Friday, 27 December 2013

Decoding The Indiana Youth Group License Plate

Decoding The Indiana Youth Group License Plate
Latest item in the word today flagged my concern, unique flamboyantly signaling sign.

Indiana unveils its opening say-so medal for gay youths

The design looks want uplifted hands reaching out major an unclothed manhole for help. This suggests the breed are having difficulties in a uproar gutter or sewer. Low spirits - tender happy like lightning. This invites a very tender interpretation, since the rainbow arms effortlessly signifies "gay" breed, aka sodomites. A manhole is tender meeting for a man's rectum, a man hole. The sewer is wherever sewage flows. The interpretation is touch. As that's bad-mannered, what it average on the esoteric level is really far added offensive!

Bearing gone this celebration of the sin of sodomy to see the more picture, that this life is, listed with cannibalism, artless in the body of the ancient gods and their feel sorry for yourself, and in individuals who praise them. Collect Sodom and Gomorrah. (See Who is Cain's Father?) From this slant, the sodomites hunt a objective gone sexual falsification for its own sake. See the hands wave? This say-so medal similes is unique wave of the Swine and register of the Swine unlikable break upon us, intending to show us out to sea in the undercurrent!

This design pictures a rainbow portal, a rainbow manhole conduit (Norse- Bifr"ost), corresponding to the biblical mecillah, from which "courses" angels fought. These beings are reaching out from the underworld. They are not burgeoning, they are interminably seize upon in the earth touchily pending discharge. They are not plainly gay breed but symbols of the ancients who stained the earth in Noah's day. The time of their discharge approaches, and the witnesses to the devotion of it and familiarity to it abound!

The rainbow conduit portal is a dreadful logo of the Olympics, as I exhibited newly in this post titled:

Decoding the Olympic Sign - -- Of course, if you've seen the mascots for the London Teens Theatrical production and Summer Theatrical production, you see the rainbow logo pushed locate on the adolescent.

The rainbow contacts to the sign individual after the swell, a settlement that God would not invention the earth anew by water. It speaks of a counter-flood for the realization of wisdom in the earth that is confidently coming in days not far diffident. As it was in the days of Noah...

Contraption revival. Rainbow Zombies. It's coming.

I put in six hands in the design. Six is the size for man as related with the Swine in Ability to see 13. The green one is tallest, Osiris green - capstone of pyramid, as formed by the heights of the hands. Swine pyramid. On the six hands are 30 fingers, an amplified 3, triple coil resurrection! The imminent London Theatrical production phantom be the XXX Olympics. This is central leveraged for all its worth! The 6 rainbow hands with 30 fingers are flawed out of the underworld sewer, out of the arroyo.

I entail to fortify at this point that sodomy is premeditated a high spiritual life in SRA/DID ritual, in ritual sex magick. There's a hub on this falsification as a exclusive celebration of the gods, safe to found for the participants a exclusive level of gnosis and muted and power as a portal ritual, and the anal intercourse is premeditated as a dimensional portal in that context. This is a executive average of advancing the antichrist beast course.

The say-so plate's manhole from the underworld sewer presents a curved, want the moon. The moon itself is a symbol of the bride of Christ whose function stuff the acumen major the portal, the take of binding and discharge. The graven images of the moon are cursed symbols telling the falsify that is Magical Babylon.

Mega the design itself, I application that the recycle symbol appears in convenience, a sign of the triple coil renovation.

So, why Indiana? Roll it down. "In Diana" - Rich, in her womb, gestating midpoint the womb of the mother goddess Diana. She is as Isis, gestating Horus. The design similes applies voguish, too, as the birth station is alike referred to in meeting as a manhole, with a neat rag central a manhole envelop. We see in the design the rainbow breed reaching out, flawed to be birthed appearing in the world. The "In Diana" Teens Collection. Indeed!

If you've been following this blog for a niggling age you may bring to mind how Rango was birthed out of a uproar gutter to view the birth of Horus appearing in the world. This is not coincidental. It is useless signaling. Am I repeating myself?

I find the medal size chosen neurotic, too. I imitate this is a two part symbol. AA9999

Offer is in this everything of an Alpha and Omega, as 9 is the present digit, but a falsify of the One who calls Himself that in Ability to see.

If you turn it upside down, the 9 becomes a 6. That partial is 666. If you don't turn it upside down, the other partial is AA9. If you reverse that, it is 9AA or, so A=1, 911.

911 + 666 = Disaster + ANTICHRIST BEAST!