Friday, 20 December 2013

Re Mother Doesnt Like Me Being Pagan

Re Mother Doesnt Like Me Being Pagan

Hi Aia

My Mum didnt as good as me or my sister being pagan and the modestly way we can fulfill her that we werent departure down the path of Satan is to accomplishment as we increasingly did do, meet with her that we werent deed doesn't matter what harmful.

You can modestly be who you are, notwithstanding, I can understand your Mothers concerns re your mental health/witchcraft, you can be a pagan in need being a witch or temporary witchcraft and I would bend on finding a connection with considerate and the pagan practice which is treading sparingly on the Deck. Go for Christianity isnt all about prayer, its about living life in a Christan form, so Paganism isnt all about temporary ritual and magic, its about living a Pagan life. Make public indoors that and show to you mum that you are fine by your dealings and your choices.