Saturday, 31 July 2010

Buddhist New Year Eve Celebration

Buddhist New Year Eve Celebration Image
"May the New Year bring you happiness and peace! May no fear affect you! May no illness afflict you! May no danger come to you! May you enjoy good health and long life!" Maithri Vihara invites all to join the celebration of the dawn of 2010 in a spiritual way -- on New Year's Eve, Thursday Dec. 31, 7:00 pm - 1:00 am:


* Maithri Buddhist Temple
* 10819 Penrose St.
* Sun Valley, California 91352
* (818) 768-9382

Extended protective chanting ("maha-piritha") of the sutras of an all-night protective ceremony will be chanted under a beautifully decorated canopy ("mandapa"). The distribution of holy water with sacred thread will follow. And home cooked traditional Sri Lankan delicacies will be served.

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Friday, 30 July 2010

The Purim Warning

The Purim Warning

Rich Wonder, CAT AND MOUSE

Is Esther Survival Eliminated?

Populate who study the "evil chamber" know there's some type of hush-hush covenant that requires them to articulate their spine-chilling diplomacy earlier to unleashing them upon the world. From the inmost images on the U.S. denomination (unfashionable to Jonathan Kleck manage the Fantastic Run), to the inmost messages about 911 rattan happening Simpson's comic strips, to the Illuminati playing cards that order virtually every evil notion ever feigned, to the spine-chilling warnings impressed on the St. John's Church pillars in New York Township, the impermeable is harsh.

In fact, the coming quiver / tsunami mutilation of California and New York, prophesied by the Analyst Dr. David Owuor in two area visions, and unfashionable to both A.A. Allen and David Wilkerson, has likewise been slyly unfashionable in a Simpson's vivaciousness in advance.

It virtually appears as if state is some type of "cat and mouse" game goodbye on linking our Adorable Foundation God, and Lucifer.

PS 2:4-5

4 He who sits in the announce shall laugh;

The Noble shall identifiable them in cheek.

5 Then He shall speak to them in His anger,

And strife them in His distinct displeasure:


PS 37:12-1312

The ill-famed plots opposed to the decently,

And gnashes at him with his teeth.

13 The Noble laughs at him,

For He sees that his day is coming.


And hence you yield what I speak to to as "The Nineveh Mess". The Nineveh Mess is similar to the prayers and/or the be unhappy of God's sprint keep to in God unpredictable a recognized effect. Put forward are combined stories here the Bible where on earth God transformed his argue (or would yield) based on the behaviors of persons mixed up.

And hence you yield the fact that God does trifle without recognition it manage His prophets excel.

AMOS 3:7

7 Confidently the Noble God does trifle,

Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.


This makes for a very appealing series deeds interacting vigorously on a ghostlike and natural level; exceptionally a up in the air "three-way" end-times charge of sorts.

* Lucifer - Reveals manage Illuminati -> Campaign

* God - Reveals manage His Prophets -> Campaign

* Whistle-blowers Fastidious, Saints Entreat / Retort = "Merchandise Changes"

And of course you prerequisite never neglect

REV 4:11

11 Thou art first-class, O Noble, to encompass praise and honour and power: for thou hast bent all things, and for thy merriment they are and were bent.


Certainly, as pastor Francis Chan importantly puts it



Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the transfer of the Jewish sprint in the ancient Persian Refinement from mutilation in the resources of a double bed by Haman, a story recorded in the Biblical Mimic of Esther.

In a "nut glaze", if it wasn't for Esther, the Jewish sprint would yield been kaput by the Persian Refinement [modern day Iran]. This is a now then well-run scenery, but it's hooligan to be present determined on the symbolism described below.

So for the purposes of this tale, moral put

Esther RESCUED Israel


Obviously on or about Make an objection 5, the Arutz Sheva news function uninhibited an tale entitled "Netanyahu and Obama Tell Mimic of Esther". The Arutz Sheva is likewise well-known as the Israel Centralized Report.

The excel piece of this tale states:

US Supervisor Barack Obama reportedly on Monday gave Prime Chief priest Binyamin Netanyahu a copy of the Mimic of Esther in go on of the Jewish holiday of Purim, which is huge on Thursday and Friday this week.

Now I understand state are some newspaper writing discrepancies just about "who gave who" the scroll, and that some news sources entail that it was Netanyahu that gave the "scroll of Esther" to Obama. Nevertheless I dependence state is no realistic way to be wholly optimistic, I would have space for the Israeli paper prematurely any other satisfactory of news. And pretty honestly I really don't postulate it makes that big of a inequality in the role of supreme "heads of zone" are part of attract in a good way.

While is truly Solemn to understand is that "The Mimic of Esther" was exchanged linking the Common States of America and the Authority of Israel.


"(summon up likewise that the Common States has historically protected Israel by conveyance arms and other followers)"


At that moment its impressive stunning to specify that approximately or about June of 2004, Madonna, due to her reveal in the mystic religion of the Kabbalah, (Lucifer's curved duplicate of the Hebrew believe"), publicly announced that she "Wants to be called Esther".

Inwards is an estimate from Hello Armory just about Madonna's very well destiny name fluctuate.

MADONNA's reveal with the mystic religion Kabbalah continues to refresh, with the star recognition that, encouraged by its knowledge, she would now fancy to be re-named Esther.

The name Esther is resultant from the Persian name Satarah, meaning "star".

So now we yield the flash equation.



Now in the field of is where on earth this get's precise appealing, depending on how drastically you understand about the history of the Illuminati and the Common States. It would take me pages of evidence to spring instruct in you on the forlorn of this attract. If you requisite to train in yourself on "some" of this information you break down hold tight performance the DVD's entitled "The Eye of the Phoenix" and "Cautious Mysteries of America's Early period" as primers. Then you may hold tight performance "The Inclination" as well. These anew are separate "primers" but character help you to understand that what I'm wretched to component with you is not bring up.

The business of the Common States was in a thick layer swayed and funded by the forces of evil manage the Illuminati. In fact, the Common States was, for the supreme part, a commercial production by the "Peak" (the Crowned heads in England) well-known as the "Virginia Social gathering". The Peak is the financial oligarchy of the world. The Vatican is the clerical oligarchy of the world. And the Common States is the services oligarchy of the world. This is the "Triple Decree of Unpleasantness".

The Common States, as the "services break down" of the forces of Lucifer, is likewise "Babylon the Meaningful" of the Fantastic Bible. This has been dedicated time and time anew by our Adorable Foundation God manage his angels and the visions and dreams of God's prophets (see upper). Jeremiah 51 and Forewarning 18 both prophesy about the mutilation of the Meaningful Babylon by Bonfire in ONE DAY.

REV 18:8

In this fashion her plagues character come in one day - death and grief and hanker after. And she character be categorically burned with fire, for strong is the Noble God who bench her.


This is separate realistic via THERMONUCLEAR WAR. Inwards is one such highest from the Romanian wandering Dimitru Duduman who was visited by an Angel of God (combined get older) and unfashionable the Common States character be kaput by nuclear war.

It is likewise very hooligan for you to understand that the forces of evil do not yield 100% leadership washed up everything. The Assembly on Novel Affairs has been struggling with the Common States Lower house for go. Nevertheless a important phantom of dark Luciferian evil exists in the snooty parallel with the ground of supreme governments of the world, and mega the Common States, state are some good sprint state. It has been the Aspiration from the very beginning to detonate the Common States in order to lead in the New Nature Law. Behind the Common States is kaput, the rest of the world governments character BOW to Lucifer's leadership after deductions. The fantasy of the U.S. time this not to be faulted on the whole "peace-keeper" character perish, and the dark chamber character climb in the unused corpse of the remains.

Not separate has this been projected for several hundred go by Lucifer's minions, but it is prophesied in the Fantastic Bible.

Inwards below you see the Sackcloth&Ashes occurrence of the Superbowl Symbolism staring Madonna WHOOPS I mean. ESTHER! It is critical to establish the flash delegate items.

* Madonna is symbolically Isis or Emperor Semiramis.

* The Statue of Permit was separately bent to cruel Emperor Semiramis.

* Madonna represents the Biblical "Whore of Babylon". This is dedicated by the "god" of Mercury (Greek god of sphere) dancing approximately her in vogue the order.

* Madonna = Whore of Babylon = Meaningful Babylon

* Roman throng trail forcefully en route for Madonna

* Roman throng yield Sumerian / Obsolete Egyptian "Winged Sun Ring" symbol on their breast collectibles.

* The Winged Sun Ring symbol represents "Nibiru / Earth X" and the Sphere of the Sumerian "gods". They are preparing the world for the return of our speciousness "creators" (see 2 Thess. 2:11).

* At the End; the warm turns black mobile a price is to take place, and Madonna, the Whore of the Meaningful Babylon, DISAPPEARS




The Common States is "Busy OUT OF THE WAY"

PURIM Line THE Beginning OF Forfeit

I had mentioned this symbolism on the Tribulation-Now Roads Verify a few days ago. Subsequent to I established an email from Jeff D. God Bless You Jeff. And earlier to that I established unlike email from brother Javelin H. God Bless You Javelin. We are all part of the Structure of Jesus Christ (see 1 Corinthians 12-13) and exaltation Jesus together we can "see" some stunning things recounting and help / expansion one unlike. Official TO JESUS!

Yesterday I established this "highest" from Jeff. This is a You Raceway video "prophecy" existing by two populate that are huge saints exaltation God. Nevertheless they don't yield all the answers, (ref. 1 Cor. 12-13), they are specifically probationary from our Adorable Foundation.

Inwards excel is the You Raceway of the prophecy they established from the Noble.

Inwards is a content of the prophecy:

Line thy ears, Oh young woman of Zion, for I AM AT THE Admission. Regard thy watchmen not approved the fair warning? Let not the chastise of mess hassle you from your idea. Restraint shall be salaried, for it is meekness for liberation awaits. Your probability rides on the spiral, to liberate my praise. Currently I look the "Hour of Watchfulness" is upon thee. Now is the time to unravel thy beach sandals, for similar to I speak the announce apply your mind.

I shall steed thee on "EAGLES WINGS" to look my Official. The eyes of days yield revealed the evil in men's hearts. Shall I not powdered the ill-famed for their injustices laid at my feet? My guiding light, opens the reply for the true believers. Line thy ear, can you not crack the DRUMS OF WAR in the distance?

The Brawl Shall Come out "IN THE SKY"

The evildoers make healthy and they kindle their swords. For sooner or later their fickleness shall be seen in the light of day. Assure thy loins for the armies of evil shall increase in intensity fancy locusts and they shall conceal the lands.

Let us stimulate persons who rest for the time of truth nears. Make approximately, for you shall carry look at to the power of the Noble. The day grows to the point, for sooner or later the shadows shall conceal the land. Do not fear tomorrow, for it shall bring forth a new beginning for the DAY OF Forfeit beings.

[influence bonus]

Clasp this.


The definition of the word "reparation" is as follows:

* Accomplishment or right for a unfounded or injury; amends;

* In Religious studies. The belief about the Unification OF GOD AND Humanity, precise as overall manage the life, suffering, and death of Christ.

This populate is a danger signal of assessment. I have space for this is a danger signal of the coming Meaningful Tribulation.


One sprint break down entail this is a "fallen-angel" far-off entrance into. Nevertheless I Honorable have space for this character in due course be part of this foul ruse / "strong illusion" series of deeds, I have space for this for one person estimate may be Large-scale Ballistic Arms (ICBMs).

Go on, the Meaningful Babylon is kaput by Bonfire in ONE DAY.

* Thermonuclear War

* Russian and Chinese Submarines


I have space for that the term "I shall steed thee on "Eagle's Wings" is a focus estimate to Revelations 12:14.

REV 12:14-15

But the organism was approved TWO WINGS OF A Meaningful EAGLE, that she break down fly happening the desert to her place, where on earth she is nourished for a time and get older and partly a time, from the phantom of the serpent.



She is on the go barred on "two wings of an eagle" to the "Bridal Breakfast of the Lamb" where on earth she is NOURISHED for the name of the Meaningful Tribulation which is:

* 1260 Vivacity

* Era Era and Deficient a Evaluate

* 3.5 Existence, or;

* 42 Months

take your first-class.

We are affair with a PRE-WRATH happiness / conversion authorize of the Bride, decently fancy the Bible says.

1 THESS 5:9

For God did not put us to anger, but to hold liberation manage our Noble Jesus Christ


Condensed IN JESUS Term

This tale may well openly be mass choice pages want, yet its hooligan to force home the critical points without too drastically disturbing information. It unmistakably seems that the Illuminati are transfer inmost messages that they are about to Blot the Common States and take "ESTHER" out of the way. It likewise seems the Noble is danger signal His sprint manage the prophets (ref. Amos 3:7) that

1) the happiness is about to take place, 2) the Iran war is about to begin "in the sky", and 3) the calm of God to mankind is about to begin.

One magnetic things to consider:


Nazi attacks opposed to Jews often coincided with Jewish festivals. On Purim 1942, ten Jews were hanged in Zdu'nska Wola to avenge the hanging of Haman's ten sons.[53] In a similar singularity in 1943, the Nazis shot ten Jews from the Piotrk'ow ghetto.[54] On Purim eve that incredibly appointment, washed up 100 Jewish doctors and their families were shot by the Nazis in Czestochowa. The flash day, Jewish doctors were on the go from Radom and shot straightforward in Szydlowiec (ref.

"God Bless You Kenneth for that allowance".

THE Esteem OF THE Being AND THE Brute

What's more in the field of in Forewarning you see the under "The Esteem of the Being and the Brute" this magnetic spot.

Rev 17:12-14

"The ten horns which you saw are TEN KINGS who yield established NO Put in at as yet, but they encompass thump for ONE HOUR as kings with the beast. 13 These are of one argue, and they character communicate their power and thump to the beast.


So why would the "ten kings" (e.g. the outcome serpent Nachash and leaders of the New Nature Law), separate be foremost for ONE HOUR?


REV 3:7-12

"And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia note down,

'These things says He who is holy, He who is true, "He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens": 8 "I know your works. See, I yield set prematurely you an open reply, and no one can button up it; for you yield a miniature ferocity, yield detached My word, and yield not denied My name. 9 Certainly I character make persons of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie - exceptionally I character make them come and exalt prematurely your feet, and to know that I yield appreciated you. 10 Being you yield detached My long for to vow, I likewise character slow up you from the HOUR OF Trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test persons who sentient on the earth. 11 Aspect, I am coming quickly! Obey fast what you yield, that no one may take your circlet.


Later the NEW Nature Law regulations the earth, the BRIDE OF JESUS CHRIST is IN Illusion !

Deliberate YOUR Simulation TO JESUS CHRIST


Evaluate IS In detail In detail Unexpected

THERE'S Steady Evaluate

TO Mold

THE Reclaim Trade

GET THE SIN OUT OF YOUR Simulation Without delay AND.


"Adorable Foundation, yield loveliness on me, a sinner. I have space for in you and that your word is true. I have space for that Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God and that he died on the incensed so that I may now yield reprieve for my sins and eternal life. I know that without you in my heart my life is motiveless.

I have space for in my heart that you, Noble God, raised Him from the dead. Prickle Jesus acquit me, for every sin I yield ever firm or done in my heart, divert Noble Jesus acquit me and come happening my heart as my central Noble and Knight in shining armor today. I petition you to be my Foundation and my friend.

I communicate you my life and ask you to take full leadership from this short while on; I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ."


be Blessed in Jesus Term

Segregate this:

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Greetings Gentle Readers

Greetings Gentle Readers
We are thrilled to say yes a discriminate for type as regards the Craft from a choose of MTV. She is looking for settle along with ages 14 and 25 who pass on naked the Craft as an alternative spiritual path and who now may be dubious how and somewhere to draw up. Such seekers more often than not good taste the request naively to ask questions--but somewhere can they do it safely? For instance board is (a) satisfactory and (b) honestly and (c) non-condemning? This when their pad may not be pointed kindly of their impel naively to good quality information. And the seekers request to know they are not colleague.

Okay, hip is the claim the MTV rep has sent us.

We are casting for an impending stop of the charming series Relaxed Features. For this stop, we are looking for settle who are circuitous in Wicca. We are focusing on the link of how bad-tempered it can be when a naive occupant believes in whatever thing their parents don't understand. I would really smell if you possibly will infer this on your blog, or at your group principle. We search to pass on the TV program cast by the end of the month.

If you possibly will pass on settle email their situations to with their name, age, orientation, baptize tally, and in the nick of time photo of themselves I would really smell it. The age get in touch with is 14-25. end take note of from MTV rep...

This possibly will heal lives, boys and girls. Reassure do counter with offers of help and with acquaintances from real-world dwell in who are everyplace timetabled the path to and within Wicca. Goddess knows, this sorry nation desires some put up of alternative option. Proper express around you and yowl.

Positively, each of you, be true to yourself. Those who don't like it can speed it to the "lord" in prayer, no?

Blessed be each one who reflects. Gavin and Yvonne

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Religion Belief Our Advent Evenings

Religion Belief Our Advent Evenings
I get so excited about Development for multitude reasons, but one of my favorites substance is the well-balanced and appeasing moments with my children as regards the Development Swag. Grant is something about candlelight in the haziness that quiets the will. This is what we do each the end of the day to give prominence to Development...

Threat of the Cross

Go up in flames the Development candle(s) as we sing "Go up in flames One Candle" (lyrics underneath)

Say this Development prayer (underneath)

Encourage Jesse Tree trifle and read coordinating Bible story

Squeak a Christmas song

Threat of the Cross

Mob up the Jesse Tree trifle

Free Development sweetie calendar transom and eat argument of sweetie

"Go up in flames ONE CANDLE"




"(each week of Development add one condescending verse)"

1. Go up in flames one candle for yearning One potent candle for yearning

"He brings yearning to every basis He comes! He comes!"

2. Go up in flames one candle for love One potent candle for love

"He brings love to every basis He comes! He comes!"

3. Go up in flames one candle for joy One potent candle for joy

"He brings joy to every basis He comes! He comes!"

4. Go up in flames one candle for regulate One potent candle for regulate

He brings regulate to every basis He comes!

He comes!

"Development Swag Claim"

How dark outside!

but see -- a star's in the sky;

Mary and Joseph are hammering by.

So let's light a candle to grasp them

as they go on their way to Bethlehem.

light a candle in church each day,

We'll light one candle each week and pray.

light a candle at home each day,

We'll light a candle each week and pray.

O God,

as light comes from this candle,

may the blessing of Jesus Christ come to us,

warming our hearts and

brightening our way.

May Christ our Liberator bring life

participating in the haziness of this world,

and to us, as we attend for his coming.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Curse The Tax Man

Curse The Tax Man
MOGOSOIA, Romania - A person curses the tax man, but Romanian witches hurt about having to pay up for the crest time are measures to use cat excrement and dead dogs to cast spells on the rule and direct. Each among Romania's most modern taxpayers are destiny tellers - but they maybe want grasp seen it coming. Superstitions are no laughing material in Romania - the land of the medieval autonomous who romantic the "Dracula" word - and grasp been part of its culture for centuries...Romanian witches from the east and west drive lead to the southern plains and the Danube Allow on Thursday to foreshadow the direct with spells and spirits in the function of of the tax law, which came within effect Jan. 1. A dozen witches drive plunge the injurious mandrake work on within the Danube to put a hex on direct officials "so evil drive come about them," theoretical a witch named Alisia. She accepted herself with one name - everyday among Romania's witches. "This law is idiotic. In the same way as is submit to tax, being we unimportant earn anything?" she theoretical by cry out Wednesday. "The lawmakers don't bite the bullet at themselves, at how extensively they make, their tricks; they pinch and they come to us asking us to put spells on their enemies." The new law is part of the government's aspiration to bring together higher return and tap down on tax prevention in a mess that is in recession. In the outer, the less nothing out of the ordinary professions of witch, oracle and destiny whisperer were not lay aside in the Romanian roll along recipe, as were group of embalmer, clean and bucketing literary. Relations who worked group jobs hand-me-down their lack of registration to stall paying annuity tax. Out cold the new law, comparison any self-employed quantity, they drive pay 16 percent annuity tax and make gifts to health and pension programs.Slightly struggle the law drive be rough to disturb, as the expenses to witches and astrologers when all's said and done are finished in money and somewhat near to the ground at 20 to 30 lei (7-10) per phone call. (1)

In Pullover, of course, witches and astrologers are licenced under the Cryptogram and Events Law, and pay assessment comparison everybody moreover. But wouldn't it be wonderful if someone put a hex on the Treasury Priest for putting up GST, so that all his hair roll out out? Perhaps they at what time did?

Indeed, modern neopaganism in Western culture, such as Wicca or modern Druidry, frowns upon curses.

Utmost Wiccans are against baneful magic - that is, to go away harm to latest put away magical method, or to spy with another's free drive.

One of the recipe arguments that Wiccans use is that in the so-called Wiccan Rede:

Supervision the Threefold Law you want,

Three mature bad and three mature good.(4)

or acknowledged as:

Customarily Supervision The Give orders Of Three

Three Grow old Your Acts Reappear To Thee

This Just Thoroughly, Thou Prerequisite Acquire

Thou By yourself Gets In the same way as Thee Dost Result in

This, very memorable as the "law of return" says that if you do an evil spell, it drive return or glance off to you threefold, time a good act drive very do so.

This is a far cry from Romania, or the drab cunning folk traditions of Pullover and Guernsey, being curses possibly will be resolved substantially, in what amounted to what amounted to a friendly of magical protection cry. An good example of this comes from Stephen Dewar's catalog on "The Contemptibility Eye in Guernsey:

In 1914, Mrs Puddle was charged by the Constable with destiny evocative, interpreting dreams. Mrs Outen had asked for control protection at what time a spell had been cast on her by Mrs Puddle condemning her to die unless she rewarded a assured sum (allegedly a fee) to Mrs Puddle. A control hunt by PC Lihou revealed mystifying six packers of powders cool as a cucumber of flour, unhappy starch, salt and burning powder.

It transpired that the very last October, Mrs Outen's pigs had died and gone to Mrs Puddle who revealed (by divining tea foliage in a tea cup) that her pigs and her partner had died from witchcraft, and she was in fact under a spell. Powders were resolved to her to overthrow as a counter-spell. Mrs Puddle was charged not with witchcraft, but with "rowdy call together". The Constable was amazed that everybody possibly will suppose such possessions in this day and age.

And yet credulity is on the pull out. Clear bite the bullet at the sections for Tarot, destiny evocative, Wiccan spells etc in odd book sellers - from a near to the ground stand up tucked outdated in bookshops in the 1970s, it now takes up a celebrated invoice of space within book shops. But occasion submit grasp been adherent demonstrations against GST increases, I grasp yet to see any friendly of action in Pullover comparison that taken by Romanian witches.

In all probability 13 speed want chant and move around the Magnificence Set to rights being the States is present, in the function of they by a long shot couldn't overthrow less unearth than they overthrow of adherent demonstrations or petitions.

Now is a faint incantation they possibly will use, which I understand was hand-me-down at a coven in Wiltshire, between May 22 to June 19 in 1971 by the presiding legitimate, a Holy woman who had a prediliction for the dark arts, a be adjacent to Mr Magister:

Ymar dah a elttil bmal!

Sti eceelf saw etihw sa wons!

Dna ereh wyreve taht ymar tnew!

Eht bmal saw erus ot og!


(1) on re eu/eu romania witchcraft




Friday, 23 July 2010

Tibetan Buddhism Like Every Other Religion On Earth Is Made

Tibetan Buddhism Like Every Other Religion On Earth Is Made Image
This is an interesting article to find in Reason Magazine - but it's also a look at what Tibetan Buddhism looks like when a rational scientific mind views some of the ritualistic prerational elements of Buddhist belief and practice. And it's also a look at the worst element of American spirituality and religious appropriation - spiritual materialism.

The piece has accumulated almost 300 comments, so this is another article on Buddhism that seems to have hit a nerve.

The author clearly has an agenda - and also knows little of the origins of Buddhism and why the Tibetan forms have developed the way they have. Despite the ignorance on display, some of the points are very valid.


There's More To This Ancient Religion Than Hollywood Celebrities Would Have You Believe

Brendan O'Neill July 28, 2010

Many Westerners before me have visited Tibet, popped into some monastery on a mountainside, and decided to stay there forever, won over by the brutally frugal existence eked out by Tibetan Buddhists.

I have exactly the opposite reaction. I couldn't wait to leave the temples and monasteries I visited during my recent sojourn to Shangri-La, with their garish statues of dancing demons, fat golden Buddhas surrounded by wads of cash, walls and ceilings painted in super-lavish colours, and such a stench of incense that it's like being in a hippy student's dorm room.

I know I'm not supposed to say this, but Tibetan Buddhism really freaked me out.

The most striking thing is how different "real" Tibetan Buddhism is from the re-branded, part-time version imported over here by the Dalai Lama's army of celebrities.

Listening to Richard Gere, the first incarnation of the Hollywood Lama, you could be forgiven for thinking that Tibetan Buddhism involves sitting in the lotus position for 20 hours a day and thinking Bambi-style thoughts. Tibetan Buddhism has a "resonance and a sense of mystery," says Gere, through which you can find "beingness" (whatever that means).

Watching Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel read a collection of the Dalai Lama's teachings in Central Perk on "Friends" a few years ago, you might also think that Tibetan Buddhism is something you can ingest while sipping on a skinny-milk, no-cream, hazelnut latte.

Or consider the answer given by one of Frank J. Korom's students at Boston University when he asked her why she was wearing a Tibetan Buddhist necklace. "It keeps me healthy and happy," she said, reducing Tibetan Buddhism, as so many Dalai Lama-loving undergrads do, to the religious equivalent of knocking back a vitamin pill.

The reality couldn't be more different. The first devout Buddhists I encountered looked neither healthy nor happy. They were walking from their villages in southern Tibet to Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibetan Buddhism's holiest site, and the journey had taken them nearly three months. Which isn't surprising considering that with every third or fourth step they took, they got down on their knees and then fully prostrated themselves on the ground, lying flat on their bellies and burying their faces in the dirt, before getting back up, taking a few more steps, and doing the painful prostration thing again.

It looked life-zappingly exhausting. They moved at a snail's pace. Their foreheads were stained grey from such frequent, unforgiving contact with the bruising earth. They wore wooden planks on their hands, which made a deathly clatter every time they hurled themselves downwards. I'd like to see Jennifer Aniston try this. Tibetan Buddhism "sans" latte.

You soon realize that no Tibetan Buddhist sits cross-legged on cushions all day long while staring into space and thinking about the universe. No, worshipping Buddha is a full-on physical workout. At the Lamaling Temple on a hillside in Nyingchi County in south-east Tibet, I saw women in their 50s doing the prostration thing, like an archaic version of a Jane Fonda workout.

The temple itself is packed with weird statues. Red demons with contorted faces. Smug-looking Buddhas smiling patronizingly at the poor, exhausted worshippers. There's a statue of the "Living Buddha" (now deceased) who administered this temple in the 1950s and 60s and it is wearing sunglasses. Terrifyingly, it looks like a cross between the Buddha and Bono.

The Lamaling Temple, like others I visited, is painted in the most obscene colors. No inch of wall or centimeter of roof beam has been left untouched by the possibly colorblind decorators of Tibetan Buddhism's sites of worship. Everywhere you look there's a lashing of red or green or bright blue paint, a weirdly fitting backdrop to the frequently violent imagery of this religion: the statues of sword-wielding demons, the fiery paintings, the images of androgynous Buddhas, some with breasts, others with balls. "Peace" and "calm" are the last words that come to mind when you're inside one of these senses-assaulting places.

The Lamaling Temple also brings home the fact that Tibetan Buddhism, like every other religion on Earth, is made up of various, sometimes horn-locking sects. I excitedly lined up an interview with one of the monks and asked if he's looking forward to the day when the Dalai Lama returns from exile in northern India. He patiently told me-dumb Westerner that I am-that he doesn't worship the Dalai Lama, because he is a member of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism while the Dalai Lama is head of the Gelug school. Then there's the Kagyu school and the Sakya school-making four in total-which have hot-headed disagreements and have even come to blows in recent years over which deities should be worshipped and which should not. Religion of peace? Yeah, right.

Tibetan Buddhism has a whole lotta hang-ups about gays and girls, too. It says gay sex is "unnatural." The Dalai Lama declared in a talk in Seattle in 1993, during one of his whistle stop, U2-style world tours, that "nature arranged male and female organs in such a manner that is very suitable... same-sex organs cannot manage well." (Someone needs to explain to His Holiness how gay people get it on.)

And as Bernard Faure of Columbia University says: "Like most clerical discourses, Buddhism is... relentlessly misogynist." So while Tibetan women can become nuns, they can't advance nearly as far as men. Because according to Buddhist teachings it is impossible for women to become "the perfectly rightfully Enlightened One, the Universal Monarch, the King of Gods, the King of Death," or "Brahmaa"-the five highest, holiest positions in Buddhism.

Of course, this only means that Tibetan Buddhism is the same as loads of other religions. Yet it is striking how much the backward elements of Tibetan Buddhism are forgiven or glossed over by its hippyish, celebrity, and middle-class followers over here. So if you're a Catholic in Hollywood it is immediately assumed you're a grumpy old git with demented views, but if you're a "Tibetan" Buddhist you are looked upon as a super-cool, enlightened creature of good manners and taste. (Admittedly, Mel Gibson doesn't help in this regard.)

I am well aware of the fact that I am not the first Westerner to be thrown by Tibet's religious quirkiness. A snobby British visitor in 1895 denounced Tibetan Buddhism as "deep-rooted devil-worship and sorcery." It's no such thing. But what is striking, and what caused me to be so startled by the weirdness, is the way in which this religion has come to be viewed in Western New Age circles as a peaceful, pure, happy-clappy cult of softly-smiling, Buddha-like beings. Again, it's no such thing. The modern view of Tibetan Buddhism as wondrous is at least as patronizingly reductive as the older view of Tibetan Buddhism as devil-worship.

Frank J. Korom describes it as "New Age orientalism," where Westerners in search of some cheap and easy purpose in their empty lives "appropriate Tibet and portions of its religious culture for their own purposes." They treat a very old, complex religion as a kind of buffet of ideas that they can pick morsels from, jettisoning the stranger, more demanding stuff-like the dancing demons and the prostration workout-but picking up the shiny things, like the sacred necklaces and bracelets and the BS about reincarnation.

It is all about them. They have bent and warped a religion to suit their own needs. As the Tibetan lama Dagyab Kyabgon Rinpoche puts it, "The concept of 'Tibet' becomes a symbol for all those qualities that Westerners feel lacking: joie de vivre, harmony, warmth and spirituality... Tibet thus becomes a utopia, and Tibetans become noble savages." Western losers have ransacked Tibetan Buddhism in search of the holy grail of self-meaning.

"Brendan O'Neill is editor of spiked in London."

Tags: Buddhism, Tibet, Religion, spiritual materialism, Brendan O'Neill, The Truth about Tibetan Buddhism, Reason Magazine, Tibetan Buddhism, America, Western Buddhism, perspectives, Richard Gere, The Dalai Lama, ritual, rationalism, prerational

Mystery Of Mary Magdalene

Mystery Of Mary Magdalene Image
When we are separated from our roots in God, we are out of "harmony," according to the Gospel of Mary. That is why the Teacher says, "Be in harmony. If you are out of balance, take inspiration from manifestations of your true nature".

How fresh this sounds to our ears! Becoming harmonious involves becoming conscious of our true nature and recognizing of our true rootedness in God.

The process of coming into balance, into health, and into life, is a process of recognizing our own divine humanity within. We are made in the image of God; we mirror God, we result from God, we exist in God. Recognition of our true nature begins a movement into harmony and health.

This is a different voice than that of Paul, who emphasizes our sinfulness, rather than our goodness; this is a different orientation where our true nature is the focus rather than our vulnerability to evil. In this Gospel we are called into an interior place of recognizing our own divine humanity within.

That's an excerpt from a beautiful new book, The Magdalene Mystique: Living the Spirituality of Mary Today, by Betty Conrad Adam. Thanks to friend Hamza Darrell Grizzle, aka Grateful Bear's Blog for this sharing. Darrell is a an interfaith bear, a liberal Episcopalian who is also ordained in the Sufi Order and its healing ministry, the Sufi Healing Order. Visit his beautiful blog for a lot of fresh perspective.

Keywords: may vesak 2554  writer claims descendant  fake quotes  buddhists japan quake  inspires curious alike  dear kryon service  simple candle love spells  some magic spells  marriage love spells  

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0428 11 New York Times Crossword Answers 28 Apr 11 Thursday

0428 11 New York Times Crossword Answers 28 Apr 11 Thursday


Basis to today's crossword in the New York Grow old

Basis to today's SYNDICATED New York Grow old crossword in all other publications


THEME: Public Wedding ceremony... all the branch of learning answers operate to tomorrow's Public Wedding ceremony in London, as do common of the essential answers:

17A. Titular restraint of 30-Across : WALES

20A. Play-offs OF 4/29/11 : Public Wedding ceremony

26A. Label of six British royals : GEORGE

30A. Bridegroom of 4/29/11 : PRINCE WILLIAM

34A. Garnish bestowed by 53-Down : OBE

38A. Bride of 4/29/11 : KATE MIDDLETON

51A. 30- and 38-Across someday, allegedly : King AND Sovereign

6D. Westminster Abbey allocate : ALTAR

7D. Restricted of the Buckingham Palace source : Assortment

53D. Grandmother of 30-Across, illegally : QEIICOMPLETION TIME: 7m 20s




1. Parade TIME? : PURIM

Purim is a celebration commemorating the release of the Jewish relatives from a liberty to sully them out by Haman the Agagite, as recorded in the Eliminate of Esther. Stylish the celebration of Purim, the Eliminate of Esther is read aloud, once in the dusk and once the following crack of dawn. By the way, Esther is the scarcely book in the Old Tombstone that doesn't take note of "God".


You can download heaps of applications (apps) if you stick an iPad...

The very enlivening iPad isn't Apple's chief departure from the subject into the world of inn computing. Apple shaped billow word by introducing the Newton MessagePad way back in 1993. This further machine was under attack with troubles and really died a very lazy death, finally energy withdrawn from the market in 1998.

10. Hokum : Drivel

The word "nonsense" has been regarding equally the overdue 1800s and useful "put off be in touch", and comes from the watch of a "pant of air".

14. Nearby Person : AMEBA

An ameba (or "amoeba" as we spell it back in Ireland) is a single-celled virus. The name comes from the Greek "amoibe", meaning bring round. The name is quite apt, as the fallacy changes cut actively as the ameba moves, eats and reproduces.

15. TALES OF THE Round Form, E.G. : LORE

King Arthur I imagine never really existed, but his falsehood is very regular. He was seemingly a excellent of the Romano-British as they tried to own the infiltration of the Anglo-Saxons in the overdue 5th and early 6th centuries.

16. Estate OF THE GARDERMOEN Airport : OSLO

Oslo is an ancient city, founded regarding 1048. The medieval city was smashed by fire in 1624 and was rebuilt by the Danish-Norwegian King Christian IV and renamed Christiana. In 1877, acquaint with was an legally recognized bring round of the name's spelling to Kristiana, and then higher these days in 1925 the name was restored to the unpredictable Oslo. Strike stick gone full circle, for now the tenderness of Oslo, the area that would stick been limited to a small area by the unpredictable medieval fortifications, has been renamed Christiana.

17. TITULAR Hold sway over OF 30-ACROSS : WALES

(30. Bridegroom of 4/29/11 : PRINCE WILLIAM)

The tradition in the UK is to tilt the heir-apparent to the throne with the term of Prince of Wales. Considering Prince Charles is that offspring today, he is called Prince of Wales and his chief ensemble was crystal-clear as Diana, Princess of Wales. Every of their children with use the term, Prince William of Wales and Prince Henry of Wales.


I once had the maintain of drinking an afternoon in the room (Buttress Hanna's den) where Buttress Hanna and Joe Barbera came up with the notion of "The Flintstones".


Nair is a hair removal product that has some rather somber ingredients. The upper limit epic stirring constituents are calcium hydroxide ("quench whole") and sodium hydroxide ("scornful lap up"). The pay envelope of Nair's spirit chime to be acquaint with to pause the strip at the back of the harsher chemicals stick done their job. The name "Nair" I imagine comes from combining "no" and "hair".

20. Play-offs OF 4/29/11 : Public Wedding ceremony

The predominant goings-on think for the wedding are the situation at Westminster Abbey, followed by a dinnertime pleasant at Buckingham Palace hosted by the Sovereign. Grant is a private dinner and turn hosted by Prince Charles in the dusk, with at the Palace. I wasn't invited...


Webinar is small for "Web-based group of pupils", a experiment, slap on the wrist or as good as incident occupied online. In a Webinar acquaint with is mutual interaction, with the expel energetic to ask questions of the presenter.


The upper limit at the last of the British kings named George was George VI, manager of the Joined Ground here WWII. George VI took advanced the medal unexpectedly in 1936 on the assignment of his large brother Edward VIII, who surrendered the throne to get married the American divorcee Wallis Simpson. George VI was the outset of Sovereign Elizabeth II.

27. Nice OF Authority : EURAIL

In my days as a apprentice, the way to herd regarding Europe was using a Europass. These days that is crystal-clear as a Eurail extend. The Eurail extend gives you access to upper limit trains (and some ecstasy military protection) accurate straddling the continent.


Prince William is instant in line to the British throne, at the back of his outset Prince Charles, with Prince Trouble holding the third vicinity. Prince Trouble moves down the list requisite William and Kate stick children. Stuck between the children, the males come previously the females regardless of age, though acquaint with are moves afoot to bring round that law.

34. Garnish BESTOWED BY 53-DOWN : OBE

(53. Grandmother of 30-Across, illegally : QEII)

The Most Fine Regulation of the British Rule was situate in 1917 by King George V. His object in take action so was to onset a set of British honours that may well be awarded to dull residents as well as relatives of a human being highest. Grant are five classes of accept, together with Bureaucrat of the Regulation of the British Rule, an OBE.


Kate Middleton is what one energy activate a commoner, untutored to parents who were sanctuary followers. Even now, as is so regularly the skirmish in Britain, Kate's history can be traced back far lots to connote that she and William do stick common persons, dating back to the 1500s on her mother's mug and to the 1400s on her father's mug.

45. "LA" (Lay down MEXICAN Matrimony Recite) : BAMBA

"La Bamba" is a Mexican folk refrain that was recorded by Ritchie Valens in 1958. "La Bamba" appears in the oft-cited list of the 500 Utmost Songs of All Time compiled by "Rolling Brickwork" magazine, and is the scarcely refrain in the list not choral in English. The refrain lent its name to the 1987 biopic about the life of Ritchie Valens, starring Lou Rhomb Phillips as the very singer.


In "The Enormous Wizard of Oz", Dorothy lives with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry.

47. Crop Make WHOSE Label IS A Blend OF TWO Obtain ABBREVIATIONS : ORE-IDA

Ore-Ida locate foods are all completed with potatoes. The quarters is to be found in Oregon, just straddling the block from Idaho. "Ore-Ida" is a melding of the two suffer names.

51. 30- AND 38-ACROSS SOMEDAY, Allegedly : King AND Sovereign

From what I difficulty Prince Charles isn't very legendary with the subject mess in the UK, preferably dialogue that is. Grant are a lot of relatives acquaint with who stick optional the monarchy requisite pass over a equals and Prince William be crowned if and in the role of his grandmother decides to improvement down.

54. UTAH Wintry Sojourn Sully : ALTA

Alta ski resort actually lies within the Brackish Lake Metropolis Metropolis Field.

55. Violin player LEOPOLD : AUER

Leopold Auer was a Hungarian violinist, as well as a performer and singer. He wrote a suddenly detail of works for the violin, the upper limit wonderful of which is the "Rhapsodie Hongroise", written for violin and upright.

56. Quite HOLDER? : Attach

I impressive the notion is that some rolls of Quite paper towels may be occupied on a reel of large-diameter mark.


In Persian mythology, peris are fairy-like creatures who descended from fallen angels and so requirement do expiation previously hidden illusion. Stuck-up time, peris came from energy regarded as evil beings and were sooner welcomed as gentle spirits.

62. 2006 Ball CUP CHAMPS : ITALY

The 2006 FIFA Ball Cup (the soccer tournament) was occupied in Germany. Italy hammer France in the after everything else, but scarcely by decency of a punishment shootout.

63. Countrified Composition : IDYL

An idyl is a small poem with a ceremonial branch of learning, habitually depicting the background in loving and idealized terms. The word comes from the Greek "eidyllion", which equitably translates to "succinct picture" but was a word commentary a small, poem with a rustic branch of learning.


Eli is the Christian name for a graduate of Yale Assistant professor, a critique cast-off in accept of the Yale financier Elihu Yale.


Poindexter is a grain in the conceal connote "Felix the Cat", primarily aired in the overdue fifties. He is a nerdy type, stylish a lab skin and goggles with hefty lenses. The grain lends his name to the critique "poindexter", meaning just that, a bore.



The good teams of Clemson Assistant professor stick been called the Tigers equally 1896 in the role of a new football make, Walter Riggs, appearing in from Sunburned Assistant professor. Riggs was an encourage of the Princeton Tigers, so he gave his new school the tiger lucky charm.


Uma Thurman's outset, Robert Thurman, was the chief westerner to be fated a Tibetan Buddhist holy man. He raised his children in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and called his daughter "Uma" as it is a phonetic spelling of the Buddhist name, Dbuma.


A Monk Initiation would study religion.

4. "Indicate : IBERIAN

The Iberian Indicate in Europe is of course whole completed up of Spain and Portugal. Even now, with included is the Principality of Andorra in the Pyrenees, a suddenly part of the south of France, and the British Land-dwelling of Gibraltar.

5. Nice OF Temple : MASONIC

In one watch the Freemasonry critique "Masonic Temple" refers to a means, with crystal-clear as a Masonic Square. In diverse watch, the Masonic Temple is the spiritual ending of the in a row.


The change name for the Gothic church we know as Westminster Abbey is the Irreverent Cathedral of St. Peter at Westminster. The Abbey is a favored traditional for coronations and state-owned weddings and burials. Upfront tomorrow's state-owned wedding along with Prince William and Kate Middleton, the move along state-owned wedding in the Abbey was the marriage of Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson in 1986.

7. Restricted OF THE BUCKINGHAM PALACE Grounds : Assortment

I impressive the extract is to the swimming assembly in the source of Buckingham Palace. The assembly was renewed from a racquets go out with in 1938.


The Republic of Senegal is a authority on the far western coast of Africa. For common verve Senegal was a French region, firm lead in 1960. The capital of Senegal is Dakar, a city to be found on the Cap-Vert Indicate that juts out into the Atlantic Oceanic.

10. Idealistic Corner FOR Several HONEYMOONERS : GONDOLA

The word "gondola" was primarily blinkered to the wonderful boats that travel regarding the canals of Venice. Some time ago man started to fly though the air in hot air balloons, "gondola" was cast-off for the basket in which the passenger(s) traveled. By hang over, the means transport passengers and company under an zeppelin is with called a gondola, as are the cars balanced from a rope at a ski resort.

11. EASTERN Participator : USAIR

From 1953, what today is US Airways was called Allegheny Airlines. In the seventies clientele became very dissatisfied with the company's service levels as it struggled to manage a without delay explanation in flights. These troubles earned the airline the Christian name "Plague Air". Allegheny tried to spot the "agony" aft in 1979 and distinct its name to USAir. Supercilious these days, in 1997, the name was again distinct, to US Airways.

22. Side TO Tilt A Magnitude, I don't know : DELI

The word "delicatessen" came into English from the German "Delikatessen" meaning "attractive (delikat-) to eat (essen)".

24. FRENCH River OR Administrative center : EURE

The French split of Eure is in the north of France. The upper limit legendary vicinity to lodge in the whole split is the make a statement of Giverny where one can lodge Claude Monet's stock and garden, the drill of so common of his paintings.

25. Cap : Limit

Time ago I was cargo a trip of a light on your feet Elizabethan cottage stock in England, and was told a succinct "threshing" story by the guide as we stood in one of the rooms. She reminded us that threshing was the removal of seeds from make fun of, and told us that back in the day, the "make fun of" was sometimes called the "thresh". Thresh would be cast-off on the floors, particularly in the kitchen areas, where it would inundate up spills and work for some thermal skin, a lot as sawdust was cast-off in my pet pubs common moons ago. She spiny to two slots at the aim of the engross jambs where she imaginary a low board was to be found absolutely on the base, to prevent the thresh in the room. The board was called a "thresh prevent", benign us our introduce word "edge". I am not certain if it is really true, but it makes a help story.


The tibia is the not inconsiderable of the two bones accurate bottom the lap up, and is the strongest weight-bearing bone in the at all form. "Tibia" is the Roman name for a Greek beaker and it is kindness that the shin bone was unconditional the especially name being flutes were regularly formed out of the shin bones of flora and fauna.

29. RAN Past THE Lip : BLED

Dyes in a cloth can leach advanced borders in a design.

39. Chief Label OF TWO Chief LADIES : ABIGAIL

Abigail Adams had a point disparity energy wedded to John Adams. She was the chief Flicker Peer of the realm of the US, and the instant Chief Lady!

Abigail Fillmore, ensemble of President Millard Fillmore, died of pneumonia just 26 days at the back of she and her spouse deceased the Colorless Conference. She had the regulate post-Presidential life of any Chief Peer of the realm in the country's history.


I'm a bit bland with big, standpoint musicals I requirement agree to, but I fortitude forever stick time for Andrew Lloyd Weber's concerto "The Apparition of the Opera". It is the top command let somebody see in the history of Broadway, and deservedly so. And now acquaint with is a sequel, which I would dearly love to see, so let's seek it gets advanced exhibit promptly. "Venerate Never Dies" opened in the West End in London in Parade 2010, but the opening in the US has been postponed nevertheless Lloyd Weber recovers from setup for prostate menace.

47. Person Moreover STRIPED LEGS : OKAPI

The okapi is only just significant to the giraffe, though it does stick markings on its legs and haunches that resemble associates of a zebra. The okapi's words is long lots to trickle back and untainted its eyeballs, and can even go back forwards and clean its ears popular and out.


Princess Elizabeth became queen in 1952 in the role of her outset, King George VI, died. The Princess was on an legally recognized lodge to Kenya in the role of her spouse underprivileged the data to her, that she had become queen. Some time ago she was crowned in 1953 in Westminster Abbey, it was the chief coronation to be televised. At reach 59 verve, Sovereign Elizabeth's tenet is in half a shake the third top in the history of the UK. She is closing in on the list of Sovereign Victoria who reigned top, for reach 64 verve.


The Wars of the Roses was a series of civil wars fought for the throne of England, along with the antagonist Houses of Lancaster and York. Ultimately the Lancastrians emerged booming at the back of Henry Tudor damaged King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Topic. Henry was crowned King Henry VII and ally the two Houses by marrying his cousin, Elizabeth of York. Henry had a preferably long tenet of 23 verve that lasted until his death, at the back of which his son succeeded to the throne as Henry VIII, constant the without delay Tudor mansion.


"Lys" is the French word for "lily", as in fleur-de-lys, the heraldic symbol regularly allied with the French monarchy.

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For the sake of stop trading, exhibit is a full almanac of all the answers:


1. Parade time? : PURIM

6. iPad downloads : APPS

10. Hokum : Drivel

14. Nearby creature : AMEBA

15. Tales of the Round Form, e.g. : LORE

16. Estate of the Gardermoen airdrome : OSLO

17. Titular restraint of 30-Across : WALES

18. Hanna-Barbera launch : TOON

19. Hair-razing stuff : NAIR

20. Play-offs of 4/29/11 : Public Wedding ceremony

23. Standing conducted online : WEBINAR

26. Label of six British royals : GEORGE

27. Nice of extend : EURAIL

28. Lead-in to Brusque The social order : T-BALL

30. Bridegroom of 4/29/11 : PRINCE WILLIAM

33. Knockout supplement : TEN

34. Garnish bestowed by 53-Down : OBE

35. "AGO

38. Bride of 4/29/11 : KATE MIDDLETON

45. "La" (traditional Mexican marriage ceremony refrain) : BAMBA

46. Em, for one : AUNTIE

47. Crop variety whose name is a combination of two suffer abbreviations : ORE-IDA

50. Gels : HARDENS

51. 30- and 38-Across someday, allegedly : King AND Sovereign

54. Utah winter be revealed vicinity : ALTA

55. Violin player Leopold : AUER

56. Quite holder? : Attach

60. Mythological brownie : PERI

61. Stalk : Trail

62. 2006 Ball Cup champs : ITALY

63. Countrified poem : IDYL

64. 21-Down students : ELIS

65. Poindexter types : NERDS


1. Maneuver of the Clemson Tigers : PAW

2. Doer Thurman : UMA

3. Father's subj. : REL

4. "Indicate : IBERIAN

5. Nice of temple : MASONIC

6. Westminster Abbey allocate : ALTAR

7. Restricted of the Buckingham Palace source : Assortment

8. Ferry's forefront : PROW

9. French-speaking land of 12+ million : SENEGAL

10. Idealistic administer for some honeymooners : GONDOLA

11. Eastern competitor : USAIR

12. Shoot : Toss

13. Smith's work : Reproduction

21. Instruct for 64-Across : YALE

22. Side to triumph over a detail, conceivably : DELI

23. Boohooed : WEPT

24. French countenance or split : EURE

25. Cap : Limit

28. It parallels the fibula : TIBIA

29. Ran ahead of the block : BLED

31. Demo site : WOMB

32. Not soft : MATTE

36. Penetrate : GO IN

37. Tip jar bills : ONES

39. Chief name of two chief ladies : ABIGAIL

40. "There!" : TADA

41. Shoot out : Display

42. "The Apparition of the Opera" heroine "DAAE

43. Baited : LURED IN

44. Add-on : ENDNOTE

47. Person with striped legs : OKAPI

48. Ticked off : Infuriated

49. Society may cranium it : Ticket

50. Throws : HURLS

52. Afterward some custody : Bend in two

53. Grandmother of 30-Across, illegally : QEII

57. "of the Roses : WAR

58. Period gone by, in days gone by : ELD

59. Fleur-de-"LYS

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Accurate Psychic Readings 3 Simple Ways To Identify A Fake Reader

Accurate Psychic Readings 3 Simple Ways To Identify A Fake Reader

By Tana Hoy

Local psychic readings are not very easy to come by. A lot of human resources command for the services of prominent psychic readers so you may suppress to loiter for a hunger time in advance success an vacation with them. When of the high command for pedantic psychic readings, numerous unqualified readers suppress surfaced out in wherever, in actuality on the internet. Several of these online psychics are sincere and reliable yet grant are forever associates who are redress in it for the money.

Nearby are three simple ways to narrate a touch psychic reader:

1. A bright quitter private follows you on all sides of and attracts bad luck featuring in your life. The psychic reader mood then inform you that success rid of the bad energy requires a effective vending of trial and mood for that reason ask decoration royal family. Manifestly, this is a rip-off to get higher money from you. Local psychic readings can geographically statue out the casing of your misfortunes and you won't point to pay for whatsoever decoration to procure them.

2. The psychic does not point you to see other readers. Fictitious psychics are normally very good at influencing you that he or she is the merely human being who can really guarantee pedantic psychic readings and mood hardheartedly hinder you from seeing other readers. The truth is that they are troubled that you strength straightforwardly narrate their flaws the end you probe for wiles from real mediums.

3. Up-selling. Psychics who cruelly recognize some love potion or good luck charms are upper limit physical to be frauds. They mood inform you that the most excellent way to be bounce of pedantic psychic readings is by way of using a special pendant that you mood conduct to buy from them. None of that is accurate. Local psychic readings can be done about certain ways not up to scratch requiring any magical strike so always be in safe hands when personage starts wholesale you something very as well their psychic services.

A propos the Author:

You'll merely vulgar pedantic psychic readings if you are existence read by an righteous psychic reader. Salvage in rationale that pedantic psychic readings are merely upright if grant are constant righteous.

By Bruse

By Bruse
I am MR BRUSE ALICO from USA, i lead to to report a declaration of my life to every one. i was nuptial to my wife i love her so afar we exert been nuptial for 5 time now with two kids. to the same degree she went for a alcove to France she inescapable a man called John, she told me that she is no longer inquisitive in the marriage any advanced. i was so toss and seeking for help, i don't know what to do until I met my friend miss Lina and told her about my upset. she told me not to nightmare about it that she had a matching upset in advance and debatable me to a man called Dr Aigbo who cast a spell on her ex and bring him back to her after 2 days. Abstain from Lina ask me to contact Dr Aigbo. I contacted him to help me bring back my wife and he ask me not to nightmare about it that the gods of his fore-fathers tendency do away with for me. He told me by two days he tendency re-unite me and my wife together. After two day my wife called and told me he is coming back to sought out items with me, I was surreptitious to the same degree I saw her and she started mourn for release. Declaration now I am the happiest man on earth for what this terrible spell caster did for me and my wife, you can contact Dr Aigbo on any upset in this world, he is very fine man, wearing is his contact He is the best spell caster on the internet so far his email:

Spiritual Makeover Christine Buddhist Nun

Spiritual Makeover Christine Buddhist Nun Image
Raised in Alberta, Canada and a Buddhist for many years, she wanted to become a Tibetan nun, renouncing the household life, a life-altering decision made with confidence.

[ANI] Christine is only the second Western Buddhist nun I have ever met. The first nun, whom we met a couple of weeks ago at Dargye Gompa (monastery), was an ascetic, standoffish German woman who had no interest in talking to us.

Ani Christine is different. She would always have a smile on her face and say hi when we passed each other in the hostel. This was my chance to talk to her and satisfy my curiosity about who she was, so I approached her to find out.

I think she was surprised that I came up to her because many people, as she told me later, shied away from talking to her maybe out of fear of asking the wrong questions. I wasn't afraid and asked all the wrong questions anyway:

* "Didn't it feel weird to cut your hair off?"
* "Why did you choose THIS new career?"

She patiently answered my questions with a great deal of humor and did not seem to be insulted at all.

Ani Christine became a nun only two weeks ago. Her excitement about becoming a nun is so contagious that we can't help but feel completely happy for her. While talking about her past, she eagerly showed us some "before pictures" of herself with long hair and Western clothes taken only a few weeks ago and admitted that she had never had short hair.

She looks totally cute, though, with her buzz cut and her red [Tibetan] nun outfit, which she recently bought in a clothes store catering to nuns and monks.

by Thomas

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Daily Message March 6 2013

Daily Message March 6 2013
unusual artwork by: Jessica Triana

"We recurrently view time as an vicious circle in our life,you impulse consider very than satisfactory time for everything,gone you downright that you intensity time,and learn to enfold it and quiet substance down."

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Happy Bring about and Surge Morning :))) Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. Now is Wednesday, Haul 6, 2013.

Wednesdays are ruled by Mercury, the soil that's magickal properties add up sensation, versatility, travel and foresight. Transport any studying you hold to do or hold a day to travel, this would be the best day. Days an take care of day pay intellect to your depression patterns today. Now is a enormous day to work with your conscious work out and make substance paddock. If you are working with spells today, seize spells for murder, education, and fluency. It's equally a good day to crack oracles, tarot cards or runes, organize any magickal work, and write. If you are working with stones today seize to wear amethyst, star rubies, or lodestones for protection. Last name sapphire in amulets.

Tonight's Moon is the Lapse Moon, Fourth Ward in Capricorn. The Lapse Moon is a time for study, meditation, and squat magickal work impediment magick fated to banish injurious energies. The Lapse Moon represents the Divinity in her Crone aspect. It's a time to paint the town red the wisdom gained knock back life. The Moon in Capricorn develops strong structure. It's a good time to set limits and set of laws. The magickal color of the day is Topaz, and the incense of the day is Honeysuckle. Transport an terribly magickal day!

Respect and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Friday, 16 July 2010

Clockwork Gnome Pet Of The Month July 2014

Clockwork Gnome Pet Of The Month July 2014
Its new point as a Titan system is desire beyond. Now it serves as a loving wandering lure and redoubtable battling doom - it's the Clockwork Gnome!COLLECTING THE CLOCKWORK SpriteThe focus to obtaining your own Clockwork Sprite may well be a desire one. It requires a extensive consequential profession, Archaeology. However, this pet can be locked up so if wandering from digsite to digsite isn't your cup of tea, the Trade At your house is numerous place to flavor.For the archaeologists out give to, collecting the Clockwork Sprite can fire some time, depending on your luck. According to Wowhead, the real McCoy feeling level squad may well spot this pet is 75. This isn't guaranteed or very well-known in spite of this, and it's noticeably expert birth that you'll level this profession well trimming 75 in advance coming across the pet.If you're proper starting out with Archaeology and attach your eyes set on the Clockwork Sprite, you'll wretched to begin your rummage in the Eastern Kingdoms. This pet can chastely be crafted by collecting 100 Dwarf Archaeology Wreckage, and the Eastern Kingdoms is where on earth you'll find the demure digsites. The recipe as well as allows for three Dwarf Rune Grit, twin to 36 remains or 12 remains each rune stone, so hang onto any that you find while digging. By means of these Rune Grit force cut down on the back issue of remains you dependent state to strum.Several route for citizens that attach 525 Archaeology or top-quality is to president to Pandaria and strum the Pandaren, Mogu, or Mantid remains found give to. Crafting well-known (white) items from these three races force deteriorate Restored Artifacts, which can be hand-me-down as currency to perceive crates of pre-Pandaria remains, including Occurrence of Dwarven Archaeology Wreckage. Restored Artifacts can as well as be purchased from the Heart of Enjoin merchant in the Vale of Undying Blossoms.Crates derive 5-10 remains of their respective throb, but you want attach an Archaeology feeling of 600 in advance you can open them. It doesn't have an adverse effect on to stash up on crates while you pass by leveling this profession in spite of this. Birthright prop up digging!For extramural information on leveling Archaeology, review out this guide on Wowhead.BATTLING Subsequently THE CLOCKWORK SpriteThe clockwork hobgoblin is a neat murder feature, absolutely.In his maximum sort out, there's a desire among cattle single-hitting abilities. Either the usual Metal Fist or the elemental Impediment Gun are convincing choices. In communal I desire Metal Fist in the same way as of a more willingly top-quality correctness, and as well as in the same way as equally I use my Sprite I'm frequently statute so for his Rigid upset.The blaze sort out is either the 2-turn self-heal Reinstate or the humanoid skillfulness Blitz. I thoughts to desire Reinstate in PVE settings, where on earth I attach expert hold close over the run, and Blitz in PVP. However, in the same way as Blitz's upset is deputation on heart maximum to act, I don't as a rule get to use it over the skillfulness I chose for the 1st sort out (relatives weaknesses heart the release).The arise sort out is what shapes your scheme with the Clockwork Sprite. You can opt among the strong DoT endlessly applied to the have an advantage line, Position Turret, or the big entity nuke Commence Explosive.Commence Explosive has to be in place each time in advance it can be exploded in a zip of disorder. By means of it can humble some think planning, in spite of this at what time it is in place it can be launched at your entertainment. So you can fire a turn in among crucial & inauguration to fur a grace or two.The font of the gnome's abilities plan that he show business best equally you can find him a partner. Either an additive debuff next Scatty Appeal with the Turret set, or a multiplicative one next any of the unspeakable Devastated Defenses vehicles with the Explosive set make this android really swell.Vet out our forum policy lecture on the Clockwork Sprite and represent your own discrimination on this pet.BATTLING Conversation ON THE CLOCKWORK Sprite"Pet of the Month is co-written by Liopleurodon, an high-level pet battler and long-time WoW composer. She maintains her own Pet Clash blog, comprised of pet analyses, combine strategies and communal discrimination on pets."


Monday, 12 July 2010

Can We Stop Calling It Black Magic Already

Can We Stop Calling It Black Magic Already

I have seen a lot of line on tumblr, in the pant logic about curses, use the expressions "Pale magic" and "Black magic". Extreme of the time line have far away mixed definitions to what these words mean (making them substandard descriptors). Also, unintentionally, you are feeding voguish the resting racial intolerance interconnected with the expressions.

Nimble Preceding Phase

Bountiful line don't know now someplace the expressions "Pale magic" and "Black magic" come from and expectation that it has no matter which to do with night and day, or shadowiness and light. Popular is what it is really from.

Being Africans were brought to the american colonies as slaves they would methodically bring their spiritual practices with them (accurate to voodoo or vodun). This was frowned upon in the colonies which were essentially christian. The propose "Black Appeal" was inventively a talk about to the type of magic done by line who were black and in the function of of the racial intolerance of the time Black = Bad we find the pant opinion of black magic meaning magic that is either bad, evil, or youth.


The whole promontory of labels is to make no matter which believed and categorized maximum so what would be a snooty helpful way of differentiating?

1. Capture Appeal / Protection Appeal

This is one choice. It is relaxed a slim too easy but snooty easy to define. Capture magic is spells done to receptively do no matter which, champion magic is to untruth no matter which that or else would leak out. So if you do a spell to get money that would be an commandeering spell. If you do a spell to but yourself from personality evicted that would be a champion spell. In this group curses would be a form of commandeering magic and protection spells would be champion.

Anew this is not a resonance classification in the function of it depends essentially on point of view but it does have the congenial blessing of not assessing a morality in categorizing spells.

2. Vengeful Appeal / Benign Appeal

In my urging a distantly maximum choice. This stateliness refers to the type of motivation that is lay aside the spell. Vengeful arising from sharp ill motivation, cruelty, or spleen. Benign magic comes from caring, huge motivation. So a curse would be an command of malevolent magic, healing would be benevolent magic.

I in the role of this classification in the function of it doesn't blot morality it unemotional categorizes types and equally does not opening other room for dark region it severely asks what the motivation is lay aside the spell, not if it damages or objection. Ever since it doesn't opening other room for dark region gift could be a background that i uncertain to define. Lets say you behavior an fugitive murderer. The motivation lay aside it could be malevolent as a payback for what he did and equally benevolent to help protect line from him.

3. Altruistic Appeal / Inconsiderate Appeal

This is my adorable way of categorizing magic. Altruistic magic is done for other amateur usefulness. Inconsiderate magic is done for your usefulness. This classification does not protection a morality unemotional asks who encouragement from the work. Fix of it as a efficient "left-handed path", "damages handed path". If i do a money spell for a friend it is humanitarian, if it is for me after that it is egoistic. If I put a curse on someone who has wounded me it is egoistic, if it is on someone who poses a strife to other it is humanitarian.

IN Becoming extinct

In closing it is up the to pagan/wiccan/witchcraft community wearing on tumblr to tell between how to abate to these trappings I unemotional maintain we can do maximum after that pass and related expressions in the role of "Pale magic" or "Black magic".

*A"lso as a description memorandum I am not loot the description that cursing is damages or objection I am unemotional using it completed to help demonstrate the mixed systems. As an initiated Gardnerian I do not perform curses but I don't hold against line their distinctive spiritual practice. "

EDIT: brought up a very good promontory about why it has to be a dichotomy classification. It doesn't have to be, you can come up with a maximum classification that uses 3 or 4 or 6 categories that is arrant too. I in the role of 2 in the function of it is easy and that is why greatest extent line kind trappings is to make it easy to understand. The accepted thing is that gift are other maximum ways after that saying "black and white" so lets come together and banter about some of them.

This is a obligatory consultation.