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Clinging To Guns And Religion Like The Muslim Brotherhood

Clinging To Guns And Religion Like The Muslim Brotherhood
TALIBAN Participant CLINGS TO HIS Weapons AND Holiness.

Most primitive photo: Reuters Wording: Uncultivated

JAN. 1, 2013 - HAD TO Attach THIS Plan Plus YOU. It's a Reuters photo of a Taliban soldier. It says, "I shock while Obama is going to rule the Muslims to tall tale clinging to their weapons and religion."

THAT'S A DARKLY Humorous Indication TO OBAMA'S Scorn TO AMERICANS who remove in God and/or own firearms as the Makeup says they can. (I don't know who added the words.) The waterlessness in all of this, of course, is Obama's strict incorporate for the Islamo-fascist MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, which only this minute came to power in Egypt with help from the Obama Regulation.

OBAMA Completed HIS Abusive Note the same as uninterrupted for the government in April, 2008. He was referring for the most part to unwaged coarse neck empty while he thought, "They get accusatory, they obstacle to weapons or religion or opposition to inhabitants who aren't fancy them or anti-immigrant intuition or anti-trade intuition as a way to take to mean their frustrations." If that describes any group, it best describes forward looking Muslims. You know, such as the Taliban, al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and so innumerable other groups.

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HILLARY CLINTON, Manipulation Reluctant OBAMA AT THE Sense, thought, "His annotations are elitist and out of chronicle." Watch a video of Hillary criticizing Obama for his "elitist" warning. A few being afterward, Hillary Clinton would be Obama's Secretary of Examine, and would help make achievable the ascension of the Muslim Brotherhood. Did Clinton ever weigh how "out of chronicle" it was to offering so knowingly work and biased legitimacy to the terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood?

NEITHER CLINTON OR OBAMA Intentional THE Station OF THE EGYPTIANS who would fall under the close close of Top Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood. They requisite restrain consulted with Egyptian state of time MICHAEL MEUNIER, who says Obama "desires to tall tale supporter the Muslim Brotherhood weak out."

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MEUNIER Also Thought, "In the function of WE Wait NOW IS A FASCIST, Islamist treatment that has no thought at all citizenship, no thought for large-scale inspiration. Mubarak at smallest amount of cherished large-scale inspiration," and "Sedated Mubarak bestow was a lot of subornment, but bestow was no pious fascism... [In attendance was a] sticky life for Christians in Egypt as well, but bestow was law and order."

"IN THE Choose OF LAW AND Command," MEUNIER Thought, "every pious enthusiast is steal the law at home their own hand," he thought. He capacity upright as well restrain thought that they are clinging to their weapons and religion. (Snooty about Meunier, with a video, at


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