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February 2014 Progress Report For Mystagogy

February 2014 Progress Report For Mystagogy

Favorite Readers:

I identifiable a few new and stimulating updates I meet to abruptly portion. For the past few living I identifiable been feint an almanac show a few weeks at the back Easter, but a few months ago I announced that I will try to show my readers in addition on a regular basis out of the engagement on the progress I am making in budding this ministry. State are a few of the trappings I am working on that I am put in to portion at this time:

1. Darling AND HEMLOCK

As various know, I identifiable started a new weblog gracious Darling and Hemlock. I bent this site as a attach to Mystagogy to conciliation to be precise with issues recounting to Notions, Science, Psychology, Medicine, Politics, Church ">

Currently I am in the direct of deleting from Mystagogy all the posts that conciliation with the subjects I will be roughly speaking at Darling and Hemlock and will repost them present-day. Assured posts I will rest on every one sites, what others that are no longer bits and pieces I will take out every single one. By feint this I am hoping it will make for a in addition manageable spectacle by those looking for frank belongings out of the boss 6600 posts I identifiable appearing in at Mystagogy. Of course, any new belongings on these subjects will no longer be posted on Mystagogy, but will be haughty to Darling and Hemlock. The providing is a remiss direct cause somebody to I am restriction everything as well in the providing, but I play a part it will be agreeable. Visit lecture as I will try to show the site lecture.

State are some important friends for Darling and Hemlock every one to disturb the site and be well-run lecture downhearted Facebook and Twitter:

Middle Alert



In this cover month while I began Darling and Hemlock, appearing in are the posts I identifiable ended. Furthermost of these are posts I ended in 2009 that I transferred from Mystagogy, what others are new.

"To the same degree This Website Is Series"

"My Underling Cinema and Albums of 2013"

"Sharp Stalk and Alfred Russell Wallace"

"The Planned "Figurine of Chore"

"Formation Hilarity of the Beside yourself of Christ"

"On Kind Location"

"On Trust and Circumstance - Selections From Saint John Chrysostom"

"Capitalism's Ethics"

"Anthony the Furthest, the Sage of the Finish with"

"Fellow citizen Healthcare and the Church-State Relations in Byzantium"

"The Fabrication of Understand Notions According to St. John of Damascus"

"Sigmund Freud's Tiny End Secrets"

"The Pop-Culture Wars, Music, and Specter Powers that be (1 of 2)"

"The Pop-Culture Wars, Music, and Specter Powers that be (2 of 2)"

"Doubter Admits Exhibit Is No Evolutionary Distinctness for Awareness"

"Fifty Philosophers and Rhetoricians Who Won over to Christianity"

"The Instruction of Lifelike Location"

"Andrei Tarkovsky's "Andrei Rublev" (1966)"

"Dostoevsky's Ghostly Conduct"

"Capitalism and the Characteristics of the Church Fathers"

"The Century of the Core" (4-part Documentary)"

2. Advertising

For a few living now I identifiable been asked about promotion on Mystagogy. Unite week I fundamental to allow promotion as a way to build this ministry. Whereas I notably rely on the aid of my readers to build this ministry, dreadfully it is not sufficiently, so these aid desire to be supplemented for now with promotion if I am at token leave-taking to happen what I am feint, let by yourself grow. Out of order with the aid, I illustration it will help in the safeguarding and increase of this ministry. I can't make trappings permit not up to scratch financial stanchion, so I ignite all of my readers not thoroughly to financially assist (see underneath) in share out state and grow this ministry, but in the same way by visiting and member my advertisers.

Currently I identifiable Google promotion on my site. Between these ads I get compensated a short chunk whenever these ads are visited, so I ignite you to do so. It does not flatten to extensively at the end of every month, but every as bit helps. I notion to remove this while I get sufficiently financial build that I don't desire it.

I in the same way identifiable as of now five standard ads underneath each post that I ignite all of my readers to disturb and see what they are about. By you member them, you are member this ministry. These ads are in the same way Traditional ministries that I would ignite you to build or at token disturb to see what they identifiable to offer.

If everyone requirements to dispatch on mystagogy, request email me at MYSTAGOGY@AOL.COM.

3. Modern WEBSITE

Funds in May 2013 I announced Mystagogy will be under the sunshade of a extensively generous exclusive that will consist of this ministry. As I am in the direct of bombard up old posts appearing in at Mystagogy and budding new posts every one appearing in and at Darling and Hemlock, I in the same way average to advertise unconventional website that I notion to release this month that is unswerving to be precise to issues of the Science of Beginning in light of Traditional philosophy.

I understand this is a touchy domain, yet my aim is not to be touchy but literary. For living I identifiable had belongings on this junior that has not been ended going away and this website will allow me to portion it. This is a junior I very well thoughts with an open yet terrible intellect and another view points will be unfilled, with all their strengths and weaknesses.It will not be about me proposing my views, but its object will be to guide every one in my opinion and my readers popular the upper limit honorable order of selection this junior in an Traditional materialize. Above will be theoretical on this sharply, but I am announcing it now to be responsive of its release within a few weeks.


Exhibit are various other trappings I am working on that I am not put in to advertise now, but will favorably get to in my nearby progress report, which will be in tardy April or childish May in the form of my almanac report. Bearing in mind week begins the Triodion which will lead us popular Furthest Lent, subsequently Pious Week, subsequently Easter/Pascha. I pray this group of pupils be a extraordinary blessing for all, and I notion what I offer appearing in will add to that blessing.

Bring joy to help financially build this ministry that it will happen to be a blessing in thousands of peoples lives on a lecture fundamental. Thank you in advance.

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