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Gilad Atzmon Obama Netanyahu And Esther

Gilad Atzmon Obama Netanyahu And Esther

By Gilad Atzmon on Gripe 8, 2012


The Biblical Fake of Esther that was fixed to President Obama by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday was far from existence a secret jot down. The Fake of Esther is a genocidal recipe. It is acquaint with to bring to somebody's attention Jews how to breach in the sphere of different administrations. In my latest book THE Nomadic WHO I scan the role of The Biblical reproduce in determining novel Jewish following Lobbying and its open turn to dominate American and British different policies. IN Impart AMERICAN POLITICS WE Receive THE Latter.

* Esther's and Mordechai's role is played by AIPAC and American Jewish Congress (AJC) - Every one completely dance for a war against Iran.
* President Obama is the Persian king Ahasuerus. Suppose the Persian king, Obama is asked to annihilate the 'enemies of the Jews'
* Haman, the murderous Antisemite' is manifestly Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Iranian residents. In the Biblical fable, every Haman and his sons end up massacred.
* And mournfully copiousness repudiated queen Vashti, is played by the American residents and generosity. so they say, our prayer for stillness and settlement is manifestly disregarded.

THE Fake OF ESTHER (THE Nomadic WHO? BY GILAD ATZMON, Repayment 19)

"'Haman assumed to Ruler Achashvairosh, "Gift is a nation strewn and broken up relating the nations "[the Jews]" here your development. Their laws are contrary than one and all else's, they do not revere the king's laws, and it does not pay for the king to produce their go. If it pleases the king, let a law be written that they be without hope, and I specter pay to the executors ten thousand silver Kikar-coins for the king's strongbox."' "(The Fake Of Esther, Repayment 3) The Fake of Esther" is a biblical story that forms the brains for the celebration of Purim, credibly the maximum cheerfully high-status Jewish festival. The book tells of an attempted Judeocide, but overly of Jews who control to redraft their try. In the" Fake of Esther", the Jews save themselves, and even get to mete out revenge.It is set in the third go out with of the sovereignty of the Persian king Ahasuerus (habitually notorious with Xerxes I). It is a story of a palace, a map out, the past attempted Judeocide and a stalwart and high-profile Jewish queen - Esther - who manages to dispense her residents at the very assailant undersized.Ahasuerus is matrimonial to Vashti, whom he repudiates time was she rejects his direction to verify herself off to his assembled theater group into a gala. Esther is elected from in the middle of tons candidates to be Ahasuerus's new bride. As the story progresses, Ahasuerus's dominant minister, Haman, plots to control all the Jews in the Persian development killed in revenge for a condition by Esther's cousin Mordechai to bow to him in deem. Esther, now queen, plots with Mordechai to dispense the day for the Persian Jews. At the lay bets of endangering her own welfare, Esther warns Ahasuerus of Haman's murderous anti-Jewish bundle. (As she had not disclosed her Jewish beginning in the past, the king had been unconscious of them.) Haman and his sons are hanged on the fifty-cubit-high scaffold he had alternatively built for Mordecai. As it happens, Mordecai takes Haman's place as dominant minister. Ahasuerus's succession decreeing the massacre of the Jews cannot be rescinded, so he issues unorthodox one allowing the Jews to power up arms and annihilate their enemies - which they do.The mild of the story is clear. If Jews craving to transpire, they had leg up breach the corridors of power. In light of "The Fake of Esther", Mordechai and Purim, AIPAC and the suggestion of 'Jewish appeal appears to be an distillation of a curt Biblical and cultural edge.However, existing is the scandalous turn. Time the story is accessible as a dossier of actual activities, the ancient subtlety of the "Fake of Esther" is in fact largely disputed by maximum modern Bible scholars. The lack of clear verification for any of the book's information with what is clear-cut of Persian history from develop sources has led scholars to completion that the story is habitually or even absolutely fictional. In other words, the mild however, the attempted genocide is fictional. Seemingly, the "Fake of Esther" encourages its (Jewish) buddies in the sphere of collective Pre-TSS, making a joy of wound in the sphere of an edge of reality. Accurately, some read the story as an tale of quintessentially assimilated Jews, who command that they are targets of anti-Semitism, but who are overly in a unyielding to dispense themselves and their guy Jews.Aim the Haman quotes add-on, once maintenance Bowman in individual, the "Fake of Esther" shapes an exilic identity. It sews existential stress and is a preamble to the Holocaust religion, stage set the circumstances that turn the Holocaust in the sphere of life. Interestingly a very still, notification conspire is explored in the beginning of Exodus. Over, in order to set an look of a '"Shoah" to take and a emancipation to plot, an existential fear is established:"arrived acquaint with arose a new king better Egypt, who knew not Joseph. And he assumed unto his residents, "Examine, the residents of the children of Israel are too tons and too controlling for us; come, let us narrow sagaciously with them, lest they multiply, and it come to pollute, that, having the status of acquaint with befalleth us any war, they overly correspond themselves unto our enemies, and contest against us, and get them up out of the land." As a consequence they did set better them taskmasters to curse them with their burdens. And they built for Pharaoh store-cities, Pithom and Raamses.' "Exodus 8-11Both in Exodus and "The Fake of Esther", the architect of the reproduce manages to add up to the people of accusations that would be leveled against Jews for centuries to come, such as power-seeking, tribalism and evil behavior. Dismally, the reproduce in Exodus evokes a revelation of the Nazi Holocaust. It depicts a life of family cleansing, economic arduous trial that in due course lead to slave labour camps ("Pithom and Raamses). "Yet, in every Exodus and the Fake of Esther it is the Jews who in due course annihilate.Interestingly, the "Fake of Esther" (in the Hebrew glug of the Bible; six chapters were add-on to the Greek form) is one of exactly two books of the Bible that do not guide jack up God (the other is "Composition of Songs"). As in the Holocaust religion, in the" Fake of Esther" it is the Jews who organize in "themselves", in their own power, in their uniqueness, cultivation, delightful to chart, delightful to power better kingdoms, delightful to dispense themselves. The "Fake of Esther" is all about empowerment. It conveys the existence and metaphysics of Jewish power.


In an exposition big 'A Purim Lesson: Lobbying Versus Genocide, With and Now, Dr Rafael Medoff expounds on what he regards as the lesson bequeathed to the Jews by Esther and Mordechai: the art of lobbying. 'The holiday of Purim,' Medoff says, 'celebrates the valuable hassle by renowned Jews in the capitol ["sic"] of ancient Persia to stop off genocide against the Jewish residents.' This set ritual of what some appointment 'Jewish appeal (time Medoff does not use this label) has been carried plight, and is performed by modern released Jews: because is not well clear-cut is that a comparable lobbying hassle took place in modern become old - in Washington, D.C., at the peak of the Holocaust.'Medoff explores the similarities linking Esther's lobbying in Persia and her modern counterparts lobbying gathering place FDR's administrate at the smooth of the Flash Sphere War: 'The Esther in 1940s Washington was Henry Morgenthau Jr., a irritating, assimilated Jew of German stock who (as his son well ahead put it) was difficult to be regarded as paint the town red hundred percent American.' Downplaying his Jewish-ness, Morgenthau leisurely rose from existence FDR's friend and adviser to his Treasury Secretary.'Ardently, Medoff overly scattered a modern Mordechai: 'a fresh Zionist organize from Jerusalem, Peter Bergson (real name: Hillel Kook) who led a series of display campaigns to bring about U.S. save of Jews from Hitler. The Bergson group's report ads and royal rallies roused royal tolerant of the Holocaust - exceptionally having the status of it all together better 400 rabbis to pageant to the outlook approach of the White Put up good ahead of time Yom Kippur in 1943.'Medoff's reading of the "Fake of Esther" provides a forceful grasp in the sphere of the secret codes of Jewish collective reality dynamics, in which the assimilated (Esther) and the keen (Mordechai) correspond armed forces with Jewish interests on their minds. According to Medoff, the parallels to modern become old are striking: 'Mordechai's threats utterly undeniable Esther to go to the king; the threats of Morgenthau's aides utterly undeniable him to go to the regulate, armed with a prickly 18-page keep track of that they big "Ask to the Secretary on the Concur of This Public in the Send out of the Jews." Esther's lobbying succeeded. [Ahasuerus] cancelled the genocide dictate and executed Haman and his henchmen. Morgenthau's lobbying overly succeeded. A Bergson-initiated Congressional determination occupation for U.S. save action expeditious agreed the Senate Unknown Road and rail network Congress - enabling Morgenthau to freshen FDR that "you control either got to move very fast, or the Meeting of the United States specter do it for you." Ten months ahead of time cast your vote day, the assailant thing FDR appreciated was an tedious royal disgrace better the wanderer copy. Now days, Roosevelt did what the Congressional determination required - he issued an officer order creating the War Wandering Power, a U.S. paperwork buff to save refugees from Hitler.'In all probability Medoff sees the "Fake of Esther" as a shared parameter for a anyhow Jewish conduct: 'The dissent that fasten may possibly be done to help Europe's Jews had been demolished by Jews who shook off their fears and laugh at up for their residents - in ancient Persia and in modern Washington.' In other words, Jews can and neediness do for themselves. This is really the mild of the "Fake of Esther" as well as of the Holocaust religion.What Jews neediness do for themselves is really an open mystery. Dissimilar Jews control contrary principles. The neoconservatives organize in slack the US and the West in the sphere of an great war against Islam. Some Jews organize that Jews neediness actually unyielding themselves at the forerunner of the tramp against cruelty and amiss. Accurately, Jewish empowerment is good one solution relating tons. Yet it is a very powerful one, and hot-blooded having the status of the American Jewish Congress (AJC) and AIPAC act as modern-day Mordechais and publicly assume in an entire lobbying pains for war against Iran.Every one AIPAC and the AJC are insuppressibly in line with the Hebrew Biblical school of supposed. They plot their Biblical instructor, Mordechai. However, once the Mordechais are quite easy to point, the Esthers - inhabit who act for Israel backward the scenes - are to be more precise promote strict to pursuit.Similar to we learn to consider Israeli lobbying within the parameters explicit by the "Fake of Esther" and the Holocaust religion, we are as a result entitled to regard Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the hurry Haman/Hitler quotation. In extra to the AJC and AIPAC, President Obama's Commander of Work Rahm Emanuel and Noble Duty are overly Mordechais, Obama is clearly Ahasuerus, yet Esther can be like anyone, from the assailant Neocon to Dick Cheney and over and done.

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