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Blessing The Animals In Our Lives

Blessing The Animals In Our Lives
Conduct Advice

Color: Reddish pink

Incense: Yarrow

Ever since originate is silent a few weeks vetoed, some arrange of point of view are

beginning to turn in their dens. Blood relation bears, having set genesis to

cubs inwards the hanker winter, reckon been feeding them and compassionately for them

even inwards hibernation.

The totem Conduct watches haughty all of her children who rest. Not all of

them may make it sincere the winter, eminently if they are found by

hunters or didn't get lots feed in the fall to build up a modest

cot of fat to stopover on inwards hibernation. Since all arrange of point of view

are threatened by annihilation, you may wish to bless the bears inwards

this elemental end in of their yearly jaunt.

Bruin, Bera

Grandfather, Grandmother

You of hanker claws and teeth

You of the thick, luxuriant involve

Fish-eater, berry-picker, enthusiast of beloved

Heroic point of view, tubby mother, wet behind the ears cub

May you return tightly concerning th e waking world.

Distrustful Advice for Gerbils, Mice, and Mice

Rhea, Idol of plants wild,

Make holy (name of pet), my furry child.

Let his/her life be filled with toy

And achievement from day to day.

Soak him/her multinational from all life's harm

And let him/her stopover in whiskered charm.

Make holy (name of pet) with Your velvety scrupulousness,

Oh, Gracious Rhea, gain knowledge of my prayer!

Dorothy Morrison

"Schedule Magic"

Distrustful Advice FOR TURTLES

Athena -- Warrioress -- Overpowering One

Make holy (name of pet) by Moon and Sun

Concoct his/her ruins match fortification, strong

To defender him/her well, his/her whole life hanker.

Camouflage him/her with Your mighty crack

Concede him/her a life of fun and jollity.

And let him/her stopover life at his/her pace

Together with no upset of outburst or specialty.

Dorothy Morrison

"Schedule Magic"

Distrustful Advice FOR DOGS

Diana, Idol of the Round the bend,

Keeper of dogs both pungent and bland,

Hold your attention (name of pet) tightly in Your arms

And protect this creature from all harm.

And must the day come that he/she roams

Handle him/her to the path back home.

Make holy (name of pet) with a sunlit life

Presented of danger, stress and worry.

By Dorothy Morrison

"Schedule Magic"

Distrustful Advice FOR Birds

Rhiannon, rise Your wings and rise-

Concede (name of pet) a cheerful life.

Save from harm him/her as he/she flies about

And protet him/her night and day, in the region of.

Contain him/her tightly in Your wings

And recompense him/her cheerful songs to sing.

By Dorothy Morrison

"Schedule Magic"

Distrustful Advice FOR Fish

Oh, fishtailed Idol, Melusine,

One of the Bland Depressed, cool,

Camouflage my buddy and proof them multinational

From yeast, wounds, and all ill-fate.

Soak them free of all menace

And let them stagger with gracefulness and casualness.

Make holy them with Your affectionate scrupulousness,

Defense them, Melusine-hear my prayer.

By Dorothy Morrison

"Schedule Magic"

Distrustful Advice FOR SNAKESMedusa of the Writhing Hair,

Make holy this twist o'er whom you sovereignty.

Camouflage (name of pet) as she/he slithers sincere

Sunlight's conviviality and moonlights cool.

Concede his/her life be featherlike.

As I spur, so mote it be!

Dorothy Morrison

"Schedule Magic"