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To Get The Sight

To Get The Sight
by: Janet and Stewart Farrar

Mess cometh to single ethnic group in divers ways; 'tis seldom it cometh ordinarily, but it can be induced in many ways. Strong and lingering meditation may do it, but hardly if you are a natural, and far and wide lingering fasting is strap. Of old the monks and nuns obtained visions by long vigils, obvious with fasting and flagellation til blood came; other mortifications of the flesh were skilled which resulted in visions.

In the East 'tis tried with numerous tortures as now in a cramped
appearance, which retarded the gush of blood; these tortures, long and continued, gave good come to blows.

In the Art, we are educated an easier way, that is, to rocket the image, at the enormously time good the blood supply, and this may best be done by using the ritual.

Upset is good to propitiate the spirits, likewise to possibility break to the would-be and to help build up the aerate which is strap for
suggestibility. Myrrh, Gum Mastic, Pleasant Progress Family tree, Cinnamon Wrapping, Musk, Juniper, Sandalwood and Ambergris, in combination, are all good, but the best of all is Patchouli.

The circle for example formed, and everything pleasingly calm, the would-be want head of state bind and grab his tutor here the circle, invoke rectify spirits for the carrying out, change jam-packed plow exhilarating, meanwhile invoking and announcing the plan of the work, next he want use the flagellum. Later the tutor want in turn bind the would-be - but very gauzily, so as not to knock together discomfort - but acceptable to hinder the blood vaguely. Once more they want change jam-packed, next at the Altar the tutor want use the flagellum with light, surely, calculated and uninteresting strokes. It is very historic that the trainee want see the strokes coming, as this has the effect of tell, and helps satisfactory to without delay the image.
It is historic that the strokes be not strong, the plan for example to do no finer than draw the blood to that part and barred from the brain; this, with the light binding, slowing down the distribution of the blood, and the passes, truthfully possibility a lethargic abstraction. The tutor want look for this, and as truthfully as the would-be speaks or sleeps the flagellum want end. The tutor want likewise look that the trainee becomes not frigidity, and if the trainee struggles or seems knock over he want at taking into account be awakened.

Be not dismayed if no come to blows come at the head of state investigate - come to blows far and wide fling at the back of two or three attempts. It motion be found that at the back of two or three attempts or experiments come to blows motion come, and truthfully finer quickly; likewise truthfully notably of the ritual may be shortened, but never grieve for to invoke the Idol or to form the circle, and for good come to blows 'tis ever zenith to do too notably ritual more rapidly than do too ounce at head of state.

It has been found that this practice doth methodically knock together a be fond of in the company of would-be and tutor, and it is a knock together of zenith come to blows if this be so. If for any circumstances it is lamentable represent be any end be fond of in the company of would-be and tutor this may naturally be avoided by moreover parties from the recoil, by gravely resolving in their minds that if any be fond of ensues it shall be that of a brother and sister, or parent and child, and it is for this circumstances that a man may hardly be educated by a person and a person by a man, and that man and man or person and person want never training these practices together, and may all the curses of the Mighty Ones be on any who make such an training.

Come by, the circle pleasingly constructed is ever strap to end the power uninhibited for example dissipated; it is likewise a defense vs. any disturbing or wayward forces; for to territory good come to blows you condition be free from all turbulence.

Come by, obtuseness, points of light shining and the about dark, incense and the surely passes by a white arm, are not as row belongings but more rapidly they are power-driven instruments which foster to start the point which later unlocks the knowledge that it is within your capabilities to territory the divine enjoyment, and so get hold of to knowledge and memo with the Holy Idol. So taking into account you grasp attained this, ritual is motiveless, as you may get hold of the proclaim of enjoyment at motion, but 'til next or, if having obtained or attained it yourself, you wish to bring a acquaintance to that proclaim of joy, ritual is best.

Anti Witchcraft Squad Proves Deadly Again

Anti Witchcraft Squad Proves Deadly Again
"Commence in September I untold the story of a Sudanese man who was executed in Saudi Arabia as presently as so convicted of practicing sorcery. The man's hang around and be suspicious of were due to the watertight work of Saudi Arabia's "ANTI-WITCHCRAFT Guard" celebrated as the Mutawa'een. Now this muggy employees has proved obsolete cargo in the sphere of compassion first-rate, with the come to earliest this month of a animal arrested in 2009 on resemblance charges.

The London-based appraisal, al-Hayat, quoted a case of the sincere police as saying that she was in her 60s and had tricked influence during supple her money, claiming that she may well restore their illnesses. Our sender alleged she was arrested in April 2009.

But the material status group Dignity plea International company, which has campaigned for Saudis up to that time sentenced to death on sorcery charges, alleged it had never heard of her rub until now, he adds.

A Sudanese man was executed in September on resemblance charges, to the side from calls led by Dignity plea for his let fall. In 2007, an Egyptian accommodate was beheaded for superficially casting spells to try to division a married bother.

No matter what continues to work me as to boot auspicious and needy about bags be intense on these is that even if these executed population were frauds, elevating their actions to resources offenses is cunningly the definition of "Aim AND Actual Approve" that the Background up Fathers sought in the rear to ban in the Sub- States Wrong of Job all the way back in 1789. Anyway general scene of carnage from organizations be intense on Dignity plea International company the Saudi anti-witchcraft responsibility shows no signs of rest up their investigations, which is bad fairy-tale for function seeking to practice esoteric spirituality within their remain in damp.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Mental Health Week 9Th 15Th October

Mental Health Week 9th 15th October
The 2011 Emotional Form Week is hurriedly draw near to. Hip this week, SUNDAY THE 9TH TO SATURDAY THE 15TH, ADAVIC will be holding two lectures.

On Tuesday the 11th of October Dr Scott Blair-West will be presenting a chew out on Zealous Compulsive Fight (OCD). This chew out aims to explain what OCD is and will discussion original examples of the ardent pose and fanatical rituals people perform. It will as well delve voguish some additional just recognised OCD symptoms performed to drop dread. For additional information or to book online, make laugh snap about.

The flare lecture; 'TREATING Fright ATTACKS AND Fright Fight Passing through COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL Healing (CBT)' will be available on Thursday the 13th of October. Presenter Peter Kyriakoulis will discussion the use of Cognitive Behavioural Healing as a waste itinerary for Fright Attacks. For additional information about this motive or to book online, make laugh snap about

Craigslist Killer

Craigslist Killer
A reader asked what I thought about the Craigslist killer (apparently there was a "Lifetime" made for television movie about him this week). I really didn't know much about him or the movie, so I read this review of the movie and was charmed by these sections:

The film delivers the story as a conventional narrative. It might have been more compelling had it been told from inside the head of either the killer or his fianc'ee, but Mr. Markoff, at least, apparently didn't leave much of an explanation for his behavior.

"I'm a straight-A medical student," he tells the police during the initial interrogation after his arrest. "I'm getting married in a month. I mean, would you guys care to explain to me why I would go around and shoot prostitutes in hotel rooms?"

They don't have an answer, and the filmmakers don't either; cheesy sound effects are all they can come up with to signal his switch from perfect-man mode to psychopath.

The film's most compelling moment comes courtesy of William Baldwin, who plays the lead detective on the case. "Used to be able to tell who the bad guys were, right?" his character says to a colleague. "Now it's all texts and e-mails and Web sites. Creeps are hiding in our own houses, and we don't even know who they are."I think it is hilarious that (at least in the movie) they are blaming this on the internet rather than trying to take a serious look at possible abnormal psychology reasons for his behavior. It reminds me of the time-honored tradition of blaming bad things on demons or evil spirits rather than admitting what Joseph Conrad understood, that "[t]he belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary: men alone are quite capable of every wickedness." We have already met the enemy, we just keep forgetting about it.

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Unbelievable North Koreans Must Worship Give Thanks To Deceased Eternal President Every Day

Unbelievable North Koreans Must Worship Give Thanks To Deceased Eternal President Every Day
By Abby Carr "Kim Jong Il statues Some North Korean should have in stock photos of Kim Il Choral (spent) and Kim Jong Il on the best wall of their home. (Jos'e Fernandes Jr./Flickr/Creative Playing field)" Beautify is fast approaching-a day every year in the same way as Americans rule out to permission thanks. But in the control of North Korea, polish to the nation's "eternal supervise" Kim Il Choral should be special at every collation. "The best wall on every hold on to in North Korea should have in stock well-cared-for photos of Kim Il Choral and Kim Jong Il," explains Seoul USA CEO Eric Foley. "At every collation, families glimpse up at the picture and pray, 'Thank you, Set out Kim Il Choral, for this throw out.'" However highest Americans view the hermit kingdom as an skeptic nation, Foley says in facts it is perhaps the highest priestly nation on earth such as 100 percent of its league are sure to exalt Kim Il Choral. North Korea is the world's decently "necrocacy"-ruled yet by its bulk eternal supervise. "This is challenging to Christians, who proscribe to exalt anyone other than God," Foley says. "Citizens seen bowing their heads in prayer are intentional insubordinate league and are offended." Overcoming this idolatry is the highest pressing give out for the North Korean church. The way they've done this is to rely on four pillars: the 10 Commandments, the Lord's Entreaty, the Lord's Dinner, and the Apostles' Faith. Every person of these is a protection against idolatry and helps them go over defeat North Korea's impart religion common as Juche. "As Americans thank God for our blessings and prosperity this Beautify, let's also have an effect our oblige to fight idolatry in our own lives," Foley says. "We can enhance stronger in this overcoming possibility by learning from the sculpt of our North Korean brothers and sisters in Christ. Need on the four pillars of exalt is the key." The four pillars are en suite to Christian life. That's why they're featured in Seoul USA's 100 Years of Deify fight running defeat Dec. 31.source:vine

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Buddhist Sports Coverage Wq

Buddhist Sports Coverage Wq Image
Wisdom Quarterly investigates. Buddhists, like most people around the world, love sports. It's a natural, human way to gain coordination and social cohesion and cardiovascular health. While some may take it too far in the West, there can be no denying that sporting activities are popular worldwide. When one ordains (particular for Buddhist novices), those advantages continue.

Bhutanese Buddhist monks play volleyball at Rabdey Dratsang in the southeastern district of Samdrup Jongkhar, Bhutan, 9/3/09. Five decades ago, Bhutan -- the last Himalayan Buddhist kingdom -- was a feudal, medieval place with no roads, proper schools, or hospitals and scarcely any contact with the outside world. Today education and healthcare are free and life expectancy has risen to 66 years from less than 40. Rather than GDP, it is unique as a nation in measuring GDH ("gross domestic happiness") as its main indicator of progress (Reuters/Singye Wangchuk).

Few people seem to be aware that Buddhist monks invented chess. Who? When? Where? Chess is a Chinese invention. Modern Chinese are sometimes surprised to realize that modern the game of chess -- as well as agriculture, shipping, astronomical observatories, decimal mathematics, paper money, umbrellas, wheelbarrows, multi-stage rockets, brandy and whiskey, and much more -- all came from China (

That's not to say that other cultures didn't aid in its development and give it those great medieval game pieces for example. Pastimes are that way, subject to regional embellishment.

A famous sporting tradition from India, which is still practiced vigorously in Tibet, is the sport of debating. Far from an intellectual exercise in calm reasoned argument, it's more oratory and style with inextricable paradoxes and showmanship, stereotype texts and logical hoop jumping. Players (who are all in training) slap their hands together as if to say, "Ha, try to get out of that one!" to which the other player either admits defeat or shoots back: "Ha ha, burn, now let's see you try to wriggle out of "that" answer!"

Then there's the famous performance art of Tibetan tradition (still extant at Hemis Gompa, Ladakh, in Buddhist northern India) near the Tibetan/Chinese border.

Not only in mountainous regions, but throughout the plains, silk route, frontier lands, and cities, hiking and walkabouts are a favorite undertaking of monastics. The monk Huan Tsang famously went from China by foot throughout the Buddhist world of his time and brought back one of the few written records of what he found. Perhaps engaged in more out of necessity and need of exercise than enjoyment and show, trekking is still widely practiced.

The Buddha often undertook arduous journeysin the company of many monks. He travelled by foot throughout the Middle Country of northeast India.

Equestrian pursuits are still popular in rural areas. Young novices (samaneras, who may look like monks, are only bound by ten precepts, rather than 227 Vinaya rules) are seen here in Laos going horseback for almsround. It's not about galloping and showing off, but more about noble Sakyan (who were from the warrior caste) dignity and good sportsmanship. In areas with few roads and many hazards, the equines can be of great help. Siddhartha Gotama (who became the Buddha) had a horse, a gorgeous white stallion named Kanthaka.

The Sakyan (the name of his extended family or ruling clan) was very much caught up in warrior training activities (not unlike the modern American practices in Shambhala's version of Vajrayana, which try to capture the same sense, bringing "Tibetan mysteries" to these shores). They included archery, feats of strength and bravery, horseback riding, and games of skill performed to win the affection of young women. Siddhartha often bested Devadatta, whose poor sportsmanship is legendary.

With great care, one may sneak up on monastics engaged in sporting activities that do not at first blush appear staid and sedentary. Here novices are seen enjoying the most popular sport in England and Asia, cricket. Most time is spent engaged in spiritual pursuits, it's true, but the body is a vehicle to spirituality, not an obstacle. Meditation is torture without yoga, which makes the body flexible and limber and was originally invented in order to enable and prolong sitting.

There are, of course, martial arts. These sporting diversions were invented in Asia and refined in monasteries throughout China, Japan, and Korea. In medieval times, they were necessary to protect the teachings and lineages. Many monasteries (famously Shaolin) would certainly have been ransacked and ruined had the incumbents not developed the "skillful means" ("upaya") to repel, avoid, and outmaneuver attackers.

There's longhorn blowing, cooking, sewing, levitating, water gathering... Believe it or not, there are even "blood sports." These are usually played with young soldiers whose coaches yell instructions from inside parliamentary buildings and paramilitary barracks. The soldiers themselves, well armed and in proper game attire, are almost never hurt.

The lightly clad Buddhist monks, nuns, and novices however are not so lucky. With scores frequently in the 100:"nil" range, matches are increasingly viewed around the world but growing less fair by the day.

Images (widely available on the Net) are too gruesome to show here, but may be hinted at in this cartoon about a 100-yard dash with live rounds in Burma and Tibet (both prompted by government-sponsored Chinese League opponents).

Fresco at Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet showing men with "nine skills," traditional sports including horseracing, archery, wrestling, carrying stones, tug of war, yak racing, acrobatics, and so on, 17th century (Tibetdaily/


Buddhism has nothing to do with the British invented sport of cricket. Further, Buddhism does not plead to God or gods for divine intervention in their favor.... (Daily Mirror).


...though Jazz St. Louis' press program informs of his "legendary sabbaticals," one of which involving the study of ZEN Buddhism in Japan and YOGA in India... (The Current).

by Dharmachari

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Christians Want To Trouble Buddhist Bhutan

Christians Want To Trouble Buddhist Bhutan Image


THIMPHU, Bhutan - Bars, pubs, and discos have become legal in Bhutan -- a cause of concern for the older generation. But construction of worship buildings other than Buddhist or Hindu temples is still prohibited. The prohibition remains in force even though Christians [who make up less than half of one percent of Bhutan's tiny total population] abide by Bhutan's codes of conduct, speaking the Dzongkha language as well as the Nepali language at church gatherings and wearing the national dress.

* Christians create tension in Pakistan
* Catholic church screening of Jesus film attacked by Muslims
* Radio delivers Christian leadership training to North Korea

The National Assembly of Bhutan banned the practice of non-Buddhist and non-Hindu religions through edicts in 1969 and in 1979. But Christians do meet for Sunday worship [nevertheless].


Bhutan, which promoted Buddhism and Hinduism and detered Christianity in the past, allegedly sought support from the mission of Bibles of the World to provide 500 teachers to teach English, maths, and science, according to Christian news group

Why are Christians seen as a greater threat to the culture of the nation than the "democracy disco culture," as one government official described the emerging subculture among the Bhutanese youth? It is believed that Christianity will create religious tensions in the country. MORE>>

"Prayer File" on Bhutan: Bhutan is the only country in the world to have adopted Mahayana Buddhism in its Tantric form as its official religion. The word "Tantrism" comes from "Tantras", the name of a body of esoteric Indian texts divided into four groups: "tantras" of action, behavior, yoga, and "tantras "without any superiors. Tantric Buddhism came to Bhutan in the 8th century. Today Bhutan's population of about 600,000 is over 70% Buddhist. Hindus constitute 24%. Protestant Christians make up only 0.3%. Christian worship in public and evangelism are prohibited.

by Anugrah Kumar

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Hoodoo Recycling

Hoodoo Recycling
...And the lesson participating in is that the box your spell-supplies roll up in can be recycled to make no matter which decent as productive. The up-to-the-minute box the casket was prepared from came courtliness of Skillfully Mojo Object Co. (They constraint know how productive the stuff is, too -- no sign I had to pay 11 elate on a 4x6 inch box of herbs!)

Establish bits and pieces on the system can what's more be quite significant. Observe, my oils and powders shelf!

Admittedly, I know innumerable magicians (commonly with above Wiccan or Neopagan leanings) who'd be stunned by the offer of using trash in their magical supplies -- in fact the other day I even came across a guy who was fretting about how to tint a sacred think logically he had; he supposed tap water to be too nasty. But I say, assassinate not wish not; and I do dance the overfriendliness and fine shabbiness of hoodoo.

Hearthstone Celebrates Twenty Years

Hearthstone Celebrates Twenty Years
Progress night, I attended the Hearthstone Suburb Church's periodical Truthful Total Moon ritual. Progress night's ritual unite the twenieth appointment anniversary for Hearthstone. From my aspect, Hearthstone has an thrilling history. The regard for its company is simple; it finished a lead in the wrap up Wiccan community that no other group was lining at the time. Primarily, the soir were well-known. The well-known gatherings are part of the prehistory of Hearthstone. The Clerical started like an "well-known soir of a hundred and fifty" ancestors happened in one of Denver's parks. Dissipated to say, such a important well-known soir engrossed some attention police activity. As a result the edifice of Hearthstone.The founder of Hearthstone looked trendy triumph permits to continue the well-known gatherings in the parks. It turned out that to do so would necessitate an possibility jacket fee of four hundred dollars, foundation the qualifications for the possibility itself (fresh hundred or so). It was no more than cheaper to discover space from one of the wrap up churches and do it modish. From beginning to end the lifetime, stage like been some changes in the members of the Hearthstone board (thirteen lifetime ago). The mean attendees like more to the point distorted, as well as the dignitary attending. All the rage is to Hearthstone's opening twenty years may the Clerical continue to reach a lead for the wrap up Wiccan community for visit exclusive lifetime to come.


Thursday, 19 November 2009

This Week Pagan Events In And Around London

This Week Pagan Events In And Around London
Saturday 1 March; The Gravestone of Cyprian the Mage. Book advent of a two-volume work by Jake Stratton-Kent comprising The Book of Saint Cyprian and his Magical Elements and an show of The Gravestone of Solomon. Venue: The Atlantis Bookshop, 49a Museum Fashion, London, Eng WC1A 1LY. Time: 7pm. Call Bali on 020 7405 2120 for higher make a note.Saturday 1 March; Hendon Heathens Hypothetical - free discussion open to all paths on the most important Saturday of every month. Venue: The Greyhound, Minster End, Hendon, London NW4 4JT. Time: 6pm-9pm at the pub, later over the route to Jammy Dodgers Category Establishment for defer blues and kernel jam, dancing and higher pints until 2am.1-2 Gait 2014; Way On The Shamanic Itinerary 2014. Crafting Drug Paraphernalia and Creating Glory. Chief of a four-part introduction to shamanism course at Caer Corhain Shamamic Protest march Centre of the Atoll of Sheppey, North Kent. Cost: lb70 per weekend course. For higher make a note and information on how to book, disturb 2 March; Sanctification of the Speedy Glory to honour the Goddess Isis - Thames-Isis tune at Richmond by the Stream Thames. Hosted by Mani and Pagan Frontiers of London. Bachelor musical. Rest at Richmond Rail/Tube camp by 1pm for a breath of air up to the water's edge for the Isis tune. For higher make a note, disturb www.PaganFrontiersOfLondon.comSunday 2 March; The Caretakers of the Pause. Exit by Gary Lachman based on his at the last book, The Caretakers of the Cosmos: Existence Wisely in an Limited World.Venue: The Theosophical Neighborhood, 50 Gloucester Coordinate, London W1U 8EA. Time: 6pm. Fee per meeting: lb7/lb5/ TS members: lb4. Website: 3 March; Psychic Rotate run by Shamanic Superlative at a set in Croydon, South London. The circle is held on Mondays fortnightly starting at 7.30pm. Individual lb5. For higher make a note and to book seating summons 07952 041477. For higher information, disturb 3 March; C'uchulainn and the Crow Ruler. Storytelling with Bernard Kelly at Treadwells, 33 Salt away Fashion, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. Time: 7.15pm for 7.30pm start. Tickets lb10, advance booking not compulsory. For into view details: 3 March; The Caution of Just about Slaughter Experiences.Exit by Dr Currency Sartori at Alternatives, St. James's Minster, 197 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9LL. Time: 7pm to 8.30pm. Tickets lb12/lb8 concs. Credit booking crucial. To book tickets and for higher info disturb the Alternatives website: 4 March; Everyplace Opportunity Becomes Not keep. Exit by Marion Briggs at Steiner Place of birth, 35 Unyielding Rd, London NW1. Time: 7.30pm - 9pm. Individual lb3.50. 4 March; Cobwebs and Cauldrons Hypothetical. Venue: Age-old Colt, 118 Hum Rd, Chadwell Heath, London RM6 6NU. Doors open 7.30pm, state starts 8pm. Cost: lb4 donation. Friday 7 March; Memorial of Levanah Weekly Attentive Rotate with Vivianne Crowleyand Chris Crowley. Venue: Treadwell's Books 33 Salt away Fashion, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. Time: 7.20pm - 9pm. Cost: lb8 per time period. Not keep is home so it is essential to book your place in advance by emailing: BMDeosil@aol.comFriday 7 March; An Interactive Walkout of Tarot and Psychic Mediumship with Avril Allegation. Venue: The School of Psychic Studies, 16 Queensberry Coordinate, London SW7 2EB. Time: 7pm-8.30pm. Cost: lb10/lb12 Credit booking advised. For make a note call: 020 7589 3292 or disturb 8 - Sunday 9 March; I Can Do It Ignite! Described as "an industrial fleapit to bring bargain to your beware, skeleton and spirit", this weekend musical offers congress and workshops on happiness and spirituality with established speakers and authors. Venue: The Dazzling Hall, Sherfield Boarding house, South Kensington Academe, London SW7 2AZ. Tickets from lb99. Obstacle our higher and book at 8 March; Severely Staked - One-Day Mosquito Discussion co-organised by ASSAP (the Bludgeon for the Industrial Search of Abnormal Phenomena) and the Anomalistic Psychology Sign out Unit at Goldsmiths School, Researcher of London. Venue: Goldsmiths School, Researcher of London, New Infuriated, London SE14 6NW. Further on bird tickets lb15, comfortable tickets lb25. More than make a note and make booking: 8 March; Embracing Your Dark Pose - with Aang, Lidija and Vaz of London School of Religion. Venue: Conclave Space, Canterbury Hall, 11 - 18 Cartwright Private grounds, London. Start: lunchtime. Cost: lb33. For higher make a note and to book seating disturb 9 March; Stonehenge centre circle full moon rite with The Tome of the Colt and Moon via The London Wicca Meetup Chamber. This is a ritual with well thought-out dissemination to the centre circle of Stonehenge, in Wiltshire, for the Lenten Moon. English Birthright is charging lb21 per consider attending. For full make a note and to hardback spaces, disturb

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Fake Buddha Quotes On Web

Fake Buddha Quotes On Web Image
Hilarious satire from's "Facebook Quote Buddha" is good humor, not so Tricycle and others' fake Buddha quotes.

There is an issue that pervades the Internet -- misquotes attributed simply to "Buddha." (And we don't mean sensational humor or satire).

Oddly, many of these are usually misinterpretations of America's favorite Buddhist discourse, the Kalama Sutra.

This is odd because it is exactly the "Message to the Kalamas" (AN 3.65) that suggests how to distinguish Dharma from non-Dharma, what would be good to accept as truth and what would be better rejected.

* When a great publication is the bad source of quotes (shoddy fact checking from Tricycle Magazine)

The Kalama discourse is an invitation to open inquiry. But abbreviations say it means "Think whatever you want, Believe no one and nothing," or "It's all good!" Homer Simpson may think it's all good, but the Buddha had much more enlightened advice on dealing with what circulates as "truth."

The only way to be sure if the historical Buddha, the "Sage of the Shakyas," said something is to look for the mark of legitimacy then check that citation against the texts.* In parentheses there should be a citation that refers to sutra's collection and location as in "AN 3.65," which means Anguttara Nikaya, "Numerical Discourse Collection" and its exact "address" within that collection of sacred texts.

* Buddha? Who is "Buddha"?

In Mahayana Buddhism and Hinduism the name refers to countless bodhisattvas and deities. In Theravada and for careful readers, the title refers to the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, and to a very limited number (28) of historical buddhas he named and one future buddha he described (Maitreya). Those buddhas ("Supremely Enlightened Ones") are revered every month in Theravada temples, where each has a name and the aeons they lived and made known the path to freedom, the timeless Dharma that is always there to be rediscovered by anyone who develops the Ten Perfections (paramitas, reduced in Mahayana to six, just as the 31 Planes of Existence the historical Buddha outlined were reduced to six) with the intention of liberating others.


Just because it has a reference or citation and is in the texts, that does not mean the Buddha said it. Often translations are poor and only looking at the original language will do. But even then, even if it is handed down and accepted, that still does not mean the historical Buddha said it. Does it agree with teachings or is it at odds with them, does it conduce to wisdom, compassion, and liberation? Buddhism is not for faith and belief, but rather for practice and realization. Most Mahayana literature was not uttered by the historical Buddha -- and it often does not claim to be. But most readers assume it is, and it does not help matters that much of it misleadingly begins, "Thus have I heard."

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Religion Belief Invocation To Lord Melchizedek

Religion Belief Invocation To Lord Melchizedek
Dearest Regal Master Melchizedek, I demand you forth voguish my life as a guiding jam of God current. I ask for alignment with your thought-form of Pious Wisdom. I ask to join in wedlock with your radiant Brightness Consider so that I may reflect the country of Communal hand-outs and justification. I ask to shampoo in your Bulky Footing and in the in good taste frequencies that discover your sacred golden name.

Melchizedek, draw me up to the Thrones by your distinguish and open my God Eyes so I may look a brain wave of my Well. Help me shot in the arm in the image and lock the observe voguish the Cause Now.

Help me to travel the pathways of reminiscence, tracing my Portend Stock, owning my Keep, sensing my Position, deciphering my unclear former and Puffed up significantly.

As I demand my Kindness back voguish Me from all incarnations, Help me to come as I Am voguish the range of Who I am and stage the Place.

Melchizedek, please pack me with your blessings and encodements of light. Reverberation my chakra set of laws and elder bodies with the intersperse of your Rod of Keep. Help me to be a true Melchizedek Initiate-reflecting love, wisdom, and power of the One Maximum Frenzied in my view, emotions, position and comings and goings. Help the Excellent become real to me. Thank you.


"~source: "Dr Joshua David Stonework"

Old New Years Customs And Lore

Old New Years Customs And Lore
In Madagascar New Year's is revered with extreme feasting and sacrificial bloodshed of oxen takes place.

Chinese take shape requires that every boy who calls on his neighbors or genus on New Year's day, basic seize a thumb a lift of loose-skinned oranges, or he is deliberate unforgivably treated. The name of yellow resources luck, stoke of luck, and auspiciousness.

On New Year's eve calculate the instant is impressive twelve, repeat three times: "Glowing Saint Anne, good Saint Anne, send me a man as fast as you can," and you give become gripped within a day.

At the beginning of the New Day in Natal, a performance is performed by the key by spurting from his bill a brew of the New Year's fruits in out of the usual run of things advice as if upon his enemies. As soon as this performance it is equitable for the population to eat the New Year's fruits. They are barely eaten by conspiracy forward.

It was a take shape of the Jews to carry up sheep's reason on New Year's at their key do, as a mystical persona of the ram accessible in outlay for Isaac. Because a household or abode sat down to this repast, each human being took a taste of currency and falling it in find irresistible, supposed, "May this day be pleasant-sounding and lush."

In more or less parts of Belgium it is firm for the population to make waffles on New Year's day. Something like Liege the primitive nonsense is crossformed or cut cross-wise, and placed on the chimney-piece as a New Year's gift to the crucifix. It is held that this nonsense or cake is blessed; it does not rot and a not very taste unlimited to a easily offended man or beast makes them build up.

An old New Year's take shape which is placid observed in some of the northern counties of England, is called "Leaving about with a liner cup." Defective women and girls jealous of obtaining bounty unravel two dolls, on behalf of the Virgin Father and Little one Jesus, and go about from hut to hut throughout the week forward New Year's live a unusual old carol and at its local presenting for the account of alms a not very cup, which is prearranged as a "liner cup." To turn one of these liner cup singers unreciprocated from your attempt is to penalty all good health and good stoke of luck for the close new day.

In Westmoreland and Cumberland childish in the sunrise of New Year's the "Taex Populi" dimensions thrill stangs (hanker poles) and baskets. The complete nationwide or interloper who chute at home the hands of this hooligan band give be sacrificed to their favorite Saint; a man is mounted on a stang, a beast is basketed, and carried continue high to the adjacent credit and weighed. None are approved to way their in tune occupations on this day.

In Guria in Asiatic Russia, the New Day is spasm for a month forward the time comes; the population pen up capon, turkeys, birds and geese; but the key animal for nourishment is the pig which is fatted up a month forward and killed two or three days forward New Year's. The New Day in Guria intensity come up to be called the spread of St. Yicelie the Fervent, having the status of it is held by them that the prophet Mahomet had an crate with that saint as to who possibly will work the better-quality spectacle. The saint supposed that he would thump with an horizontal rod a marble and out of it water basic administer. Mahomet supposed he would take away his staff at home the ring and wine basic administer from it. On New Year's day the miracles were performed. The saint struck the marble, and a develop came out and flowed. Because he saw the spectacle, Mahomet took the saint to a place anywhere he had put some wine skins under the earth. But to the same degree they reached the place anywhere Mahomet certain to take away his staff at home the hidden wine-skins, they found some hoard had fixed them up and they were to be seen circulate quiet the ring. In this way was Mahomet dejected by hoard, and by this means the pig is the animal for the New Year's spread. Mahomet cursed the hoard and ever in the function of his allies give not eat Dig's meat; but the saint blessed them, and with his mend pressed tneir tails at home the ring and they are killed in his idolize in Guria.

The old Romans did not exempt up New Year's day fully to feasting or apathy, as is done in most countries, but somebody wrought a tiny at his shrewdness for the sake of luck from side to side the day.

In England it was firm to exempt and seize gifts on New Year's day with the superstitious design of securing good stoke of luck for the day, as well as for sweetheart and to market good town. Regular the kings of England crude presents from their courtiers on this sunrise.

In France New Year's day is placid celebrated by a widespread philosophy of present-giving.

The Romish House of worship as well as the House of worship of England revered the primitive of January in idolize of the circumcision of Christ.

Yorn Kippur, the day of reparation, is the last pastoral in the observances of the Jewish New Day, called Rosh Hashanah, which chute in either September or October. Having the status of Rosh Hashanah, the day on which the good fortune of the self-righteous is celebrated in the splendid book, is unlimited to entertainment and blissful making, Yorn Kippur, the day on which the book is sealed, is observed by fasting, praying, misgiving, and harmony.

A cock is besotted by its legs by the eldest male of the household and swung nine get older quiet the others' heads, praying God to bring their sins at home the body of the chicken. The bird is for that reason either killed as a outlay or unlimited to the pathetic.

In the crypt of the synagogue are placed hanker boxes with sand. Respectively worshipper brings with him a candle, brushwood it in the sand, lights it, and beseeches God to let the light of his mercy comment upon him and as a sign ther make the candle burn hanker and force, to blot a hanker and sunny life for the activist.

We find that the Walloons (Belgians) get pleasure from heap observances and beliefs in famous with their Gaulish neighbors, calculate the species of the Franks by whom the ancient Gauls were dispossessed of the vivid plains and provoked at home the mountains, get pleasure from sealed spare pagan usages.

The Christian era was not far and wide used in Flanders until the decree of Charlemagne. The day began on singular days according to the out of the usual run of things departments of life; but as in two shakes of a lamb's tail as the Frankish power was expected in the southern region, now prearranged by their name, and that had adopted the primitive of January as the beginning of their compassionate day its adoption in Belgium followed as a deem of course.

In the Teutonic provinces it is beyond honored and be in awe greetings are used, to the same degree the human being primitive saluted has to exempt the other a finish.

On twelfth night, assistant is widespread in Belgium and a cake with a bean in it is cut for the kingly place. These solemnities are model to get pleasure from come down from Roman circle and to get pleasure from been introduced by Gaulish fill with.

At Mechlin the Sawyer's The population get pleasure from besotted the "Three Kings" as backer saints on a punning interpretation of the journalism, "They saw the Star."

The Chinese, in this population as well as at home, bid good-bye, annually, to the god of the kitchen, yielding him favor for his protection of the household throughout the day, after which he is alleged to make his annual running away to heaven to assessment to the "pearly emperor" the distribute of the household and how it has behaved throughout the day. To forestall unpleasant disclosures, the god is regaled with quantities of candy so loving that his orifice are too full for cheep, to the same extent glued too keen to speak. The night forward the Chinese New Day, the dusky tiny god is alleged to return, and gets marginal supply of honey and delicacies which he is alleged to darling.

In the not very hours of New Year's sunrise unravel place the multihued ceremonies of outlay to "get going heaven" and "mother earth" by the reason of the household, who offers fruit, rice, vegetables, and tea to all these divinities, asking blessings on the hour and the New Day. A amount of gilt paper-money is your throat is dry, which passes in glow to the circulate pompous and in ruins to the earth underneath.

Prostrations and mark of distinction forward the home gods, the shrines of the fill with, and the aged living compilation of the household, are all gone upfront with for luck.

The presents designated by the Chinese at their New Day are of a vulgar manner. A key up of yellow, called "kat," is handed surrounding on the guess that it is a good foreshadowing for the day, from the fact that the name has the fantastically dingdong as the word which resources "lucky." For the fantastically lucidity, thin-shelled bivalves, called "hien," are eaten, this word to the same extent equate in dingdong with the word for shrewdness. A key up of appraise is also in extreme proviso, as its name is the fantastically as "obtain."

Source: Encyclopaedia of Superstitions, Mythology, and the Occult Sciences of the World

Monday, 16 November 2009

Blackmore Ignorant On Both Memes And Religion

Blackmore Ignorant On Both Memes And Religion
Susan Blackmore admits that religion isn't a "virus of the charge."

Are religions viruses of the mind? I would have replied with an honest "yes" until a few days ago in imitation of some garish take notes suggested I am faulty.


From a update on "Explaining religion," she cites the go along with reasons.

1. Pious regeneration correlates with outstanding children.

And, no others.

Yep, that's it.

In advance, not considering her noting her history mea culpa greater believing in the accuracy of mystical phenomena, it shows Blackmore break open level lack bright starkness in some areas.

This is a intervening slice. She didn't even appearance for added information, for example middling lifespan of children from serious vs. blasphemous families.

Nor did she net a appearance at a particularized datum of cultural spread that break open be contemporaneous.

Nor did she allow this break open be an current of cultural spread trumping genetic spread.

Shoddy, shabby.

Former that, she didn't even ask the most to the point question:

"Shouldn't this put different nail in the tomb of "strong" theories of memes, at least?"

Answer? Yes.

And, shouldn't this endorsement wear through that Susan Blackmore is overvalued as a doubtful thinker? Downright.

If not, this necessary.

When Blackmore first ready the "meme" notice, within biology, epigenetics was really on the horizon. Now, a decade-plus complex, I've not seen her (or Dawkins, or others), bring to the fore the equivalent to declare everything equal to epigenetics. (And I haven't even confused out the current of what break open be an equivalent to prions.)

On modern charge analogies in far-reaching, I atmosphere we piazza don't know acceptable about the charge fittingly now to do well out ANY analogies, although. Existence ago, it was an engine or motor. Consequently, a notebook. Consequently a parallel workstation. Now, a quasi-biological replicator. Our analogies favorably to the level of our nominal advancement, but no haughty, and so none of them are that strong in either command.

If it doesn't, the vapidness of her "third replicator, temes," as inarticulately discussed nearly, undoubtedly necessary. It's so misty she can't even really display the equivalent to memes, let separately to genes, very well.

Deputy to her doubtful starting fleck, although, her "repentance" of prematurely mentality greater psi phenomena. In the function of if, per the notice of one doubtful blogger, she never really rejected her necessary beliefs, but piazza alleged that psi phenomena weren't falsifiable?

Nicely, if that net is adjust (and I can at lowest "see" that, yes) possibly she never necessary have been put on a doubtful stand in the first place.

That alleged, I have gotten some meditation and profession insights from facts she put together one time a Buddhist run away. But, to order in light of this endorsement of hers, would I ever view her either a procedural or a laid-back "go-to" woman on cognitive matters?

Big no on that.

Meanwhile, I can't go by for the Christian text of a Pop Ev Psycher to actually indication this endorsement.Acquaint with is no god and I am his judge.


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Spell To Be Open Minded

Spell To Be Open Minded
detached be incorporated by: ElfDaughterReallocate TO BE SteamrollCharming Seal off :))) On my path I try to be very composed to what is open to me, and cap at the information I endure from all sides. I get so essentially to learn and each day I unite equal I endure clear-cut lessons. If I judged anything based on what I know it's moderately wished-for I would miss everything. For make everywhere your home of you who get been reading my blog neat one of these has been exploring the parallels in the secret of Raw Americans and Witchcraft. It's not an easy thing to do as customarily for exemplary you endure information you form charge it based on what you know. That's whatsoever making. Unmoving one of the ways we can open up our minds is heartfelt asking for divine magnificence and meditation. So with that unspoken, this is a very simple spell to set your determination to be composed to endure information from your guides and the shared energies so that you may understand with the life lessons set forth for you and your path. For this spell I sulk for to aim a oil for you to char that form help you relate with to the divine. Align the consequent ingredients: - 1/2 teaspoon yarrow - 1/2 teaspoon of pleasant rosemary - 1 Teaspoon Land Myrrh - 3 drops rose oil - 3 Drops Mauve - 1/2 cup wet behind the ears oilSignificant the mix together and turn your back on out to charge on the night of the full moon.You can use this oil to help you anytime you wish to relate with to the See the future energy and the divine.Accurately the taking into consideration you are outmoded, use the oil to annoint a white candle. Add a dab to your third eye chakra, and a bit to the palms of your hand to help you endure energy.Light the white candle and sit in a put up the shutters space.Sports showground and wealth your thinking, so give somebody no option but to the white light heartfelt your spread out.Stopping at your power of determination relate with to the shared energies that be. Ask the See the future energy for her assitance in opening your caginess to the lessons that she and your guides are inconstant to teach you. Like you can do this distantly, I dispute on in this bring about the determination is superlative stern and your enthrall on really premonition the divine energy and putting forth your assign. Say again this as constantly as you equal.Darling And Blessings,Jasmeine MoonsongCredit:

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Eskimo Stories Teach About The Spirits

Eskimo Stories Teach About The Spirits

By Krystal Group

The staggeringly croaky environment of the Canadian distant has of course helped to propose the lives and beliefs of the nationwide Inuit family. They breakfast to be existent and work in such lofty of impassive that every day is a lesson in stamina. It is no dispute that they breakfast a very original world view that nicely captures their domestic. The Eskimo stories are not really mesmeric in themselves but moreover offer a universe arrived this bare world and the family who fathom it home.

The consistent warfare to stay has bent a family who's lives are conquered by apprehension. They are duly fearful of the world in the region of them. The ice is tense, the unfriendly bears are in their natural habitat and the is the consistent sign of blizzards. In order to stay the Inuit breakfast built-up a very original world view and set of beliefs.

In afterthought to the lack of a basic carving current is moreover no belief in the afterlife or the style paradise or hell of Western religions. This is highest predisposed due to the fact that stamina was so quarrelsome that the family did not hankering to bother about what would lope to them late death. Highest of the traditional stories are about apprehension. Realm were fearful of the unfamiliar and in a such a croaky and unsympathetic place current was a lot to apprehension.

The spirits or Anirniit are an en suite part of life. A spirit can be good or evil, it may try to help humans or it may try to prevent and con them. Realm condition be on the countenance out for spirits all the time and pass on situations that may invitation them or bring bad luck to the recompense. Bad luck is higher grim in a low point community that is modest skillful to stay. It can be the characteristic among life and death.

Confidence plunk a big part in any Inuit story. They are felt to be precisely as real as living humans. The spirits or, Anirniit, are the spirit of a life or animal. They might be supportive or evil, some were usable to family, as others tried to do the humans harm or even mob them. In order higher exciting is that the spirits might be inflicted with a life and dirty dig blank their be existent. This in turn would bring all kinds of calamities down on the wire.

Despite the fact that numerous of the Inuit breakfast now adopted Christianity as their recognized religion, numerous still take the liberty in the old ways. In fact it may possibly be fairer to say that they breakfast adapted the Christian beliefs to fit in with their traditional ways. Contemporary is still a strong belief in spirits, distinct as Anirniit.

Anirniit are held to drop every living creature. This vital that animals are precisely as important as family. To mob any animal as precisely as sacred as murder a material. The amend taboos condition be upheld to distinguish that the spirit of the dead animal does not come back to territory the plaintiff.

It is conceivably this original and dangerous type that gives Eskimo stories their shocking power. Audiences are not here astounded by the thickness of the material spirit and the warfare to stay. It shows really too okay how life can come to an joke and callous wrapping up. The Inuit belief system is at innovative preview artless, yet beneath current is an shocking magnitude of common sense and affection.

Throughout the Author:

You can think about it for higher usable information about The Hypnotic Eskimo Stories And Myths.

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Shiastrength Scholar Wins Malaysian Tv Young Imam Contest

Shiastrength Scholar Wins Malaysian Tv Young Imam Contest

Academic WINS MALAYSIAN TV'S Pubertal IMAM Match

Muhammad Asryaf survived 10 weeks of practical and in black and white tests to win

A 26-year-old sincere scholar has been select as the winner of a Malaysian TV calling indicate analytical for a top natural imam, or Muslim funnel. In Friday's stay alive TV concluding, Muhammad Asyraf saw off the prolong of nine other contestants vying to win Pubertal Imam. He had survived 10 weeks of in black and white and practical tests, which included reciting Koran verses, washing a dead feature for finances and slaughtering supply. His nugget includes a allow to a Saudi studious and a trip to Mecca. The key time TV indicate, which followed the reality-TV structure of programmes enjoy the X-Factor and American Divinity, had proved a blue-collar hit in Malaysia and had gained common watch out.Veil design On subsistence select as the winner by the programme's aim, an Islamic scholar and past imam, Mr Asyraf was "crowned" with a white Islamic skullcap. "I evenness good. Elegance to my parents, my partner and my man villagers who show been biased me," AFP quoted him as saying. The programme's X Factor-style structure proved a hit with audiences Mr Asyraf's nugget envelope includes a allow to al-Madinah The academy in Saudi Arabia, a job as prayer funnel in a key mosque in Kuala Lumpur, a car and an all-expenses useful pilgrimage to Islam's holiest site, Mecca. Higher than 60% of Malaysia's people of 28 million are Muslim. The producers of the programme, which was market by Muslim routine satellite whistle Astro Oasis, assumed that it was rumored at give out natural Muslims have to do with with religion, by teaching them what it takes to be an imam and that an imam's work extends earlier the mosque wearing all aspects of Islamic life. The candidates underwent the identical training as other aspiring imams do, such as proper carry out trial on sincere concept and knowledge. But they moreover tackled sociable issues linking natural personal, enjoy mountain bike hang loose members and unmarried, pregnant teenagers.

Afroz Alam

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labour his self, his pen and his wealth in the way of Imam e


I recollection the words of Imam (a.s), that we are faithful for the

charge, and not for the impact. A plentiful smile washes revealed the think about of

utter, as I thank Allah for the attendance of my friend, whom Allah

may protect, and guide

IMAM E ZAMANA (a.f.t.s) Sanctify you And All Your Specialism intimates help others

and learn islam.

Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi Souk

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Wicca Sacred Time

Wicca Sacred Time
Holy time within wicca is customary by the cycles of the sun and the moon. Stellar cycles come about every 29 to 30 days, while a planetary journey occurs over the course of a time. The key dealings in a lunar journey maintain the new moon and the full moon. A range of wiccan solitaries and groups perform rituals on the nights of the new and full moons, seeing colonize dates as exclusively fortunate for venerating the goddess as famous with the moon. Seeing that the word of menstrual cycles methodically is similar to the lunar month, several wiccans understand the phases of the moon as symbolically friendly to the "phases" of the menstrual journey. So, the full moon represents ovulation, and signifies a time of richness, coolness, and full of life first acquaintance with the world; the new moon represents menstruation, and for that reason is co-conspirator with rest and take out from terrestrial deeds for a time of respect and renewal. Wiccan ceremonies can viewpoint these dealings appearing in description, with new moon rituals to the same degree more attentive and full moon ceremonies more elated or celebratory.

The planetary journey as observed by several Wiccan groups involves eight holidays, simultaneously noteworthy as "the Joystick of the Rendezvous." These holidays maintain the solstices, the equinoxes, and four traveling unindustrialized festivals with ancestry in British and Irish mythology. The go sky-high of the time includes these festivals:

* Samhain, widely well-known on or bordering October 31

* Yule, the winter solstice

* Imbolc, widely well-known on or bordering February 1

* Ostara, the fine equinox

* Beltane, widely well-known on or bordering May 1

* Litha, the summer solstice

* Lughnasadh, widely well-known on or bordering Grand 1

* Mabon, the fall equinox

A few of these festivals swank alternative names, sometimes from folkloric or even Christian sources: consequently Samhain is as well noteworthy as Hallowmas or Hallowe'en; Imbolc as Candlemas; Lughnasadh as Lammas; and Mabon as Michaelmas.

Be fond of the lunar journey, the go sky-high of time is well-off with symbolism and mythology. At all traditions doze about the eight holidays a restrict conspiracy about the origins, life, and supreme death of the goddess, who over the course of the time is impregnated by her lair and gives origins to a sacred child. Different conspiracy co-conspirator with the go sky-high of the time involves a everlasting journey of combat amid two mythic kings - the Oak Emperor and the Holly Emperor - who continually override each other at each solstice, the Oak Emperor triumphing in the summer while the Holly Emperor emerges pleasing each winter.

Books You Compel Enjoy:

John Dee - The Rosie Crucian Secrets

Michael Piquant - The Above what is usual Provocation

Frater Achad - Liber 31

Stephen William Hawking - Casement And Pace Warps

Aj Drew - Wicca Spellcraft For Men

Friday, 6 November 2009

God Breaks Down Walls Of Exclusivity Alternative Lectionary For Epiphany 5

God Breaks Down Walls Of Exclusivity Alternative Lectionary For Epiphany 5
What are the walls that divide us today? Americans live in a politically polarized nation -- and that covers a wide variety of divides. Paul speaks of our oneness in Christ, where there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave or free, male and female (Gal. 3:28), but we remain divided nonetheless. The vision of God, however, is for these walls to come down. In the reading from Joshua, the walls of Jericho come down. This might be good text to read metaphorically. Then there is the story of Peter's vision, opening the door to the Gentiles. To whom might the door be opened today? And finally, we have a word about light and vision in the Gospel reading -- what vision does Christ wish to share with us in this moment in time? I again invite you to consider these alternative lections ("Beyond the Lectionary: A Year of Alternatives to the Revised Common Lectionary), "provided by David Ackerman, a United Church of Christ Pastor.




"One": Praise the Lord! Praise the name of the Lord; give praise, O servants of the Lord, you that stand in the hose of the Lord, in the courts of the house of our God.


"One": For the Lord has chosen Jacob for himself, Israel as his own possession.


"One": Whatever the Lord pleases he does, in heaven and on earth, in the seas and all deeps.


GATHERING PRAYER: When we come together, God, we form a circle of grace that is a source of comfort to us. But sadly, it's too easy to be comfortable with just ourselves, and we fail to make room for others as we should. Help us, in this time, to break down walls that keep us from including our sisters and brothers fully.

CONFESSION: God, we are afraid of change and difference, and are easily threatened by things that we do not know. We are too quick to listen to the voices of those who would exclude in the name of preserving some imagined righteous status-quo. Forgive us for quenching your life-giving Spirit. Change us, so that the vision you shared with your disciples long ago may be ours, and that we may work to tear down all obstacles that keep us from each other and you.

ASSURANCE: We have good news to share. God has shown us that the walls which would imprison us from grace are all torn down. We see anew that the way to life is not through fear but through love. By the grace of God, let us embrace our brothers and sisters, in all their difference, with the kind of compassion God calls us to have this day.

SCRIPTURES: Joshua 6:1-5, 15-25 - "The Battle of Jericho"Acts10:1-28 - "Peter's Vision"Luke11:34-36 - "Your Eye Is the Lamp"

COMMENTARIES AND SERMON IDEAS are available in "Beyond the Lectionary".


* "As was the case with last week's reading from Joshua, the issue of violence in the name of religion/nationalism is again at hand in today's first reading. "What do you make of such violence? How might the sparing of Rahab be viewed a sign of favor to the Gentiles?

* "Look at Luke 18:35-43. "What connections do you see between this story and Joshua 6?

* What walls or hindrances are in front of you in life right now? How about for your church? What would it take for those walls to tumble down and for you to be set free from them?

* "While the retelling of Peter's vision (Acts 11:1-18) appears on Easter 5 of Year C, Luke's initial description of it in Acts 10 is different enough that it merits its own hearing. Not only that, it is crucial in terms of the Epiphany theme of including Gentiles. "Aside from removing certain food restrictions, what do you think is the bigger meaning of this vision? How do you think it influenced Peter's position at the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15?

* What obstacles to fully including people who are different from you do you face in your life? What keeps the church from being fully inclusive and fully welcoming?

* "Reflect a moment on Luke 11:34-36. "What might we imagine is Jesus' vision for our world? What are some things that keep us from living out that vision today?

PRAYER OF THANKSGIVING: We thank you, God, for all the ways that you show us how you break down every obstacle to love and grace.

BENEDICTION: God has given us a vision that encompasses people everywhere and leads us to abundant life beyond our imagining. Let us go now and share the news that we are set free this day to love and serve our neighbors fully, as God would have us do. Amen.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Christmas Books Old And New

Christmas Books Old And New
The radio's playing Christmas music, with a strangely constant stress on "There's No Move quickly Equivalent Situation for the Holidays," and obviously everyone in the Pooled States exclude me is Christmas shopping today, so I initiative it would be a good time to upfront you about some Christmas-themed trainee books. I'll start with two I just ultra to my library.

"A A little something OF Contributions" by Richard Peck

I read Richard Peck's new book, "A A little something of Contributions", keep up week, and I initiative, Richard Peck doesn't abstract me to key in a review of his book. But furthermore I initiative, "I" abstract to key in a review of his book. The back shell put soap all over quotes the "Washington Withstand" as telling Peck as "America's best living author for children adults." I don't know about children adults vs. children, so I'd just say Peck is "America's best living author for children residents." The chum novels, "A Yearn for Way from Chicago" and "A Year Beam Yonder", complete the American Store Passage splendid lists in what's more the trainee and children older categories; they above and beyond won a Newbery Clarity and Newbery Cup, each.

I really picture you've in the past met Grandma Dowdel in those erstwhile books, but if you haven't, I intimate you read all three. In the formerly two books, she is hosting her grandchildren. In this book, she is much sizeable but stock-still goodbye strong. We get a observe of her great-grandson, but fundamentally we see her with the children who stop nearby door.

It's style of astonishing that a book about an old lady may perhaps be such a vast read for children, but furthermore, Mrs. Dowdel isn't your run-of-the-mill old lady. As soon as children come now her power, they are not specifically aimless, aimless, and entertained, they are above and beyond misrepresented. Mrs. Dowdel is untouchable than just irreligious and dangerous, she is cooperative, though her promote is hidden beneath a covering of individuality and rigidity. Mrs. Dowdel is moderately good friends with her shotgun.

The story is told by a boy named Bob who moves now the next-to-last dwelling in a slim parish, scheduled with his rector blood relation, his troubled mother, his Elvis-crazy sizeable sister, and his lost puppy younger sister. The keep up dwelling in parish is Mrs. Dowdel's. At formerly Bob and his family get specifically glimpses of their ghostly national, but moderately at once their lives are mixed up in odd ways. Mrs. Dowdel manages to be a god and a friend gracefully, exclusive of taking on view the splendor or executive power of the residents she helps, in this cosset Bob's family. Bob is equally bullied, his blood relation requirements a assembly, his sizeable sister is under another name seeing the parish bad boy, his mother requirements help with all of the "other" family members, and his diminutive sister requirements a grandma.

But this would be just marginal feel-good book exclusive of the author's lightness, or exclusive of his uncultivated, all right constructed text. And I do mean carry out. Here's a sample:

I followed her on both sides of the hall and jumped back at her door. To help her approve in, Mother had let Phyllis go red her room in her pour of color. She'd picked a Day-Glo promising that really yelled at you. It was almost equally interior a put.

Furthermore Phyllis had tinted a stripe of that actual Day-Glo promising down the crux of the bamboozle and warned Ruth Ann never to set a sandal on both sides of it.

Phyllis had hung her Elvis Presley posters, all eight of them, participation what's more sides of the room. I know for a fact Phyllis wrote lettering to Elvis Presley more often than not, though she never heard back. Ruth Ann sat bunched up on her bed, clutching her dolly. Approaching best quality her was a immense poster of Elvis in a cowboy rig and neckerchief, strumming a guitar. Fresh was Elvis in the gold coat he wore on his route keep up day. Elvis was all swooping hair and sideburns and exposition teeth in considerable sneers, all owing to the room. He was everywhere. It was almost equally in a revolving door with him.

"I'm upset," Ruth Ann held owing to her section. She complete big eyes up at a poster. "Don't go out and cause to be in me with him." She calm for arrest Elvis would strike.

"A A little something of Contributions" is profoundly posed as a holiday book, council house up to Christmas. Among Mrs. Dowdel's gratingly cooperative tendencies and Bob's rector blood relation, you give find messages about equally a good arrange inwards. But the book really isn't limited to one change, and the holiday coagulate ends up equally a lot less crucial than the shotgun-wielding granny's good intentions and the often-sly way she goes about getting what she wants.

The antagonist in "A A little something of Contributions" is the past parish bad boy. The war between Roscoe Burdick and Mrs. Dowdel has obviously been goodbye on for a generation, but in this book, we formerly secure Roscoe once he bullies Bob in a really creative way involving Mrs. Dowdel's privy (leading to the funniest rib in the book, referring to a eminent Bible cruise). Taking into consideration Roscoe takes circumference of Phyllis's Elvis custom to win her interior, or at least to hook her artistic quality. But Mrs. Dowdel isn't give instructions with Roscoe, and though she loses a few skirmishes, there's never any infer she'll win this war. The specifically issue is how she'll do it.

It took me a generation to get on, being Coyote and Loki don't overall come clothed up as cranky old women in small-town America in 1958, but yes, I chart Mrs. Dowdel is actually that classic mythological accept, the Double dealer. But mythology or no, I have in stock to say: lucky, lucky us. In the role of 'tis the essence, and Richard Peck has answer us marginal scandalous gift of a book.

"Voices of Christmas" by Nikki Grimes and Eric Velasquez

The sec Christmas book I've acquired this day is "Voices of Christmas" by Nikki Grimes, with illustrations by Eric Velasquez and even an audio CD. In cosset you haven't heard of Nikki Grimes, she's a eminent author of patois and novels for children. In this book, she presents a poem for each accept in the story of the edge of Jesus Christ. All poem is introduced by the character's name and a quote from the Bible at the top of the page, followed by a poem at the found, all encased in the artwork.

The obvious typeset are included, but we above and beyond get the line of a national and of less celebrated Biblical information such as Simeon and Ana at the temple once the babe-in-arms Jesus is crazed to be blessed. All of the magi is answer his own page, device out their distribute of the story in a way that echoes the ceremony of their take precedence in its elongation. Grimes even uses everything obscure by the Biblical narrative-that by the time the magi occur, the babe-in-arms is now a child, living in a dwelling with his parents. (Greatest extent versions mirror the magi arriving at the ahead, a chronology that doesn't work well even exclusive of the allude to about the child and the dwelling.)

The poems in "Voices of Christmas" are simple, yet well crafted. As the stance dominance hint, the speak of each accept is as crucial to the damage of the patois as the story they are carrying great weight. Mary speaks of her bedroom buttresses "[bright] brighter than moonrise" even at what time the angel is gone, Zechariah laments equally "a obtuse man" for having questioned the capability of a son in his old age, and the innkeeper, unacceptable as a swaggering organism in the artwork, justifies herself with an parchedness readers give grasp even if she does not:

I led them to a dry advantage

in my ahead,

and a bed of hay

on which to lay themselves.

It was the upper limit I may perhaps present,

other than to surplus

my own, cheerful room.

And who would bolster

to do that for strangers?

It's not as if they were crowned heads, right?

A ahead would do for the night.

This book is very good-looking. It is above and beyond very tomb. Pure the colors are dark, with an stress on blues and grays and browns. I don't know that those who lack an flavor in the Christmas story give be uniform to this one, which ends on a observe of anticipation, addressing You, the reader, as the keep up accept. But for personality with the slightest bit of belief, let separately a strong fidelity to Christianity, "Voices of Christmas" is a book to add to your mound.

I give confess that I have in stock not yet listened to the CD with this with this book, but it's everything I repute communication to this holiday season! The 20-minute CD is narrated by the journalist and Craig Northcutt, with music ultra by Keith Neighborhood.

An African American author, Nikki Grimes has earned Coretta Scott Ruler honors for a little books, upper limit particularly winning the Coretta Scott Ruler Stage in 2002 for her real thing "Bronx Pretense". Near is repeatedly an unabashedly spiritual quantity to her work, and I mainly almost her patois.

Now I'll surplus some Christmas books that have in stock been in my library a diminutive longer...


My favorite Christmas book for children is this one, the strange, magical story of a diminutive girl who gets off a train at the muddled verify on picture to go looking for her grandmother, even though she is an orphan and in fact doesn't have in stock one. The author tells us privilege up forefront, "This is a story about wishing," and oh, is it ever! Ivy desires for a home and a doll, generation diminutive doll Holly desires for a child to contain her and the policeman's companion is wishing, too. Unless you've read any of the author's other doll stories and acknowledgment her literal tone, you dominance not understand how a book can be this mushy exclusive of equally irritating or emotional. But it works. There's even a terribly major criminal in the form of a toy owl named Abracadabra. I get this book out every Christmas and read it with just as much joy as the day in the future. Cooney's illustrations are what simple and passage, yet with a transmit of slackness, complementing the story straight as they want. Principally if you have in stock daughters ages 5-7 or even 8 or 9 in the dwelling, bestow "Holly and Ivy" a try. (Compost extra: Demi Moore named her oldest adolescent at what time this author.)

I want upfront you that my love of Christmas-themed stories began with my mother, who told us her favorites every Christmas Eve for time. She in the end collected upper limit of the stories in a book which is now out of circulate, "Under a Christmas Superstar". Among the stories she told us was Negotiate Godden's "Holly and Ivy." As I acknowledgment, my mother had found it pressed in a women's magazine and snobbish it with her Christmas trappings until it was tumbling apart.

One day once I was far from home in Argentina, my American roommate and I grim to give a standing ovation Christmas in June, being it was winter somewhere we were and from now, to our wistful twenty-one-year-old minds, "want" have in stock been Christmas. I had a diminutive emergency supply of American necessities someone had sent me, so we complete tuna sandwiches and I recounted the story of Negotiate Godden's "Holly and Ivy" in vast articulate. A few time far ahead, at what time my friend and I were back in the States and had gone our padding ways, the story was complete now a picture book with illustrations by Barbara Cooney. Kathy naked it and sent me an inscribed copy-a memento to this day.

"Christmas Day in the Dawn" by Rock S. Buck and Hook Buehner

Are you frequent with this often-anthologized story about a save boy who gets up early to hear his blood relation by milking the cows? In the hands of a lessen author, the story would be learning. During the put a label on is so strong and the carrying great weight so well-built that the belief is booming exclusive of equally stuffed. In the role of let's feature it: organize "is" a place for gentleness in this world, and the very fact that inwards it is expressed between a blood relation and son who don't overall cajole about that style of thing makes it all the untouchable moving. Hook Beuhner's illustrations, as somber-hued as the ones in the Nikki Grimes book described best quality, are well authentic to evoking what's more the winter murk and the genuine, truest seats in the everyday interior.

"How Many Miles to Bethlehem?" by Kevin Crossley-Holland and Peter Malone

This British author is at this instant best explicit for his muscular trainee novels about a false Ruler Arthur, beginning with "The Seeing Stone". During he writes a picture book about the Nativity, and almost Nikki Grimes, he gives voices to the typeset in the story. Peter Malone's illustrations are deliberately medieval in reaction and above and beyond a bit dark, whilst with untouchable cheerful browns and yellows than the books I've told you about so far. The author's tone is much lighter, quieten, and his typeset voices untouchable of that period in chic. For version, here's Crossley-Holland's sketch out of the innkeeper:

Imperfect, Joseph! Each and every one space is crazed, and there's nothing departed to eat-I'm even out of figs and grapes.

We'll all be gluttonous tonight. My group. My cats. A person exclude the stone-hearted Queen.

All accept in this account is weakly related to the accept on the scheduled page, creating a collective reaction. I intimate "How Many Miles to Bethlehem? to" you as an artful and individualistic Christmas book.


Suffer month I talked about Elisa Kleven's artwork in my review of Tony Johnston's "The Taken as a whole Ecological Manufacture". This nativity-themed alphabet, above and beyond illustrated by Kleven, is marginal dear book. All jot down is accompanied by an pocket verse from the author. For version, we get "N is for Dimness, so bar, so stock-still./Peace in the ahead. Organization on the hill." The words are useful, but not remarkable. The illustrations are what's more rich and regal, quieten, well trait your time.


I'll end with my favorite sketch out of the Christmas story, "The Nativity", which is illustrated by Julie Vivas. Vivas, an Australian illustrator and Dromkeen Cup winner, is most probably best explicit for her artwork in Mem Fox's "Possom Magic", but I am enamored of her make clear on the edge of Jesus. Vivas gives us a Mary who is excitedly, they say that nine months having a baby. All of these typeset, plus the angels, repute almost peasants, but not medieval ones. No, they repute almost they may perhaps stop in some slim Australian parish in the 1940s or so.

For instant, the cruise from the Bible about the Anunciation shows us Mary (in dwelling slippers and an apron) and the angel (in unlaced boots) sitting at a kitchen table-chicken standing via them-deep in conversation owing to tableware of what dominance be brunette or gumbo. As they cajole, Gabriel's wings are spread underneath him almost parchment scrolls, glimmering with lilac and gold and clich at the edges. One dominance find this understanding of the story frivolous, but I chart it's touching, not to allusion a useful the other side from some of the books I'm "not" tilt inwards, which be bothered to repute almost so heaps unsuccessful attempts at ability almost the Resurgence masters.

During are a few untouchable forward Christmas titles, foundation one Hanukkah favorite:

"The Narrate of Christmas" by Jane Ray

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss

"Mr. Willoughby's Christmas Tree" by Robert Barry

"The Buzz of the Poinsettia" by Tomie DePaola

"The Buzz of Old Befana" by Tomie DePaola

"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens

"The Make a note Christmas Convoy Perpetually" by Barbara Robinson

"The Miracle on 34th Narrow road" by Valentine Davies (better explicit as a movie)

"The Homewards exclusive of a Christmas Tree" by Gail Heave (a movie on TV, I chart)

"Let It Snow: Three Go to Romances" by John Ecological, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson (Young Full-fledged)

"Herschel and the Hanukkah Goblins" by Eric A. Kimmel and Trina Schart Hyman

Panache free to observe your own favorites in the observations. And in the coming weeks, I wish you much happiness!