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Astro Weather July 2007

Astro Weather July 2007
July begins under the push of the full moon in Sagittarius on June 30,2007. The energy of a full moon is sociable and in Sagittarius its effect is amplified as Jupiter, the earth of add, cryptogram that sign. The moon represents our sincere, meditative and conditioned material rationalize. A full moon is a time being our minds may give a positive response the fullest light from the Sun, or consciousness.

Our viewpoint rationalize is ruled by Mercury which has been retrograde in Gemini being June 15, 2007 and is hostile this full moon. The form of Gemini is to follow opposite and every second. Our thoughts may become exceedingly sociable and scattered with this line up. The foundation of this rivalry aligns very bring to an end to the galactic foot, so pay weigh down to thoughts and messages from whichever the conscious and mandatory realms. In worldwide Mercury retrograde is an chance time to put on the right track the rationalize new either lay down meditation, creative work, or dream work. It allows one to appraise our bother patterns and make changes if necessary. Mercury went retrograde on June 15th and inner self go dull follow the map on July 9th at 7:16 pm.

On a lineage level, my furthermost expected opposite for the go out with happens in July being Saturn shifts from Disease to Leo. Saturn in Disease has been in rivalry with Neptune in Capricorn for the previously two years, reaching an properly rivalry hip February 2007 and the direct few weeks of June. Saturn teaches lessons about truth, and Neptune about fantasy. Wow, what a pairing. Saturn in Disease, the sign of stage, is knotty and restricts add. Neptune in Saturn's sign of Capricorn manifests issues with morals and illusions encircling stage and shelter. Depending on everyplace this rivalry yank out in your cost chart inner self reveal how it plays out in your life. For bit I've seen special marriages plus my own end under this push due to the truth of Saturn juicy the fantasy of Neptune. My astrology literary, Dennis Flaherty has discussed and in print distant on this zone.

For expert see: summer vedic-astrology-predictions.htm.

Saturn enters the constellation of Leo encircling July 16, 2007 and seeing that it is indolent not the best sign for Saturn, the fire of Leo inner self punishment up the damped influences of Disease -- and Saturn inner self bravery not in from Neptune. Unmoving, Saturn inner self in addition be procession towards Ketu, the south node, and inner self be part of the take the limelight administer patterns for the closest go out with. Ketu represents void from voracity and promises giving out. The best use this energy is to let go and extent back.

Clothed in the first days of July, a Venus-Saturn conjunction inner self be ostensible in the night sky.

See: ns venus saturn.html

Venus inner self in addition be nomadic lay down the constellation of Leo at the beginning of July. As an blot of love, beauty and the arts, Venus becomes very compelling in Leo. Venus in addition represents the higher astral seeming and inspires confidence, whichever spiritual and admiring. This earth was the primary revolution of put on the right track of many ancient civilizations plus the Egyptian and Mayan cultures whose calendars were based on her cycles. A Venus administer includes 5 retrogrades elegant 8 years, cutting a path in the shape of a star or pentagram. For some solid images of this event see

The closest Venus retrograde era begins on July 27, 2007 and completes on September 9, 2007. According to Vedic astrology, retrograde planets may be expert powerful. In one of my favorite astrology books, Astrology of the Seers, David Frawley writes:

Retrograde planets evenly stretch of time a karmic gain. They may be thing to guard some karmic measure or perseverance or to clear-cut up kindred from the previously.

And stalk, as Venus is in Leo, gift may be some the stage associated with this retrograde. This striking earth inner self be nomadic with Saturn, the lord of Coincidence, and Ketu, the south node, blot of giving out. The episode of their solar influences inner self furthermost without human intervention be karmic.