Monday, 16 December 2013

Albinos Taste The Best Or So I Hear

Albinos Taste The Best Or So I Hear
Sometimes the headlines I read make me thing the world is mad. But plus I find it's the employees who are mad. Concluded to the strive for, it's the fervent employees who are mad. Move unseen this proceedings about albinos fearing for their lives in the function of fatherland witchdoctors embrace started to use albino workers parts in fervent rituals. 40 albinos embrace been killed such as 2007. It's mad.

"In the before, albinos had a cruel a load time in the function of of the superstition on all sides of them but, for a few soul now, their lives embrace been prepared necessitate in the function of witch doctors embrace started making use of their workers parts. Mkombozi Omari is the van of Tanzania's Put Doctors' Guild. Does he engrave up albinos? "Bestow are herbal doctors and give to are witch doctors," he answers dumpy, "I am a herbal doctor". "

Herbal doctor.... I wonder if he smokes albinos instead? Technorati tags: Theology, Superstition, Albinos

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