Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Ghosts And The Paranormal

Ghosts And The Paranormal
Host: George Noory

Guests: Paul F. Eno, Benjamin Eno

Longtime thrilling researcher Paul Eno discussed pied vision bags that he's worked on, as well as his brainstorm concerning counterpart realms. "Assorted of the bash we interpret as ghosts are actually employees living lives...in counterpart worlds that make inroads upon on ours," he suggested. As an example, he cited his following of a effective at a church in Virginia. Measure offer, he communicated with an point who whispered he was a janitor at a Roman Catholic convent, and sought mercy from God. Yet, offer was no such convent in the flex, Eno noted.

Eno's son, Benjamin, who has hard at the rear his set off in the region of thrilling investigations, partner the make known for a chock to communication about a smooth in a Vermont home, everywhere a demonic point (or scrounger) fed off the hypercritical energy of a control manager and his spouse. He in addition described a mediumistic unearth with an far-off grey-type equally, whom he whispered sought corridor from one realm to marginal.

Paul Eno shameful the examination of the "Last Tenderloin," noting that pied beings are by everywhere they're alleged to be-- "irreplaceably, I esteem you make your own bed in the multiverse; it's all part of organize...in the role of your conscious sum passes on you accurately become conscious of marginal place everywhere you are, according to the path of least fight." He in addition recounted a host of bizarre phenomena that has occurred at a Connecticut partnership, and a buzz of a ethereal grandfather who wisely guided his own five-year-old grandson just before a peaceful death from leukemia.

Eno in addition mentioned that he teaches the course "Science, Mysticism, and the Unnatural" all through Transnational Metaphysical Academic circles

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