Friday, 29 August 2014

Cuban Santeria By Raul J Canizares

Cuban Santeria By Raul J Canizares
Cuban Santeria is a divulging pane wearing the secret and seductive world of Santeria. A Santeria priest discloses information never to the front revealed to outsiders. Removes the dim of occultism from Santeria to have on it as a prominently spiritual, spring up religion.

Initiated wearing the Santeria
priesthood at the age of seven, Raul Canizares unveils in Cuban
Santeria the secret and seductive world of this brief growing, yet
generally misunderstood, Afro-Cuban religion. Sooner than the knowledge of an insider and the knowledge of a scholar, Canizares thoughtfully examines the practice of Santeria, divulging lots of its subterranean part while at the same time technique a attractive journal of its primary textured mix of African, Cuban, and Catholic traditions.

The Cuban-born author
describes the practices and rituals of the cronies of Santeria--from magical herbal pills and healing to spiritism and animal
sacrifice--and explains how for lots being the religion has been
maintained under the guise of Catholicism to evade clerical
irritation. Peak initiates are sworn to a syllabus of shut up, but
Canizares believes that the time has come to move Santeria, a religion of beauty and enthusiasm, out of the murkiness and wearing the light so that a patronizing on target picture of this inside tradition can go up.