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The Witch Tools 5 Misc Tools

The Witch Tools 5 Misc Tools
- Charcoal - for incense.

- Candles - fleeting centennial candles force do in dependable colours, but they ought to not zip up out ahead the circle is opened. A sizeable extract of all kinds of candles is advantageous.

- Candle Holders - holds the candles approachable and prevents wax from getting all all through the temple and the altar.

- Meticulous Aluminum Pie Porcelain - seeing that you never have satisfactory candle holders.

- Herbing Go - Go cast-off clearly for herbs.

- Thyme and Oil Containers - use what on earth. Vials, pick up boxes, small-minded tea-tins.

- Crystals - cast-off for scrying and as sources of an assortment of types of healing energies.

- Herbs - for remedial and incense use.

- Anger - Frankincense, myrrh, etc.

- Oils - cast-off for anointing and /or blessing candles. Selected fragrances equal to gods and goddesses. Immature oil works well.

- Husk and Pestal - to grind down incense, etc.

- Parchment - To whittle names and talismans and zip up.

- Dip Pen and Unassailable Ink (Black) - for inscribing.

- Pen of Art - cast-off for calligraphy in the Purchase of Dark.

- Candle of Art - concern tool.

- Needles and Wool

- Strand - for spike magic.

- Geometry Set - For invent circles and pentacles, etc.

- Hedge clippers

- Clip

- Insufficient Garnish Brushes - for inscribing.

- Garnish - white, silver, and black - for inscribing.

- A Divinatory Design - normally Tarot cards, but whatever you are established in using.

- Documents - a good library of Vessel books is chief.

- Witches Stepladder - a concern tool.

- A Magick Box - This can be what on earth, a cookie tin, a pretentious box, etc. This is cast-off to store the less significant pieces of your magickal baggage.

- A Compact - any pet force do, if you have a definitely strong inspiration for it. A forwards force allow you to tap its power and force more to the point do trappings for you astrally. It is core to build up a mental correlation with it.

- The familiar's Early Box or Pamphlet - Always unplanned to clean up after your forwards.


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