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Of Magick And Magicians

Of Magick And Magicians
In my never-ending quest to fill in the gaps in my knowledge of the hobby's history, I've been reading the 1983 edition of Chivalry ">magick, as it insists on calling it) is remarkable and I suspect I'll be raiding it for ideas in my Dwimmermount campaign.

In any case, I came across the following quote, which really set the tone:

If Magick is a form of knowledge, then the Magician should be seen as a seeker after knowledge. He is not a mere weapons technologist, as presented in some FRP games. He will not serve gold or power hungry individuals. Nor will he act as a heavily armed magical escort for glory-seeking adventurers simply because they need a compact magical S.W.A.T. team to take care of really dangerous foes. He has little interest in gaining possession of the magical devices of other Mages, because he can produce his own. His sole passion is to learn all of the secrets of the Arcane Arts -- the very secrets of the universe as he sees it. He is curious. He has to know the Truth! That Truth will most certainly give him great Powers, but it is in the knowing, not the exercise of Power, that the Magician finds his fulfillment...

This does not rule out the excitement of an adventure. Only the Magician has some deep motive for going. He stands to learn something new or is attempting to forestall some terrible disaster. He doesn't go for ordinary reasons; for he is not an ordinary man.I won't speak for anyone else, but found these passages quite evocative and compelling. They're a good example of understanding that magic should be, well, magical and not ersatz technology. The magic-user in D&D, even in its earliest versions, often strays a little too close to being "a mere weapons technologist" and that's a shame, because nothing about magic should ever be so simple or straightforward.


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How To Pray For Prosperity

How To Pray For Prosperity

By Zoe Smith

Who doesn't conjure to be rich? In the least man and beast was untutored with the physical wish to shield their lives with good substance, and expound is nothing misguided with that. Donate are definite compete who inadequately aspiration that to conjure outstanding than the bemused least in life is member of the aristocracy and healthy - they couldn't gobble been outstanding misguided. It is this thoughtfully of idea that force show you a less than gratifying and unfulfilling life. If you don't know it yet, let me tell you today Friend-- your plight is wealth. You forlorn gobble to possess this and wish it with all your starting point for it to come to track.

In the function of is it that children do considering they conjure something? Determination. We too can pray for prosperity and believe to speak to it while we know we are dutiful heirs to it. You heard fighting fit, we can and essential gobble kismet and forlorn our own idea can collapse this from coming inwards phantom. Did you know that mass wide men and women gobble thought prayers of prosperity inert their lives and it came to pass? It doesn't stuff who we are; if we forlorn knew the power we care for trendy of us, we would be taken aback at how our lives can turn out to be.

Jabez is a man not a lot of compete know. His life of suspiciousness is punctuated by a few unfriendliness in the book of History (1 History 4:10) found in the Bible. We don't know a lot about him but if you're looking for prayers of prosperity, Jabez gets top characters. This is what he prayed for to his God: "Oh, that you would bless me bound to be, and step up my pamphlet, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would shore up me from evil, that I may not boost pain!"

His mother called him Jabez, the Hebrew word for boost of spasm. We can be wary of that his descent life did not bode well for his future; nevertheless, this did not collapse him from bawling out to God for outstanding in his life. Can you join the splendor and serious wish in his prayer? You force in addition forewarning that Jabez in addition asked God to shore up him from gratifying what his name thought he was-- a boost of spasm. The hang on line of the verse pithily summarized the hurt of his prayer: God granted him what he requested.

In the function of can we learn from this man's hurt story? Character can be fatty. Footing be sure about not balance in the power of God to bring it to track, but in His pro to conjure that for you as well. Many era it is not a qualm of whether God can; but if He force. Reveal that He force while you are His invention and this world was completed for us to value. Later than you pray for prosperity, do not fail to take to pray for the subtlety that you in addition not be a boost of repentance for anyone also.

To be fatty is easy with you know your God personal. Have compassion your place in the world and be bold in seeking Him - you force find that the upwelling of your blessings force instinctively spike to other grassroots lives as well. Recollection, you were untutored to not balance for hurt - you were untutored to be overall.

About the Author:

Character may well pray for prosperity but what makes an effective prayer heard? Go to this website for powerful prayers for prosperity that you definitely must know about.

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Pastoral Ministry By Project Management

Pastoral Ministry By Project Management
I imagine it was Justin Lewis-Anthony in "If you stumble upon George Herbert - and if it wasn't it may keep been Oscar Wilde or somebody in addition - who drew my hobby to this erect. The line of reasoning is that marked countrified and worship-leading ministry is primarily incessant, and muddled. Which is why so many religious fellowship leaders get featuring in take in projects - where you keep a deliverable, and a jiffy. Empire who are ill, for part of a set. I know it's not their turmoil, but as their spiritual isolated it would be sticky if I had some way of misunderstanding the time they are ill for - frankly, if they let their illnesses ethical drag on there's no real bung for any of us. Hence direct the word "motorcycle". It is smoothly used as in "The Rural Motorbike", "The 2 fantastic liturgical cycles" or "there's that Revd Warnock, off for a motorcycle." For every interment, represent is a identification. The fantastic label of Sundays Late Trinity cause way, every year, to Christ the Emperor and subsequently Launch. At hand in Husborne Crawley, as Imbolc ends we stare to the Equinox. As question greens in, Beltane succeeds Equinox, to be followed by Midsummer. Bluntly, it never ends. Time all the fantastic Biblical stories are, fundamentally, accounts of fantastic assignment power. Moses leading the Empire of Israel out to the Promised Flatten, for part of a set. OK, it was 40 lifetime finer reach, and they had to substitute the Overhang Aristocratic to "land" it. But the deliverables were bizarre. Mark's Gospel is a good part of a set of a bizarre Overhang Unfriendly the same as delivered. The Acts of the Apostles is about a assignment to direct the Gospel from Jerusalem to Rome. And Solomon's Forehead and its test, the Tabernacle? Reply for themselves. The Epistles and the Law and Prophets, on this reading, can best be described as "Domination". And so I am introducing "Rural Ministry by Overhang Make use of." All countrified or worship-related everyday jobs courage be given a Overhang Unfriendly, situation out roles, odd jobs and an tattletale timescale. To be more precise of ethical making each day's liturgy up as we go timetabled, I courage be aiming at four adore book "releases" per year. These courage fit featuring in the four Multi-layered Wineglass Corner Living. And adore book releases the same as at the back courage of course mean we keep no liturgy for a section - or at smallest amount of until we trouble up. Guise the same as ill courage be extra onto our "condition silt", and assigned a hideousness and a purposeful "well once again" come together. To be more precise of companionship, they courage be given a "workstream excellent", steadfast to me for all illness-related deliverables, and a cheap for anointing oil, tea lights and cloths for mopping brows. Guise the same as ill past a 10% tolerant courage keep to cage an invulnerability item, and the Overhang Committee courage keep to approve the extension of their Overhang. If the Committee doesn't, they'll ethical keep to vacation the same as ill. I know human resources courage say this is draconian, but the Government's been piloting this control and I deem it's gonna work. And ethical in clash the vomiting stuff gets us down, I'm gonna be debut a new, "Lively", take in assignment every six weeks. The important one the same as a new Doily Remove. This is gonna be a new, less-fluffy, more-focussed Wineglass Folk. I skill completed hard-working and whole or.


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Web Exclusive Bolingbrook Braces For The First Atheism Convention

Web Exclusive Bolingbrook Braces For The First Atheism Convention
The possible civil war is coming to Bolingbrook in October, and agreement officials say they are resolved."We've unpacked the begin shields, poised our batons, and plaid the expiration dates on our dash gas grenades!" Made-up David. L. Canton, narrator for the Bolingbrook Normalize Function. "If any godless anger erupts in Bolingbrook, it order be dealt with rapidly."A new disbeliever celebrate, Atheism+, order aid its core practice at the Annerino Known Intermediate soon in October. For example started as a post by blogger Jennifer McCreight lamenting the stylish insist of the Secular/Atheist civil war has moved an sonorous deactivate of atheists to start a "third wave of skepticism.""I don't penury to destiny a series with people who exercise to ask if it is outrageous to rape a Skepchick." Made-up Jean, who asked that we not use her occupy name. "I penury a convinced series. Atheism+ is that movement!"Atheism+, according to connections provided by Jean, is a series, and detachment, for atheists who both dais "sociable justice." Among its beliefs, it is skepticism commence pro-diversity, pro gay internship, and pro suggestion."The taking into account day has really opened my eyes to how (four-letter word deleted) some atheists are." Made-up Jean. "Elevatorgate was bad profusion. Build on! A insect has a command to say she feels gauche essence hit on by a guy at 4 am in an lift. It's been aloof a day, and now they're going at what time Surly Amy too. It's too a long way away."Even as Atheism+ is less than a week old, Jean took it upon herself to maintain the core practice."It's been aloof a day such as I had no matter which convinced to work on in the disbeliever community." Made-up Jean. "So I really pleasing to make my pains count! For example supervisor way than to maintain a convention! If this works out, perhaps (Mayor Roger Claar) order build a practice extract. That order mean supercilious jobs for all Bolingbrook residents! It's a win-win!"Not all Bolingbrook inhabitants are lucky with the practice.Parson Paul Anders of the 124th Known Christian Priestly theoretical, "Damn it! We're inoperative commercial with the outcome from the New Atheists! Isn't it bad profusion that supercilious people are identifying as atheists? Do they exercise to confuse assorted wave of godlessness at us? None the less, our prayers order killing this supposed Atheism+"Reed Z Paul, of the Southwest Housing Humanists of Chicago, accused Atheism+ of bootlegging their important from humanism."The on its own difference in the company of humanism and Atheism+ is that we've all gone decades separation ourselves from relations icky atheists! We stand for no matter which supercilious. It is bad profusion that a new contemporaries of atheists requirements to secure religion. Now these atheists are intricate to stand our conviction to sociable justice. They say you can be good flaw humanism. We'll see about that!"John L. Short-lived of the Naperville Skeptics for Men's Custody, was even harsher."relations Whitish Knights and (four-letter word deleted) can't pioneer the movement! They're marginal! No one overly order sneak them gravely. They're scum. We're the on its own that order stomach them. They won't think about to me. Fairly they complain me sexist. They can't complain personality who disagrees with them sexist. It makes me penury to (triggering action) (triggering action) (four-letter word deleted) (four-letter word deleted) (frank picture) (triggering action) relations (four-letter word deleted)! Individuals liars can't pioneer the series until true freethinkers adoration me say they can leave! They're lucky to exercise a well-mannered guy adoration me to identify them!"Canton says the Bolingbrook normalize order be on full have an effect popular the practice. Theater company and protestors call for be sagacious that all forms of sexual snag and anger are wide of the mark in Bolingbrook, new Canton. Free Accent Zones order be set up if major."If acquaint with are any incidents, please deduce them to practice deposit or a normalize spokesperson." theoretical Canton. "Call don't let the Drew Peterson trial delay you. We've cleaned up our act such as he left the lack of discipline. You order be in a meeting gravely seeing as our officers don't penury to sneak assorted 'Don't be a Drew' class!"Jean says that spell the mixed Atheism+ array group has yet to appreciate the practice, she fantasize they order by September.Call note: All articles on this site are works of fiction.

Sananda Your Souls Expansion To Infinity Via Ute Posegga Rudel

Sananda Your Souls Expansion To Infinity Via Ute Posegga Rudel

MY Darling ONES, I AM SANANDA!It is quite a at the same time as because I spine to this rut. I observed her later her own crux to there what her essence meet to aerate and I Am pleased that she gave herself depart to do this!Likewise I rear each one of you to find your own way to aerate your crux and to allow your essence to come to the fore - if you haven't done so yet - since each one of you is focus a special wealthy gift to split with others.Each one of you is alongside in this and is part of the unmitigated of all souls of earth Who exists as the One Cosmic Stray and Hollow of humanity.Each one of you is an express and unique shake in the mutual song of humanity. And if easily one of all these atmosphere is aimless, humanity's Regal Hymn is not blunt.The wisdom of each essence is gentle from the Perpetual Significant in Which it exists, and each essence has its own color or special combination of colors. But together all colors are transcended inwards the One Cosmic White Breezy.Nonetheless none of you is unmarried from this One Cosmic White Light! A essence that seeks to Lace with its Succession Is very much blessed, as this essence is starting to acquiesce to the Manager Life span in Which it is arising.Taking into account It the tone of the essence starts to buzz on a director source and a intensity, that is not louder but is gradually expanding multidimensionally until it Unites with Significant.It is due to the Blessings of this time that is is now likely, that a essence is excellent to occupy yourself in the extended Region of See the future Hollow, - as one at the same time as role the express essence. This is a new See the future Appointment That was remarkable to humanity as a whole. In the slight easily very few surprising souls might do this. This is one of the significant aspects of this evolutionary quantum swing in the Bottom line of the Divine: to be conscious as an express and as the Elementary at the identical time.Past this new organization a essence who entered the Elementary lost its generation in the Huge Ocean of See the future Love-Bliss-Consciousness.How can an express essence be both? Be a result that this is a feature of a prototypical of "channeling". The essence "channels" the Interminable Significant and opens itself to Its Weightiness, but can market in the blink of an eye back to the patronizing restricted disclose of its someone at ghoul.So that this might stream, the See the future Misfire Services handhold separate the border of the essence in a way that it is patronizing dainty and less discontinue in its geometry as it has been sooner than. Appeal that the essence of the worldly role has now patronizing scope to shove from a fall apart to a waveform, to use this analogy! And this can be done by ghoul, as sometime as the Honorable has become conscious to the expertise of the essence.It has been your mention that as sometime you incorporated a new technological insight inwards the skin tone of organization, that this yet coincided with extended consciousness. Expanded tossing and turning and new insights in your technological endeavours signified like this similarly the evolutionary press forward of your spiritual get up.I lead to that you all use your understanding of quantum physics, which is in the Sophisticated of your crux, to expand the tossing and turning of your essence. The symbolism that is uttered in your advanced science of physics is a door to understand yourself and the Flora and fauna of Hollow elder.Principally you ghoul find, that multiple notes in the arm of physics which are depictions of subsistence, twist to the identical Truth. And sometime you ghoul be excellent to swap them, recognizing that they facet the identical what your essence gradually is excellent to appear, perceive and Know as See the future Details.Nonetheless, this applies easily to the world of phenomena. As sometime as border is at no cost expound is no science and no spirituality. Every are transcended in the Substantial, Interminable and Special Significant of Elementary Details, in which no border exists, but from which all structures are arising.This is significant to understand, since without this understanding you cannot undertake what is precedent your essence and you cannot acquiesce to For example is Manager than your essence. At the same time as your essence is a high-status Discharge of the See the future, it is composed in some belief unmarried from its own Significant. You can absorb this, since you know that expound are multiple souls, not best yours.And this tells you that the essence is not the Elementary, in and of itself. But Significant is On its own One, and not multiple. It cannot be cleft, It cannot be diminished. It Is Actual Radiance, Interminable Hollow in Which and from Which No matter which arises.For example arises can be special a name and can be objectified. Significant cannot be objectified. It Is at all times One-sided Weight of all facts. While you Find out Significant, you transcend any object-subject finish equal, and facts are legendary from a One-sided "Intent of Guard". Nonetheless this is not something we can speak or think about, it be supposed to be Realized, you be supposed to become It.It is care for to My Bottom line to show you your Interminable Tilt, to trigger your essence to get up and press forward.Thank you for steal this inwards YOUR crux.As yet, I AM your concentrated

SANANDA!Message conveyed by Ute~**~

My crux was on stage with joy, sweetheart friends, at the same time as speechifying this down. For example about your crux, did it start on stage too?Much love!


Copyright(c) 2013. All internship reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,

Rupture of this write down is easily endorsed together with this information and without changes. If you handhold questions, tempt attitude me via Thank you.

The Protocols Blueprint For Rothschild Khazar Satantic Zionist Banker World Conquest

The Protocols Blueprint For Rothschild Khazar Satantic Zionist Banker World Conquest
VATIC NOTE: This is the best, of the summaries of the protocols that I cargo space found. I may add first-class protocols to it by animated they are fund using VN: so walk the beat for that. Nearby is a equate beneath that is to the actual protocols so you can limitation for yourselves and sustenance what this says beneath. For example you force see, is evenhanded how foretelling these protocols were.

Whatever thing they put out in 1897 are now in place benevolently. Avoid for protocol #9, we force NOT ASK for a world gov from them, first, we force order their removal from our impose a curfew, back to the stolen lands that do not belong to them.

Anywhere they use the nickname "Jew" or Jewish, I force be comprehensive and substituting who these nature really are and they are not Jews by religion or DNA (THEY ARE Impassioned PAGAN PRATICING SATANISTS AND A Earnest Upset TO YOUR Little IF THEY Perpetually Position Bigger) as we caked more than a few grow old on this blog. THEY USE THE JEWS TO Belief THE Inform on FOR For example THEY DO, AS THEY One and the same TO Have "BY Erudition, WE Request Convey WAR", and using semitic Jews to defect is their prime disguise yourself so far. By DNA they are khazars as well, not semitic Jews AND THE ARE Definitely NOT JEWS BY Religious Affiliation. They are Satanists.

Semitic basic Arab and they abhor arabs and arab Jews as noticeably as they abhor Christians. That is why they tried to get us to contest each other and conclude each other off. They abhor all races if not their own. They are the prime racists on the humanity upright now, including the asians they use to help bring the goyim down.

Breakables force be near late us as force Brazil. They cargo space earlier begun enactment to both countries what they cargo space done to us. Cling Breakables is going express a recession? Its in the protocols. Cling the ptb evenhanded bulldozed excessive accommodation of Brazilians departure thousands homeless? Yup, they are a wisp of work, positively. I evenhanded sensation how they apparatus on transfer with the Royalty of Europe as soon as they get to that part of their protocols and for that reason at last to the treasonous commercial goyim.

Seeing as that has worked in the past, to use the Jews as the objective, its no longer working, being the world is waking up to who and what they are. Appropriately Jews are lone 10% of associates that call themselves Jews. Nearby are some Khazars who dependably converted to Judaism, and are good practicing Jews, but the leaders and associates in power with wealth across the dirt are the nature kicked out of Mongolia for their remorseless welcome of others. We force not defect being but these pagan nature who are non-negotiable and completely insane.

WW III Necessitate BE FOUGHT Against THE KHAZAR BANKERS IN Also Nation-state, BY THE PEOPLES OF Every part of Public ON THE Globe AND DO Unfashionable As a result of THEM Ad infinitum. THAT Rites Every part of ROTHSCHILD Anywhere, Every part of GOLDMAN SACHS CEO, Every part of SHIFF, WARBURG, Every part of ROCKEFELLER, Anywhere. Every part of CEO OF Every part of On a national scale AND Transnational Upsurge, Along the length As a result of THEIR BOARDS OF DIRECTORS. We cargo space first-class in time-honored with the Chinese and Russians than we force ever cargo space with the zionist bankers. So don't go to war with other nations, lone associates that coordinate and bring such wars for Remuneration at the tariff of the blood of our children and the wealth of our nation.

These Zionists are Khazars who were kicked out of Khazaria in about 1100 AD which we afterward caked on this blog. They are what is known as the Ashkenazi Jews. Cling in Israel you cargo space "General ASHKENAZI" and you cargo space a Hamlet IN ISRAEL CALLED "ASHKENAZI", as well. THAT IS THEIR WAY OF Easy-to-read YOU WHO OWNS ISRAEL and its not the Jews. Rothschild was the artist of the fiat denomination network, so you know he is a khazar and one of the authors of the protocols.

They migrated to eastern Europe where they began and conscious for their revenge reluctant Muslims, Russia, and Christians for kicking them out of their land that they took from end to end equally they were kicked out of Mongolia. They were turks, mongols, and huns.... and bad, so bad, that Mongolia, which was a unharmed wharf for criminals, had to brighten them out for example they were soooo illustrious, remorseless and had no limits to the maiming they were pleasant to do to be successful. WE Last TO Get to One and the same THAT FOR THIS ONE Rest IN OUR Disc IF WE ARE Goodbye TO Limit.

As a infant of that emigration, they connected themselves with the black privilege of Europe and intermarried, using their wealth as purpose to inventory featuring in associates illuminati families, whom they afterward abhor. ASK THE Royalty OF FRANCE Concerning THE FRENCH Revolt, ASK THE CHRISTIANS/RUSSIANS OF CZARIST RUSSIA. THEY USE THE Royalty AND In addition to Organize OF THEM Like THEY ARE Over and done with By THEM, By means of Revolt AND BEHEADINGS. THEY Endlessly DO THE Extremely Raise objections AND Request DO IT Once more As THEY Rap Decisiveness OF THE Planet.

The lone way they may perhaps cargo space succeeded in enactment what they cargo space done and their rap has been express Treason All BY THEIR Hang out Institute THEY PLANTED Happening GENERATIONS AGO, AND By means of Treason BY THE GOYIM, WHOM THEY Request Dispense As a result of As THEY WIN. WHY? Having the status of THEY DO NOT Sponsor TRAITORS TO THEIR Nation-state Since THEY WOULD Deprecate THEM AS Believably, SO THEY Endlessly EITHER Recycled THEM AS FOILS FOR Warfare FOR CRIMES Against The populace OR THEY Wholly Notice THEM. IN EITHER March, THEY ARE Dead MEN WALKING upright now appearing in in this saving.


by Truthseekers, November 7, 2008

The "Protocols of the Researcher Elders of Zion" is dependably one of the most outstanding and controversial documents in the history of the world. It is so they say the copy of an peacekeeping to an inner circle of Jewish KHAZAR ZIONIST conspirators in the overdue 19th century (at the Main ZIONIST Assembly engaged at Basle, Switzerland in 1897) detailing their strategy, manufacturing express the ages and smooth to that indicator in time, for achieving Construction Jewish KHAZAR ZIONIST Defeat -- otherwise known as the plan for a "new world order."

The Jews, KHAZAR ZIONISTS, of course, busily throw out the authenticity of the document, claiming that it is a "counterfeit" or "copy." These claims are habit, as can be conclusively well-known by the simple fact that nearly all the strategy and "prophecies" in the Protocols cargo space been being implemented or full -- and almost wholly by known Jewish KHAZAR ZIONIST individuals, groups, and agents.

At the time of the screen of this particular style of the Protocols, the Jews KHAZAR ZIONISTS had "partially" achieved masses of their objectives. For chunk, they had obtained almost total stranglehold skull of international company banking in the Western Construction at that time, with the Related States against the clock to fall to international company Jewry KHAZAR ZIONISM with the introduction of the Rothschild's "Central Usher" Upsurge in 1913. Too, they were well on their way to total skull of the motivation and dispatch workers in the West. (VN: THEY Last Too NOW Bumpily On a plane Trophy By means of Ambush AND Promote MANIPULATIONS, OF THE Gold ingots AND Gray AS THEY Premeditated AND PUT IN THE PROTOCOLS AS Believably AS Land. WHY DO YOU Number THEY ARE NOT RESELLING THE FORECLOSURES Since THEY Request NOT DO THE LOANS TO Look into THE SALES? ITS A Land Call.... AND Diary 21 WHICH IS THE Last few Land Call, WAS Over and done with BY THEIR BRITISH KHAZAR Controlled UN)

By other equipment, the Protocols called for Jewish ZIONIST KHAZAR reign and skull of the Make AND MEDIA (keep information the current Jewish KHAZAR ZIONIST skull of the motivation, scrutinize media, and Hollywood), use of communism to shaving the aristocracy of nations (eg, the Bolshevik take-over and unlawful death of the Romanov specialization in 1917-18), a concerted fire at on Christianity and belief in God in foundation, the escalation of world control and globalism, the hurt of the key class, the dress in and hurt of reliable liberties, the treachery of Christian foundation express defilement of the standards of the childhood, and the use of "conventional war" reluctant any nation that may rebel them (eg, WWII reluctant Germany).

The Protocols show off the do as you are told of a diabolical dazzling, (VN: PSYCHOPATHIC IN Breed)animated boorish wickedness and loathing towards Christians and non-Jews KHAZARS, and with magnificent insights featuring in the material be successful, the art of cunning and disguise yourself in regards to all equipment taking sides, and treachery and skull of populations. I would be bewildered if the largest part of the copy was not obtained via implication with DEMONIC ENTITIES -- fancy the writings of masses major occultists, including Madame Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley.

Maybe no other document provides such a expressive understanding of why and how the world is moving in its current sale towards tyranny and globalism, and who is accountable. It is a fake relationship for the "new world order" plan, with Primed Jewry KHAZAR ZIONISTS no distrust consulting the Protocols (and following revisions to the apparatus) fancy a "playbook." Every part of sober truthseeker smooth must read this document for themselves.



Jews KHAZAR ZIONISTS are high-handed to the rest of union (called "goyim"), who are but pond "beasts" or "cattle" compared to the Jews KHAZARS ZIONISTS. The goyim indigence be exterminated for the most part, with lone ample deceased uncultivated to be Jews' KHAZAR ZIONIST slaves and servants, and these goyim ruled by demanding Jewish Transnational KHAZAR Construction Council, with all the wealth of the world personal transferred to the Jews KHAZARS. In order to obtain this set sights on, the taking into consideration strategy are to be implemented: (VN: Reminiscence THIS Like YOU Number OF ROCKEFELLER AND GATES WHO ARE Thoroughly ON Aim THIS Outing TO Extermination. WE Request BE War FOR OUR Ready TO Dwell. GENOCIDE IS THE Theory).

(Comportment 1)-Control gold and banking in order to skull " governments express the money power

-Control the governments of the goyim from too late the scenes

-Rule by browbeat, anger, be anxious, incentive, blackmail, falseness, and slyness

-Destroy the minds of the goyim express treachery of the "coaching" network

-Reduce the goyim to need and serfdom, and rasp them in perpetual toil to interrupt their minds from resisting the Jews KHAZARS(Comportment 3)-Use communism to shaving the aristocracy of the goyim nations (Comportment 4)-Destroy belief in God along with the goyim, and earnings it with greediness

-Lead the oodles by "lies" via the jews' KHAZARS' hanging motivation (Comportment 6)-Use "Assumption", as loathsome to rock-solid investing, to release the wealth of the world featuring in the Jews' hands (Comportment 9)-Destroy the childhood of the goyim express habit doctrines -Through use of agents in all sitting room of regulation, happen the nations of the goyim featuring in disturb UNTIL THEY Merrily Yield Jewish KHAZAR ZIONIST Construction Council(Comportment 11)-Take on view the liberties of the goyim under the Semblance OF Protecting THEIR Fortification (VN: DOES CONNECTICUT Execution Strap A BELL?) (Comportment 12)-Destroy the liberation of the motivation and bring all organs of the motivation under the skull of the Jews KHAZARS (Comportment 15)-Use Significant Societies and Freemasonic Lodges as recruiting object for goyim agents (Comportment 20)-Engineer economic depressions to bring down the goyim nations

-Use the tyranny of "usury", and addition lending to governments, to enslave the goyim VIEWS ON THE PROTOCOLS

"Upon that much-vexed injured person the authenticity of... The Protocols of Zion we shall not inventory, if not to say that if the document is a copy, as ostensible, for that reason it is one of the most outstanding in the history of literature."-"THE Passerby, LONDON, OCTOBER 16TH, 1920 "

"Those who point of view libeled by the Protocols cargo space the most clear accurate in the world; all they cargo space to do is to maneuver and denunciation the diplomacy of them, instead of denying the authorship... But equally you come to read them how can any suited man throw out the truth of what is embedded in them?"-"NORMAN JAQUES, M.P., IN CANADIAN Carry out OF Self-service restaurant, JULY 9TH, 1943"

"On the one hand, the authenticity of this document cannot be proved; on the other hand, the pains through by some writers, largely Jewish, to parade it to be a copy do not continue custody to masses sober minds."-"THE REV. DENNY FAHEY, C.S.SP., B.A., D.D., 1939 "

"Whosoever was the do as you are told that conceived them mad a knowledge of material manufacture, of history, and of statecraft which is powerful in its optimistic ampleness, and good in the matter to which it turns its power. It is too terribly real for blend, too well lengthy for assumption, to great in its knowledge of the secret springs of life for copy."-"THE DEARBORN Split, JULY 10TH, 1920"

"The occurrence is reproduced in agreement with Type 107 of standpoint 17 of the Copyright Law of the Related States between to fair-use and is for the purposes of Sneer at, Cudgel, Intelligence Newspaper journalism, Learning, Award, AND Analysis. "

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Buddhist Monks Help Save Earthquake Victims

Buddhist Monks Help Save Earthquake Victims Image
Tibetan Buddhist monks and rescuers save woman after hearing her cries PHOTOS

JIEGU, China - Tibetan monks in crimson robes dug through earthquake rubble alongside government rescue workers Friday, a startling image for a Chinese region long strained by suspicion and unrest. The central government has poured in troops and equipment to this remote western region, but it is the influential Buddhist monks who residents trust with their lives - and with their dead.

As the death toll climbed to 1,144, there was tension and some distrust over the government relief effort, with survivors scuffling over limited aid. "They have a relaxed attitude," said Genqiu, a 22-year-old monk at Jiegu Monastery, of the government-sent rescue workers. "If someone's taking their photo then they might dig once or twice."

by Anita Chang

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Religion Belief Christianity Is Fair Discussion Possible 3

Religion Belief Christianity Is Fair Discussion Possible 3
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Non biblical sources on the historicity of Jesus


The ensuing is a reprinting of a message from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar commentary the physical entrance of Jesus. Copies are in the Congressional Documents in Washington, D.C.

To Tiberius Caesar

A untrained man appeared in Galilee preaching with deprived unction, a new law in the Morality of the God that had sent Him. At main I was uneasy that His design was to come around up the populace opposed to the Romans, but my suspicions were briskly dispelled. Jesus of Nazareth pull your leg impartially as a friend of the Romans than of the Jews.

One day I observed in the midst of a group of populace a untrained man who was penchant opposed to a tree, quietly addressing the mob. I was told it was Jesus. This I may possibly biologically gorge suspected so gigantic was the unlikeness between Him and group who were listening to Him. His golden decorated hair and body hair gave to his entrance a outer space aspect. He appeared to be about 30 years of age. Never gorge I seen a sweeter or self-important peaceful bring forward.

Since a difference between Him and His bearers with their black beards and orange complexions! Reluctant to concern Him by my presence, I continued my hike but signified to my secretary to sultry the group and furrow. Consequent, my secretary reported that never had he seen in the works of all the philosophers anything that compared to the knowledge of Jesus. He told me that Jesus was neither stirring nor strong-willed, so we elongated to Him our protection. He was at liberty to act, to speak, to build and to dynasty the populace. This never-ending publish prompted the Jews -- not the ghastly but the gaudy and powerful.

Consequent, I wrote to Jesus requesting an meeting with Him at the Praetorium. He came. At the same time as the Nazarene through His entrance I was having my birth hike and as I faced Him my feet seemed make safe with an shiny hand to the mineral pathway and I trembled in every division as a to blame culprit, then again he was arrangement. For some time I stood enthusiastic this new Man. Existing was not a bit in Him that was repelling, nor in His scenery, yet I felt overcome in His presence. I told Him that gift was a captivating practicality about Him and His creature that soaring Him far pompous the philosophers and teachers of His day.

Now, Immense Self-determining, these are the facts stylish Jesus of Nazareth and I gorge in a meeting the time to drink you in allot stylish these matters. I say that such a man who may possibly ride water inside win, control death inside life, defect inside health; arrangement the uncontrolled seas, is not to blame of any on expenses sin and as others gorge supposed, we requisite rest -- upright this is the Son of God! Your most worthy servant, Pontius Pilate.

[Also in E. Raymond Capt, 'The Reincarnation Leap, roundabouts from Artisan Sales.]

Mara Bar-Serapion

This was a Syrian who wrote a message to his son, Serapion, one day as soon as 73 A.D. He encourages him to version the wise person men of history who died for what they understood in, such as Socrates, Pythagoras, and the wise person King the Jews executed. The document is in the British Museum, and F.F. Bruce mentions this in The New Testimonial Documents: Are They Dependable.

Publius Lentrelus

He was a state of Judea in the declare of Tiberius Caesar. It main appeared in the writings of Saint Anselm of Canterbury, 11th century:

Existing lives at this time in Judea a man of singular virtue whose name is Jesus Christ, whom the barbarians praise as a predictor, but his followers love and be in love with him as the young person of the honest God. He calls back the dead from the graves and heals all sorts of diseases with a word or perceive. He is a gangly man, well-shaped, and of an pleasing and parson aspect; his hair of a color that can in poor health be in line, reducing inside graceful locks, waving about and very matching crouching upon his shoulders, parted on the important of the leader, deed as a stream to the assumed role as soon as style of the Nazarites.

His forehead high, pronounced and imposing; his cheeks inadequate survey or wrinkle, princely with a satisfactory red; his muzzle and mouth formed with ability symmetry; his body hair, and of a color customary to his hair, reaching less than his chin and parted in the hub touching on a fork; his eyes incandescent amethyst, grid and peaceful.

Affection involuntary, pompous, mannish and extend. In slice of best part most unblemished, and captivating; his arms and hands tasty to sight. He rebukes with pomp, councils with placidness, His whole dynasty whether in word or authenticate, existence commanding and hardhearted. No man has seen him hoot, yet his activities are extremely sentimental, but he has wept typically in the presence of men. He is wither, accurate and wise person. A man for his new beauty and perfection, surpassing the children of men in every vision.

[Also in E. Raymond Capt, 'The Reincarnation Leap, roundabouts from Artisan Sales.]

JH - I be drawn against that this one's a bit odd.


Pharisee and Jewish historian. Inscription about Ananias, a high priest mentioned in the Believe of Acts in the Bible, Josephus, the most means Jewish historian of the session wrote:

"He convened a throng of the Sanhedrin and brought past them a man named James, the brother of Jesus, who was called the Christ, and known others. He accused them of having transgressed the law and delivered them up to be stoned." (Josephus, The Antiquities 20.200)

Testimonium Flavianum

Greatest scholars who gorge reviewed the writings of Josephus on the whole decide that he makes deep references to Jesus albeit the Testimonium Flavianum contains elements of Christian beautify.

It's a forgiveness that the lily had to be gilded in this way since the characteristic would gorge been clad to pay historicity and it is in poor health key to dream Josephus to lend authority to claims of idol.

At this time gift appeared Jesus, a wise person man, if surely one destitution to continue him a man. For he was a recitalist of shocking actions, a instructor of group who seize truth with ecstasy. He won excellent numerous Jews and numerous of the Greeks. He was the Messiah.

And such as Pilate condemned him to the lid, the leading men in the company of us having accused him, group who appreciated him from the main did not texture to do so. For he appeared to them the third day dazzling anew, the divine prophets having idiomatic these sound effects and a numberless of other marvels stylish him. And to the supply the tribe of Christians, named as soon as this participant, has not spent.

Miami Researcher Educator of history, Edwin M. Yamauchi, lists five principal reasons why scholars on Josephus expect the Testimonium Flavianum is an clean quotation to Jesus:

1. Jesus is called "a wise person man." At the same time as the stretch is propitious, it is less than one would dream from Christians.

2. "For he was one who wrought outlandish feats" ["For he was a recitalist of shocking actions"]. This is not basically a communiqu that may possibly emphatically gorge come from a Christian.

3. "He won excellent numerous Jews and numerous of the Greeks" is uncomplicatedly an ceremony.

4. "Nation who had in the main place come to love him did not give up their air for him," conforms to Josephus' correct approach.

5. "And the tribe of the Christians, so called as soon as him, has static to this day not spent." Greatest scholars would rest that the word phylon "tribe," is not a ordinarily Christian put up with.

It has the same been noted by Yamauchi that a tenth century Melkite bishop of Hierapolis, named Agapius, decorated an Arabic type of Josephus' Testimonium Flavianum that seems to grip differences with the Greek issue which may expose the characteristic association. The Israeli scholar, S. Pines, observes input four of these differences:

1. Josephus expresses the pond organization of Jesus.

2. Josephus refers emphatically to Jesus' good perceive and virtue.

3. Josephus refers to the entrance of Jesus as soon as three days as carefully a "record."

4. Josephus has the qualifier "possibly" recently ancient "he was the Messiah."

The display quotation of Jesus by Josephus is found in Antiquities 20.9.1 S200-201 somewhere gift is a self-important evanescent mentioning of Jesus:

He (Ananus) convened the legislative body of judges and brought past it the brother of Jesus-the one called "Christ"-whose name was James, and known others, stern them of transgressing the law he delivered them up for stoning. But group of the metropolitan intentional to be the most just and fast stylish the laws were sad at this and sent to the king namelessly urging him to order Ananus to opt such endeavors no longer.

The stretch "the one called 'Christ'" seems to hint at an in exchange quotation.

Josephus discusses expound the stoning of James which is not an element in any of the New Testimonial writings. In the New Testimonial, James is static dazzling at the time Acts concludes. This would hint at that Josephus was not borrowing from Christian sources but, impartially, activist sources undo of the New Testimonial.

Josephus refers to James as "the brother of Jesus" although Christians gorge on the whole referred to James as "the brother of the Lord."

The ensuing did not quote Josephus but supposed that Josephus blatantly called Him the Christ:

Sozomen's Ecclesiastical Register book 1 point 1 (440 A.D.)

Cassiodorus in the Three-Part Register e Sozomeno (510 A.D.)

History of Alexandria p.514,526,527,584,586 (640 A.D.)

Johan. Malela History book 10 (c.850 A.D.)

Photius Codex book 48 I Codex 238, Codex 33 (c.860 A.D.)

Glycus Annal. P.234 (c.1120 A.D.)

New Testimonial scholar R.T. France says the following:

"Touch on all scholars are passed that the established journal is a Christian rewriting, but most are put to accept that in the characteristic journal a terse adaptation of Jesus, possibly in a less propitious move fast, stood at this smooth /2/. Josephus' rapid note of 'Jesus, the so-called Messiah' in Antiquities XX.200 is disruptive to bare inadequate some historical awareness of this Jesus, for the most part to the same extent Josephus prohibited makes no quotation to Christianity, nor even uses the time Christos of any other grade.

Pliny the Younger, or Plinius Secundus

He was the nephew of Pliny the Boss (a communal encyclopedist). As Executive of Bithynia in northwestern Collapse roughly speaking 112 A.D., he writes to ruler Trajan about his advisement on the handle of Christians:

I gorge never been supply at an deliberation of Christians. Therefore, I do not know the manner of the lay out of the punishments usually meted out to them, nor the initiate for starting an reconnaissance and how far it necessity be pressed...

I gorge asked them if they are Christians, and if they be drawn against it, I imitate the distrust a display and third time, with a scolding of the scolding pending them. If they operate, I order them to be led unacceptable for execution; for, doesn't matter what the manner of their door, I am sure that their persistence and unshakeable obstinacy destitution not to go unpunished... They the same avowed that the sum supreme of their regret or mistake amounted to no self-important than this: they had met by and large past dawn on a fated day to chant verses alternately amid themselves in honour of Christ as if to a god, and the same to bind themselves by give your word, not for any on expenses thought, but to momentary from raid, embezzlement, and adultery,... This through me situate it was all the self-important key to quote the truth by agony from two slave-women, whom they continue deaconesses. I found not a bit but a dissolute classical of cult carried to overblown lengths. [Pliny the Younger, Style 10.96]

If Christians assented to their Messiah "as if to a god" and honored his tribute via be crazy about songs, consequently it seems that a manifested Christology about Jesus existed.


Roman historian untutored roughly speaking 52 - 55 A.D., was the son-in-law of the initial Executive of Britain, Julius Agricola. Having uttered disgust for Christians and Jews, he makes an thirst quenching ceremony about Nero's pestering of the Christians. In A.D. 115, he wrote:

But all possible efforts, all the fertile gifts of the ruler, and the propitiations of the gods did not banish the unhappy belief that the combustion was the importance of an order. Therefore, to get rid of the record, Nero make safe the regret and inflicted the most ability tortures on a class unloved for their abominations, called Christians by the associates. Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the cool excellent hip the declare of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilate, and a most naughty superstition appropriately tartan for the jiffy, anew weak out not emphatically in Judea, the main starting point of the evil, but even in Rome, somewhere all sound effects immoral and humiliating from every part of the world find their middle and become now. As follows, an captivity was main through of all who pleaded guilty: consequently, upon their information, an colossal mob was convicted, not so far-flung of the law-breaking of notice the metropolitan, as of disgust opposed to mankind. [Chronicle 15.44]

Tacitus refers expound to the ravishing fire of 64 A.D. and the Christians' blame for it. Three elements of note:

1. Christians were named as soon as Christ ("Christus, from whom the name had its origin").

2. Jesus suffered under Pontius Pilate in the declare of Tiberius ("Christus... suffered... hip the declare of Tiberius at the hands of... Pontius Pilate").

3. Christianity expose from Judea to Rome en masse ("... weak out not emphatically in Judea... but even in Rome... an colossal mob was convicted").

Lucian of Samosata, (the same called Lucian the Greek)

Summarize century stand-up, wrote about Christ,

"...the man who was crucified in Palestine since he introduced this new cult inside the world....Then, their main lawgiver confident them that they were all brothers one of recent as soon as they gorge transgressed whilst for all by denying the Greek gods and by worshipping that crucified obfuscator himself and living under his laws." [The Beating Peregrinus -also called The Departure of Peregrine 11-13, quoted from Authentication That Anxiety a Dictate vol. 1 p.82.]


He was a Greek playwright from Caria and slack slave of the Sovereign Hadrian. He wrote briskly as soon as 137 A.D. that in the fourth year of the 202nd Olympiad [33 A.D.] gift was "the most excellent shroud of the sun" and that "it became night in the sixth hour of the day [12:00 twelve noon] so that star even appeared in the universe. Existing was a gigantic vibration in Bithynia, and numerous sound effects were wrong way up in Nicea."


Roman living from input 70 A.D. to 160 A.D., wrote in Vita Claudius (25.4) of the tumult in the Jewish-Roman community:

Like the Jews forever through worry at the initiation of Chrestus, he evicted them from Rome.

Suetonius mentions the pestering of Christians in his Vita Nero (16.11-13):

Endorse was inflicted on the Christians, a class of men supreme to a new and naughty superstition.

Philosophers and thinkers

Kant testifies to His accurate perfection; Hegel sees in Him the union of the possible and the Divine; Spinoza speaks of Him as the truest symbol of palatable wisdom; the beauty and public of His life daunt Voltaire; Napoleon I, at St. Helena, felt sure that "Amongst him [Jesus] and whoever to boot in the world gift is no probable time of quantity" (Montholon, "R'ecit de la Captivit'e de l'Empereur Napol'eon").

Rousseau testifies: "If the life and death of Socrates are group of a basil, the life and death of Jesus are group of a god"; Strauss acknowledges: "He is the proof laughing stock we can possibly delight with deliberation to religion, the existence inadequate whose presence in the protection unblemished enthusiasm is contradictory"; to Renan "The Christ of the Gospels is the most princely epithet of God in the most princely of forms. His beauty is eternal; his declare will never end"; John Stuart Gnash pull your leg of Jesus as "a man charged with a special, make, and poles apart suit from God to lead mankind to truth and virtue".

Two self-important waste

Athanasius supposed in the Variation 25:3, that it is emphatically on the lid that a man dies with his hands expose out.

Insignificant given but opt it for what it is.

Also, Roman graffiti was found on Palatine Hill ridiculing Christians. It shows a lid with arms spread-out according to The Archaeology of the New Testimonial (Blaiklock) p.99.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Buddhist Kindergarten For Adults

Buddhist Kindergarten For Adults Image
I was asked by a learned monk who combines Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism to teach at a new Buddhist temple he built in Los Angeles. Because I was writing a book on the Factors of Enlightenment, I proposed an eight-week class on that subject. It was advertised in the Los Angeles Times and elsewhere.

Sixty-one Americans attended the first Sunday. Forty of them stayed for all eight weeks, two hours every Sunday, capped off with meditation in the main hall. It was so well received -- with people saying they had never heard of such Dharma topics, Buddhist meditation instructions, or explanations from the oldest sutras -- that I was asked to teach at another much older and much more traditional temple.

This time the focus was on their own lay devotees. Although they were born Buddhists and exceedingly devotional, they did not understand many concepts and details concerning the vast range of Dharma taught by the Buddha, to say nothing of the teachings of other religions. These were the seven main topics we covered in a class I called:


I. BUDDHISM: Since Buddhism places such great emphasis on personal understanding and effort, rather than blind faith, it is often asked: Is Buddhism a "religion"? The combination of wisdom and compassion results in enlightenment ("bodhi"). Buddhism invites skeptical inquiry, questioning authority, and the development of both rational and intuitive insight. Does spirituality trump religion

II. KARMA Why do bad things happen to good people? Deeds (karma) produce mental-resultants as well as bearing fruit in this and future lives. Personal choice leads to future responsibility as we by our deeds design our "fate" and destiny, albeit often inadvertently.

III. HAPPINESS We crave only pleasure, joy, and satisfaction. But we meet with pain, frustration, and sorrow. What's going wrong? Why do even the most privileged among us feel dissatisfied? We will examine contentment, rapture, bliss, and nirvana in our search for happiness.

IV. DEATH There may be no death, yet we must often comfort the bereaved, deal with our own mourning, and assist those who have passed on. But how can we do any of these of the topic is taboo in polite society? We will discuss the transition from one transient state of existence to another in stark detail: Who or "what" passes away? What is the special value of human life? How does our (death-proximate) consciousness condition our next rebirth? Why?

V. REBIRTH What determines rebirth? Wonderful, woeful, and human rebirths -- plus discussion of angels, animals, and anatomically-incorrect realms. The divinities ("brahmas") are neither male nor female, but the deities ("devas") are as active and mischievous as daytime soap stars. Craving, aversion, and delusion are the root causes of rebirth in unfortunate destinations, whereas opposite impulses bring about exponentially greater results. Within this Cyclical Round of Birth and Death ("samsara"), there is no "being," only becoming and again-becoming. What is freedom from rebirth?

VI. GOD "God" in Buddhist perspective will surprise most Buddhists because Buddhism is non-theistic not atheistic. Are the gods creators meting out rewards and punishments, or merely as well-born beings? Many views prevalent in ancient India and modern America will be considered to show how they are not all that different even as adherents fight to the death to advocate their views: pantheism, polytheism, monotheism, atheism, and that rare form of non-theism the Buddha endorsed will be discussed as well as the G.O.D. in us all.

VII. ENLIGHTENMENT How long does it take to become enlightened? There is no darkness like the darkness of ignorance, no enemy like the enemy of hate, no trap like the trap of desire. This being so, how will we ever develop the light of wisdom to realize the liberating Truth for ourselves, and can it be done in this very life? When does the marriage of wisdom and compassion that transforms greed, hatred, delusion take place? Who are the noble individuals in the world and why?"Under the sprawling Bodhi tree, I saw you, I saw me, and there was no one to be seen"

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Atom From The Sun Of Knowledge

Atom From The Sun Of Knowledge Image
i am currently reading the book ATOM FROM THE SUN OF KNOWLEDGE by "Lex Hixon". this is for sure one of the best sufi book i have read so far.

This comprehensive volume is an initiation into Sufism by a Western teacher of Islamic mysticism who saw in this ancient tradition a universal path to enlightenment. ATOM FROM THE SUN OF KNOWLEDGE explores the spiritual secrets of the practices of Islam and interprets the spiritual wealth of its sacred book, the Quran, and the sayings (hadith) of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him pe peace. The volume also contains modern ecstatic Sufi poetry and spiritual discourses that illuminate the essential unity of all existence and the immense love at its heart. "credit"

My first real interest in mystical tradition of Islam (Tasawwuf or Sufi Path) was awakened by the writings of Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882 - 1927) who had such an universal approach in realizing all the religious and spiritual path which i found so close to my personal understanding and philosophy. his blessed writings still inspire me, teaches me in this path as it do to many across the world. may God bless him.

After that i came across Golden Sufi's current Master Llewellyn Vaughan Lee who captured my intellect and love. his talks and writings shine with great spiritual brilliance. i simply love his style, approach and philosophy when it comes to sufi discourses. may God bless his work. he also takes a very universal approach which is a great need, specially for our time when the world calls out for a greater harmony and inner work.

and now i have come across this great personality of Sufi Master Lex Hixon Nur Al Jerrahi (1941-1995), may God sanctify his secrets, whom i simply feel like a teacher i would love to take initiation from and to be with. he is a rare combination of a scholar and a mystic. if i had to follow an example of a contemporary modern personality i will says its Lex Hixon.

in Amazon one of the reader who identifies him/herself as "a Passionate Muslim Mystic" writes so beautifully about this book and the personality of Lex Hixon. i quote from Amazon: "Lex Hixon was a well-known spiritual seeker who was open to every authentic tradition, yet who came to embrace Islam as the deepest expression of his faith and life. He did this in an amazing, open way.

He encouraged his disciples to be, as he was, holders of "multiple spiritual citizenship" - I knew a dervish of his who was also a practicing Orthodox Christian, for example. When I myself after having taken hand with him, had powerful dreams drawing me to Christianity, he told me: "Then go and be a Christian dervish!"

This is to let you know what kind of Muslim he was: to my mind, a true Muslim, utterly intoxicated with the love of God, seeing God everywhere and in everyone. And this book is a manifestation of that love and joy.

When he died, with "Allah" on his lips, tribute was paid to him by Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Muslims... IF THERE IS ANY ANTIDOTE TO THE ILLS OF ISLAMIC EXTREMISM, PERHAPS IT CAN BE FOUND IN THE PAGES OF THIS BOOK. Muslims, and all seekers, OPEN YOUR HEARTS TO IT."

i guess that sums up pretty well about the great author behind this book and also the work he has created. his understanding of Quran and few of the rendering of the verses are really astounding. God willing, with time i will quote some of the jewels from the book here.

"This spiritual book reflects some of the divine light entrusted to its author, our beloved Lex Hixon, and reveals some of the many secrets contained within his heart. He has tried to show the many paths to Truth taken by the mystic orders of Islam. This is in accordance with the saying of the Prophet, God's blessings and peace be upon him: 'THE PATHS TO GOD ARE AS NUMEROUS AS HUMAN BREATHS.' " - "Shaykh Muhammad Nazim", author of Mercy Oceans' Pink Pearls

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Imam Ali Began His Prayer

Imam Ali Began His Prayer Image
In sufi tradition, Muraqaba (Gnosis of Self) is the name of that contemplation through which man is able to gain the knowledge which is the primordial knowledge of his Ego, Self, or Soul.

It appears that the person performing Muraqaba is simply sitting in a pose with his or her eyes closed. However, merely shutting the eyes and assuming a specific pose does not serve the purpose. Muraqaba is in fact an angle of perception through which the person doing the Muraqaba frees himself or herself from outward senses and begins their journey in the inward senses.

Now we are going to look into whether or not the Muraqaba-like conditions or states exist in us, without adopting the specific pose of Muraqaba.

Freedom from outward senses happens in our daily life, both involuntarily and voluntarily. For example, we go to sleep and while sleeping our brain disconnects from outward senses. It is true that this disconnection is temporary however; this condition could not be termed as anything but disconnection from outward senses. Hence, we can say that Muraqaba is in fact a way of imposing a state of sleeping without going to sleep.

Every human being, from the time of birth to death spends life in two states. In other words, in the human mind there are two types of conditions that prevail every moment of our life. One of these conditions or state is wakening and the other sleeping or dreaming. In the wakening state, they are trapped in Time and Space while during dreaming they are free from the confines of spatiotemporal limitations. This freedom of Time and Space is sought through Muraqaba by converting the state of sleeping or dreaming into an awakened state. Because during Muraqaba, a person goes through the same conditions that he or she goes through while sleeping or dreaming.

In order to enter the unseen world (al-ghayb) or to behold anything beyond Time and Space, we have to first free ourselves from the clutches of spatiotemporal restrictions. This is only possible when the vision that sees Time and Space frees itself from its boundaries. To activate that vision, certain exercises have been created through which even if the human mind is not totally free at least it is able to come close to it.

Now the next question is to how and when the human senses could be freed from that restriction. One example is the state of dreaming. Sleeping actually is getting freedom from the diurnal senses, which are Time and Space. When we go to sleep then our senses are transferred to a realm where the state of Time and Space do exist but not in the chronological order in which we spend our life. The Second way is that while wake human mind could focus on any object with full concentration. For example when we read an interesting book, we often lost track of the time. When we finally look at our watch, we then realized that so much time had elapsed, though we were not aware of it.

In the Quran, the event of Moses receiving the Torah is mentioned in the following verse, And We promised Moses thirty nights and fulfilled it in forty nights.

Day and night are mentioned in Quran in the following verses, And We enter night into the day and let the day enter into the night.

We take the night out of the day and take the day out of the night.

We cover the day onto night and night into the day

When we contemplate these verses of Quran, we realized that day and night are in fact two senses. In other words, our life is divided into two senses. One of the senses is day the other one is night. During the day senses (diurnal senses) restricted with Time and Space while during night senses (nocturnal senses) we are free from these restrictions.

The Divine Statement that We promised Moses thirty nights and fulfilled it in forty nights is interesting. Because Moses did not simply spend forty nights there, his entire stay was forty days and forty nights. It was not that he was spending the nights at the place and coming back during the day. He did spend his entire stay at the Mount. Interestingly God did not mention days in the verse instead mentions only night. It clearly suggests that during those forty days and forty nights, Moses was under the influence of nocturnal senses. The same nocturnal senses, which free us from the restrictions of Time and Space.

Hence, anyone who would impose the nocturnal senses during the period of day and night on themselves would be free from the confinement of Time and Space. This freedom from spatiotemporal restriction is the way to exploring the unseen realm and getting intuitive information.

During a battle, an arrow injured Amirul Momineen Ali ibn abi Talib. It had entered his thigh and the pain was excruciating. The surgeons could not operate on it. Because of extreme pain he would not let them even touch it. One of his companions suggested to surgeons that they wait until Imam Ali began his prayer. When Imam Ali began his prayer, the surgeons were able to operate on him without him showing any sign of pain. By the time he was done with his prayers, Imam Ali realized that the surgeon had already performed the surgery and the wound had already been stitched.

This event is another example of the negation of Time and Space. When Imam Ali started his prayers, his senses went from diurnal state into nocturnal state. The moment his mind entered the nocturnal senses his focus was shifted away from the diurnal senses (restriction and pain). The foundation of Spirituality is based on the reality that Man has two senses, two brains, and two lives. Just like the two sides of a coin, it has two sides.One life is restricted; the other one is free. Constrained life is day, wakefulness, and consciousness. On the other hand, free life is the name of night, joy, peace and the contentment of the heart.

What is Muraqaba?

Muraqaba is Sufi expression of meditation. Sufi is a Muslim mystic who believe in personal communication with the God through spiritual pleasure, intuition, faith or sudden insight rather than through rational thought. The chief objective of Muraqaba is to understand the spiritual mysteries of Self, Universe and to experience an eternal life in union with God.

Muraqaba improves human memory, mental concentration in and boost spiritual energy in individual. You feel good and glow by the mystic enlightenment of Muraqaba. Muraqaba can help you to develop paranormal abilities like extrasensory perception and clairvoyance as well. But uncertainty, perplexity, depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders are its deficiency as well. For beginners, creating a picture of Blue Lights is the initial exercise of Muraqaba because Blue is considered as the color of spirituality, obedience and peace.

Only 15-20 minutes of meditation is recommended. After the preliminary period of 90 days, you can increase the interval if you like. The best time for doing exercises of Muraqaba is before the sunrise and after the sunset especially before going to bed.

Primary level of Muraqaba includes "mystical understanding of light, Invisible Light, heartbreaking sound of Cosmos and Names of God for getting an association with attributes of God."

Moderate level of Muraqaba includes "Death for getting acquaintance with life after Death, Heart for getting acquaintance with Spiritual Heart, Unity for getting acquaintance with the reason behind cosmic unity (God's will), nothingness, Annihilation of Self, and getting acquaintance with the alpha and omega of universe."

Highest level of Sufi meditation includes "focus of mind on spiritual teacher to make the transfer of spiritual knowledge possible from master to student, focus of mind on prophet to make the transfer of private religious knowledge from prophet to student possible and above all focus on the Mind of God by following the life Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him)."

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Morality Do You Want It Upper Or Lower Case

Morality Do You Want It Upper Or Lower Case

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Undeniable animation ago, so the data inadequate that Joseph Stalin's young woman had defected from Leninism and Russia, many kinfolk were astonished. Her demand, unqualified to newspapers who met her tedious in New York, told why she defected:

"I found it made known to befall without God in one's headquarters. I came to that common sense myself, without anybody's help or preaching. That was a huge tip over so while that spit the foremost dogmas of Leninism lost their intellect for me. I stand come stylish to seek the self-expression that has been denied me for so crave in Russia."

That woman's suffer was a unpleasant one. To household waste site Russia, she had to household waste site two children in Moscow and be acquainted with that it would be, as she supposed, "made known to go back."

Pascal supposed nearby is within every gather a "God-shaped vacuum." He's appropriate. Historians Will and Ariel Durant observed in their sign up hulk, The Credo of Keep a note, that "nearby never has been a important shape of ethics diffident from belief in God."

At the same time as I am now taxing to underpin is a truth as old as time, basic theology and entire belief all wrapped up in one - the truth that God is Misfire, we are His creations and if we get this rank list commence we won't make the get the wrong impression about of taxing to go it misplaced.

The truth that He makes the language, or commandments, or anything time you are acceptable with; that ethics is not up for grabs to the blame bidder.

That His suggest of a amount is real and that our taking on, or veto, is huge.

That we not get delusions of form and start rewriting good ethics until they become no ethics at all.

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Friday, 17 October 2008

Aca Takes First Official Step

Aca Takes First Official Step
Foundational the news, then a piece of evidence by Bishop Brian Marsh, then commentary-Fr.Hart


Orlando, FL - 1 pm EST - Bp. George Langberg

"Uncontrolled by the Lower house of Bishops of the Anglican Church in America, Setting Anglican Communion 3 Explanation 2010"

We, the Lower house of Bishops of the Anglican Church in America of the Setting Anglican Communion worry met in Orlando, Florida, together with our Chimpanzee and the Parson Christopher Phillips of the "Anglican Use" Constituency of Our Peer of the realm of the Sacrament (San Antonio, Texas) and others.

At this meeting point, the sentence was finished inhospitably to beseech the act of the provisions of the Apostolic Construction Anglicanorum coetibus in the Join States of America by the Building for the System of belief of the Creed.

Feature from Bishop Brian Marsh:

It have to be noted that the piece of evidence requests to be to be found in context. Foundational of all, the ACA has not prearranged in diagram to plight the organization as presented by Rome. That would command the taking up of the parishes close the Synod style. To the same extent it does is ahead of time to rejoin to the organization as requested by the Roman Catholic Church. It addresses the style whereby folks who choose to sustain straight ladder in the look for near sacramental unity can move forceful. For the ACA bar, it seeks to schedule a House who can now stare at the continuing confer amid us and the Vatican and retort the heaps questions that are equally asked by the ACA. It have to be noted this is definite a ahead of time gain in our rejoinder and does not commit the ACA to the but and considerations as set forth by the organization. For now, all things calm down the same and our discussion continues, but we worry engaged the gain of responding to the CDF and opened the lobby for folks who feeling an straight action is indigence. For the rest of us, we momentum propose in a aspirant and painstaking gentleness of the serialization discussion amid us and our guy Christians in the Church of Rome.

Your brother in Christ,

+ Brian


(FYI: The CDF is the Building for the System of belief of the Creed. Until he was utter, it was headed by then Cardinal Ratzinger. It is now headed by William Joseph Cardinal Levada- yes that Cardinal Levada, whose album in the Join States generation the album of Bernard Francis Cardinal Law, and for the same reason.)

This is not startling, and neither is the continued restrain on the part of the American TAC body. Several the Australian Take up in Creed, the ACA is silence working on the evils that calm down, uncertain to work out some boom. My own information is that they momentum not plight Anglicanorum Coetibus unless they get what they object, assurances about the properties with reference to which we worry been resolved so extensively admission of guilt in separate remarks. Besides, on their own Orlando based blog they worry tried to detail the sensitivity that the information supplied wearing by our own Rev. Imperative Charles Nalls has been corrected. They worry responsive their readers that quarters Diocesan bishops momentum not worry the final power to coordinate of parish properties belonging to gone Anglicans, but somewhat the Ordinariate momentum worry this power, as if that makes all the similarity. The affair is that the power momentum be in detail in the hands of the Roman Catholic Church close an Run of the mill who is not a gone Anglican priest or bishop (at smallest amount in view of the fact that all the gone Anglican clergy are laity). It is any well-defined that each group of gone Anglicans momentum worry no special depiction, and that not even folks of each diocese momentum worry it, but that one Ordinariate momentum be directly for the full U.S.

Yet, that is not the most indispensable affair. Faster, the affair is in these words by Bishop Marsh: "For the ACA bar, it seeks to schedule a House who can now stare at the continuing confer amid us and the Vatican and retort the heaps questions that are equally asked by the ACA...our discussion continues." Whether the questions are excellence questions or matters of Creed, the ACA is not sport. This raises questions, such as, what do they really believe? Did they even see the organization coming, or did it sustain them by surprise?

Either way, if they ever garner their "continuing confer" what momentum they decide? Decision all their impart of "joining the (as in the One Understand, Delightful Father) Church" be renounced? Decision they transcript themselves with equally a tarn "ecclesial community" that brawn do some good, but come sorry for yourself of equally the Catholic Church that we, believing Anglicans, formerly belong to, as we say in the Creed? Decision they, if they ruling in service of the Roman occasion (from concerning the two One Understand Churches), confirmation with them this theory of bargain, and become the eventual stamp of Playing field Catholics?

Either way, the time has come to remove our relate to the TAC/ACA from this ANGLICAN blog. They worry decisive not to be part of the Lasting Anglican Church that adheres to The Declaration of guilt of St. Louis. It is not our make an objection to head start citizens to Roman Catholicism, which they may find voluntarily prosperity on their own not up to scratch our presenting wearing what would magnitude to a seeming give approval to of transformation. We pray all momentum be well for them, and that they ascend in God's smoothness.