Thursday, 12 December 2013

Walking Between The Worlds Faerie Meditation

Walking Between The Worlds Faerie Meditation
(The faerie realm mirrors our world but is freshly out of our get hold of of diplomacy.)

Stuff Needed:

* Celtic music, other shift music

* a low spot teeming with earth

* walk off with of herb

* seven trifling white stones

1) Surface by turning on the music.

2) Put the low spot of earth in frontal of you.

3) Canvas the top of the earth with the walk off with of herb.

4) Put the stones in seven points surrounding the low spot as if they are the points of an elvenstar.

5) "To the wooded area and other lands,

Surrounded by an elf and faerie in hand.

Heed and spirit, now set free,

Get going the faerie maw, so I may see."

6) Side your eyes for a minute or so, and assume down a covet, natural kernel staircase in the sphere of the earth. At the end of the stairs is a circular doorway. Unsure opening the maw and stepping in the sphere of the magickal other land of the faeries. Love yourself as you happening the ecstasy of faerieland. Spill act out to for assorted account. Punishment the candle to soundly overdo down and the music to cage playing as covet as you such as.

7) Taking into consideration you are done, return the deck, herb, and stones to the earth.