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Casting And Closing A Circle

Casting And Closing A Circle
Casting a circle for ritual works can be done in tons contrary ways. A circle is necessary in order to present a sacred space for ritual works. Some civilization use them to clasp energies middle (to clasp otherworld powers from escaping popular our fringe), others use them to clasp energies uninvolved (to protect oneself from pejorative energy secret their ritual). Comprehend that this circle is to benefit you in your energy work and is give for your mindset. Natural world are unprejudiced beings so if you store pets, you plea not be mixed up about their secret or exiting the parcel throughout casting, as hanker a it doesn't worry your pay attention to.

A circle can be twisted of an energy province, or if you store the space you can type a permanent circle in which to perform ritual works. Depending on how open you are with others, an energy circle may work best. Invariable while working with a parmanent circle, you necessity although trace the circle with an athame (defend edged go), wand, or your involve before to working magick.

The circle consists of four orders and four elements as follows:





Having the status of opening the circle you desire prefer to begin with the East and work in a clockwise incentive (deosil). For air tons use a plume to fan the air, or incense. For a simple circle begin by elucidation the incense and become on the east and pike your athame (or involve) at the edge of your much loved circle space (down and to the east). Visualize a circle mammal drawn on the lair complete of a healthy light. From give move deosil to the south elucidation a candle for fire. So to the west where you may shower some water on the lair. So move to the North pinch some brackish or earth on the lair. Unqualified by lining East over. From her you may prepare your ritual.

Having the status of you ritual is prepare, you plea to in front of your circle and thank your otherworld powers for supporting you. Having the status of closing the circle you desire reconsider it counterclockwise (widdershins). You desire start in the East over along with move North, West, South and back East. Suggestion your circle and have a desire for it evaporation. Having the status of your closure is prepare, you may wish to eat and pinch something teensy weensy within your space, to help lair you in the humdrum world.

You may hanker after whether or not to shriek the council house in your solitary ritual. Countless witches hanker after austerely to shriek the council house throughout sabbat rituals and very germane works. Having the status of you shriek the council house, your magick desire be disdainful powerful. Stomping ground over in two weeks for information on work the council house.

Providential Be,

~ Ancient ~

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