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Does God Change His Mind

Does God Change His Mind
Q - I had a shame about todays first reading. Similar to Moses came down from the bulk and saw what the line were achievement, it seemed as if he had to bring round God to not unleash his fury upon the line. So my shame is was this a test on Moses to see how he would react? Like being God is all experienced and resolved why did Moses individual to bring round him to coolness the line by bringing up the bygone covenants? Thank you for the around.

A - Adorn for the shame. Existing is the reading you mention:

The Member of the aristocracy held to Moses,

"Go down at once to your line,

whom you brought out of the land of Egypt,

for they individual become corrupt.

They individual swiftly turned detour from the way I intense out to them,

making for themselves a molten calf and worshiping it,

sacrificing to it and weep for out,

'This is your God, O Israel,

who brought you out of the land of Egypt!'

"I see how unsympathetic this line is, " continued the Member of the aristocracy to Moses.

Let me puzzled, after that,

that my fury may fire up in opposition to them to escape them.

In addition to I force make of you a absolute nation."

But Moses implored the Member of the aristocracy, his God, saying,

"Why, O Member of the aristocracy, requisite your fury fire up in opposition to your own line,

whom you brought out of the land of Egypt

with such absolute power and with so strong a hand?

Think of your servants Abraham, Isaac, and Israel,

and how you swore to them by your own self, saying,

'I force make your private as innumerable as the stars in the sky;

and all this land that I promised,

I force consign your private as their perpetual inheritance.'"

So the Member of the aristocracy relented in the penitence

he had threatened to enforce on his line.

-Ex 32:7-11, 13-14When we read the Bible, we necessity spontaneous several stuff.

* Give to are two authors of Scripture - a human write and a divine write.
* God does not squash the human authors to settle down whatsoever, but inspires them to settle down what is true.
* The human author's understanding of the world is top quality to his time, culture, science, watch over limitations, etc.
* We necessity understand that the Old Testament understanding of God's nature is top quality. They did not individual the unity of God's idea that we do being Christ.

Together with these points in look after, I quote from the Catechism:

2577 From this friendship with the uncorrupted God, sustained to irritate and loaded in tenacious love, Moses drew precision and decree for his negotiation. He does not pray for himself but for the line whom God ended his own. Moses beforehand intercedes for them appearing in the hostility with the Amalekites and prays to retain healing for Miriam. But it is largely after their apostasy that Moses "stands in the break" in advance God in order to coolness the line. The arguments of his prayer - for negotiation is equally a guarded hostility - force combustion the boldness of the absolute intercessors among the Jewish line and in the Church: God is love; he is therefore acceptably and faithful; he cannot dispute himself; he necessity spontaneous his inflate undertakings, being his kingdom is at pillar, and he cannot disown this line that bears his name.The human write speaks as if god "changes" his look after after days "encouraging" by Moses. But, if God is God, after that here can be no unsettled of the look after, which is steady - when it would after that be an base knowledge and good worth of God. So, the truth of the circumstances, from the divine author's view, isn't an in-depth study on God's nature, but on the negotiation of Moses. This is an anthropomorphism - which is a "calming" of God, in order to try to display His nature or undertakings that are program to understand.

We know that Moses is a "type" of Jesus. A type is an Old Testament sign of a number or soir in the New Testament. The completion is eternally fat than the sign. Appropriately, Moses is a "type" of Jesus, in that he intercedes for the line of God (the Israelites), unemotional as Jesus intercedes for all of help.

St. Augustine writes the last in "The Civic of God:"

For even if God is held to transmute His determinations (so that in a tropical catch the Blessed Scripture says even that God repented), this is held with quotation to man's wish, or the order of natural causes, and not with quotation to that which the Almighty had foreknown that He would do. Appropriately, this circumstances of Scripture has everything to absolute us about God's compassion, our have an effect to act as a go-between for others, the sign of Christ by Moses, and how we are to eternally turn to God with everything.

The Catechism says this about Exodus 32:

210 In arrears Israel's sin, what the line had turned on sale from God to honor the golden calf, God hears Moses' prayer of negotiation and agrees to twirl in the midst of an unfaithful line, consequently signifying his love. Similar to Moses asks to see his kingdom, God responds "I force make all my good worth involve in advance you, and force publish in advance you my name 'the Member of the aristocracy [YHWH]." In addition to the Member of the aristocracy passes in advance Moses and proclaims, "YHWH, YHWH, a God generous and generous, sustained to irritate, and loaded in tenacious love and resoluteness"; Moses after that confesses that the Member of the aristocracy is a lenient God.I have faith in this helps.