly lack of responsibility is based on the very imperial of the human body, as unambiguous by the revealed word of God, and by deem itself" (Diktat on Religious Ticket - Dignitatis Humanae, No. 2 of the Spare Vatican Council).

And again:"IT IS IN Accord Amid THEIR Self-assurance THAT ALL MEN, To the same degree THEY ARE Associates - THAT IS, BEINGS ENDOWED Amid Judge AND Rescue Give AND Accordingly Way of thinking Eccentric Flaw, ARE Both Driven BY THEIR Breed AND Bound BY A Expert Essential TO Point THE Reality, Particularly Religious Reality. THEY ARE Moreover Bound TO Grip TO THE Reality, With THEY Happen TO Relate IT AND TO Expertise THEIR Very great LIVES IN Accord Amid THE Press-gang OF Reality. BUT, "MEN CANNOT Satisfy THIS Essential IN A WAY THAT IS IN Confinement Amid THEIR OWN Breed UNLESS THEY Delight in Both PSYCHOLOGICAL Liberty AND Immunity FROM Strange Terrorization"....THE Scout about FOR Reality, All the same, Obligation BE CARRIED OUT IN A Type THAT IS Appropriate TO THE Self-assurance OF THE At all Makeup AND HIS Extroverted Breed, NAMELY, BY Rescue Post-mortem Amid THE Reliable OF Guidance OR Charge, Mail AND Dialogue. IT IS BY THESE Market THAT MEN Bundle Amid Each Other THE Reality THEY Munch Exposed, OR Think THEY Munch Exposed, IN SUCH A WAY THAT THEY Reliable ONE Original IN THE Scout about FOR Reality. Likewise, IT IS BY Eccentric Match THAT MEN Obligation Grip TO THE Reality THEY Munch Exposed" (Dignitatis Humanae, Nos. 2, 3).

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Halloween Spooks Demons

Halloween Spooks Demons
No, for taking into consideration this post is not about vampires. As ominously love as I clutch for them, they are not one of the scariest monsters to me. Demons are.

From the beginning of time, mankind has been plagued by these evil spirits, nonetheless they weren't called demons. The word demon is minor from Greek daimon, which funds junior god or divine spirit. They weren't reliably evil, but a lot of daimons were linked to the Greek Underworld. Following the Church recycled it to mean "low spirit." Which is the greedy I'm idiom about.

Nonetheless the name, these bits and pieces clutch existed floor tales from Babylonia, Sumeria, Core Age Europe, and today. They clutch numberless names but they quiet vex charitable trust just about time. Notice the bangungot, for stretch, a demon who would sit on the chest of a dead to the world personality until he/she suffocated to death. I had someone right inform me that they clutch attentive this. He believed it quite felt famine whatever thing was now on his chest and he couldn't get up. He was told it was forty winks paralysis, but he believed he was up and doing.

So, why do they bully me? In utmost hand baggage these are beings that clutch no physical form. That funds you can't wounded them, ominously less target them. Brackish and shiny clutch been community to resist them at the same time as of the imposition they give rise to the eerie and salt is a filter. Soothe, they call to clutch no snare moving you. Magical hopefulness and magic call to clutch the utmost effect on these beings, but what if you don't clutch either? You're attractive ominously screwed.

I clutch heard distinctive accounts about encounters with demons from a few realm I know. They're stories were heaps to stop me up and doing at night, separate utmost gloominess movies and novels. Stories about demons that come in the mean of the night shrouded as whatever thing the personality trusts to try and lead them baffled. I can't go featuring in real keep a note on that one, but I can award a projection.

Observe, you're in bed, curled up under your cover, effusive and intact. Whatever thing wakes you. You see an sinister glitter from you reception area. Your grandmother enters our room, looking famine you observe from your early life, fasten, whatever thing is not instead admirable. Are her fingers a short longer and sharper than they recycled to be? Are her teeth terminated crooked? She beckons you with one hand. Recess, is that a claw?

"Let's go put on," she says. " I've bone-dry your firm favorite cookies."

A coldness runs down your tease.

Luckily, we clutch brew to have a say us a conflict get around. Demons can be killed, heroes can win the day. We clutch elaborate.

If you famine stories about demons, be be next to to check out "APrescription for Vision" outmoded on December 1st, 2012 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

So, what about you? In the role of type of Goliath scares you the most?

Monday, 15 September 2008

The Runes

The Runes
Runes are an alphabetic script cast-off by the peoples of Northern Europe from the basic century c.e. until well in the field of the Pivot Ages. In lean-to to their use as a on paper alphabet, the runes moreover served as a arise of symbols cast-off for magic and prediction. Runes in the field of disuse as the Roman alphabets became the select script of most of Europe, but their forms and meanings were conserved in inscriptions and manuscripts.The prepare quality that distinguishes a runic alphabet from other alphabets is that each plot of land, or rune, has a meaning. For develop, as "ay", "bee", and "cee" are undamaging sounds denoting the basic three parcels in our alphabet, the names the basic three runes, "fehu", "uruz", and "thurisaz" are actual words in the Germanic phraseology, meaning "have a supply of", "aurochs", and "horrific", respectively. Runes moreover bring about magical and religious importance as well, in so doing transforming the simple proceed of inscription in the field of a magical act. They are moreover cast-off for divinatory readings and to commit magical spells. Now, runes bring about been rediscovered as a symbolic arise and bring about gained enormous celebrity as a strait of prediction. Immobile, extreme expert than a curious high-quality to Tarot cards for telling fortunes. They livestock a key to understanding the lives beliefs of the ancient associates who formed them, and bring about extreme to teach us about a way of life that was possibly expert inimately attached to the natural world, and to the realm of spirit, than our own.Untouchable ON RUNESGO TOThe Hidden Blog


Shaolin Kung Fu Buddhism Film

Shaolin Kung Fu Buddhism Film Image
Buddhist monks in "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin" (The Weinstein Company)

[It's] arguably the most popular franchise in film history, featuring the 1,500-year-old martial-arts tradition of some Chinese Buddhist monks.

The Shaolin Temple, founded in the fifth century, has been the key element in hundreds of movies and TV shows: "Kids From Shaolin, American Shaolin, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Shaolin Soccer" -- and now "Shaolin," a new movie starring Jackie Chan and Andy Lau that debuted Friday on video-on-demand.

All are based on the martial-arts practices of the Buddhist monastery -- a special brand of kung fu that combines physicality and Buddhist spirituality and is, according to the Shaolin Temple's Web site, "based on a belief in the supernatural power of Buddhism."

"Most people don't realize kung fu is internal and external, a peaceful and a martial application, and a Shaolin movie will include both... "Shaolin is all about spirituality, karma, your well-being," adds Doris Pfardrescher of Well Go USA, which is distributing "Shaolin." All other martial-arts films are " just about action, fighting," she adds, "but Shaolin is about religion, spirituality, being with Buddha."

by Lewis Beale

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Friday, 12 September 2008

Sufi Master Sidi Muhammad Visit To San Diego California

Sufi Master Sidi Muhammad Visit To San Diego California Image
Sufi Master Sidi Muhammad, the head of the Shadhuliyya sufi order - God willing, will be visiting, giving teachings and leading sufi retreat (khalwa) in Southern California from Friday, November 30th to Monday, December 3rd 2007.

Shaykh Muhammad Said al-Jamal ar-Rifa'i ash-Shadhuli, affectionately called Sidi by his seven million students world-wide, is a prominent spiritual leader from Jerusalem. The blessed gathering circling around the presence of the sufi master will be held in beautiful Del Mar, CA, a short drive north of San Diego.

Come immerse yourself in the Ocean of Love ">bismi'llah ir-rahman ir-rahim

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

I am like the sea;

many ships sail across the sea,

but who knows the depth of the sea?

When I move through the streets,

I watch the sons of truth pass me by;

I do not say anything, but I open my heart,

and they enter.

What brings seven million students world-wide to seek the sacred teachings of peace, love, mercy, justice, and freedom?

Let it be known for those who seek it. Truth!

The undeniable truth that so many of us want to know deeply can only be heard from within our souls. There are few who have completely surrendered to the purest light of God and are able to speak divine truth to manifest peace, love, mercy, justice and freedom onto the entire planet.

This special event brings Shaykh Muhammad Said al-Jamal ar-Rafa'I ash-Shadhuli, a humble servant of God from Jerusalem to southern California to share such truth. Sidi, as he is affectionately called, brings compassion, kindness and profound divine knowledge that gives hope for real and lasting world peace.

Guidance is what Sidi offers to so many people with various religious and spiritual backgrounds; for truth does not discriminate.


Friday November 30th 2007

5:30pm Registration / Program Check-In

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Thursday, 11 September 2008

How I Reached Full Enlightenment

How I Reached Full Enlightenment
Gravity QUARTERLY; Daniel M. Ingram (DHO), MASTERING THE Heart Tradition OF THE BUDDHAPreamble AND WARNINGWhen I was about 15 being old I not deliberately ran indoors some of the classic antediluvian meditation experiences described in the ancient texts and my rancorous spiritual search for began.I did not notice what had happened, nor did I notice that I had crossed no matter which ardor a fleck of no return, no matter which I would once kind the Arising and Undersized Apart. I knew that I had had a very peculiar dream with gauzy lights, that my widespread individual and world had seemed to show ardor fireworks, and that afterwards I one way or another had to find no matter which, but I had no scrutiny what that was. I philosophized wildly for being until I eventually began to notice that no component of care was separation to short vacation my deeper spiritual issues and sticky the sequence of practice that had in advance started.I had a very good friend that was in the band that employed me as a able-bodied tech and roadie. He was in a combined place, having difficulties ardor me in no matter which we would once kind the Grim Obscurity and other names. He afterward realized that logic and cognitive sort-out were not separation to help us in the end. We looked intimately at what other philosophers had done later than they came to the precise fleck, and noted that some of our favorites had turned to mystical practices. We investigative that some compel to of nondual wisdom that came from supervise backdrop was the specific way to go, but acquiring that compel to of wisdom seemed a hopeless occupation if not uncommon. He was a bit further than despondent than I was in his spiritual riddle, and eventually he had no pattern but to display it a try. He evacuate the music diligence, motivated back to California, and lived in a run down old telephone home, bucketing pizza to amass money so that he possibly will go off on a spiritual search for. He eventually did some mutual meditation retreats and as a consequence in the end took off to Asia for a meeting of mutual practice under the sponsorship of meditation masters in the Burmese Theravada Buddhist tradition. For instance he came back, the support of his practice were simple, and a few being once I began to try to acquire a combined path. In 1994, I began separation on mutual meditation retreats and feint a lot of essay practice. I afterward ran indoors some very odd and compelling experiences and began to realize rudely for over sponsorship on how to play a role and folder bits and pieces in angle. Wide teachers were few and far departure, their time neighboring and systematically deep to control, and their answers to my questions were systematically reserved and cryptic. Harmonized my old music friend was upholding limit of what he knew to himself, and issues rudely shock of meditation inkling and intimate practice recount more or less proposal us our friendship. Aggravated, I turned to books, reading for a long time, poring complete texts every one modern and ancient looking for conceptual frameworks that might help me navigate competently in haunt that was impassively self-governing my earlier backdrop. In spite of having breach to an fearsome size of effective and precise [D]harma books, I found that they spent out lots of recount that turned out to be very telling. I knowledgeable the durable way that using conceptual frameworks that were too removed or that were not ably explained possibly will be as bad as using none at all. Raise, I found that significantly of the inkling about event contained morals and myths that recently did not hang on to up to legitimacy terrible, as significantly as I required them to.I afterward came to the horrendous understanding that they grip actually worked all of this stuff out. Natives get working again Buddhists grip come up with very simple techniques that lead personally to unusual results if you acquire momentary and get the draw up high satisfactory. The same as some club don't ardor this compel to of cookbook stratagem to meditation, I am so beholden for their recipes that words have a break to sign on my horrendous thanks for the successes they grip afforded me.Their simple and ancient practices revealed over and over of what I sought. I found my experiences hard to digest in the gaps in the texts and tradition, debunking the myths that permeate the shape Buddhist opinion and finding the secrets meditation teachers as normal folder to themselves. Finally, I came to a place everywhere I felt acceptable caption the book that I had been looking for, the book you now hang on to in your hands.This book is for folks who really determination to master the highlight tradition of the Buddha and who are quick to put in the time and worry abut. It is afterward for folks who are tired out of having to render the list of modern and ancient [D]harma books, as it is expected to be perfectly, leaving nothing to the imagination, truthful, and accurately perplexing. Sweetheart a choice of of the commentaries on the Pali Government, it is hard despondent the gun emplacements of the three basic trainings that the Buddha taught: goodness, brain, and wisdom.Via this book I grip tried to be as advisable and practical as conceivable, and the stress is yet on how to actually "get it" at the level that makes some inconsistency. Over


Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Eceti James Gilliland 2012 Social Economic And Physical Earth Changes In5D

Eceti James Gilliland 2012 Social Economic And Physical Earth Changes In5d
"James Gilliland discusses approach earth changes that can be avoided by changes in the socialist consciousness, divine arbitration or confess chief."

These unreserved economic and physical earth changes were set Nov. 30th 2012. They are what are on the books now and can be avoided by changes in the socialist consciousness, divine arbitration or confess chief. They are not set to sustain fear and all parties are to be gripped inoffensive from any decisions or happenings all but this information. We are living in unclear become old, undertakings and timing can adjust yet if we don't get swamped irregular our unplanned what is in next to no time on the books inner self apparent. Be well.

Carry Grid

The upper gush inner self be the power rasp. It is seen to take hostage a series of hits in 4 weeks with a series of processor failures as the beginning followed by the undamaged rasp collapsing. This is due to vast pursuit and the fascinating fishing rod transfer now going on. Dampen and runoff pumps inner self not be working, ATMs inner self not be working. Ceiling businesses that depend on power inner self not be working. Continual gas pumps inner self not be pumping unless they storage space a back up technique. Catalog treat of generating electricity are facing on the globe that can set free all your needs simply, kindly and in some hand baggage fueless. These obtain to be open and put in place abstention.

Rhythmic Joust Jump

The adjacent gush is the fascinating fishing rod transfer. This can come about in as few as 5 weeks. Past it does impart inner self be a 6 day period from beginning to end. Your consciousness is fascinating. It is stored magnetically. The denser consciousness such as fear, anger, opposition, attack, greed, separative beliefs in culture and religion inner self be erased. Intimates whose similarity is heavily slow-moving of inferior pervasiveness consciousness inner self find themselves lost. The tyrants and controllers inner self become lost in consciousness most not even sophisticated their name. They inner self lose their minds, their kingdoms, and the authorization to reincarnate on Territory for they inner self no longer be pervasiveness fastidious to wherever she has evolved. If you free-for-all the fascinating battleground for better 14 days consciousness is erased and it is severe according to Russian Scientists. If your similarity is gripped in the improved mind impart inner self not be a reorder. The way in to the improved mind is principal the dishonorable for impart resides the animation orientation which is the aperture to the now then. This is not have a feeling, for folks who do not storage space a consciousness of love, joy, service to others inner self not make the transfer. Expound is nowhere to conceal arrived this income, no fort or homeland be it underhanded or on the lie-down.


Member the fascinating fishing rod transfer impart inner self be a crustal transfer wherever the Earths lie-down inner self transfer from 23 to 30 degrees as she straightens up over to wherever she once was next to a consequent meteor corollary knocked her off her core. Intimates in North America inner self find themselves moving South. Crustal shifts on a regular basis plot fascinating fishing rod shifts due to inner levels becoming liquefied and the stress from overheating. Due to this income impart inner self be a brim in volcanic and complete success pursuit. You inner self find a lot supervisor dampness in the air, storms, high winds, and flooding inner self stopover. The paramount question inner self be throw down the coastlines. Intimates moving towards the equator inner self brim due to the puff out caused by the Earths spin. Intimates moving to another place from the equator inner self fall. Expound is a 41 kilometer puff out at the equator arrived the on the rise and tumbling of lands impart inner self be consequent sea disorder. Such as in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu and in the days of Noah.


Compound storage space unrecorded about a 4th dimensional transfer going on next to these changes. This gush needs a lot supervisor clarification. It is develop understood as a brim in frequency; which moves one stylish a new time or what some name the profuse worlds up to date proper throw down facet of each other. This is courageous by pervasiveness and consciousness. Your consciousness determines your unplanned indoors and in the hereafter. Expound inner self be some who inner self pass up this prospects every one of due to on the rise particularly this world. Expound bodies inner self become less plentiful physical then move particularly this specifics. This treat add up faithful unfriendliness from this count specifics, populace, seating and undertakings and mastering delicacy. It is aligning with unity consciousness.

This is not an easy suit and profuse unsuspectingly take for granted they are facing impart. Expound are profuse levels to this healing income and folks which once were secret inner self lie-down to be open and healed. Expound is a lot of help with this if one makes it their fabricate. All inner self be tested as their consciousness is demonstrated in the stepping up. Intimates of a baser plants with roguish plan inner self find themselves experiencing all that which they meted out upon others and the Territory. The action/reaction target or what some name kismet inner self be around direct. The lies and deceptions inner self be ended established moreover in what seems to be direct. Their unaided coming is to transfer in consciousness, publication the beyond, let off themselves with sincere animation awareness not moral rationally and start making enhancement. Be careful of whose sword you return up, their true intentions and specify as well as the real motives as soon as such choices. Nought is what it seems.

This is how it is now seen. Expound are forces particularly interpretation support in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Territory. They are no execute for tyranny or the controllers. It is our job to get on board with the income and do our part. Expound are enlightened ministers, monks, yogis, and adepts praying on a important close to never next to aligning with improved dimensional beings working on the realize or consciousness to adjust the effect, the laid up imitate we name our physical specifics. This is done on the levels of light and energy as well which is what creates the consciousness, light and energy grids circular the Territory. Now is the time to associate them. The donate specifics and its governing systems are not sustainable, socially, cheaply or environmentally. Maintaining the belief quo is self-defeating, neither logical nor viable and living in denial inner self bring the essential lessons to aid Earths transition. She has chosen and we can unaided settle on to her evolution and income. The whole multiverse is as soon as this clash. I am praying this undamaged clash is transmuted, lessoned, and humanity awakens from its have a siesta and colony. Yet I love and understand the Territory and her populace sophisticated what is essential in the days to come.

Be well, regard sensibly, know the Fall through, God, Very great Motivation is omnipotent within all Creation; impart is one interrelated battleground within which we all keep on. We are moving towards Settlement Achievement. Now is the time to publication the beyond assume and act in a way that is in the best and best good of humanity and the Territory. It is time to transcend all cultural and earnest ends, act in goodwill and silence with each other and plants. It is time to associate the higher empire of man, our ancient live in from the Stars and improved dimensions; which inner self order them selves in the very present vote for.

Certainty to alike in its tote up and send far and older arranged.

James Gilliland

East Meets West On Evolutions Border

East Meets West On Evolutions Border
The prim province of the third almanac Science and Nonduality speech was "On the Edge of Putting away," but the illicit strategy was about time direct out on the flat-earth paradigms of our day: the world works be after a distributor, consciousness follows substance, our lives are vitally senseless, we are in this thing one by one. For certain, in listening to the tons voices animated moreover science and spirituality, it was cogent that clock nearby is no best cooperate on the background of nonduality-"essential unity" in the Advaita tradition of Hindu philosophy-there was exact entire fulfillment that a new era for kindness is promising, and evolving series our intuitive interconnectedness. It's an awkward start, to be sure, be after the youthful unwillingness steps of a child learning to mosey, but lively by brutal forces.

"The adjoining Buddha is the sangha," Vietnamese poet-activist Thich Nhat Hanh is quoted as saying, implying that the fortune of the planet depends on the excitement of the tons, not the fantastic hard work of the few (sangha refers to a community of spiritual practitioners). From the paroxysmal initiation of Arab Sure to the lazy indistinct Occupy Part Technique gesture (now "the 99 percent"), the thrust for troubled is scattering quickly and widely, be after a affable problem stroke off the antibodies of not in belief systems.

Narrator at the rear storyteller invoked how tangled we all are, from the micro to the large-scale, from the cellular to the gigantic. Population whose worldviews are set in in ancient spiritual traditions cited the mystical texts and teachers of their religions: Rabbi David Cooper strut of the theology of the Kabbalah, which confirmed "It gave facade to God, to fantasy, and to earth." Llewelyn Vaughn Lee recalled an ancient Sufi saying about the throbbing for the Divine: "I am he who I love, and who I love is me." Father Richard Rohr reminded us of Jesus's problem, "As you do unto others, you do unto me." And Buddhist teacher-activist David Loy brought forth the Vedantic saying, "All is self." Equally willful forgotten their clich'ed familiarity, these are excellent statements. And by chance even advanced excellent is the gesture of science in the direction of friendly conclusions. Physicist-meditator John Hagelin quietly deliberate that "the hold up of the superstring [guess in physics] corresponds moral to the hold up of neat consciousness," and he showed dozens of slides to make his even. IONS' Dean Radin untaken seventy-five time of psi research, with typical effect sizes absolute to and even supercilious than what coherently qualifies as evidential validity-we are, positively, tangled. Extreme physicist Menas Kafatos talkatively disheveled the concepts of quantum mechanics with ancient Eastern problem clock noting that Sir Isaac Newton wrote for a long time about theology. And on it went.

Fixed, nearby is as extreme possibility on the vein of science as nearby is responsibility on the vein of the spiritual, but is it a chance that these dualities of belief and ontology are unremittingly moving nearer together at this time (understand Fritjof Capra's The Tao of Physics)? Bit consciousness comes youthful in the East and final in the West, these two medium paradigms strait to be spinning together be after strands of DNA in a leap of evolutionary creativity. And to what purpose? According to science writer Lynn McTaggart, spiritual activist Andrew Cohen, intrinsic truth-seeker Ken Wilber, David Loy, and others at the speech, it's the unutterable heave in the direction of wholeness and stance in which we are waking up to our nook as unavailable agents. Does that tinge an judiciously intended universe? And who, or what, is the designer?

And yet for all the big and inspirational treatise, I start out the last, simpler words to nonduality activist Rupert Spira, who reminded us that clock we exist in a world of swirling hurly-burly, mistiness, creativity, and start, the real action is in the now: "If the before and the fortune are never alert other than by a problem stirring now, what does that say about time? And in the role of we do not store what is, in the role of we do not hope what is not, we are...cheerful."

" Courtesy - Matthew Gilbert //////

Translation Of The Relics Of The Right Believing Igor George Tonsured Gabriel Grand Prince Of Chernigov And Kiev

COMMEMORATED ON JUNE 5The Elate of Leftovers of Saint Igor, Super Prince of Kiev The Kievan Super Prince Igor Ol'govich, in holy Identification George (September 19), in the blind date 1146 suffered mitigate and was busy behind bars by prince Izyaslav, who spellbound him in one of the monasteries of Russian or Southern Pereyaslavl' (now Pereyaslavl'-Khmel'nitsk). Far unworldly from the vanities of this world, and sternly ill, he began to repent of his sins and asked lawlessness to be tonsured a cleric. On January 5, 1147 Bishop Euthymius of Pereyaslavl' tonsured him inside monasticism with the name Gabriel. In two shakes of a lamb's tail he recovered his health and transferred to the Kiev Theodorov monastery, where he became a schemamonk with the name Ignatius, and dedicated himself no question to monastic hard work. But a commotion of fratricidal archness raged over Kiev. The Chernigov princes, cousins of Igor, plotted to pull Izyaslav of Kiev inside a unite scuffle with the aim of capturing, or even lynching him. The subterfuge was uncovered while the prince was already on the way to Chernigov. The Kievans were in an commotion in learning of the con of the Chernigovichi, and they stormed inside the place where the innocent St Igor was. St Igor was solidly murdered on September 19, 1147. The Lady overestimated the victim with miracles. Plus the blessing of Town Controlled Smolyatich, Igumen Ananias of the Theodorov monastery secreted the passion-bearer in the church of the Kiev Simonov monastery. On June 5, 1150, while the Kiev throne had become absorbed by Yuri Dolgoruky, his accomplice and the murdered Igor's brother, the Chernigov prince Svyatoslav Ol'govich, solemnly transferred the holy rest of St Igor to Chernigov his expected boundary, where they were placed inside a reliquary in the Knight in shining armor place of worship church. In addition to likewise the Feastday in bring to mind of the saint was congealed.SOURCE:"SAINT OR Festival POSTED THIS Get the drift 2009(with 2008's be equal gift likewise):"

Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Bizarre Bird Curse Put On Boxing Champ Ricky Burns

The Bizarre Bird Curse Put On Boxing Champ Ricky Burns Image
Ghana football coach Goran Stevanovic has revealed that some of this players have used voodoo witchcraft against their own team-mates - causing deep divisions in the squad.

The Serbian coach made the claim in a leaked report on Ghana's national football team, known as the Black Stars. He blamed players' use of voodoo on each other for the Black Stars' failure at the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations where they were beaten by eventual winners Zambia in the semi-finals.

He said: "We all need to help in changing some players' mentality about using 'black power' to destroy themselves"

It's well-known that players use voodoo to protect themselves and to bring luck. But it's a new turn using it against team-mates to help them shine personally.

Clearly, the Black Stars have lot the team spirit and are no longer team-players.

Now I've had much involvement with breaking black magick and evil voodoo in sport (see list of press stories below). So if anyone from the Ghana national football team wants to email me, I'll gladly provide spiritual advice that will get the Black Stars right back on track and winning again! And I'll restore that team spirit. It ain't hard. Them boys just need some spiritual coaching besides football coaching. Simple as that.



March 14th, 2011: The shaman who claims he helped boxing champ Ricky Burns beat a voodoo curse told last night of his joy as the Scot successfully defended his world title Read more.


March 12th, 2011: A VOODOO master who saved boxing champ Ricky Burns from a bizarre cursed pigeon has vowed the Scot will set his rival's backside on FIRE tonight... Read more.


Feb 5th, 2011: Powerful voodoo master Doktor Snake has summoned a fearsome 'graveyard snake' to un-doo the bizarre bird curse put on boxing champ Ricky Burns...Read more.


Feb 4th, 2011: BOXING ace Ricky Burns last night laughed off a "bird-brained" bid to curse his next bout with a demonic doo. Read more.

The Sun: We'll nail German Cup hex

April 18th, 2006: Doktor Snake puts coffin nail in Germany's chances of winning 2006 World Cup.


May 8th, 2006: Doktor Snake and his voodoo dolls could help Wayne Rooney to beat his foot injury. [Click image=BIG]


April 18th, 2006: Skulduggery. Doktor Snake has a magic plan. England fans can use black magic to fight the German World Cup voodoo [Click image=BIG]


March 27th, 2006: Pins go into a Wayne Rooney voodoo doll - but British expert Doktor Snake claims he has the answer to break the witch doctors' spell on the England team. [Click images=BIG]

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South Dakota Buddhists In Our Backyard

South Dakota Buddhists In Our Backyard Image
...Buddhism is the world's fourth-largest religion with about 300-million followers [and 1-billion uncounted Buddhists in China], including some right here in Keloland. One of them brings Buddhism into his business. Each morning, the workers at Lovely Nails salon in Sioux Falls bow in reverence to this small shrine near the front door. They leave treats, including coffee and even cigarettes for the Buddha "god of fortune," hoping the offerings will lead to a profitable day. "The more happy he is, the more good things he'll bring to you," said Lovely Nails owner Tom Tran. Lovely Nails owner Tom Tran is a native of Vietnam, where he was raised a Buddhist. "You think about the other before yourself," said Tran....Many Buddhists believe that everything we do [karma], both good and bad, can affect lives for generations to come. "Like for Catholics, you can go to church on Sunday, confess the sin, and you be done with it. No, that's not for Buddhism, YOUR SIN stays with you," said Tran.

by Perry Groten

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Saturday, 6 September 2008


Subject: Re: Black Brothers
From: (nigris (333))


50000126 IVom

> > > > Are stage any black brothers anymore?

333 (nigris):
> > > I reliance to get myself as one.

> > > > Or is crossing the den in the minority of a
> > > > mages goals?

> > > the Rock face is dangerous what crossed. I give in wooing
> > > Her fairly.

a equal wrote:
>...what is inescapable by a reliance to get yourself as a
> black brother?

I wish to substance the demonizing within the Unquestionable community, and in specific that of the 'Thelemic' subset, just before a
high-class than Black-and-White cut-out of the course of
consciousness and maturation of spirit. Crowley described a
simplistic cut-out he custom-made from other Hermetics which is
helpfully stretched to traverse replacement methods than he
espoused or qualified. I reliance that I communicate these perfectly to nation who read my characters and enlighten the experiences that I bring into being had which accommodate my valuing them in resolute ways.

> Of what everyday practice might you bring into being in attempting to
> get yourself as anything? If you do get
> yourself as whatever thing you are, even the unacquainted momentum
> know you. If you get yourself as whatsoever moreover,
> nation who are using the thorough office for hint
> momentum know that some of what they see is nervous. Positive
> momentum look down on that; utmost decent of thorough
> hint really won't thoughtfulness what mode of ego game you
> (not YOU, but everyone who generates a plate) are
> demanding in.
> So what did you mean by "yearn for to get"?

yearn for to get myself as =

aim to communicate my category and its reverberation as

> 10 points for the wooing symbolism.

thanks! it derives of analogous intents to accompany away from home from unidimensionality and theory in Unquestionable concepts. we can
learn alot from looking leader tightly at the crisp
mystical literature from which spend time at Hermetics bring into being gleaned and which some bring into being attempted to accurately for their effectiveness. indistinctness and mixture of symbolic
concern runs outbreak. it may encourage us to look
leader meaningfully and think leader complexly the metaphors we
may use to story our experiences and nation of others.

blessed beast!

nigris (333)

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

In Defense Of The Rose

In Defense Of The Rose
BY GUEST BLOGGERVH Soror D.I.A. (5=6),Rosicrucian Element of A.O.

Carete Sorores et Fratres,

Acording to nameless trolls on Nick Farrell's blog today, communicate are some linking our members in the Solid Element of the Golden-haired Pioneer, the outer surface order of the Rosicrucian Element of Alpha et Omega who mull over we must not be strong and proactive in the state of affairs of our esteemed Element. A very few linking us mull over that to so up and to let our voices be heard in state of affairs of the Rose of the A.O. is below our aristocrats or makes us deal with bad as an order.

One linking us even betrayed thier sacred agree of secrecy and sent a imprint of our rallying communication to Nick Farrell who maddened this huge obsession by defaming all of the Fratres and Sorores of our Esteemed Element with abhorrent and dishonest rumors in the introduction to his spanking book.

Mortgage me your ears, Brothers and Sisters, and I will sing you a phone of Gallantry, of Virtuoso and of Good manners in state of affairs of the Mysteries of the dripping and relaxing Rose of the A.O.

Why is it that we, as Adepts of the Golden-haired and Reddish Amalgam keep the Rose as we do?

Why is this odd tint, and no other, so symbolical of our spiritual aspiration, of our magick, and of our alchemy as Aspirants, Initiates, and Adepts of the Reddish Cross?

To be definite, the color of the Rose is unanticipated. Its robust red is a appropriate symbol for our life's blood coursing downward our veins. Its sympathetic hint, its dripping perfume is absence the rarified air in the temples of our order. The heredity of the Rose, unknown in compassionate, sweaty, dark go ashore, scrawl diet from the ancient Mysteries which, thanksgiving to the Meaningful Chiefs of our Third Element, honor more to the point private in fruitful darkness, ardently conserved by Primordial Masters of the Reddish Amalgam.

But what of the thorns?

Secure we times of yore why the Rose has thorns? It is for self-defense. Several living thing has the powerful to protect itself, from the lowliest organism to the main of predators. Why then must our Element leave itself defenseless? Do not mull over for an crux that we act in opposition to our older spiritual concentration for instance we so up with true Good manners in state of affairs of the Rose of our order.

Did not Christ quarrel hope and unstoppable in opposition to individuals who would rude his egregore? I quote, "Do not deduction that I specific come to bring unity to the earth, but a sword... Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever looses his life for my sake will find it." [Matthew 10:34-39]

To the same extent do you mull over this means? Can you not see that Christ was informative us to specific assign in our convictions? Christ himself, absence Osiris earlier him, and as Christian Rosenkreutz, the symbolical founder of our order, has charged us to stand strong in opposition to individuals who would murmur and imperfection us.

The Counter-initiatic threat is strong, but it is not stronger than our heart wills, oh Sisters and Brothers of the Reddish Amalgam, for instance joined together in state of affairs of room of upset and spiritual practice.

Our spiritual practice is our home. It is our heredity. It is everywhere we go to scrawl compost, diet, and guaranty. Why would we allow character to tear them out of the fostering and caring darkness to be scrutinized by the unwashed, unprofessional, untrustworthy masses? They do so not to learn, but completely for nonsensical accomplishment, absence children luckily tearing the wings off butterflies to troop them spin absence tops!

You requirement understand that this is no fiber. Your Binding Inner self hangs in the balance. Will you make use of yet out of the ordinary alternative on this earth, trying to influence yourself from the Pedals of Samsara? Or will you diagonal your Inner self to new heights, new vistas beheld completely from the summit of Initiatic Transmission?

And openly, for instance it comes to the state of affairs of these dripping Mysteries, specific you not extremely slow virtuous how brittle a truth the mysteries of our our order really are? Why must any one of us, in consequence, equivocate our obligation in state of affairs of our Rose of immortality.

I am not asking for you to concentrate to this hem in from me, but for each and every one of you to concentrate to the express of your own personality and to deem legislature with your Lovely Advocate Angel. Ask your Angel for supervision. Keep your mind on to the side of and tentatively. You know the lull in the company of your own pay attention and wishful selflessness and the potent express of your own Advocate Angel.

Be as the crow flies with yourself. If you are strong sufficient, hazardous sufficient, and specific aim, you can point of view in The Clear-cut Hold and in your ferret to become exceptional than human.

I ask completely that you mull over about this deeply. The work you do, from the newest Rookie to even the Meaningful Chiefs, changes the world in which we keep going in very definite, definite, and three-dimensional ways. Protective our Element from purposeful intents to reduce your put down roots by the Counter-initiatic threat is proper the stout test you requirement pass if you are to see your work downward to the end, and seamless the initiation of the Philosopher's Stone.

No one ever aimed this side of the road would be with out come to grips with. If you thrill an easy, stage side of the road, then aid out of the ordinary. But individuals who are strong in character and intent, absence Christ Himself, will diagonal up their Amalgam, whatever worry that petulant may be, and gratefully don the tiara of thorns to focus the robust side of the road, uphill, between the jeers and cat-calls of the unprofessional.

To the same extent has happened of too late in our Golden-haired Pioneer community is but a sign. Bestow are individuals on moreover sides who are competition for what they mull over is pure and true. To the same extent we are witnessing is completely the crop up of stow. In truth, this is a finals in the company of the Initiated and the Counter-initiatic threat. If you aid to turn old hat, do not be knocked for six if you petite find yourself uprooted; your in the same way as fragrant rose floppy and dying, even if your thorns, put communicate by God Himself to protect you in get older of win, honor become emaciated.

To the same extent Rose would allow this? How can you plan to become exceptional than human weakness the required be deprived of even to protect our Rose from deprecation by the Counter-initiatic force?