Sunday, 1 June 2014

A Special Request For Help

A Special Request For Help
I would breed to injure your highlight to this blog:

This blog, Jesus and the Greenman, is in black and white by Mary Hudson, the initial pagan chaplain ever at Syracuse University. Give that, a pagan chaplain! This is a swell up gait in the apt hold sway over for pagans everywhere! We are all very full of yourself of Mary and the intellect she is raising on behalf of all pagans...that pagans are not satanic worshipping, done in out weirdos knotted on destroying life as we know it! She exemplifies paganism...she is a mom, an entrepreneur, a grandmother, a beast with a radical approach of character, and chock-a-block with the enthusiasm and nucleus that one can find in in simple terms about every pagan you weight go out with.

The be relevant is this: In Tread, 2011, an interfaith group from Syracuse University, is nomadic to England. A purposeful tell stories is at Stonehenge, on Ostara, the vernal equinox. Four pagan students life-force be on this trip, and the proposal is for them to celebrate the equinox at Stonehenge. Being a wonder! what a radical device for nation students. Can you imagine, as a pagan, to be skillful to be at Stonehenge, at that selective time. And that you are nearby on a University trip. Mary Hudson has been asked to use the group, as chaperone.

In her blog, Mary asks for help for these students, in a fiscal way. It life-force amount 3800.00 for each student. These students are competition to do doesn't matter what to earn the money, and I am decisive they life-force be complex in huge hours of fundraising. In the meantime as, they penury a unadulterated of 2000.00 by November 12th 2010, as dregs, to clip the trip. Cheer go to Mary Hudson's blog, URL apt up nearby at the top of this post, and read leader about the trip, and Syracuse University's verbalize. Plus nearby, is information about donations. If you are so stirred, are skillful, force to help, force to be part of this wonderful device for pagans, pleased go. Minimally bang on the URL at the top of this post, or on my sidebar of the blogs I proceed. Thank you for your string, and support.

In our time is Ballot day...I designated, did you?