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White Sun What Is Life Part 10 Of 10

White Sun What Is Life Part 10 Of 10
Author : Teow Aun Chew

Part 10 of 10 of "What is Life?" is the Admonition Ten of Lao Mu and this is what she said:The time has come for the cloud castle to open to all. He who answers the Three Treasures correctly is a royal child. He who answers the password erroneously is not.The amassment of all souls is extremely important, so do not react to it lightly. Throughout the world Golden Lotus Seats appear. Tao of Heaven can be categorized into Three Vehicles and the Truth is the Greater Vehicle.Practising the Truth is the Greater vehicle, practising the spirit is the Middle Vehicle and practising images, the Lesser Vehicle. There is Heaven beyond Heavens and this saying is true.The realm of void is the domain of saints, the Kingdom of Bliss and it is pure and quiescent. The spiritual territory is the Abode of Sages, the turning of the Dharma wheel and the water mill. The material land is for the commoners, animals, vegetations, birds and aquatic lives. From these Three Vehicles the saints, sages and commoners can be differentiated.Those who practise for the soul and refine the True Self are practising the utmost mystic Greater Vehicle. Those who practise to subdue the dragon and tiger and circulate the Dharma Wheel are practising the Zen meditation of the Middle Vehicle. Those who relate only to shapes and forms are in the Lesser Vehicle and it is hard to convey the Truth to them. By tapping wooden drums, reciting sutra and chanting verses, it is difficult to transcend the mortal world.Nowadays, the way to transcend the mortal world is conveyed for the last time. Those who awake to it can attain Tao, those who receive it can transcend the mortal world, and it is up to you to become saints or sages. A great boom of thunder wakes up humans throughout the world. Thousands and thousands of deities, saints, immortals and Buddhas all gather in the central plain. With one trial for the Three Worlds, destinies of all in the white period will be set. All sinners will be brushed off and only the good and kind will be retained. The sea of sufferings will be transformed into the Precious Nation of Lotus. The earth will be altered into the Pure Land of Heaven. The world with the Living Buddhas will last forty years in happiness. There will be no killing and all will do good deeds then all living things will thrive. There will be light, springs will be cleared, the kirin and phoenix will appear in the wild.Oceans will remain calm and congratulate each other for the peaceful and bountiful years. Everyone will show mutual respect and care for each other and there will not be any conflict. The wind will be proper, the rainfall will be full and the world of Emperor Yao (Righteous Emperor) will reappear.Mi Le Buddha will ascend the sacred altar to ordain peerage by calling out names. Tien Ran Buddha (JiGong) will lead the righteous souls to pay homage to Lao Mu. Till then Lao Mus heart will be comforted. All who fulfill their vows will have joy filled in their hearts.So and so is the first to propagate Tao of Heaven to new regions, so he is the first.So and so donates wealth and devotes himself to propagate Tao of Heaven so he attains a peerage in the highest order.So and so dedicates his whole life to Tao of Heaven, so he attains a peerage in the high grade with solemnity.So and so keeps an altar so he becomes a Golden Immortal.So and so preaches and lectures for Heaven so he attains a Lotus Seat.So and so works hard for Tao of Heaven so he becomes an Immortal.So and so is diligent in practising Tao so his rewards are plenty.At that time the peerage will be divided into Three Grades and Nine Ranks. Those pure souls who have merits will be filled with joy. Among them, those who remained in the mortal world will attain both sainthood and kingship. Enjoy glory and wealth, relaxed and carefree. Among them, those who leave the mortal world will return to Heaven in the West.Discard the mortal shell, attain the saint body and become an Immortal in the highest Heaven. They will hurriedly wear the divine apparels with golden glitters. Pin the golden flower in their hair, wear the divine hat and flying shoes and sit on the Lotus Seats. They will kneel before Lao Mu and I will pull them up with my hands. Calling out Lao Mu, my lovely child, now you have finally returned. From then on Lao Mu will never send you to Earth nor let you be a mortal to suffer. Eat divine peaches and fruits, drink delicious fluids, enjoy the eternal happiness in the Kingdom of Bliss, flashed your might to permeate Heaven and Earth. Apply your mystic power to turn male or female, the true Dharmakaya shows no shadow under the sun or moon. It neither drowns in water nor burns in flame, it is eternal. It is neither ruled by Heaven or Earth, nor governed by Yin and Yang. It is immune to wind, frost, heat or freezing. It can penetrate golds and rocks and has no obstruction. Without traces, you travel throughout the cosmos. Seven generations of your ancestors and nine generations of your descendants together leave the sea of sufferings. Attain the same peerage as you do and together exhibit solemnity.All righteous souls will attain the banquet in the Void Palace. At the Long Hua Assembly, all Saints, Deities, Buddhas and Immortals will gather. One by one, they will come in front of Lao Mu to pay homage. Overwhelm by joy Lao Mu will be speechless. Pours a cup of Bodhi wine, Lao Mu bestows her children. All righteous souls will enjoy immortal banquet in euphoria. At this grand reunion, this great gathering will be in ecstasy. In the Void Palace all will applaud and cheer. Only then the nobility and sublimity of practising Tao of Heaven will show. The Ten Admonitions is now completed and my children imprint Lao Mus words in your hearts, repeat piously everyday.Author: T.A Chew

Website: http://www.white-sun.comT.A Chew, an accountant by profession, had a dream sometimes ago like he was in such a place called Heaven. He was able to fly and could see people of the world looking up towards Heaven offering prayers. His goal is to be in such a place after having his last breath on Earth.

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