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13 Moons Why 13 Is My Lucky Number

13 Moons Why 13 Is My Lucky Number
Let-up of Lussell's Venus, France, 25,000 BCE

Traditional by Lydia Rhule

Whenever Friday the 13th comes about we make an effort a lot of piffle about why the deliver 13 is supposition to be ill-fated. Most web sites bestow have scheduled the old canard about Judas and the Grip Dinner. That's not the real story. The real story is meaningfully best quality scandalous (and into the future I predict it, I bestow ask the indulgence of feminist and other scholars for simplifying a very long for feint rightly). Popular we go:

The 13 Moon Encyclopedia - AKA the Lunar Encyclopedia - is a 28 day calendar that dates from obsolete era. It dovetails with a woman's menstrual encircling. The subordinate among women's blood mysteries, and the moon is thought in high good name as well as different Neopagans. This calendar was hand-me-down all pompous the world for different thousands of being, and is quiet hand-me-down in some cultures today. For taste, the ancient dreadful holidays major by Muslims, Jews, and different chase in Asian and India are all based on a lunar calendar. Expected Americans plus hand-me-down a lunar calendar, and some quiet use it.

The so cell phone "Venus Laussel" image (2) dates back 25,000 being. It is one of the dated common calendars. The Woman/Goddess pace portrayed in this neolithic figure holds a lunar semi-circular in her certify hand. (1) It has 13 notches, one for each of the 13 moons in the lunar calendar. (Popular is a character reference on her position in the hole and how that relates to God/ess eulogize of that period.)

The deliver 13 has long for been related with the moon, women's mysteries and the Divine being. For example patriarchy (usually run by individuals warrior guys with the serrated spears and the horses) took be allowed, women were conquered, attentive, dehumanized and turned hip chattel. Queens, priestesses, artists, healers and leaders became mere breeders who would generate military for the incessant wars tie by the God/King of that region. Love of the Divine being in this period was dead as far as was capability. Conquerors would after that dissimilarity the rituals, stories and myths to make Her less powerful and subject to their male, solar God. (Bestow are different books that note down about this transition, but you can start with The Mug and the Blade by Riane Eisler - see book log at the foundation of this post). Suchlike that belonged to Individual and the Divine being (by way of snakes, cats, the moon and the deliver 13) was thought to be out of the sun and demonized. Stories were following made up to deposit the real reasons why these stuff were so feared.

Always wondered why offer are 13 Witches in a coven? Any witch stands for a different moon in the see.

Donna Henes expression for Pagan Circle says that Thirteen is obviously the supreme basically female deliver - the rank deliver of menstrual cycles in a see. The vague deliver, too of annual report cycles of the moon. For example Chinese women make assistance of moon cakes, offer are positive to be 13 on the serving dish. Thirteen is the deliver of blood, vibrancy and lunar depth.

She points out that, Post-patriarchal mythology is plus well-off with agent references to the mystical power of 13. To boot Christ and his 12 disciples, offer are Jacob and his 12 sons, Odysseus and his 12 companions, Medea and her 12 princesses, Romulous and his 12 shepherds, Roland and his 12 peers, Arthur and his 12 knights, and the director of Osiris and his 12 dismembered dead body parts. Not to trace Ruby O'Hara and her 13-inch waist. The Related States has a full counterpart of elder 13's, beginning with the original 13 colonies. The Hot Close up pictures 13 stars, 13 bars, and a bald eagle patrician 13 tail feathers, holding 13 arrows and 13 leafy branches. The commissioner slogan, "E Pluribus Unum" contains 13 characters.

The lunar calendar is found in different cultures, from the Incan, to the Druidic to the Egyptian, to the Essene, to the Mayan, to the Polynesian and the various Asian cultures, especially famously the Chinese calendar. The ancient Hebrews plus hand-me-down a lunar calendar, and they, too, worshiped the Divine being. This 13 moon calendar was hand-me-down all through neolithic era and in the period we know as "pre-history"; a time in the same way as the Divine being and her image might be found about the globe. Not mind-bogglingly, meaningfully of the best art from this period comes from Africa, the home town of us all.

This Christian story about the deliver 13 and Grip Dinner was only their way to support apprehension and distrust of what that deliver represents. The church Fathers knew that different outsiders in the Vital Ages; midwives, herbalists, alchemists, as well as "pagans and heathens" (my Celtic, Viking and German people as well as them), were drawn to this deliver as they supposition it was lucky, powerful or blessed in some way. The church feared it, settle as they feared cats and the sexual/social power of women. This power was everything they urgently sought to proceed.

Countless chase who dwelt superficial of cities in individuals era (and thus superficial meaningfully of the church's power) quiet lived and farmed by the lunar calendar. Stuck between these "simple folk" may well generate been individuals who agreed scheduled as meaningfully of the old traditions and stories as quiet survived.

Let me be apparent. I am not one of individuals chase who believes that humans subsequent to enjoyed a extensive, soothing matriarchy. In other words, I do not contain we ever had a nation altogether run by women (save for I'm birthright timely to try it now). Nor do I contain that we generate ever had a human nation of any bring in that was abundant lacking aggressiveness or bother, save for the archaeological data from Thera (which may generate been the origin for the myth of Atlantis) and the outstanding Catalhoyuk substantiation that we came very neat to that fantasize. Equal height so, I've seen no technological data to curb the earthwise ideal of Eden, desired by so different feminist and Neo-Pagan writers, ever existed. Nor do I outline that women are untreatably excel than men or that we might liven up and dictate in measure quiet. (3) The contrary is patriarchal systems; this is not about that skilled guy appearance access or the one in your bed. (Delightfully, for your sake, I ideal not). If history doesn't persuade you that humans are perishing minded, settle esteem about your family dinner propose over the holidays, and after that predict me that humans can liven up warmly together lacking bother. The pretext is how we arrangement with it. I contain that the sacred female was subsequent to valued and that in that time women enjoyed weight, power, and privilege. I contain that we, as human beings, and massively our children and elders, were all the excel for it. I contain that these cultural memoirs and strengths, and meaningfully of our heretical power, was undressed from us long for ago, and that we are now booty back Her gifts. Its principal for us as colonize, for our spiritual step up as a culture, and just believably for our continuation as a kin, to recapture the Sanctified Feminine. In play so we can plus recover a appreciative, earthwise border to Blood relation Place and her creatures. So, for me, as a New Witch, a Celt, a feminist and a one who honors women's spirituality, the deliver 13 is a very lucky deliver rightly.


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(1) A selection of scholars contain it to be a horn, believably an beforehand horn of large quantity.

(2) The character "Venus pace" is riddle at best. Stuck between other stuff, it demotes these tidings to the level of sexualized icons or vibrancy totems, and denies them the tribute of august Divine being tidings.

(3) Anew, let's try it for 30 generations or so, and find out.

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