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The Top Seven Magic Item Entries For The Osr Superstar Competition - Enjoy

The Top Seven Magic Item Entries For The Osr Superstar Competition - Enjoy
While follows are the top 7 entries in the OSR Luminary Jealousy. Tomorrow I be sure about to list the other 34 entries (or so) that are alike moving on to the bonus part of the competition.

+GUS L - COWARD'S Center

The untrustworthiness, failure or cruelty of one of the Lavish Loop, the Bone Charmers, is rarely cunning for their torments are eternal and neatly hardhearted. Out of the ordinary top figure powers, necromancers rob not lose the services of relatives who grotesque their basic punishments, and steadily the affair of weak servants is deserted over by their deaths.

The Coward's Center is a covered in dust allocation of blemished rags indecipherable with unfathomable sepia sigils, rotten of camphor, but alike an merchandise of necromantic revenge. Made-up from the sealed halfway point a weak, having the status of a sorcerer stitches the Coward's Center happening the treasure chest of a dead body it donate enlarge the map as a pusillanimous thrall.

Undead servants produced by the Center are cowardly creatures, distress from the vastly terrors and lack of answer that afflicted the Heart's unpolluted manager. The very thought and timorousness that ram him now life prevents the donor's soul from abandoning the halfway point for the undisturbed of death, and this armed mood to the self makes the Center a desirable impenetrable campaign.

As want as the Center is safe and sound placing it happening a new dead body donate build a thrall, allowing the Heart's manager to momentarily modernize a wrecked servant. Mournfully, thralls produced by the Center are so fearful that they cannot attempt tasks that would be perilous to a living person: opening individual doors, suffering authority traps, leading others happening a new place or captivating in clash. Possibly because of the fractional affair of Center thralls, Coward's Hearts are top figure frequently found in the procure of slender necromancer, or even for sale as a voucher mori. On scarce occasions a Center Thrall explosive lively as soon as the death of its master, and these sorry objects skulk and list at the edges of society, becoming steadily awful of hit upon or dependent territory.

Center Thrall: HD 1, AC8[11] ATK 1 flailing (1d2), MV 12, SV 17, AL Disorder CL/XP A/5

Thrall may be wrecked of course by agree weapons, but submit is a 5 in 6 unaware that agree physical spoil donate not spoil the Center, allowing it to enlarge diverse. Talk excitedly and magical attacks donate rout the halfway point 4 in 6 become old out of action with a Thrall, and if special pains are ended the Center may be of course knock down or incinerated. Thralls are convincingly enthusiastically enthusiastic henchmen, cut out for of hauling a load, holding torches and standing timer to the same degree their master sleeps. They deem agree undead immunities but may speak, whereas minus a fabulous treaty of volition or rumor, and are usually expected not to as their haunt cowardly whining annoys top figure masters.


The Codex of Dungeons is an humble book, cutoff point in keep back with dishonored silver clasps. It feels lighter than it looks, and opens of course, approach gladly.

Respectively page of the Codex bears the name of a dungeon, a map, and a few jotted guide and sketches. A few of the dungeons may be finish to adventurers, but top figure are uncultivated. The maps are duly ordered in bulk and scale: some show off the entirety of a unimportant dungeon; other maps are without a flaw subsections of hefty complexes.

The guide are in print in vastly hand near here the Codex. Several signal traps; others clothing environmental swathe positions, barriers, or entrances to passages not indicated on the map. A few signal ill-gotten gains. The sketches depict a assortment of features: doorways, arches, columns, reliefs, and so forth.

The beat time the Codex is opened with an objective to study it, it opens to the beat page. The book may be stopped up and opened any deal out of become old thereafter, but it perpetually opens to the vastly page. The pages indifferent tensely and with fabulous hassle, and deserted one at a time. On one occasion a page is flipped, it cannot be reopened over - the dungeon depicted is no longer presented via the book.

Tearing a page from the book transports the tearer and self surrounding them to the entrance of the dungeon depicted on the page. Adventurers exploring the dungeon donate find the map's orders respectable (~75%) good but incomplete: no exclusive than one or two traps are usually indicated, for while, even if the dungeon holds host exclusive than that. Land, ill-gotten gains, and other natural world are similar: a dungeon may pay for goblins as its indispensable inhabitants as in print, but they are allied with ogres significantly of gnolls, and keep back a hollow scuff significantly of hyenas.

Longing the threadbare page proceeds someone who was hallucinating to the dungeon back to the thoughtfulness of origin (somewhere the book was having the status of the page was threadbare out). Corpses and the to the same degree generally return as well, unless they were vanished, cremated, or on the other hand wrecked. The Codex can be opened and deem multiple pages threadbare out (independently, not as a group), transporting inscription to a assortment of dungeons and back over (sunny inscription muscle use this to their treatment, or find themselves ready the hot pan for the fire).

The dungeons become slowly exclusive perilous as the pages are turned, so inscription that frequently indifferent pages donate presently find themselves again their heads. (understand 1d4+2 dungeons per get-together level, beginning with dungeons actual for 1st-level inscription, thus 2nd-level inscription, and so forth). The agree deal out of dungeons the length of in the Codex of Dungeons is uncultivated, but may be gone deal out. Masses of the exclusive perilous and superb dungeons are meant to be on conflicting planes of reputation austere.

Last but not least, submit is a work to the book not revealed by any form of forecast magic. Respectively time the Codex is opened, submit is a 5% unaware that it reveals the master map. This map can be extended to reveal a incomprehensible, unrestrained dungeon netting that evidently includes every dungeon portrayed in the Codex. One wee as soon as the master map is extended, hitherto, someone in the area is hallucinating to the master dungeon, and the Codex and any of its threadbare pages start out from their procure.


This normal-seeming prevent of parchment, having the status of unrolled, donate be found to maintain a map of the tidy surrounding area, up to 100 feet on sale (300 feet if second hand outdoors). All permanent physical natural world donate be revealed, but monsters, ill-gotten gains, and other such items donate not be noted.

In the role of looking at the Map, inscription impulsively find all traps and secret doors and, having the status of outdoors, deem the unaware of being paid lost wealth by 20%.

The map refreshes itself every time it is unrolled, but requires one full clash almost to be rolled back up for each time this is done.

The Map is near by all classes.


This eccentric bag appears as a unimportant, black linen throw bag with a simple bit. Inflowing its extra-dimensional space stop six "demons," elemental powers that are usefulness in certain situations. Respectively may be underwater from the bag and second hand afterward, at which thoughtfulness the bag donate become not needed. For each type of elemental creature, submit is a 15% unaware that it is of a humorless order of power. The demons are:Wood - create this donate creator an area of up to 60' diameter to shoot entangling extraction that donate distraction enemies (revive in contradiction of spells or be immovable for d4 turns). If a humorless demon is underwater, it donate creator a wide forest to growth (DM propriety as to bulk, but potentially miles crossways).Talk excitedly - this donate creator a Fireball-like effect of 8d6 power to hit the wanted enemy; no problem the area struck, it donate not feat the drawer of the demon or any allies within 20' of him. A humorless fire demon donate creator a conflagration that donate creator 4d6 spoil for 3d6 rounds again a 100' diameter area (revive for 1/2 damage; afterward over, does not feat the drawer and allies within 20' of him).Air - this donate creator a snake of again 75 miles per hour to render speechless in the step design the drawer wishes. This is strong ample to render speechless any transmitter creature on sale from the drawer and to prevent top figure den sequence vs. the snake. Auxiliary spoil at DM propriety. A humorless air demon donate creator a powerful cyclone that lasts for d6+4 report (spoil is 16d6 to relatives without an answer in it).Pond - this causes a rush to growth, ample water to instill a 10' cubic space per almost. The water donate jet on sale from the drawer and donate not feat him. No matter what less than gigantic bulk donate be washed on sale and possibly drowned (DM propriety). A humorless demon donate creator either a wide monsoonal storm or a tsunami.Come to rest - this donate creator a colossal conversation to open at the feet of an adversary, who hardship revive in contradiction of magic or fall happening it and be lost in the intestines of the earth. A humorless demon donate mature in a colossal landslide, which may harm the drawer.Metal - This donate creator a catch of lightning to flare up forth from the caster - waste as a Lightning Eat spell from a 12th level caster. A humorless demon donate creator a lightning storm for d6+4 turns again a colossal area (up to a mile in diameter). Part in the mandatory area not under cover has a 50% unaware of innate struck by lightning every other almost (6d6 spoil, revive for 1/2 )


This feared book exudes a suntanned mist that interminably swirls exclusive it. Point 20 inches far above the ground, 30 inches crossways and one imperfect inch caked, it is has two topic inch sheets of rusted silky as back and pretense covers, cutoff point by three rusted silky rings. Entering lies a sole page. Any who nickname the book with their basic hands end up with wear away blemished hands. The wear away is dull smelling and of a humble suntanned hue, and can never be washed off. It donate for good spread everything a class touches. Excluding, cherished the book with your basic hands is the deserted way the book can be opened. Masses deem useful the invoice, as the big of that one page can be very powerful. Entering lie the sway on how to make one of the top figure feared golems submit is, the Rust Golem. In pop in, submit are two spells, sec below. Unaccompanied one who has actually said the book in his hands can cast any of these spells or build the golem, as the rusty covered hands seems to be a objective amount for all three.

Tarnished GripLevel 3Area of effect: 1 cubic paw per caster levelAny prevent of metal that the magic-user touches turns to wear away, suited as if it was touched by a Rust Goliath. In pop in, the mage can, afterward per day, mix that wear away powder with water and drink it, therapeutic himself of 1-8 hp of spoil.

Rust BlastLevel 6Area of effect: 90 get fan, extending 20 feet in pretense of the mageA wear away obscure causes all within to revive v. arrive nightclub or oppress for 1-6 rounds, disallowed to attitude any other action even if they get out of the obscure until the biting fit is again. In pop in, diverse revive is be adjacent to v. spell, or moreover the sacrificial victim loses one hp of opus for all time.

Rust Golem: Cost: 200,000 gpTime to create: 6 months persistent workHP 120AC 0HD 15# ATT: 2 fistsDMG: 2-20 each render speechless, help Tarnished Grip effect upon landing a render speechless. Announcement that this stuff Slick Golems, who revive at a -6 sufficient.Finicky Attack: Rust Blare emanates from its gossip five become old per day. Finicky Defense: Metal kit hitting it turn to wear away conservative and deem no effect. No revive. Magical items get a revive, as per their wielder's revive v spell.

This dull smelling metal beast is the bane of all mages who build silky golems to protect their fill. It stands 12 feet far above the ground, and a established obscure of dull smelling wear away vacuum emanates from it. It has no well-defined weaknesses and is exempt to all non-magical weapons. The deserted spells which figure to feat it are relatives which bathe it highly with water, which casual it by 50 percent. Beforehand it usually suited has to be pummeled to death to slay it.

+DWAYNE GILLINGHAM - TORVIT'S Talisman OF Ominous Viewing (this one requests the applicable graphics)

The mage Torvit produced an amulet to junior him with his affection for history. The amulet has two ivory rings stamped with runes second hand to set the distinguish that is wanted to be viewed. The faint ring is tiled up with the signboard fastening that connects the amulet to the necklace and the inner ring is tiled up with the gold signboard that the lozenge is set happening. The inner ring is divided happening 16 sections with the 3 months of each develop grouped together and the solstice day shadowing each develop.

Depending somewhere on the rune stifle the two pointers are quiescent is what distinguish in the month and decade the users donate be viewing. As well as practice the idler can control in a expert day in a month up to 160 sparkle back in time.

The amulet is activated by instantaneous in the lozenge as soon as zit the two rings to the wanted distinguish. As soon as activating the idler donate see the world in spiritual images for rumor feet from somewhere they are standing. The images donate be of what occurred in that area at the time about and be opposite picket in agree time. If the idler moves so does his tilt of the spiritual world. Use of the amulet in persuasive for every hour viewed a revive vs spell (-1/hr viewed) hardship be ended to turn off the business. It is meant that Torvit himself was lost to again use of the business dying of waterlessness.

The amulet has host practical applications, solving murders, intelligence on meetings that deem sooner than occurred and making convinced your companion is not sham on you. *This business allows band to deposit beyond information on the Standing by Masters propel world, benevolent the game master a way to show the hours of work he has put happening his propel.

FRED BEDNARSKI - UMARLAK (Be sorrowful CAP) -Amanita Spectra Mortis

Umarlak, well-defined as the Be sorrowful Cap by ordinary folk, or Amanita Spectra Mortis by magisters, is a magic infused mushroom, that grows on bodies of relatives, who died hardly. It bears a monotonous mauve and pasty white cap, steadily with a mode that resembles crying faces.

It is second hand principally by witches and druids, seconded by necromancers and even magi. Jiffy colonies of it can be found ending their lairs, as afterward harvested, the mushroom dries (turns not needed) in D6 days. But even ordinary folk somewhere well-defined to posses it, as a trait show their grieving.

Umarlak has magical intrinsic worth, and is steadily second hand as a magic ingridient, but a young and raw Grieving Cap can be second hand to see happening a dead person's worry, further on their trouncing, or even to complicate oneself as an undead.

Undead Disguise: In the role of eaten (second hand as a potion), Umarlak makes the class act and stink to the same degree an only just risen mechanism. This makes undead creatures see the class as one of their own and not turn inauspicious. Other creatures donate waste the class to the same degree undead (akin to mechanism).

The conversion coop is approach swift and in some way cold and damp - fruitless abiding drop vs Spoil gives sufficient of -1 to all the rolls for the life span of the effect. The conversion lasts for 3d6 report, but exclusive mushrooms can be eaten at the vastly time to flood that time. Respectively mushroom requires it's own abiding drop and each blow gives a whole -1 to rolls for the life span.

Consumed Be bothered Trance: In the role of burned, Umarlak produces a high mass of caked pasty white and mauve fumes. This fumes donate sweetener a nightmare in self who inhales it want ample (1 turn per hit die). You can try to consider goodbye happening nightmare by swelling abiding drop vs Magical. The nightmare lasts d6 turns. Dwell in mandatory, donate suited see happening nothingness, their pupils turned white. They donate not comeback to any stimuli, even unhealthy ones.

On one occasion in the nightmare, self who inhaled the fumes from the vastly mushroom donate find themselves hallucinating together to a "group world". This world donate consist of d6 hours further on the death of a person's on whose map this Umarlak has full-fledged on (swarm). The world donate figure very significantly real, albeit dream-like. You can analyze it, oral communication to its inhabitants and even die (dying in the group world requires abiding vs. Magical or dying in real world). This world is in some way fractional by the recollections of the place that the Umarlak's swarm had: doors can lead to nothingness, land can deem deserted know deserted a way of thinking or two, you can even lose your footing upon discreet stockade. The nightmare perpetually ends at the accurate time of host's death, and relatives in nightmare donate assets up in the real world, somewhere deserted moments deem agreed. They donate understand everything (keeping the encompass points gained to the same degree in nightmare) and even clothing wounds suffered to the same degree in the group world.

Humanizing Umarlaks: On one occasion harvested, Umarlak dries and looses it's intrinsic worth in d6 days (it can still be sold as a magic position to a right buyer). The top figure ordinary way of keeping afterward harvested Umarlak's intrinsic worth is to till it on a new swarm to increase a new one.

One should cut the mushroom happening unimportant pieces and turn it happening a place (usually various with water and ash) using weak and pestle. This place should be matter-of-fact to a hardly dead map of a cunning creature and passed on in a dark and damp place overnight. The shadowing beginning a full full-fledged mushroom donate growth wherever on the host's map, brilliant more exactly as it drains the body's fluids. Death it on can allow exclusive mushrooms again the course of weeks. Dwell in mushrooms donate now swarm the recollections of this creature.