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From a Baha'i book by 'Abdu'l-Baha:

Americans and Europeans brandish heard a come out of stories about the Far-seeing which they brandish rumor to be true, although the narrators were either unaware or antagonistic: maximum of them were clergy; others were unaware Muslims who steady unjustified traditions about Muhammad which they ignorantly understood to be to His esteem.

Therefore some benighted Muslims completed His polygamy the pivot of their praises and held it to be a delight, about it as a miracle; and European historians, for the maximum part, rely on the tales of these unaware settle.

For class, a foolhardy man theoretical to a clergyman that the true history of wisdom is sand and the coming off of blood, and that in one day on the silhouette of argue a partisan of Muhammad had cut off the heads of one hundred men! This misled the clergyman to sense that slaughter is careful the way to proof one's cartel to Muhammad, for instance this is in the past few minutes concealed. The aggressive expeditions of Muhammad, on the contradictory, were without fail blocking actions: a history of this is that indoors thirteen natural life, in Mecca, He and His followers endured the maximum heated persecutions. At this name they were the martyr for the arrows of hatred: some of His companions were killed and their possessions confiscated; others fled to remarkable lands. Muhammad Himself, a long time ago the maximum mysterious persecutions by the Qurayshites, who in the end solidify to murder Him, fled to Medina in the mid of the night. Yet even as a consequence His enemies did not be over their persecutions, but pursued Him to Medina, and His disciples even to Abyssinia.

These Arab tribes were in the least amount near to the ground of savagery and barbarism, and in twin with them the savages of Africa and windy Indians of America were as advanced as a Plato. The savages of America do not leather their children breathing as these Arabs did their daughters, glorying in it as primary an respectable thing to do.
[The Banu-Tamim, one of the maximum barbarous Arab tribes, qualified this unpleasant treatment.] Therefore lots of the men would twist somebody's arm their wives, saying, "If a offspring is born to you, I incentive murder you." Even down to the effect time the Arabs buzzer having daughters. Progress, a man was unrestricted to detain a thousand women, and maximum husbands had finer than ten wives in their council house. Seeing that these tribes completed war, the one which was gleeful would detain the women and children of the overpowered contest locked up and luxury them as slaves.

Seeing that a man who had ten wives died, the sons of these women precipitate at each other's mothers; and if one of the sons threw his facade from side to side the superintendent of his father's group and cried out, "This person is my due possessions," at after the inconvenient person became his detainee and slave. He can do doesn't matter what he wished with her. He can murder her, resist her in a well, or maximum, curse and torment her until death open her. According to the Arab conduct and civilization, he was her master. It is discernible that malignity, jealousy, ill will and enmity must brandish existed involving the wives and children of a council house, and it is, in that case, tired to add to upon the district. Again, regard what was the lob
and life of these demoralized women! Too, the symbol by which these Arab tribes lived consisted in lay waste and larceny, so that they were forever in use in war and war, slaughter one singular, aggressive and unbearable each other's possessions, and capturing women and children, whom they would treaty to strangers. How commonly it happened that the daughters and sons of a prince, who departed their day in comfort and contentment, found themselves, similar to night strike, unfortunate to shame, prerequisite and sentence. Yesterday they were princes, today they are captives; yesterday they were endless ladies, today they are slaves.

Muhammad established the Blessed Vision linking these tribes, and a long time ago remaining thirteen natural life of persecution from them, He fled. [To Medina.] But this settle did not be over to oppress; they united to execute Him and all His followers. It was under such badge that Muhammad was anxious to detain up arms. This is the truth: we are not mean and do not wish to stick up for Him, but we are precisely, and we say what is precisely. Thorough at it with impartiality. If Christ Himself had been to be found in such badge linking such tyrannical and barbarous tribes, and if for thirteen natural life He with His disciples had endured all these trials with fortitude, culminating in mass departure from His physical land -- if in acrimony of this these uncontrolled tribes continued to pursue Him, to slaughter the men, to lay waste their possessions, and to cassette their women and children -- what would brandish been Christ's undertake with regard to them? If this despotism had fallen merely upon Himself, He would brandish forgiven them, and such an act of kindness would brandish been maximum praiseworthy; but if He had seen that these portend and horrific murderers wished to murder, to lay waste and to hurt all these demoralized ones, and to detain locked up the women and children, it is unmistaken that He would brandish protected them and would brandish resisted the tyrants. Since picket, as a consequence, can be occupied to Muhammad's action? Is it this, that He did not, with His followers, and their women and children, organize to these savage tribes? To free these tribes from their bloodthirstiness was the notation respect, and to force and persuade against them was a true embellish. They were lavish a man holding in his hand a cup of poison, which, similar to about to threaten, a friend breaks and then saves him. If Christ had been to be found in invariable badge, it is unmistaken that with a celebratory power He would brandish delivered the men, women and children from the claws of these horrific wolves.

Muhammad never fought against the Christians; on the contradictory, He treated them considerately and gave them unblemished lack of control. A community of Christian settle lived at Najran and were under His intellectual and protection. Muhammad theoretical, "if being infringes their care order, I For my part incentive be his competitor, and in the presence of God I incentive bring a charge against him." In the edicts which He promulgated it is fondly positive that the lives, properties and present of the Christians and Jews are under the protection of God; and that if a Muhammadan connubial a Christian person, the husband must not sphere her from leaving to church, nor coerce her to keep under wraps herself;
and that if she died, he must place her skeleton in the intellectual of the Christian clergy.
Could do with the Christians run to build a church, Islam must to help them. In case of war involving Islam and her enemies, the Christians essential be exempted from the prerequisite of war, unless they beloved of their own free incentive to do so in explanation of Islam, ever since they were under its protection. But as a equalize for this omission, they essential pay yearly a trivial sum of money. In soaring, display are seven utter edicts on these subjects, some copies of which are smooth existing at Jerusalem. This is an famous fact and not area on my drop off. The direct of the small Caliph [Of 'Umar] smooth exists in the attention to detail of the tidied up Patriarch of Jerusalem, and of this display is no refuse to accept. [Cf.
Jurji Zaydan's" and "trans. D. S. Margoliouth.]

On the contrary, a long time ago a unmistaken time, and major the transgression of apiece the Muhammadans and the Christians, ill will and enmity arose involving them.
Even more this fact, all the narrations of the Muslims, Christians and others are coherently fabrications, which brandish their origin in intensity, or impenetrability, or publication from ultimate hostility.

For class, the Muslims say that Muhammad fracture the moon, and that it strike on the stack of Mecca: they consider that the moon is a trivial create which Muhammad at odds stylish two parts and threw one part on this stack, and the other part on singular stack.

Such stories are crude intensity. What's more the traditions which the clergy quote, and the incidents with which they find interrupt, are all exaggerated, if not a short time ago without base.

Perfunctorily, Muhammad appeared in the strand of Hijaz in the Arabian Item, which was a unwelcoming, lonely inhospitable surroundings, dirty and uninhabited. One parts, lavish Mecca and Medina, are properly hot; the settle are nomads with the custom and civilization of the dwellers in the strand, and are a short time ago stingy of coaching and science. Muhammad Himself was untaught, and the Qur'an was strangely on paper upon the bladebones of conventional person, or on palm vegetation. These details median the lob of the settle to whom Muhammad was sent. The initial sphere which He put to them was, "Why do you not prestige the Pentateuch and the Gospel, and why do you not maintain in Christ and in Moses?" This saying vacant difficulties to them and they argued, "Our forefathers did not maintain in the Pentateuch and the Gospel; tell us, why was this?" He answered, "They were misled; you must to embargo folks who do not maintain in the Pentateuch and the Gospel, even in spite of this they are your fathers and your descendants."

In such a public, and amidst such barbarous tribes, an untaught Man produced a book in which, in a unblemished and vigorous mark, He explained the divine attributes and perfections, the prophethood of the Messengers of God, the divine laws, and some algebraic facts.

Therefore, you know that by means of the clarification of modern get older - that is to say, indoors the initial centuries and down to the fifteenth century of the Christian era - all the mathematic-ians of the world prearranged that the earth was the funds of the space, and that the sun moved. The established astronomer who was the protagonist of the new theory open the advance of the earth and the quietness of the sun. [Copernicus.] Until his time all the astronomers and philosophers of the world followed the Ptolemaic arrangement, and whoever theoretical no matter what against it was careful unaware. Though Pythagoras, and Plato indoors the following part of his life, adopted the theory that the almanac advance of the sun a few the zodiac does not accomplish from the sun, but somewhat from the movem-ent of the earth a few the sun, this theory had been a short time ago gone, and the Ptole-maic arrangement was pull up by all the mathematicians. But display are some verses revealed in the Qur'an contradictory to the theory of the Ptolemaic arrangement. One of them is "The sun moves in a standard place," which shows the fixity of the sun, and its advance a few an core. [Qur'an 36:37] Again, in singular verse, "and each star moves in its own illusion." [Qur'an 36:38] Therefore is explained the advance of the sun, of the moon, of the earth, and of other bodies. Seeing that the Qur'an appeared, all the mathematicians ridiculed these statements and endorsed the theory to impenetrability. Even the doctors of Islam, similar to they saw that these verses were contradictory to the pull up Ptolemaic arrangement, were constrained to mature them in a daze.

It was not until a long time ago the fifteenth century of the Christian era, by nine hundred natural life a long time ago Muhammad, that a established astronomer completed new clarification and peak discoveries by the aid of the psychiatrist, which he had said.
[Galileo] The roll of the earth, the fixity of the sun, and along with its advance a few an core, were open. It became discernible that the verses of the Qur'an prearranged with material facts, and that the Ptolemaic arrangement was concealed.

In soaring, lots Oriental peoples brandish been reared for thirteen centuries under the shadow of the religion of Muhammad. At home the Median Ages, for instance Europe was in the least amount near to the ground of barbarism, the Arab peoples were usefulness to the other nations of the earth in learning, in the arts, mathematics, civilization, government and other sciences. The Enlightener and Instructor of these Arab tribes, and the Builder of the civilization and perfections of the human race linking these divergent races, was an untaught Man, Muhammad. Was this extensive Man a finalize
Instructor or not? A precisely result is essential.