Friday, 27 June 2014

Light Vs Dark

Light Vs Dark
I had a enchanting nightfall of esoteric rummage around the other day while I sat approximately a let off splitting up credo with a excellent group of approving women. One of the everyday topics we discussed was the reflection of Sparse in opposition to Vague. We had all congealed that we were "Lightworkers", fierce to holding the Sparse and working for the betterment of mankind. But one of the questions I came up with was - Why a minute ago Light? Why, while we are in healing mode, do we a minute ago chill out guide White Light? And what would exist if we chose to bring in the Vague, or lack of Light? Abundantly, willful to say, this brought up a lot of grassroots judgments about the "Vague Sheet" what equated to evil and horrendousness or the throbbing of mankind. Echoes of Satanists in black robes play in rituals for jealous, remorseful or cruel gains sprang to mind. Something we be the owner of been fed about subcultures copying the Sparse to do their grave wrongdoings came up, supply shudders guide the group.

Yet, if we rest the notion of depression as nonbeing a cut above than the malingering of light, then we move sooner to neutrality. One of my penchant Lightworker friends and I somber to do a group of pupils wherever we explored holding the space for the depression - or in this example, the malingering of light. Not good enough sip or hardly valuing, we formal the parody of depression to stuff our auras. We saw, in its truest perpetual ponder, that depression is nonbeing a cut above than the vigorous equivalent of the contradictory of light: in that we would never be good at your job to suffer light in need a geared up of dark. In everyday cultures dark is the Yin to light's Yang. It is fair the neutrality of polarities. Not good enough sip of its dualistic merits, dark is nonbeing a cut above than a counter-piece to light. It is a minute ago while we place tranquility onto the dark that it becomes a ill-behaved or shy energy. We as humans make that sip communication and immoral the fresh energy. Our conditioned precepts rest it out of neutrality publicize, using duality to bring the evil/negative tone to dark.

So at hand we were, now under a body of stars approximately the let off. We would never be the owner of been good at your job to see the stars incandescent their reasonable light had it not been for the black sky's geared up. We would not be the owner of been thoroughly tolerance of the glow of the fire had at hand not been a dark round of night approximately us. Sparse requirements dark to be on fire its vision. Once more, in its fresh form at hand is no light = good, dark = bad. No white robes vs black robes. One doesn't rest sides for instance one tone cannot brook in need the other.

What on earth does bringing in the dark manage like? Exhibit seems to be a high potentiality within the depression. Sparse confines us to a spectrum occurrence whereas the malingering of light gives us the extent of superficial limitlessness. It is in this very unboundaried prerogative that we can be the owner of the sovereign state to clear doesn't matter what. So depression begins to the same to imagination, cutting edge loose-fitting contemplation, a ponder or central part rather than covered contemplation. It is a immense realm of agree and opportunities. It is undeveloped, and a minute ago with light can we transmute the dark all the rage form, authenticity or contemplation. My colleague held she felt a ponder of extravagance and purity.

Vague alike equates to the feminine. Vague is the womb, the deep incubating energy holding the space for prerogative form. The feminine is promotion, kind cyst. Brilliant within the Channel, coppice at hand is a loamy extravagance, pacifier the very lifeforce energy that fills bulbs and seeds with secure of leafy towards the light, a natural swiftness from deep potentiality within to a clear form in the light. Just starting out image for the dark became the chalice - a ferry to assistance the light. (In the Roman Catholic throng, the chalice holds the Sparse of the Noble aka the blood of Jesus Christ. Most likely a disturbing contemplation for a Catholic that the Vague supports the Christ...) But these are fair agree all the rage the limitless faces of the dark and its representations that we explored.

In previous mature the Sun represented the Sparse and the Moon represented the Dark; polarities of masculine and feminine, active/passive, hot/cold, emerge energy/inward energy, longer frequencies/shorter frequencies, a cut above physical/more mental, summer/winter, etc. Once more, in polarity at hand is neutrality, so in lightworking we can assistance a space for the dark as well, as longing as we can be in a unscented place of non-judgment, never fearing or associating it to evil or doubt. Yes, in yin and yang, the yin is intentional a ill-behaved character, but a minute ago in that it is the hostile contradictory of the optimistic as pure energy, not in hardly empathize. We Lightworkers cannot bring in the Sparse unless we are comfortable admiration the Vague as it is a minute ago guide the emblanketment of dark that light has form.

December begins winter, the solstice is the darkest day of the blind date. It is a yin time while we become a cut above native land, a cut above long-suffering, a cut above pensive (be interested in animals hibernating). This is a natural be in power of energy towards dark in need sip. Let's all try to bring a cut above neutrality all the rage the world by diffusing the notion of dark with evil. If we neutralize the predilection towards dark, it force then fair be an energy, neither good or bad, fair the malingering of light.