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Dies Irae First 1971 Ger Hard Rock

Dies Irae First 1971 Ger Hard Rock
Dies Irae were a precious sophisticated group who recorded their irreplaceable video novel for Pilz to the lead the surname sever dressed in the hands of Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser. Subject by blues, novel is a precious sophisticated nuisance owing remote to the precious blues upright and occult conception of Black Sabbath's opening video. Name titles such as 'Lucifer', 'Harmagedon Dragonlove', and 'Witches Utter at hand the groups reside in in the dark side. The standout parentage for krautrock fans is duty-bound to be the seven-minute freak out journey. A spacey parentage, journey begins with an leading electronic pieced together which gives way to a calm free easy jam containing acid-drenched space vocals. Fans of the precious sophisticated upright ghoul find 'Lucifer' and 'Witches Utter to be the best cuts. 'Lucifer' contains an luxury argumentative guitar and harmonica riff truthful redolent of 'The Wizard' from 'Black Sabbath'. 'Witches Utter, an spread parentage around everyday melodious sections, contains a rocking guitar solo and a furious part. As a whole, the video is duty-bound to engross most fans with its precious conception

Gerd Wahlmann - Vocals, Harmonica

Harald Thoma - Guitar, Vocals

Robert Schiff - Mysterious

Andreas Cornelius - Drums

1 Lucifer 4:42

2 Salve Oimel 0:34

3 Another Scope 4:06

4 Flow 7:56

5 Harmagedon Dragonlove 5:07

6 Tired 4:59

7 Witches' Utter 9:17

8 Red Lebanese 5:12

9 Run Off 0:33

Supremely concerning wedge of perfect kraut psych from these potheads. Nice wooly blues based perfect throw stones at ala Shaggy Episode with plenty of create and good tunes. In the midst of songs approach "Red Lebanese" and "Flow" these guys in which smokin' the good stuff.


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