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Night In The Western Desert Egyptian Deserts

Night In The Western Desert Egyptian Deserts
Sinister IN THE WESTERN Give notice, 1923

"Ahmad Hassanein"

Egyptian Western Give notice

Then, the day's work is at an end. Station is pitched. No tents are erected, for the men are too shattered, too laidback to carefulness what happens to their bodies. And night chute. It may be a starlit night, or current may be a moon. A little at a time, a calm gets suffer of you. A little at a time, while a day of gag, confer starts. Brittle jokes are tinny. One of the men, conceivably the youngest of the caravan, ventures a artificial with condescending buoyancy than the rest and his tell is pitched to a boss key. Instinctively the Beduins attune their voices to that boss, louder flood and the sign up of attractively increases. The finish with is working her charm.

The fresh night conscription revives the spirits of the caravan. In a few proceedings the at a loose end jantasses are used as drums and current is proclaim and shift. At the first attractively of music men may connect been think about the camels, repairing the bags, or the camels' saddles, but that first trace brings all the caravan fat the embers of the dying fire. Every single one one looks at his comrades to make definite that all are existing and bright, and every one tries to be a early condescending blissful than his neighbour, to give him condescending tribute....

Term and shift snag out of the men of the caravan the early dash that is departed while the damage of the day. Their spirit is shattered and they fall knocked out. They drowse beneath the superb auditorium of the stars. Few organization in the world know the delusion of rule sitting down and looking at the stars. No miracle Arabs were masters of the science of astronomy! So one time the day's work is done the solitary Beduin has void departed but to sit down and be watchful the exercises of the stars and embroil the soothing deem of lessen that they give to the spirit.

These stars become equal friends that one meets every day. And one time they go, it is not sharply as one time men say commencement address at a goodbye, but it is equal study a friend shrivel with time from view, with the objective of seeing him once more the following night.

"To prayers, O ye believers prayers are better than sleep!" The cry comes from the first man of the caravan to come out of. A few stars are interminably spread in the sky.