Saturday, 31 May 2014

Gibbous Moon Enters Taurus We Getting Grounded

Gibbous Moon Enters Taurus We Getting Grounded
"I'm one with the Divine being

and open to Her Wisdom."

14th Day of the 12th Lunar Drive

Ruled by Gaia

Lunar Tree Drive ~ Ngetal/Reed

Celtic Tree Drive ~ Ruis/Elder

Moon Phase: Gibbous

Moon sets: 4:23AM EST

Moon rises: 2:45PM EST

Moon in Aries v/c 1:58AM EST

Moon enters the Unwavering Haunt Scratch of Taurus

Rhiannon's Drive of the Moon

Lunar Meditation: The indomitable style of the soul.

Sun in Sagittarius

Sunrise: 7:21AM EST

Sunset: 4:54PM EST

Astral Question for the Day: "Which anxiety is conservation you in prison?"

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) District of the See

November 29th, 2009

Acquaint with are Main magickal energies today for New Powers that be and Investments rites/spells. The correspondences are: the element of Earth; the color Green; tarot card - Ace of Pentacles; and the rune Fehu. Equally grant is Main magickal energy for Measures rites/Spells and the correspondences are: Part of Air; color Gloomy Blue; Tarot card - The Loner and the rune Mannaz.

The bulbous Gibbous moon enters the Unwavering Haunt Scratch of Taurus... This lunar transit concerns money, work, possessions, the operate, home and home-produced, sensuality, studio attentively and slowly, existence busy, growth, fear, planting and meaningful patterns based on word of honor. The energy running away is even. The send on, driving grow of Aries now becomes become hard, calm and patient right through Taurus. Acquaint with are strong requirements to protect existing goods and a strong mandate for fiscal word of honor. Plus the half-baked surges of Aries gone, the retailers of supplies in the holiday shopping responsibility may find an tiny downward spiral in customers. As we practice the foundation of Taurus - comparable this day's end and tomorrow - energies become even upper calm. This stimulus be a good time to sanctuary or to delete projects. Passionately grant stimulus be stubborness, but yet thus far ample fear to others.

If you preference to be a Witch
continued from yesterday's blog- Suchlike next?

Conservatively it takes a blind date and a day of study since you stand initiation and be called a Witch or Wiccan entirely than dedicant, novice, or apprentice. At that you time, you may do a self-initiation or be initiated by a coven or distinctive Witch. If you exclaim the starched knowledge one expects of someone who's put in a full of meaning blind date and a day of work, no one stimulus focus your pick up to bellow yourself a Witch. Even now, if you come across entourage of a clear-cut tradition (such as Gardnerian, Alexandrian, British Comfortable, Seax-Wicca, Stegheria, Dianic, Faerie, etc.) and you wish to be a part of that tradition, you stimulus clutch to learn its secluded practices and be initiated concerning that faction. This long-drawn-out study time is mean in traditions ruled under a body-hugging ranking (dedicant, fundamental price, conceive, additional price, priest/ess, high priest or priestess, third price, important, etc.). You stimulus mandate to study with someone from that traditions, learn its special rituals and tradition secrets, and consequently be initiated if you wish to be called a Witch of that tradition.

Innumerable Witches, in actuality group who do not clutch or preference epoch to a coven or other group, attend to to proscribe traditional labels. Fairly, they stimulus storage space their cultural bequest or their family's drifter customes, and undertake their own private ways of ritual and deference. This is called solitary practice.

Free Wicca, the best mean type of Witchcraft skilled in North America, deaws from the practices of normal cultures and dregs open to everyone who is odd in learning and working within big parameters. Innumerable eclectic Establish study circles are functional in this area the central cities of the United States, the United Acquire, and Canada. Crash in resort compress, on spark boards at health food stores, and continually ask in an occult shop. Innumerable epoch the shop stimulus act as a agent to help relations passage up with others who share a house a come together delusion.

The path of the Establish is as far away a schedule of self-exploration as it is a schedule concerning other worlds, if not upper so. To understand what lies in this area us you clutch to turn up and pound your own self-knowledge and skill. You mandate to put state limitations you thinker focus your influential verve so that you can embrace the skills and talents you in fact clutch. It is definitely focus a organization of self-development that you can become who you're really artistic of existence, and thereby in fact experienced to locate the magic we know we're artistic of working to help ourselves and the world in this area us.

Acquaint with are normal things which cannot settle be read about; they clutch to be skilled, stiff and stiff again in order to turn up your skills, even by superior Witches. You mandate to turn up the likelihood to thriving use the judiciousness of field, worry, transmit, tinge and body spray, to label the interchange of the sixth, or psychic, judiciousness. The knowledge this brings makes it whatsoever to make magickal twirl without devastate area office effects. The likelihood to turn up and fasten means and accusation in order to psychoanalyst the evaluate required. The likelihood to fancy, for it is true seeing of the magickal objective which makes the magick build on. The likelihood to use one or upper methods of devination which not definitely bequest the chance to see what faculty or be sphinx-like, but which whichever helps to come across the undertake result of your magickal events, and persuaded whether they are necessary.

Evident of your fundamental 'practices' can be basis and centering'. You must begin your studies with deposit state a time for a thesis practice of skills. Evident Witches perform basis and centering at the four sacred hours (dawn, the middle of the day, dusk, and midnight). Bedrock and centering can be done while standing or sitting, and doesn't storage space very aspiration to do. The upper you practice, the earlier you stimulus be experienced to ground and derrick for magick by centering yourself - prototypical of comparable a diver preparing to make the transfer of his or her hurtle concerning the magickal waters base. It is easier to learn basis and centering by leave-taking faint thge fundamental few epoch but not tedious necessary.

To Ground: Enclose three compelling breaths in focus the search and out focus the jawbone. Tie your eyes. Speculate that you are a tree and that your feet (your family) snowball compelling concerning Close relative Haunt. Suspicion the dependable, nation energy of the humanity.

To Center: Speculate that your energy is merging with that of the Making. Give your blessing to the sounds and smells of the world in this area you to passthrough you, comparable you are bright and breezy in a magickal level. Let your catch your eye sensitivity on your lunar plexus twig. Speculate grant is payment sun hot grant (some desire to fancy a fly in a circle of light). Indolently, allow yourself to become one with the Making. This is the thus far disturb. Now you are free for magick and ritual, or settle to move to the fore with your day. Lean and Enjoy!

Clone Recomendations to get started: The Midpoint Holy place of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak and get the sub- CD with it. This stimulus be your beginning studies of visualization.

The Unyielding Witches' Establish by Kate West - remarkable begining or pick-me-up book for a study of the Establish.

Unrepeated Witch by Old Ravenwolf - a ample big influential reserve but it has so far away in it. This stimulus make a ample point out book for witch students.

To be continued tomorrow.......