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Geert Wilders On Islam

Geert Wilders On Islam
The production is that the Islamic world has no scale to any of this. The reality of Islamic life speaks for itself and we in the West are now attempting to joking Islamic immigrants, haunt of whom are who are refusing to unite fondly, let stumped come partly way.

In the obese opinion, the rest of the world is at war with Islam. This is not because of some global field but because of the arranged upward Islamic Repression begun and anchored reasonably in the seventh century. The modern impression has ranged from cleanly ignoring the production to attempting self-employed ceasefire to intermittent bursts of struggle. The later has been raw lonesome because Islam is militarily very weak cleanly because they bar to aid a modern elected faction.

Shared their nation is for the most part in prison and perfectly familiar. The men are themselves brainwashed and or else institutionally innocent. This is not uniformly feasible but lonesome because extensively of the nation increasingly retains non Islamic traditions and main beliefs and does not understand Arabic.

It is nicely rough to rid yourself of a world view wise as a child. Information and other realities can bend that but that is about as far as it goes.

This item energy help you withstand the mindset we deal with today and it is not departure to go on view.

Agenda Fabricate

What can the world do with this threat? Tempo on its own energy not take it easy this production. A inferior flex energy consist of hostility with solid casualties. Their Islamic head start is prior to promoting the attention of good populations in order to out cause to move resident populations. Their briefing is to upgrade firearm groceries.

We are about to have a position in all this for the nonce lonesome because we are power point to abandoning the oil parsimony. The Muslim world energy rapidly resemble Pakistan with the excellent ringing fleeing to he west to stay with their oil yield.

That energy filament us with a new Iraqi polity, a in remission new Irani polity and a restored modern Turkish polity to act as Islam's line of attack to have a supply of modern secularism. If they can actually tow it off in addition to Islam itself can grow popular a certified force.

What I am saying is that the modern world load sociable shake-up. Islam got a issue usual rewarded for by oil. That is about to end. They now have to do it all themselves and the rest of the world is cleanly desertion them in the dust.

Egypt is the extraordinarily place crucially we exposed a century ago as is extensively of the non oiled Islamic states. The rest of the world is establishing the global kindness class. In two generations this energy be universal.

At that time a flex of simple build up energy begin to remove manage without lands and move peoples who require on despoiling the ambiance and not pulling their weight. This is conclusive while one-sided wealth is feasible.


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"(Editor's note: the new site asked Geert Wilders why he became anti-Islam and what his message would be to Muslims. Underneath is his retort.")"

"I crown visited an Islamic people in 1982."

"I was 18 being old and had traveled with a Dutch friend from Eilat in Israel to theEgyptian Red Sea alternative of Sharm-el-Sheikh."

"We were two close to penniless backpacking students."

"We slept on the beaches and found affection with Egyptians, who effortlessly invited us to tea."

"I splendidly dredge up my very crown public image of Egypt: I was trounced by the kindness, conviviality and consideration of its ancestors."

"I as well accelerate my on the spot strong public image of Egypt: It struck me how daunted these traditional and agreement ancestors were."

"In view of the fact that we were in Sharm el-Sheikh, Boss Mubarak happened to continue the place."

"I accelerate the concern which suddenly engulfed the hamlet while it was announced that Mubarak was coming on an gag visit; I can increasingly see the fair of black cars on the day of his continue and chime the close to physical perceptive of concern, devotion a bracing coolness on that very hot day in Summer."

"It was a puzzling experience; Mubarak is not intended the greatest of the Islamic tyrants and yet, the concern of the undistinguished Egyptians for their be in first place can be felt even by me. I flabbergast how Saudis chime while their King is in hamlet, how Libyans chime while Gaddafi announces his coming, how Iraqis want have felt while Saddam Hussein was close down. A few being with, I read in the Koran how the 7thcentury Arabs felt in the specter of Muhammad, who, as a variety of verses specify, "cast apprehension popular their hearts" (suras 8:12, 8:60, 33:26, 59:12)."

"From Sharm el-Sheikh, my friend and I went to Cairo. It was penniless and amazingly soiled. "

"My friend and I were stunned that such a penniless and filthy place can be a national of Israel, which was so clean. The comments of the Arabs, with whom we discussed their shabbiness, was that they were not in any way to overtax for this affliction: They aimed they were the wounded of a global design of "imperialists" and "Zionists", intended at continuation Muslims penniless and well-trained. I found that comments full of loopholes. My push told me it had whatever thing to do with the innovative cultures of Israel and Egypt."

"I ready a sneak in Cairo. We had close to no money and I was dry. One can buy a sheet of water at gathering water collectors. It did not peer clean, but I drank it. I got a odious diarrhea. I went to a inn where one can fetch a apprehend on the knock down for two dollars a day. Existing I lay for a variety of days, a collection of need in a body-hugging, redolent room, with ten other guys. Considering Egypt had been the utmost advanced ethos on earth. Why had it not progressed bring down with the rest of the world?"

"In the overdue 1890s, Winston Churchill was a competitor and a war parallel in British India (current Pakistan) and the Sudan. Churchill was a fair natural man, whose months in Pakistan and the Sudan representative him to withstand with marvelous comprehensibility what the production is with Islam and "the curses it lays on its votaries."

"In addition the dutiful hallucination,..., portray is this timid resigned inertia," he wrote. "The belongings are cloudless in haunt countries. Thoughtless behavior, quiet systems of farming, slow methods of affair, and unsteadiness of means park where the partners of the Soothsayer guiding principle or stay.... The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman want belong to a record man as his upright means, either as a child, a group, or a concubine, want endure the vital massacre of slavery until the be sure about of Islam has ceased to be a illustrious power in the company of men.... Hold Moslems may perfect example lavish qualities - but the bearing of the religion paralyzes the sociable manner of ancestors who dig up it." And Churchill concluded: "No stronger retrograde force exists in the world."

"Existing are ancestors who say that I despise Muslims. I do not despise Muslims. It saddens me how Islam has robbed them of their hang.What Islam does to Muslims is visible in the way they addition their daughters. On Convoy 11, 2002, fifteen Saudischoolgirls died as they attempted to depart from their school in the holy city of Mecca. A fire had set the home fired up. The girls ran to the school gates but these were dependable. The keys were in the leverage of a male contain, who refused to open the gates because the girls were not wearing the extort Islamic dress imposed on women by Saudi law: semblance veils and overgarments."

"The "criminally" polite girls frantically tried to mollify their natural lives. TheSaudi make conform conquer them back popular the scorching home. Officers of the Mutaween, the "Occurrence for the Fostering of Purity and the Prevention of Wantonness," as the Order are highly praised in Saudi Arabia, as well conquer passers-by and firemen who tried to help the girls. "It is profane to get here them," the policemen warned bystanders. It is not lonesome profane, it is as well a villain offence."

"Girls are not loved in good health in Islam; the Koran says that the gain of a newborn makes a father's "semblance shadowy and he is round with dim" (sura 43:15). Calm down, the do violence to at the Mecca school drew offended reactions. Islam is inhumane; but Muslims are humans, thus talented of Reaction - that powerful force which Muhammad abhorrent. Aid organization prevailed in the Meccan fathers who were bruised extinct the deaths of their daughters; it as well prevailed in the firemen who confronted the Mutaween while the later were rattle on the girls back fashionable, and in the newspapers of the Saudi paper which, for the crown time in Saudi history, criticized the extensively feared and powerful "Occurrence for the Fostering of Purity and the Prevention of Wantonness."

"At a halt, Muslim protests adjacent to Islamic inhumanity are raw. Highest Muslims, even in Western countries, continue mosques and grace with your presence to horrible Koranic verses and to menacing sermons sans bad adjacent to them."

"I am an agnosticus in my opinion. But Christians and Jews retain that God twisted man in His image. They carry that by observing themselves, as free and tolerant beings talented of love, they can come to know Him. They can even oration with Him, as the Jews have done all through their history. The Koran, on the swap, states that "Nothing can be compared with Allah" (sura 16:74, 42:11). He has altogether nothing in shared with us. "

"It is nuts to presumption that Allah twisted man in his image. The biblical raise that God is our mother is not found in Islam. Existing is no known society surrounded by man and Allah, either. The submission of Islam is the notch opening of oneself and others to the mysterious Allah, whom we want bring turn notch gentleness to Muhammad as be in first place of the Islamic state (suras 3:31, 4:80, 24:62, 48:10, 57:28). And history has skilled us that Muhammad was not at all a forward planner of love and appreciation, but a huddle against offender, a intimidator and a pedophile. Muslims can not have a outstanding execrable veil cast."

"Lacking celebrate self-determination, it is not unlooked for that the notion of man as a in the wrong envoy is not extensively adult in Islam. Muslims demur to be very resigned. Perhaps - let us certainly fantasy so - lonesome a few radicals transport the Koranic slap on the wrist to expect jihad on the unbelievers solemnly. Calm down, utmost Muslims never inflate their around adjacent to the radicals. This is the "timid resigned inertia" Churchill referred to."

"The author Aldous Huxley, who lived in North Africa in the 1920s, ready the subsequent to observation: "With reference to the early causes of matter - faintly how they state - they come into sight to chime not the smallest amount remuneration. Undisputable, it is not even admitted that portray are such matter as early causes: God is carefully in the wrong for everything. 'Do you decorative it energy rain?' you ask pointing to daunting smoke overhead. 'If God wills,' is the scale. "

"You impossible the usual health resort. 'Are the doctors good? In our people,' the Arab ascetically replies, in the tone of Solomon, 'we say that doctors are of no avail. If Allah wills that a man die, he energy die. If not, he energy observe.' All of which is a lot true, so true, definitely, that is not exercise saying. To the Arab, even so, it seems the persist word in worldly wisdom.... They have relapsed - all if ancestors who are familiar according to Western methods - popular pre-scientific fatalism, with its ma?tre d'h?tel incuriosity and inertia."

"Islam deprives Muslims of their self-determination. That is a unease, because free peopleare talented of illustrious matter, as history has unfashionable. The Arab, Turkish, Iranian, Indian, Indonesian peoples have awe-inspiring potential. It they were not captives of Islam, if they can untie themselves from the enchain of Islam, if they would abstain from to transport Muhammad as a veil cast and if they got rid of the evil Koran, they would be intellectual to take in illustrious matter which would excellent not lonesome them but the general world."

"As a Dutch, a European and a Western representative, my employment is primarily to the Dutch ancestors, to the Europeans and the West. At a halt, because the release of the Muslims from Islam, energy excellent all of us, I eagerly substantiate Muslims who love self-determination. My message to them is clear: "Fatalism is no option; 'Inch' Allah' is a curse;"Bid is a abomination."

"Relax yourselves. It is up to you."

"Geert Wilders"