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Deities Of The Moon

Deities Of The Moon


Arianrhod is a Welsh goddess of the full moon and also of time, providence and assortment. She ruled glossed the realm of the Celtic Otherworld, called Caer Feddwidd, the Occupying force of Carousa. Trendy a mystical spring up of wine approaching eternal health and child for community who chose to exercise their immortality in the Otherworld. She brings belief, rebuilding, health and restoration, and is a route for all magick, as she is a witch goddess.


Diana is the Roman equivalent of Artemis, and in the role of of her strong the general public with the Moon in all its phases, is a goddess of fullness as well as love. Affection Artemis, she is goddess of the seek and a virgin goddess, but can be invoked in her character as an Place goddess and as picket of women in childbirth. Her beauty and hunting skills make her a standard route for the search for of love, unusually from clear of.


Affection the lunar goddesses, Myesyats, the Slavic Moon God, represented the three stages of the life outing. He was if possible worshipped as a sea green man until he reached adulthood at the full moon. Via the dwindling phase, Myesyats approved undeviating old age and died with the old moon, basic reborn three days future. As he was the restorer of life and health, parents would pray to him to stand to the side their for children illnesses and clique sorrows. Other sources carry a female bill, Myesytsa, a help Moon maiden who was the lair of Dazhbog the Sun God, and became mother of the stars.

Myesyats brings healing and clique unity.


Selene is the Greek goddess particularly connected with the full moon, sometimes forming a triplicity with Diana and Hecate, the comparison sister of Helios the Sun God. Selene rises from the sea in her chariot beleaguered by white deal in at night and rides high in the sky in her full moon.At the time of the full moon, she is invoked by women for fullness and by all who experiment with the power of sense and belief.

Close relative Goddesses

Close relative Goddesses are for fullness, large amount of all kinds, female power and all rituals for women.


Astarte is the most distant female deity of the Phoenicians, goddess of love and fullness, connected with the Moon and all milieu.Juggle her for power and wisdom, seduction and food shortage as well as fullness.


Cerridwen is the Welsh Close relative Divine being, the sentinel of the cauldron and goddess of belief, knowledge and wisdom. She is a natural route for rituals linking all creative ventures and for enlarged spiritual and psychic thinker. Juggle her for foretelling and unusually scrying and for all rituals of make progress.


Ceres is the Roman goddess of the roughage and all bring into being flowers. Her immature person Proserpina was full stylish the Underworld for three months of the rendezvous by Pluto, causing Ceres to be sad and the crops to die. This was the origin of winter. Open this, she is seen as goddess of fullness and large amount, as well as a deity of the natural cycles of the rendezvous. She represents loss and is a route for finances during be unhappy and mourning, with the reliance of new joy speedily for women and unusually for mothers. Her Greek equivalent is Demeter.


Demeter, the Greek Corn Divine being or Barley Close relative, was the genre symbol of the fullness of the land. Demeter is methodically pictured as rosy-cheeked, shipping a hoe or sickle and entrenched by baskets of apples, sheaves of lump, garlands of flowers and grapes.Affection Ceres, she mourns for her lost immature person Persephone for three months of the rendezvous and so is brand new icon for community who are hint sorrow or loss and for protective sacrifice. But she can be invoked for all matters of large amount, for reaping the minister to of backside work or grind, for all mothering rituals and as a protectress of natural world.


Innana was a Sumerian goddess, clear-cut as the Ruler of Paradise, who evolved stylish the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. Innana was goddess of beauty, large amount, fullness and food shortage, renowned for her honor and her lapis lazuli necklaces. She was the if possible goddess of the sunrise and evening stars, a inheritance that has approved to Aphrodite and Venus.Affection mass of the Close relative Divine being icons, she descended stylish the Underworld annually to understanding and conquered mass trials, to bring back to life her organize god lair Dumuzi.


Ishtar, the Babylonian bill of Innana, also descended stylish the Underworld each rendezvous to correctly herconsort Tammuz to life. She was a vicious goddess of weapons and war. In Overcast Babylon, a sacred marriage took place each rendezvous in the midst of Tammuz and Ishtar. This was emblazoned at the flea market of Akitu, or Zag-Mug, which marked the rising of the waters of the Tigris and the Euphrates and the coming of the border on rains, to bring fullness, at the border on equinox.Affection Innana, she is a goddess of fullness, reinstatement, rebuilding, gain and the life cycles; she also represents power with power and basic sacrifice for future outset, but choice all renewal.


The Egyptian goddess Isis is the furthermost powerful and constantly invoked goddess in precise magick.

She is mother, healer and the committed wife who annually restored her lair Osiris to life, in that way magically causing the Nile to gush and fullness to return to the land. She is the patroness of magick and spell-casting, having tricked Ra the Sun God stylish gift her his secrets. Some accounts say she was educated by Thoth, god of wisdom and learning.Her cult enthusiasm roughly the Roman Sophistication and she remained in Mediterranean lands in her assumed role as the Black Madonna, holding her toddler son Horus, until the Mean Ages. She is sometimesrepresented as a vulture, in which form she appears on amulets (defensive charms) with an ankh, the symbol for life, impressed on each talon. Isis demonstrated the power of protective protection previously she hid Horus in the marshes from his evil uncle who would carry devastated him.