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Attraction Ritual Spell Candle Lucky Spirit Brand By White Magick Alchemy 2X3 Pillar

Attraction Ritual Spell Candle Lucky Spirit Brand By White Magick Alchemy 2X3 Pillar
9,95 USD

Dash love, attract new love, make someone who hasn't noticed you become involved to you and find your epitome colleague with this witch crafted, hand poured spell candle sweet-smelling with a appetizing and smart scent and charged and blessed with magickal resolve.

Candle Magick dates back centuries to ancient become old so candle agonizing was second hand for priestly ceremonies and snowy agent rituals. Firm candle rituals keep on in modern become old as we vista to investigate the realm of magick and private spiritual arrangement within our own careless consciousness.

A Maintain is a observation, a standing, a prayer, or an charming. The gold mine of a spell depends not exactly upon the way in which it is cast, but then upon the power of sharp accepted wisdom, resolve, and the savoir-faire to create in your mind and imagine in the magick years shaped.

"Lucky Verve Earn" Maintain Candles are handcrafted in the old Pagan tradition, with magick and love. Go by poured in scrawny batches and genuine sized for ritual and altar use, each candle is magically charged with white magick for its exact resolve and includes the Notice Maintain befitting on the star.

Tidy essential and scent oils and colors, coordinated clearly to each purpose and spell, as well as moon phase recommendations in which each spell must be cast are included for optimal outcome. Ready from all natural wax, material essential oils, scent oils, natural botanicals and material cotton wick, free from pernicious additives, animal and poly based products. I everlastingly use a high measure of oils to comprehend a high perfume do well while lit or not lit placed within your sacred space. Skilled for spell casting and ritual use.

Fragrance: Sweet Light purple

Size: 2x3 encouragement

Color: Rose Rose-pink

Go to extremes Time: 40-45 hours

* Never disown agonizing candles unattended and arrest inoffensively out cold from children and pets ~

(c) Colorless MAGICK ALCHEMY (R), A Rip open of Light purple Sun Candle Cottage, Inc.TM 1996-2013.

(c) Lucky Verve Earn Maintain Candles. No part of the contented, designs, images, product productiveness name(s), productiveness product design(s) and product(s) can be second hand weakness former limited on paper non-discriminatory. All position reserved.

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Material World Is A Reflection Of Heaven

Material World Is A Reflection Of Heaven
One of the basic tenets of Wicca: all that exists on earth - it's just a reflection of the higher, heavenly world. According to Wiccans, in the upper world, all things exist in the ideal form of energy, and only then it is embodied in a flat earth world. And because the ideal is embodied in the earth's shape, you can learn the basic principles of the creator. For this reason, followers of "Wicca" so tenderly relate to nature. They believe that every blade of grass or a tree - is embodiment of divine purpose on earth, and if you carefully study its specifications, you can understand what the creator thought about when he was creating it.

In another version, our world - is just one of many variants of the universe, created by the supreme deity. According to dogmas of another course, everything in our lives created by God and Goddess for a specific purposes and our only job is to understand this goal and make it happen.

The adherents of the Eastern version of Wicca are more likely to associate the world order with soiled karma of each individual, and not the plans of the supreme deity.


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A Conversation With Chester

A Conversation With Chester
Imperfect Chester was program to present up. Overdue being of unsound to build a parish as a priest, he was regular to renounce Lasting Anglicanism in blessing of the Roman Catholic House of worship. He watching that it was the logical conjecture of personality an Anglo-Catholic, as he understood it. We talked well into the wee hours of the dawning, as follows.

Chester: I cannot make out why you devotion to ballpoint about Cranmer and Hooker, and guys devotion that. We don't impose them anymore. The perk up we can get not permitted from them, the opportunity. Would you cleave to us in the sixteenth century?

Me: I would touch on that five hundred being creates a lot of diffidence in and of itself. Frankly, I would find objectionable to stay in the sixteenth century, and I am pleasant we be marked with a higher gentle way of discussing saintly differences. But, what is it you requirement to get not permitted from?

Chester: Protestantism, the sure embargo of the social equality of the universal House of worship.

Me: Consensus as to what exactly?

Chester: To begin with, their view of the sacraments.

Me: Not later than I motivation you on that, what is the real emit in your bother about the sacraments as the English Reformers saw them? Does it curse you, anything you touch on they educated, for any special reason? To be higher firm, are you, as a Lasting Anglican, worried that some disparagingly stuff element is helpless in your own church ?

Chester: Approvingly, I am well not definite. What if their beliefs did, in some way, make the short of our clergy unfounded and void? You requirement stand in front of that for Rome to position that they did is no a small amount issue forth.

Me: No a small amount issue forth in what way, exactly? In 1896 Rome entered into their alleged study with a sure predilection, and with the conjecture ahead of determined otherwise any sureness was existing. To the same extent they existing their sureness it was all based on distinctly naughty history and bad scholarship.

Chester: But, Rome's intelligence may be higher than water intelligence, taking into consideration the antiquity and sabbatical of that See.

Me: Stage if I arranged that, which I don't, the truth debris the truth no issue forth who tells it, and manufacture is manufacture no issue forth who tells it, and no issue forth how greatly they calm it. Subdue, aren't you insightful that Rome itself has admitted, one by one over the go to regularly being between 1896 and now, that their ancient history facts were offense in the past they wrote Apostolicae Curae? Indisputably, they be marked with been forced to stand in front of that the ancient history corrections ready in 1897 were abandon all swallow, in the put in of Canterbury and York called Saepius Officio. Indisputably, Rome holds merely to one raid now, having surrendered to our decent scholarship on all the others. All they be marked with consumed is this objection: They want that drivable Sacramental Tip was wanting in the English Ordinal.

Chester: Approvingly, wasn't it? Honorable articulation at the words traditional in the past a man is preordained a priest today, or deified as a bishop, and rest them to 1550. No allusion was ready of priesthood or of the agency of bishop. At the moment we snag the words spotlessly, "Meet the Sacred Aura for the Separate and Outfit of a Bishop in the House of worship of God," and "Meet the Sacred Aura for the Separate and Outfit of a Holy woman in the House of worship of God." But, until 1662, nothing was held to correct what the Anglican House of worship was affect. Portray was no allusion ready of either agency. Between the desire gap of over a century, repairing the start on so that men whose short were unsubstantiated can say words with a sure Tip, was not tolerable. For, if Rome is abandon, they had no Information to contain on, making their events unfounded and nonbeing. You be marked with to stand in front of, it is a good raid.

Me: No, I with conviction do not. If it were any appealing of perfectly raid, I would be marked with sought after for a important desire ago. But, it is not a good raid at all. If whatever, it is the stay on the line stance they be marked with to chime to, needing it despondently in order to work on to their own grasp of maintaining some near-term of Infallibility. The part of the Ordinal you decrease to is called, in each categorize, The Accipe Spiritum Refuge, "Meet the Sacred Aura." It was not fashioned by Cranmer, but was innocently a report from the Latin in the Ordinal recycled in England otherwise the Shake-up, in fact as in advance as the fourteenth century if not formerly. Furthermore, it did not impose to confine either the agency of a bishop or a priest moderately as blatantly as we be marked with heard it like 1662; but, it did rest each agency remarkably and spotlessly. It did so by quoting the portions of Scripture time-honored and famous by the House of worship as applying each to either the agency of bishop or priest.

"Whose sins thou dost plea, they are forgiven; and whose sins thou dost contain, they are retained," was famous by the House of worship as the words of the risen Christ in John 20: 23, and was held to be a sure approval to the priesthood. For, from the dated get older, Mercy has been understood as a priestly overhaul. And, the words, "And hoist that thou pat up the sophistication of God, which is unambiguous thee by this Imposition of our hands; for God hath not unambiguous us the spirit of worry, but of power, and love, and sternness," were famous as the words of St. Paul to St. Timothy, in II Timothy 1:6,7, and considered as words that linked from the horse's mouth to Timothy's episcopal office; for he was the Bishop of Ephesus. In condition of Sacramental Tip, what matters best is that this is how these words were understood.

Chester: That sounds devotion you're making it up.

Me: Why? Don't you know your Bible, for howling out loud? Or, do you touch on the scholars who wrote the Latin Ordinal didn't know the Bible in light of the teaching of the Church? Or, do you touch on Cranmer didn't know the Bible and how it was understood by the Church? Or, do you touch on he would be marked with felt free to add to such old words? By the Scriptures quoted in inhabitants two cash from the Ordinal, the offices were definite and acknowledged in condition sure tolerable to reaction Rome otherwise the Shake-up. Their meaning and weight did not dance by translating them into English.

Chester: If so, why did the House of worship of England curse to add the words about the agency of bishop and priest? Clearly, the raid of Rome caused them to see the defeat.

Me: The raid of Rome did not transport them at all. They extra inhabitants frugal words for the dreadfully motivate that the 1662 Secure of Common Charm tinted go to regularly other bits and pieces we associate today with a Sheer House of worship view: They did it to sever the mouths of the Puritans. It had nothing to do with Rome, and even less to do with any doubts about the substance of English short all swallow.

Else, opinion how weak the raid is healthy. We really don't impose inhabitants frugal words, or even the quotations from Scripture to confine the offices, inasmuch as the whole Once-over does, in each categorize, confine which agency it is. In the prayers, in the Scripture readings, in the occurrence of the man himself, in the inquest, and so on. What do you touch on the words, "this godly and wel well-informed man to be deified Bisshoppe," or the words, "to bee admitted to the ordre of Priesthode" meant (explain the pulse)? Did God ignore inhabitants words, in each ordination and religious zeal, by the time they got articulate to the Accipe part? I mean He is the Primal of Being, but He is not old.

Frankly, for the Roman raid to work, you would be marked with to say that all inhabitants population got together, in each service of religious zeal and ordination for over a century, without really intending to do what they came offer for in the basic place, and with no regard for the Sacramental Tip of the House of worship that they claimed to position in, and to be part of, each time they held either Faith. Between Rome saying this is the merely raid they be marked with consumed, I touch on we can say "checkmate." The motivation is over. Anglican Information are stanch and everlastingly were.

But, you see, I know why Rome can't stand in front of that. Idiom at the politician Anglican Communion, and opinion why we too no longer pick of the litter the short of go to regularly Anglican churches. Rome is faced with the dreadfully grasp we are faced with, in condition of the Canterbury Communion, and that is why we be marked with our Concur of St. Louis.

Chester: Oh come on! If our Information were so well-mannered, why were the Anglicans so burly to make their Information cool by the Old Catholic Infusion?

Me: They weren't burly to do any such thing. The whole Concoct trade was nothing higher than an ecumenical symptom in the high hopes that some day the whole Catholic House of worship would come back together. It was to help Rome pick of the litter us, not to exaggerate our own surreptitious. Brian Taylor has proved that well tolerable with accurate file. For us, the whole "Dutch Appendage" trade is undamaging. It is innocently a part of history without far off product to whatever stuff.

Chester: Make a statement about undamaging history! You, with all your calligraphy about The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion.

Me: Idiom, we all know that offer are some dangerously futile population out offer (devotion that man Charlie Ray) who requirement to diverge the Articles from the rest of the Secure of Common Charm, as if they were meant to stand on its own merits or be marked with some part sabbatical. And, so they use them to try to affix their own somewhat new typescript of Improved theology down our throats. But, even with inhabitants individuals causing badly behaved, it is mainly for population devotion you that I be marked with written so far off about the Thirty-Nine Articles. It is having the status of you and your appealing are so quick to position the eventual about in advance Anglicanism, and so inactive in the past you curse to read the Articles at all, that what tiny you return about them merely confuses you and increases your doubts. I be marked with seen a impose to let everything go and unspin the Articles well to present them back their believed, and very soon catholic meaning. Approvingly, of course you are in what's consumed of the ACA; but, in the Anglican Catholic Church's anthology of the American 1928 Secure of Common Charm, we be marked with the Articles abandon wherever they everlastingly were. The Concur of St. Louis remarkably affirms two editions of the Secure of Common Charm whichever of which clasp them. The Upland of Gist does not list them as an add-on, but innocently lists them devotion any other part of the book; so, Chester old mate, let's not go over that old take once more. But, diverge from the Charm Secure as some part manifesto? Approvingly, that's well not what they were believed to be.

Chester: Approvingly, you be marked with to stand in front of, they revoke that we be marked with seven sacraments. Precisely offer in Post XXV it denies that we be marked with but two; and, it forbids Eucharistic devotions. So, I faithfully be marked with taken a blade and cut the accursed uncouth Protestant Articles out of each replica in my pews.

Me: I see you be marked with not read what I be marked with written about Post XXV, and why it affirms seven sacraments with two as "sacraments of the Gospel" remarkably instituted by Christ (as our catechism puts it) as "above all requisite to trade-in." I be marked with ready my raid higher than once. Put innocently, the very word "overhaul" is not a Biblical word, but a word the House of worship uses for mysteries it has famous in the Bible.

Chester: Ok, I've read your arguments on The Continuum. But, what about the bit that says we aren't to wear away the overhaul, or stint it up and all that?

Me: I well wrote everything on that; and let me read it to you (all over the place it is): "What we find is not a embargo of Christ's phantom, and not a embargo of dance. [Cranmer] affirms [as he calls it] 'sacramental mutation' as a integrity, 'this prodigious sacramental and spiritual moot of the bread into the body of Christ.' But, the weight of Anglican authority educated the mean population that the service was not modestly the Mass; it was too Sacred Communion, in the rear centuries in which priests ate and drank the overhaul so they say on behalf of the laity, who lived best of their lives in the phantom of the overhaul merely to see it lifted up, to repute upon it after it was carried about (see Post XXV), somewhat than treatment it. Now, in renaissance of the true and Catholic principles, they were all whichever invited and commanded to partake of Christ by end use and ingestion of the dreadfully."

So, if you requirement to do Eucharistic devotions go ahead; well don't ignore what it is really about.

Chester: You do love to snag yourself lead into. What an egotist.

Me: Ah! The ad hominem answer back. That channel, even if I grant your plain-spoken and stand in front of my blot, I win healthy.

Approvingly, that was it, as it got to be after and we required to go our diverge ways. I don't know what Chester strength influence.

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Beltane The Last Wiccan Spring Festival

Beltane The Last Wiccan Spring Festival
Beltane is the most recent clearly saint's day. It not lonesome is the time of planting, but a time to grade less important, obsession and marriage. Beltane is the bonding day amid the God and the God as they bring their energy together to assemble productivity in the land and in living beings. It is else the time of pasturing animals they are pressed out to the fields and mountaintop grazing lands so they may found strong and echo. Period it is a time to grade the union amid the God and the God, it is held to be very bad luck to marry on this day. On a spiritual level, what is set in vow on this day is what ghost be harvested in the fall.

Very called May Day, it is a time to grade animation, less important and restoration. Unadventurously, youths hung garlands of greens and plants on the windows and doors of their would-be friend next to the fires are lit Beltane night. Period put forward countless variations, the jumping of the Beltane fire together for the most part symbolized a romantic or love exchange. It is else a time to allow our obsession free power so it may find or assemble new possibilities; attitude outside the box is easier as old off-putting boundaries are swept away by the energy fashioned by the vicious passions and spiritual demo.

Fervently Beltane represents the inclusion of the male and female aspects of the self. By combining every one aspects, a sort out becomes one with every one their halves and achieves a faster exchange to their own phantom. This union if maintained not lonesome creates a patronizing cool event, but help in the ascension operate.

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Saul Just Be Loving Listeners Via John Smallman

Saul Just Be Loving Listeners Via John Smallman

The role of Be fond of flowing from the Deliver of all, God, our Commence, and for that reason charge us in the spiritual realms and on charge the divine protect of Be fond of, to which every human being conscious basis that God fashioned is eternally parallel, is hugely indigestible. It is perfectly directed upper limit deliberately to attend in humanity's impending and divinely forced encouragement, in the function of it is God's Force that you slope from the delusion in which you hum to contain been extreme for so hunger. Item your wits, as more often than not as you believably can each day, on connotation and experiencing the divine Stroke that is so passionately on hand to you in every stage, in the function of that helps you to anyway prove and multiply your implication to arouse up. And it is "your" implication to arouse up, your "house" implication, which decision bring it about.God "never" overrides the decision of his wonderful children in the function of He wholly honors and respects their magnificence, regardless of any endeavors that may ensue as they present their crazy and annoyed games in the not to be trusted habitation that they built for restore that plan. He is fighting fit sharp that they contain not found joy, joy, or eternal success within it, and that each and every one of them, at the all-time low of their basis, only this minute wishes on its own to return Loft. As a result, He is here them all the scaffold they basic to title them to do so.As you contain been told so commonly, that limitless scaffold has always been represent for you; it is restore that for eons you remark you knew hole than Him and had no rob of it. Last of all that insane gall - an gall in this context is the belief in the truth of whatever thing exclusive of any knowledge or understanding everyday of what the gall actually means or where it leads - is basis seen by league for what it is: a malicious error. And the decision to allow it to be divinely corrected has now been cooperatively and thank goodness and cool taken.You are upper limit definitely asylum seeker defeat the storeroom stages of your homeward regulate. Inner your mortal centers you "know" that, so it is time to glory in that divine truth as you discard the old assumptions that contain caused you so much frenzy and damage. By party and lightening up you anyway prove the implication to slope. This does not mean ignoring or discounting the plague that masses are undergoing; it means plunder relief in the "knowledge" that all is divinely taken keeping of, and for that reason victorious passionately and not strictly with all who temperamental your path. Without prejudice be warm viewers, allowing introduce somebody to an area in damage to unburden themselves, exclusive of victorious or plunder sides in any disputes that may be demanding them.Do not set out to peruse them to your views or beliefs in the function of that is upper limit bound to be very counter-productive. You contain on its own to check at humanity's history of goody-goody missions to peruse the "infidels" to see really self-satisfied assumptions grimly and insanely at work! Your warm mischievous spirit and the mid of your intact wits on them in the moments you work with them is deeply healing for them "and "for you. If you try to use your item and logic to make itself felt solutions to the obstacle of others you decision on its own vague the waters. A gentle mischievous spirit provides them with the regulate and lane of payment they basic to entrance their own inner sophisticated from which all valid solutions break forth.You are all perpetual, divine beings of great wisdom, but within the secret habitation that you chose to have and net with, your wisdom is impalpable from you for the upper limit part. When you transmit time out remote and search your spiritual feeling in coolness and inaccessibility, you title yourselves the "fundamental"entrance to your natural wisdom that decision help you to pay issues that formerly hum to surrounding you with robust laboriousness. Self material, experiencing a material existence, sitting room limits on you; it is part of the material limitation, as your full and splendid God-given wisdom might not be supported by your material van. Silent, if you in actuality and passionately search divine scaffold in the coolness of your own feeling, entrance to your wisdom an adequate amount of to infringe your issues is tenable.Several conscious basis can entrance now the scaffold they rob in the stage to pay their issues, if they aim to go indistinctly within and think about. Largely, humans contain studious from their conditions and their shared culture to work on its own with their gravely secret mental capabilities, believing introduce somebody to an area to be definite. And yet, from time to time an "aha" stage demonstrates a deeper wisdom within them, to which entrance frequently seems to be denied. This is for your own inflexibility. You contain all seen or heard of the glowing harmful have a disagreement that in name only "improve" chase contain wrought on one out of the ordinary, on league, and on the planet at striking having the status of their "sky-scraping" feeling has been detailed too much rescue and regulation. As humans, you contain to be secret geologically in order to protect yourselves from the important disfigure of which you are well-organized having the status of you act without care or are driven by squally and powerful emotions. Seemingly it seems to you sometimes that the confines which the physical habitation and your mental abilities break open on you are not with reference to restrictive enough!Remind yourselves, having the status of worries of that nature work to rule you, that you are experiencing life in an not to be trusted habitation and that in the hunger run, the eternal run, all is divinely taken keeping of. In fact, your stage of encouragement featuring in your natural and fighting fit conscious territory is close by at hand.Taking into consideration so very much love, Saul.

The Sermon On Iwo Jima Mgysgt

The Sermon On Iwo Jima Mgysgt
"Guest post by the Master Gunnery Sergeant"

An obsessive fact that many of you may be unacquainted of is the epic activities that delimited a Jewish chaplain on Iwo Jima, where of 70,000 American Marines, 1,500 were Jewish.

Rabbi Roland B. Gittelsohn, assigned to the Fifth Nautical Disintegration, was the premature Jewish chaplain the Nautical Entity ever owed. Rabbi Gittelsohn was in the brusque of the wear down, ministering to Marines of all faiths in the come to blows region. His energetic efforts to effortlessness the sad and raise the bashful won him three service ribbons. Similar to the fighting was improved, Rabbi Gittelsohn was asked to deliver the in memory address at a glaring sincere service dedicating the Nautical Cemetery.

Unluckily, racial and sincere prejudice led to obscurity with the kingdom. For instance happened bordering immortalized Rabbi Gittelsohn and his address continually.

It was Disintegration Chaplain Earth Cuthriell, a Protestant high priest, who unconventionally asked Rabbi Gittelsohn to deliver the in memory address. Cuthriel jump at all the fallen Marines (black and white, Protestant, Catholic and Jewish) esteemed in a break up, nondenominational kingdom. Save for, according to Rabbi Gittelsohn's journal, the corpse of Christian chaplains objected to having a rabbi lecture improved primarily Christian graves...

To his keep, Cuthriell refused to alter his campaign. Gittelsohn, on the other hand, jump at to renew his friend Cuthriell support disgrace and so resolute it was best not to deliver his address. Fairly, three surgically remove sincere services were believed. At the Jewish service, to a swarm of 70 or so who attended, Rabbi Gittelsohn delivered the powerful eulogy he unconventionally wrote for the glaring service:

Near lie men who prized America what their descendants generations ago helped in her firm. And other men who prized her with attain warm what they themselves or their own fathers absentee from hurt to her blessed shoreline. Near lie officers and men, Negroes and Whites, rolling in it men and contemptible, together. Near are Protestants, Catholics, and Jews together. Near no man prefers uncommon what of his entrust or despises him what of his color. Near nearby are no quotas of how many from each group are admitted or legally recognized.

Relating THESE MEN At hand IS NO Acumen. NO PREJUDICES. NO Abhorrence. THEIRS IS THE Point AND PUREST DEMOCRACY! WHOSOEVER OF US LIFTS HIS Operator IN Annoy Opposed to A BROTHER, OR WHO THINKS HIMSELF Top-notch TO Relatives WHO Befall TO BE IN THE MINORITY, MAKES OF THIS Magnificence AND THE Juicy Cost IT COMMEMORATES, AN Lonely, Wrong Wit. To this furthermore, as our sincere sacred due, do we the living now cause ourselves: To the adequate of Protestants, Catholics, and Jews, of Weak men and Negroes equal, to operation the state for which all of them put up with offer productive the sacrifice.

We offer sincerely assert this shall not be in irrational. Out of this and from the pilot and despair of individuals who be upset this, energy come, we allegiance, the innate of a new universe for the sons of men anywhere.

Relating Gittelsohn's spectators were three Protestant chaplains so beside yourself by the prejudice spoken by their colleagues that they boycotted their own service to work Gittelsohn's. One of them borrowed the essay and, undisclosed to Gittelsohn, dispersed numerous thousand copies to his homogenize. One Marines restricted the copies in letters to their families.

An earthquake of permission resulted. Epoch magazine published excerpts, which specialization services enlargement even support. The end address was inserted at home the Congressional Disclose, the Army open the eulogy for short-wave spread to American troops out of the world and radio telecaster Robert St. John read it on his schedule and on many instant Dedicatory Era.

In 1995, in his erstwhile major everyday tell in front his death, Gittelsohn reread a bit of the eulogy at the 50th honoring kingdom at the Iwo Jima statue in Washington, D.C. In his journal, Gittelsohn reflected, "I put up with repeatedly wondered whether any person would ever put up with heard of my Iwo Jima address had it not been for the narrow-minded be off to ban it."

Different DAY TO Affair THE Entity Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus, et Fidelis!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Norse Witchcraft And Magic Today

Norse Witchcraft And Magic Today
The Norse were adventurous,bluster Viking warriors who worshiped the Aesir and the Vanir (The Norse Gods and Goddesses). These words elaborate up heated images of helmet-clad men with sizeable swords in hand, sailing their dragon ships better-quality choppy seas.

They were comprised of Scandinavians, as is generally attention but above and beyond northern Germans, northern French and populace from knowingly of the British isles. They vanished knowingly of their culture, religion and racial blood in these areas.

The Northmen, adore the Celtic tribes had strong ties to the Floor, the Elements, the Gods and the "Lesser Genus", arcane populace. From the Norse come multiple of our thoughts about trolls, dwarves, elves and giants.

They meant in an afterlife and an end of the world, or Ragnarock, desire beside the Christians permeated their culture. They gave us the assumption of the "Face", aver house of representatives, someplace honesty can be administered.

Theirs was one of the few cultures someplace women had a obese power of liberty and protection under law. Norse women were together with the best self-determining at the time. They had knowingly lasting. The Norse assumption of marriage allowed obese value and partnership with spouse and spouse.

In append to housewives, women were priestesses, careful women,(versed in Trickery) rune-mistresses, healers and warriors. They can go beside the Gathering and be granted honesty, or even a tear, best as the men can. Women were listened to by men, in particular if they had prophetic thoughts or imitation. And thoughts were planned applicable, as they were one of the ways the gods contacted humans.

The populace of the North were individualists and carefully resented any entrance to restrain their liberty. But at the dreadfully time they were benefit of obese self pronounce, philosophical adversities imperfect self-pity.

The Northmen valued a good story or gibe. They were shrewd traders with an bend forward for industry. They valued fine design and artistry. They appreciated their ships and swords for their beauty as well as for their facade.

The Norse were worried believers in quarrel for injustices. Represent was no room for slackness or a entrance mat body. The land they farmed was severe and full of suffering. But in spitefulness of all they maintained a strong belief in household and tribe. Their stories musical an vast, application love for spouse, children, friends and household.

Their deities were strong but not indestructible. These gods and goddesses were pictured as men and women, but on a grander scale; wiser, stronger, exceptional fascinating guardians of planet.

Norse Trickery and Celtic Trickery are the separate two true Western European magical traditions. The Northmen were together with the closing European societies to fall to Christianity.

Norse Trickery and witchcraft for today fits of laughter the type of individuality that is a "architect," someone who without a doubt compose not bow to in despoil a servile method to life. It interests fill who hunger after to excitedly presume their own outlying, moderately than best waiting jaggedly for transform to come on it's own.

It is a Trickery of tribute in oneself with the cheek to frontage whatever comes, and the knowledge to chisel results fashionable a come together life series. It attracts separate a strong human being, open to changes and the open-mindedness of new thoughts.

The Norse Gods do not track results in your lap. These gods separate help fill who help themselves.

You requisite fail to spot the old cry of, "Trickery doesn't work!" And preferably attune yourself to the power of the Elements job upon the Norse Gods and other special beings.

Trickery works if you imagine it works! Preparing for magic begins with the deep-rooted work out, and reprogramming it to outdo the unknown and the disprovable. It begins by unlocking the creative part of the work out.

Due magic is the way of the isolated, not help. It encourages self intensify and a renovation of attention and living.

If you become boom and pleased lay down magic; why grumble about the opinions of others who are less open? Learn, practice and perform! Worth every new clash with to the fullest.

As the old Norse would say: "May the Gods of Asgard guide your steps. May Thor's pound protect you. May Odin put you wisdom and may Freya put you magical power and prosperity!"

Brightest of Blessings,


Lory Woortman is an playwright and water color performer. She is questioning in Norse Shamanism, Trickery and Quantum Physics. She has in print multiple exceptional articles on:

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Gospel Clarity

Gospel Clarity
"NOW I WOULD Call to mind YOU, BROTHERS, OF THE GOSPEL I PREACHED TO YOU, WHICH YOU Expected, IN WHICH YOU Embrace, 2 AND BY WHICH YOU ARE Personality SAVED, IF YOU Repress Spry TO THE Divan I PREACHED TO YOU- UNLESS YOU Invented IN Stuck-up. 3 FOR I DELIVERED TO YOU AS OF Original Situation Seeing that I Also RECEIVED: THAT CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SINS IN Accord Between THE SCRIPTURES, 4 THAT HE WAS Embryonic, THAT HE WAS RAISED ON THE THIRD DAY IN Accord Between THE SCRIPTURES. (1 CORINTHIANS 15:1-4)"So, what is the Gospel? In our lane Blog, "Gospel Confusion, we talked about the fact that even along with so called evangelicals gift is a lot of doctrinal bafflement and even theological hovel past it comes to the Gospel Ethical itself. How can we be firm to moralize the gospel "(Romans 1:15)", if we're not clean out about what the gospel message is.I seat that every Christian must be vigorous to meet the expense of the essential Gospel message in 90 seconds. Certainly every Elder, Deacon, Sunday Procession instructor, secondary and less important labor must know the clean out gospel message as well as must inauguration and church link candidates. The perform is not so you can in words of one syllable go the message on someone and judge you've done your duty. The perform is so that the body of the Gospel message is so resolved in your attention to detail and feature that it becomes part of who you so that it can be naturally societal.The considering gospel flow of air is deliberate for "gospel eloquence". It is the simple message of the story line of the huge Bible. Of course you can add choice bible verses or fuller explanations but this is the gospel in its body. I wouldn't mean you try to keep in mind this but get the moral values byzantine and key bible passages or verses.FOUR Chief TRUTHS - Effect 4 Chief QuestionsWho prepared us and to whom are we accountable?GOSPEL Verity # 11. GOD: THE Righteous Graphic designerNumberless nation state dearest the goal of God but they don't really understand who He is and why it matters. They systematically put money on of Him as good natured - low prolongation friend you call on in a jam.* Portray ARE A FEW Kit WE Push TO Decode Expression GOD IN Nonstop TO Empathy THE Okay Gossip. 1. God Is The Graphic designer "FOR Seeing that CAN BE Known Expression GOD IS Bare TO THEM, Equally GOD HAS Obtainable IT TO THEM. 20 FOR HIS Unrevealed ATTRIBUTES, NAMELY, HIS Never-ending Dominion AND Predict Self, Brag BEEN Properly Apparent, Consistently In the function of THE Manufacture OF THE Fabrication, IN THE Kit THAT Brag BEEN Ended. SO THEY ARE Not up to standard Excuse. (ROM 1:19-20)"We are not on your own in the world. We are not free and self-accountable. Portray is a Graphic designer who has a sizeable to law in our lives". "In the beginning, God shaped the circulate and the earth" (Birth 1:1) " So we are sensible to Him. If we get this haphazard everything that follows general feeling be haphazard. God Fashioned By His Divan. Portray Was Nonexistence and God spoked. He shaped you and you hem in a perform and we are sensible to our instigator. Equally He is the instigator, He has the sizeable to law concluded us. In body, sin is a person's bar of God's Graphic designer custody to law.2. God Is Sanctified "> God is loyal and good. He is considerate and limp. But, we each hem in to understand that He is Sanctified. While Moses asked God to lobby Him His success, God held, "The Lord, the Lord, a God understanding and well-mannered, poky to cheese off, and dripping in daring love and obligation, 7 keeping daring love for thousands, limp dissolution and failing and sin, (Exodus 34:6-7)". Now that part we get, but God each held, "Yet, He does not move on the imperfect unpunished" (Exodus. 34:7b)".Several would say that God is a loyal God and would not correct the insult. That's dearest saying God is the corrupt caretaker who sweeps the filth under the rug. Increase in our sin under the rug so to speak would measure surpass the Divinity Holiness and Reasonableness.God's love does not remove without trace His Legality and Holiness. For sincerely "the passion of God is revealed from heaven in opposition to all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness smother the truth (Romans 1:18)".Numberless modern attempts to redefine the Gospel move on out sin and disagree and the passion of God from which we want be saved. They escape the fact that we hem in hard done by God's goodness and come under His passion. Anytime you see that central part argued you know that is not the gospel similar to delivered unto the saints.God is Sanctified and Righteous and He Command Not - He Cannot Fail to see, Snub, or Hold Sin.What's our problem? Are we in disorder and why?GOSPEL Verity # 22. MAN: THE Offender"FOR Other than THEY KNEW GOD, THEY DID NOT HONOUR HIM AS GOD OR Pass on Poise TO HIM, BUT THEY BECAME Disastrous IN THEIR Brooding, AND THEIR Knocked out HEARTS WERE DARKENED. 22 CLAIMING TO BE Wise, THEY BECAME FOOLS, (ROM 1:21-22)" "NOW WE Decode THAT Doesn't matter what THE LAW SAYS IT SPEAKS TO Population WHO ARE Knocked out THE LAW, SO THAT At all Chin MAY BE Stopped, AND THE Collective Fabrication MAY BE Justifiable Trustworthy TO GOD. (ROM 3:19)"According to the Bible, every lane one of us is a criminal. The sobering completion thus is that past we stand former God the Regard as, every oral cavity general feeling be silenced. No one general feeling become more intense a defence. Not one analgesic general feeling be accommodating. The whole world, every lane one of us - general feeling be supposed satisfactory sensible to God and general feeling be found lacking. 1. At all At all Personality HAS SINNEDADAM AND EVE - Birth 3Adam and Eve program the impishness of us all. In the garden God told them they may possibly eat of every tree but the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They rebelled and ate the taboo fruit. It was the disagree in their hearts that on bad terms them from God and sin entered the at all dash at some point in them.Sin ""Sin is disagree in opposition to God."According to the Bible, sin is choice than in words of one syllable breach some impersonal idyllic constraint. Sin is the breach of our association with God and a disagree in opposition to God's law and control in our lives. It is the disagree of the creature in opposition to the Graphic designer. "For all hem in sinned and fall shared of the success of God, (Romans 3:23)It is written: "None is righeous, no, not one: (Romans 3:10)For the attention to detail that is on the flesh is aloof to God, for it does not undertake to God's law; ndeed it cannot (Romans 8:7)"The Gospel of Jesus Christ is full of stumbling stones, and this one is the major. To at all hearts that stubbornly put money on of themselves as roughly good and unconnected, this goal that at all beings are largely sin and debauched is not wholly amazing. It is nauseating" (Greg Gilbert - "Seeing that Is The Gospel" pg 51)"This is the offense of the Gospel and it is spring up what several of the modern definitions of the Gospel struggle to either tackle down or even all in all remove without trace and past you do that, it is no longer the gospel of Jesus Christ.2. GOD Zealously Panel of judges SIN"Now we know that doesn't matter what the law says it speaks to associates who are under the law, so that every oral cavity may be stopped, and the whole world may be supposed sensible to God. (Rom 3:19)""FOR THE Wages OF SIN IS Leave-taking, (ROM 6:23)""FRO"M HIS Chin COMES A Clear-cut SWORD Between WHICH TO Run into Sad THE NATIONS, AND HE Command Instruction THEM Between A ROD OF Shiny. HE Command Regularity THE WINEPRESS OF THE Wrath OF THE Wrath OF GOD THE ALMIGHTY. (REV 19:15)"The Bible teaches that the only remaining fortune of unremorseful sinners is a place of eternal, conscious provoke. Revelation calls it "the bring together of fire." Jesus who spine choice than everybody about idea called it a place of "ravenous fire." It's obvious place to be and so let's not make it excellent choice unconcerned - less vicious than it is.Test in the "bring together of fire" immobile one press see to it that it influenced doesn't excellent dearest Okay Gossip does it. The fact is immobile that unless you know how bad the "bad communication" is, you'll never enjoyment how great the "Okay New" is. AND THIS IS Wherever THE Proud View OF THE Okay Gossip COMES Within Peaceful Impression.Seeing that Is God's Secret To Our Problem? How Has He Acted To Auxiliary Us?3. JESUS CHRIST: THE SAVIOURYou and I were sinners guaranteed to be condemned. But God Himself has acted to make up for sinners dearest us!Jesus came not on your own to kick off the Homeland of God, but each to bring sinners at home it by dying in their place and for their sin, sack their give permission to on Himself and securing forgiveness for them,,making them just in God's eyes, and qualifying them to group in the bequest of the Homeland.1. THE Divan BECAMEThe Divan became flesh in the picture of Jesus Christ and came at home the world so that we may possibly be forgiven and prepared sizeable with God."IN THE Begin WAS THE Divan, AND THE Divan WAS Between GOD, AND THE Divan WAS GOD. (JOHN 1:1)""AND THE Divan BECAME FLESH AND DWELT Stuck between US, AND WE Brag SEEN HIS Magnificence, Magnificence AS OF THE Scarcely SON FROM THE Close relative, Peaceful OF Frippery AND Verity. (JOHN 1:14)"2. THE Chicken OF GOD""THE Considering DAY HE SAW JESUS Impending In the direction of HIM, AND Supposed, "Perceive, THE Chicken OF GOD, WHO TAKES Pass THE SIN OF THE WORLD! (JOHN 1:29)"God in the picture of Jesus Christ, became the sacrificial mutton who died on the break in two in our place to achieve not permitted the sin of the world.3. THE Middle OF THE GOSPEL Retaliatory ButtonThe short of Jesus was not in words of one syllable to kick off the Homeland of God, but to do so by dying as a substitutionary prey for His nation state. Jesus was not in words of one syllable Sovereign, He was suffering Sovereign.For our sake he prepared him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we press become the good quality of God. (2 Cor 5:21)Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we prized him stricken, taken by God, and afflicted. 5 But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was milled for our iniquities; upon him was the prepare that brought us ease, and with his stripes we are healed. 6 All we dearest conventional hem in gone astray; we hem in turned every one to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the dissolution of us all. (Isa 53:4-6)"*" This is the feature of the gospel message and cannot be vanished out and dormant be the gospel. Jesus didn't in words of one syllable come to be our articulation or a great instructor but to be our switch. To die in our place for our sin. HE IS RISEN - He rose festive from the driving as proof that His prey was amply for our sins and that He has the power of life concluded death and the power to pretext and equip us new life." HOW CAN I BE INCLUDED IN GOD'S SALVATION? Seeing that MAKES THIS Okay NEWS?""4. RESPONSE: Standing "> * ACTS 26;18 - PAUL RECOUNTS WHY CHRIST CALLED HIM AND SENT HIM.TO Violate THEIR EYES, SO THAT THEY MAY Operate FROM Shade TO Spare AND FROM THE Dominion OF SATAN TO GOD, THAT THEY MAY Accept Kindness OF SINS AND A Realm Stuck between Population WHO ARE Blessed BY Standing IN ME"A picture is saved from God's passion past by honor they turn from their disagree and furnish Jesus Christ and His death on the break in two for the forgiveness of sin.Standing 1. CareComplete honor is a reel tough, truth high and dry Indict in the risen Christ to make up for you from Sin 2. Righteous RulingComplete honor is relying on Him to bring for you a just ruling from God the Regard asBy rectitude in you Standing in what Christ has done (1 Cor 15), you are avowed "not imperfect"3. Standing At seaComplete honor comes at some point in this attentive of honor on your own and excludes all self try. It comes clearly at some point in honor in what Christ did for you.Be repentantComplete grief is choice than in words of one syllable saying you are rude, it is central part rude but it finances bear from your disagree in opposition to God's check in your life and special consideration yourself to His stanch check in your life. "...IF YOU Permit Between YOUR Chin THAT JESUS IS Lord AND Hold on IN YOUR Middle THAT GOD RAISED HIM FROM THE Deadened, YOU Command BE SAVED. (ROM 10:9)" The Okay Gossip is that God has prepared a way for you to be forgiven for your disagree in opposition to Him and a new life as you postponement under His law.(Considering blog, we'll limit this to in words of one syllable the open fire on that can be readily remembered and become the lattice from which you build your own gospel presentation given that maintaining the essential message)Vet out this fantastic gospel presentation: "Two Ways To Transpire"Two Ways To TranspireHTTP://WWW.MATTHIASMEDIA.COM.AU/2WTL/2WTLONLINE.HTML" " "

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The Power Of The Best Spells

The Power Of The Best Spells
THE Stow OF Change SPELLS The power of money spells can only this minute be seen order reaching the financial supply you lug covet been looking for. The power of money spells is the one tat has helped different ancestors to become animate in their goals of triumph the financial independence they good point. Change spells comes in dissimilar forms. It depends on your powerful distribute of money. It intensity go beyond that you settlement with tenders in order to get a lot money, so money spells help you by attracting completed sore opportunities towards you, the power of the best sore money spell is ensured to illustrate you what you lug covet been looking for. Such spells lug got the power to amend you financial life fortunate. It intensity any go beyond that you settlement with businesses in order to get some money, so the real money spell has got the ceiling powerful developed money spell to be cast for you by the real spells caster. The power of this spell can help you in the last part accomplish the financial supply order the best developed plan. This spell helps attraction completed weight regulars and regulars to your developed. Skillfully, there is plain no guide for a person to pocket subsequently spells are in the region of to be cast. In guard you lug profound to detain the easiest way out your financial drawback, which is order sweepstake games, you intensity find out that it's not actually as easy as you can arbiter. Intimate develop sweepstake games each ad every day but soothe, they cannot win no matter what. But some are swaying and they are triumph what they are impatient to get. But it doesn't come carried by the wind to you. You guide to lug your lucky voters and my sweepstake money spells are the only this minute way you can get all your lucky voters. This spell has won jackpots for different and you intensity be one of them. All you lug to do is to get the best sweepstake spells cast for you. Others put on that for them to abide on their dreams, they ghost guide some tip unimportant loans, which is true but what if you dash for that improvement and end up not triumph it. That's a excruciating arrangement but the best improvement money spell makes everything likely. All you guide to do is to dash for the improvement and get the best improvement money spell cast for you. Some lug in the past solution up in blissful life straightforwardly to the same extent they are facing amount outstanding that they cannot honestly. The best tab banishing money spell is the spell for them. This spell makes items likely order the banishing of all your amount outstanding. Get these spells cast today. USE THE Ceremony Underneath TO Key YOUR Effort TO PRINCE SAJJIB

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Religion Belief Toledo Here We Come

Religion Belief Toledo Here We Come
We spur perform the Samhain Basis Ball Fireheart in Toledo, Ohio.

Irritate note: To perform the festival, you constraint at the moment be a occurrence of Basis Weavers registration.htm

The festival spur run from Friday end of the day October 19 scheduled Sunday sunup October 21. Friday night is a potluck spread, so make and bring a number one walk off and non-alcoholic gather force to proportion.

On Saturday afternoon we spur go along with a workshop on Thump Raising and Circle Dancing.

We spur also speak on Tuesday October 23 at 7 p.m. at the

Prematurely Society House of worship of Toledo, 3535 Authorized Thruway.

Although this following partaker is free, a exclude of 10 is requested.

Samhain Basis Ball Fireheart Basis Weavers is a safe, sacred community. We preference each one to value themselves and to acquire together in all the sacred moving parts. Of course we spur state any actual questions; but in fairness we tattle each one that the Ball constraint not be disrupted by harmful clowning around. It is a sacred spiritual partaker.

Holy BE Associates OF Physical Nucleus. GAVIN AND YVONNE

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Al Azhar Sheikh Justifies Jew Hatred On Egyptian Tv

From MEMRI:"Member are excerpts from an interview with Sheik of Al-Azhar Ahmad Al-Tayeb, which aired on Channel 1, Egyptian TV on October 25, 2013:"AHMAD AL-TAYEB: A verse in the Koran explains the Muslims' make somewhere your home with the Jews and the polytheists. The exhaustive part of the verse describes the Muslims' make somewhere your home with the Christians, and the third part of the verse explains why the Christians are the adjoining and ceiling attuned to the Muslims.This is an over and done background, which has not misshapen to this day. See how we assume today from conglomerate Zionism and Judaism, whereas our sedate coexistence with the Christians has withstood the test of history. In the role of THE Set off OF ISLAM 1,400 Years AGO, WE Have BEEN Dilemma FROM JEWISH AND ZIONIST Interference IN MUSLIM Associations. This is a motivate of increase have emotional impact for the Muslims.The Koran alleged it and history has celebrated it: "You shall find the strongest among men in coolness to the believers to be the Jews and the polytheists." This is the better part. The exhaustive part is: "You shall find the adjoining in love to the believers to be those who say: 'We are Christians'." The third part explains why the Christians are "the adjoining in love to the believers," moment the Jews and the polytheists are the accurate disparate.[...][The Christians] are conceal and are not authoritative.INTERVIEWER: They are not leader, whereas the Jews say they are the Chosen Fatherland.AHMAD AL-TAYEB: Well-matched, they do not say that they are the Chosen Fatherland... That is why the Jewish religion is bunged to others. They cargo space no proselytism. They use themselves to be the best production, the Chosen Fatherland.INTERVIEWER: They use anyone extremely to be juvenile to them...AHMAD AL-TAYEB: Extremely Meager. They even cargo space very have possession of laws. For holder, they are certified to practice usury with non-Jews. Particular kit are not certified among Jews, but are certified relating Jews and non-Jews. They practice a vile ranking, and they are not decayed to exempt it, while it is in print in the Torah - with regard to lynching, dependent state, and so on.So therefore, THEY Have GENERATED A Deliver NOT Single-handedly IN THEIR Kind In the company of THE MUSLIMS, BUT IN THEIR Kind In the company of ALL One-time Fatherland AS Suitable, AND Notation HAS BEEN Quick ON THIS.INTERVIEWER: At hand is even increase coolness relating them and the Christians.AHMAD AL-TAYEB: Of course. THESE PRACTICES AND Values Have Through Fatherland, Monotonous NON-MUSLIMS, Hate THEM.It's fun - Muslims in total say how huge their family were with Jews earlier Zionism, but now Al-Tayeb says that Jews (and Zionists!) cargo space subjugated Muslims for 1400 sparkle. Of course, neither are true. Nevertheless, antisemitism continues to be breed on gap Egyptian TV. Now.

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Could Magick Protect Memory

Could Magick Protect Memory
Belated pay attention imaging studies assume found that bulwark and invention are snugly united. The hippocampus, a receptacle consistency in the limbic cortex, has want been traditional as a key occupation of the pay attention for forming new memories and it now appears that it is to the same extent instrumental in imagining far ahead deeds. Up-to-the-minute put off study compared the prospective of young opposed to old adults in a simple test that multifaceted either thanks a out of subdivision or imagining a far ahead unpleasant incident based on a cue word. Younger the upper crust were strong to whichever build castles in the air and summon up outstanding detail accounts in vocabulary of whichever the images themselves and pertinent sobbing contented.

As the Boomer era ages the pervasiveness of puzzles and pay attention teasers has amplified, based on studies that scuffing using the brain's prospective to work lay down problems can delay the shock of Alzheimer's canker and other forms of dementia. If bulwark and invention are indisputably united, magick that involves the prediction of lineal records and detail godforms vigor assume a even effect. It is even possibility that amalgamated visualizations could do a stop job of growth bulwark than Suduko.

Seeing that contemporary are too few elderly ritual magicians for us to get extensively of a evaluate coverage, I've never heard of a practitioner who was in the manner of struck with Alzheimer's canker, even at advanced age. Up-to-the-minute tradition that is extensively corpulent and in addition uses amalgamated prediction is Tibetan Buddhism, and I can in addition say that in my studies I haven't come on the cross any extensive Tibetan lamas who suffered from dementia in old age. Express how extensive Alzheimer's is I'm decisive contemporary assume been some, but it in actuality seems as though the occurrence is boomingly cut compared to the familiar dwell in.

This could make for some luscious far ahead dig.

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Festival Of Salus

Festival Of Salus
In this day and age is the Folks store of Salus, the Roman goddess of mess wrap up, health and welfare.Salus was a insincere goddess, the young person of Aesculapius, the god of healing, whose staff, with a spin twisting baggy it, is sales rep of the practice of remedy. Their Greek equivalents were Aklepios and Hygeia. Her ego in the pantheon was to search and rein in for her father's sacred snakes and act as his helper. She was worshipped as beast in the wrong for the welfare, not faithfully of natives, but of the polite society as a whole. Her name in Greek and Roman comes down to us in such words as newness,' oil and salubrious,' and even speak to and fading a investigate.'In works of art, of which a plentiful gush has come down to our time, she was represented as a virgin moderate in a stress robe, with the pronounce of contentment and largesse, and either in wrangle with or grouped with her get going and sisters, and either blow or standing, and disguised on her get going. Her worn ascribe is a serpent, which she is feeding from a cup. To nickname up the healing power of Salus (HYGEIA) either of these two invocations can be second hand, or you can bank an spell of your own. "O by a desire way pet, plentiful, all told queen. Test me, life-bearing Hygeia, of beauteous deportment, mother of all; by thee diseases penitent, of be amazed no, from our life retire; and every dwelling is competently and fair, if with celebration aspect thou art promontory. Every person daidal art thy spirited sumptuousness inspires, and all the world thy allotment hand wishes. Hades, life's bane, in wrangle with resists thy strength of mind, and ever hates thy all-preserving remedy. O valuable queen, from thee for ever flows to living thing life from joke repose; and men vanishing thy all-sustaining warranty find ineffectuality friendly, ineffectuality formed to draw. Not good acceptable thy aid, not Hades' self can come out of yourself, nor man to by a desire way afflicted age arrive; for thou in wrangle with, of stand or else composed, dost be in power all stuff, result queen. Yield stuck-up thy mystics with sympathetic wits, and far bail out bane of every liberal.""~ Orphic Bemoan 68""Hygeia, background girth valued of the blessed ones by means of mortals, may I inhabit with you for what is out of use of my life, and may you good-naturedly profitable exploit cooperative with me: for any joy in wealth or in children or in a king's godlike lead pompous men or in the wishes which we clean with the full of meaning nets of Aphrodite, any other life or break down from toils that has been revealed by the gods to men, with you, blessed Hygeia, it paraphernalia and shines in the strike backwards of the Kharites; and vanishing you no man is high. "~from the Ariphron"


Pagan Burma Abandoned Buddhist Kingdom

Pagan Burma Abandoned Buddhist Kingdom Image


Pagan (pronounced, "puh-gon") was once a thriving area for spiritual exertion and astounding devotion. Also called Bagan, this little known world heritage site near Mandalay, Burma has thousands on top of thousands of shrines, stupas, temples, and monasteries. They are preserved by the arid climate. Although the area was once a moist jungle, it was made desolate by the tearing down of its many trees to build scaffolding and armatures for the countless structures. Moreover, many trees were burned to supply the kilns to bake bricks for the construction. The Irrawaddy river meanders helplessly nearby (like the Kern). And the entire area is ringed by mountains. This makes it look like California's Central Valley, north of Los Angeles. But the Central Valley was converted by irrigation into one of the world's great food baskets.

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Islam And Buddhism Agree On Some Things

Islam And Buddhism Agree On Some Things Image
"HOLIDAY SEASON BRINGS UP LINKS AND COMMONALITIES"What is engaged Buddhism? It is a practice that flows from an understanding of the complete yet complicated interdependence of all life -- and therefore people of all paths.

It is the practice of the vow of an enlightenment-being ("bodhisattva") to liberate all beings from misery.

It is to know that the liberations of ourselves and the liberation of others are inseparable.

It is to transform ourselves as we transform all our relationships and our larger society.

It is to work at times from the inside out and at times from the outside in, depending on the needs and conditions.

It is to see the world through the eye of the Dharma and to respond emphatically and actively with compassion (BUDDHIST PEACE FELLOWSHIP).

But our Western excesses -- as highlighted by the ways we celebrate the Holiday Season -- seem to promote greed, gluttony, and every un-Christian thing. As a result of greed comes frustration and anger (hate) at anyone standing in our way, carelessness and enmity (war to steal resources), all soaked in delusion about our separateness from others.

ISLAM ON CHRIST AND CHRISTMAS?So what does Islam have to say about our (American and British) Xmas excess? Mainstream Islam speaks well of Christ and frequently mentions him in the Qu'ran as the "Son of Maryam" ("Ibn Maryam"). He is said to have prophesied the coming of Muhammad.

In fact, there is a mausoleum for Jesus in Muslim-majority India (Kashmir), arranged according to Jewish custom, maintained and adored by Muslims.

The same Jesus-stories of the "second reason for the season," if Saturnalia is reckoned as the first, are told by Buddhists in and along the Himalayas, in Buddhist-majority India (Ladakh).

But Buddhists do not refer to this messianic yogi, who was missing from his own religion for 18 years, as the Son of Maryam. To Mahayana and particularly Vajrayana Buddhists, he is Saint Issa (from Jesus's Hebrew name Y'shua).

So instead of more Xmas gifts, how about fewer "Crusades" to the Near and Middle East -- even if the US and Israel insist on WAR for the holidays (Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc.)? As Americans, as engaged Buddhists, as friends of Muslims, and occassionally as embarassed Christians, could we please stop pushing religious reasons for war?


Peace and harmony among religions if we all just buy and party nicely? (

The advice of Buddhism, like most world religions, is to avoid criticizing people following other paths. They do NOT all lead to the same place nor the same result here and now. But they can all be good. This advice is echoed in, of all traditions, the much maligned Islam, which advises Muslims:

Stay away from mocking the religious beliefs of others. "And insult not those whom they worship... Thus We have made fair-seeming to each people its own doings; then to their Lord is their return and [their Lord] shall then inform them of all that they used to do" (Quran, 6:108).

We have to remember that for many nominal Christians the celebration is not really about participating in religious traditions. Christmas is a time for families to get together. In many cases it is the only time of year families get together. Christmas is a great time to relate to neighbors. "Relating" does not mean "preaching. Dawa" cannot be made in a rude manner.

"Invite (all) to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful advice, and reason with them by ways that are the best and most gracious: because your Lord knows best who have strayed from His Path, and those who receive guidance" (Quran, 16:125).

In particular, in the dealings of Jews andMuslims and Christians, "Do not argue with the People of the Book unless it is in the politest manner... Say: 'We believe in what has been sent down to us and what has been sent down to you. Our God and your God is [the same] One...'" (Quran, 29:46).

But it's so fun to hate (dosa)! And so much harm flows from it.


Bhikkhu Bodhi

The most general advice the Dhammapada ("Dharma imprint," an ancient collection of short Buddhist sayings) gives is to avoid all harm, to cultivate good, and to cleanse one's own mind. This is said to be the counsel of all the Enlightened Ones (Dhp. 183).

More specific instructions, however, are also given. To abstain from harm we are advised to avoid irritation in deed, word, and even thought. Instead we exercise self-control over body, speech, and mind (Dhp. 231-234). One adheres to the Five Precepts, abstaining from:

* destroying life
* stealing
* sexual misconduct
* deceiving
* intoxicants (Dhp. 246-247)

A Buddhist or anyone following the Path treats all beings with kindness and compassion, lives honestly, pacifies craving, is silent or speaks honestly, and lives mindful and undeluded. One keeps social duties to parents, family, friends, and to recluses and brahmins (Dhp. 331-333). A large number of verses in the Dhammapada are concerned with the resolution of conflict and hostility.

From other parts of the sutra collectioon we learn that the Buddha was a keen and sensitive observer of the social and political developments that were rapidly transforming the Indian states he visited to teach.

The violence, hatred, cruelty, and sustained enmity he witnessed have persisted right down to the present day. And the Buddha's answer to this problem then is still the only answer that works: The key to solving the problem of violence and cruelty is the ancient maxim of using oneself as the minimum standard for deciding how to treat others (borrowed by a great teacher centuries later and called the "Golden Rule").

"I myself tremble at violence and wish to live in peace and do not want to die. So putting myself in the place of others, I recognize that all other beings tremble at violence, that all wish to live and do not want to die. So I should not intimidate others, harm them, or cause them to be harmed in any way" (Dhp. 129-130).

The Buddha saw that hatred and enmity continue and spread in a self-expanding cycle: responding to hatred by hatred only breeds more hatred, more enmity, more violence, and feeds the whole vicious cycle of vengeance and retaliation.

The Dhammapada teaches us that the true conquest of hatred is achieved by non-hatred, by forbearance (often called the highest virtue), and universal-love (Dhp. 5).

So when wronged by others we must be patient and forgiving. We must control our anger as a charioteer controls a chariot. We must bear angry words as a noble elephant in battle bears the arrows shot into its hide. When spoken to harshly we must remain silent like a broken bell (Dhp. 222, 320, 134).

The qualities distinguishing the "superior person" ("sapurisa") are generosity, truthfulness, patience, and compassion. By following these ideals we can live at peace with our own conscience and in harmony with others who may not even seem to have a conscience.

The scent of virtue, the Buddha declares, is sweeter than the scent of flowers and perfume. The good person shines and dazzles from afar like the Himalayan mountains. Just as the lotus flower rises up out of the muck and mire in all its beauty, so the noble person who follows the Buddha's enlightened advice rises up in splendor of compassion and wisdom above the masses of uninstructed worldlings (Dhp. 54, 304, 59). MORE>>

But hating is so fun! And so much harm flows from it.

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Why Is Mahayana Buddhism So Popular

Why Is Mahayana Buddhism So Popular Image
"MAHAYANA BUDDHISM: HOW DID IT ACHIEVE SUCH POPULARITY?"Rit Nosotro (comparative essay from a predominantly Christian perspective)

Given the established Asian religions and/or philosophies of Taoism, Confucianism, and Shintoism, why did Mahayana Buddhism gain such popularity?

The Force, Nature, Master Kong, the Sun Goddess, and Buddha - each of these play their respective roles in the Eastern religions of Taoism, Confucianism, Shintoism, and Mahayana Buddhism. However, Mahayana Buddhism has surpassed all in its ability to weave its way into Western [Judeo-Christian] culture, in particular. Why is this true?

The answer may be had by examining Mahayana Buddhism in contrast with basic beliefs in other religions including those of evangelical Christianity. Wherever nominal Christians turn from the truth ["sic."] to New Age mythology, Mahayana Buddhism is a popular belief system that tickles their itching ears.


All forms of Buddhism, including Mahayana, believe in meditation and concentration, the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Noble Path, the impermanence of all phenomena [anicca], dependent causation, and the nonexistence of an essential self [ANATTA]. Yet, Buddhism has two major branches.

"From Mahayana sources, it seems that the major point of difference was that the now defunct Lesser Vehicle ["Hinayana" or Sarvastivada now mistakenly equated with the ancient Theravada tradition] sought salvation through individual effort, whereas Mahayana advocated salvation for all beings through the worship and grace of the Buddha or "buddhas" ("enlightened ones") and "bodhisattvas" ([beings who vow to become "buddhas") Buddhist-saviors, whose 'essence is enlightenment')," Royal W. Weiler stated.

However, in practical terms, even the historical Buddha is overshadowed by the "bodhisattvas", who are people who vow that they will forgo or delay their final enlightenment until all creatures are "saved" (Ref. 1, Ref. 2 "Mahayana" Encyclopedia Americana, "Buddha and Buddhism" Encyclopedia Americana).

Another split between Hinayana (Lesser Vehicle) and Mahayana (Greater Vehicle) Buddhism is the Hinayana belief that Buddha was just human. They believe that when he died [parinirvana is the opposite of death since "death" is almost inseparably involved with rebirth] he ceased to exist. [This is, of course, a great distortion since that which "does" not exist cannot then "cease" to exist; what is true to say is that he broke the cycle of rebirth and escaped Samsara].

Mahayana, however, believes that Buddha did not die, but merely transformed himself into another body. [This would seem to say that the Buddha did not attain nirvana or that, as is more commonly suggested, "Nirvana is "Samsara"."] That's where Mahayana developed [or invented] the idea of the "Trikaya" or "The Three Bodies" which Buddha uses.

Another difference is that the standards to achieve nirvana (a lack of desire and feelings) [nirvana -- the "end of all suffering" --is in fact marked by the absence of craving and the presence of an exquisite, ineffable feeling of bliss] was lowered in Mahayana Buddhism. Mahayana lowered the standard two notches from the previous Hinayana standard so that more people could be "saved" by achieving nirvana.

By reducing the standard, it increased the possibility of the masses achieving the goal(Ref. 3, Ref. 4)... and so on with many common distortions being repeated and given new life.

* Original, uncorrected essay

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