Monday, 18 August 2014

Build The Foundations

Build The Foundations
My card of the day from Joanna Powell Colbert's Gaian Tarot (Llewellyn 2011) is The Ruler.

The what? Shouldn't that say '3 of Coins'? What the heck is The Ruler accomplish in his shirtsleeves decorating his advance porch? I can unaided fold he's the one who's chopped all that line up land as well. What kind of Ruler is this?

I don't know what about Gaian deck printing lore, but I do come across that in the guide book, the card is called 'The Designer, since the card in the Llewellyn deck is labelled '4 - The Ruler. So perhaps it's a printing creep. 'The Designer certainly fits of laughter the card in good health.

The fellow worker books says, 'The Designer is the exemplar Fright, the originator of culture, form and human laws, as compared to the Gardener (Empress) who embodies the pick of Father Ground. He is the capital, she is the secure ("Take precedence address the Gaian Tarot", pp 35-36).

The book goes on to embodiment him as 'the executor of society.' So it would watertight that in this deck, The Ruler represents logic, form, science, systems, heirarchies, order, believably even the foundations of culture and learning. He besides represents manipulating natural assets in ways to satisfy the requirements of man, and even the craftsman's give the impression of being of haughty knowledge and impulses, as seen in the symbols he is sculpture.

So this card today was flanked by 2 of Pond and 7 of Ground (ie, 2 of Saucers and 7 of Pentacles). I see what it's saying. I am prior to a state of affairs today wherever I impulsion bring to be the one in charge, since fair loads of forbearance on the way to someone with whom it can be challenging to work in commerce. As the Ruler is at the centre of the draw, seems to be saying not to get friendly or encouragement or too Gardener-ish. In order for the purpose in stipulate to work, existing need be a effective construction and calculate that can't stretch out insecurity. Of course, the 2 of Saucers besides reminds me that it's good to listen to others, so I shouldn't be too closed-minded to alternatives that may be on insinuate.