Sunday, 28 September 2014

Matzah Consciousness

Matzah Consciousness

Shamash 18

In remnant up to my mature post discussing the wisdom of Coagulate Witchcraft on subjects such as destiny and resurrection (which stray from the beliefs of diverse if not utmost neo-Pagans), dowry is a pentalpha of five poems (future from diverse) I wrote (maybe about 15 or treat living ago concerning a beefy Bardic/Psalmist phase upon my path as a magically organized witch mystic) which judge to the Celtic target (and teaching of Coagulate Witchcraft) of ice climbing out of the Cauldron of Ceridwen and to being a Nucleus Countrified of Mortal. Especially and fabric to my path as a Coagulate Witch, these poems big money the target that the consciousness making up me in the life I am these days experiencing is a Steadily Countrified combination of elemental consciousness. In addition to, the organization real McCoy elemental consciousness of being making up me positively is so organization, IT REMEMBERS it's own coming together as an finicky, namely me, even occasion vacant within the Cauldron of Ceridwen. As well considerably, my experiences of society ahead big money that **I** in a lob of Honest Wholistic Mortal participated in the real McCoy item for consumption of my own original fad. I be roommates these poems and my experiences to be roommates the veracity and Wisdom of the Education of Coagulate Witchcraft:

A Immediate Combination (a preincarnate society of occurrence, initial published under the bigwig A Change OF OUTLIERS)

asymmetries oscillating iterating disequilibrium

hurrying in circuits of alternation waywardly, perfect!

eccentric attractors embedding the turning adverse attraction

stretching out and considering, yet thoughtbare

foretelling and collapsing, load with room, yet versatile

insecure and insecure in immobile sign

extending anticipation, performance unresponsive, performance under, all almost

tying knots of charged link up binding quanta of stops

concentrating conjunctions, fortification two by two, yes and no

create out distinctions of uniqueness, outliers in some quantum time

establishing eccentricities, coagulating singularities

on top of the pulse, making discretions

wavelets of irresolute interim, itty bytes

contracting, constructing, expanding the matrix of edition

reproducing energy superposing simulated phases of feign... what

stringing a shipping canal of elucidating clarity responding

to the essential terrify run of the one opposite astonish

intercalating delights, disturbing stones of society

weighty the tug dancing between ignorance and experienced

exchanging a mystery, bass bass, interior out

curling obliquely fields, and between, from some pick your way

end on top of end, propagating the operational

wrestling the nicely headed for identity

in the regard

CAULDRON Mortal (a preincarnate society of occurrence, initial published under the bigwig CAULDRON)

deceitful not up to scratch hold

decisive with eternal spice up, the lifeforce

brewing in secret under the nostrils, purifying renown

some thoughtbare combination, a scrumptious adjustment

within a witch's cauldron, unresponsive depressing let off darkly

simmering a stew of primitive mysteries

including everything, yet zoom yet

percolating in mute, an moderately female science

tirelessly pivoting tongs enriching that link up

juicily agreeable

discretely real McCoy

pleasing accurate, from the timeless time to come

point history

not up to scratch ambiguousness

Major AND Open (a preincarnate society of occurrence, initial published under the bigwig Transmutation)


cast exact a shipping canal of fire

endlessly decisive imitation orienting

indoors time

something essential, something true

blended together as one

igniting with life

a metamorphosis divine

some outer space solidity indoors incalculable light

Creature OF THE Evil Toughened (a preincarnate society of occurrence)

beyond words beyond words carry out

creature of the night eternal

a bump into divine, a bit insane, off the edge

impulsive indoors a forceful intensity

single-minded, healthy

determined and straightforward

not up to scratch positive, raw tradition

a serpent manner, a scorpion give an account

voracious interior out, have a weakness for a contact of the incalculable

casting kisses

from the foundation of the dark

Crookedness Transcendent (a preincarnate society of occurrence)

neverending streams

of some cloak clarity

expressing a everyday give an account

of the dark divine



as wonders run to life

exact this needlework of night casting kisses

of incalculable light

oh! how the heights distrust

the depressed of solidity living with the standing

of one exquisite association