Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Wiccan Shaman Druid Song

The Wiccan Shaman Druid Song
Lyrics by Eran (with help from Roisin)

to the air of "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy"

I'm a Wiccan-Shaman-Druid,

I am new age throughout and throughout.

Decked out in crystals from my foremost to toe,

Together with put down and pyramids, too.

My spirit-guide is from Atlantis.

He's a Zen-Aztec thinker.

Progress and employment the weekend with us,

For two thousand dollars

You'll be a Wiccan-Shaman too.

I'm an Elvis-Loki-Viking.

I embankment Ashley Montague.

In a onwards life I was a gypsy clerk,

Bull pugilist, and troubadour, too.

I know five Illuminati,

They're a outlandish and motley album.

There's a priest from ancient Chinaware,

He lives in my vault.

He is an Elvis-Viking too.

My coven is part Rosicrucian,

Different Together with Some Theosophy.

Add in some stuff from the Golden Sunup,

`Cause Crowley's right all examine with me.

I've got twelve initiations,

I've seen all grant is too see.

And eyeball out for nation outlandish Co-Mason-Santaria-Druids,

They'll relationship your chickens to a tree.

I've got a screech requirement,

Adapted from the O.T.O.

I use a sweatlodge for my Beltane wake,

The Maypole is right grant for accomplishment.

I worry got a transom athame,

Together with batteries to make it vivacity.

It's right enormous for career give shelter to

In my new tradition:

The Lynn Andrews-Buckland-Starhawk Brush.

NOTE: This was the call out sung by members of the MorningStar Coven taking part in the Finishing Expose at DragonFest '95. I don't guess they would center you using it, right be bounce to medal balance, wherever balance is due!

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