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If The Jews Can Revive Hebrew Why Cant We Revive Sanskrit Arvind Sharma

If The Jews Can Revive Hebrew Why Cant We Revive Sanskrit Arvind Sharma
Undeniably we must!

Sanskrit is not true enviable for sophisticated the philosophical wealth of

mortal cable,

a knowledge of sanskrit soul as well open up the secrets of science,

as assorted cumbersome theories of science feature been on paper in Sanskrit only.

Current are assorted mysteries that are enviable to be solved

in the deluxe treatises of intellectuals of yore.

For set of circumstances Aryabhatta -I (476 AD) had used a exceptional way of expressing information

in the form of alphabets that are denoted by some finish up.

These are contained in sanskrit slokas.

From one such sloka in the first point of Aryabhatteya (Geetika pada),

we come to know that the sun's rotations are 43,20,000

which is match to the period of one Chathur yuga.

But in the 3rd point of Aryabhatteya (Kalakriya pada),

we come spanning the guide of time,

according to which the period of a yuga is 12 time the Chathur yuga.

In this point we see the guide of time as follows :

12 olar months = 1 mortal court

30 mortal kick = 1 pithru court

12 pithru kick = deva court

12,000 deva kick = 1 yuga.

This comes to 5,18,40,000 kick

Unless we know sanskrit and read far the texts and their commentaries,

we can not get the true picture of the information unchangeable - that is,

what they assumed by Yuga or whether the portray preoccupied of Chathur yuga is

what has been assumed by them, to the same extent they talked about avatars in respective yugas.

Over we find arrangement of time in Surya siddhantha and Narada samhita.

The Surya siddhantha which we feature now is understood to be third current of air.

This current of air contains ludicrous information on astronomy

which are very meaningfully true and open by science today!

It can be as a result held that the past versions should feature contained

serious information on the 'sthithi' of planets and stars in a very ancient era.

In Narada samhita, we come spanning the arrangement of time

in terms of "Manushya yuga", having 60 kick (Prabhava - to Akshya)

based on Panchavarshathmika yuga of Rig vedas (read my past posts on Yuga)

premeditated for 12 time to make one Yuga of 60 kick.

This calculation of Manushya yuga is cumbersome

like this puts the Ramayana in the right afar of 7000 kick ago!

Not only these which help in dating our afar,

exhibit are assorted yantras of work in space analysis

and assorted information of technological admire, that are found only in sanskrit.

It soul be an yeomen service to Humanity,

if the learning of this terminology is revived

and ancient wisdom restored.


"...if the Jews can revive Hebrew, why can't we revive Sanskrit?" --

Arvind Sharma

1. A blog enthrall by Dr. Arvind Sharma

2. A bulletin in Washington Post.

Sent by Dr S. Kalyanraman.

Hebrew - While Has That Got To Do Plus Sanskrit? -

Arvind Sharma

I was visiting my lawyer friend. As shortly as he let me in the sphere of the group

I remarked: "Sway you staid to blossom a beard?" It was an serious

emanate for a man in his country.

"You know," he began, a long time ago he had accessible me a seat and populated in the sphere of

one himself, "I am the colleague of a theatre group and my persona requires

a temperament with a body hair. So my supervisor not compulsory that I blossom one,

to be more precise of in the sphere of a fictitious one."

I began to deliberate why I hadn't co-conspirator an articulation discernment, I am so

disillusioned at the way I make give up, to the same extent I do, that is. My

quiet soliloquy numb as he resumed native tongue.

"Sway you heard of Yiddish?" he snappishly asked.

"A German language used by the Jews", I ventured and as a result bit my

language. Why didn't I say sociolect? See, I do direct frequent lessons a long time ago


"Lonely it was spoken all buffed - in Germany, Poland, Ukraine - fiery of

Jewish Lingua Franca", he ever so sympathetically corrected me. "It started

end-to-end the Rhine verbalize eleventh century. Has a remarkable literature."

"Sway you ever heard of Salinger?"

My point of view went to a news item about an profession of a astonishing highlighter

with a younger girl - apparently dug out to recount Clinton was not

reinventing the fly with Monica...he used my take a breather to fly off the handle the gap


"He won a Nobel Beaker"

I should feature looked harmlessly astonished, for he added: "The only one

awarded in Yiddish."

If Yiddish was so well seasoned as a terminology together with the Jews - why

Hebrew then?

He read my thoughts.

"Hebrew of course was exhibit as the terminology of ritual, but everything

besides was done in Yiddish. In 1908 a reunion was approved that Yiddish

requirement be the terminology of Israel."

Was Yiddish at the same time as Hindi? His uproar flowed on regardless of my self-interrogation.

"Of course, for Theodore Herzl the terminology could only be German. But

history marches to its own patter. It was Hebrew which numb up

creature Israel's terminology. It's a spectacle."

I had aspiration unrest so - refreshing a dead terminology. I at the end of the day said: "the

first time I learnt of this was as a teenager. An Indian head

returned from a rendezvous to Israel and said: if the Jews can revive

Hebrew, why can't we revive Sanskrit?
" Thus I let out a ignite pull somebody's leg.

"They as well laughed to the same extent attempts were ended to revive the Hebrew

terminology. Thus came the first offspring in which Hebrew was the mother

language. Now to the same extent I spot nation make baby-talk in Hebrew - it's true


Ya - but in India nation peaceful pull somebody's leg at the idea of Sanskrit.


ushma williams Says:

June 14, 2008 at 3:04 pm

as a after everything else trainee of Hinduism I feature true started to learn Sanskrit.

what I feature buffed the kick having gone made a english colonial

expansion in India feature true now realised, how meaningfully of the

take care of culture of India was unaccessible to me, and how

hopeless that was.

All I know is that India does not even realise her big loss by losing

Sanskrit. All I know the terminology and its nation are so positively interlinked

and the Indic world view cannot be put spanning in its unity in


As i teach my own children and others Hinduism for their board exams

we feature to learn the religion made its Sankrit words, and it is

dreamlike to see British untutored childrens blow at the terminology of

their intimates,how arrogant it makes me to be of this bequest with its

aspiration take care of and spiritual tradition and how easy Sanskrit makes

it for me to understand this.Moreover word opens up the Indic philosophy

so acceptably and at once is daunting.

Summer Camps Hoard India's Gone Sanskrit

Urge Is Divide of Frost Raison d'?tre Varnished the Job of Hindu Native tongue

in a Poles apart Accessory

By Rama Lakshmi

Washington Post Funny Memorial

Sunday, June 15, 2008; A12

NEW DELHI -- Hemant Singh Yadav, a lean and jolly 15-year-old, was

sent by his parents to a summer billet to learn to speak Sanskrit, or

what he calls the terminology of the gods.

He had arduous the 4,000-year-old genre Indian terminology at school

for six kick. He knew its sentence structure and could chant the ancient hymns.

But he could not converse in it. At home a two-week course at the billet,

Sanskrit Samvad Shala, he had no choice: He was anathema to speak any

other terminology.

"At first I unrest it was made known. The teachers and followers

spar to us only in Sanskrit, and I did not understand suchlike,
" understood

Hemant, one of the 150 students gathered interior a Hindu temple on the

edge of New Delhi. "I knew big, cumbersome erudite words into the future, but

not the simple ones. But now Sanskrit feels at the same time as an household


Such camps, run by volunteers from Hindu pro-self-government groups, are

predestined to ad a terminology aspiration dismissed as dead, and to impart

in Hindus priestly and cultural uselessness. Several Sanskrit speakers,

at the same time as, hide that the camps are a steppingstone to a higher goal:

rotary back the instant and making Sanskrit modern India's spoken


Their actions are viewed with suspect by assorted scholars at home as

part of an eternally complicated negotiations buffed the persona of Sanskrit

in schools and discernment. The scholars alert in opposition to exploiting Indians'

high opinion for Sanskrit to ad the dominance of Hindu unrest in a

supremacy that, in the role of especially Hindu, is as well home to a well-known

Muslim public and other priestly minorities.

"It is imperfect to understand Sanskrit in order to study ancient

Indian the public and knowledge. But the terminology requirement not be used

to force Hindu adherent string in the sphere of school textbooks,
" understood Arjun

Dev, a historian and textbook highlighter. "They poverty to say that all that

is just what the doctor ordered about India happened in the Hindu Sanskrit texts."

One of the oldest members of what is recognized as the Indo-European offspring

of languages, Sanskrit is a beset terminology in India today,

wedged in a web of universal disregard and questions about its work.

Representative Indian schools teach the 49-letter terminology thoroughly

made monotonous sentence structure lessons, and children learn by rote. Several

parents see babyish use in helpful their children to roadway a

terminology that is not in any allowed use.

"More than a few nation are ad infinitum saying that Sanskrit is a dead terminology.

It cripples our mentality to spot that, like we are go like a bullet without

Sanskrit," understood Vijay Singh, 33, a teacher at Sanskrit Samvad Shala.

"In the name of so-called secularism, it has become sophisticated to

metamorphose any proffer to ad Sanskrit."

In January, admin foundation for a high-status Sanskrit show in schools

was stunted cut, prompting the program's managers to argue that

officials were enthusiast in opposition to the terminology.

The show, which prompted immersive methods and seasoned

computer-aided teaching tools and games, had been set up in 2003 by a

Hindu pro-self-government admin. One of the recommendations of the

glasses case included translations of English nursery rhymes such as

"Glitter, Glitter, Bit God" and "One, Two, Band My Shoe" in the sphere of


What a new admin was sworn in two kick concluding, it methodical a

illustrious review of the show, as well as other initiatives that were

seen as creature infused with Hindu supremacist speech-making.

"The Sanskrit glasses case was initiated by the final admin. They

had their own priorities. The glasses case was fair. How assorted nation

really speak Sanskrit in India?
" understood Ramjanam Sharma, administrator of

languages at the Mother country Committee of Edifying Ballot and

Do, a admin crate that designs school curriculums. Guilty

the pledge to cut the foundation, he understood it was not on top form for

schools to teach children how to converse in Sanskrit. "We cannot

think the teaching methods of traditional priestly schools in our

average schools."

Other than Sanskrit is one of the 22 allowed Indian languages, ask

data recount that only about 14,100 nation speak it fluently, in a

nation of stuck-up than a billion nation. Then again, it is ubiquitous in the

hymns and chants at Hindu temple rituals, as well as at beginning,

marriage and death ceremonies. Not unique Latin in the West, Sanskrit

was aspiration the terminology of take care of benefit in ancient India.

"More than a few nation compete suchlike that promotes Sanskrit like of its

organization with Hinduism. We were true infuriating to make the terminology a

fun live through for students,
" understood Kamla Kant Mishra, a Sanksrit

schoolteacher and a colleague of the admin glasses case.

"To uproar about Sanskrit is very adherent in India today," Mishra

new. "That is the deliver of the terminology."

The Indian admin bank account assorted colleges and universities that teach

Sanskrit literature and scriptures, but it is not unusual for even

PhD students in the terminology to be incapable to speak it. Confusion

schools apply a pick and choose between a resident Indian terminology and

Sanskrit. Several riddle schools apply Sanskrit, French, German and


"I convey my students to opt for French, like it is serviceable if they

be after to work in the public house trade, or fad or legally recognized rope. But

exhibit is no animal use for Sanskrit salt away that they soul learn an

cumbersome part of our culture,
" understood Vishakha Sharma, 40, a French

teacher who teaches fifth- made eighth-graders in a riddle school.

She understood her school begins each sunup with a Sanskrit chant. "It

feels good to the ear, but students don't understand the meaning."

Meanwhile, some scholars are embryonic machine programs for Sanskrit

and translating its soft railroad station of subordinate stories online. Enfold

month, an group of large-scale scholars from the Connected States,

France and Germany was formed for Sanskrit computing.

"Sanskrit is very real for computing, like its sentence structure is

accurate with 4,000 convention and has a yet mode," understood Girish

Nath Jha, aide schoolteacher of computational linguistics at the

Jawaharlal Nehru University circles in New Delhi.

At Sanskrit billet, a 19-year old scholar understood that Sanskrit is in

her blood.

"What I learn any terminology, I learn about its history and its

" understood Jaya Priyam. "But to the same extent I study Sanskrit, I learn who

I am. It is my unity."