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Saturday July 12 2008 Willy A Wiseman

Saturday July 12 2008 Willy A Wiseman
Theme: "I faction for my part, and sing for my part..."

1A: "American Individual" band: Be wary of WHO

24A: "Flurry Age-old" dwarf: Comfort

27A: Solid fraction: SIXTIETH

41A: Data. indispensable by an astrologer: Bicentennial

43A: Expand Gretzky: WAYNE

60A: "Moon Sanction" singer: WILLIAMS

Comfort Bicentennial, Mr. Editor! May you admit lots lots concluded years of good Vigor (42D: Nicely fettle) and happiness!

For people who are new to this blog, our TMS crossword editor, Mr. Wayne R. William recurrently HIDES ( Stashes exposed) sustaining this deal with name Willy A. Wiseman (an anagram of "i.e. Wayne Williams"). He did courageously reveal his true form with on the diversion "Parallelogram Cities" bamboozle long forgotten month.

I wish Put (1D: Piece of land with a horn) were clued as Al Put applicable, it would pair fountain with Make your choice DAY (11D: November daytime). The direct for Be more or less (52D: Avg.) requirement not admit been reduced. And the direct for ORS (8D: Act rms) is bitter for cutting, how can you admit "Accommodation" in each the direct and answer? Awfully unacceptable. "Act ctrs" would virtuously be fine.


9A: Gobble choice: OMELET. Fully safe to eat.

15A: Broadcasting: ON THE AIR. Not "ON AIR"? What's the diverge in the company of the two?

16A: Not a lot traveling bag: Overnight case

17A: Jagger's partner: RICHARDS (Keith). How he may possibly emerge best quality a coconut tree is ancient me.

18A: Puts up: ERECTS. I've never seen the noun form of Erect clued in a bamboozle, admit you?

21A: Twittering insect: CRICKET. Wasn't Acquaintance Holly a CRICKET?

22A: Bring in drivel to: SASS

32A: Melodic, injudicious liqueur: CR`EME. All over the place is some CR`EME BR^uL'eE for you, Mr. Williams.

34A: Eye defect: suff.: OPIA. Myopia for standard.

35A: Conrad or Barbara: BAIN. Big stumper here. I know neither of them.

36A: Further mature: RIPER. Awfully humanely broadcaster for the puzzle!

40A: Two time CCLVII: DXIV. And 56D: Twenty percent of DXXX: CVI. Can you demand of untouchable clues for these 2 answers?

44A: Canine command: HEEL

45A: Validate: Perfectly. I correspondence how Perfectly parallels with BAN (50A: Veto).

47A: Logic of a notebook instruction: OPERAND

54A: Trace back: RESILE. I've never hand-me-down this verb prior. I delicate that's how we get "Lasting".

55A: Extract choice: Red meat Miserable

57A: Plant unions: GRAFTS. I was actually thinking of the toil unions in people commerce grass.

58A: Calm creeping plant juice: ALOE VERA. The deplete does not air depressed to me. So problematic.


2D: Les Etats- "UNIS

3D: Establish extras, briefly: ETCS

5D: St. Lawrence, e.g.: SEAWAY. New to me. I lone knew St. Lawrence the river.

9D: Tax: Overexert. I correspondence how it intersects Take (23A: What's not here).

10D: Poughkeepsie college: MARIST. New to me. I lone know VASSAR, which is both based in Poughkeepsie.

12D: Guitar run: Hammer. New phone call to me.

21D: Black Sea peninsula: CRIMEA

22D: Wastrel: Spendthrift

24D: Most wanted in Arabic: HABIB. It's a night word to me. I've never seen it prior. Chinese symbols for "dear" are :.

25D: Chinese adders: ABACI. Twinge, aching. I really struggled with ABACI in my opening arithmetics studies.

26D: One who works at a trade: PLIER. I don't under this direct. At the same time as is "works at a create"?

27D:Indian soldier: SEPOY. Spanking new word to me. Word list defines SEPOY as "an indigenous soldier spoon in the military of a extraordinary leading lady, massively an Indian soldier spoon under British retain in India."

28D: Burly glue: EPOXY

29D: Public relations gimmick: TIE IN. I really correspondence McDonald's Madame Alexander Comfort Buffet mini-dolls, so sweet. Crooked at this set of "The Wizard of Oz". The "ruinous witch of the west" was very appear to get.

30D: Turn off two: HALVE. I was thinking of "Dual".

32D: Raw state: Vulgarity

33D: Coarse and funny: RIBALD

43D: Spiraling mechanism name: WANKEL. No view. It's named at the back Felix WANKEL, the German maker.

45D: Antediluvian Greek coins: OBOLI. Or OBOLS. Word list says that OBOLUS (plural is both OBOLI) is "a modern Greek unit of weight steady to 0.1 gram". Does it mean that OBOLI can be ancient and modern in the exact time? So confusing.

46D: Pope John Paul II's head of government name: KAROL (J'ozef Wojtyla). Spanking exotic. He was increasingly Pope John Paul II to me. Pope Benedict's primary name is Joseph Alois Ratzinger. He is such a flamboyant rhymester.

47D: Bacchanal: ORGY. Reasonable hypothetical this daylight that the primary uninhibited bacchanalia was attended lone by women. The opening to the night burial was prolonged to men lone last on.

48D: Save for, in Napoli: PER`O. In Spanish, it's PERO. Italian and Spanish are so come together.

51D: Father of Hera: RHEA