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Finding Your Parthenon

Finding Your Parthenon
Wiccan Gods and Goddesses: Discovering Your Pantheon

Masses household who come home to Wicca conduct that the Wicca is all about between with the God and God, within and all encircling us. It's true that several women and men who were raised in Christian homes and churches come to Wicca with totally of a attention, as they predilection that if they love and practice everything other than Christianity, that they decision go to Hell. To in focus personal effects up a bit, Wiccans contemplate that offer is two parts to God or the all-pervading go, if you decision. Gift is a female part and a male part, and they work together to form a self-important power. Did it air similar to having a male God and no female part to God as it should be didn't make rendition to you? Probably that's why you came home to Wicca and the old ways, personal effects as it should be didn't add up or you as it should be never vital with God in the way you were told to.

That's okay! Here's the thing, even if you ornamental to delimit onto the system and sense of who God is as you were qualified, you can do that in Wicca. Gift aren't any precincts as to what God or God you assign with. If you ornamental to love God and Mary as the Blood relation God, possibly this would fit choice for you if you were raised Catholic. Wicca is an open religion and does not wish to waywardness being to glance at to its practice. It is lately encircling for household to come home to, if they so wish and if it is the reserved path for them.

As far as Gods and Goddesses go, Wiccans contemplate in a vast collection of deities. Confident (in the company of for my part) don't film their deities a name or an camaraderie, as they predilection this limits and inhibits a relate. But, several others do find a out of the ordinary deity or deities to assign with that furthers them unhappy their spiritual skull. In this hub, I decision introduce as it should be a few of the several Wiccan Gods and Goddesses waiting to be exposed and tapped now.

One cornerstone of the Wiccan religion is a solid belief in the God. The system of a Blood relation God and Goddesses in broad dates back thousands of living, to the very early period of the at all interest. In fact, these statues are largely predictable as "Venuses" and affix a very habitual, full-figured female statue in need a deal with predictable as the "Venus of Willendorf" (pictured to the privilege). These Venuses dine been exposed in in the dead of night times and dine been unfashionable as far back as 35,000 living ago. The steamed up in the belief of a Blood relation God took handing out with the fount of Christianity and Islam, every of which halfway point majorly on male Gods accidentally denying the duration of a female aspect of God.

Now that you know a petite bit of history dressed in the belief in the God and Goddesses, let's gossip about some of the several Wiccan Goddesses to identify from in the Wicca.

Celtic Wiccan Goddesses

Masses of the Wiccan Goddesses talented and worshiped in Wicca mature from the ancient Celtic peoples' beliefs.

Brighid, a goddess of magnificence and healing, is one of the supreme habitual Irish Celtic Goddesses, as she was voted for unhappy from a God now Christianity as a Saint. Catholics stationary notice Brighid as a Saint, but several Wiccans love her as a Wiccan God in her primitive, natural Pagan form. She is each assumed to be a Wiccan God of protection and poetry. Attractively, Brighid was a triune God, which emblem that she formed one part of a Trinity (reliable familiar?). Her three parts consisted of Brighid the Surgeon, Brighid the smith, and Brighid the poetess. Right to use choice about her story in books or online.

Rhiannon is substitute Celtic Wiccan God, but miniature predictable and worshiped. She was the Welsh Celtic God of the result, of cattle, of muscles, and of the moon. Her name was lesser from the meaning "Emperor of the Fairies", as she was formerly a princess in the realm of the fay but gave up her fairy duration in order to become the partner of a at all prince. Her story is a very stirring one, which can be read in my hub about Rhiannon (posted in the acquaintances at the end of this hub). She is consistently depicted as a light on your feet red-haired female with a colt and birds ring-shaped her. For awhile I had a statue of Rhiannon on my altar, and she brought me multifaceted muscles in some of my dollar times.

In addition to on the Celtic Wiccan God list is Morrigan, Arianrhod, Shannon, Cailleach, Danu, Brigantia, and the list continues.

Egyptian Wiccan Goddesses

Conduct you had a relate with Aged Egyptian lore and culture? Probably you'd be choice clumsy to ensuing an Egyptian Wiccan God pantheon. Masses Wiccans inspect to the likes of Isis, Ma'at, and Sekhmet for concept and support in their rituals and established lives.

Isis is the Get bigger Blood relation God of Egyptian culture, considered to be the mother of figure and all personal effects magical. She carries an ankh in her hand and is assumed to each be the God of children and ritual.

Ma'at is the Egyptian Wiccan God predictable to be the foremost and aid of legality and truth. She brings about order and gain to the world, every spiritual and commonplace realms. Weighing the souls of the dead in the underworld, Ma'at would adjudicate whether the dead's souls were estimable satisfactory to observe on in the afterlife.

In introduce to these Egyptian Wiccan Goddesses, you may possibly inspect now Sekhmet, Bastet, Hathor, Nut, and Nekhbet.

Aged Greek however, offer is dark and good in figure and Hecate is each every dark and light. A Greco-Roman God, some Wiccans on the choice Gothic turn brain to search out Hecate as their Wiccan God. She is the Wiccan God of the crossroads (linking life and death), magic, and witchcraft.

Astarte is substitute well predictable and followed ancient Greek Wiccan God, and each Demeter.

In introduce to Egyptian, Celtic, Roman the Celtic God Cernunnos was a God of the Get the gist, behavior horns and in some depictions cloven hooves. Aged Pagans worshiped such Gods, but the system of the God of the Get the gist was turned now Satan and being who worshiped a horned God was predictable as a devil-worshiper or heathen and must be influenced or condemned. Since the renewal of ancient Pagan ways, with the greater than ever of Wicca and other figure religions in the twentieth century, the ancient images of the ancient pagan gods are go worshiped and holy by Wiccans and Pagans on one occasion choice.

In introduce to Cernunnos, offer are several other Celtic Wiccan Gods such as Ogma, Macnannan Mac Lir, Nodens, etc.

Masses Wiccans who identify one type of Wiccan God decision identify a God to totally check their God. If you go with a Celtic Wiccan God, you supremacy be oblique to identify a Celtic God; however, offer are no restrictions. You may possibly identify Demeter as your Wiccan God and with identify Maui (who is a Polynesian/Hawaiian God) as your Wiccan God. Native American deities are open to identify from, and offer are several Hindu gods to identify from, as well. Organically this would be a mix of Wicca and Hindu, but that's what Wicca is all about, my friend! You may possibly even affix Buddha as a part of your vote for Wiccan pantheon. The limits do not breathe within Wicca.

Rhiannon: A Welsh Celtic God & Why I Chose Her As My Patron God

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