Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Different Spirit

A Different Spirit

Sefer HaBahir, verse 2 extract

"Received interpretation: What is tohu (muddled state)? Whatever thing that confounds (taha) high society."

"Liorah's interpretation: And how is tohu (muddled state) whatever thing that confounds (taha) people?"

can absolutely mean "either and how? or and what?"

A deeper understanding of the nature of details is reflected in my style of the uncertainty. As I've in print earlier on my foremost blog almost "A New Articulacy", it is TOHU WHICH BRINGS Articulacy, not puzzlement.

It's true - it's called quantum decoherence. In the quantum world, unity (quantum coherence) creates "insubstantiality" in the stable world, not intensity.

In other words, quantum coherence creates the position anywhere "whatever thing" can locate in two sitting room in concert, where quantum decoherence creates the position anywhere whatever thing "exists" in a predetermined place and time, classically.

Ask a physicist, s/he character help that this is true.

As aloof, so under.

So, the question stands - how is tohu whatever thing that confounds people? "such as the details is" that it In fact brings clarity? Answer: the puzzlement does not locate as "the substance of tohu", but desire, exists in the intelligence of the one whose "understanding" of tohu is confused.

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