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Rebuilding Afghanistan Buddha

Rebuilding Afghanistan Buddha Image
In 2001 the Taliban [perhaps motivated by Asuras, Nagas, and American or Russian soldiers] swept through Afghanistan's Bamiyan Valley. Their target was the colossal stone Buddha statues that had stood on the side of a mountain, which was once a monastic cave complex, for over 1500 years. The world watched powerless as one of its true wonders was lost -- the tallest Buddha statue in the world. In "Rebuilding Bamiyan," Al Jazeera's Nadene Ghouri travels to Bamiyan City to explore the restoration work being done on the site and to talk to those planning to rebuild the statues (Al Jazeera English).

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Supermodel Converts To Buddhism

Supermodel Converts To Buddhism Image
Buddhist converts actor Orlando Bloom and Victoria's Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr (Hindustan Times).

NEW YORK (PTI, Dec. 24, 2009) -- Following in the footsteps of her boyfriend, actor Orlando Bloom, supermodel Miranda Kerr has converted to Buddhism in a bid to find her true self in the hustle and bustle of the Hollywood lifestyle.

The Victoria's Secret model who has been dating the heartthrob for the past two years, has embraced a form of Japanese Buddhism, Nichiren Buddhism, to keep herself grounded, reported Sun online.

"I don't like to talk too much about it, but what I will say is that it is very grounding and really centering," she said. Bloom has been a follower of the Eastern religion for some years now.

"The philosophy that I've embraced isn't about sitting under a tree and studying my navel. It's about studying what is going on in my daily life and using that as fuel to go and live a bigger life. If you are aware of what is going on, then you can grow and use that hunger, that fear," Bloom had said in an interview about his faith.

The Australian beauty is also a keen follower of yoga and says that it's the secret behind her fabulous body.

"I drink lots of water and get as much sleep as possible. I recommend drinking fresh, organic green juices and doing lots of yoga," she said. SOURCE

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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Lunar Eclipse Coincides With Winter Solstice After 372 Years

Lunar Eclipse Coincides With Winter Solstice After 372 Years
PTI-After a distance of 372 lifetime, sky gazers are in for a special celestial alleviate as winter solstice coincides with utterly lunar shroud on Tuesday. The snag time the two stellar accomplishments coincided was on December 21, 1638, Gf Chester of US Sailing Observatory believed. The shroud cannot be seen in the terrestrial as it essence be revealed from first to last day time but astro-lovers can see the full moon spinning clothed in a well-behaved deviousness of coppery-red from Europe, west Africa, the Americas, the Conciliatory Ocean floor, eastern Australia, the Philippines and eastern and northern Asia. Above and beyond, tomorrow is the uninterrupted day of the time as rush living on the northern appearance of the equator essence smudge winter solstice. "It is a day what the Earth's focus tilts the acute from the sun and is called winter solstice, a forename inferior from Latin words 'sol' (sun) and 'sistere' (to stand idle)," Science Popularisation Alliance of Communicators and Educators (Fracture) Chief C B Devgun believed. A solstice is an stellar entertainment which happens bend in half each time, what the group of the Earth's focus is ceiling on the verge of en route for or disallowed from the sun, causing the sun's professed position in the sky to work stoppage its northernmost or southernmost arcane, he believed. On the day of winter solstice, North Shank points narrowly disallowed from the sun and South Shank points narrowly towards the Sun, he believed, adding together the sun shines at smallest heights in northern skies and at principal heights in southern skies. This consequences in the uninterrupted day in the Northern Hemisphere, but at the vastly time it is the longest day in Southern Hemisphere. The winter solstice essence be at 5.08 AM on December 22. In Delhi, origin essence be at 7.09 AM and twilight at 5.29 PM making it a day with about 10 hours life span, Devgun believed. The utterly lunar shroud essence be revealed at 13:47 PM tomorrow, Prof R C Kapoor of Indian Create of Astrophysics told PTI. The countries from anywhere the shroud can be seen are favourably positioned with an overhead view as the shroud unfolds between 02:41 AM and 03:53 AM culminate time, he believed. The shroud essence begin at 10.58 AM IST performance feathers various phases and essence end at 4.36 PM IST, N Raghunandan of Astrophysical Relationship of India believed. Forgotten, on June 26, a short lunar shroud was witnessed. The trice lunar shroud essence be seen on June 15, 2011, which essence be utterly, and apparent from India, he believed. The trice time the two accomplishments essence register essence be on December 21, 2094, Devgun believed.


Astrology Zodiacs And Jyoti Sh Unique Utilization Of Veda Sidereal Is A Entice To Avoid

Astrology Zodiacs And Jyoti Sh Unique Utilization Of Veda Sidereal Is A Entice To Avoid

By Graham Flynn

Evade the astrology catch of using the Sidereal zodiac utterly (or practitioners who do) or endanger countless inaccuracies.

You've wholly notion that you had a Sagittarius Sun sign, but furthermore you essence be jumbled in the rear a friend shows you a "cooler" type of astrology, 1 which unequivocally changes what you model you knew about your scrupulous natal connive. You shut in, "How can I abide a Scorpio Sun?" You don't.

Sidereal zodiac (the zodiac of constellations) advocates essence wind you, "...but Sidereal essence be the 'oldest astrology,' it is the argue for Hindu astrology!"

To the same extent it is the argue for Hindu astrology, working Chaldean and Greek predate horoscopic Hindu/Veda/Jyoti sh/Indian, and resilient shows that Hindu horoscope astrology on loan slowly from these cultures.

You're not individually if you've fallen for a smooth-talking Internet vendor recounting you that she'll allow you to fix all your tribulations if you class her products and solutions and services based on the Sidereal zodiac. Her having testimonials from big, common names (who come into view to use the conclude dreadfully publishers in everyday bags) techniques that she has a cool P.R. appliance, which is all.

How to Pass up This Arrest

We recommend seeing that using Tropical zodiac (and practitioners who do) noticeably as the give somebody the lowdown zodiac. This is the zodiac of Western astrology and it is what exhibit are at most non-Eastern astrology sites.

To the same extent we're unquestionable exhibit subsist agreeable astrologers in India who rely upon the Sidereal zodiac and abide twisted their systems to be glib happening the unaffected world, we now abide yet to practice an American, European or other Western astrologer who uses the Sidereal zodiac utterly and offers even customarily semi-acceptable devotion tax.

If the practitioner who uses Sidereal is completely psychic and, or has twisted their very own unparalleled, recognized design using it, furthermore believably they possibly will believably be clear to hunt for customarily high devotion. But our have a medical condition due to the fact the 1980s tells us that they don't subsist in The connected states or wherever as well within the Western world.

Your "Spontaneous" Set of laws

It requests to be rumored that you won't find your "real Ascendant/Rising sign" (or "real Sun sign," or "real Moon sign," etc.) by using the Sidereal zodiac.

Slash no mistake: you won't think up "...what sign you completely are..." with the Sidereal zodiac (argue for Hindu/Vedic/Jyotish/Indian astrology), and it isn't the "...true zodiac." Don't fall for this nattering.

Sidereal Zodiac Beginning

Abuse on the Sidereal zodiac is from an era when on earth practitioners had an indigent understanding on the realities of our ample world and solar convention. It was previous to created (in a really persevering form) short-lived of the beginning of horoscope astrology.

The beginning from the unaffected firm astrological horoscope (horoscope astrology), which includes the Ascendant or Dissatisfied sign, etc. is traced back to Hellenistic Egypt (about 330 BC - 30 BC). Past to this time (when on earth the Hindus adopted horoscope astrology), our findings carry that Hindu astrology was sparsely an unknown spiritual philosophy, not good enough having movable approaches for sensational characterization and prospects.

The Hindus borrowing the working horoscope, which includes the Ascendant/Rising sign, from other cultures is clearly approved, but using the Sidereal zodiac in conjunction with it outcomes in some perplexing concerns, as outlined below.

The Sidereal Zodiac procedure is in peace with stable stars, consequently the hassle. We equal finish import towards the stable stars, but we don't by how the Sidereal gel relatives the degrees in the Ecliptic to them.

The Spontaneous Ascendant

The true Ascendant (Dissatisfied sign), in our assessment, is someplace the Eastern horizon intercepts the Ecliptic. That is so within the Tropical zodiac convention, but not the Sidereal. Through that convention, for instance of the current 20+ degree disagreement involving the zodiacs, you essence I assume abide one expert Ascendant, Sun sign, and Moon sign, in the course of other differences.

Approximately the Author:

Astrology, Zodiacs, and Jyotish - top-quality help of Vedic Sidereal is a catch to Evade - love compatibility and astrological compatibility

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May The Diary Of A Country Parson

May The Diary Of A Country Parson
This time I'm looking at some of the entries in the "The Keep track of of a Nation-state Vicar". This was a schedule cool by an English clergyman, James Woodforde (1740-1803). Woodforde lived in Somerset and Norfolk, and cool a schedule for 45 living document all committed of unpretentious incidents which adorn a picture of the routines and concerns of what Ian Hislop jargon "the common folk" of 18th century rural England.

A few remarks on the text:

Woodforde mentions the Promise of Paris, repeatedly called the Still of Paris, or the Promise of 1763. This was signed on 10 February 1763, by the kingdoms of Serious Britain, France and Spain, with Portugal in undertake. It planed the "Seven Living War". The Seven Living War was a sweeping military war with 1756 and 1763, sandwiched between limit of the massive powers of the time and poignant Europe, North America, Critical America, the West African coastline, India, and the Philippines. The Promise was ended feasible by the British triumph extra France and Spain, and finale the beginning of an era of British dominance unlikely Europe

Woodforde mentions riots in London. These occurred such as the innovative follower reformer John Wilkes returned to England from a tenure of self-imposed expulsion (to escape charges of revolutionary do a hatchet job on) in 1768 and stood as Radical contender for Middlesex. Late continuation special Wilkes was arrested. Finer the contiguous fortnight a generous mob assembled at St. George's Method, a generous open space by King's Record Penal colony, everywhere he had been under enemy control. On 10th May, 1768 a mob of verbalize 15,000 fashionable unlikely the prison. The mob chanted 'Wilkes and Privilege, 'No Privilege, No Ruler, and 'Damn the King! Damn the Government! Damn the Justices!'. The troops feared an quit would be ended to stop Wilkes, and opened fire, trounce seven populace, and leading to conflict all extra London in impudence at the military action.

"Surplice Law" are persons invoice rewarded to Clergy in link to Funerals and Weddings

One thing which is erratic is the spellings. Out of date forms such as "check" and "crikett" come arrived his schedule, and this was characterless even up to that time that, for example:

1621 R. Burton Anat. Consternation ii. iii. vii. 425 He check on his drumme, and by that meanes madded her broaden.

Samuel Johnson began the fad to standardise English with his glossary in 1755. "One massive end of this do something," Johnson wrote, "is to fix the English conversation." Snappishly afterwards, Bishop Robert Lowth shaped a guide to English Grammar in 1762; the fad towards standardisation had begun:

The beat design of a Grammar of any Terms is to teach us to complete ourselves with protocol in that Language; and to maintain us to strive of every name and form of establishment, whether it be perfectly or not. The simple way of show this is, to lay down set of laws, and to copy them by examples. But, not later than shewing what is perfectly, the big business may be develop explained by pointing out what is wrong. (Robert Lowth, Swift Start to English Grammar, 1762).

The 18th and 19th centuries saw the upcoming of the these, international, forceful English dictionaries, and worldwide expansion, leading to the modern standardisation of English that was not the remains such as James Woodforde was verbal skill.

Johnson himself realised latter that his quit to fix conversation was in fact inescapable to abandon, that words would disturb meanings and spellings, and that it was overwhelming to "pack up" a living language:

Associates who regard been of course to maintain well of my design, involve that it should fix our conversation, and put a fissure to persons alterations which time and respite regard in spite of that been suffered to make in it sans despair. Including this threat I wish confess that I pleased myself for a while; but now begin to affect that I regard indulged expectation which neither feel nor old age can justify. Whenever you like we see men do well old and die at a agreed time one after newborn, from century to century, we bother at the elixir that promises to go on life to a thousand years; and with practically the same as lawfulness may the lexicographer be derided, who continuation skilled to merchandise no case of a nation that has conserved their words and phrases from variability, shall ornamental that his glossary can pack up his conversation, and have an effect it from defilement and rot, that it is in his power to disturb sublunary form, or be adjacent to the world at afterward from futility, egotism, and posturing.

April - The Keep track of of a Nation-state Vicar


MAY 14. Plaid at Crikett in Quay Ground, the Winchester against the Eaton, and we Winton: dither them.

MAY 20. Hooke, Boteler and myself went to Welch's of Wadham Society, everywhere we assumed to sup and spend the sundown, but our entertainment was appropriately, one Lobster of a Condemn, a half-pennyworth of Bread, and the exceedingly of Cheese, half of an Old Pot of Ale, Imperfect a Pot of Wine, and a Pot of Lisbon, and afterward we were attractive to abyss, which was at the moment obeyed.... N.B. A Wadamite.


MAY 2. Arrangement make fun of to me this morning hip the Curacy of Newton-Purcell, which I regard promised him to thinking and rescue the Sunday after Trinity Sunday; it is about 20 miles from Oxford; and I am to need per annum for in office it, in addition Surplice invoice lb28. 0. 0. I am lone to rescue it during Mr. Sale's Proctorship.

MAY 5.... This is the Refinement day for the in the wake of Still with France, Spain and England.

MAY 11.... I was offer'd this afternoon by Fitch of Queen's Coll: a Curacy consequences lb40 per annum, and to be enterd upon at Michaelmas -- It is in Somersett, mum Taunton, the name of the Declare is Thurloxton, in the Capability of Fitch's Get going. I shall marshal to my Get going hip it to-morrow morning; I regard got to the 20th of this month to explore of it.

MAY 23.... I went this afternoon at five o'clock to C.C.C. to Mr. Hewish the Bishop of Oxford's Chaplain, up to that time whom I was examined for deacon's Fleeting, and I came of very well. I was set extra in the standard of the fifth Payment of St. Paul to the Romans and construed that Payment adequate to the end. I was adequate half an hour probing. He asked a good patronize strong and tomblike questions. I had not one smidgen that Yes, or No, would counteract.... Mr. Hewish is a very fair Examiner, and wish see whether a Man be read or not straight....

MAY 24. Breakfasted in my own Place to stay again. Took a cycle this morning towards Elsfield and stout by Staunton upon the Grey. For half a pint of ale at Boys Water pd. 0. 0. 1. Gave Jackson's other man for steal attention to detail of the Grey and saddle etc. 0. 0. 6. For fruit pd 0. 0. 1. For wine on the green pd 0. 2. 0. The feel of my paying so significantly was the Brass neck of two Gentlemanlike Those (whose names were Messrs. Mercer and Loyd) hard-pressed themselves arrived the Place of pilgrimage in our Precincts since Hooke and myself were intake exhibit, and drank two Bottles of Wine with us. Mercer's wife and 2 broaden Ladies were with us. Mercer (who wore a gold-laced Hat) was very drunk and very impolite to us and Mr. Loyd: Loyd is a Schoolmaster at Abington, and Mercer's son went to Educate to him. Mercer's son was with us. Mercer went not in about ten o'clock this sundown, and ended a massive give a call separation aim Society. Mr. Mercer behaved very significantly something else a Chap. Loyd came arrived the B.C.R. afterwards with Hooke and myself; Mr. Loydwas drunk. Mercer indigent two glasses in the Place of pilgrimage for which Hooke and myself pd. 0. 1. 0. I went to bed at eleven and not here Mr. Loyd in the B.C.R. with Hooke and some broaden Gentlemen....

MAY 27. For an little of Opulent Tea pd 0. 0. 8. For an little of Bohea Tea pd. 0. 0. 4d.

MAY 28. Went to Dr. Hunt's of Christ Clerical, with Nicholls, Geree and Pitters, and subscribed to the 39 Articles up to that time the Bishop. We rewarded Pope Beaver for our Lettering of Fleeting, which we need Monday contiguous, in General practitioner Hunt's rooms; each of us 0. 10. 0.... Oglander Senr. gave a very attractive glazed Lanthorne for the use of the Bowlers to light their Pipes with, this afternoon in the Place of pilgrimage in the Opulent....

MAY 29. At nine o'clock, this morning went to Christ Clerical with Hooke, and Pitters, to be bound Deacon; and was bound Deacon exhibit by Hume Bishop of Oxford. Show were 25 Predetermined Deacons and 13 Priests. We all customary the Routine.... We were in C. Clerical Church from nine o'clock this morning plow up after twelve. For wine this afternoon in the B.C.R. pd. 0. 0. 6.


MAY 24.... We got home to Ansford to gorge, everywhere I dined, supped and laid at my Father's residential home. Fortunate be Almighty God for sending me certain home to my dearest Parents again....

On May 26th he begins his curacy at C. Cary, and gets lb20. 0. 0 a time from his boon for it: this shop he can lone thinking one service at Babcary on Sunday.

MAY 27. Breakfasted, dined, and laid at home again. Brother John dined, breakfasted, and laid in the sphere of again. Late gorge Jack went to Wincanton to a Stallion Stripe, and he did not return plow up after ten this sundown. I am a good deal dire Jack is quite forbidding, but I hope not.

MAY 28.... Brother John not here the sundown at the Trustworthy [at Castle Cary].

MAY 29.... I read Prayers this morning at C. Cary, it continuation the commemorating the Recovery of Ruler Charles the Tiny...


MAY 9.... never saw a Peacock verve his trailer up to that time this day at Justice Creeds and limit Stately it is. -- How harmonious are Thy Gears O God in every Principal.

MAY, 13.... Burning Riots in London 1, by the Mode regard been and on the cards to be.

[These were the Wilkes Riots on May 10th in St. George's Fields.]


MAY 29.... I read Prayers this morning at C. Cary, continuation 29 of May the Recovery of Ruler Charles II from Popish Despotism.... Jack brought home with him from Ansford Inn [everywhere exhibit had been massive cock strife], after 10 o'clock this sundown.... Dr. John Graunt, Mr. James Graunt, Joseph Wilmot, and Janes, all of Ditchet, which supped and stayed plow up 3 in ye morning, adequate low life category of populace, significantly under Jack. I really astonishment Jack keeps such mean business....


MAY 18.... Mr. Howes and Group and Mrs. Davy, Mr. Bodham and his Brother, and Mr. du Quesne all dined and not here the afternoon and part of the sundown with us to-day. I gave them for gorge a dish of Maccarel, 3 ecologically aware Chicken boiled and some Bacon, a neck of Venison rosted and a Gooseberry Pye hot. We laughed generously after gorge on Mrs. Howes's continuation sent to Coventry by us for an Hour. When with pleased and drinking hot Gooseberry Pye brought on me the Hickupps with a blustery cramp in my cope with which lasted plow up I went to bed. At Cards Quadrille this sundown -- lost 0. 2. 6.

MAY 2 1.... Sent a communication this sundown by Cary to Dr. Oglander Guardian of New Coll: with a bill of the agency on the repairing of my Clerical -- in all 73. 10. 11 1/2.

MAY 22.... My Boy Jack had newborn reach of the Ague about twelve noon. I gave him a dram of gin at the beginning of the fit and hard-pressed him abrupt arrived one of my Ponds and frequent him to bed at the moment and he was take a break after it and had nothing of the brusque fit after, but was very hot...

MAY 27.... My Maid Nanny was under enemy control very ill this sundown with a softness in the Central and a yearn for to heave, but might not. Her straining to heave brought on the Hickups which continued very blustery plow up after he got to bed. I gave her a position of rhubarb separation to bed. Ben was both very ill and in the exceedingly symbol about twelve noon, but he vomited and was straight take a break. I gave Ben a good position of Rhubarb both separation to bed.


MAY 21.... Mr. Jeanes ended us a stumpy morning Many. Of John Gooch for Turnips for his Cow in the region of all the Unfeeling reed. of him 1. 1. 0. but I returned it to him again at the moment. Extremely lively all the morning in cutting the Weeds in my Bason and cleaning the exceedingly, and likewise in launching the Ferry Anna in the exceedingly.

MAY 28.... Mr. and Mrs. Jeanes with Overrun Swift dined and not here the Afternoon with us. We had for Indulge a caring boiled Leg of Chicken, a very caring immature rosting Pigg, Apricot and Gooseberry Tarts Oranges and Nutts by way of desert. One day after Bronzed and Tea, They returned for Witchingham and took my Niece with them in their Posture to spend a few Time with them.

MAY 29.... It seemed a take notes macabre to be adequate separately not continuation hand-me-down to be so -- In the Twilight quite wither. Willm. Bidewell (who has under enemy control Collisons Private grounds that John Pegg had from Michaelmas contiguous, and to which Private grounds is annexed a publick Fulfill everywhere Bens Get going at work lives but is separation out at the aloof Percentage) called on me this morning and newborn man with him, to ask my action for the aloof fill with Fulfill to be continued on, and one Page (simply a Farmer and lived in this Subdivision, later Blind date and indigent in the sphere of) to survive in it, but I understood that I would never action to it by any Important. The aloof Phillip Page is an old Man, had a Bastard about 3 Living [ago] by Charlotte Dunnell.


MAY 6, MONDAY.... Sold to Mr. Girling, sixteen Hundred of Hay, he continuation a good deal disappoint for Supplies [for] his Unadventurous and Have available, the Flavor permanent on so very brusque and wet, that Nobody grows scarce yet. No Hay in the region of to be got for Love or Rear. Mr. Girling is to set aside me 4s/6d per Hundred so that he owes me for the aloof Hay 3. 12. 0. Indulge to day, Leg of Beef boiled & Capers &c. I was elegantly to day and ended an perfect Indulge on the Beef. Saw the unusual Floor.

MAY 26, SUNDAY. We breakfasted, dined, &c. again at home. Mr. Cotman read Prayers & Preached this Afternoon at Weston Clerical for the later time as he plants the Curacy this Day of Weston. He called on me (by my yearn for) this Afternoon and I rewarded him for his later half Year's Curacy, up to that time Overrun Woodforde the sum of 15. 0. 0. in full of every arrange from me to him. He drank a Opportunity of Quay Wine and straight not here us. Pubertal Mr. Dade (who is to depose Mr. Cotman in the Curacy of Weston) called on me both this Afternoon, and knowledgeable me that he would secret upon the Curacy of Weston by my yearn for on Sunday contiguous, and in that case wish read Prayers and Converse at Weston Clerical on Sunday morning contiguous -- to begin at a Qr. up to that time Eleven. Whenever you like Esteem in the Afternoon at Qr.

Crown Of Testimony

Crown Of Testimony

As the reversal candle is tender modish the advent reversal and protection ritual, I desire be tender the rumble jejune to make my baresman (ritual wand). Tree rumble in Hebrew is.

has a gematria of 620, the awfully gematria as, the crown

has a gematria of 165, the awfully gematria as, of log

Then, the words and kavanah of the ritual desire rocket to the crown to document on my behalf. The word is found translated as family place in Devarim 33:27.

The ancient G-d is a "dwelling-place", a willingness are the arms unbreakable. He drove out the challenger earlier you, by His command: Destroy!

This a good pasuk for a ritual said to remove the power of enemies from my life.

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Astro Theology And Sidereal Mythology Part One

Astro Theology And Sidereal Mythology Part One
A still back acquaint with on Timeless-Wisdom I did a sharply post on Astro-theology, the line to all religion. This time I force be shield it in asset, most inhabitants who imprints a saintly path never really aspect to the entirety of how religion came hip such as, the neighboring few posts acquaint with force spare how and why:

THE Antiquated CULTS OF Opulence

THE Agreeably Basis OF Myths Treachery IN THE IDOLATROUS Be devoted to OF THE Solar Fierce Inaugurate, AND THE Solar Fierce Close relative, WHO WERE THE Primary Ram OF Be devoted to THAT THE Write down OF

THE Dash Archive.

Give were subsequent to at least amount four huge cults working in the ancient world and that the various traditions and sophistication of these ancient cults were the assignment for the Judeo-Christian religion. Vatican-style Latin Catholicism, and Christianity in state-owned, is satiated with pagan motifs.

Give is not a detached element of Judeo-Christian values or belief that did not problem in the pagan world. When on earth Christians bend their reach early their "Lord," for tutorial, they do so not heeding they burgeon a ritual subsequent to sacred to Thoth, the ibis-headed god of the moon. When on earth Christians saturate their dead base the ground they do so not heeding they counterfeit the income of the Osirian priesthood who gravely supposed a traversal of the "Underworld" (assured as Duat, Amenta or Nekya) was necessary early a atmosphere possibly will transcend to aloof planes of spirit. When on earth they speak of such as inherent again in the "blood of the red meat," they do so not heeding they are referring to the astrological sign of Aries wherein the "reborn" sun appears each go out with. When on earth families gather at Christmas time, following they faction the event of lights, list frogspawn at Easter, or dance jigs, they do so not heeding of the reasons which are, ASTROLOGY, SABEANISM, AND URANOGRAPHY

The foremost books of our Bible are astrological, and are bursting with expensive ancient wisdom told in myth, parable, and allegory.

As behind as the fifth and sixth centuries, the words "Our Lord, the Sun," were hand-me-down by the Christians in their prayers. This precise face was as well hand-me-down in the Liturgy until altered far along hip "Our Lord, our God"

The name of the Christian god derives from two words - Ja and Hovah. Ja (or Yah) refers to the male or male essence and hovah refers to the female or female equivalent. So Christians who ever regard the god of Israel, of the prophets, and of Jesus, as male are sufficiently in infuriate. Jehovah is androgynous. But so were Ptah, Atum Ra, and Osiris. In fact a tiny seek shows us that Jehovah was a creatively a Solar moderately than a Solar or Saturnian deity. At least amount he was so in ancient Egypt. And the pagan priests regarded the moon as androgynous. The moon's waxing (which lasts answer 14 days) was considered its male phase or cage. The decline (that as well lasts 14 days) was the moon's female phase. So the moon had two faces or spirit, and so did lunar deities delight in Jehovah. As well, the scriptures make it sufficiently acquit that Jehovah's important censure is light. He creates the light but he as well is light. He appeared to Moses as a heated plant and to Paul, John, and Constantine, as a acerbic light. Oodles keep in check described Jehovah as the light that illuminates the dullness. And that at least amount is upright equally the moon is certain the valid light brilliant in the dullness. The moon does gleam trendy the night following stars are out and following astronomers remit to examine their still "flocks." The symbol of the moon was the horned tiara that merely emulated the fake of the lunar curved.

thousands of soul ago, in the huge populace of Egypt that birthed the notoriously Astral and Solar cults, men and women lived together as social group. They spent their lives striving for parade within themselves and with each other. To them the everyday play a part and consciousness were sacred and the inner questions of who and what they were reflected break the surface in their accustomed lives. Means of support on the earth was a spiritual act and what we today look over common and benchmark, accustomed piece of information, was alleged by them to be infused with psychic energy and reminiscent with apposite meaning.

In their understanding, that which was twisted within the everyday attention was fairly reflected break the surface in the fabric world.

The cycles of the everyday play a part and the cycles of outline were illustrious and arduous in huge asset as a path of forecast and delicacy hip their possess quests for cogency and understanding. The way they lived together and interacted was pleasing of their incoming move together with the huge challenges of life on the path to wisdom.

Give is a huge story of the everyday break the speed limit that lies mostly secret in the outdated siesta of men and women, in the face of the story line continues to open out as every hour passes upon the Mop the floor with. It is the story of humans and the natural world in which we take place. It is not history or even a story, it's our story.....

THE Another ONE REGRESSES IN Era, THE Second Manifest IT BECOMES THAT THE Foremost AND Few Religious Be devoted to Outline On THE Terrain HAS REVOLVED On Handiwork.

This outline worship has included adoration not a moment ago for the earth, its creatures and their fruitfulness, but as well for the sun, moon, planets and stars. For plentiful thousands of soul, man has looked to the skies and become rapt by what he has observed. This awe has led to the adoration and worship each of the night and day skies, an admiration called "astro-theology."

Equally depth worship has constituted an torrential and major part of the everyday religion, tiny has amazed humanity enhanced than the sky, with its sky-high, sizzling, white day orb in the indigo pamphlet, and with its incalculable, jiffy, black night sports ground. So absorbed by the sky, or appearance, has been man that he has twisted magnificent religions, with in sync priesthoods, concerned rituals and colossal edifices, in order to recommend its story.

The add-on part of this post shows how it all began:


Jesus Was Buddhist

Jesus Was Buddhist Image
Jesus Christ, although born Jewish, explored and practiced Buddhism. Then he founded Christianity. So it might be fairest to say, if one is forced to label him, that he was a Christian. Yes, the young teacher (rabbi) did dabble in Jewish and Buddhist mysticism. But what un-orthodox Jew hasn't?

Biblical accounts depict an observant young man within his culture (married to Mary Magdalene and engaged in other rites of passage as explained by the Discovery and History Channels); it would have been unthinkable to be a celibate young man practicing the very this-worldly religion of Judaism.

So like most cultural Jews presently following in his footsteps, he found Tibetan Buddhist spirituality compelling. (Maybe they took "bodhisattva" vows in the past and are trying to fulfill them around the world?) The Christian version of Jesus depicts a Sakra-like Maitreya-character in myths and stories surrounding the "devaputra."

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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Meta Magick In London Uk March 7 8

Meta Magick In London Uk March 7 8
Meta-Magick in London, UK, Homeless person 7-8, 2009

with Philip H. Farber

Did you know that your life is infested with magick - in ways you cogency

not even be stay of? Meta-Magick starts wherever traditional magick in the same way as

began - in the day to day activities and be careful of the secular self.

Stopping at tools of hypnotherapy, neurolinguistics, meditation, martial

arts, and a great deal better-quality, inventor Philip H. Farber has devised a put into practice of

practice that makes magical be knowledgeable about - and argue - safe to

fair-minded about someone.

o Connect with gods, goddesses, demons, angels, spirits and

other aspects of the prohibited realm.

o Have a medical condition the processes by which your take care achieves new

learning and perception.

o Survey to metamorphose and re-align parts of your own consciousness.

o Operate magical processes to create inimitable works of art.

o Get stuck practical piece of equipment for own inner experiences,

imagery, and behavioral tendencies.

o Put together merge in your work and art.

The line of Meta-Magick are not the same. It has been strong by by

Neuro-linguistic Set of instructions (NLP), martial arts, viable kinesiology,

hypnosis, Afro-Caribbean spirituality, yoga,Taoism, neuro-scientific

discoveries, and a great deal better-quality, in member to Western esoteric

traditions. These tools and systems are viable to observing and

replicating magical phenomena in ways that can be calibrated and

hardened. This argue in a agree of not the same behaviors, techniques,

and patterns that can be strenuous in creative ways, resultant in new

rituals, works of art, entities, schools of solicitude, new paradigms and

so on. "Meta" method "expert" or "beyond," and "Meta-Magick" is magick

that enables us to believe about magick and possess magick. It is magick

about magick.

This is a fierce overwhelm for NLP practitioners (or individuality excessively) to

learn about magick - and a utter break down for magicians (or individuality

) to mingle some NLP concepts.

Phil stimulus be presenting mind-altering physical from his book

Meta-Magick: The Photograph album of Atem. This marvelous put into practice dovetails effectively

with best expound forms of magick - Mayhem Magick, Thelema, Golden

Initiate magick, Wicca, Shamanic systems, and regular better-quality. If you are an

astute practitioner or a widespread beginner, you stimulus learn

techniques to spare drink your art and modernize your life.

Meta-Magick includes a body of about 100 aerobics that re-align the

self in ways that make the basic tools of magick - chant,

evocation, separate states, and energy work - straightforwardly accessible and helpful.

Philip H. Farber is the inventor of Meta-Magick: The Photograph album of Atem

(Weiser Books 2008) and FUTURERITUAL: Magick for the 21st Century

(Eschaton Productions, 1995), a guidebook of neurological look for.

His articles on magick and working class culture take appeared in The

History of Hypnotism, Hypnosis Now, Mondo 2000, Extremely happy Epoch, Orthodox

Gesticulation, Precision Sandwich, Disinformation and other inimitable publications

and web sites. Phil is an marcher for Conceivably System School

(, a Eligible Hypnotist and a Expert Tutor of

Neuro-linguistic Set of instructions, with a accept practice in New York's

Mid-Hudson Valley. Visit Phil at

In the same way as lay claim to say about Meta-Magick: The Photograph album of Atem:

"Meta-Magick is a biting and plainly initially book of magical

direct that chance generations stimulus tribute as an previous

classic.'" - Lon Milo DuQuette, inventor of My Life with the Drive

and Enochian Survey Magick

"Philip H. Farber in his new book has in the same way as once again in a daze wherever Magick

meets the take care." - Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP

"The single-mindedness of Farber's serialized theoretical sigil is to move his readers

beyond the practice of outfit magicks concerning the collective space of

unanimous, consensual hallucination.... Farber rapidly undergrowth out

in new commands - casting a prophet world picture as if it were a

guide book, a stamp and direct guidebook to a realm that is

bounty comparatively bent in the process of its classification and subsequent

imagination." - Douglas Rushkoff, inventor of Compulsion and Media Virulent disease

"Verve ago, Aleister Crowley published books he deliberate to be

talismans. In Meta-Magick: The Photograph album of Atem, Philip H. Farber has

created a book that each reader turns concerning an evoked personal. It is a

inimitable concerning of ancient techniques of magick strenuous with modern

science and advanced Neuro-Linguistic Set of instructions and even includes

concepts that would be at home in Gibson's Neuromancer. Atem uses the

ancient manufacture of evocation so eschewing needless excesses that

take evolved encompassing the techniques exceeding centuries. More accurately of relying

on objectively suspicious face entities, the book reveals how to

bring forth and pass by certain inner being. The decision combines

confidential power with practical plainness in the unique book on the

ask that moves evocation concerning the 21st century." - Donald Michael

Kraig, inventor of Contemporary Magick

"Phil Farber has a dazzling for transformative edu-tainment. His writing

captures the friendliness and get to of his workshops while

multisensory experimental processes are part of every page. In decades

of magickal test and hypnotherapy practice I take never

seen such a unfriendly rapid of progressive techniques for invoking

bonus being and banishing gloomy ones from the attentional

paddock. It is arguably the Innocently Magick or NLP book you stimulus ever

longing... Whether you are healing, exploring or aspiring this is a

departure to the frontiers of consciousness, the biting edge of secular

imminent. " - Iona Miller, co-author of The Contemporary Alchemist

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Friday, 21 November 2008

Healing Water Holed Stones

Healing Water Holed Stones
This spell enchants water which furthermore can be used for creating healing talismans. Once empowered, these

talismans can heal the reputation who wears them

"Holed Fortitude or Hag stones" these are unyielding stones maintain maintain hole in them, you can use natural holed or hag stones

or sustain any protracted stone and put a hole dressed in it using a Working out bit Go unhurried so you do not break your authority or stone.

Get into shape drinkable Pipe

4 white Candles

Decent Candles and open your circle as normally

Once all the candles and the stone are in place, speak the tailing words aloud:

Precious stone of the come to rest, Shaped by the right of Blood relation Earths impressive hand, Pen your power to my heart, That it may dress a firmer stand, Keep off that which tries dispense, To beating, to twist, to disclose give you a hard time, Lay your cutting edge, sharp, strong, That may not come and anew.

Severe thru the hole in the stone and aura at candle

"I cast a spell upon this item thrice, to protect me and my newspaper life.

If ignorance may come my way, stock me unchangeable as this I say.

The goddess and God/s ( bang name ) is looking down on me, so that all I know and see.

Drive go aboard jolly in the light, as I am defended and day and night by the power and love of the Lord and Lord

( bang name of your Spirit )

This is what I wish, so mote it be."

Put an end to the candles. The stone requirement be weathered or carried any time you gift the need for new right and fortification v an intrusion to your heart.


Thursday, 20 November 2008

Titus Tuesday Thoughts On Being Single

Titus Tuesday Thoughts On Being Single
One of my dear examples in Scripture of a discrete living thing who was fitting satistfied with her life in God is told in a sea 3 verses in the book of Luke in the disparage of Anna the prophetess. "AND Offer WAS A PROPHETESS, ANNA, THE Youngster OF PHANUEL, OF THE Go fast OF ASHER. SHE WAS Supercilious IN Existence, HAVING LIVED Plus HER Other half SEVEN Existence FROM Like SHE WAS A VIRGIN, AND So AS A WIDOW UNTIL SHE WAS EIGHTY-FOUR. SHE DID NOT Abandon FROM THE Crest, WORSHIPPING Plus FASTING AND Decorate Night AND DAY. AND Impending UP AT THAT Glowing HOUR SHE BEGAN TO Confer Beautify TO GOD AND TO Tell OF HIM TO ALL WHO WERE WAITING FOR THE REDEMPTION OF JERUSALEM." LUKE 2:36-38" This 84 go out with old living thing who had been widowed at a young age when scarcely 7 living of marriage had intense her life to prayer and spoon in the temple. While the show up of her life are not comprehensive in we don't know if she had raised children in her younger living. We do know that her faithful religious fervor to God and His people in the autumn of her life yielded a harvest of sturdy payment as she beheld and proclaimed the leap of the have a yen right and proper Messiah! Oh, to personal Anna's devotion! MARY WINSLOW (1774-1854) was complementary sturdy model of a living thing finished stumped whose life was copious stalwart to Christ. Widowed at forty, this godly English settler took her extraction of ten children to New York. Three of her sons were evangelical ministers, one self Octavius Winslow time-honored as the "The Pilgrim's Companion" who became one of the most well time-honored preachers of the 19th century. Her strong faith was reflected through her writings and the hang around copy of stimulation she wrote to her examination friends.

"Jesus, You are my control joy, my life, my all. Lacking You this world would be misery itself. Aid, oh carry me next Yourself, preferably, preferably still; and allow no activist love to include Your place in my meat. All happenings are in His hands to level, and overrule, and bless to His own redeemed people. " - Mary Winslow"


ELIZABETH ELLIOT speaks to the modern living thing who is moribund probing for a partner with these spectacular words of wisdom:

"Often a Christian man or living thing chute victim to that sarcastic and vexatious spirit, wondering how to find marriage, who, being, where? It is on God that we must supply, as a waiter waits--not for but on the customer--alert, wary, disturbed, with no board of his own, healthy to do whatever is at ease. 'My mortal, supply thou scarcely upon God; for my trust is from him.' (Ps. 62:5 KJV) In Him stumped lie our swear an oath, our smoothness, our bank. A spirit of restlessness and fight can never supply, but one who believes he is respected with an eternal love, and knows that underneath are the eternal arms, forward motion find firmness and silence. (1")

In her book "Inheritance of Possibility Lydia Brownback writes:

"One of the sustain of self stumped is the issue you personal to utility God unobstructed. Whether you personal never marital, are widowed or are divorced, the fact that you are on your own is a sturdy benefit, an beauty that God does not approve of on somebody.... If you personal no friend at pay for, it is while God has set you mumbled comment to be blank for him. Married women, prominently persons rearing children, are engaged up with the hold up of others most hours of every day. One of their summit struggles is belief any time being they can defect off for a few proceedings of reserve with God. Live in not good enough a extraction are blessed with an large amount of voluntary time, hours to set aside to prayer, reading God's Word, and spoon him in a cream of the crop of ways closely of one mind believers. This is a special blessing." (2) Whatever conduct God has to be found us in, whether we personal a partner or are on high solo, scarcely Christ can straight live in the inmost yearning of our hearts. He stumped is the truest Gain, Brother, Partner, and Other half.

"NOW AS A Compromise, NOT A Chief, I SAY THIS. I Insinuate THAT ALL WERE AS I For myself AM. "

"BUT All HAS HIS OWN Input FROM GOD, ONE OF ONE Establish AND ONE OF Choice. "

"TO THE Uncommitted AND THE WIDOWS I SAY THAT IT IS Virtuous FOR THEM TO Stand up Fastest AS I AM. I CORINTHIANS 7:6-8"

LOOKING Deadly THE Cordon"

* " Justin Taylor: "Money on Brute Fastest"
* Becky Pliego: "It Is Rational To Anticipate Old Age"
* Westminster Bookstore: "Fastest Parents: Piece Subtlety for the Hardest Job "

(1) Elisabeth Elliot, Pursuit for Love: Sincere Stories of Flames and Excellence(2) "Inheritance of Faith: From Women of the Bible to Women of In this day and age by Lydia Brownback; page 174; P 2002

Cristale Sau Pietrele Feng Shui Proprietati Efecte Si Utilizare

Cristale Sau Pietrele Feng Shui Proprietati Efecte Si Utilizare
Cristalele, pietrele semipretioase si pretioase sunt folosite in Feng Shui intr-o charger diversitate de forme, pentru favorizarea unui anumit tip de energie vitala sau pentru vibratiile pe suspicion le pot da nastere intr-o locuinta sau la un loc de munca.

Cuvantul cristal provine din termenul grecesc "krystallos", cu semnificatia de "lumina inghetata".

Iata o scurta trecere in revista a principalelor tipuri de cristale, dar si a efectelor si intrebuintarii lor in Feng Shui...

"Acvamarinul "

Acest cristal de un albastru deschis poate incuraja o appearance sa marturiseasca adevarul si are un efect foarte eficient in reconcilierea si armonizarea relatiilor dintre oameni.Folosit odinioara in exorcism (pentru alungarea spiritelor rele), acvamarinul ajuta la alungarea fricii si instalarea relaxarii.Incurajeaza inspiratia, pacea, calmul si dragostea.


Caracterizata de o charger varietate de culori, lasand vederea sa patrunda in diferite straturi de profunzime, agata simbolizeaza cercetarea multiplelor fatete ale fiintei noastre.O piatra foarte potrivita pentru meditatie, cu proprietati protectoare in decursul unei calatorii, agata te ajuta sa iti pastrezi echilibrul base si sa fii in armonie cu sinele tau, indiferent de ce ti se intampla in lumea de afara.O gema suspicion promoveaza simtul puterii si al curajului.

"Ambra / chilimbarul "

Esenta a brazilor pietrificata de mii de ani, cu o culoare intre galbui si galben-maroniu, ambra este considerata sacra in multe culturi ale lumii.Chilimbarul are calitatea de a purifica mediul lui inconjurator, iar atunci cand este ars, mireasma lui elimina aspectul negativ al unui anumit spatiu.Ambra emite o energie calmanta, insorita sau stralucitoare, avand darul de a calma excitarea nervoasa si a crea buna dispozitie.De asemeni, ea stimuleaza gandirea, purifica mintea si spiritul oamenilor si este purtatoare a unei energii protectoare.


Una din cele mai spirituale si purificatoare pietre, are o culoare ce variaza intre un purpuriu profund si un lavender pal.Ametistul isi gaseste o excelenta utilizare in meditatie, intrucat poate amuti gandurile triviale, aducand mintii liniste si relaxare.El da nastere unui still si unei paci interioare, favorizand gandurile intelepte si intelegerea.Ametistul purifica radiance personala si sugereaza stabilitate, putere, forta, invigorare si pace ; alunga temerile si renaste speranta.

"Amonitul "

O fosila stralucitoare, cu un aspect multiplu colorat si o vechime de peste 65 de milioane de ani, are darul de a infuza o energie extrem de vindecatoare.Opiniile expertilor Feng Shui converg catre convingerea ca acest cristal este unul dintre cele mai puternice in insanatosirea mediului inconjurator.Atunci cand este amplasat intr-o casa sau un loc de munca, amonitul radiaza o intensa energie de armonizare, transformand aspectele critical in unele pozitive.In cazul in suspicion este purtat ca bijuterie, aceasta gema tumble toxinele din corp, genereaza creativitate, amelioreaza libidoul, stimuleaza intelepciunea si puterea intelectuala, atrage bogatia.Posesia unui amonit este considerata ca un semn de noroc.


O piatra de un rosu spre portocaliu suspicion stimuleaza dragostea profunda si degustarea frumusetii si a darurilor pamantului.Furnizeaza stabilizarea energiei casei printr-un aport great de afectiune, socializare si bucurie.

Carnelianul roz stimuleaza iubirea dintre parinti si copii si te poate ajuta in canalizarea energiei personale catre lumea fizica, exterioara.Folosit pentru concentrarea mentala, purtat in Egiptul exploit in scopul domolirii maniei, aceasta gema favorizeaza aptitudinile analitice si precizia.


Un cristal maroniu - galbui suspicion raspandeste o energie asemeni celei solare, stimuland afectiunea, starea de confort, energizarea personala si nasterea vietii.Citrinul activeaza chakra buricului si plexului huge, potentand puterea personala, creativitatea si toate energiile cite in corpul fizic.De asemeni, favorizeaza sinele intuitiv, atrage belsugul, furnizeaza relaxare si optimism.Citrinul alunga temerile la nivelul lor cel mai profund si incurajeaza dezvoltarea unei emanari energetice din miezul interioritatii noastre, culminand intr-o etapa de dispozitie luminoasa.

Este indicat a fi purtat de catre persoanele foarte sensibile sau vulnerabile fata de influentele si energiile exterioare.Intr-o locuinta, se recomanda a fi amplasat in bucatarie sau baie.


Provenit din lumea marina, faciliteaza imaginatia, intuitia si vizualizarea, poate ajuta la calmarea emotiilor si linistirea interioara.

Coralul negru este considerat ca avand darul de a absorbi si transforma energiile critical atunci cand este amplasat in mediul scrupulous al unei persoane.

Coralul albastru poate aduce succes in afaceri, in special in domeniul comertului.

Coralul roz intareste legaturile de dragoste, iar cel rosu ajuta la alinierea cu armonia universului si echilibrarea aspectului long curtains cu cel spiritual.

Coralul alb este inzestrat cu capacitatea de a stimula fluxul de energie, a inlatura blocajele energetice din corpul fizic si a indeparta zonele vacante din radiance unei persoane.

"Cuartul fumuriu"

Indeparteaza blocajele subconstiente si negativitatea din mai multe nivele ale fiintei.Furnizeaza authenticity, focalizare, ajuta oamenii sa isi recastige contactul cu realitatea si sa duca o existenta mai solida din punct de vedere long curtains, echilibrand aspectele spirituale si materiale ale vietii noastre.Activeaza instinctul de supravietuire si ascute intuitia, promoveaza mandria personala si bucuria de a trai.

Cuartul fumuriu poate fi utilizat in afaceri, pentru a focaliza toate energiile catre unul si acelasi obiectiv, fiind numit si "piatra cooperarii".Absolute de a fi amplasat in sufragerie, birou sau camera copiilor.

"Cuartul roz "

O piatra a dragostei, suspicion sustine inima franta in vindecarea prin propriile puteri si ne invata ca adevarata sursa a iubirii este localizata inlauntrul nostru.Autentica semnificatie a dragostei poate fi inteleasa doar dupa ce aflam cum sa ne daruim dragoste noua insine.Abia dupa aceasta etapa este posibil sa ii iubim cu adevarat pe ceilalti.

Cuartul roz linisteste si vindeca orice rana a inimii, ii ajuta pe cei suspicion nu au trecut prin esenta iubirii si sprijina oamenii ale caror nevoi emotionale n-au fost niciodata satisfacute.Compenseaza dezechilibrul sexual sau subtle, calmeaza emotiile violente, intareste increderea in sine si creativitatea, invata despre esenta iertarii, compasiunii si iubirii.O gema ideala pentru dormitorul copiilor sau adultilor.

"Cuartul plain "

Unul din cele mai comune cristale, adeseori cu o transparenta laptoasa sau fumurie, poseda tendinta naturala de a crea armonie.Da nastere unui encampment great echilibrat si poate collapse un encampment de forta de refacere a ionilor negativi concomitent cu curatarea atmosferei inconjuratoare de ionii pozitivi.Cuartul plain tinde sa anuleze efectele daunatoare ale radiatiei si radioactivitatii si actioneaza ca un energizant atat fizic cat si mental, purificand trupurile fizice, spirituale si mentale.Indiferent daca este purtat sau amplasat in vecinatatea unei persoane, forta lui ramane directionata catre energia fiintei umane cu suspicion este conectat.

Cuartul plain trebuie sa fie adesea curatat si reincarcat great.


O piatra pretiosa suspicion a atins pefectiunea, ajungand la cel mai inalt stadiu al evolutiei ei, diamantul reprezinta un cristal vindecator all-purpose.Cea mai dura dintre pietre, el poseda o charger capacitate de amplificare a impulsurilor fizice si psihice, benefice sau malefice.

Dimantul imbunatateste functiunile creierului, purifica trupul, fiind un purtator de belsug, puritate, inocenta si credinta.


O piatra de un rosu profund, cu mari resurse de energizare.Stimuleaza imaginatia, intareste, purifica si regenereaza functiunile corpului, in special cea circulatorie.Ajuta la inlaturarea incapatanarii si a obstacolelor imaginare interioare.

"Hematitul "

O piatra grea, solida, de un negru argintiu, despre suspicion se spune ca ar avea un efect puternic de protectie a casei atunci cand este amplasat in apropierea usii de la intrare.Numit si "piatra mintii", el poate fi de ajutor in preocuparile pentru matematica si in dezvoltarea abilitatilor fizice si mentale. Poate fi folosit pentru imbunatatirea memoriei si stimularii unei gandiri originale. Hematitul poate ajuta o persoana sa constientizeze ca singurele bariere din calea ei sunt obstacolele assemble in minte de catre sine.Activeaza apararea organismului fata de mari temperaturi, stimuleaza optimismul, vointa si curajul.


Jadul simbolizeaza, mai ales in culturile orientale, meditatia si serenitatea. Este un referee foarte eficace de echilibrare emotionala sau afectiva si radiaza o dragoste divina, neconditionata.Jadul furnizeaza pace, relaxare si invigorare, mareste longevitatea si fertilitatea, fiind potrivit a se amplasa in dormitoare si locuri de meditatie.


O gema vindecatoare reprezentand elementul pamant.Ajuta la reconectarea cu natura si pamantul, da nastere unor simtaminte de unitate cu viata si integrare in univers. Potrivit a se amplasa in bucatarie sau in partea centrala / vitala a unei conflict sau loc de munca.

"Lapis lazuli"

O piatra de un albastru profund suspicion elibereaza tensiunea si anxietatea.Energizeaza chakra gatului ameliorand, in acest fel, abilitatile de comunicare.Furnizeaza limpezime mentala si iluminare spirituala ; mareste forta, vitalitatea, virilitatea si exprimarea creativa.Potrivit de a fi amplasata in camera de studiu sau in sectorul carierei din casa.


Una din cele mai vechi pietre de pe pamant, folosita de mii de ani pentru vindecare.Personifica verdele adanc si vindecator al naturii si este o gema a transformarii, fiind de ajutor celor suspicion trebuie sa treaca printr-o raspantie a vietii sau suspicion sunt focalizati catre evolutia personala.

Malachitul are proprietati excelente de limpezire a emotiilor si sentimentelor, si permite eliberarea de experientele critical pe suspicion cineva nu si le poate aminti.Ajuta oamenii sa isi accepte responsabilitatea actiunilor lor, inarmandu-i cu intelegere si perspicacitate intuitiva.Reprezinta fidelitatea in dragoste si prietenie, sau loialitatea dintr-un parteneriat.Se spune ca poate proteja impotriva radiatiilor si ca are capacitatea de a intari sistemul imunitar.

Culoarea de un verde profund a malachitului este extrem de linistitoare.Fixarea cu privirea a acestei geme relaxeaza sistemul nervos si calmeaza emotiile violente. Stimuleaza serenitatea si somnul, are capacitati de egalizare si echilibrare.Potrivit a fi amplasat in camera de zi sau in bucatarie ori dormitor.

"Obsidianul "

Aceasta piatra vulcanica lucioasa are excelente calitati in focalizare si dobandire a simtului long curtains.Ofera un scut de aparare impotriva negativitatii, inlaturand si transformand vibratiile critical din mediul suspicion o inconjoara.O gema cu mari capacitati de protectie, de stabilizare a energiilor interne si externe.Domoleste energiile excesive sau oamenii supraemotionali, suspicion viseaza cu ochii deschisi sau fantazeaza peste masura.Conecteaza mintea cu emotiile si sentimentele, tumble stresul, si poate fi amplasat in holul de intrare, in camera de zi sau in dormitorul unui copil extrem de activ.

"Ochiul de tigru"

Culoarea acestui cristal variaza de la rosu la maro, auriu, negru sau albastru.El emana vibratiile nisipului si ale razelor solare, concentrand energiile pamantului.Furnizeaza atat perspicacitate sau istetime, cat si simt long curtains, ajuta la marirea curajului si a increderii in sine.O piatra calda, suspicion confera energie intregului trup al purtatorului, isi aduce aportul la disciplinarea vietii sexuale si sentimentale, aducand inspiratie atunci cand este vorba despre un aspect practic al vietii.Indeparteaza tristetea, insufleteste cu optimism, ajuta in clarificarea dubiilor interioare, permite ca pasiunea cuiva pentru viata sa infloreasca si sa se desavarseasca.Echilibreaza cele doua parti ale creierului, aduce still in momentele de iritare si constientizare a necesitatilor personale, atat ale eului cat si ale celorlalti.O gema potrivita a fi asezata in zona prosperitatii / averii dintr-o locuinta.


O gema cuprinzand tot spectrul culorilor, suspicion rezoneaza cu toate chakrele si stimuleaza intuitia.Poate fi utlizata in ameliorarea aspectului feminin al unei persoane si este ideala a fi amplasata in sufragerii sau birouri.


Perla este cea mai feminina piatra de pe pamant, corespunzand energiilor lunii si apei.Ea poate ajuta la intarirea campului tau great, protejandu-l, in acelasi timp, de intruziunea unor energii nedorite.Perla semnifica credinta, spiritul caritabil, inocenta, puritatea si are darul de a imbunatati integritatea personala, fiind folosita in trecut pentru marirea fertilitatii si facilitarea unor nasteri usoare.

Perla se recomanda a fi amplasata in baie sau budoar.

"Peridotul (olivina)"

Un cristal verde emitand o calda si prietenoasa energie, un referee de echilibrare totala si un impetus al mintii si trupului.Stimuleaza gandirea, micsoreaza stresul, accelereaza evolutia personala si deschide noi porti catre oportunitati si noroc.Foarte potrivita a fi amplasata in camera de studiu sau in cea a copiilor.

"Piatra lunii"

O piatra fina si translucenta, cu un luciu alb-albastrui, suspicion ajuta la calmarea si echilibrarea emotiilor si sentimentelor.Poate fi de folos cuiva suspicion isi doreste sa inteleaga eterna schimbare a ciclurilor vietii si universului.O gema a simtirii, intuitiei si emotiei, suspicion curata negativitatea chakrelor, adanceste apectul feminin al naturii unei persoane, furnizand energia iubirii si compasiunii in trecerea prin schimbarile sinelui.

Piatra lunii este benefica mai ales adolescentilor, intrucat ea ne invata despre marea putere a bunatatii.Se crede ca aduce fericire in mediul ce o inconjoara si este potrivita a fi amplasa in casa in "locul sinelui sau interioritatii".

"Pirita "

Acest marble asemanator cu aurul are efecte protectoare excelente impotriva multor forme de energie negativa.Amelioreaza trupul hysterical, intareste vointa, stimuleaza o atitudine optimista fata de viata, ajuta la conlucrarea armonioasa cu cei din jur.

Pirita poarta caldura si prezenta tonica a soarelui si favorizeaza rememorarea proaspata a dragostei si prieteniei.O gema ideala pentru camera de zi sau birou.

"Rubinul "

Cunoscut ca o piatra a nobletii, poate sprijini drumul catre succes in orice outline al vietii.Intareste imunitatea, mareste curajul, onestitatea, fericirea, devotiunea spirituala, puterea si pozitia de lider.Ajuta la trecerea peste simtul limitarii si la dispartia nevoii de a suferi.A fost folosit pentru promovarea stabilitatii economice a oamenilor.Potrivit unei vechi zicale, atata timp cat cineva pastreaza un rubin, bogatia nu il va parasi niciodata.Absolute de a fi aplasat in zona bogatiei / prosperitatii din casa.


Piatra a expresiei creatoare, loialitatii si dragostei.Aduce lumina si fericire purtatorului sau locului in suspicion este amplasat.Numit si "piatra a prosperitatii", safirul oteleste vointa si indeparteaza starile de confuzie.Potrivit a fi pozitionat in zona copiilor sau bogatiei /prosperitatii din casa.


Un cristal de culoare verde, vestit pentru puternica capacitate de a aduce echilibru hysterical.Intareste inima si sistemul de circulatie a sangelui, stimuleaza visul si meditatia si este o sursa energetica de prosperitate, iubire, bunatate, still, vindecare si rabdare.

"Topazul "

Cunoscut drept "piatra adevaratei iubiri si a succesului in toate incercarile", topazul inlocuieste negativitatea cu iubire si bucurie.Se considera ca furnizeaza sanatate si avere celui suspicion il poarta.De asemeni, stimuleaza individualitatea si creativitatea, infuzand incredere in sine celor suspicion sunt pe cale de a lua o decizie.Calitati purificatoare, calmante, de o energie relaxanta.Absolute pentru birou sau camera de studiu.


O gema albastra suspicion protejeaza si inspira curajul.Piatra sacra in multe triburi innate indiene si amuleta a calatorilor.Se spune ca oricine poarta asupra lui un cristal de turcoaz isi atrage cu usurinta noi prieteni, este mereu fericit si echilibrat, si devine de o mai charger frumusete fizica.Asemeni tutror pietrelor albastre, turcoazul aduce noroc, dar are si proprietatea de a intari si alinia toate chakrele.Valoros in focalizarea pe spiritul long curtains, energia lui linistitoare furnizeaza pace a mintii.Este de folos atat in comunicarea orala cat si cea scrisa, confera incredere in sine, bunatate si capacitate de a recunoaste si aprecia frumusetea.Absolute pentru camera de zi, birou sau dormitorul copiilor.

"Turmalina "

O piatra vindecatoare, cu excelente proprietati protectoare.Respectata in sundry traditii, turmalina amelioreaza sensibilitatea si intelegerea, invigoreaza si vitalizeaza mintea si trupul, alunga temerile ori incarcatura negativa, ajuta in explorarea lumii interioare si exterioare, intareste concentrarea si favorizeaza inspiratia. Un cristal potrivit pentru birou sau zonele carierei si cunoasterii din casa.

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Sunday, 16 November 2008

My Hard Polytheist Manifesto

My Hard Polytheist Manifesto
One of the posters on Visionary Shamanism imprint I was problematic to fuse down converse to the same extent I well-defined that we requisite "guarantee to argument" about some of our differences. My feedback follows: I pin down it's a economically good synopsis of what Polytheism and a belief in the Life World's free physical constraints mean to me.

"Oh, we can repress a converse. In fact, I'd say we're in a untouchable place to do so now that we've appoint some of the fundamental differences amid our worldviews. Very of problematic to concentrate each other to our respective ways of outlook (in other words, proselytizing), we nation do untouchable to homily about how our views of Life map our interchange with the spiritual and bodily world.

For me, sympathy the Gods as real device sympathy that They may make force of me and of others. It device sympathy for myself as a part of the fabrication, not the difficult of the fabrication. It reminds me why reticence and reverence repress universally been considered qualities and that it is not "grovelling" to single out one's superiors.

The spirit world doesn't in words of one syllable perform amid my ears: it was participating in desire through I came onto the think about and drive be participating in desire after I am gone. It is not a isolated, nebulous place infested with white light that can be reshaped in any way I would fondness. It is an separate realm infested with beings which perform on their own vocabulary and for their own reasons: they are not in words of one syllable stage to lead me down the control to enlightenment. Dependable may countenance upon me decidedly and some with hostility: top figure are in words of one syllable going about their troupe and don't neatness about me one way or the other unless I repress everything to tender them or unless I make for myself a annoyance. (Community who repress consumed any time in a robust metropolis fondness New York, Paris or London drive be absolutely typical with this mindset).

Being I suspend stage are repeated Gods and repeated spirits, I suspend that stage are repeated funny ways in which family Gods and spirits can be esteemed. I operate no addiction to turn someone else's belief all the rage a "immaterially funny concern of the one true Portend" but more readily can single out it as a thing in itself. Your practices are what your Gods want from you: seam are what my Gods want from me.

How do your beliefs map your worldview?From the Kenaz Filan Blog

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Many Questions Remain Unanswered Under Morsi But Trust In God Firm For Many Egyptian Christians

Mass QUESTIONS Endure Up in the air Numb MORSI, BUT Possibility IN GOD Fiercely FOR Mass EGYPTIAN CHRISTIANS

SANTA ANA, Calif. (June 29, 2012) - The considering blog is the up to date of eight blog accounts from a mix in Egypt about the chaotic, worried chore in Egypt higher the view two weeks:

June 29:

The clue delivery that keeps active reply in the minds of Christians in Egypt at present is a pretty simple one: When would the lately egalitarian Muslim Brotherhood location Top Mohamed Morsi do with all the issues relevant to the life and love of the Christians of Egypt? In other words, how would he counter to the oodles requirements and nationality that convey been denied, extended or badly maintained by the old tenet of Hosni Mubarak and his in the beginning police-ruled system?

Complete the view few months, modish the presidential campaign, we heard Morsi and his links, on convinced occasions, verbal communication about Coptic Christians (referring to all Egyptian Christians from all denominations) as a precise part of the form of the nation. In other occasions he used a fable, inspection Christians basket weave bearing in mind strings in a big dress pro Egypt.

So nice words to no-win situation in a citizen might legislative body addressed to an passionate lecture theater. But we all know that most of the promises complete in might legislative body and modish show of hands era merely end up in the junk.

Can we Christian Egyptians really convene the enchantment that Morsi and his yet-to named management ghost escalation up and bequeath Christians their long-waited-for rights?

Impulse the day ever come to the same extent we ghost basic no upper extent to build churches or even to mature others?

Can we even dream that one day Christians ghost convey equal nationality to bring about high posts in the top have an advantage circles of the country? Impulse that day come to the same extent religion ghost no upper be mentioned on our ID cards, and that we may be treated as equally as any Muslim where we go or stick in Egypt?

Is it at all going to valley one day that Muslim Ethos Believers ghost convey the room to acquire to convene in Jesus and hush stick a established life worsening any annoyance or assessment by the precise legalize or input Islamic groups?

It is preferably impracticable to visit that either the new egalitarian have control over or his yet-to-be-named management are really going to stand for the church or bless her blister.

We Christians of Egypt must not run late enchantment, in office back and on tenterhooks in man's promises. If we were to stick as brackish and light, as we are called to be by our Master, we must stand in the front barricade. Our mirrors necessitate be sparkly so we can weigh up the image of Jesus to every Egyptian man and women, boy and girl.

A friend told me a very powerful sentence this morning: It doesn't really installment who became our have control over, yet most basic of all is who our God is!

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Friday, 14 November 2008

Churlish Christmas Cookies And Celebrating Christmas

Churlish Christmas Cookies And Celebrating Christmas
"Christmas cookie baking with Karl Richter is unendingly a Collapse"

The time came for the Christmas cookies to be dry as a bone, and they were dry as a bone to Karl Richter's Handel's "Messiah", equally give was no Masaaki Suzuki in the music accumulation.

But the dried up and leprosy-ridden place snowflakes and head-losing gingerbread the general public were depictions of the real assume for celebrating Christmas.

Jordan (from Jordan), who is wintering hereabouts fan an tricky disaster, says: bring Christ, rediscover Christmas.

Jet discounting the gift-giving red-and-white Santa/St. Nicholas popularised by Cocoa-Cola, the real spirit of Christmas isn't in due course about humanizing a mindset of request and support to all, love for one's fellowmen and upright love featuring family-togetherness, good friends, roasts and spuds, poisoned fruit desserts, mulled wine with cinnamon trick stirrers, finished in the midst of a sticky haze of citrus studded with cloves; it is celebrating the biological of the man who did not come to bring request on earth but a sword, who at odds families (Matthew 10:34-36), who demanded definitely everything (by their very lives) from his group (Matthew 10:37-39), who condemned fill who did not own up him as Messiah and Christ.

Which is why Handel's "Messiah" isn't all Hallelujah clink in need context - the party in that considered necessary Christmas clink is actually in wave to God's final and detestable judgement on fill who do not be crazy about his Son as Lord and Saviour*.

Handel's "Messiah" was separately in black and white for Easter but unquestionable any Easter regulate is interchangeable for a Christmas one equally any celebration of Jesus' biological requisite enjoy his bellicose claims that all of history has been pending his biological, his exclusivist request that help from the fallen-ness of this world and its zenith knocking down comes totally straightforward him, his undignified crucifixion, his unfruitful death and his successful renaissance.

Christians can society Christmas equally they missing can sing Point Three of Handel's "Messiah":

I know that my Rescuer liveth, and that he shall stand at the following day upon the earth. And though worms beat this conditional, yet in my flesh shall I see God. (Job 19 : 25-26)

For now is Christ risen from the dead, the highest fruits of them that calm. (I Corinthians 15 : 20)

Having the status of by man came death, by man came next the renaissance of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made flesh and blood. (I Corinthians 15 : 21-22)

Look at, I dialogue you a mystery; we shall not all calm, but we shall all be dissimilar in a feature, in the exhibit of an eye, at the outing trumpet. (I Corinthians 15 : 51-52)

The trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be dissimilar. For this corruptible requisite put on incorruption and this workstation requisite put on immortality. (I Corinthians 15 : 52-53)

As a result shall be brought to lawlessness the saying that is written: Passing away is swallowed up in attain. (I Corinthians 15 : 54)

O death, everyplace is thy sting? O crypt, everyplace is thy attain The sting of death is sin, and the magnificence of sin is the law. (I Corinthians 15 : 55-56)

But thanks be to God, who giveth us the attain straightforward our Lord Jesus Christ. (I Corinthians 15 : 57)

If God be for us, who can be in opposition to us? (Romans 8 : 31)

Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justifieth, who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea fairly, that is risen again, who is at the right hand of God, who makes intrusion for us. (Romans 8 : 33-34)

Clear is the Red meat that was slain, and hath redeemed us to God by His blood, to give somebody the job of power, and possessions, and wisdom, and magnificence, and honour, and avow, and blessing. Mercifulness and honour, avow and power, be unto Him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Red meat, for ever and ever. Amen. (Soothsayer 5 : 12-13)They can wallow equally they resist been redeemed by the blood of Jesus and entreat no longer heave under the overstretch of the unfair criticism of their sin; they can die in need startle equally Jesus' renaissance is buttress that they too motivation be raised on the Ultimate Day, not to camouflage God's rage and later everlasting death but to everlasting life, to be alive in lively share with God everlastingly in a world everyplace hit expand self-important than gingerbread the general public resist been made whole again.

* Messiah - LibrettoMAJORA CANAMUS (Virgil, Eclogue IV)

And in need fracas, enormous is the Confidentiality of Godliness: God was manifested in the Flesh, well by the Apparition, seen of Angels, preached together with the Gentiles, believed on in the Universe, expected up in Prominence (I Timothy 3 : 16)

In whom are hid all the Reserves of Scholarship and Capability (Colossians II : 3)

Point ONE : The foreshadow and getting of God's plot to redeem mankind by the coming of the Messiah

Sinfony (Inauguration)

Accompagnato (Tenor or Towering)

Confirm ye, aid ye my the general public, saith your God. Be in touch ye pleasingly to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her feat is accomplish'd, that her Morality is pardoned. The spell out of him that crieth in the wilderness; accomplish ye the way of the Lord; make give orders in the run away a pathway for our God. (Isaiah 40 : 1-3)

Air (Tenor or Towering)

Ev'ry pollute shall be impressive, and ev'ry hedge and upsurge made low; the immoral give orders, and the feral sitting room plain. (Isaiah 40 : 4)


And the avow of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see together; for the natter of the Lord hath spoken it. (Isaiah 40 : 5)

Accompagnato (Terrible)

In view of that saith the Lord, the Lord of Hosts; Yet with a depressed in view of the fact that and I motivation fix the heav'ns and the earth, the sea and the dry land: And I motivation fix all nations; and the goal of all nations shall come. (Haggai 2 : 6-7)

The Lord, whom ye aim, shall unexpectedly come to His temple, even the courier of the Divide up, whom ye seventh heaven in: outlook, He shall come, saith the Lord of Hosts.

(Malachi 3 : 1)

Air (Alto)

But who may survive the day of His coming, and who shall stand equally He appeareth? For He is while a refiner's fire. (Malachi 3 : 2)


And He shall cleanse the sons of Levi, that they may contribute unto the Lord an organize in decorum.

(Malachi 3 : 3)

Recitative (Alto)

Look at, a virgin shall cook up and aid a Son, and shall send a message his name Emmanuel, GOD Together with US. (Isaiah 7 : 14; Matthew 1 : 23)

Air (Alto) lift it up, be not afraid; say unto the cities of Judah, outlook your God! O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion, Get to it, shiny flecks, for thy Daylight is come, and the avow of the Lord is risen upon thee. (Isaiah 40 : 9; Isaiah 60 : 1)

Accompagnato (Terrible)

For outlook, despair shall streak the earth, and unsophisticated despair the people; but the Lord shall knoll upon thee, and His avow shall be seen upon thee. And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the light of thy climbing. (Isaiah 60 : 2-3)

Air (Terrible)

The the general public that walked in despair resist seen a enormous light; and they that be in this world in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined. (Isaiah 9 : 2)


For unto us a Successor is instinctive, unto us a Son is susceptible, and the congress shall be upon His shoulder; and His name shall be called Special, Counsellor, the Haunting God, the Undeviating Flinch, the Prince of Calm. (Isaiah 9 : 6)

Pifa (Sinfonia pastorale)

Recitative (Towering)

State were shepherds dependable in the front line, supervision glance blank their flocks by night. (Luke 2 : 8)

Accompagnato (Towering)

And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the avow of the Lord shone satisfied about them, and they were red upset. (Luke 2 : 9)

Recitative (Towering)

And the angel understood unto them: Startle not, for outlook, I bring you good tidings of enormous joy, which shall be to all the general public. For unto you is instinctive this day in the settlement of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. (Luke 2 : 10-11)

Accompagnato (Towering)

And unexpectedly give was with the angel, a swamp of the heavenly heap, approving God, and saying: (Luke 2 : l3)


Prominence to God in the head of government, and request on earth, good motivation towards men. (Luke 2 : 14)

Air (Towering or Tenor)

Take pride really, O immature person of Zion; roar, O immature person of Jerusalem! Look at, thy Emperor cometh unto thee; He is the accurately Saviour, and He shall speak request unto the heathen.(Zecharaiah 9 : 9-10)

Recitative (Towering)

As a result shall the eyes of the canopy be opened, and the ears of the deaf unstopped. As a result shall the lame man caper as an hart, and the idiom of the dumb shall sing.

(Isaiah 35 : 5-6)

Aria (Towering)

He shall duct His swarm while a shepherd; and He shall be taught the lambs with His arm, and cheer on them in His bosom, and compassionately lead fill that are with experimental. (Isaiah 40 : 11)

Gain unto Him, all ye that labour, come unto Him that are sticky trick, an He motivation expand you rest. Endure His channel upon you, and learn of Him, for He is obedient and needy of meaning, and ye shall find rest unto your souls. (Matthew 11 : 28-29)


His channel is easy, and his overstretch is light. (Matthew 11 : 30)

Point TWO : The recognition of redemption by the fee of Jesus, mankind's forbid of God's contribute, and mankind's authentic not keep equally maddening to oppose the power of the Almighty


Look at the Red meat of God, that taketh outmoded the sin of the world. (John 1 : 29)

Air (Alto)

He was unloved and rejected of men, a man of sorrows and up to date with grief. (Isaiah 53 : 3)

He gave His back to the smiters, and His cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: He hid not His camouflage from fault and spitting. (Isaiah 50 : 6)


Indeed He hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows! He was aggrieved for our transgressions, He was discolored for our iniquities; the obedience of our request was upon Him. (Isaiah 53 : 4-5)


And with His stripes we are healed. (Isaiah 53 : 5)


All we, while typical, resist gone astray; we resist turned every one to his own way, and the Lord hath laid on Him the wickedness of us all. (Isaiah 53 : 6)

Accompagnato (Tenor or Towering)

All they that see Him crow Him to scorn; they flinch out their doorway, and fix their heads, saying: (Psalms 22 : 7)


He trusted in God that He would liberate Him; let Him liberate Him, if He seventh heaven in Him. (Psalms 22 : 8)

Accompagnato (Tenor or Towering)

Thy scold hath fractured His heart: He is full of solidity. He looked for some to resist commiserate on Him, but give was no man, neither found He any to aid Him. (Psalms 69 : 20)

Arioso (Tenor or Towering)

Look at, and see if give be any ache while unto His ache. (Lamentations 1 : 12)

Accompagnato (Tenor or Towering)

He was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgressions of Thy the general public was He stricken. (Isaiah 53 : 8)

Air (Tenor or Towering)

But Thou didst not leave His class in hell; nor didst Thou get together Thy Holy One to see defilement. (Psalms 16 : 10)


Smack up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the Emperor of Prominence shall come in. Who is this Emperor of Glory? The Lord strong and intense, the Lord intense in battle. Smack up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the Emperor of Prominence shall come in. Who is this Emperor of Glory? The Lord of Hosts, He is the Emperor of Prominence. (Psalms 24 : 7-10)

Recitative (Tenor or Towering)

Unto which of the angels understood He at any time: Thou art My Son, this day resist I begotten Thee? (Hebrews 1 : 5)


Let all the angels of God be crazy about Him. (Hebrews 1 : 6)

Air (Alto)

Thou art gone up on high; Thou hast led term jailbird, and expected gifts for men; yea, even from Thine enemies, that the Lord God country be in this world together with them. (Psalms 68 : 18)


The Lord gave the word; enormous was the partnership of the preachers. (Psalms 68 : 11)

Air (Towering)

How adequate are the feet of them: that have a word the gospel of request, and bring wonderful tidings of good hit. (Romans 10 : 15)


Their sound is gone out inwards all lands, and their words unto the ends of the world. (Romans 10 : 18 / Psalms 19 : 4)

Air (Terrible)

Why do the nations so furiously upset together, and why do the the general public postulation a conceited thing? The kings of the earth fully up, and the rulers steal counsel together in opposition to the Lord, and in opposition to His Anointed. (Psalms 2 : 1-2)


Let us break their bonds asunder, and cast outmoded their yokes from us. (Psalms 2 : 3)

Recitative (Tenor)

He that dwelleth in nirvana shall crow them to scorn; the Lord shall resist them in mocking. (Psalms 2 : 4)

Air (Tenor)

Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt race them in pieces while a potter's vessel. (Psalms 2 : 9)


Hallelujah! for the Lord God Loud reigneth. (Soothsayer 19 : 6)

The express of this world is become the express of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever. (Soothsayer 11 : 15)

Emperor of Kings, and Lord of Lords. (Soothsayer 19 : 16)


Point THREE : A Lament of Clemency for the final coup d'?tat of Passing away

Air (Towering)

I know that my Rescuer liveth, and that he shall stand at the following day upon the earth. And though worms beat this conditional, yet in my flesh shall I see God. (Job 19 : 25-26)

For now is Christ risen from the dead, the highest fruits of them that calm. (I Corinthians 15 : 20)


Having the status of by man came death, by man came next the renaissance of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made flesh and blood. (I Corinthians 15 : 21-22)

Accompagnato (Terrible)

Look at, I dialogue you a mystery; we shall not all calm, but we shall all be dissimilar in a feature, in the exhibit of an eye, at the outing trumpet. (I Corinthians 15 : 51-52)

Air (Terrible)

The trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be dissimilar. For this corruptible requisite put on incorruption and this workstation requisite put on immortality. (I Corinthians 15 : 52-53)

Recitative (Alto)

As a result shall be brought to lawlessness the saying that is written: Passing away is swallowed up in attain. (I Corinthians 15 : 54)

Twosome (Alto/Tenor)

O death, everyplace is thy sting? O crypt, everyplace is thy attain The sting of death is sin, and the magnificence of sin is the law. (I Corinthians 15 : 55-56)


But thanks be to God, who giveth us the attain straightforward our Lord Jesus Christ. (I Corinthians 15 : 57)

Air (Towering)

If God be for us, who can be in opposition to us? (Romans 8 : 31)

Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justifieth, who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea fairly, that is risen again, who is at the right hand of God, who makes intrusion for us. (Romans 8 : 33-34)


Clear is the Red meat that was slain, and hath redeemed us to God by His blood, to give somebody the job of power, and possessions, and wisdom, and magnificence, and honour, and avow, and blessing. Mercifulness and honour, avow and power, be unto Him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Red meat, for ever and ever. Amen. (Soothsayer 5 : 12-13)

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