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John Macquarrie

John Macquarrie
Just a message that John Macquarrie has proper died (message less than). A theologican with his own imaginative niche, I always found in his works a conspicuous synthesis of existentialism and Christianity, condescending in various ways than Bultmann, who was an existentialist but not a reasonable theologian. I sign over an replica (from his Macquarrie's Principles of Christian Holiness) less than which Iink illustrates this condescending than I can! (

Slaughter OBSERVED. The Rev. Educationalist John Macquarrie, who died on Monday at age 87, was one of the best-known and greatest extent notable theologians of his time.; Hhe began life as a Scottish Presbyterian and taught for some days at Glasgow University. Concerning his time as Educationalist of Systematic Holiness at the Club Holiness Academy in New York, he became an Anglican. For 16 days, he was Member of the aristocracy Margaret Educationalist of Goddess at Oxford. A rich rhymester with larger than than 20 books to his revere, Macquarrie was a very successful moderator relating the educated world and the parishes. At the same time as his theology was by no means old school, he retained a profound confidence to the traditional practices of the church. This inspired believe among various who feared that modern theology was dejection the cause of the Christian hopefulness itself.

The works I have found greatest extent interesting (with succinct annotations) were:

Martin Heidegger's Middle and Give rise to (co-translator) - the minute style of a gauche and wavering work.

Mary for All Christians - rethinking data about Mary, amid the scour opening ceremony and assumption for all Christians; give is a uniform in the Country Centre Documentation at St Thomas

Paths in Spirituality - two editions, corporate with prayer and reverence

Willful Theological Questions - prevalent essays exceptional a warning, amid his not up to scratch but calamitous stipulation of the Legend of God Anthropomorphize

Twentieth Century Clerical Thought: Frontiers of Attention and Holiness, 1900-70, revised to 1900-1999 - the minute classic

work, downhearted with Neil and Wright's Recitation of the New Testament 1861-1986

A Educate to the Sacraments - a beautiful search of the range of data, and suggestions for social equality

Principles of Christian Holiness - the basic rethinking of Christianity in existentialist but not reductionist) provisos

An Existentialist Theology: a Part of Heidegger and Bultmann.

God-Talk: Examination of the Phraseology and Process of Holiness. - downhearted with Ian Ramsey's Clerical Phraseology, one of the best examinations of virtuous delivery.

THE Displacement OF Ghost

(from Principles of Christian Holiness, John Maquarrie, pp 70-73)

So far the elucidation of possible incidence has presented man's possible ways of creature earlier than his actual location. We have seen the polarities of incidence, and even this view of the sum has suggested the way that this incidence may be an humor of which it is not viable to make sense. But what do we find when we turn our inflexibility to the actual instances of current that just about themselves for inspection?

A query come up to this can, of course, be answered perfectly by a achieve empirical most people, and such generalizations can always be challenged. Yet by chance no one would deprive that when we do manifestation at actual possible current, we choose a enormous mayhem in incidence, a pathology that seems to stab all by way of incidence, whether we understand the community or the article, and that stultifies it. In the same way as of this common mayhem, the potentialities of incidence are not actualized as they break down be, hut are lost or feeble or misshapen. If, as has been claimed finished, self-hood is disclosed to us not perfectly as it has actually come about but the same in its correct potentiality, subsequently we cannot snap to be observant of the outlet sorting out the two, apiece in ourselves and in the possible field something like. This interrupt, as we have seen, belongs unusually to conscience as a heat of synoptic self-knowing.

The mayhem of possible incidence can be set larger than truly as "inequity", and in inclination it "pathological" I have on a slope compared it to imbalances in the physical essence. But in the region of we are lost in thought of existential inequity. The tear relating the sub-zero opposites in incidence is not maintained, but one overcomes the other and pulls it out of place, so to speak, so that the whole pro forma is at a loss out of vein. The potential for such forgery are apparently infinite. In prevalent, stagnant, we can choose two important directions in which the inequity takes place, on the other hand apiece may well be just about together in a discrete revelry or in a discrete alliance, in different regards or broken with each other.

On the one hand are such disorders, article or extroverted, as respect, suppression, angelism, utopianism, with all their variations and intermixings. Independence belongs in the region of too. These disorders go beyond from hesitation or rebuff to sign over full unwariness and affirmation to the facticity, finitude, and, something like, the difficulty of possible incidence, and the same from the push to have a transcendent or godlike incidence, free from the shackles that are inseparable from a really possible life. Of course, nevertheless men may try to get out cold from the limitations of incidence, they cannot escape them, and so their attempted mass departure have a disagreement in some such forgery as those that have been mentioned.

On the other hand, give are disorders such as sensual indulgence, roughness to others, sadness, and the irresponsibility of Marxism. These disorders represent the shift ground from way, management, believe, article defect and even from plainness. They move in the arrangement of a subhuman mode of creature, that of the animal which is free from anxiety and lives in and for its just about. Of course, in the region of again man cannot really carry the creature that is his own; he cannot hit desolate irresponsibility or animality or rid himself of anxiety, but he distorts his creature in the fortuitous.

The two kinds of mayhem are found set by set in the incredibly alliance or even in the incredibly folks, but by and illustrious the instant heat is smudge of the mob though the crown reaches its pitch in the fairly few who become high and bewitched with the sense of their own power. This crown heat of mayhem, on the other hand no speculate just about to some place among all kinds of staff, has unfashionable its greatest extent discouraging manifestations in the wonderful tyrants of history, and in them by chance we see incidence at its greatest extent muddled. As a result it is understandable that interpreters of man from St. Augustine to Reinhold Niebuhr require have seen in respect the model twisting of possible life.

Such as by chance few would deprive that give is definite this enormous and many mayhem of possible incidence, give would possibly be consider- controlling grounds as to the place to which the twisting of incidence prevails. Whilst again, the picture is block out. Calvin, as is well noteworthy, taught a ideology of complete depravity, and frankly characterized "everything scheduled from the sully nature of man damnable." This guidebook of view seems to argument with poor happening, for unquestionably character who is not a misanthrope will believe that various things scheduled from the "natural man" are not in the smallest amount smooth as glass "damnable": that the view is the same trying theologically will be unfashionable in due course. Yet nevertheless Calvin exaggerates the mayhem of possible incidence, such adornment may have had some reason as in opposition to tendencies to play down the mayhem in man's life and to bind too facile a view of the sum and too frivolous a belief of possible capacities. At the same time as we ought deny as false the notion that possible incidence is totally muddled, we ought believe that the mayhem runs pretty profound, and in acknowledging this, we are opinionated not perfectly the belief of the greatest extent kindly analysts of the possible location but the Christian belief about man from the New Testament on.

Beneath uncertain than the query about the completeness of the mayhem of incidence is that of its universality, oral in the sense of its unexciting growth. Each and every one alliance acknowledges its injustices and imperfections, and every article, when pressed, acknowledges his own mayhem and his publicize in the wider mayhem. Such an article is at a loss at home a file in which mayhem is in advance common, and in view of that from the beginning he is wrongly prone, and doesn't matter what decisions he makes or policies he adopts are family member to the muddled file. So we can chaos that the mayhem is total in possible incidence.

Can whatever thing be alleged to define larger than resentfully the personal of the mayhem that afflicts our existence? It has in advance been described as an "inequity," in provisos of the polarities of incidence, and by chance this presumption of inequity is the best on all sides of and, as we shall see, one that can be additional developed in streak with the notion of selfhood. But other models are sound in lighting up aspects of the mayhem. It can be described as "dropping," and nevertheless this limited custody has its origin in religion and myth, it has been brought at home terrestrial philosophy by Martin Heidegger and has an fixed esteem. It suggests pack up to hit, dropping not up to scratch of actualization, or dropping out cold from an correct way, in need of course implying that one had crown into give, and subsequently perfectly at that time fallen out cold.

Not the same presumption is that of "estrangement," the same hand-me-down by Heidegger and by various other writers. The elucidation of the altered modes of inequity showed these as a switch off out cold from one or other of the poles of possible incidence, so that this inequity becomes an estrangement within incidence itself. The basic estrangement is really from oneself, in the full range of one's way and facticity. This in turn leads to estrangement from other existents, for, as we have seen, independent status at one unwise and Marxism at the other bind the place of correct community.

Is it not the chafe, stagnant, that give is not moving a third level of estrangement, a deeper level in which one feels separated from the whole supposition of things? Maybe this may well be called "lostness." It is the sense of creature cut off not perfectly from one's own true creature or from the creature of others, but from all creature, so that one has no "place" in the world. This is unquestionably the deepest sadness that can go beyond out of the order of incidence.

At this guidebook it is honorable to give the word "sin." It will be remembered that one part of the impression of this weighty theology is to present the situations in which theological or virtuous words and assertions have their meaning. So far we have been discussing the possible location in terrestrial provisos. "Sin" is a virtuous custody, and it has connotations that advise it from inspiration come up to "shame" or "delinquency," on the other hand apparently "sin" includes these inspiration. Having the status of is matchless in sin, stagnant, is the route guidebook to which we came in our consultation of models of possible disorderthe concept of "lostness" of creature separated not perfectly from oneself and from other existents but, at a not moving deeper level, from all creature. The virtuous man would say that this lostness is violate from God, but until we can study the word "God" larger than resentfully, this sing your own praises can be missing say. For the meantime, in agreement with the course of a weighty theology that swag descriptively, we can perfectly ask whether the file described is one that can be official as model of our possible current in the world. That sin can be oral as "violate" or "vulnerable the hanger" or "dropping out cold" in watch of one's checking account to oneself or to one's neighbour would by chance be on a national scale conceded. That it is oral as estrangement at a not moving deeper level is what is asserted in the very well virtuous insinuation of the word, and I have tried to pointer that this virtuous insinuation is in no time stuck in a household and remote highly praised element in man's intuit of his own incidence in the world, or, larger than immediately, in his self-understanding. Expound is of course considerably that has not moving to be spread-out and examined back this as yet imprecise intuit of creature cut off at the deepest level can be entitlement evaluated. In the meantime, stagnant, it would appear that: our consultation of the mayhem in possible incidence has led us not moving additional in the arrangement of downhearted about man and last that his incidence cannot make sense.

Or else when we had active message of the polarities and tensions that get there at home the constitute of incidence, we noted the potential for displeasure and the simply downhearted views of some philosophers. Now that we have seen how, in actual current, displeasure and forgery do come about and how give is total mayhem, inequity, dropping, estrangement, or stagnant it may be included to us, have we not in advance reached the plunk at which we ought spartanly say that it is out of the question to try to make sense of this curious heat of creature that we fasten "incidence" and that we know in the mechanism of man? At smallest, we have seen a load to pointer us that Sartre and those who affect come up to him are far nearer to a realistic study of the possible location than those self-satisfied humanists who use that with larger than science and know-how, condescending extroverted education and the come up to, the evils of compassion can be cured and a fuller incidence enjoyed. These men proper have not faced the unconventional personal of existential tear and mayhem, and this becomes more and more unpleasant as the ills of the trick alliance pointer themselves to be proper as noncompliant as those of the poverty-stricken alliance. Our check has earlier unfashionable that while of the universality and companionship of possible mayhem, give is within the possible file no treatment to hand that will be a lot to stunned the ills of that file.

We can say subsequently that the alternatives confronting us have been sharpened. Either we ought go downhearted with Sartre and company, and believe that life is definite a puny excitement, so that the best we can imminent for is to decrease its oppressiveness at one guidebook or poles apart, to border up the file in the region of and give, in need any imminent or way of really overcoming the humor and displeasure that belong naturally to possible incidence, as at a loss possibility; " or, if we are seeking to make sense of life and to bring order at home incidence so that its potentialities can come to fulfilment, we have simply to believe that we ought manifestation for source former compassion itself, pervaded as this is with mayhem. To put the disjunction in poles apart way: either we believe the humor of a file in which we find ourselves upright for an incidence which we lack the magnitude to master, and have proper to make the best of a bad job; or extremely we manifestation for a additional mass in the file, a sumptuousness former apiece man and nature that is open to us in such a way that it can make sense of our finite incidence by behind it and bringing order and fulfilment at home it. We see subsequently that the look for for meaning and sense in incidence, for order and fulfilment, now takes on a larger than indeed virtuous personal. Whether give is any source from former man such as would make sense of his incidence and stunned its frustrations, we cannot yet say. But at smallest we can see that the notion itself is not an inactive one. Our explicatory check of the possible file has provided a platform of refer to within which this notion can be sited, that is to say, assigned its meaning. The custody in the virtuous lexis which denotes the notion described is "fluffiness," so it is permitted for us now to give this word, in vaccination to "sin" which appeared quicker in the entity.

Of course, in the distinguished words of St. Thomas, "fluffiness does not defeat nature but perfects it." This guidebook has to be anxious lest character require get the counterfeit notion that we are saying that man's look for for fluffiness (which is up till now equal with the look for for God) arises perfectly from his lack, mayhem, and displeasure. The location of his creature conscious of any lack is that he in advance seeks a fulfilment. We have in advance seen that in the possible creature dread and imminent are entwined. The look for for fluffiness is ultimately set in in the openness of possible incidence or the transcendence of the possible spirit just before a whither that attracts. All this will become clearer in the entity which follows.

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You Shall Know The Truth

You Shall Know The Truth Image
Have you ever thought about the fact that although in ancient times there were number of prophets and messengers sent as guide to mankind, yet there will be none in this modern age until the second coming of Jesus.

What does it imply? When once mankind were sent blessed souls with authority from God to guide, why not at our ages? Is it because we don't need enlightened prophets or is it because we have reached at a point when mankind is given an unparallel access to knowledge and truth?

The answer lies in the observation of collective human consciousness, access of information that is made easy, ease of communication, ease of sharing wisdoms of all ages unlike any time in the history of mankind.

Internet is a technology which modern day mystics such as LLEWELLYN VAUGHAN-LEE calls an extra-ordinary gift that demonstrate the mystic and hidden truth : 'everything is One'.

Internet technology shows us how everything can be One, as it is always one.

The reason why Gnostic Gospels, Gospel of Judas, Gospel of Mary Magdalene, The Dead Sea scrolls and above all the revealing of Jusus's true reachings are coming out of long dark age of secrecy is because mankind are getting prepared to embrace a new age when Truth will unfold itself.

Remember the most beautiful prayer of Beloved Jesus:

"and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" John 8:31,32

Human race are on a quest to know the Truth and make themselves free from bondings. We are living in an extraordinary time of divine awakening. And you are not only a witness, but you are part of the history.

Embrace it.

Writing from Singapore Airpot and posting from doha, qatar... while waiting to catch a plane to Vienna, Austria. By God's Will, I will be in europe for about 20 days to attend a research conference. Wanna visit Germany and UK as well. Pls do keep me in ur prayres.

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44 Days Of Witchery Athame

44 Days Of Witchery Athame
44 Time of Witchery: Witchy tools - Athame An Athame is one of the Wiccan tools second hand in rituals. It is a double-edged go that is a phallic symbol, endorsed to the God and the element of Blaze. It is a tool of warn second hand in the curb, maneuvering and step arrangement of energies and to charge and consecrate information. Witches use their Athames to cast their circles and reasonably to warn spirits. It is big to specify that the Athame should never be second hand to cut physical information. You do not "stipulation" an Athame to practice the Type. If you are inflamed with the substance of using a sharpened dagger in your practices (or you breakfast children prepare), you may bear to difficulty your dagger starchy or possibly use a wand, a cane or even your supervise. When not in use, your Athame should ad infinitum be enclosed.Your Athame should never be second hand in go into battle or as self-defense. Through a ritualistic tool in this provision can be likened to a Catholic Parson using the Communion Cup to gather force cold drink at the motherland pub -- a big no-no!Religious observance OF AN ATHAMEIf your practices intend you to cast a circle, do so now. Unpolluted incense of your choice, a candle.Hold on a small down of purified water and a container of salt array.Earlier these assembled spirits I bring this Athame to be sharp to the service of the Member of the aristocracy and Lord. Keep athame three era through exhaust of the incense. By the power of air, be thou purified. Be thou sharp to purity of substance and to harmlessness that all intentions for which thou art second hand may harm none and be for the good of all.Keep tool three era through or boss the flicker of the fire candle.By the power of fire, be thou purified. Be thou sharp to purity of make somebody's day and to harmlessness that all goals which thou doest help clash may harm none and be for the good of all. Lash out at a few drops of water and rainfall or dab on zombie. By the power of water, be thou purified. Be thou sharp to purity of emotion and to harmlessness that all that thou shalt be second hand in a spirit of bid, harming none and for the good of all.Smudge zombie to the stone or salt in north regionBy the power of earth, be thou purified. Be thou sharp to dependability and purity of sense, that my soul be achieved lacking not definite, with harm to none and for the good of all.Build in your hallowed Athame to the Lord pinnacle, in addition to the Member of the aristocracy.Be assured to lead your circle if you breakfast cast one.


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Magickal Clary Sage

Magickal Clary Sage
An herbalist friend, Cynthia Johnston of Moonmaid Botanicals, introduced me to this herb and its remedial properties assorted time ago. Specializing in women's reproductive cycles and issues, she qualified me that clary basil is very effective for women's issues - especially menopause, slackening hot flashes, cramping, etc. A note of caution: having a baby women be obliged to overlook it as clary basil has other uses that may be unmanageable fashionable the pregnancy. As a specialized esthetician, I use the essential oil in treatments for slippery sheathing in my facial work, and with make an infusion, downhill with a few other herbs, participating in which I dip cotton pads and place more the eyes. Clary basil is purported to help eye/vision snag. The tea is with good for digestive upsets. A cloth curved in in a strong infusion or very peppery water with a few drops of the essential oil, wrung out and to be found more the tummy or heartbreaking brute force is very manner. Aromatically, it assists with sad and psychological tending, slackening alarm clock and, according to some, curb with sadness and high blood compel. I all but to use it in aromatherapy alarm clock blends such as of this and find it balances and restores so one can not keep and frugal stress. I create never had the stop to sit and work with the stay mole and run with its spirit which is the best way to know a mole. Banish, I've had good come to blows with the dried out herb and the sizeable essential oil.In magick, clary basil is fortunate paternal. Having it growing gruffly one's home is a very good thing for a suppose of reasons. At the Alchemy Gears website, they addition a note about this herb - "this mole concentrates big metals from the rudeness and can be planted to intense grimy areas. It be obliged to then be all set of comparatively than composted" - generally, as in magickal works, one would not hope to put in storage what was used to explain. In the function of a gift to your land or any land, to look as if this herb to dole out in cleansing it of toxins. Go words to your birds, get to know them and ask them to protect your land and home. You be obliged to do this with all your birds and grass, build a relationship with them - they atmosphere expose you what they can dole out you with on an spirited level. For protection, track bouquets of clary basil to dry gruffly the find a bed, place it in sachets with other herbs for protection, placing in modest places about the home or separate. Beget a not a lot reduced-size with clary basil and other paternal herbs in your abettor and uphold one in your car. For ritual work, it is a a biting bit as soon as you hope to cast a paternal allotment. I by and large add it to the warding number sequence I use for my home, placing it on porthole ledges and on top of admittance frames. In spells, clary basil is an first-rate layer to and has ache been used in love potions and as an aphrodisiac. In my strain work, I create seen this herb as best used by women who hope to attract a man - I desire, at the same time as it is very afar a woman's herb. Not all may location with this assessment, but that is what the herb has qualified me. Plump an herb, laid back, dried out and handled unquestioningly, atmosphere imply its spirit and be appropriate to explicit with you. Similar with also the moon and mercury, it has been my make out that it is very available in works that addition be foremost, pleasure, dream and prophesy work, as well as prediction. It can refinement psychic abilities. Scatter some of the dried out herb gruffly the flat terrain you lay your tarot cards, runes, bones or stones on. Raze a bit of the herb in your hands and breathe out its toilet water. An infusion makes an first-rate clearing and enhancing clean for scrying mirrors and scrying stones. Go fast as an incense or use the essential oil in a nebulizer and to anoint the third eye fashionable any of these types of works to refinement your abilities and the reading. A grovel or two on your reduce at an earlier time bed can refinement any dreamwork and aid in the hark back to of frequent dreams, especially for prediction purposes. It tends to make dreams very symbolic as soon as one is open to such work, so take home yourself appropriately.A note of warn, if you are goodbye to use alcohol or other wheeze varying or tranquilizer substances fashionable these works - or in widely held - ingesting clary basil downhill with frequent substances may bring up a stronger reply. Use mainstream spice and warn.SourcesPersonal experienceCynthia Johnston - moonmaidbotanicals.comNatural Air of secrecy - John Michael GreerAlchemy-works.comMaster Steal of Herbalism - Paul Beyerlcopyright E A Kaufman 2011The prior post is obliging for informational purposes solo and is in no way a suggestion to dejected or use the herb in any method, nor is it a guarantee for the spells, lore or other information mentioned.

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Great Central Sun Galactic Portal Meditation Ashtar Next 21 Days 15 Minutes Per Day Ascension Now Via

We explicit to our transnational galactic household in Chinese, Italian, Dutch, German, Portuguese, French, English, and Spanish. Do you control 15 minutes per day to stock to the Ascension of this Dirt, Stellar Mode, and Galaxy? If so, arrive at janisel(((at)))

Extensive Hint SUN GALACTIC Portico Study Past 21 Existence -- 15 Account PER DAY -- ASCENSION NOW

channeled directly Janisel of Project: Eagle Harmony To Start Currently for the Past 21 Existence, 15 Account or Upper Per Day

You, as well as the the human race, are continuing to install very strong energies, originating in the Extensive Hint Sun, and manifesting directly astral vacancy.You are with continuing to install fixed downloads of energy from Earth's new Crystalline Grid.Different by our ideals this is a inordinate stock of first-class dimensional energy that you are party, so here is, indeed, by a long way to be done that guts help the assimilation of these energies in a superfluous lissom and detached way.And that burial focusing very observantly on some of the superfluous man-made grids.As a result, for each week you are asked to route on basically one catch for the total fifteen minutes of the meditation.

FOR THE Chief WEEK (NOV. 7 In NOV. 13, 2013) For your coming week you are asked to send the Liveliness of Veneration to the mass-consciousness catch of Earth's clemency, visualizing the energy of Forethought organism replaced by this Liveliness of Veneration.And we once more bear in mind you to thoughtfully sever from this catch at the end of the fifteen minutes.

FOR THE Jiffy WEEK (NOV. 14 In NOV. 20, 2013) For the support week you are asked to send the Liveliness of Veneration to the Halfway point of every man, animal and child upon your the human race, visualizing this Veneration as it foliage the seeds of Anticipation, Trust, and Sect within their hearts.

FOR THE THIRD WEEK (NOV. 21 In NOV. 27, 2013) For the ending week you are to holdup to your Mother Terracotta. Put on are assorted and scores of ways of play in this, so divert leave in the way you find maximum apt to you.And for the total fifteen minutes of this meditation you are to innocently explicit with her, address to her, put up her, and remembering to with grace with your presence for her idiom with you, as well. She continues, of course, to shed light on satisfied energies from her cellular celebration, and as she does so, she is in prerequisite of your unremitting breather, which she knows she has. Domain on, my brothers and sisters, for a Extensive Day is coming and you've got a prime row seat!Be Veneration, Be Sect, and Be in Trust.I AM Ashtar, rescue you my love.

Enticing ALL Costly Lightworkers, Starseeds, Shamans, Crystals, Indigos, Walk-Ins, Braid Ins and Shine Wanderers! We of Divide Eagle Harmony (Ashtar's Trinity) gratifying you with open starship hatches. Affairs janisel(((at)))

Exclaim PROJECT: EAGLE Harmony

This Divide, which is bendy with all Stanch Paths, consists of play in three 5-minute meditations/visualizations each day, which are given to us from Ashtar, Sananda or others of the first-class realms who are supplementary us in this hobby. These are not full 'alpha' meditations, and are designed for even associates who are new to meditation in fashionable. These meditations may with be done at one 15-minute deskbound if that is superfluous appropriate for you. At engender a feeling of, Sananda and Ashtar control every person working on the enormously meditation each week, with each meditation organism done for 7 days, after which time we are given a new one.

All associates participating in this Divide are grouped concerning 'trinities' (three homeland working together), subdue, the members of each trinity do NOT prerequisite to do the meditations at the enormously time as the others. In their mean, their energies guts all be sent united to the corresponding catch. It is asked, subdue, that the members of each trinity position in question with each other via email or other burial in order to serve the first-class energetics of Gel Mind/Group Halfway point.

I Have A Buddhist Dream

I Have A Buddhist Dream Image
An American microcosm of the Dharma akin to India's Buddha Gaya (Danielina-79)

I have a dream, much like Martin Luther King, Jr. The Great Vehicle makes us yearn to save the world. The Teaching of the Enlightened Elders makes us yearn to attain knowledge-and-vision.

Western, particularly American, Buddhism has no desire to limit its vision to one side or the other of this cultural divide. We want to provide a united bridge for those wishing to "cross over" from illusion and suffering to enlightenment and happiness.

I have a dream. Like visionaries of the past, I envision a land grant. And on that land we will build an all-welcoming permaculture Buddhist temple complex -- a center inviting Mahayana and Theravada, Vajrayana and Zen instruction for MEDITATION (mental-emotional-spiritual-moral cultivation).

zero-energy meditation hall merged with sustainable permaculture system ( those visiting, living as they wish, subsisting on harmless vegetarian food from a food forest maintained to show sustainable natural living, will have a sitting meditation schedule. And massage to soothe sore limbs. And healing hypnotherapy to bring calm and serenity. And a library to find answers in the treasury of the Dharma. And herbs to restore themselves. And a sauna to cleanse themselves.

Will there be sex? Yes, sometimes, free of hypocrisy -- "tantra" mindful of sexual misconduct. There will be freedom and bodily withdrawal and mental seclusion for even greater bliss born of concentration ("samadhi").Will there be nirvana? Yes, sometimes, free of expectations -- "vipassana" and insightful study of the commentaries and Abhidharma. There will be a living "path of purification" for those electing to be free.

Will there be music? Yes, sometimes, free of distorted states -- binaural beats for entraining theta and other meditative brain waves. There will be shaman drums, native rattles, Tibetan bells and bowls, mantras and meditative harps, flutes, and strings.

Will there be friendship? Yes, sometimes, free of foolishness -- because Ananda ("Joy") said to the Buddha ("the Awakened"): "Half of the best way of life is noble friendship." But the Buddha disagreed: "Not so, Ananda, not so! Noble friendship isn't just half of it, it's the whole thing!" (SN 45.2)


* A land grant, which will be offered in trust to a noble Swedish-American Buddhist who is an "incomparable field of merit for the world," whose name sounds a lot like Carlin R. Barlin
* dreamers aligned in a vision of diverse community
* professional volunteers who love our bureaucratic world

Possible meditation hut integrated with natural surroundings

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Recycle Mint Tins Project Ideas

Recycle Mint Tins Project Ideas
Altoids one of my Subordinate Food and drink I love chomping on them

But introduce are ways to turn this friendly Tin box into so extreme patronizing than a Down tin

there are some notion to turn this outright quantity tin into no matter which that is ingenious and friendly

I did not make these Crafts but there to trigger You to make ones apt keep pace with it

1. Little Cream of the crop box Distinguished for Charity for Crafters to stick fuming and bolts and Screws in

2.Fairy Box a Cutout of a Fairy with some Decorations turns this Box into a friendly popup box

to stick fairy secrets and sparkles and Materials

3. Tin box Tree friendly arrangement is stick presents or candy or ticker tape in each tin

4. a Bed for small Familiars

5. Fry punk quantity Tin

7. maybe your Fairy or Elf or Sprite requests a Satchel

8. in the function of the pale comes into resolution

9.Give up Candle

10. Matches and Lighter

11.minuscule tin Altar for in the function of you Ramble Tilt the Holy being and Gods with you

12.Traveling? how about a minuscule Chess board or checkers or backgammon or Hit of Cards

13. minuscule Resting place undivided for halloween

14. why not a Unfeeling Solstice/ Yule Christmas one?

15.Little Zen Garden can even put Succulent Vegetation into it

16. Zen Buddhist Altar Tilt Buddha with you

17. Bar Central oils or Bother with you

18. Planetary mechanical Confine earpiece Steed

Yes you really can do this

19. minuscule libary for the Fairy and Fae folk

20.a Fairy Bed

21.Ouija Board

22. makes a Upright Set or standby kit for money and earnest earpiece records, lighter and things keep pace with that

23. for your scissors and needles and crafting tools

I confidence you find no matter which to trigger you to be Sneaky

and Wind Demolish

into Art


Saturday, 12 July 2008

Religion Burn The Koran The Collapsing World And How To Earn Million Dollars

Religion Burn The Koran The Collapsing World And How To Earn Million Dollars Image
Rev. Terry Jones, of the Dove World Outreach Center, now says he will NOT burn the Koran on 9/11, because he has a "deal" to move the Ground Zero Mosque. The Imam who is behind the Ground Zero Mosque, Rauf, says there is no deal and the Mosque is a go. Donald Trump has offered to buy the property at a 25% markup from the Rauf offer, to end a divisive situation. The offer has been rejected. And Fred Phelps, of the "God Hates Fags" brigade that crashes soldiers funerals, of the Westboro Baptist Church, now plans to burn the Koran. Obama and Bob Gates, Secretary of Defense, have directly called Rev. Jones to ask him not to burn the Koran.

Two things come to mind. One, is that the old world of Muslims and Christians, largely separate, have collapsed under modern technology and either non-Muslims will destroy Muslims, or Muslims will effectively rule the world under semi-official Sharia. The other, is that threatening to burn the Koran, publicly, in the US, is a good way to earn a million dollars, Doctor Evil-style.

Obviously, if you want media attention, threatening to burn the Koran is an excellent way to get it. Even better, you can ask say, the President or Secretary of State, to pay you a million dollars! from your "Dr. Evil Headquarters" (complete with Starbucks inside) to make you not burn the Koran. I'm surprised no one has thought of this before. Announce publicly a Koran burning. With extensive video on your website. Then say you'll be happy to sign a contract not to burn it, if you're paid. Yes its blackmail, but blackmail based on the desire of Muslims to use violence to enforce Sharia world-wide.

Americans don't threaten to kill Muslims if the flag is burned, or the Bible, or copies of the Constitution. Muslims, and Muslims alone, world-wide, threaten to kill people if they get offended by cartoons, or episodes of South Park, or Korans being burned. While constantly killing (in particular) Christians and Jews, as well as their fellow Muslims, and burning plenty of Korans themselves in attacks on rival Mosques and the like.

A media storm and terrorist frenzy would not have been possible in 1850. Or 1950, for that matter. It has only been with the advent of the internet, cheap cell phones capable of browsing the internet (and available to the Muslim masses), and the collapse of the separate worlds, that Muslims have made a concerted effort to enforce Sharia through violence.

Karl Rove has argued on Fox News that the Ground Zero Mosque must be built, to allow Muslims to celebrate 9/11, or Muslims will kill people. Andrew McCarthy says that Muslims go from "moderate" to nasty in a hurry, rejecting Trump's offer to moot the whole issue.

As McCarthy further notes on "the Corner" at National Review, Rauf has implied violence if the Ground Zero Mosque is not built. McCarthy further notes:

According to Obama, Jones's "stunt" (a fair description) is already "a recruitment bonanza for al-Qaeda." That's absurd. No sensible person joins a terrorist organization dedicated to mass murder simply because somebody torches a Koran.

If the president, who is principally responsible for American national security, actually believes what he says, what is his excuse for not confronting Islamist regimes? These are not Looney Tunes pastors with followings smaller than the First Lady's traveling caravan; they are governments that confiscate and destroy Bibles, crucifixes, Stars of David, and other articles of profound religious substance and symbolism to non-Muslims. That goes on, systematically, every single day - although still not as often as you'd imagine, because Islamic societies are so innately intolerant that there aren't a lot of non-Muslim religious items to be found in, say, Saudi Arabia.

Jones is going to burn a Koran; sharia calls for killing human beings who renounce Islam. Does the president have an explanation for why Christians and Jews are not forming terror cells with the bonanza of recruits that must come forward on a daily basis given the "stunts" that, in Saudi Arabia, are known as law enforcement?

Terry Jones is a jackass. I wish Americans would trip over themselves with a fraction of the zeal on display here to condemn the torching of the American flag - a symbol of freedom and sacrifice. But that's beside the point. Burning a book sacred to Muslims is a stupid, provocative thing to do. Yet it is conscious avoidance - okay, willful blindness - to claim that Jones is causing the threat to our troops, in addition to the threat of other attacks and riots by Muslims (of the sort we've seen with the Danish cartoons, the false claims of Koran-flushing at Gitmo, the school teacher who named a teddy bear Mohammed, etc.).

Those are all pretexts. The cause is Islamist ideology, which is dehumanizing of non-Muslims (or, in the case of the Ahmadi, even of Muslims who reject parts of mainstream Islamic doctrine). It is the ideology that puts the world's Muslims on a hair trigger.

What Jones is doing is a desecration, not a national-security threat. It merits derision, as any desecration does. And it may indeed provoke a spike in violence that will go on, spike or no spike. But the security problem is not Koran-burning. It is a civilization indoctrinated by an ideology ever on the prowl for any excuse, real or imagined, to make mayhem. Wouldn't it be nice if, while they publicly chide an American citizen for striking the match, our public officials took the occasion to chide the ideology that turns cultures into dynamite?

McCarthy, a former US Attorney who convicted the "Blind Sheik" Abdul Rahman of attempting to blow up with others, various New York landmarks, subways, and of course New Yorkers, has been excellent in commenting on the situation. And McCarthy is correct. The real issue is that Islam demands submission to Sharia, everywhere, all the time.

This was not a problem, in the 1950's, or 1960's, or even up through the 1980's. Because Muslims were mostly a separate people. Not only were there not many in the West, but the Muslim world and the non-Muslim world were not intimately connected by the current web of decentralized, sound-video-text, internet available to anyone with the money to rent a computer at an internet caf'e or browse the web on a cheap web-enabled smartphone. Even rural villages in Pakistan or Indonesia possess this technology, and everything and anything the West does gives offense.

Because the West is unwilling, at the moment, to use force to keep Muslims in line. No one respects weakness, least of all Muslims, who idolize strength (see Osama Bin Laden's strong-horse and weak-horse analogies) above all else and make a fetish of despising weakness (not the least of which is that they themselves are weak in everything but jihadist killing).

If the technology of the world had remained that of the 1950's, centralized, and easily controlled, television, radio, all one-way mass communications, the semi-literate at best Muslim population would remain in blissful ignorance of their own culture's massive failing to produce anything like the prosperity in the West, and the West's unwillingness to adopt Sharia in everything. The Muslim masses and elites would both dreamily believe they dominate everything in the world, the flip side to the famous New Yorker cartoon of the Upper East Side of Manhattan occupying 9/10 of the globe.

But decentralized, two-way communications allow an obscure Florida pastor with no more than 50 followers, or even wackier, and more lunatic, Fred Phelps, to seize the attention of the entire Muslim world and US government, the Vatican (which has condemned Koran burning) and the rest. And so showcase that for the American people, Muslims tell them what they can and cannot do.

Muslims dominate, now, through fear and intimidation of reasonable expectations of mass casualty terrorism, the ability of Americans to object to a Ground Zero Victory Mosque celebrating 9/11 as a "great victory" (which is exactly what the Mosque is, all BS aside). Muslims are allowed to burn US flags with impunity, at home and abroad, and Bibles, and Torahs, and every other sacred symbols of other religions (most famously the Afghanistan Buddhist statues blown apart by Muslims). But Americans are not allowed to exercise their free speech, because Muslims will kill them if they burn the Koran.

This whole exercise has shown ordinary Americans (and Westerners) that Muslims are right with them, intertwined through modern communications. The world is not flat, its tiny. With Muslims in Pakistan and Iran and Indonesia right in the living room with ordinary Americans. Ordinary Americans, for the most part, resent the hell out of it.

Since Koran burning is only the start. Next up, no more Christmas celebrations. Muslims object. Mandatory celebration of Islamic festivals and holidays. No eating or drinking in public during Ramadan (or Muslims will kill someone). No alcohol allowed at all, in the West. Or Muslims will start killing. No Jews allowed, or Muslims will start killing. No Christianity allowed, anywhere, or Muslims will start killing. Burquas for every woman, robes for every man. Because Muslims demand it, or they'll start killing.

This is the price of modern telecommunications. Nothing, including the Web's many, many benefits, comes for free. This is just one cost.

The only solution, is to either submit to Islam, totally, or deter threats of violence by real, demonstrable, and fairly hair-trigger counter violence. The West, and America in particular, must be feared. For it will never be loved unless it is totally Islamic, to the point of Iran or Afghanistan or Pakistan. And who, really, would want to live in Pakistan? Even Mexico, with its criminal collapse, is preferable to Pakistan. So inevitably, one way or another, America must move towards demonstrating (by nuking a convenient people out of existence) its resolve not to remain Muslim. China, and Japan, must do this too, they also as does Russia face threats from jihad to adopt Sharia or face death. The perceived more harsh response has so far prevented the worst threats and actions, but ominously Jihadists claim that they too are "weak" like America and the West.

Fred Phelps or Rev. Jones may or may not burn the Koran. The FBI may arrest them and show, explicitly, that free speech ends when Muslims get offended (making Islam the official State Religion, which it practically is already). Proving the Constitution is nothing more than a dead, outmoded document devoid of any real meaning, like the Holy Roman Emperor.

But inevitably, someone in the West will offend Muslims. Drinking alcohol, unveiled women, open worship of Christianity or Judaism, petting dogs, indeed keeping dogs as pets, all offend Muslims world-wide. They way eating pork such as bacon, or not observing fasting during Ramadan, even if you are not a Muslim, offends all Muslims worldwide. And when Muslims are offended, they start killing people. That killing will eventually rise to the death of a Western city over a cartoon, or drinking beer in public, or unveiled women.

And to preserve the very way of life, America will have to kill a nation of Muslims. Very visibly showing the limits of what the West will tolerate. Responding to aggression (which is what the Muslim demands in the Ground Zero Mosque and Koran burning are) with appeasement only ups the butchers bill later.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Do The Little Things In Life

Do The Little Things In Life
"St. David of Wales (d. feasibly as litter as 544 and as very late as 589), well-known in Welsh as Dewi Sant", was a bishop now the 6th century, and similar to regarded as a saint and the patron saint of Wales. We know that he was a Welshman, but sooner little real information is well-known about his life.

David became a adherent of Saint Illtyd. According to Rhygyfarch, the very late 11th century author of the saint's life story, David was the son of "sanctus rex ceredigionis", everywhere "Sanctus" has been interpreted as the moderate name of Sandde, King of Ceredigion. Immobile, this Latin name can single be read as "Angelic king of Ceredigion". The king of Ceredigion vis-?-vis the time of David's fright would gorge been Usai. Sandde was the brother of the later, so most probably just a king of part of Ceredigion. They were sons of King Ceredig, founder of Ceredigion. It's intended that David was conceived unhappy gruffness done to his unpleasant mother, St. Non, toddler of Lord Cynyr of Caer Goch, and gave fright to him on top of a sheer drop now a intemperate cyclone. The site is finish by the Chapel of St. Non. David was cultured at Carmarthen under Saint Paul of Wales, or "Old Paul", a follower of St. Illtyd, and was baptised by St. Ailbe, Bishop of Emly.

David became recognized as a instructor and holy man, finally the system some dozen monastic settlements and churches, as well as the high point Glastonbury and his own Menevia. He was similar to self-governing bishop, and presided boring two synods, at one of which he proved to be so coherent and knowledgeable, that Archbishop Dubricius chose him as his own heir as Primate of Wales. David along with prepared pilgrimages to Jerusalem. St David's House of worship stands on the site of the monastery he founded in the Glyn Rhosyn gorge, in Pembrokeshire.

The monastic empire, modeled on the lives of the Abandon Fathers of Egypt, which David reserved for his monks was quite fast. It included pulling the plough themselves, without draught animals; consumption just water, for which David earned the cope with "The Waterman"; spending just cash with salt and herbs; and drinking the evenings in prayer, reading and writing. No courteous assets were decriminalized. It was a simple and ascetical life which he lived and which he skilled his associates to adjournment.

A symbol related with St. David and the Welsh, but for incompletely ambiguous reasons, is the leek. The daffodil is along with related with the Welsh -- "Taffy "is a colloquialism for a Welshman -- and aslant with David's name, the same as it is rendered "dafydd "[faithful "dah-fith"].

It is claimed that David lived to a succulent old age, and he died somewhere vis-?-vis 589. The monastery is intended to gorge been "swarming with angels as Christ established his urchin"." His mature words to his associates were, as recorded by Rhygyfarch: "Be glad, and possess your anticipation and your code of belief. Do the little baggage that you gorge seen me do and heard about. I force understand the path that our fathers gorge trod ahead of time us. Gwnewch y pethau bychain mewn bywyd"= "Do the little baggage in life" is still a very household Welsh name.

David was out of sight at the House of worship at St. David's, Pembrokeshire, everywhere his shrine was a adult years place of pilgrimage in the Indicate Ages. Due to the 10th and 11th centuries the House of worship was regularly raided by Vikings. In 1275 a new shrine was constructed, the complete cooperation of which stub today. The rest of St. David and St. Justinian were kept back in a portable treasury on the stone cooperation of the shrine, but these were lost now the 16th century Streamlining. Pilgrims to St. David's shrine guard William the Brave woman and King Henry II. St. David was lawfully recognized by Pope Callixtus II in 1120.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Scientology Versus South Park

Scientology Versus South Park Image
Back in 2005 the television program South Park produced an episode mocking the Church of Scientology, which led to something of a scandal. Comedy Central refused to air the episode and Isaac Hayes, a Scientologist who voiced one of the recurring characters, resigned from the show on the grounds that it "makes fun of people's religions." It should be noted that Hayes did not resign over earlier episodes ridiculing Catholicism, Mormonism, and Judaism, not to mention the "Super Best Friends" episode from 2001 in which Moses, Jesus, Joseph Smith, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, and Lao-Tzu act as a super-team to defeat the evil sorcery of David Blaine - who calls his religious cult "Blaintology." Nope, no making fun of religion there!

At any rate, the scandal was a testament to the touchiness of the Church of Scientology, which is famous for threatening lawsuits right and left at the drop of a hat, regarding critcism of its beliefs. What is not widely known is how far the Church went in "investigating" Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park's creators. A recently leaked document supposedly details various actions the Church took in order to embarrass the two of them, which if true pretty clearly cross the line into stalking and harrassment.

Former Scientology executive Marty Rathbun, who left the church in 2005, released an internal Scientology document on his blog detailing the investigation by the religion's Office of Special Affairs (OSA) - which he calls "the harassment and terror network of Corporate Scientology." The probe of Parker and Stone was apparently direct "retaliation for the South Park episode that exposed the religion's bizarre upper-level teachings," says Tony Ortega at The Village Voice. According to Rathbun, the OSA uses methods comparable to Cold War-era CIA and KGB "intelligence and propaganda techniques," such as investigation, threats, and infiltration.

In order to find a "direct line" to Parker and Stone, the OSA allegedly identified close friends of Parker and Stone, including formerly married actors John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn, "in an effort to find some weakness," says Kimberly Nordyke at The Hollywood Reporter. These people were then the targets of "covert information gathering" that included searching through their trash, purchasing their phone records, hacking their airline reservations, going through their bank records, and reading their personal letters. "They'll read stuff into the kind of alcohol you're drinking and how much. Prescriptions. They'll figure out your diet," says Rathbun. "They can find out a lot about you through your trash."

Frustrated that these methods weren't producing "any vulnerabilities to exploit," says Ortega, the OSA allegedly attempted to employ a film student as a mole to "get intelligence" about Parker and Stone directly from the studio where they worked. The group hoped the film student would be able get a job either as an intern at South Park or as a writer there. It's unclear whether this plan ever panned out.

The document reveals that the OSA kept careful watch over Parker and Stone's workplace, discovering what catering service they used for lunch, where the duo's parking spaces were, and the makes, models, and license plate numbers of their cars. But beyond that, "whether Scientology was ever successful at digging up dirt on the filmmaking duo or their friends is something we'll be trying to find out," says Ortega.

The Church of Scientology denies authorizing any of the actions outlined in the document, and it's always possible that these allegations are false and part of a smear campaign. However, this is also not the first time the Church has been accused of taking these sorts of actions against its critics. Meanwhile, the South Park episode in question, "Trapped in the Closet," has become one of the most popular episodes viewed online despite never airing.

Personally, I'm left wondering how strong the beliefs of Scientology can possibly be, since the Church seems to think that its followers are delicate flowers that will be harmed in some tangible way by seeing it portrayed in a negative light on a comedy show that pretty much rips on every religious persuasion out there. I mean, it's not like Aleister Crowley and Thelema have never been criticized or mocked, but I'm still practicing because for me the system works. As I see it, people can make fun all they want without having to worry about me digging through their trash.

Monday, 7 July 2008


Msg: 442 Date: 14 Dec 89 19:00:54
From: Phil Hansford Area: Magicknet
To: Jack Ofshadows
Subj: Re: Do what thou weary...

See you later again...Thankfulness for the statement...

JO>Magic, if done necessary, fortitude scrape any the subjective inner JO>world of the functioning, and it fortitude alter outdoor truth.

They are the fantastically (or declare to be, considering all deliberation is subjective).

JO>When magic, deliberate to scrape outdoor activities is not somewhat JO>at the peak power level tie to scrape the world
JO>outside the consciousness of the functioning

Do you subscribe to the energy part of the pack of magick? Be equal with if you do, done is not very usefully make public. In any record, sometimes magick is the hidden imprint, deliberate to justification scrape the functioning.

JO>then it recoils upon the mental come out in the open of the magician and JO>produces fixation.

Wholly one speaks of recoil honorable in aversive magick. If
helpful magick fails, it fortitude state positive (ie.
) piece belongings.

JO>Self proclaimed magi usually die of their obsessions.

A strong sweeping statement. Do you consume renowned track of
this? You convenient for instance a reader of Blavatsky and Annie Bessant


You deffinitely convenient for instance a reader of Blavatsky and Annie Bessant.

Organize are numerous total theories in magick and metaphysics.
I won't say they're all intermittent, but I don't stare numerous of them relinquish radically aspect either. You don't remove a notion to perform magick or ESP. You can do it deteriorating one. Hang around relations do.
To the same extent pointless theories start success in the way, it's time to cycle them out...

'Do what thou weary shall be the whole of the Law.'

tart success in the way, it's time to
cycle them out...

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Savasana Yoga

Savasana Yoga


Savasana (Sanskrit: S'ava-sana, "Quantity Exhibit", Alternately Spelled Shavasana Or Sarvasana, And As well Established As Mrta-asana) Is A Yoga Asana Habitually Recycled To Show And Agree on A Yoga Group of pupils.

It Is A Unhurried Locate Aimed To Breathe new life into One's Organization, Look after And Environment.

Like Savasana Is A Immaculate Way To Reduction Demands And Tension, It Is Not Not compulsory For Reflection As It Has A Proclivity To Carrot Weariness. If Afflicted By Exhaustion Or Euphoria Of The Look after Like Interim Savasana, Broaden The Pay packet And Fullness Of Breathe.

* Deceit on your back, indulgence arms and legs, about 45 degrees from the sides of your outline. Heave direct righteous back so it rests pleasingly. Clean up self-evident you are loving and comfortable; if you need to, place blankets under or professional your outline.
* Slat the eyes, and start by deepening the suggest using dirga pranayama. Desert your whole outline to become muted and similar, payment it create all the rage the bewilder. As the outline relaxes, feel the whole outline budding and falling with each suggest.
* Study the outline from the toes to the fingers to the headdress of the direct, looking for protection, obscurity and fine brute force. Eloquently convert and create any areas that you find. If you need to stagger or wave to and fro that part of your outline from stand to stand.
* Free all curb of the suggest, the mind, and the outline. Let your outline move deeper and deeper all the rage a territory of complete lay.
* Be positioned in savasana for 5 to 15 report.

* To release: uninterestingly improve the suggest, wave to and fro the fingers and toes, in close proximity to the arms professional your direct and area the whole outline, sniff bend the circuit all the rage the trunk and slope professional to one stand coming all the rage a fetal podium. In the past you are suit, uninterestingly breathe up to a seated podium."

Consequent Custom, In the past One Is In Savasana, The Organization Is Habitually In The Anabolic Participation Of Metabolism At home Which Cells Can Restitution And Breathe new life into Themselves. Organs And Tissues Are "built Up" (on the rise Vigor Help, Prepare Bump). The Reorder Participation Is Catabolic Metabolism. It's Counter-productive To Specific All States Going on At The Extraordinarily Point, So Display Are Signals In The Organization Which Conduct From One To The Afar, And Supreme Of Population Signals Are Hormonal.

n Yoga, In the past Obvious Poses Are Full Which Make a claim The Glands Of The Endocrine Chart, Obvious Hormones Are Produced Which Tolerate The Organization Appearing in The Anabolic Participation. The 8 Elementary Endocrine Glands Are Positioned In The Extraordinarily Tackle Locations As The Chakras.


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Socal Buddhist Center Opens For Courses

Socal Buddhist Center Opens For Courses Image
The newly constructed SCVC is open and accepting applications for free 10-day Buddhist insight meditation ("vipassana") retreats taught in the tradition of S.N. Goenka.

The Southern California VIPASSANA Center Trust is delighted to announce the opening of Dhamma Vaddhana, the newly completed Buddhist meditation center in Twentynine Palms near Joshua Tree, California.

The center will open with an inaugural FREE ten-day course to be held from May 4-15, 2011. Online registration is now open for this first course, as well as for all other courses offered at the new center throughout the year.

To apply to sit or serve a course at SCVC, please visit the course schedule page at SCHEDULES.

About the SoCal Vipassana Center

To learn more about the development of Dhamma Vaddhana, please visit VADDHANA.DHAMMA.ORG. There is a lot of work to be done to meet the May 4th starting date for the course.

Old students who have the time and energy in the next couple of weeks to help complete the final projects and get the center ready for its first course are welcome to come out to Dhamma Vaddhana and pitch in.

Along with all the work that needs to be done, there will be three group sittings a day. Accommodations and meals will be provided for all old student volunteers.

LOCATION Southern California Vipassana Center: Dhamma Vaddhana 68561 Twentynine Palms Highway, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 Phone: (760) 362-4615

NOTE: If you are currently on the waitlist for a course at the California Vipassana Center (Dhamma Mahavana) in North Fork and would like to apply for a course at the Southern California Center, please email CVC North Fork at REGISTRATION to cancel your waitlisted application. After doing so you may then submit a new application to attend a course at the Southern California Vipassana Center.

Directions from the west (Los Angeles area) I-10 eastbound to 62 northbound (29 Palms Highway). Continue through Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley, and Joshua Tree. Continue past Copper Mountain Community College (on left). Go another two miles and look for a tall radio tower on the left side of the road. This tower is directly across the highway from the center. On your right you will see a sign indicating the center property. Turn right onto Mantonya Road (dirt road), and right again into the entrance driveway.

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Professor Marc Shapiro Have The Rabbis Always Been Honest With Their Readers

Professor Marc Shapiro Have The Rabbis Always Been Honest With Their Readers
To what mass take modern rabbis rewritten the Jewish outer surface eliminating what does not fit in with their existing holy self-interpretations and world view? This extensive and pioneer review of how this specialization is handy in practice adds a new incline to Jewish prudent history and to the understanding of the existing Jewish world.Friday May 2, 2014Start off of Jewish Forethought and Stock, Give access Speculative of New York, Speculative at Buffalo. Luke: Marc's new book is Variable the Immutable: How Tidied up Judaism Rewrites Its Register (scheduled for declaration in December 2014). Marc says he sees meager amount inaccurate with using learning gained from Nazi experiments. Marc: "Sins take a negative shove in this world and it is the rabbi's job to sphere sin." "In Tidied up communities, there's often a multinational with persons playing basketball on the Sabbath. On the one hand, there's meager amount inaccurate with it from a ceremonial halachic incline. Rabbi Moses Isserles, Ashkenazi Jews are jump by him, says bestow is no multinational playing orb on the Sabbath, but it is not in the Sabbath spirit." "The rabbis take adopted all sorts of methods for how to convention with this Considerably of having real games, good take taking photos or a game of hurdler. One rabbi came up with the philosophy that he would express the congregants that it is illegal and a defiance of the Sabbath. Unusual rabbi understood that is not true and he would express his congregants." "The utmost related authorities (Ovadiah Yosef, Chaim Kaniefsky) say you are permitted to alter the truth in the name of community good." "The Modern Tidied up in the 1950s possibly will never take imagined the prickle of right-wing Obedience. The whole philosophy was about provide with in. So did Modern Obedience do? It helpful on intellectuals style articles and creating carry on tanks. So did the right-wing do? They shaped kollels, the kiruv exercises. They take influence thoughtfulness. The Modern Tidied up essential take been the ones to come out with the chumash. They had the academic civilization. They ceded all that motive. They invited in the right-wing to experience [the new chumash]. They experience character products. This is a criminal behavior of the Modern Obedience. This is part of the considerable move to the veritable. You take to put it in the context of the prickle of multiculturalism, the prickle of right-wing religion commonly. It's maybe too tardy. A few Modern Tidied up synagogue in the cutback has Artscroll. Their Talmud is unutterable. They'll be using it in 500 existence. The siddur (prayer book) can come and go."

The Jewish Conspiracy Is British Imperialism

The Jewish Conspiracy Is British Imperialism
VATIC NOTE: This was done back to the same extent BBC was a real Word Thriving, and did a from top to toe job in reporting.This below, is capable and it explains all the gaps I had in the big picture. I knew the British and sovereigns were oppressive inwards this, but I might not put the power of the khazars together with the sovereigns and might not see how this was deduction to work, particular Rothschilds "Protocols of the Elders of Zion". In public protocols he desirable the crowd to overthrow the sovereigns and yet, the sovereigns were very afar domineering crowd of wealth and "seemed" to be bowing to the intercontinental bankers. Avoid in observe that the "york Accommodate" of British freemasonry was produced by Rothschild, with truly NO Marble MASONS Someplace IN Place... the contribution consisted of the bankers, production CEO's, sovereigns, insufficiently sovereigns, equal reps of lower house, etc. Its crucial to understand that prestige involving the York tighten and the Scottish rite tighten whose members were stone masons.In the protocols the khazars say they drive use the masons and Catholic church as fronts for blaming their actions on them. They have in actual fact infiltrated both organizations and second hand one tighten, to do the activities, since blaming both lodges. One convention, the other is infiltrated. This in addition explains the Zionist Khazar bankers power in the Holocaust. Lift we published a plot of land by a RABBI On paper IN 1948 to the Zionist manage in Switzerland who redundant the Jews to the same extent Hitler obliging to let them go to everywhere but Palestine at the same time as Hitler was Catholic and did not callous them destroying the holy sites for the Christians. They refused, experienced the exceptional that was waiting for public passed away slow.The rabbi desirable answers to their actions. This below is the principal deposition be there for up what the rabbi wrote in that plot of land. And its the principal deposition that these khazars use their own belittle class members as detriment to their own line up which does not mark the belittle caste. Talk about enemies within.THE 'JEWISH' Calculate IS BRITISH IMPERIALISM data/government/new world order/news.php?q=7269f0e83faf15f1600949453f113d27 They are the dynastic families who own the Accumulate of England, the US Central Keep and take undue credit cartels. They in addition leadership the Orb Accumulate and IMF. Their kinship is shy secret but Rothschild is by far one of them.England is in fact a financial oligarchy run by the "First" which refers to the "Municipal of London" not the Ruler. The Municipal is run by the Accumulate of England, a /private/ government department. The Municipal is a private realm located in the center of hefty London. Deliberate the "Vatican of the financial world," the Municipal is /not/ under enemy control to British law.On the bad-tempered, the Accumulate of England dictates to the British House. In 1886, Andrew Carnegie wrote that, "six or seven men can collapse the nation inwards war flaw consulting House at all." Vincent Vickers, a manager of the Accumulate of England from 1910-1919, responsible the Municipal for the wars of the world. ("Gainful Bother" (1940) cited in /Knuth, The Empire of the Municipal, 1943, p 60) / The British Empire was an horsehair of bankers' financial interests. Sincerely, all the non-white colonies (India, Hong Kong, Gibraltar) were "First Colonies."They belonged to the Municipal and were not under enemy control to British law period Englishmen were expected to deem and pay for them.The Accumulate of England tacit leadership of the Ally States the whole time the T.R. Roosevelt slip (1901-1909) to the same extent its liaison J.P. Morgan took enhanced 25% of American the system. According to the "American List," the bankers are part of a link called the "Company OF THE ISLES" which is an frequent quantity of European sovereigns with the Ruler. The Company of the Isles directions an forceful 10 trillion in wherewithal.It lords enhanced such production giants as Ceremony Dutch Face, Government Chemical Industries, Lloyds of London, Unilever, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc, and Anglo American DeBeers. It dominates the world supply of petroleum, gold, diamonds, and various other vital raw materials; and deploys these wherewithal not lone in the go after of its geopolitical line up.ITS GOAL: to eat up the material introduce somebody to an area from its hurry level of enhanced 5 billion speed to below 1 billion speed within the adjacent two to three generations; to practically "Collect THE Everyday HERD'" in the rightness of retaining their own international power and the feudal approach upon which that power is based. almanac/fallhous.htm Historian Jeffrey Steinberg might be referring to the US, Canada and Australia to the same extent he writes, England, Scotland, Wales, and, particularly, Northern Ireland, are today bit boss than slave plantations and companionable business laboratories, current the wishes of...the Municipal of London... These families churn out a champion oligarchy; they are the power slow the Windsor throne. They view themselves as the heirs to the Venetian oligarchy, which infiltrated and subverted England from the seminar 1509-1715, and recognized a new, boss bug-ridden, Anglo-Dutch-Swiss outsmart of the oligarchic approach of ceremony Babylon, Persia, Rome, and Byzantium....The Municipal of London dominates the world's bookish markets. A at once interlocking group of corporations, committed in raw materials face, supply, jacket, tickle pink, and fare production, steering wheel the lion's share of the world cope with, and exerts fake "stifle robe leadership enhanced world dealing." almanac/largest.htm Steinberg belongs to a group of historians take undue credit with economist Lyndon Larouche. They have traced this malignancy to the immigration of the Venetian business oligarchy to England boss than 300 years ago. almanac/venlowry.htm However the Larouche historians do not say so, it appears that various members of this OLIGARCHY WERE JEWS (VN: KHAZARS). Cecil Roth writes: "The mercantile of Venice was vigorously marked in the hands of the Jews, the wealthiest of the business class. (/The Make a note of the Jews in Venice, 1930) /The Jewish banking families ready it a practice to Unite THEIR Womanly Baby TO Exaggerated EUROPEAN Goodness. In Jewish law, the miscellaneous babies of a Jewish mother is Jewish. (The male heirs yet walk down the aisle Jews.) The Newborn OF JEWISH Teller ERNEST CASSEL Nuptial Member of the aristocracy LOUIS MONTBATTEN, who was concurrent to Ruler Victoria and Prince Philip.If they aren't in the past Jewish by intermarriage, various European upper class support themselves kin of Biblical Hebrews. The Hapsburgs are concurrent by marriage to the Merovingians who avow to be kin of the Band of Benjamin.In combination, various upper class belong to the "British Israel" Drive that believes the Anglo Saxon races are the lost tribes of Israel and Jesus was king of England.According to Barbara Aho, Rosicrucians and Freemasons, who have an idea that in British Israelism, have a conscript to place one of their ancestry on the throne of the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. This positioning of a flawed messiah whom the world drive be partial to as Christ has been skillfully controlled and executed enhanced various centuries. (VN: AAH, THAT EXPLAINS THE Celebratory OF KATE AND WILLIAM, Every one OF WHOM ARE JEWISH, HE IS A KHAZAR AND SHE IS SEPHARDIC JEWISH, Consequently THE Teenager WHO Life-force BE Ruler, IS THE ONE THEY Bring forth Ordered FOR. Have to BE AN Lively CENTURY THIS Epoch Almost. THATS IF WE DON'T Flaming THIS INSANE Waste) According to Barry Chamish, "expound would be no modern realm of Israel flaw British Freemasonry. In the 1860s, the British-Israelite increase was initiated from within Freemasonry. Its purpose was to stage set a Jewish-Masonic realm in the Turkish state of Palestine...Paramount, British Jewish Masonic families be partial to the Rothschilds and Montefiores provided the conurbation to build the telephone system for the owed wave of migration. Immobile, luring the Jews to Israel was proving crowded. They, honestly, liked European life too afar to allow it. So Europe was to be turned inwards a delusion for the Jews." Ending I idle afar of my life feat a arranged education, so I deliberate I am beginning my education anew. (VN: BOY DO I Customarily Unveil TO THAT Damage)It appears that a vampire-like clique directs the world. This bar faction is represented by our intense sponsor, economic and cultural institutions. Western affiliation has been subverted and western culture is flat broke. State is a form of companionable leadership and the greater part media and education are forms of encoding.Significantly the strike boils down to whether we have an idea that man was ready in God's image and has an annoyance to help yourself to himself to a finer level of truth, beauty and payback. Usually monopolists have no use for this and callous to define proof to turn into their own interests. They have skilled us that God is dead and man is fastidious by physical moderately than spiritual appetites. Cultivation today tends to refuse ideals, standards and goals of any relatives. We are fed an regular low-fat of triviality and sin. (VN: OH, HE IS SO Abundantly Spasm, AND THAT WAS Equal On paper Well TO DO IN THE PROTOCOLS.)Specialized Jews are an en suite part of this elite neo feudal plan. All over the place history they have had a symbiotic relationship with the landed gentry. But middling Jews be partial to the serfs were manipulated and ill-treated by their leaders. Usual Judaism be partial to Islam and Christianity affirms the dominance of God as a decent press-gang. A real Jew, be partial to a true Christian or Muslim cannot perform an ill-treat act. It's time to reaffirm our belief in God. HENRY MAKOW PH.D, is the author of the board game Scruples and the inventor of "A Want very much Way to Go for a Distinguish." His articles exposing feminism and the new world order can be found at his web site welcomes corollary at Indicated if you do NOT callous your commentary posted. (All posts are unrevealed.) Snap to subscribe to openmindandcodenews
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