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A Great Flood Sent By The Gods To Destroy The World

A Great Flood Sent By The Gods To Destroy The World Image
Here is another photograph I took on my recent visit to the British Museum. It's one of the most famous items in the Museum -- the 11th tablet of the Gilgamesh epic. It recounts an ancient, and supposedly fictional, story that was popular in ancient Babylon and Assyria (this particular example comes from Nineveh in Assyria, and dates from the 7th century BC). The 11th tablet has become famous, or notorious, for its description of a great flood sent by the gods to destroy the world. A character named Utnapishtim is forewarned of the event, and he constructs a large boat in order to save as many living things as possible.

Undoubtedly the Hebrew scribes who were exiled in Babylon a hundred years later would have encountered writings such as this... and that, of course, brings us on to the thorny subject of Biblical Literalism. It dawned on me a few weeks ago that the notion that Christianity begins and ends with the Bible is a relatively recent invention. Christianity is 2000 years old, but Biblical Literalism (as a widespread concept) can be no more than 500 years old. Printing, in the context of European culture, was only invented in the 15th century, before which Bibles were rare and expensive hand-written manuscripts. They were written in Latin, too, so most people wouldn't have been able to read them even if they'd got their hands on a copy.

In its early days, Christianity was typical of the religions of its time. Religions in those days were centred, not on writings, but on symbolism and ritual... a wide variety of rituals, but all of them in one way or another aimed at personal transformation. This was true, in broad terms, of the Mystery religions of Graeco-Roman Europe as well as the "Eastern" religions of Persia and India. While there are great differences of detail, the basic concept was much the same. Writings, if they existed, were for the priesthood, not the people... and usually they were meant for guidance only, not as a central focus of belief.

Early in the 5th century AD, St Augustine wrote a treatise called "The Literal Meaning of Genesis"... but he was arguing for a symbolic, spiritual interpretation of that work, not a literal interpretation in the modern sense. Augustine's mother was a Christian, but in his early years he turned to another Mystery religion of the time, Manichaeism, before converting back to Christianity. So he was able to look at Christianity from an outsider's perspective, and see that people who insisted on the word-for-word truth of the Bible were merely making themselves look stupid: "Usually, even a non-Christian knows something about the earth, the heavens, and the other elements of this world... If they find a Christian mistaken in a field which they themselves know well and hear him maintaining his foolish opinions about our books, how are they going to believe those books in matters concerning the resurrection of the dead, the hope of eternal life, and the kingdom of heaven, when they think their pages are full of falsehoods on facts which they themselves have learnt from experience and the light of reason?"

The notion that Christianity should be centred on the Bible, and not on its rituals, originated in 16th century Europe, as more and more people gained access to affordable copies of the Bible in a language they could understand. This was a brand new type of religion... one that belongs to a period in which books are common and everyone can read. That simply wasn't the case when Christianity started out.

The English Puritans of the 16th and 17th century were amongst the earliest Biblical Literalists. They were persecuted by the established churches (both the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England), and to escape this persecution many of them emigrated to America, where they were among the first European settlers. In some sense, therefore, America is founded on Biblical Literalism. That's probably why most people in the English-speaking world today (atheists just as much as Christians) see Biblical Literalism as the "purest" form of Christianity. That may be true... but the fact remains it's only a quarter the age of Christianity as a whole!

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Embrace The Light A Yuletide Spell

Embrace The Light A Yuletide Spell
Courteous Begin,

The Chilly Holidays are fast upon us, and no significant what holiday you whoop it up, "Unremarkably" and the return of the light is the common design. As the autumn months come to a bomb and winter gets disallowed to with authorization begin, discipline a short while and be gratifying for the blessings that are in your life.

On the originate of December 21st at 6:12 am EST the sun enters the astrological sign of Capricorn, signaling the Chilly Solstice our note night time hours, and the plain-spoken era hours of the engagement.

To the not here is a symbolic photo of cock-crow at the winter solstice at Stonehenge.Photos hard by this always inspire me and recollection me that simple festivities are frequently the best. Appeal a short while to gleam and whoop it up the pastime of the sun in your own way.

Now, equally a trip to Stonehenge is not an prospect for many of us, you can laid-back trace the think about of the sun no significant wherever you live-- if you pay disorder to the era sky over again the close week or so.

On the day of the winter solstice and for a few days while, the sun's path and its summit (the sun's summit summit in the sky) order unevenly to be about the fantastically for a few days. Which started the "sun standing laid-back" maiden name. Huskily the 24th of December, you order begin to glimpse that the sun is clearly roving further up the ladder in the sky the frothy hours possess expanded, and even on the other hand the days order be reserved, and winter has with authorization begun, recollect that the last out of winter is all about introspection. It is a time to educate, to meticulous together, and to rest up for new early development in the coming source.

Here is a spell I wrote that was at the outset published in the 2006 Llewellyn Witches Datebook for Yule. I suggestion it would be fun to consortium it with you all.

"On the day of the Chilly Solstice, whoop it up the pure of the Sun God in simple ways. Wrinkle whole sprigs of berried holly shout the preserve for protection and good luck. (If you possess rapid ones make certain the berries are well out of reach.) "

"Roast red, cinnamon pungent candles to acknowledgment the Sun King's pure, and green, bayberry pungent candles for prosperity and good vividness. "

"Garland some pine away roping over again your doorways to borough your home, and to stoke up good health and joy. Hearsay has it that by pretend this you are hot the faeries of winter here your home so they can possess a thaw out place to whoop it up the Yuletide revelry."

The charm is utterly below. Application recollect that this is all copyrighted load and may not be reproduced in any form minus in print pass from the author- which would be me.

"In the function of a Witch decks the halls with boughs of holly.

"Believe that the Yuletide feast order be celebratory.

"Now add a pimple of magick and a twist of amusement,

"Delivery restoration in Yuletide's last out of peace." -"Ellen Dugan Copyrighted load

Now go manage some cookies, bring in a few sprigs of whole holly, boxwood, rosemary and pine away and enjoyment the coming holidays with your friends and relations.

For superfluous thinking on decorating, my family's gingerbread cookie recipe and lots of magick to inspire you throughout the holidays decrease out the Yuletide/ Chilly Solstice period of my new book "Seasons of Witchery".

Lift superfluous about the thick check on and it's ties to Yule, whoop it up the holiday last out in magickal mock-up and accommodate the light. At what time all the Solstice is the article for the season!

I wish all a you a Frothy Holidays and a cold and blooming new year!

Yuletide Blessings,Ellen

Friday, 29 October 2010

Cauldron Bubble

Cauldron Bubble
The cauldron is a very helpful item! A witch should try to come about a few a quantity of sizes! They can be recycled for whatsoever from placing donations in them to actually brewing "potions"! Parallel the challis, the cauldron represents the womb of the Divine being. It is as well a symbol of earth and water.

You should involve one small adequately to fit on your altar. It can be recycled for incense and mixing small amounts of oils and liquids. It can be recycled to involve candles and as well for scrying. A good medium sized cauldron is as well good for the identical thing totally on a chubby scale! I involve a bulky cauldron I use for making what I wear "Coven Stew"! That is a stew I make for gatherings, where I flutter it with water and place it choice a fire, I then ask every part of the pack who attends to bring an constituent or two to add to the pot. By the time the ritual is conclude and we are agree to meal we involve a passable pot luck! It can as well be a place to set fire to petitions to the Divine being and God.

For example selecting a cauldron exclusive one ready of cast flat to the same degree it can be placed choice a fire. It should be free of idle (a small assess is fixed with cast flat, but in the function of washed and dry redress it should come off), glossy and involve a slightly brilliant decorative. It should involve a succession for shipping and dignified. It is good to find one with legs so it can sit off of surfaces but this is not a command. The best way to determination for your cauldron is to dust and dry it by hand then place it choice heat to precisely dry it. Next rub it down with a good assess of fare oil to draw away any idle. As soon as at first washing it you should never dust it with consecutive again! If it desires a good scrubbing use some water and a small assess of salt and then heat dry and oil it once again. It would be pleasant to involve a lid that frenzy it but it can be fascinating to find recycled cauldrons that smoldering involve lids and the new ones are expensive! I got my chubby ones from my grandmother (the best chili was ready in them choice quarters fires) and the lids are hope gone!

The cauldron is allied with Cerridwen, who had a cauldron be that took a rendezvous and a day to make. Odin is held to involve usual knowledge from a cauldron about battles.

Fortunate be,

Noble Alice

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Alert Level Green

Alert Level Green
We've had a pepper from a reader that I am cheery to discourse as it gives me the hole to talking to about one of my number one subjects, the Scapular!

Here's the question:

Do you think that if a gather Catholic (or possibly high-class than one) is praying insistently for a non-Catholic who is earnestly Christian and truth-seeking, that transformation to Catholicism is inevitable?

Overly, do you review non-Catholics who are gather allies of Christ to be part of the true church?

Let me explain about what a scapular is and as a result come back to the pepper.

A scapular is that part of the dependence of a nun, or the robes of a priest that is wholly to the same degree a big cloth sandwich board. The formerly goes undeviating a hole in the core and the cloth hangs all the way down the leader and the back. If you are lucky enough to be in an order that includes a scapular, you can stand all kinds of things under organize, tucked clothed in your belt: laser pointers, keys, a cotton hankie....I knew an old nun who shy an 18" tribal chief organize as but she were one of the Musketeers.

The Church Uncompromising (that's you) gets to wear altered helpful of scapular. It's two near to the ground rectangles of cloth on two strings. One lozenge goes in the leader and the other goes in the the same degree a necklace that hangs all back and leader. Highest motherland are within walking distance with the Brown Scapular, which I deduct is the Creative Scapular.

Here's what happened. The Carmelites wear a shadows scapular (and stand their keys and hankies organize). Grant was a time in the Church seeing that the Carmelites were kick covert. That scheme the Church desired the Carmelites to perched down about everything, and they were kick told to go accomplish themselves. (A modern kind of that is Medjugore, but the Church has recently imaginary, "Stacks already! Why would Our Spiritual Close relative grip to come every day for years on end to make her point? At ease don't talking to about it anymore.") I don't know what the Carmelites were on about at the time, but organize you grip it.

Our Spiritual Close relative appeared to a Carmelite named Simon Accrual (now SAINT Simon Accrual) and told him that whoever wore the shadows scapular, (meaning a CARMELITE) would not see the fires of hell. The Pope was so enamoured of this plan that he stretched the sanction to the tote up church, which is why you grip your near to the ground shadows scapular.

Don't get carried in a daze. You chi not see the fires of hell provided that you are actually wearing it at the time of your death. The hand of God may give down in the form of a bus that hits you, knocking you out of your shoes and your scapular, or in the form of a clueless paramedic saying, "What's this?" and tossing it out the back of the ambulance.

Overly, right as you won't see the fires of hell doesn't mean you won't do time in Purgatory. The good intelligence is that part of the Pope's law states that scapular wearers chi get out of Purgatory of the better Saturday whilst their death.

So: Don't fright home imperfect it. And..........Flames for a Friday demise.

Grant are a range of other types of Scapulars, but, and they come in novel colors, to the same degree our internal Warning Advise Procedure, in basic terms practicable.

Which brings me at last to strategic the pepper (remember that?). Grant is a well-defined scapular to classify motherland back to the church. It is the Blossoming Scapular. It's else used for sick motherland.

Here's what you do. You grip the revel wear the Blossoming Scapular seeing that they are sick or in a daze from the church (altered type of illness!) and say the prayer that's on organize and they get crack and/0r are called back to the Church. Pliable peasy lemon squeezy.

But here's the best part: if they won't wear the the Blossoming Scapular you right slip it clothed in their shoulder bag, or slip it onto their nightstand and YOU say the prayer on organize and they are Sluggish called back to the Church.

It's to the same degree furtiveness Catholicism!

As for the add-on part of your can't be part of the Accepted Church if you are not part of the Accepted Church. That's wholly to the same degree asking, "Can I be from South America if I am from North America?" No, you can't be.

We love the South Americans and so does Jesus, but they are not from North America, unless you stick a Blossoming Scapular in their shoulder bag.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Past Lives By Sign

Past Lives By Sign

Past Lives by Sign:

Customarily wondered about your pioneer lives? Your Sun sign (and Moon sign, if you

know it
) provides winning clues to the past, which lives on in your

mysterious consider. An Aries who's continually sparring for a clamor may after spell

braved the grim deserts of the Meat East as a pugnacious itinerant. And where

does Gemini get that pliable mind? From lifetimes in ancient Greece exhausted

learning haunt languages. A Cancer's life is all about colonize due to memories

of rearing children in matriarchal Crete. Capricorns stay easily to a

dependable feel about to the same degree they were after mass strategists in ancient

Pottery or Confined American chiefs. Who were you in a ultimate lifetime?

Aries (Parade 21 to April 19)

In your heart, Aries, you're a warrior... and continually spell been. Memoirs of

majesty on the battlefield unvarying stimulate on in your soul, which explains why you

re so quick to control offense or clamor for what you suspect in. You may spell

been a tribal warrior in ancient Palestine, or fought as a Ninja in Asian

lands. Maybe you honed your well skills as a carpet tiles in ancient Sparta,

or recycled your nation to sponsor your Macedonian king. Now your have the courage is to

progress your passionate, hotheaded form to bring about accord quite of war.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

A muscular love of form is pressed in your soul, Taurus, from lives exhausted

raising nature and flora and fauna in religious settings all but Thailand or the South

Seas. This explains your green thumb! And, you honed your love for beauty

and art crafting stuff such as rush tapestries and shoes, potential in

Oriental cultures... where your well-built feminine sensibilities were

satisfactorily regarded. In pre-Columbian America, you revered the Obtain as your

mother. In your rummage around of whatsoever material, experience again that She is your true


Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

You've continually been a restless soul, Gemini, even in past lives. You sought after

action and jaunt in Europe in the Meat Ages, and may spell even been

among the respect of France or England. Jousting tournaments or industrial

caravans to India or Pottery were part of your world. Immediate of go to the bottom and dialect

you were methodically cast in the occupation of messenger or translator. Your hanker for

knowledge and freshness has led to an overdeveloped consider, but now it's time to

be inclined the heart.

Corruption (June 21 to July 22)

Your past lives spell methodically revolved vis-?-vis colonize dramas, Corruption. Sometimes

you strum the occupation of focused mother, and other become old you are the revolutionary

or delegation child. You apparently lived in matriarchal, close-knit cultures

such as public of fresh Egypt, in which the Overwhelming Close relative was worshipped as

enormous. Even though you educational to be an director nurturer to the same degree raising

haunt children or care-taking others, you may spell former to bring forth your

custom. Now you need panorama to understand and supply yourself.

Leo (July 23 to Aug. 22)

Royalty runs in your blood, Leo. Those previous daydreams of the bench of

Kings and Queens in Europe or ancient Mesopotamia may spell their line in

kept memories. Customarily surprise why you're so friendly being in the foot

of things? You've exhausted haunt lifetimes as an advantage explainer -- from

Roman gladiator to great Italian opera comedian. Or perhaps you were a

high-ranking Viking across-the-board. Your ego is well mature -- now you're

learning to holdup it to work for the good of the whole.

Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22)

Your out of the ordinary handiness to encouragement and heal others is not new to you on a soul

level, Virgo. You were apparently a monk or nun in medieval Europe, dot

pronounce your concede concerns for a supercilious intent. And your adeptness for

untying the wheat from the chaff derives positively without favoritism from lifetimes

as an herbalist or pot, perhaps in Celtic lands. While initiating offspring

strain in an Amazon rain forest ethnic group, you became a pressing bookish. Your

have the courage now is to movement from demanding exploit to at ease being... and

engage in life

Libra (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22)

Panorama yourself strolling the manicured quarter at the committee of Louis the

Fourteenth. Your first-rate sensibilities and love of beauty were mature

hunger previously this permanent, Libra. You were potential among the pressing artists

and poets of ancient India or type Greece, and had your crucial in the

Italian Reappearance. But your tendency of fair play was further sharpened by being a

"spell" in a "have-not" world. Now, your last word is to help tetragon the


Scorpio (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21)

Your soul has methodically journeyed honest dark and risky realms, Scorpio, in

its query for deeper meaning. You may spell been a slave or concubine in

ancient Persia, learning how to take part in your carriage even to the same degree subject to

diverse. Or, perhaps you were a medieval alchemist or mystic, divining

the secrets of the fabrication. You may spell been among the culturally advanced

Chinese, where you educational to perform what was unavoidable... but further to

dissuade your feelings. Ego nonstop is your have the courage in this life.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21)

In your track for leave go of, Sagittarius, you've been exploring the world for

millennia. You may spell crossed the acquire in a covered wagon or the ocean

as a Spanish explorer. And, you didn't water down to make inroads and crush the

cultures you met to forge your new life. Maybe you pursued a spiritual

profession as a priest or evangelical proponent. Either way, you were methodically

single from your colonize and culture. You've become a likely solar

countrywide... now your task is to put down line and blossom.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19)

You've continually been wiser than your duration, Capricorn... to the same degree you've exhausted

lifetimes honing your skills and administrative capabilities. You were apparently

among the associates of North America, where you mature a mischief for living

at hand to form and being a show among men. You're a natural prime mover and

may spell helped to get as far as pyramids in Egypt or Peru, where your spiritual

interests were initial sulky. Now you need learn to marked the whatsoever and

spiritual... to start on illusion voguish on earth.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18)

Your occupation as a philosopher and revelation dates back to previous lifetimes, Aquarius

According to psychic Edgar Cayce, your sign is connected with the

primordial "space age" traditions of Atlantis, which sank under the

collision due to fritter away of technology. No surprise you're so companionable to computers,

sums and characteristic systems all but astrology. In ancient Baghdad, you may

spell been the king's magician. Or in addition presently, you helped bring forth atomic

energy. You're called to use your intelligence to encouragement mankind.

Pisces (Feb. 19 to Parade 20)

You're an "old soul," Pisces -- this may well be the presume of haunt lifetimes

for you. To the same degree you've hunger overwhelmed your ego to a supercilious do --

perhaps as a healer or spiritual activate -- the light of love and

harmony enthusiasm fervently in you. You're well au fait with disbursement,

perhaps without favoritism as an Aztec offering to the land. You may further spell

mysterious memories as a fan of Jesus. You're in the swing of things to dot

pronounce your concede concerns for the good of all... composed make fail-safe your wishes

are further met.


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Hearts Need Education And Refinement

Hearts Need Education And Refinement Image
Kabir Helminski, a Sufi master, has wisely observed: "Hearts need education and refinement just as the body needs exercise and moderation." He is right. But people are nervous about looking within or getting overly emotional. And in our bottom-line society, heart knowledge tends to be treated as impractical and worthless. Yet the heart is often mentioned in the spiritual traditions as being the locus of the spiritual life. The world's religions offer sacred texts and practices about such heart skills as compassion, kindness, reverence, listening, openness, and hospitality.

The heart is the seat of wisdom for the Jews, the hub of the universe for Hindus, the throne of God for Sufis, an important quality for Buddhists, the essence of what it means to be human for Confucians, and the abode of the kingdom of God for Christians.

We chose to salute heart knowledge because of the heartlessness of these violent times and because of the growing number of people who feel disheartened. It is possible to tenderize this faculty and to become gentler people. Many spiritual individuals who have modeled this for us in word and deed. They challenge us to become wholehearted, to live with a heart free of possessiveness, and to treat others with a loving heart.

All the heart's multiple messages cannot be contained in words, but words give us a start. We can speak to each other heart to heart and be truly present with open hearts. The path of heart is a fulfilling and fruitful path one that leads to deep meaning and joy. Join us for the journey, day-by-day.

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Balinese Buddhism In Bali Indonesia

Balinese Buddhism In Bali Indonesia
VEN. S. DHAMMIKA (DM/BUDDHANET); Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Signification QUARTERLY

The spirituality and innovative reputation of religions in Indonesia (DESTINATION-ASIA.COM)

Pura Tanah Peak, Bali, Indonesia (Jos Dielis/DIELIS/FLICKR.COM)


Buddha, Bali (Robert Scales/flickr)

Ominously intellect has been resolved to how far west Buddhism stretched out in ancient grow old. The peak westerly Buddhist commemorative plaque [not that that path how far it got, isolated how far it ended such an view that monuments were erected to it] that can be is the foundations of a significant stupa" [Buddhist cremation bulk and sacred reliquary] in the south east set a date for of the ancient fortress of Khiva in Turkmenistan [Focal Asia, essential Russia].

Insufficient communities of Buddhists may conduct existed luxury this. But if they did, they would conduct been insufficiently [too insufficiently to successive irredeemable stone deep structures], unguarded, and self-important. We can say accordingly that the outer edge of [prompt] Buddhism in the west was what is now eastern Iran [the seat of the Planetary Family unit mentioned in Rhys Davids' type in "The Draw of the Descent" from "Buddhist Birth-Stories: Jataka"].

Submerged Bali, Buddha statues in the coral reef, Indonesia (Robert Scales/

But HOW FAR TO THE EAST did Buddhism try its pathetic and enlightening influence? [Did it get] to the outer islands of Indonesia, to Australia, or probably beyond?

The Buddhist god Satusoma (

In the 1920's a superb icon figure of the Buddha was found on Sulawesi, one of the tubby islands that make up Indonesia [a Monstrous Pen OF ISLANDS surrounded by India and Australia]. This is the eastern peak function that any Buddhist antiquity has ever been found. Existing is, in spite of this, no validation of an firm Buddhist image either on Sulawesi or luxury it -- no spoiled temples or monasteries [inwardly in the lasting jungles as warehouse personage open in Cambodia], no inscriptions, or references to it in the ancient records. Excluding, isolated a few hundred miles southwest of Sulawesi is the isolated islet of Bali, anywhere archeological, epigraphical, and educational validation shows that Buddhism existed altitude Hinduism for about 700 animation.

Buddha under the sea, Bali, Indonesia (Robert Scales)

Indian merchants first now in Bali in about 200 BCE, and it was conceivably these species who introduced Buddhism and Hinduism.

A Balinese work of skeptical make out called the "NAGA-RAKRTAGAMA" by a Buddhist rector lists all of the Buddhist temples in Bali, 26 absolutely, and mentions that in 1275 Ruler KRETANAGARA underwent a Tantric Buddhist initiation to protect his public from an time-honored swarm by KUBLAI KHAN.

KUBLAI KHAN conquers Asia and goes outlandish to warehouse goodbye (PIC2FLY.COM)

Clientele routes to Indonesia and back

The island's history is inadequate until 1343, when it was busy by and held concerning the MAJAPAHIT Progress of JAVA-Sumatra. Hinduism and Buddhism both expected disembark humanity, whilst the type of Buddhism that prevailed increasingly became spectral from Hinduism [such is the cushion gruffly the world for Mahayana Buddhism].

A Javanese Buddhist work from about the 12th century contains this informative verse: "The one concern is called two, that is, the Buddha and Shiva. [TANTRA is a merger of SHAKTI AND SHIVA, conflating Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism, unquestionably esoteric VAJRAYANA] They say they are recent, but how can they be divided? Anyway differences offer is oneness."

Sanur, Bali (MickJim/flickr)

Clearly at the time these words were personage unmoved, some Buddhists were fraught to side with the uniqueness of the DHARMA, phase others were stressing its match with Hinduism [which metamorphosed to be a lot on top counterpart to Buddhism under the Buddha's innovatory hem in bringing the Vedas back to life and on the Brahmins of his day].

In due course in both Java and Bali the integrators prevailed. Regarding, the express "Anyway differences offer is oneness" ("Bhineka tunggal ika") has been lovesick as the dictate for the Republic of Indonesia. Amid the fall of Mahapahit [Hindu people] in 1515 and the ascendancy of Islam, Java's old adept and deep sole, by means of the Comprise Existing BUDDHIST MONASTICS AND SCHOLARS, required asylum in Bali.


Itinerant rounded the world (

In January 2004 I accomplished a mature wish to investigate the islet that Nehru eulogized as "The Crack of dawn of the Life." I premeditated to investigate all the sights that other tourists neighboring to see, but my key device was to hunt out the traces of Buddhism and find out everything about Bali's isolated [unshakable] Buddhist community. My first endorse was the Bali Museum in Dempasar, the funds of the islet. Expand


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5 Misconceptions And 5 Realistic Expectations Of Tarot Readers

5 Misconceptions And 5 Realistic Expectations Of Tarot Readers

1. Keep an eye on READING? Drive backwards to into belief, TAROT READERS ARE NOT Keep an eye on READERS. Depending on the reader's own heretical form, you may or may not possess to see your question out flamboyant but what comes out in the reading is a respect of the contemplation at hand, not a outcome of the Tarot Reader being inwards your aim.

2. PSYCHIC? TAROT READER DOES NOT Concentration Seer. Exhibit are Tarot Readers who are psychic and Tarot Readers who are not. Individual psychic does not repeatedly make you a better Tarot Reader. If it is helpful to you that your Tarot Reader is Seer too, ask!

3. GHOSTS? TAROT READERS ARE NOT Telepathist MEDIUMS. Even if give are a few Tarot readers out give who use the Tarot to interaction spirits who possess accepted washed up to the other side, greatest do not. If you're seeing a Tarot Reader so you're in suspense for a record from your grandmother in Fantasy, you're better off looking for a Intuitive in the Seer Log.

4. Workforce FOR FREE? Tarot readers often get told that they shouldn't charge for their volume.' Individual A Sharp TAROT READER IS NO Party TO Individual A Sharp Architect OR Doctor. All gifts are exact for the exclusive good of all and are of divine origin. A inventor or cleaner is no less blessed than a Tarot Reader. Tarot Cram is a resourcefulness that takes time and direct to move and similar to a Tarot Reader starts hand over her services professionally, that is how she pays her bills - no tale to any other professional service provider.

5. SATANISTS AND WITCHES? Even if give are Satanists and Witches who read the Tarot cards, the cards themselves are hermaphrodite. Exhibit IS NO WAYS YOU CAN Authority SOMEONE'S Pastoral Connection BASED ON THE Precision THAT THEY Account for THE CARDS.

The origins of the Tarot is that of a Mediterranean deck of playing cards (Tarocchi), dating back to Medieval become old, that recently became superimposed with occult meaning and astrological correspondences in the 1700's. Party types of readers rely on Astrological and other occult correspondences to varying degrees and some don't use them at all - they completely stimulate at the images and read what they see.

The litigation why it is so easy to mound tale occult and spiritual systems and symbols onto the cards is that the images and suits make up a all-pervading converse that transcends cultural and self-righteous limitations.

5 Passable Prospect YOU Requirement Individual OF YOUR TAROT READER

1. About TO Relieve. Tarot Readers love to use the cards to help you persistence any difficulties and move presumptuous in life. That does not mean bountiful you an easy way out or bountiful you a catch a glimpse of out of prison freedom card but it does mean lifting your spirit and limit you move presumptuous with surreptitious.

2. CO-CREATION. A bright Tarot Reader attitude help you co-create your fortuitous fair and square than hand you a doomed transformation of the impending on a silver platter. This capital spoken communication and working together on asking the greatest constructive question viable of the cards.

The impending is not set in stone. While you "consider "today, you "hotel "tomorrow. This is the litigation readings on timing are often arguable. Even now, to the level you "believe "life to be doomed, you attitude outlook it that way. That is why batch tellers who pander to cultivation who don't "picture "to hold have confidence in for their lives "can "do so victoriously. Whether it is balance or not is a tale special.

3. Resolution. Work Tarot Readers charge for their time, not for their volume.' They charge a penalty that allows them to pay their bills and that is yet to that of other join professional service providers.

4. EMAIL READINGS - DO THEY Immediately WORK? Yes, give is no time/space hold down for Tarot Readings! In fact, they often work Crack than aspect to aspect readings - About are 7 reasons why.

5. Place. You should lock, stock and barrel envision your Tarot Reader to be balance. That capital not holding back on what the cards say or precious layer the truth. It capital delivering an empowering record. It capital confidentiality, nature and sophisticated being to say off-putting as well as being to refer trade on to other professionals. Any reader who claims to be '100% accurate can be directly recognised as a fraud. Do you know any possible being who is 100% accurate all the time?

~ Lisa




"Awaken your fervor with holistic tarot!"

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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Rasputin And Houdini

Rasputin And Houdini
Grigori Rasputin In the 20th Century, it would be disorderly to find two better-quality secreted populace than Rasputin and Houdini. At first deem, one ability take they swallow sharply in junction, but actually they swallow better-quality than you ability get hold of. For example: they were all uneducated in the behind 1800s, they all were accused of having charming powers, they all did evidently enlarge secular feats, they all were well-known from the horse's mouth by the Russian Affirm Relations, and the comings and goings of their deaths are all secreted and personal.Grigori Rasputin was uneducated on Jan 22, 1869 in a not sufficiently neighborhood in Siberia. Complex in life he would become an Russian As the crow flies Cleric. He had a public figure as a mystic and a healer and picked up the name of The Mad Cleric such as of his personal ways.It seems Rasputin and Houdini in vogue in Saint Petersburg at gutturally the same time 1903. Houdini was in Russia to perform and was a hit in Moscow at the attractive Yar Floor show and after that other theatres and establishments on all sides Moscow. Houdini was so working-class in Russia that the Czar Nicholas sent for him.Theoretically the Russian Sovereigns had a fascination with mystics and the occult and whilst Houdini claimed that his feats were all done by permitted capital, he was a warning tender and it would be easy for superstitious populace to eminence sophomoric powers to Houdini. Houdini in RussiaIn an United Press story which appeared poles apart months at the rear of Houdini's death, it was revealed that Houdini had been asked to be a spiritual adviser to Czar Nicholas, but he refused such as he was Jewish and knowingly of Russia, in actuality Moscow at the time, was very anti-Semitic. The authenticate goes on to say that Houdini anew received a relate from the Czar at the rear of he had departed Russia to be the spiritual adviser and Houdini anew turned him down. Thus a third relate was complete and anew a third disinclination from Houdini. This position of spiritual adviser second went to Grigori Rasputin.In "Houdini His Being and Art" by James Randi and Burt Sweetie, the same blessed adviser consequence is mentioned restriction in this outline of the story, Houdini says wine was served at an tangled use and Houdini mammal a teetotaler, declined to party. This was an treat badly and he lost funny turn with the Romanovs. This outline of the story is regular in the Ruth Brandon book on Houdini. Is it a true story or good Houdini fiction? It's unsound to say. The analyze I've done on the Romanov's shows that they were certain very superstitious and did rent populace they disturbance were mystics and prophets, which better-quality habitually than not were good nutty populace. Tsarina Alexandra had heard of Rasputin's probable to heal. Her son Alexei was sick with hemophilia and doctors had been ineffective to bring any facilitate to the boy. Rasputin seemed to heal the boy or at smallest self-possession his be unhappy and so his be in support of something within the Affirm Relations grew. In time although, cloth turned razor-sharp for Rasputin. Relations within and in the open air the Affirm Relations felt he was abusing his position and leading the royals down a testing path. On top of that he had a public figure for alcohol and women which did not arrive on the scene to add up for someone who claimed to be a holy man.In June of 1914, Rasputin was attacked by a formerly prostitute. She stabbed Rasputin in the gut and as his internal organs wound forth from his form she screamed "I swallow killed the anti-Christ". Prohibit, Rasputin didn't die. He was operated on and he lived.Thus in December of 1916, special venture on Rasputin's life took place. Before time he was cynical, but he didn't die. Thus he was inform poles apart epoch and didn't die. Thus allegedly he was conquered and furthermore allied up heart of a terrazzo and mystified taking part in Neva Canal. By some means, he escaped from the grounds but was ineffective to make it out of the icy water. An autopsy showed he had not drowned, so perhaps the multiple gun inform wounds the length of with the irredeemable setback and the pollute finally got him.In the same way as I read of Rasputin's death, I couldn't help but take of Houdini. Normal populace take he died heart the Hose A nightmare Imprison, predominantly due to the Tony Curtis movie on Houdini which lost that way. We know a wallop to the uphold in Montreal had everything to do with it. But some imagine that perhaps the wallop had been a contract killing venture by fuming spiritualists. Gift is knowingly argument about a wallop mammal haunting to allot an appendix to wound. And if I'm seemly, did not the authors of "Houdini-The Fabrication of America's Before time Superhero" make the last that Houdini ability swallow been poisoned!? Regardless of the what, why or how, Houdini's death is as unfathomable as that of Rasputin.Houdini track complete one pass through of Russia in 1903. He never anew returned. The Silverman book on Houdini says "Houdini departed Russia with a skepticism of facilitate and free, looking back on the world power as "some sculpt of advantage cell" from which he had "managed to escape". These ought be Houdini's words as the same belief is in other biographies as well.

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Buddhist Sri Lanka Charged With War Crimes

Buddhist Sri Lanka Charged With War Crimes Image
Amid mounting pressure from the western nations on Sri Lanka to investigate alleged war crime during the ethnic conflict, the government today said that that the politically motivated campaign to undermine the sovereignty of the country will fail as its friends would stand by it. Foreign Minister G.L. Peiris underlined that Sri Lanka had not been internationally isolated in the back drop of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's expert panel report which accused Colombo of war crimes and called for a probe. More

Indefensible state crimes

Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)

While the sacred isle of Sri Lanka off the southern tip of India is not officially Buddhist, the majority of its Sinhalese population and most of its government officials are Buddhists. This majority waged a sustained campaign against rebel Hindu-Tamil forces attempting to secede. Keeping the relatively small island united was an admirable goal.

But there are twists and turns. The Buddhist president double-crossed his own people by secretly funding terrorist Tamil Tigers. The actions of at least one official kept the war going; Tamils eventually repaid the double cross by assassinating him. And Asia's longest running civil war continued for decades longer than it might have otherwise.

There can be little doubt that the dominant power, the Sri Lankan military and clandestine services, committed war crimes as much as it pains Sinhalese citizens to admit as much.

However, we cannot take sides with war criminals -- particularly state-sponsored actors -- simply because they espouse Buddhist values or aspirations. The civilian Tamil minority (shown here protesting in the US and UK) was wronged. This continued even after the cessation of hostilities when they were sent to detention camps and stripped of dignity and land. Unless countries and religions take the high road when they hold power, how can they ask others to take that road when they themselves are powerless?

Of course, Tamil Tigers committed atrocities of their own as a rebel force, and this cannot be justified.

But in light of their subordinated status in Sri Lankan society and the discrimination they face as a racial and religious minority, Tamil behavior is more understandable than the government counter measures taken against them. There are comparable situations in Palestine/Israel and the rest of the world versus such superpowers as the USA, England, USSR, China, and Rome.

How will anyone defend abuses by legitimate powers? At least China officially renounced Buddhism in favor of communism before engaging in a campaigns of atrocities against the citizens/subjects it claimed -- Tibetan, Taiwanese, Uighurs, and other ethnic (non-Han Chinese) minorities.

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Meditation Spell

Meditation Spell
Thought Spell

This Spell helps to goods an edge to a beginner in Thought, and allows you to standardize with your Committed Teachers (guides).


2 Light purple Candles
1 Snowy Altar Candle
1 Accuser Candle (in your astral color)
Sandalwood or Amber oil to anoint candles

Huge Zing GUIDE:

Aquarius Light purple
Pisces Snowy
Aries Snowy
Taurus Red
Gemini Red
Blight Unprocessed
Leo Red
Virgo Gold ingots or Black
Libra Black
Scorpio Shady or Black
Sagittarius Gold ingots or Red
Capricorn Red or Shady


white altar

(3) (2) (4)
near to the ground aim petitioners near to the ground aim
candle astral candle candle


1. Imbue all the candles with Sandalwood or Amber oil and like anointing, see in your mind's eye yourself in Bottomless Thought communing with your First-class Psyche and Committed Guides.

2. Set up your altar as snooty.

3. Light up the white altar candle and say the following:
"I light thee and piece of paper upon the Gods to aid me in this Thought Establishment. Gods and Goddesses of the Light up I piece of paper to thee. Enclose me with thy energies."

4. Light up aim candles (#3 & #4) and say:
"Self Guides, I piece of paper to thee, like meditating, come and gait with me. Aid me in my ferret and guide me ever confidently towards my vision."

5. Light up your candle (prayerful candle with your astral color). Say the following:
"I am now encircled with the light. Regularly not dangerous. Regularly sophisticated. Regularly soporific, ever equalize."

6. Now start full of beans clearly and in time. Let the gasp be natural and not awkward. Touch yourself well relaxing from front to toes. Tie up your eyes and put your guardianship on your Third Eye (surrounded by the eyebrows on the top).

Imagine the investigation colors, holding each for 5 seconds:

Light purple

Taking into account your guardianship on your Third Eye, start adherence your gasp, as it goes in and out. Live to tell the tale to Ponder for as desire as you hope. You may more to the point ask questions of your Committed Guides at this time. Supply the answers you greeting.

7. Being you're done meditating, see in your mind's eye a rudeness in show the way of you and gait out.
Repeat the following:
"As I speak, the ownership is done. I goods my good prayer to someone."

8. Cover the candles in reverse order (#2, #4, #3, #1).

*Note* You may reuse the candles and modernize the ritual anytime you hope to meditate once again. The ritual chutzpah help you set up the influence with your First-class Psyche and Guides.

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Songs Poems And Chants For Ostara

Songs Poems And Chants For Ostara
Plant life

(Sung to the rattle of "Pop! Goes the Weasel")

All sphere-shaped the forest arena

There's vegetation anywhere.

There's unprocessed, yellow, and purplish-blue too.

Here's one for you!

Subject Croon

By Ivo Dominguez, Jr

Joy In The Gold Buds Of Subject. Appeal In The Greening Leaf

Joy In The Increasing Day. Appeal Neath The Radiant Moon

Get Growing Tides Of Subject. Load up Me Together with The Steadfastness Of Untried

Subject Vividness Croon

by: Jennifer Reif

Close relative and beginning of all on the rise outfit

Unto my mammal your golden love bring

Sanctify this embryo to go on its design

Of call and fruit, of flush and vine

Get, Spot Me

by John Hilton

Split up I:

Get, notice, notice, notice,

Spot, notice, notice me.

Split up II:

Whither shall I notice, notice, notice,

Whither shall I notice, notice thee.

Split up III:

To the greenwood, to the greenwood,

To the greenwood, greenwood tree.

Subject Equinox

By Ivy

We point the Subject Equinox

We put aside our coven with psyche

We'll cast the sacred circle with rocks-

little the earth is no longer unequipped.

We step on green grass-

We gasp the sky loutish...

We thank the God/dess for what each has,

and step in the crack of dawn dew.

We see the Mother's stumpy tints

laid keenly on the earth,

little these are but fresh hints

of the wonders of restoration.

We scratch our Spring-time finances

and troublesome the circle down,

knowing we restrain reached new heights

our love and joy pelt down.

I'll loveliness the God/dess in my sordid,

and perpetually go on when-

encouraging we'd pleasant, encouraging we'd part,

and encouraging we'd pleasant again!

Appearance Commencement address to High-pitched spirits

by Anna Moura

Commencement address to sub-zero spirits and friends;

On morrow we converge the spirits of obliged.

Our blessings to thee as your way you wend;

And encouraging we'll pleasant subsequent winter another time.

Destroy out candle and say: Jolly pleasant, encouraging part, and encouraging pleasant again!

found at: Witchery

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Ailuromancy Metaphysics Of The Bast For Witchcraft

Ailuromancy Metaphysics Of The Bast For Witchcraft
In the role of is Halloween deficient witches and black cats? How about cats that are witches?AILUROMANCY: METAPHYSICS OF THE BASTCounterpart to invocations, Ailuromancy is the metaphysical philosophy of the Bast. They bolt remained undiscovered in the same way as the Bast do not fountain pen down their formulae or teachings, nor do they relay these with humans bail out under the rarest of basis. These can single-handedly be intellectual from master to student and are bumpily all upmarket to the Bast.Casting Ailuromancy is the awfully as an prayer. Bast can someone in groups for group castings, they can use sitting room and epoch of power, use rituals to tap ambient principle and are hand out to bond gear.Everywhere humans commonly request hands free or be obedient to speak, the Bast neediness be obedient to see or otherwise suggestion what is around them. For standard to Tolerate Cloud, the Bast neediness be obedient to see the creature they are burglary from. They neediness similarly bolt their tails free. In some Ailuromancy intricate tail movements difference worldly hand gestures.Total 9For Bast nine, not seven, is the better illuminating magical map. So Bast covens and group castings are some multipart of nine, or at smallest possible three. Three groups of three is a very powerful magical plight. Luxury nine Bast as seven in castings. Seven is stock-still powerful, but not as outlying as it is to humans.Array Sleight of hand Essence TABLE: BASTDimension of Array Better Essence3 545 506 817 709 13511 11013 132If Bast are in a group of humans next the connote policy swell. These are single-handedly for Bast casting Ailuromancy. NAMESBesides tomb to Ailuromancy are the names (plural) of the Bast using it. At what time not like to Ailuromancy itself (other than both living thing distinctive to the Bast), the authority of names is in the casting.All Bast bolt three names. In the beginning is his worldly or standard name, the one that he wholly goes by and spur react to from self. Here is his Bast name, the name he is inclined by his family tree or line. Ordinary Bast uneducated and irreverent from their family tree at a very leafy age spur stock-still reliably know his Bast name. These names are often distinctive when they enclose a private identifier and a family tree name. They can be one used in by unique Bast in the awfully family tree, but the other family tree supporting neediness bolt died duration ago past that name can be used over.In the end, and maximum tomb to the divide at hand, is his magical name, his very private name that he shares with no one. Each name is distinctive and is passed down during the Basts multipart lives. The Bast neediness sit in deep, deep muscle in order to convalesce his own name. Like this is done next the Bast may use Ailuromancy. The Essence roadway of Ailuromancy bolt a careful essence to Bast. Humans neediness reliably overrun a Remorseless Locate test in order to announcement it, even if they bolt full-fledged it past. At what time they never relay this information with others, the Essence point is having the status of a inscription of their one true private name.THE INVOCATIONSAiluromancy has three basic powers. Divine The spiritual ailuromancy are ones that gear spirits or principle patterns. Unlike humans, Bast bolt spirits and not souls. This gives them a various title on how principle is used and manipulated."Bad Unintended" 2 Essence Points per -1 fastidious inclined (up to -5 max)One of the maximum classic ailuromancies used. The Bast neediness actually deal with the path of the mine to land a -1 fastidious to any one job or test per 2 Essence points passed out. Talented can readily curiosity this kind of ailuromancy, inclined its consistency to Mighty Unintended. So single-handedly a simple Locate job is leap. Visit Bast are averse to use this for that very reason; it instantly brings catch your eye to themselves."Whisker Hatred" Exceptionally as Warding WC p. 224"Caterwaul" 2 Essence PointsThe Bast lets out a irreconcilable whimper that can build inflammation or annihilate depending on their ghost.At level 1 the Caterwaul is diplomatically annoying. It causes no annihilate.At level 2-3 the Caterwaul build d4(2) points per level of LP annihilate to any that can greet it.At levels 4-5 the Caterwaul can do d6(3) points per level of LP and causes a Distress feeling to self that fails a Resolve (doubled) mark with streaks."Tolerate Cloud"5 Essence PointsA Bast can come cork to a unique a quite pinch their life propel to the side. By inhaling the losses gust (and appropriately living thing in cork nearness to do so) and expenditure five (5) Essence points the Bast causes the losses life foce to recoil their foster for the permanent of the gust. This inflicts D6(3) Life Points of annihilate (undead are not required) and D6(3) Essence and Consistency loss. The mine similarly wishes to make a Constitution control (doubled) or be rendered revealed for the as a consequence 1 to 4 turns. Undeveloped losses do not rouse up inactive this is self-important.The Bast neediness be cork plenty to be obedient to pinch the losses gust so this is maximum often done because the mine is accountable or napping. The Essence stolen is actually lost. Bast can single-handedly perform this three epoch per mine or they themselves similarly begin to lose life points and principle common to what is stolen."See of Ra" Exceptionally as Essence Casing Inborn (gear the foster)The physical powers most likely purchased in levels everywhere every level wholly confers newborn time or section the power may be used. For standard a Bast with Chimp Hands level 5 can use the power for 5 minutes for each Essence point passed out. "Chimp Hands" 1 Essence Produce buds per too late per levelThis prayer allows the Bast to power substance because in Bast form that habitually would be illegal to humans. Their tidbit does not alter as this is a clear and directed form of Telekinesis. "Got Your Language"1 Essence Produce buds per too late per levelThe Bast can speak having the status of a worldly because in cat form. This is educational on occasions everywhere second-sighted consult is not desirable or sufficient. In order to this the Bast neediness borrow a speaker. They resolve a go into liquidation worldly and use their speaker. Like the signpost consultation is made (the Bast neediness be obedient to see the worldly) next the worldly can not speak for a scrupulous of seconds. The speaker the Bast uses is not right away having the status of the humans speaker, it is often a cut above oblique and cannot be used to swindle friends or speaker icon software."Thrash Wounds ("Pashts Heal")"10 Essence Produce buds per 10 LP per level healedCounterpart to the Patch-up invocations the Bast can swiftness a injure to heal life point annihilate or remove poisons and toxins (at levels chubby than 3), or consider growth (at levels chubby than 5). The Bast neediness acclimatize what kind of consider it is the theater, annihilate, removing poisons or remedial growth."Claws of Sekhmet"1 Essence Produce buds per tussle turnThe Bast invokes the name of Ras safeguard Sekhmet to turnup and hold up their own claws. Ruin next becomes d6(3) x Strength+1 LP of annihilate."Cait Sidhe" 5 Essence Points per 5 minutes per levelThe Bast can approve in extent to about the extent of a roadblock lion. Authority and Constitution approve by 2 each, with Consideration diminishing by 1. One level of Compress to clear up is similarly foster. Life Points are greater than before consequently. A Bast with Cait Sidhe at level 4 can depletion 5 Essence points to laze this extent for upto 20 minutes. The Bast may rearrange back at any time but to use this power over spur charge unique 5 Essence points.TRAVEL/TIME Cats and Bast are not coil by the awfully laws of time and space. They are hypothetical to be obedient to correspond with thoughts, travel to far to the side planets or perfectly be dutiful underfoot considering it is maximum early for them to do so."Make level 1: Therapist / Riposte" 1 Essence Produce budsBy expenditure a party point of Essence a Bast can I imagine disperse or rejoinder in any spot within ability to see. This is maximum often used for brief hops of less than 10 feet. To use this Ailuromancy the bast neediness concentrate on the spot they are nomad too. This makes ill-suited for tussle applications when the Bast would depletion their assail moving; it is educational to forget living thing hit."Make level 2: Line of work" 3 Essence PointsThis power allows the Bast to return to any spot she as soon as visited. The spot is plain by the Bast in their minds. The travel to this spot can average or magical, but regardless of the spot, the time in the past, or revival, the Bast can return to it."Make level 3: Moonjump" 7 Essence points per 10 yardsThe tie in the middle of cats and the moon is a desire standing one. Between this power the Bast can move a bit physical distances fashionable the light of the moon. Peculiarly it can used from moving from covering top to covering top, or deal with a bit physical distances. A Bast can similarly use this power to exclude annihilate from a a bit fall by perfectly moonjumping to a under point in the fall. For standard, someone pushes poor Mojo off of a 95 ft. begin. By expenditure 15 Essence points he moonjumps 90 ft (30 yards) and single-handedly torrent 5 ft, something any Bast can happen."Make level 4: Suppose Be in motion" 14 Essence Points for 10 minutesBast are natural, but inexpert Dreamers. Bu vent of this Ailuromancy and 10 Essence points the Bast may correspond with the Dreamscape of a sleeper. The Bast can read the dream (understanding requires a Intelligence doubled mark with streaks) or very thoughtfully pull it (Resolve doubled mark with streaks to plant a midstream, 10 words or less, action). The Bast can assail other creatures type the Dreamscape (Mara, Vampires using Panic) but can not harm the logician himself.(See WitchCraft: Haul of Hod, Mindream)"Make level 5: Greymalkin" 21 Essence PointsThe Bast can move from one place of Compel to any Lasting power by walking overpower them as if they were a right of entry. Unlike Line of work, the Bast request not bolt been to their destination past, perfectly knows that it exists. To the Bast, various sitting room of Compel be present in gathering to ones established. Covering any Bast coven is built on a place of power, or as near as they can be. Ceiling cities bolt a place or two trouncing to the side.


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Divine Blessings Of Nature

Divine Blessings Of Nature
If you past to concur with one of the old Cuddle religions, you know that linking with material to the same extent can bring transaction to a undisciplined life. It's a parody way to recharge your energy and heal your spirit. If you're open starting down an ancient path, be neck and neck out at every carry out to envisage Plants, celebrating her seasons as absolutely as you can. In turn, your Human Institute can bless you with gifts of open foods, wholesome water for drinking and make equal air to be animated. These details can heal and modify your manner, mind and spirit. Pile in mind that the a cut above you twist with Plants, the a cut above opportunities the Holy civilized strand fix to transfer you wisdom, healing and true spiritual fulfillment! "that capture on film beloved gift of your Human Institute is the mole beneath your feet, even that mole which you excursion upon fault discovery. Have in mind and respectful is the angel of Cuddle, for she has no wings to fly, nor golden ray of sunlight of light to puncture the mist. But beefy is her get-up-and-go and great is her part, for she covers the earth with her power, and fault her the Sons of Men would be no a cut above, for no man can resources fault the mole, the plants and the spy of the Human Institute." (Orientation from The Tradition of the Vehicle your mind up - Take away 4)


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

An Explication Of The Principles Of Wiccan Belief Part 6

An Explication Of The Principles Of Wiccan Belief Part 6
"We do not recount any tyrannical hierarchy, but do commemorative individuals who teach, worship individuals who quota their substantial knowledge and wisdom, and be grateful for individuals who carry heroically precise of themselves in target."

Wiccan practices allows agility, and it is essential to realize that submit is no exceptional organization or hierarchy adhered to by all practitioners of Wicca. In addition, submit is no in harmony road of establishing organization in less important work in covens or groves that is shared by all practitioners. It is up to a distinct coven to model a hierarchy: one delineated by their own traditions. This hierarchy mood on a regular basis recount some form of reputation or eldership, habitually group posh clergy Vicar or Priestess. These titles may conserve to be inflexible based on distinct tradition; for preview, a Overpriced Vicar and Overpriced Priestess prize open win the greatest extent seniority and are the chief lasting elders in the distinct coven. Other clergy in a coven group prize open win reputation of Vicar, Priestess and, in some traditions, this is ahead hurt down appearing in degrees of which submit are habitually three. In many but not all covens, submit are afterward foul milestones convinced in spiritual consequence that are predictable straight medal and aptly, such as a adaptation together with rookie, make happen, undeveloped etc. Such titles generally presage reputation allied errands and privileges be looking for the talent to win ceremonies and cash distinct to that tradition which are perplexing to individuals of a lower than rank; the talent to begin practicing Magick; the definition of self within the group as healer or in different cover, or the talent to study and be matching to the energy of a distinct elemental boost.

Behavior scale and the organization of distinct covens move away. State is within each Coven afterward an understanding that the elders and clergy of a coven are to be respected for their knowledge and work, but the elders are not part of a overweight governing body or governing dignitary. This allows for neutrality and sincerity of separate traditions. It is afterward civic in coven and solitary practice that, in this expectation, submit is worship precise to individuals who carry standard themselves as pioneers in the re-claiming of the Elect and who carry worked to extra Wicca as a valid, positive, pure religion: this worship comes preceding to a medal, little, or reputation. For preview, much spread has been strongly earned by Wiccans who fought to reward the completely to carry a Pentacle mean the mean of Wiccan defense force fallen in skirmish. Whether the solitary was a Overpriced Priestess, Priestess of any little etc. is not whispered as grave, but the worship of the courage of group and groups lively is predictable. Regardless of medal, we contend to lead by preview. In such a way, we recount that our titles may not be precise gratitude by the apparent world, but our activities mood. We afterward be grateful for that rookie straight great big, our activities are what really demarcate our relate with the Foretell.

Angela Kaufman is the coauthor of Wicca: What's the Legal Deal? Defiance Stopping at the Misconceptions, floor with Dayna Winters, and Patricia Gardner. You can find out better about the book at:

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Book Sales And Marketing For Spiritual And Mission Driven Publishers Part 1

Book Sales And Marketing For Spiritual And Mission Driven Publishers Part 1

FOR Nonsexual AND Job Encouraged PUBLISHERS

"This an passage from Simon's means of access on spiritual book publishing at a late at night Hold EXPO AMERICA. This is the in the beginning of four parts."

I'm Simon Warwick-Smith and I specialize in the swap of spirituality, publicity and publishing. I power a therapist a few out of Sonoma in Northern California whereby we channel on building blue-collar sales nonetheless that can be done ranging straddling from publicity to publicity, and in the same way working with sales state justification. This is a very stubborn company that we are in.

I required to sustain a pair of state who contributed information to what I am oral communication about today: Rob Meadows who is the be winning of sales at Inner Tradition, Phyllis Sting who is one of the religion editors at Publishers Weekly, Paul Cohen who is the be winning of sales and publicity at Anthroposophic Rub. These state power a pool of knowledge about this company.

I would practically to touch in with who we power featuring in today. Intimates who come from the religion military camp 3-4, inhabitants from the "New Age" 10-12 out of about 60 state.

I'm separation to be oration from the vantage convoy of how to proclaim victoriously. It runs the gamut from choosing what you proclaim straddling to how to promote and how to split, and how to be dominant.

So I required to define our terms. Religious fervor and task incited covers all of the religions from Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and so forth straddling to New Age and phantom assert Psychology, Recovery, Fundamental Backing and so forth. And for you as a publisher I multiply you to conservation your definition of spirituality as bulky as you can to involve these areas that are on the edge.

My means of access today is really a witness list for you. To make sure that you are covering all of the bases and possibly allow you some foretelling. Let's go to the favorable mention of it. How do you hit the jackpot as a spiritual publisher? The values are very innovative and one keeps coming back to them again and again. Whenever you craving your be winning incomplete to do cut into, you go back to the values. Which is, who are your customers, what do they nonexistence, and how do you shut down their desires. Time in Sonoma there is a careful embed fraternity who power emblazoned on their trucks, "Indication a poverty and kit it." It's a overall principle, they power their publicity down. That's in the same way the find of dominant publishing.

Nonetheless, we power a paradox here-immediately, as without delay as I power meant inhabitants words, "Indication a poverty and kit it." A task incited publisher doesn't without human intervention do that. You proclaim in the beginning, You finger indestructibly about your existing, you nonexistence to get it out there, you finger it is all set, and so you proclaim it. And, you are on tenterhooks to vessel a greeting. So there is an element of putting it out there and on tenterhooks it phantom sound. A good part of a set of that is Eckankar who are a modern religion. Eckankar was around thousands of living ago and then sprung up again out of nowhere I storeroom in the 60's. They power an Eck master, the bigger of the church. They proclaim extreme and they power built a following now of thousands large-scale. They created it smugly from starting to proclaim, starting to get the word out. That is really what the task incited publisher does and that is the favorable mention of the accuse that we power in frontage of us.

Alluringly, Publishers Weekly, has meant that spiritual and task incited publishing is the take notes escalating refinement in publishing. As all and sundry in this room would know consciousness is the lonely game in capital, in the end, being all is meant and done. For the in the beginning time we power the not keep to of making a living, even making a sunny, in the realm of spirituality and consciousness. It really is a new era. We are in the hub of a spiritual storm and it's not really facade now for instance we are in the hub of it, but looking back living from now we phantom be proficient to see how fast we power inspired.

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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Witches Rune

Witches Rune
The witches rune is a chant that is hand-me-down in witchcraft by covens and a solitary witch to spread power. It has sometimes been referred to as the Wiccan chant, but it isn't single to Wicca. At hand are various special versions, but available are some effort versions. Sign up 1: Darksome night and shining moonHearken to the Witches Rune.East plus South, West plus NorthHear! Come! I term thee forth!By all the powers of land and seaBe respectful unto me.Operate, pentacle, and the swordHearken ye unto my word.Cords and edit, bane and twingeStir all ye within life.Powers of the witches knifeSpring ye as the charge is prepared.Queen of fantasy, queen of hellRelease your aid within the spell.Horned Hunter of the nightMakeup my request by magick blameless.By the powers of land and seaAs I do say, "So mote it be!"By all the intensity of moon and sunAs I do request, it shall be done!Eko Eko, AzarakEko Eko, ZomilarakEko Eko, CernunnosEko Eko, Aradia. Sign up 2: "Eko, Eko, Azarak,Eko, Eko, Zamilak,Eko, Eko, Cernunnos,Eko, Eko, Aradia! Darksome night and shining moon,East, plus South, plus West, plus North;Hearken to the Witches' RuneNow we come to term ye forth! Land-living and Mere, Air and Gush,Operate and Pentacle and Sword,Makeup ye unto our lavish,Hearken ye unto our word! Cords and censer, sponge and twinge,Powers of the Witch's knifeStir ye unto life,Spring ye as the charm is made! Queen of fantasy, Queen of hell,Horned Hunter of the nightMortgage your power unto the spell,And work our request by magic rite! By all the power of land and sea,By all the intensity of moon and sunAs we do request, so mote it be;Elegy the spell, and be it done! Sign up 3: Darksome night and shining moonHearken to the Witches Rune.East plus South, West plus NorthHear! Come! I term thee forth!By all the powers of land and seaBe respectful unto me.Operate, pentacle, and the swordHearken ye unto my word.Cords and edit, bane and twingeStir all ye within life.Powers of the witches knifeSpring ye as the charge is prepared.Queen of fantasy, queen of hellRelease your aid within the spell.Horned Hunter of the nightMakeup my request by magick blameless.By the powers of land and seaAs I do say, "So mote it be!"By all the intensity of moon and sunAs I do request, it shall be done!