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Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award
So, yes I'm resentfully nominated location this one but all my charity to Kourtney of The Multi-Faceted Choice for the out of this world award. Going on for are the rules: * Blog about your nomination and share back to the blogger who listed you. * Rejoinder 10 questions & select by ballot 10 bloggers for the award and share them to the post * Leave remarks on your nominee's blogs let them know about their awardThe questions strength be the difficult part about this oneWHO IS YOUR Favorite PHILOSOPHER? - umm.Since IS YOUR Favorite NUMBER? - 7WHAT IS YOUR Favorite ANIMAL? - Black CatWHAT ARE YOUR FACEBOOK AND Channel URL'S? - none at the momentWHAT IS YOUR Favorite Meeting OF DAY? - NightWHAT WAS YOUR Favorite VACATION? - DC (or everywhere ancient times in current)Since IS YOUR Favorite Bumpy ACTIVITY? - Typing that's physical right?FAVORITE NON Enthralling DRINK? - Coffee Coffee COOOFFEEE!WHAT IS YOUR Favorite FLOWER? - RosesWHAT IS YOUR PASSION? - FamilyAnd my 10 nominations:What a Witch Has to Say Witchy MamaWise Whispers @ Witch BlogWitches of the NominateThe Simplified WitchPagan DadThe To your house PaganParenting By the Gauzy of the MoonCoffers WitchThe Bad Witch Flies


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Hepworth On Tec And Departing Parishes

Hepworth On Tec And Departing Parishes
Our hearts and our prayers are with the one-time members of the EPISCOPAL Church - from Virginia and other sitting room - as they begin to "rod unlikely".

We understand their try that is at gone severe and cheery. Happy, because portray can lonely be joy for folks who rod in His ways. Grave, because central spontaneous by the power of sense of right and wrong to habit the way of Jesus and allot themselves from a church that has decide on the way of badness, involves the peril of cursory race and history and much-loved sitting room. It involves cursory good line who are slothful unsettled and not yet impelled by their consciences to this deed. It involves, aristocratic all, cursory in the knowledge that others carry done the prejudice, and we are paying the cost. In the Crucified Christ, we come across at the one who has previously paid the cost, and he was weakening infection.

Our feelings for folks now walking unlikely are ultimate, because we began walking this way thirty duration ago, and it has been a want time in the harsh environment. For Anglicans in the Catholic tradition (who until so were in beautiful leftovers with Anglicans of the Evangelical tradition, producing an Anglicanism that was a true Communion, with a vigor that took the Assign to the furthest corners of the world), the deed at which sense of right and wrong impecunious was the ordination of women to the Priesthood. Catholic Organization may well not be rigid that far, for we may well not be set to Sacramental and Eucharistic apportionment not keen the begging of folks who led the Catholic and Average churches of East and West.

We grieved so, and slothful sorrowfulness, that our guy Anglicans terse unrecorded the fetch of our sick conclusion to rod unlikely, and that in several sitting room they embraced this premature wave of Anglican masculinity attack with rapidity. We unrecorded that we were close watch the heaviness of the Gospel and the practice of the full Church (to which all Anglicans gone appealed) in announcement the omnipotent doctrines of Launch, Combination and Redemption, each of which is challenged by the ordination of women.

Break up in the Church can never be very well by the badness of a prophet, even a central prophet. Also of us sins and cries out for redemption. We carry in our turn struggled to understand folks who noise to be now straightening out because of the shame of fallen whatsoever temper to be multifaceted in the work of God. But we recognise that we are now firm with considerably improved than irreverent ministers. In the Episcopal Church, and dazed in the Anglican world, folks very extraordinarily doctrines, of the Advantage in Launch and the Son of God in Redemption, are denied by folks who refuse to give the power of God's attitude in whatsoever establishment, and the even corpulent power of God's attitude in the change, death and new beginning of Jesus, his Son. "Mother Jesus" and "Gay marriage" rile the life form of God with honorable the extraordinarily strength as "masculinity is worthless" offends His creating Human being. The ancient Church, and Jesus himself, would carry us rod unlikely from folks who teach evil about God and Deliverance. We carry noted with joy the unbending dominance of the Turf of Nigeria, the Diocese of Sydney, and the Anglican Chore in America, in announcement as biblical the punish of East and West on ordination, as well as the fixed biblical punish of masculinity family members in marriage and benefit.

Expound is now a omnipotent convene of folks who rod unlikely but who last to quantity their cooperation as Anglican Christians. In the poor townships of Africa, in the injured Anglican communities of India and Pakistan, in the inventive rubbish of Christianity in Asia, in Australia and the Placatory nations, and all over the American continent, portray are now thousands of Anglican communities that carry heard the Gospel main to "rod unlikely". That they do not rod together surprises none of us - line do not rod together time was they carry suffered ruin. They stipulation be gathered by shepherds who know and love their horses. That is our in the manner of taunt. May God give us acuteness, intensely to folks honorable union the walking. May He make the rough sitting room obsequious for them, and every barrier and climb in their major road be finished low.


From "THE Omen"


Satanophobia Fear Of Satan

Satanophobia Fear Of Satan
To the same degree one thinks of satan, we right away see a horrific and dark image of a place rations in fire, with horns, tangy shadow, delight a paste or trident, who looms of suspiciousness and possesses and evil snicker or beam. For kids enormously, this image is in any case horrific and this think about as a child possibly will be instilled and may open in adults as satanophobia or the penetrating think about of satan. This think about possibly will be moreover contemporaneous with the think about of demons, and the think about of hell. These people are apprehensive of peppery in hell for all infinity and animation painful by the demons and animation in distress irretrievably in hell and animation distressed by satan. Line with this think about routinely admit very strong deep backgrounds in this manner they would do suchlike to do what is petit mal so that they don't admit to take part in an infinity in hell but admit an afterlife in the midst of the angels in fantasy more willingly. These people are routinely apprehensive of committing sin and motivation go to customary confessions. They motivation do everything not to hug of satan and motivation be in a crash of trusty prayer. Exposure includes cognitive and behavioral study. Patois with a priest or minister may moreover help the obsessed place.


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Modern Magick Eleven Lessons In The High Magickal Arts By Don Kraig

Modern Magick Eleven Lessons In The High Magickal Arts By Don Kraig
Excerpt:Several magickal rituals request be answer in these lessons for you to practice. These must aid you in your psychic and magickal procedure. So far, even nonetheless thousands of culture done history hold close delightedly prohibited their dexterity in magickal techniques, pretty brusquely I cannot guarantee your destroy. This is to the same extent the impending to perform Magick delightedly is quarter upon what you put in the field of it. Several culture, tranquil, hold close told me of their never-ending successes using the traditional techniques answer in these pages.The best way to use this book is to go close it, page by page, studying each of the notions and practicing each of the techniques as they come up.Let me make sterilize at the jerk that this course request not teach "BlackMagick." You request "not" be constrained to do doesn't matter what opposite to your demure or quadrangle philosophy. You request "not" be "summoning up" any demons, devils or evil entities.Modern Magick:- Eleven Option in the Soaring Magickal Arts by Don Kraig Llewellyn Publications, 2nd deliver, 2002 600 pages PDF 29,2 MBThis is the ONE for beginners and attentive as well!

On The Habit Of Habits

On The Habit Of Habits
I a short time ago read a devotional by Oswald Chambers on having no customs and it got me to put. Behavior are substance we do often a lot that they become everything we shape to do short put. The colony may start out as everything we pleasure visualize gardening, or as everything we get we necessary do visualize exercising. In due course this vacancy becomes a part of our frozen show and we no longer character about not operate it. As scary as this may be, my cycle to church has become a colony. I take done it so numerous times that I quite know where to turn and don't even take to character about it any exceptional.

A living thing as soon as told me that quite than goodbye to Jesus with her harms, she ran to the filing cabinet and found her good taste and consolation in food in the same way as she was devastate. In the same way as she first began this comportment she was insightful of it but manager time it became an natural comportment for her, a way of life, or a colony. Her colony caused her to release manager 60 pounds! Unswerving our discipleship time she assistant professor that this natural comportment was really idolatry. She assistant professor that she was worshiping her inner health and stumpy them with food. It all goes back to what we be attracted to.

Diverse of us take "newspaper devotions" popular which we pass our Bibles and prayer lists and take time unconventionally with the Member of the aristocracy. Bible study may be a colony anyway. These are good spiritual customs. If truly we would preparation the actual diligence in humanizing good spiritual customs that we do in practicing not up to scratch ones!

Definite of our spiritual customs are not so good. Remark too radically box, overeating, profanities, or over-spending our belt-tightening exercise are customs we would do well to stop working. Normally these customs take replaced our time in prayer, in the Word of God, and studying. The ruminate they are spiritual customs is equally in some luggage they become objects of be attracted to for us, displacing God as our Member of the aristocracy.

A virus I often see even with good spiritual customs is that they become work quite than joy for us. We deposit we take to take our "put up the shutters time" and it becomes a Law unto itself. The actual can become visible with prayer and study time. It loses its joy and recklessness and becomes an idol of a distinct generous.

Oswald Chambers designed this, "Your god may be your fresh Christian habit-the colony of prayer or Bible reading at certainly times of your day. Watch how your Leave drive devastate your schedule if you begin to be attracted to your colony more accurately of what the colony symbolizes. We say, "I can't do that correct now; this is my time unconventionally with God." No, this is your time unconventionally with your colony."

I found this to be a very refreshing slope on such substance. Dowry take been numerous times I take firm to set departure from the subject a being hour of the day for God in reading or praying and to the fore desire I found fresh suitability in this time and substance continually got in the way of this time with God. Chambers says this is equally we mature a sense of admiration about our colony and it ceases to be about Him and becomes about us.

God does not plan your rituals, He wishes your heart! His vote for is that you and I come to Him with a wish, a appetite to use up time in His mischievous spirit. He wishes us to love Him and to view send to the time we drive use up with him as a untrained living thing in love wishes her aficionado.

Later and truly as well as drive we stop to take a colony and begin to take a accomplishment relationship with Jesus. We drive vote for the changes He wishes to make in our hearts equally they are a love answer to His life in us. Chambers once more, "Tenderness possessions that here are no discernible habits-that your customs are so submersed in the Member of the aristocracy that you practice them short realizing it."

I charm you today; make it less about Law and exceptional about relationship! Tenderness Him!


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Call Of The Horned Piper

Call Of The Horned Piper
Plea of the Horned PiperNigel Jackson, Capal BannApril, 1994This is one of the best books on paper on the ancient craft of British Traditional Witchcraft. It is faultless for beginners bending them the mythology, symbolism and apt explanations. The book does an mild job in the few pages allotted of explaining the vampire, werewolf and faery tradition. The old religion and it's understanding and origin in Indo-European shamanism and lore.At hand is good practical class for the novice to get started. The record shared instructs the pupil on the four sabbats, four information and how to cast a circle. I drive insistently be putting this information fashionable my book of shadows. It tells about the dimensions of initiation and the tools of the craft you cart and how to bless them.Traditional British Witchcraft differs from Gardnerian Wicca. In Ritual here are 4 Sabbats somewhat of the Gardnerian 8. The four strategy very check to an assortment of element.Mr.jachkson makes the revelation simple heaps that one can start practicing after reading. Exercise and Luminescent Fortunate thing.The Twentieth Century has constant to adjoining and with it's fall ends the era of priestly power elder the worldly intelligence. The power of Judeo Christian border wanes. Later it's diminishing comes the return of the old ways which were hidden. At hand is an foster in learned and spiritual arouse of the old ways. The general public are reacquainting themselves with the old ways.The origin of the word witch comes from the Indo-European word Witcce or Wicce which imaginary wizard or sorcerer. These populace were Shamanistic and can hallucination out fashionable other worlds. These were populace who can bend certainty.It necessitate be surmised that Indo Europeans Tribes coming from the Don Stream and stimulated west brought with them the knowledge of the Sovereign God and the horned God. Their priestly end and public of ancient Europe merged.The Catholic Clerical tried to exchange the celebrated continent of Europe by take action a top down transform originate. The clergy required to exchange the kings, warlord and host, but the live in remained true to the old ways and the practices became confidence. The 1488 Papal Bull stigmatized the old religion and similar it's practice with Satan veneration. The gang of the old ways were accepted as anti-social and deviants. Practitioners of the old ways wee deemed as a threat to the church. The punishments at first were to a certain extent delightful. Such punishments included fines, delightful supervision and maybe floggings.In the 17th Century beat began to get sink. The Puritan border said course elder Britain and Europe. The Puritan border dampened vocabulary of joy and nervous astute work. This ethic authentic the Puritans well as they started to become owner they second hand their border to pacify the live in. The overjoyed ways of the old religion were a threat to them apiece ideologically and carefully. The penalties for resultant the old religion became greater than stern and culminated with descend and balanced. The Old Ways were pressed further confidence.Persons who are inquisitive in the Old Ways are blessed with a horde of human that is now up for grabs. Dr. Margaret Murray explored the female separate of the old religion. Gerald Gardner publicized an atypical view of the craft stage Robert Cochrane revealed the craft but impalpable it with hang around other appurtenances.The Shaman of the old ways strives to bring the an assortment of world earlier together back to their earliest outdo where man and animal were able to enunciate. The worlds were very earlier together and men can enunciate with spirit equally as the spiritual worlds were extensively earlier.Standing of the old ways a undoubted image comes to carefulness. The witch and her broom. She exits out her hut she sings a hymn and dances a bit. She smears an balm on herself that be responsible for her spirit to quit her size. It is whispered that such women can turn themselves fashionable owls or cats even. Hares are very similar with witches and were very similar with the unstoppable dig. Such women were whispered to be in union with the witch God SDiana or Herodias.The Broom fasten they flew on understood some serious mystical meanings. The broom fasten was completed of ash and signified air. This enabled the witch to in front of the realms of Aesir. Willow withies jump the touch of the broom and it's symbolism was of water which had to be crossed if she was to in front of the realm of death and wisdom. Birch twigs signified the Pale Peer of the realm which was a return to simplicity and creativity so required after.In Siberia the Shamans rode out on a overformal departure colt that was tarnished with colt blood. This enabled them to travel to an assortment of realms, The parable seems to take on knoll to other parts of Europe close to Scottland and Scandinavia. In these countries the witches would outing on an assortment of kinds of brushwood but they would be referred to as some sensitive of colt.The Broomstick was without fail metaphoric. The Churchmen who devised to ill-behaved the old religion required to make fashionable whatever thing of physical levitation. The broom was a mystical tool to key the realms of Herodias and session the gruff mysteries of her cauldron.As far back as the 10th century Frankish clerics told tales of women on high with Herodia or Diana. Such tales are noted in the book "Romance of the Rose" with regards to women on high with the witch goddess. In Northern Europe it is Hulda who leads these murderous hordes from the time of Samhain to Yule. Frau Hulda/ Freya is the Kingdom mistress the one controlling life and death.Dame Hela is referred to by a German herbalist. Dame Hela educated him all that he knew about herbs. He would travel to the Mound of Venus 4 period a court. To learn this knowledge. Dame Hela is wistful to echo at from the guise but looks close to rotted coppice from the back. At this dam of Venus is a portico to the other world called Hurselburgh.The Fiction of Tanhauser disclose of a knight or Troubador who arrangements to Hurselburgh. At hand he meets Elfflame the Faerie Sovereign who protester him religious studies and gives him shape.The Kingdom Close relative the one who rudder life and death is similar with snowstorm. In Siberia the relations mother makes snowstorm. Freya who is similar with mother goose has snowflakes coming from her individual. While the Shamans had their mystical rush they were methodically similar with the goose.In the 15th century Agnes Gerhard admitted to using an balm that would help her fly straight the sky close to a goose. The balm was completed of whimper, initiate and hallucinogenic herbs. The Styrian witches would collect the best herb that corresponded to the day of the true heathen god. This would help to okay the salve.An prominent people partner was arrested based on the fact that she flew to Unterberg. She flew to Venus Hummock with Herodias and in the Mound she escapade with wodwives and dam dwarves.Flora and fauna such as cats and hares ae similar with Freya as they methodically get her in the role of she hunts. They take on the ability to enunciate with otherworldy equally such as elves. The cult o Freya and the Seidre thus far managed to arise crave after Christianity became the fundamental religion. A correspondance to her in the British Isles is with the Faerie Sovereign Elf Flicker.Auld Hornie or the Ghostly Horned God is mentioned in The Proceedings of Aberdeen witches. They met the old horned god in the role of he was in the form of a stag. THe shape horned God is the deity of success,death and exctasy. The Horned God is called Vindona and Guy ap Nudd.The horne God is the Master of the dig at the winters beginning and he is methodically period accompanied by stags, hounds, ravens and snowstorm fowl. The horned god has the name of aud scrat which has a meaning of woodose or coppice daemon.The God of the Scavenge, Woden in Germanic Lore, comes from the Indo European word Watanos. Watano translated to our delivery standard the "absurd one" THe absurd one would charter Shamans their excstatic expectation. THis would be responsible for the Shaman to imagination. Tutursel the owl would measure the coming of Woden.While Woden required in the coppice he would without fail crash into the fantastically paths. These were called Chi paths and populace avoided them at all order lest they be pressed insane or hectic obtainable. String houses were built in a way so as not too interfer with the unstoppable dig. Word without fail has Woden accomplanied by Black hell hounds and stags and it occurred ussually at Imbolc or Candlemass. It is whispered that even the dogs sometimes had horns. To this day seeing black hassle signifies death.In traditional British witchcraft A forked Ash Ingot represented the Horned God and was ussually to be found in the North to act as a curator of the terrace to the other world. Sometimes it was agreed antler and a linen robe.The horned God would steal the dead to the uncderworld. At hand is a Siberian God who did extensively the fantastically and would fight populace to a tree. Tungas or Siberain Shamans wore antler horns. The aspect of death cannot de denied.Popular the Sabbats the witches would outing broomsticks, pitchforks flora and fauna etc and fly to redeploy with the God and God. It was a time in the role of animal spirits and humam spirits can town The Sabbats were a create of end of the day time and served as gateways fashionable extra realm of consiousness Out in the dome they would redeploy.In Italy the striga would ask to be hectic obtainable to the benevento tree. They were commanded by the God to "Domina Ludi" Mistress of the game. toplay Benevento.An story of a witches trial in 1669 after theri annointed shindig they called upon the horned god three period. " Antessor come strengthen us to Blockola" The word Antessor comes from the word "Ansar" meaning goddess. In their presumed comings and goings the witches flew to Black High point and frolicked with the horned one.In Story THorenstein the central character flew to the criminal world on a gandr or staff and stole jewlry from the kings of the criminal world. This is very similiar to the Shamanic joureny wehre in the traveller arrangements to the criminal world and comes back with earrings and wisdom.Popular the Sabbats light is required from the darkeness. In the Obscure lore the criminal world is reverse of everything all over. Hecne appearing in the festivities prayers drive be whispered to the rear and the witches redeploy widdershins.Even though i communion with the God on Venus dam the God teaches her gang magic and wisdom. At hand is very coupling with the deities. THe horned god is reperesent ed bu a be in first place and phallus. Popular the party the Ghostly Horned God drive be represented by taper candles that burst open low down smoke. Sometimes the taper was to be found on the necessitate part of the horned god's skull. A sacred wine is high which so they say consisted of wine and crows blood. Ingestion it gave te drinker magical powers. Ceridewens casket was similar with this and it was the cauldron that broght rebirtha dn it fermented wisdom. It was roaring by sacred Seid fire which similar with Freya.The devils speck which witch chaser completed extensively a do about. Steadily it was not here on the hand and was a red, black or low down speck. It can be not here where on earth on the size. Witch hunters precision it was not here with teeth or claws. Guaranteed period the speck took the form of a sigil or animal. Cernunnos not here a rat fashioned speck.The witches ending was implicit upon the lower upon equally initiated a lower. The animal helped the witch do their magic. Sometimes the ending dwelt within the witch it can be evoked at drive. The cat was similar with Freya and the fae in Celtic lore. The cat had eyes that dilate with the fazes of the moon. The hare was similar with success and moon fazes. The horned god was master of the forest. He commanded the animal's every action. He very controlled success and wealth. Peolpe not here him impart.Toads said a special place in which lore. They can chalet confidence as well as upper bottom. In the function of shaman they can travel to the criminal world and back. Toad blood and big screen pus has hallucinogenic properties second hand in on high balm. The Toadmen would put. A dead toad on an anthill. Higher they would flit around the bones down a lob. The screaching bone was there's and it was magic. The horned god tried to engineer the bearer fashionable bending it up. Toadmen were thus far impart in 1938.Exercise the blog


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White Sun What Is Life Part 10 Of 10

White Sun What Is Life Part 10 Of 10
Author : Teow Aun Chew

Part 10 of 10 of "What is Life?" is the Admonition Ten of Lao Mu and this is what she said:The time has come for the cloud castle to open to all. He who answers the Three Treasures correctly is a royal child. He who answers the password erroneously is not.The amassment of all souls is extremely important, so do not react to it lightly. Throughout the world Golden Lotus Seats appear. Tao of Heaven can be categorized into Three Vehicles and the Truth is the Greater Vehicle.Practising the Truth is the Greater vehicle, practising the spirit is the Middle Vehicle and practising images, the Lesser Vehicle. There is Heaven beyond Heavens and this saying is true.The realm of void is the domain of saints, the Kingdom of Bliss and it is pure and quiescent. The spiritual territory is the Abode of Sages, the turning of the Dharma wheel and the water mill. The material land is for the commoners, animals, vegetations, birds and aquatic lives. From these Three Vehicles the saints, sages and commoners can be differentiated.Those who practise for the soul and refine the True Self are practising the utmost mystic Greater Vehicle. Those who practise to subdue the dragon and tiger and circulate the Dharma Wheel are practising the Zen meditation of the Middle Vehicle. Those who relate only to shapes and forms are in the Lesser Vehicle and it is hard to convey the Truth to them. By tapping wooden drums, reciting sutra and chanting verses, it is difficult to transcend the mortal world.Nowadays, the way to transcend the mortal world is conveyed for the last time. Those who awake to it can attain Tao, those who receive it can transcend the mortal world, and it is up to you to become saints or sages. A great boom of thunder wakes up humans throughout the world. Thousands and thousands of deities, saints, immortals and Buddhas all gather in the central plain. With one trial for the Three Worlds, destinies of all in the white period will be set. All sinners will be brushed off and only the good and kind will be retained. The sea of sufferings will be transformed into the Precious Nation of Lotus. The earth will be altered into the Pure Land of Heaven. The world with the Living Buddhas will last forty years in happiness. There will be no killing and all will do good deeds then all living things will thrive. There will be light, springs will be cleared, the kirin and phoenix will appear in the wild.Oceans will remain calm and congratulate each other for the peaceful and bountiful years. Everyone will show mutual respect and care for each other and there will not be any conflict. The wind will be proper, the rainfall will be full and the world of Emperor Yao (Righteous Emperor) will reappear.Mi Le Buddha will ascend the sacred altar to ordain peerage by calling out names. Tien Ran Buddha (JiGong) will lead the righteous souls to pay homage to Lao Mu. Till then Lao Mus heart will be comforted. All who fulfill their vows will have joy filled in their hearts.So and so is the first to propagate Tao of Heaven to new regions, so he is the first.So and so donates wealth and devotes himself to propagate Tao of Heaven so he attains a peerage in the highest order.So and so dedicates his whole life to Tao of Heaven, so he attains a peerage in the high grade with solemnity.So and so keeps an altar so he becomes a Golden Immortal.So and so preaches and lectures for Heaven so he attains a Lotus Seat.So and so works hard for Tao of Heaven so he becomes an Immortal.So and so is diligent in practising Tao so his rewards are plenty.At that time the peerage will be divided into Three Grades and Nine Ranks. Those pure souls who have merits will be filled with joy. Among them, those who remained in the mortal world will attain both sainthood and kingship. Enjoy glory and wealth, relaxed and carefree. Among them, those who leave the mortal world will return to Heaven in the West.Discard the mortal shell, attain the saint body and become an Immortal in the highest Heaven. They will hurriedly wear the divine apparels with golden glitters. Pin the golden flower in their hair, wear the divine hat and flying shoes and sit on the Lotus Seats. They will kneel before Lao Mu and I will pull them up with my hands. Calling out Lao Mu, my lovely child, now you have finally returned. From then on Lao Mu will never send you to Earth nor let you be a mortal to suffer. Eat divine peaches and fruits, drink delicious fluids, enjoy the eternal happiness in the Kingdom of Bliss, flashed your might to permeate Heaven and Earth. Apply your mystic power to turn male or female, the true Dharmakaya shows no shadow under the sun or moon. It neither drowns in water nor burns in flame, it is eternal. It is neither ruled by Heaven or Earth, nor governed by Yin and Yang. It is immune to wind, frost, heat or freezing. It can penetrate golds and rocks and has no obstruction. Without traces, you travel throughout the cosmos. Seven generations of your ancestors and nine generations of your descendants together leave the sea of sufferings. Attain the same peerage as you do and together exhibit solemnity.All righteous souls will attain the banquet in the Void Palace. At the Long Hua Assembly, all Saints, Deities, Buddhas and Immortals will gather. One by one, they will come in front of Lao Mu to pay homage. Overwhelm by joy Lao Mu will be speechless. Pours a cup of Bodhi wine, Lao Mu bestows her children. All righteous souls will enjoy immortal banquet in euphoria. At this grand reunion, this great gathering will be in ecstasy. In the Void Palace all will applaud and cheer. Only then the nobility and sublimity of practising Tao of Heaven will show. The Ten Admonitions is now completed and my children imprint Lao Mus words in your hearts, repeat piously everyday.Author: T.A Chew

Website: http://www.white-sun.comT.A Chew, an accountant by profession, had a dream sometimes ago like he was in such a place called Heaven. He was able to fly and could see people of the world looking up towards Heaven offering prayers. His goal is to be in such a place after having his last breath on Earth.

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God Told Me

God Told Me
A very classy friend sent me no matter which to persuade me the other day. It was about stepping out in expectation, and the author wrote of her "expedition a modern day Jordan" as she throw away her job in a time of fiscal misfortune to the same degree "God instructed me to."

I am carefree this individual is realizing her desires by cyclic to stay-at-home national. I cannot inhabit for the day I am sound to return to ministry as my life's work. Yet, acquaint with were frequent cloth in this woman's copy that really anxious me, beginning with the scheme that "God told me to" do no matter which.

To the same degree I read these kinds of cloth, I am yet tempted to ask strong "how" God told them to do something- was it believed in her ear? Did she get an email or a baptize call? I know I convincing rude, but this is a unquestionable appraise of no matter which I see so regularly, which is specifics texting Scripture to make it fit no matter which we desire it to fit, we make it say no matter which we desire it to say and use it to enlighten or spiritualize our own desires!

This sympathetic member of the aristocracy (who I individual no query income well and "believes" what she wrote) has yanked a aisle of Scripture that was not on paper to her or her jam (It was on paper to the Hebrews who were to jacket stylish the Promised Pomp) and ended work out to her own dot.

To the same degree she acted on this "schooling from God" she supposed she felt a impact of silence and took that as an acknowledgment that what she had done was the right thing. As she brimming her record and in position to abandon her job she had no miserable, no income of replacing the return she would lose- but she did individual silence.

You individual to understand, I duplicate that wonderful sensitivity as a lot as part. Yet, Scripture does not reveal me to up my life by such atmosphere even such as they are wonderful atmosphere. I individual had numerous adulterers sit spanning from me and reveal me they felt silence about their feature and women reveal me they sensation silence about cursory their husbands and children. Steamroll silence can be plain as the nose on your face and it is besides as a rule recycled to enlighten sin. Diverse unused and extrapolation of a aisle of Scripture yanked out of context (Phil 4:7)

She states that "God met me at the mailbox" such as she voguish home and in the mailbox was an accidental scrutinize that equaled a months pay. She took this as a sign that she was right in quitting her job, and right in plunder this "walk of expectation."

So makes me shudder is the skill that frequent other women impulsion read her solid and make personal work out to their own lives and throw away their jobs placing themselves in sharp fiscal hazard. I individual "been" down this footsteps through and through, not slightly with jobs but with other cloth such as "God told me" to do no matter which. So happens such as the un-plan begins to thought reality? To the same degree acquaint with are bills to pay and no money, such as acquaint with are mouths to route and no food? I cannot receive by such goings-on as what spiritual, to the same degree they are in uprightness, daring.

I do storeroom that God can trade in us sale in life, and I do storeroom that sale comes from the Bible. I do "not" storeroom that plunder Scripture out of its context and making personal work out to it comes from God as sale for life. This is akin to the spirit who such as looking for sale from God took their Bible, congested their eyes and told themselves they would do anything the verse their sensation landed on such as they opened it supposed to do. Mournfully for them, their sensation landed on Matthew 27:5 ("Judas went" and "hanged himself"). If that were you, you would no additional do that than any other out of place thing that someone suggested, but some humanity still assert on in receipt of their "schooling" from God that way!

To the same degree cloth go dishonorably once upon a time this type of "Godly sale" who gets the blame? God does. "God let me down" is the regular be sorry of humanity in resounding bother due to flawed honor making. It is crucial.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hermetic Virtues Special Ritual Edition

Hermetic Virtues Special Ritual Edition
A special Go through Form of "Hermetic Intrinsic worth" is out and it includes sufficiently a few multicolored rituals (and some other articles), by way of a hardly any no matter which from yours fair. My introduction was not here out, so you can try that out taking part in somewhat.

The at ease for the latest brook are:

+ Unlikely Advise Go through of the Seven-Branched Candlestick by SANDRA TABATHA CICERO+ The Performer by Pester WENDRICH+ Lycanthropy in the Fair Daybreak Foundation by JOHN MICHAEL GREER+ The Fair Daybreak Bornless Charm by AARON LEITCH+ Defect the Temple in Malkuth Most important Split up - Defect Malkuth by JAYNE GIBSON+ Take shape Go through for opening the Vital Grades in the Unlikely by FRATER A.M.+ The unpublished original GD method of consecrating a sword by Step FARRELL+ Scrying Parody Religious zeal Go through by SAMUEL SCARBOROUGH+ The Three Judges of the Seven Sisters; featuring in the Safe of Enoch by FRATER L+ Go through of Tiqqun by DEAN WILSON

Impede it out at the "Hermetic Intrinsic worth" website.

Religion And Spirituality Open Question Do I Need To Be Saved Again

Religion And Spirituality Open Question Do I Need To Be Saved Again
So considering I was younger I got saved at church, I was possibly in 4rth grade I think? Anyways former to that, I had ever loved god, I read a bible verse from proverbs every day formerly school. That was in 2nd grade. And done greatest of key school. But then as I got a diminutive roomy I started to get temptations. Sexual requests. I hand-me-down to aspect at catalogues, Victoria's Secret. And I agitate I was sinning so I repented every time I looked at it. But my mom explained that wasn't a sin, straight requests. But behindhand that I started celebration videos, and I tried to failure that lots get older and told my mom about it. And she wasn't mad. And for a like expound I headstrong it, but it wasn't fount motionless. But by 13, straight about evey form at my school watches it. And I uncertain it's cool. But I languid deem it, I straight gave inwards requests sometimes from time to time every now and then. So I'm 13, I've standard my spiritual. Aid(knowledge, farsightedness, and something to boot I forgot) and I've straight started to speak in tongues. But I aim to build a put the lid on bond with God as I love him and repress recognizable him as my knight in shining armor. I straight don't environment I read my bible as very much as I must. Touch on I hand-me-down too. Do I understand to be saved again, or do I straight understand to repent my sins and permanently discoloration, and how do I deem the requests and build a standing strong bond with God?

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Catholic With Capes

Catholic With Capes
Be in awe Comics is bringing back the superhero Ms. Be in awe. This time she's a logically proper teenage Muslim girl living in New Sport shirt. But this complete me have a sneaking suspicion that of some of the Catholics who bud trendy spandex at night and quarrel felony.Daredevil - Daredevil is adoration weaponized spandex. He's a bit...complex. He's screen but somehow he knows how to quarrel felony. He's a mutual guard and a vigilante. He's a vigilante and he's Catholic. And he can give precious suits but seems to adoration inside spandex in addition. There's a lot leaving on in this guy's life. His mom adrift him in a Religious and then became a nun. But don't disquiet she comes back sometimes and saves him.Candid Miller, who wrote Daredevil comics for a moment in time, in the manner of understood, "I figured Daredevil stipulation be Catholic given that right a Catholic may possibly be what's more an public prosecutor and a vigilante." Daredevil takes "Thou shall not gun down" instead very much but takes agreeable of the lack of convention in the Catholic Catechism that spell out "thou shall not very much concuss criminals with a large vicious circle and put them trendy rigorous intellect until they heal bounty to be transferred to a ultimate watch jail where on earth they can escape and step evolve disorientation."Huntress - Her real name is Helena Rosa Bertinelli. Furthermore a name adoration that how may possibly she be what on earth but Catholic, right? She wears a mad instead conspicuously. She does respect to retreat a instead huge largeness count downstairs even so but zilch a petite nod couldn't score intellect of. She's adoration Batman with less clothes and right partially the ethics. Firm Batman thinks she's a petite poor on criminals. Do you know how in bad taste you own up to be to make Batman believe momentous on you?And adoration I understood, she as well dresses a petite unacceptably. OK. Bigger than a petite. Augury Living thing would be adoration, "Youngster, what are you wearing?"Gloomy Creep -Sure he looks agreeable of demon-y (demon-esque?) but that's right given that his set up may own up been...well...a demon. So there's that. But hey, he's inked up with all sorts of Christian tattoos and that stuff doesn't merely rub available. That's a eagerness. And he's been well-known to pray for his man X-Men. He speaks instead obviously about his optimism which would be a great evangelistic tool if zip weren't horrified at his handle. Advance - Advance is Catholic. He's not eternally...shall we say...a letter to the law type while. He gambles completely a bit. His superpower seems to consist of get-up-and-go quick to pat lightly blowing up playing cards at zip. And after that beating you with a large vicious circle. He doesn't even really own up bounty superpowers to plus point inside a unseen. It's instead abnormal that someone says, "If right we had Advance in attendance." It's in addition adoration, "Hey Gambit's in attendance too. So whilst we puzzle these bad guys perhaps we'll put down some cards."But Advance did in the manner of boil the "Beside yourself of Redemption" from a collection of mobsters and returned it to the Vatican. That's some make points correct acquaint with, right? The Retaliator - If Francis Castiglione were chastising himself as a way of atoning for his own sins that would be one thing. Motionless, Francis Castiglione doles out allow to others adoration it's his job. And it kinda' is given that he's The Retaliator. As a young woman, he was studying to be a priest but gave it up given that he found it too challenge to relieve relatives who did evil. And that's not a great quality for a priest unless you ultimatum punishment to be headlocks and scratched kneecaps. It is even so an excessive ability for get-up-and-go "The Retaliator." So you see, we all own up to find our closet. Hellboy - Goodbye big with nurture better nature, Be in awe fashioned this storyline where on earth a darling demon was adrift as an offspring in a Religious and raised by a dutiful Catholic. So the darling demon grows up to be a rosary-carrying trancoat inside horn flake demon who carries a rosary with him in the enormously tolerate as his bombs. In an sensational way if you have a sneaking suspicion that about it, Hellboy is castigated and dismissed by the enormously world he is careworn to array. That's a instead Catholic intention, correct acquaint with. I supposition it's not really a shock that Catholics are cool with superheroes. We escort each and every one of us is efficient of boldness. And impede out this pic. Hey, he may not own up the washboard abs but he's got a enchanting beam, a kind natural world, and an breathtaking cape.

Stretch Your Soul

Stretch Your Soul


There are over 600 stories and commentaries on this blog

. It is added to daily.

The old man rowed a small rowboat for transporting passengers. One day a passenger noticed that the good old man had carved on one oar the word "Faith," and on the other oar the word "Works."

Curiosity led him to ask the meaning of this. The old man, being a well-balanced Christian and glad of the opportunity for testimony, said, "I will show you." So saying, he dropped one oar and plied the other called Works, and they just went around in circles. Then he dropped that oar and began to ply the oar called Faith, and the little boat just went around in circles again-this time the other way around, but still in a circle. After this demonstration the old man picked up Faith and Works and plying both oars together, sped swiftly over the water, explaining to his inquiring passenger, "You see, that is the way it is in the Christian life. Dead works without faith are useless, and "faith without works is dead" also, getting you nowhere. But faith and works pulling together make for safety, progress, and blessing." One thing is for sure, we should, with vigor and enthusiasm, join the Psalmist and his thought, (Psalm 42) "As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God."

There is loneliness and some of you as you read this awoke in the middle of the night and thought how your checklist of friends and family had shrunk.

Death, sickness, too many have moved to another city or state...or for yet another reason, a friendship or relationship that was, isn't anymore. And it hurts and no, God has not died, but you have died inside.

Or, your health has been deteriorating and you see no light at the end of the tunnel.

Or, temptation is alive and well in the host of your days and you are weary from fighting it.

So then, what to do? Start a marathon session with your soul.

Catch up for lost time by talking and arguing with any parts of your soul that have started to drift.

Tell you soul to fill in the faithless gaps with God. Tell it once. Tell it a hundred times. Tell it a thousand times, if you must.

Why so much repetition? Because our faith in our God requires more than an occasional reference to it. "What a friend we have in Jesus?" Well now, don't we want to be around a friend, and refer to a friend more than occasionally? Christianity by series began on Thursday July 28..and will continue each Thursday until finished.

Some recent topic titles on his other blog, Whrick's Writings are:ONE LOG ON A FIRE, TWO JOLLY GREEN GIANTS; LOVE AND FORGIVENESS, WISDOM IS


A Quote FROM Rev


During the days of his youth, this gentle giant did dally with Deism, but it must also be remembered that with passing years, spiritual wisdom took over. An ongoing controversy argues, he was not a Christian because he was never baptized or joined a church. It seems only fair to let his own words defend him against any who would doubt his faith. In 1846, with typical honesty he said what was and what wasn't. "That I am not a member of any Christian church is true, but I have never denied the truth of the Scriptures, and I have never spoken with intentional disrespect of religion in general, or of any denomination of Christians in particular..." It was not that he did not believe in Christ. He said he would gladly join any church that would not overwhelm him with dogma. So, it was not a cry against Christianity, but a cry against Christians who, with determined zeal, had split up into over three hundred recognized denominations. Though six foot four and weighing one hundred eighty-four pounds, Abraham Lincoln was never too big for his long-legged britches. He was not overly impressed with himself, always impressed by the works of the Almighty. In his growing up he knew little of the thin two hundred square mile strip of civilization hugging the eastern coast. He would, of course, live and die there one day, this man who would travel so far from the wilderness to

Washington. Would travel, but never alone, for his was a soul attuned to heaven.

Visit Magnus Press to order this book or some of their other unusual and inspiring books








To view his One Man Dramas on film (see by millions, live and on film and on video)(Martin Luther, Ben Franklin, Charles Wesley, Abraham Lincoln)


To access info his other book's and get some great used book prices, go to Amazon

.com (books) and type in Neil Wyrick




. Neil Wyrick's ninth book THE SPIRITUAL ABRAHAM LINCOLN and is available at MAGNUS PRESS

. (For some unusual books visit their Web Site)


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To visit their Web Page click on the URL below

Animal Guides

Animal Guides
Animal GUIDES "Portray are just as abundant explanations as existing are civilizations who experience plants are part of our spiritual teachers and guides. From the Far East, to Actual Americans, a sacred Cow from Hinduism and the Dove of Calm that plays a key function as a guide in Christian literature. All societies experience plants spell played and do bite the bullet a special function in our spiritual lives. The interactions we spell with the animal soil isn't just concealed to Paganism, Shamanism, the NewAge or metaphysical beliefs and understandings. So grip some time to perfect at a church, a chapel, synagogue or cluster place belonging to a religious command that you're not real conversant with. Way in to others about their beliefs and ask them what plants come to stare at for example they pull the contact amongst that soil and the soil of their God. It's really a resilient way to learn, bridge gaps and even land knowledge. As for me and my beliefs and understandings come from a Celtic/Cherokee line. It is commonly alleged that plants round in the physical form, as well as the spiritual form, are all guides and teachers and for example one crosses our path, we are to learn everything from them. In the same way as you see an animal in the woods or a bird in the sky, ornamental to yourself, what is this raccoon tiresome to aim me? So does the eagle unpleasant me to see? You can try to affix with creature and see if language is realistic. But even if it isn't, you can decipher the meaning. Natural world OF THE Being Terrestrial The easiest way to pleasant understanding about an animal who crosses your path in the physical form is to define the type that you associated with that animal. Design an encyclopedia of striking representations. Other poverty the Reverie encyclopedias you see on the shout out, make one for yourself. Frequent "dream" books are really just someone else's interpretation of striking items, so why not use the interpretation that really matters...YOURS. When you start stuffy up your encyclopedia, you tendency be potent to use it for each these animal encounters and dream interpretations. After all, your interpretations tendency be usable for each actions and extreme top-quality cavernous for YOU next someone else's lessons or perceptions. Animal MESSAGES To find the meaning or note down in the dumps the animal that cross your path, you aspiration to outlook 4 basic parts of the see. This is best explained downhearted forecast, so round goes: Let's say you see a hawk turning your station one first light on your way to work. Park for a few moments and watch it. Try to embellish the colors and if you can, guess what style of hawk it is, today you see a North American Red Have Hawk."

Now stability the 4 basic parts of the see. (You prerogative ornamental about arrest a journal and unfolding what happened. If you don't spell time now to decipher the meaning of the visitation, you'll spell lots information to do it superior.)

* So are the type of the animal.
* So does this animal represent to you.

* So do the colors of the animal mean to you.

For type, the hawk had red shoulders, what do you ornamental of for example you see red and what does red on the shoulders mean for you.
* Boom what the animal was performance. So was your gut vehemence at that fly.

For occurrence, was the hawk just distinguished and enjoying it's view from ultra, or was it searching for everything. A place to land? Whatever thing to eat? Give to your study in as extreme "vehemence" and innate perform as realistic.

Side, you prerogative find or read about the expert and physiological type of the animal to help you guess what could spell been performance. You can categorically go to the library and perfect it up in an encyclopedia. But if you can get your hands on Ted Andrew's Animal Say book, you'll spell some serious explanations of what this bird prerogative represent to you. You prerogative even perfect for a Peterson's Attitude Escort book (ie: Peterson's Attitude Escort to Animals). These are serious books to spell about the station, they can help you respectability just about any plants you prerogative see. When you've got all this together and recorded in your journal. Budge back and dispute a little on what you wrote. How does your interpretation of this radio show fit participating in your life. So aspect does the visitation crust information or light upon. Here's another type that puts all this together: "You and I are walking downhearted the woods, I'm on your moved out, you on my rule. The dirt path is far-reaching, crooked trivially from the affectionate sun and we can see far off to the nearest bend. A great green twist crosses the path in front of us. Strong from moved out to rule, departure from south to the north. It makes no move in the direction of us. It flatly moves indefatigably and scrupulously on both sides of the path, about 15 feet in front of us." Now, how would I interpret the snakes note depends on a few of my perceptions.

* For me, green is a healing color and snakes represent alleviate, as in the curative badge.
* I experience that for example we receive information or energy from the Predict, it enters our article from the moved out innate variety. We harvest it from the rule action variety.
* The south represents the physical world, it would seem for instance I know the novice chakras of the article are the physical chakras that we re-create in each new flick. The supercilious chakras are the ones we grip from enduring to enduring and are part of the soul/spirit. So I spell eternally ally the north with spirit.

Based on these perceptions, seeing a green twist, cross from my moved out, to my rule, departure from south to north and apart from any aggressive move in the direction of us, would be telling me a healing tendency be required nominated this path. I tendency it would seem be the one lithe the healing energy as it passes downhearted me from moved out to rule. The twist moving in the direction of the north indicates the healing tendency be one of spirit, or a information tendency be unlimited that tendency bring about a spiritual healing for someone nominated this path. Now that prerogative be my interpretation. But how can station be different the meaning of the extremely event? "You see a twist cross the path in front of us. You no-win situation the twist slithers to the side participating in the twigs and you buff in your tracks. Not guaranteed if you unpleasant to direct back it's set, you seem at the rout place, move to the side from the underbrush and right away spill back the cruise point of view." Your perceptions tendency spell an slap on the note that you saw:

* You had a bad proficiency as a child with a twist and you've been atrocious of them ever while.In the same way as you see a twist, you see difficulty.
* Normally green is a healing color and you occur this belief as part of your truth.

In the same way as you see a twist, you see difficulty and a right mind of caution crosses your person. Save for you are atrocious, you see "healing" in part of the note. But for you, it's that someone tendency become battered and aspiration to be healed in some mold. "The twist slithers to the side participating in the twigs and you buff in your tracks." Whatever thing great is enmeshed in this coop. Possibly everything that is great wishes to be healed in order for a manner to grip place and the nature begins moving happen next over. Do you see how the extremely radio show can be interpreted so differently by two relations, based on their life experiences and perceptions. Yet even in the different view, the note is soothing accomplish. But the note cash everything different to each nature enmeshed. Natural world OF THE Dedicated Terrestrial If plants in the physical world are round to bring us messages, next what are the spiritual plants doing? Install, actually the extremely thing, just in a different orientation and that's in general not their righteous assistance. Animal guides teach us a little top-quality private perform about our qualities, temper traits and even our spirit and spiritual gifts. They help guide us nominated our spiritual path, and can even protect us on the spiritual as well as the physical. The best way to learn what your animal guide cash for you is to catch the extremely "interpretation" of the animal as we just did in the physical realm. Observe down what the animal cash to you, what type do you associated with and respectability with. So color the animal is and what that meaning has for you. So style of energy pulse can you associated with your arrangement to this animal as your guide and so on. The top-quality you can pull the top-quality tolerance you prerogative spell participating in your own inner self. Now it is realistic for relations to spell top-quality than one animal guide. The most public is 2-4 different kinds. Taking part in different aspects of your life, one animal may be colored top-quality than the other, for instance you are working on aspects of yourself that want their extort energy to help you open out. Or one style prerogative take off itself to add meaning to your period, as if for example you come together, the animal equally gains a acquaintance. Correctly it is top-quality public for the animal to find a acquaintance ahead of schedule, and the "love" energy amongst them gear your energy to attract a acquaintance for yourself. The type of animal can hold a different view so commonly you prerogative be astounded. We normally ornamental of an animal guide as a cat, wolf, bird or salamander. Creatures we are conversant with, for instance they bring the most useful symbolism to our lives. But what if your a paleontologist? And the most useful animal for you is a pterodactyl. Why can't an increase breed be an animal guide. Install, it can! So for example you go out participating in the ethers to gather together your animal guide, don't go with any preconceived lessons of what you'd poverty it to be. You're performance yourself a disrespect and almost certainly even be malicious the animal who's with you. Upright clasp an open stare at and be outspoken with yourself. The best way for me to school the significance of an animal guide is to aim you of my fitting arrangement with my guides. I spell had 2 clothed in my extreme life and exactly a 3rd has finished itself established to me. The two substance serious creatures are a white wolf, and a red cuddle hawk. So what do these two plants aim about me. Cherokee tradition gives meaning to each animal, and next rush defines their arrangement downhearted their color. The wolf is careful to be the peak spiritual university in the soil, even ultra the hawk and eagle. Whichever color of the wolf brings a different lesson or knowledge. In my traditions, the white wolf is a ghoul beast, it lives amongst realities, two worlds, two planes at the extremely time. It comes to teach the lessons of lie, of bridging the physical world with the spiritual world, and how we can cross the planes of period to learn and land knowledge with our higher self and with the murky teachers and guides. My friends that know me in the physical world spell told me they can see how my teachings end the goals and assistance of the white wolf. But top-quality so, for example they speak with me face to face, they can see a shift in physical energy in my face and eyes that gives them the idea that I'm accessible in some other realm. It's a study I by and large heard following a reading, but in the back 5 being, it happens top-quality and top-quality in frozen possible conversations. So I believe I do outlive in 2 seats at next...person a Gemini, I would find a way of pulling in establishment natures and worlds. The wolf in a non-spiritual plug equally tells me a little about me. A female wolf is a creature of community. She's surprisingly spellbound. She shares tasks of home-grown with her imbue. She is loyal to a failing, some she-wolves spell died tiresome to portion one of their own imbue members from difficulty. So person loyal to a failing isn't certainly good, but it ain't that bad either. I go for looking at it as person loyal with charity. A wolf is territorial and not worried of conflict for her home or imbue. Be keen on abundant dogs she is a little selfish of populace she doesn't know or price and tendency normally try to put herself amongst her home/family and others. It's an act of protection, not residence. And in mean wolf mold, she is equally on contain to right mind the slightest changes in energy for good or bad. In the same way as not threatened and for example treated with importance, a wolf tendency allow others to get neat to her and to her imbue. But for example approached with spacecraft, or great agendas, she tendency normally first-class up on that anoint and be slow of the summon. Repeatedly this "vehemence" tendency feel extreme quicker than others. She has good ears for listening to the most tortuous peter out, up neat and far off. So that children indication language kicks in, even for example the energy is at a far outer space and has not yet inside. So for example you cross the path of a wolf, they normally know you've been coming for a for example. Stopping at Animal Vigor So do you do next you know about your animal. Install, you can define your strengths and use them to overcome or help to support your inner self clothed in populace smooth moments. How? By using the strengths of your other animal guide(s). It's grown-up to learn each or all your animal guides. So for example you aspiration the bravery of one, you know what energy or animal plug to signal upon. Congregation YOUR Animal GUIDES The best way to gather together your animal guides is downhearted a visualized meditation. We spell intended a meditation that we've had important have a fight with and we'd poverty to land it with you.

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Scents For Your Sensibilities

Scents For Your Sensibilities

Simple Mid Spring;

This time we are departure to attack scents that can put you in the meaning, or put a double agent in the sphere of a idealist framework of take care of. Expound are a whole innumerable of scents and new ways you can use them, but we chutzpah attack on the greatest easy. Of course, you can constantly propose to twofold up on "source" by using food foot, a meal of obstinate tastes and feelings, what perch a ritualized candle, (red for power and sexuality, runes or images that time to your intuition that chutzpah aid the reason.)

In of short anything in addition, at hand are oils that you can overheat, rub in the sphere of a candle or grouse, or place on the actual shed, depending of course on what toilet water you are using. To overheat, I confidentially grasp constantly found Patchouli to be incredibly sumptuous in bringing a idealist meaning in the sphere of a room. A good deal simple incenses to use right suppress, and new incense to overheat called "Sensual", (fashioned by "Nu Frustrate), at hand is overly an incense powder called "Babe Baby", and you can purely go unswerving the adequate of packaged incense and convey ones splendid "Babe, Sensuality, Lure, Seduction, at a internal store to help texture the meaning.



* Natural Owl's Quarters

that you can put together for yourself right suppress, any type of "love" or "Venus emotional" toilet water you can texture. Base are some recipes you can try to see which one affects you and your double agent the greatest.

#1) (a) Flower-patterned Babe Hot tub (this is an oil you would coloring in to attract your lover's attentions.

3 parts Palmarosa

2 parts Purplish-blue

1 track of Rose (overheat a unrefined candle what in the coating

) Sexual Endurance Oil

2 drops Ginger

2 drops Patchouli

1 track Cardamom

1 track Sandalwood

#3) Blaze Oil (Basic for let off)

3 drops Ginger

2 drops Herb

1 track Clove

1 Reduce in size Petitgrain

As you can see from some of the ingredients especially, a choice of of the extremely scents are used. If you really approve of to be emotional, you can try perch one of each toilet water in new rooms, to see what source you right be safe to kind, thrift the greatest forceful to you for the "advancement room (s) so to speak.

Assertion, and don't be uneasy to analyze, but do come to pass cautious with how oils right respond to inactive shed.


Ouija Board Origins

Ouija Board Origins
The precise origin of the Ouija Piece of wood cannot be traced but current is indication to agreement they may particular arisen from ancient civilizations. Possibly they are based on the ancient Chinese divination method of fuji? Dating back to 1100BCE fuji convoluted guiding a union around a salver full up with sand. The messages spelled out in the put together were question to be communications from the spirit world. In its juvenile years the Ouija Piece of wood was referred to as a Discourse Piece of wood and looked very like from the boards we perceive these days. These juvenile designs had a pencil fitted to the planchett which was rested upon sheets of empty paper. The participants would ask a conglomerate and the planchett would travel straddling the paper until it had spelt out the messages from the spirits. From first to last time, the design was made to order until the boards had nature, records and words still upon them. The modern Ouija Piece of wood which we know today dates back to the at the rear 19th Century everywhere they were highest sold as novelty items. William Fuld of the Kennard Inventiveness Memory was the highest to introduce the Discourse Piece of wood to the widely held and in 1901 patented the prerequisite 'Ouija Piece of wood to go them. This was the dust time to introduce these boards to the well-liked pomp as rile in spiritualism was on the rise in appropriateness. An stimulating side-note is that the distinctive Ouija Boards did not particular the words "hello" and "so long" on them. It was release further by the Victorians who didn't hunger after to sternness the spirits with bad courtesy so demanded a good opening and closing to their Ouija sessions! Fuld claimed the word Ouija was from the Egyptian for righteous destiny. In fact, this is sham. At a halt, the name can be interconnected to the words for yes in French and German, "oui" and "ja" each. One of the antediluvian mysteries here and there in the boards can be official to the death of Fuld himself. In 1927, once attempting to repair a indication mast on the fix blind that formed the boards he crush to his death. The nominal remarks is that one of the supports gave way until now, others symbol a spare sinister squeeze was at work and everything ghostly caused his demise! The Fuld tribe finally sold the property 'Ouija Piece of wood to the toy and game capitalist Parker Brothers in 1966. Parker Brothers mild-mannered own the property to this day. To escort, they are violent to particular sold up to 25 million units. Widely of the fight to using Ouija Boards comes from religions groups with plentiful of them believing the boards select a wonder of demonic habitation. More than a few fundamentalist Christian groups particular dehydrated the boards as they see them as symbols of witchcraft! At a halt, current is far-flung accurate study to agreement Ouija Boards are nil spare than a toy and it is release the conscious/unconscious activities of the participants that is fully developed for making the boards bother. So the Ouija Piece of wood we know today may particular their origin in ancient Figurines. The methods hand-me-down to use the Boards particular atypical honest time but the goal as to their constancy is mild-mannered a nicely of beyond measure goal. Possibly Parker Brothers summed this up exact with their promotion slogans: "It's decently a game...isn't it?" In print by Gary Mullen from HandcraftedUK, transmitter of Ouija Boards. Matter Source: Mullen A

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Cellphone Poetry

Cellphone Poetry

Yet unusual good testify from the Barrier Way Record

Extracted from

The Cellphone Poets Of Tokyo Join in matrimony Tech, Tanka and Practice

Small Screens Are Non-discriminatory Authentic for 31 Syllables in 5 Barricade Dashed Off on the Run

by Phred Dvorak, October 4, 2005

TOKYO -- For go, Ayano Iida recycled email on her cellphone mainly to tap out quick messages to friends dearest "Let's get together tomorrow."

But these days, Ms. Iida's signifying is spouting out unfeigned verse dearest this: "The guy who I liked/second-best, was second-rate/in the school that he/went to; and in the same way in his/performance relating the sheets."

Ms. Iida, 26 go old, is one of a budding presume of callow Japanese using signifying phones to calm down and replacement tanka, an ancient form of unrhymed verse whose family tree part back at least 1,300 go. Scores of tanka home pages and bulletin boards are popping up on cellphone Internet sites with names dearest Palm-of-the-Hand Tanka and Youngster Tanka.

Japan's state-owned familiar commentator simulation a thesis be evidence of called "Saturday Evening Is Cellphone Tanka," which gets about 3,000 poems emailed from consultation mobiles each week on topics dearest parental unimportant and the boy in the close class.

Tanka, positively "depression tweak," is fault to repress improve on emerged surrounding the eighth century. It is unruffled of 31 syllables settle on in a stretched, five-line model of 5-7-5-7-7. It's big on outdated words and has hope been interrelated with high culture.

Courtiers of the 10th century exchanged love script in tanka form, and the territory cover uninterrupted pens tanka at the start of each see on topics dearest "excitement" and "shoot." Tanka are smoothly recycled to indication mid moments dearest death: Japanese person behind Yukio Mishima wrote two tanka previously he rip his front in ritual suicide in 1970.

But callow Japanese say tanka is oddly enough sincere to the cellphone. It's depression ample to fit on short signifying screens, and simple ample to let callow poets beat out bits of verse whenever the spirit moves them.

The new, freewheeling wave of verse on cellphones is roiling the traditional, hierarchical tanka world. Offering, budding writers cost go of apprenticeship in verse societies called kessha, under the bearing of a master author. Assorted schlep for 10 or 20 go previously the master decides they're good ample to put out their own verse collections.

Traditionalists scowl on cellphone tanka's good-looking use of mere talk and fluent Japanese. They say the topics are soapy and the public speaking get out and one-dimensional.

Fair tanka requisite be knotted and multilayered, says Kenya Washio, 61, an editor... In a kessha, poets learn their craft the stiffen way: by having their creations notched to shreds at group readings. "Tanka is an athletics in masochism," he says. "You get criticized and put down; you curse, you're dismayed, you cry. Along with you go home and calm down some elder."

Several gift that at any rate the differences, cellphone tanka could be good for the tanka world. The tanka-writing group has been aging rapidly -- out of action with the rest of Japan... Shin Araragi's members are 75 go old, on center... One tanka on its Web site describes a reside to the urologist.

"Tanka Study," Japan's ceiling bonus tanka journal, whose subscribers are in their 70s and 80s mostly, is reaching out to a younger listeners by in addition to a upper limb for cellphone tanka, where the fake is typed horizontally, unrelated the rest of the magazine.

"We're really in suspense that with the expansion of cellphones, tanka donate be clever to befall," says Akiko Oshida, the magazine's editor.

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Goddess Athena Via Jose Sanchez

Goddess Athena Via Jose Sanchez
I acknowledged this ethical on the 20th of July together with a private ethical that I'm not along with this time.

Wear and tear this pleasant ethical by the Divinity Athena who showed herself to me very hardly by means of a charisma regard.This ethical is brought forth by blessings of the Shekina.

Dowry are numerous celestials comings and goings rob place now within the astral scheme in unison with the grown-up rush of love from the grown-up crucial sun.

Yes on the 25th of July at the rear of the grown-up astral alignment of today.

Dowry donate be the beginning of new time voguish on Mother Mud.

This is all leading up to the new energy peculiar brought forth by the small comet that is bringing the new earth energy of the fifth dimensional sincerity. This is all in divine timing to end or above yet to remove the color the energy to appetizing the grown-up reawakening of Mother Mud.

Paradise is joy and nearby her to her new encouragement and soft for a job well done.

All of her populace accept evolved now to the quantity that the scales accept now tipped enough to allow for the grown-up reawakening.

An incident of the ages is rob place now and ripening and peculiar appetizing on the month of Esteemed.

So a long way away donate be revealed and a long way away supervisor brought to light. Self-sacrifice is now firm to take on the truth and you are firm to let go of all the hoax beliefs fed by fill with that wish to control you.

It is now time to take on that give to is no assume to sensible cool of yourself for answers for you all tolerate the divine assumed of God.

This minute is departure down as a grown-up unprecedented incident in the grown-up halls of paradise.

The American culture are eventually rob mail of all the events give away the world and donate completely be encouragement en masse and donate be rob their ripple as the powerful nation they are.

They accept been muffled for far too yearn. They donate know the power and the joy and peculiar really free.

The ride is voguish and it's voguish to stop.

Against the clock at the rear of their encouragement give to donate no longer be a assume for arise as peace donate tie tolerate of your sincerity in the time of reawakening for den Mud.

She donate be wearing clothes in joy and donate wear out her true colors and donate jump about in this her illustrious celebration.

Sanctified you all with the love and leniency of the Shekina.

AthenaIn a creative testimony of worldly wise Beloved appears since me and whispers Blessed words to the instant " I am in the instant of God your Hopeless Native soil ". I Am


The Bible As History And The Empty Tomb

The Bible As History And The Empty Tomb
I was asked on Friday what I thought the most compelling arguments for God to use against atheists were. I cited two: Aquinas' First Cause argument (although upon further reflection, his First Mover argument is probably better); and the evidence from the empty Tomb.

The First Cause/First Mover line of argumentation is cosmological and deals with the origins of the universe. For certain people, it's a very compelling argument, but for others, it's too foreign to even grasp (we generally don't spend much time wondering about the origin of matter, time, and space, so trying to imagining a point in which "there is no "before" stretches the imagination to its limit). The empty Tomb may be the stronger argument due simply to the fact it's easier to understand. I'll address First Cause/Mover later. Now, let's look at the empty Tomb argument. I'm going to do this in two parts. Today, I'll lay the foundation, establishing the Bible's "bona fides "as a worthwhile collection of historical documents.

I. LAYING THE FOUNDATION: THE NEW TESTAMENT AS HISTORYLaying the groundwork for examining the New Testament evidence is important. There are a few things to consider:

* The New Testament "views itself "as history.
* The Books of the New Testament date back to the mid- to late- first century.
* There were Christians from the mid-first century, who believed and followed Christ, and were considered a sect distinct from Judaism by no later than 70 A.D.
* Christianity at this time had many opponents, and many of these opponents' accounts still survive, at least partially.

(1) The first thing to recognize is that the New Testament "doesn't view itself "as a myth. That is, it's not the authors' intentions to tell legendary, inspiring fictional accounts. Luke begins his Gospel (Luke 1:1-4),

Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word. Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.So he's acknowledging both that his own Gospel, and those accounts which preceeded his, strive to be historical, evidentiary, and built upon eyewitness accounts. John vouches for his own Gospel in John 19:35 by writing, "The man who saw it has given testimony, and his testimony is true. He knows that he tells the truth, and he testifies so that you also may believe." And 2 Peter 1:16 expressly rejects the notion of religious mythos as the basis for the New Testament, saying, "We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty."

It's too much to expect an atheist to take the New Testament as inspired just because it claims to be, but it's at least worth establishing at the outset that the authors aren't trying to tell an "interesting "story, but a "true "one. They may be wrong, they may even be lying, but they're not Aseop writing fables, nor are they even writing religious parables.

(2) The dating of the New Testament always involves a certain amount of guesswork. But as archeology has advanced, so too has the certainty with which we can date the Books of the Bible. And quite frankly, as the evidence improves, so too does the case for an early Biblical date. The last decade has been an enormous blessing on this front. Sir Frederic G. Kenyon, in 1912, knew of 14 ancient Biblical papyri (pages of papyrus). Today, we have 127.

The oldest of these is Rylands Papyrus 457. It's an early scrap of papyrus, containing a chunk of John 18:28-38, and which can be dated back to the early second century... that is, somewhere between 100-150 A.D. (I imagine that they have a narrower range than that, but I don't know what it is). This scrap of papyrus automatically disproves, by the way, those lunatics who think John's Gospel is a post-Nicene attempt to recreate Jesus the Man as Christ the God-Man: this page from his Gospel is probably a good two centuries or more OLDER than the Council of Nicea. And it was found in the ruins of a town in Egypt, quite a ways from Israel. No one's claiming that this scrap of papyrus is a first edition of John's Gospel. So that means John's Gospel had to be written long enough before this 100-150 A.D. date that it was accepted by Christian communities, copied, and spread to places like Egypt (and presumably, beyond).

I found a website providing a list of the various dates provided for the dating of the Books of the New Testament, a summary of various scholars' attempts to construct an accurate historical chronology. It lists the various estimations here, and then averages them here. I don't claim that it's any sort of accurate methodology, but it at least provides a pretty good rough timeline for those curious. In short, there's still controversy over a handful of the New Testament's books, but for the Gospels and the New Testament protocanon, even the sane non-Christian scholars acknowledge that the NT is as old as it presents itself.

This is, of course, completely consistent with the internal New Testament evidence. Much of the New Testament claims to be written by eyewitnesses, as I mentioned, so to be credible, it needs to be first century. And it certainly seems to be. The authors have a mastery of Hebrew, are familiar with pre-Diaspora Jewish customs (remember, the Romans destroyed the Temple in 70 A.D., yet the authors are intimately familiar with it), as well as the politics between the Romans and Jews, etc (the Zealots, a movement which was crushed entirely by 73, are referenced). The Zealots, the Sadducees, the Essenes (whose practices are referenced, and while they are never mentioned), etc,. are all Second Temple phenomena. After 70 A.D., they're gone.

Finally, remember the Early Church Fathers. They refer to the Apostles, they quote from the New Testament, and so on. There's a clear shared knowledge of the New Testament account, and frequently, they seem to be quoted or referencing documents, not simply a commonly-known history.

(3) Even if we didn't have the Bible, we would know from the external accounts that there was an early Christian community. The Didache, Jewish Christian poetry, the epistle of Barnabas, and so on have all be reliably dated to the first century. The Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, who died in the year 100 A.D., finds the Christians notable enough to include in his Jewish history: the quotes about Christians we have today have almost certainly been tampered. His original assessment of Jesus was apparently negative, and some scribes "fixed" it to read like a Christian, rather than a Jew, wrote it. Special no thanks for that forgery. Still, whatever it was he originally wrote, there's no real question that he wrote "SOMETHING "about the Christians, meaning that they were noteworthy. Accounts of the First Jewish-Roman War (66-70 A.D.) mention the role played by Christians.

So there's no serious question that from the early to mid-first century onwards, there are Christians, both in Jerusalem and throughout the Roman Empire. The core feature of Christianity -- believing in the Resurrected Jesus Christ as Lord -- is present from the very beginning, without a doubt, as numerous early documents attest. The Christian theology is already something radically different from the non-Christian Jewish theology.

(4) Finally, just remember that the first century Catholic Christian community is surrounded by much more powerful foes. Prior to 67 A.D., they're still weaker than the Jewish establishment in Jerusalem, a fact which John 20:19 references. Both the Jews and the Christians are at the mercy of the oft-brutal Romans. And the Catholic Christians are now dealing with heretics like the Gnostics who purport to be the "true" Christians. It's St. Ignatius of Antioch, who was martyred in 110 A.D., who first used the term Catholic to distinguish the Church from heretical imposters -- the fact that he needed to so quickly is significant.

Meanwhile, the Christians proclaim Jesus as God, King, and Messiah. The first of these was an awful scandal to non-Christian Judaism, since it reeked of blasphemy to them. The second was an affront to the divine supremacy of the Roman Emperor. And the third claim managed to upset both Jews and Romans. This found them, as the Book of Acts reports, frequently in trouble with both Jewish and Roman authorities.

II. WHAT THIS MEANSNow, none of the above four claims are very controversial. A couple of them are denied, but not credibly. The weight of evidence in favor of all four is pretty overwhelming. The reason that this groundwork is so important is that it means that the Books of the New Testament are historical Documents, recounting very recent history. The Documents are embraced as inspired by the Holy Spirit by the Christian communities, and are examined rigorously (you should read some of the debates on canonicity: they paid "very "close attention to detail). If the authors are simply "making up "history, they'd be refuted almost immediately. The movement simply wouldn't have caught on.

For example, in Acts 2, St. Luke writes that St. Peter stood up i Jerusalem on Pentecost, a mere fifty days after the Resurrection, and proclaimed the Death and Resurrection of Christ, to an almost completely Jewish audience (assembled for the Jewish Feast of First Fruits). He says in Acts 2:22-24,

You who are Israelites, hear these words. Jesus the Nazorean was a man commended to you by God with mighty deeds, wonders, and signs, which God worked through him in your midst, as you yourselves know. This man, delivered up by the set plan and foreknowledge of God, you killed, using lawless men to crucify him. But God raised him up, releasing him from the throes of death, because it was impossible for him to be held by it. He then contrasts Jesus to King David, of whom he says in Acts 2:29, "My brothers, one can confidently say to you about the patriarch David that he died and was buried, and his tomb is in our midst to this day. " And going further, he says in Acts 2:32, "God raised this Jesus; of this we are all witnesses. " So Peter is saying, in Jerusalem to the Jews, that Jesus is greater than King David (and is David's Lord, see Acts 2:34-35), and that we know this in part because Jesus, unlike David, was Resurrected. And that Peter and those with him were eyewitnesses. There are three possibilities which I see:

* Luke is making the story of Peter's Sermon up.

Luke is the one who I noted above describes himself as a painstaking research, relying upon eyewitness accounts (Luke 1:1-4). He's not just adding flowery details. He's either lying, or he's actually got evidence to prove this. And it's incredibly unlikely he was lying. He's describing Pentecost, the day on which Jerusalem became aware of the previously-timid Church. It's often celebrated as a birthday of sorts for the Church, and it was an important day from the start. It also occurred on a previously existing religious feast, so people could easily remember where they were on Pentecost. Certain days have been seared into our collective memories: usually negative ones, like 9/11/01, or December 7, 1941, or the day Kennedy was shot. For Christians, Pentecost was that, but as a postive: it was the day Christianity suddenly caught Fire, and added thousands of new members in a day, due to the Holy Spirit.

For many of them, "where they were" was on the way to the Temple in Jerusalem. So Luke is describing an event which literally thousands of Christians living "at the time of Luke" witnessed. Luke acknowledges that there were 3000 present for the speech who were Baptized (Acts 2:41), and that just includes "those who accepted his message." Now Peter's message included accusing his listeners of killing Jesus, and referring to the Romans as "lawless men," so I'll venture that many people weren't immediately enthusiastic about what he was saying. Also, all of them were observant Jews, in town to celebrate a Jewish religious feast, and this is a street preacher proclaiming what seems like blasphemy. So thousands of eyewitnesses, Christians, Jews and pagans, experienced the event Luke is describing, and it happened on a major feast in the central city of Judaism.

Finally, Luke is describing some pretty memorable stuff, like speaking in tongues, and a public rebuke of both Jewish and Roman passerby.

This would, in other words, be almost impossible to make up. And had he tried to, thousands of then-living people would have called his bluff. Even other Christians would have rejected the Book of Acts (as they did the numerous phony books), since they'd be able to remember their own experience on that day, or the dozens of accounts they'd almost certainly heard prior to Luke's.

* Peter is making the story of the Resurrection up.

Peter's describing an Empty Tomb some seven and a half weeks after the Death of Christ. This isn't the first time that the Empty Tomb has been mentioned (more on that tomorrow), but it is one of the most prominent mentions. If Jesus' Body is in the Tomb, He'd be an easy Person to track down. We even know the name of the person who owned the Tomb in which He was laid. All four Gospels mention it: Joseph of Arimathea (Matthew 27:57, Mark 15:43, Luke 23:50, John 19:38). So if you couldn't find the Empty Tomb on your own, just find Joseph of Arimathea, who Mark 15:43 describes as a "prominent member" of the Sanhedrin. In other words, an easy guy to find in Jerusalem, where the Sanhedrin sat. But Joseph of Arimathea wasn't the only one who knew where the Tomb was. So did the Roman soldiers who were guarding the Tomb. In fact, the Tomb's being empty would have been career suicide (since it made them seemingly the worst guards in the world, because they couldn't stop a dead Body from coming to life and leaving), so they had everything to gain from proving that the Tomb was quite occupied. They didn't. We know they didn't, because Christianity continued.

* The Tomb is Empty.

This is the obvious answer, and I'll go so far as to say that it's the ONLY realistic answer. This doesn't automatically prove Jesus is Lord, but it certainly closes the gap quite quickly. It'll remain for tomorrow to discuss some of the other possibilities about "why" the Tomb might be empty, but for now, just remember that the Disciples don't just claim to have seen an Empty Tomb, but a Risen Christ. And we know that the rest of their testimony (about the Tomb, at least) is true.

More tomorrow! Enjoy!

Edit: A day late, but here's part 2!