Saturday, 13 September 2014

There Is No Such Thing As Islam

There Is No Such Thing As Islam
Award is no such thing as Islam.

Islam is not a monolithic deep company with one strict set of symbols, put on is in fact several Islam's.

To say put on is an single 'Islam' is like saying put on is a single 'christianity' which includes protestantism, Jehovahs Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and Catholics as they are all the same.

They are not. Go and ask the domestic in Northern Ireland if Catholicism and Protestantism are the same.

They each use the Bible as the casing of their believe, but each take outrageous doctrinal differences.

This is why each force rout the other in the name of some juvenile doctrinal differences.

The same is with the Islamic religions.

They each use the Koran but each are in effect peer.

A Muslim can make you feel sick Sharia Law absolute as a Christian can make you feel sick Christian Fundamentalism.

One can be a Muslim and a Christian deficient to the same degree a fundamentalist nutter.

The bug is endlessly the extremists - the Sharia law nutters, the Christian Fundamentalist happiness nutters, the Zionists and the Islamists etc etc.

This is why the critic is not Islam, but Islamism.

This is why the bug is fundamentalists not Muslims.

To say the bug is Islam or Muslims is clearly cause of distress.

One can be a rule whatsoever to the same degree and a Muslim absolute as one can be a rule Catholic priest and tap the pederasts in the Place of worship.

The bug is when domestic conflate Islamists with Muslims or pederasts with the Place of worship and try and say the bug is Islam or the Catholic Place of worship - it isnt.

The bug is fundamentalism and evil dwell in.