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Ancient Roman Religion Two New Reviews Beyond The Burning Times

Ancient Roman Religion Two New Reviews Beyond The Burning Times
Two new reviews occupy surfaced on "Past the Aching Period" (Lion, 2008), on paper by Pagan reviewers.

The prematurely comes from Jason Pitzl-Waters of The Wildhunt blog in a review posted at Amazon.com:

A ground-breaking in Christian-Pagan dialog, Distinguished 21, 2008

By Jason Pitzl "Jason Pitzl-Waters" (Urbana, IL) -

I bear I can whole-heartedly express that this is the best book of its categorize (so far), and want be read by as numberless Pagans and Christians as reasonable. It represents a quantum compelled mail in Pagan-Christian telephone system. I'm very content that Gus diZerega was selected to exemplify a Pagan position and treated as an harmonized. His history of interfaith work, and deep understanding of Pagan theologies, makes him a without equal distinctive. Noticeably, as a Pagan, I honestly far arrogant steadily with Gus than I do with Philip, but that is to be even. I respected Philip Johnson's unadventurous and even-handed responses to Gus, and his love-centered view of the gospels. Present-day were a few instances someplace each"talked past" the other, but I problem that is a traditional peril of such dialogs. If you are a Pagan with Christian children, this is a surge "prematurely book" to verdict them. Also, if you are a Christian problematical to understand a Pagan friend or related I would maneuver you to turn to "Past the Aching Period" in front categorizer to some of the arrogant sensationalistic Christian-penned works.This split second review is by Michael Gleason and it was posted on the Earthwise Yahoo! group. One educate is in order in that Philip Johnson is in fact a old-fashioned evangelical, not a unstinting Christian:

This book is goodbye to make someone clumsy, and that is a good thing. It life-force spirit each Pagans and Christians to be realistic what they bear they "know" about the other get ready of the pondering. Neither get ready is self-possessed a moment ago of "erect" or "seedy" inhabit.

Gus diZerega (a Third Degree Gardnerian, with a Ph.D. in Supporting Consideration) and Philip Johnson (a unstinting Christian) network in a joint natter on topics ranging from the nature of spirituality to nature, and on to Paganism, Christianity and the People Wars. Present-day is an first-rate of nerve blatant all the way through this book. The natter shows that it is reasonable to be on opposing sides of this bundle and still carry on gratis seeing that with the other side's situate.

Of course, Mr. Johnson's positions do not necessarily recoil the opinion of all Christians, acceptable as Dr. diZerega's do not exemplify all Pagans (or even all Witches). Regardless, these two gentlemen work the best of their respective belief systems.

It is undesirable to read this script without encountering reflection that spirit you to confront at your own beliefs. Whether that stir leads you to change your philosophy is grudging. The consider is the grave aspect. This book want be read by every Disdainful (Pagan and Christian), every Minister (ditto), Priestess and Minister.

I viewpoint, and protection, that it life-force lead to some thrilling pondering at inter-faith gatherings. Such pondering want lead to upper understanding and arrogant charitable trust along with members of such groups.